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The Birthgrave

by Tanith Lee

I am Karrakaz, the Soulless One, who sprang from the evil of your race . . . There is no escape from Karrakaz now . . . "The steps beyond the altar lead upward and out into the world. But if you go, you are cursed, and carry a curse with you; there will be no happiness. The civilization which bred you is dead uncountable years. "Your palaces are in ruins. "The lizards sun themselves in the dried- up fountains and the fallen courts. "And you--I will show you to yourself. Recollect, you should have been powerful, a magician who ruled the elements, the stars, the seas, the deep fires of the earth. All things might have done your bidding. The power of flight was yours, the chameleon art, the art of invisibility--and beauty. "Let me show you what you are."

Dark & Dangerous: A Collection of Paranormal Treats

by Susan Kearney Tanith Lee Evelyn Vaughn Julie Kenner Julie Leto Susan Krindard

In the world of the paranormal, the imagination reigns supreme. Populated by mysterious supernatural beings, mythic creatures and mortals possessing extraordinary powers, the ten enthralling fantasies in this spellbinding collection will transport you to the dark and dazzling realm of ghosts and shapeshifters, werewolves and witches, vampires and demons. Prepare to be mesmerized and beguiled by the seductive power of these dark and sensual immortals as they do battle against evil and long for love and redemption. Bundle includes: Wild Thing by Julie Kenner, Touch Me by Susan Kearney, Surrender by Julie Leto, Kiss of the Wolf by Susan Krinard, Shadow Kissing by Tanith Lee, by Evelyn Vaughn, Soul of the Wolf by Karen Whiddon, Forever Mine by Linda Winstead Jones, Her Best Enemy by Maggie Shayne and Dancers in the Dark by Charlaine Harris.

The Dragon Quintet

by Orson Scott Card Elizabeth Moon Mercedes Lackey Tanith Lee Marvin Kaye Michael Swanwick

Around the world, the dragon has been reborn in modern fantasy fiction. The classic winged fire-breathing reptiles often associated with evil (they do despoil villages and demand virgin sacrifices, after all) tend nowadays to be more kindly disposed to humanity, sometimes aloofly offering magical wisdom, sometimes actively involving themselves in human lives, whether as a servant or friend. In this volume, originally compiled exclusively for the members of the Science Fiction Book Club and not available in stores, editor Marvin Kaye has skillfully gathered brand- new contributions to the hoard of dragon lore by five top fantasy authors. Orson Scott Card-an expert at writing from a child's point of view, as evidenced in his bestselling Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow-offers a gothic yarn "In the Dragon's House" set in contemporary suburbia. Card tells about the mysterious dragon that lives in the wiring of an old house, palpable only to a young boy who in dreams shares its body and feels its true size and power. But what does it really want? Mercedes Lackey, prolific author of the Valdemar saga, writes of a slave boy who is chosen to care for a warrior's dragon. Vetch (and the reader) will learn much about dragon behavior . . . and this special dragon's secrets may be the key to his freedom. (Lackey was so taken by young Vetch that she expanded his adventures into a full-length novel with the same name as this novella-"Joust.") Tanith Lee is no stranger to dragons, which appeal quite often in her award-winning fantasies. The fable "Love in a Time of Dragons" is imbued with her signature atmosphere-Old World, moody, erotic-as a kitchen maid goes a-questing with a handsome champion to slay the local drakkor. But the tale takes a surprising twist. . . . Elizabeth Moon author of the popular Esmay Suiza and Heris Serrano series, takes a break from military science fiction to give us the tale of a young man forced by lies to flee his village . . . into an adventure of dwarfs and dragonspawn, of trust and wisdom, and, ultimately, "Judgment". Rounding off the collection is Michael Swanwick's "King Dragon", a strange amalgam of twentieth-century technology and faery magic, in which the award-winning author invokes a truly sinister and repellent creature-a being with the soul of a beast and the body of a machine- part metal, part devil... all merciless.

Dreams of Dark and Light

by Tanith Lee

This book contains a collection of short pieces that effectively combine horror, science fiction, and often the elements of fantasy.

Metallic Love

by Tanith Lee

Twelve years have passed since the end of The Silver Metal Lover. Silver -- the robot with a soul whom Jane had fallen in love with -- has been melted down, and Jane has moved on. Loren is a slum child, abandoned by her mother and raised by the religious cult, the Apocalytes. One day, she discovers an illegal copy of Jane's book -- the story of Jane and Silver's love that has become a cult classic -- and it changes her life. Motivated by her desire to taste the life that Jane and Silver had, she runs away...

Red As Blood (Or Tales From The Sisters Grimmer)

by Tanith Lee

A darker and more gothic feel to famous fairytales, Snow White as you have never seen her before - she is a creature of the night, a vapire in 'Red as Blood.' There are 9 retold tales in all - each with a new time frame - the majority set in the past yet 'Beauty and the Beast' set in the future.

Songs of Love Lost and Found

by Jacqueline Carey Cecilia Holland Tanith Lee Jo Beverley Robin Hobb

Featuring five deliciously romantic stories set in historical and high fantasy worlds, this exclusive eBook set is the perfect gift for any romance reader.Featuring stories by Jo Beverley, Cecelia Holland, Robin Hobb, Jacqueline Carey, and Tanith Lee, this collection of five wonderful romantic stories from five wickedly creative authors includes beautiful maids and clever minstrels, orphans destined for greatness and spies thirsting for revenge, and a pair of lovers who must struggle against the forces of magic and fate. Originally published in the anthology Songs of Love and Death (edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois), these compelling stories are specially packaged in one eBook set at a great price.

Tales From the Flat Earth: The Lords of Darkness

by Tanith Lee

Three-volume series of fantasy.

The Wars of Vis

by Tanith Lee

By the laws of the Kingdom of Dorthar, most powerful of all the realms of Vis, the heir to the Storm Lord's throne is his last- born son. Thus should the crown belong someday to Raldnor, product of the Storm Lord's union with a light-skinned Lowland priestess. But the Storm Lord's scheming queen, Val Mala, has other plans--plans that set in motion an extraordinary epic of passion, treachery, ambition and clashing gods on a distant and fascinating planet. Vis is a continent divided, dominated by the dark-haired, dark-skinned race of the Storm Lord, of his Queen--and of their son Amrek. Engineering the half- breed infant Raldnor's disappearance, Val Mala clears her son's path to the throne. The Storm Lord is the story of Raldnor, raised by the light-skinned, peace-loving Lowlanders, who returns years later to Dorthar. Strong and brave, he is hired by Amrek, now Storm Lord himself, to head the royal guard. Neither is aware of their blood connection. Nei ther bears the other ill.., until Amrek's bride gives in to her growing passion for the pale-eyed Lowlander. Amrek's jealous fury crystallizes his resolve to rid the continent of Lowland ers. And only Raldnor stands between the Storm Lord and the horror of geno cide. Outnumbered, apparently over powered, the Lowlanders turn to Raldnor and to the snake goddess Anackire for help. Anackire returns us to Visa full generation after The Storm Lord's shattering conclusion. A delicate and complex political balance has held for twenty years. Raldanash is Storm Lord in peaceful Dorthar, but a tyrant rules in Zakoris and another is rising through treachery and intrigue in Karmiss. Piracy, assassination, torture and racial strife spread chaos as the fragile balance of peace tips inexorably toward war. As the armies converge, Anackire, the powerful and mysterious snake goddess, begins to stir again. And this time, she will unleash powers far beyond the dreams-- or nightmares--of any mortal. Tanith Lee has been widely praised by fans and colleagues alike for her vivid world-creation and riveting prose. In The Storm Lordand its epic companion novel, Anackire, she has spun an engrossing fantasy brimming with dark magic, action, passion and mystery.

When Darkness Falls

by Susan Krinard Tanith Lee Evelyn Vaughn

Kiss of the Wolf by Susan Krinard: Surgeon Dana Saint-Cyr trusted her instincts, even when they urged her toward an irresistible Louisiana man with a wicked reputation. But would she discredit the whispers of his supernatural powers and murderous intent before falling prey to his passion? Shadow Kissing by Tanith Lee: Artist Vivien Gray's new mysterious lover promised soul-stealing ecstasy that haunted her dreams and set her spine tingling. Now their happiness was at stake--from the ominous evil their very love had unleashed. The Devil She Knew by Evelyn Vaughn: When Marcy Bridges discovered a portal to hell in her closet, she needed help from the last person she wanted to call--her gorgeous landlord. Could she trust her life--and her heart--to the care of a dark, dangerous stranger?

Winter Moon

by Mercedes Lackey Tanith Lee C. E. Murphy

New York Times bestselling author Mercedes Lackey: In an isolated land where the lure of the "Moontide" leads to shipwrecks, a woman is torn between obeying her father or her king. When she chooses to follow a Fool, she discovers magic she'd never expected... at a price that might be too high. World Fantasy award winner Tanith Lee: Struggling under the curse of a dead comrade, Clirando, a warrior priestess unready to face the powers trapped within her, must face "The Heart of the Moon" to reveal what has been hidden. C. E. Murphy: In "Banshee Cries," ritual murders under a full moon lead Jo Walker to confront a Harbinger of Death. Maybe this "gift" she has is one she shouldn't ignore-- because the next life she has to save might be her own!

Wolf Tower (The Claidi Journals, Book 1)

by Tanith Lee

A new teen fantasy series begins with this story that sweeps readers into an epic adventure while probing truths of adolescence. Claidi is a 16-year-old orphan, forced to serve as a handmaiden to a cruel, royal family in the oppressive House. Outspoken and ready for romance, she becomes embroiled in a plot to rescue a handsome, intriguing prisoner.

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