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The Merciful God of Prophecy: His Loving Plan for You in the End Times

by Tim Lahaye Steve Halliday

LaHaye explores prophecy from biblical times to the future. Through perceptive study of Scripture and the attentive use of examples from The Book of Daniel to Revelations, the author reveals God's great plan for eternity.

Murder in the Holy Place (Left Behind: The Kids #30)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

After witnessing a horrific plane crash, Judd and Lionel must find a way back to Jerusalem on their own. A terrifying scene awaits them as Nicolae Carpathia prepares for another deadly display. Back in the States, Vicki helps a new believer by contacting an acquaintance of long ago. The decision thrusts the kids into a meeting with a Global Community worker and leads to an unexpected adventure. Join the Young Tribulation Force as they band together to help people understand the truth.

Nicolae High (Left Behind: The Kids #5)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

From School's back in session, and evil is in the curriculum: Judd and Vicki's old school has just been renamed Nicolae Carpathia High after the UN's new secretary-general, whom scripture-guru Bruce declares is the Antichrist and who has already begun planning a one-world government, religion, and currency. Our four heroes, recovering from the chaos of the Rapture just weeks ago (starting with The Vanishings, the first book in the Left Behind: The Kids series), are brushing up on Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation, preparing to help in the last-minute "soul harvest" prophesied for the end-times. But it won't be easy, because the faculty is confiscating Bibles and citing separation of church and state to put a lid on the truth. The Young Tribulation Force has to get creative to spread the Good News.

Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist (Left Behind, No. 3)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

First they were Left Behind. Then they formed the Tribulation Force. Now they must face Nicolae. In Nicolae, the most explosive of the three books thus far, the seven-year tribulation is nearing the end of its first quarter, when prophecy says that "the wrath of the Lamb" will be poured out upon the earth. Rayford Steele becomes the ears of the tribulation saints at the highest levels of the Carpathia regime. Meanwhile, Buck Williams attempts a dramatic all-night rescue run from Israel through the Sinai that will hold you breathless to the end. breathless to the end.

Ominous Choices (Left Behind: The Kids #36)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

In Wisconsin, Vicki Byrne and the others try to keep Cheryl Tifanne calm until a doctor arrives. Will her baby survive? After an accident on the way back to Wisconsin, Judd Thompson rushes for medical help. Lionel Washington is forced to make a life threatening decision as the Global Community closes in. In New Babylon, Chang Wong notices strange reports and wonders how this coming disaster will affect the Young Tribulation Force. Join Judd, Lionel, Vicki, and the others as they struggle to survive the most chaotic days the earth has ever seen.

On the Run (Left Behind: The Kids #10)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

Filled with despair over tragic news about their friends, Judd and Ryan set out for Israel to discover the truth. The trail leads them to a surprising find and into the hands of the Global Community. Back at home, Vicki, Lionel, and their friends plan to carry out another mission at Nicolae High, but not without great danger. What if they get caught? Will Vicki be sent back to the detention center now that Bruce is gone? Follow Judd, Vicki, Lionel, Ryan, and the growing Young Trib Force as they continue their heroic journey through the earth's last days.

Party of Two

by Tim Lahaye Beverly Lahaye

Marriages are failing at an alarming rate in this country. According to the Barna group, 27 percent of those who consider themselves to be born-again Christians have been divorced. How can a young couple guard themselves against becoming one of these statistics? This enlightening book by Tim and Beverly LaHaye presents the answer. Have you ever wondered why your spouse seems to be so different from you? Are you puzzled by why God would allow two such different people to be married to one another? The LaHaye's answer these questions and many more. They explain the role that temperament has on our actions and how this and the basic differences between men and women can create conflict in a marriage.

The Perils of Love (Left Behind: The Kids #38)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

Book 38. Judd and his friends face a new threat from the Global Community. Will God help them escape? Will they reach more people with their message? As a few members of the Young Tribulation Force move to Petra, deadly news reaches them about a beloved friend. While Lionel adjusts to a new assignment, Judd and Vicki must make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Join the Young Tribulation Force as they face the final clays before the battle of Armageddon.

The Rapture: In the Twinkling of an Eye: Countdown to the Earth's Last Days

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

Time seems to slow as the clock ticks down.... Pan-Con Airlines captain Rayford Steele prepares for a flight to London with beautiful flight attendant Hattie Durham. Because of his wife's newfound faith, Rayford looks forward to time-and the possibilities-with Hattie. Journalist Cameron "Buck" Williams is in Israel when the Russians attack, and he experiences for himself the miraculous deliverance of the Holy Land. Buck cannot deny Chicago bureau chief Lucinda Washington's insistence that the event was prophesied in Scripture, though he dares not consider the personal ramifications. Meanwhile, Nicolae Carpathia eliminates any obstacles in his path to power. As the newly appointed president of Romania, Nicolae is invited to speak before the U.N. Without warning, millions disappear and are welcomed into the unspeakable presence of God. On Earth some realize what has happened... what they've lost... what they've missed. And the darkest days lie ahead for those left behind.

Rapture Under Attack: Will Christians Escape the Tribulation?

by Tim Lahaye

A defense and explanation of endtimes prophecy.

The Regime: Evil Advances: Before They Were Left Behind

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

Continuation of Left Behind Christian eschatology, where six lives are inexorably destined to intersect at the most pivotal point in human history

The Remnant: On the Brink of Armageddon (Left Behind No. 10)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

Those who have become Christians after the Rapture witness new miracles as Carpathia intensifies his reign of terror and the Jews gather in Petra.

Revelation Unveiled

by Tim Lahaye

In the twinkling of an eye, millions of people across the world vanish, resulting in highway catastrophes, plane crashes, utility breakdowns, and more. Chaos reigns. With the stage set, a dictator emerges who persecutes Christians horribly. But tribulation is about to give way to incredible joy -- for the return of the King of Kings is at hand. In Revelation Unveiled, Dr. Tim LaHaye, co-author with Jerry Jenkins of the best-selling novels Left Behind and Tribulation Force, reveals the scriptural foundation of this series. Revelation Unveiled explains such critical topics as: - The rapture of the church - The Return of Christ - The Great Tribulation - The Final Battle against Satan and His Hosts - The Seven Seals - The Millenial Reign - The Seven Trumpets - The Seven Bowls of Wrath - The Great White Throne - The Destruction of Babylon - The New Heaven and New Earth.

The Rise of False Messiahs (Left Behind: The Kids #35)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

Book 35. As the world spins out of control, the Global Community goes on the attack. Bounty hunters looking for easy money capture Judd and Lionel in South Carolina. Will they escape or face the blade? In Petra, Sam Goldberg and Mr. Stein come up with a daring rescue plan. Their travels will allow them to witness a gruesome display of evil and a miracle of God. Vicki Byrne prays for Judd and Lionel and tries to help her pregnant friend Cheryl Tifanne. When the girl becomes ill, Vicki wonders if her baby will survive. Join the Young Tribulation Force as they battle the most evil forces the planet has ever seen.

The Rising: Antichrist Is Born (Before They Were Left Behind Series)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

traces events preceeding those in the Left Behind series.

The Road to War: Facing the Guillotine (Left Behind: The Kids #39)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

Join the young Trib Force as they grow closer and closer to the return of Christ.

The Search (Left Behind: The Kids #9)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

As World War III erupts, the young Trib Force loses one of the most important people to them in the world. Also, Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and their friends set out on a desperate search to find Ryan. The exciting series for kids continues as the Young Tribulation Force attempts a rescue before another air attack by the Global Community. In the process, the kids face new dangers and encounter a top Global Community official.

Second Chance (Left Behind: The Kids, #2)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

Picking up where The Vanishings left off, Second Chance is just that: at the close of book one, Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan met up at New Hope Village Church and got the Good News from now-humbled pastor Bruce Barnes (who, despite his degree from Bible college, got left behind after the Rapture for failing to receive Christ, just like the kids). Lionel, nixed by the Messiah on a technicality in book one, jumps at the chance to join the winning team, but the other kids are too angry and confused after watching their world get turned upside down. Book two follows their search for truth as they piece together the wreckage of the Rapture in each of their lives, knowing full well that the end of the world isn't far off--just seven years, according to Bruce, once Israel signs a treaty with the Antichrist. By the book's end, two more Left Behind kids wise up, but one holds out, still too scared and mad to sign on.

The Secret on Ararat (Babylon Rising #2)

by Tim Lahaye Bob Phillips

"Breathe. He desperately needed to breathe. But he knew instinctively that if he opened his mouth to try and suck in a breath, he would die. Gritting his teeth fiercely, Murphy opened his eyes instead. And a pair of yellow, animal eyes stared back. Then a wildly gaping jaw came into focus through the greenish gloom, pointed teeth bared in a silent snarl. Murphy reached out, expecting the teeth to clamp down on his hand, but the dog face had disappeared, sucked back into the watery darkness. It was no good. He had to get some air into his lungs before they burst. He turned his face upward, toward the feeble light, and after an agonizing few seconds during which he had the horrifying sense that he was sinking, not rising, his head broke the surface. He sucked in a huge, spluttering breath, simultaneously grabbing on to the narrow stone ledge that projected from the side of the pit. Resting his head against the jagged rock, he could feel something warm mingling with the freezing water. Blood. As the pain suddenly hit him, a wild carousel of thoughts started racing round his brain. Laura. He would never see her again. She wouldn't even know he had died here, in this remote, godforsaken place. She would never know his last thoughts had been about her. Then he remembered. Laura was dead. She'd died in his arms. . . " Tim LaHaye created the Left Behind Series, which has become one of the most popular fiction series of all time. Those novels, with more that 50 million copies sold, presented a unique combination of suspense and substance drawn from his lifelong study of Biblical prophecy. Now Tim LaHaye has created a new series that begins with Babylon Rising. The novels in this new series are even faster-paced thrillers based on prophecies that are not covered in the Left Behind books and that have great relevance to the events of today.

Secrets of New Babylon (Left Behind: The Kids #21)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

A startling discovery awaits Judd Thompson in New Babylon. Judd's friend lies gravely ill from a mysterious illness while Lionel and Samuel try to get home. Back in the States, Vicki Byrne desperately tries to warn believers of Global Community arrests. Is there really an impostor luring believers into a trap? Follow the Young Trib Force as they struggle to escape the tightening GC grip.

Seduction of the Heart

by Tim Lahaye

Christians are engaged in the ultimate battle-the battle for the heart. The overwhelming influences of the media, materialism, and selfish ambition threaten to decay even the most tender of hearts. While the world screams to the contrary, every Christian must fight to maintain a clear conscience and discover what it really means to have the heart of God. On the heels of his New York Times bestseller Mind Siege, Tim LaHaye, with Ed Hindson, equip readers with armor to guard their hearts and draw nearer to God. Some chapter titles include: The Battle for the Heart The Ultimate Deception The Erosion of Trust A Prescription for the Heart Finding God's Heart

The Showdown (Left Behind: The Kids #13)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

As the great wrath of the Lamb earthquake ends. Victims throughout the world struggle to find family and friends. The Young Trib Force is no exception. Ryan has disappeared. Judd risks his life with a dangerous motorcycle jump. And through a series of strange events, Lionel finds himself in the mind numbing clutches of the Global Community. Will he figure out his true identity and locate his friends? Will Ryan survive the deadly earthquake? Join Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan as they try to find each other and fight against the enemy of their souls.

Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides (Left Behind No. 4)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

lliams have survived the wrath of the Lamb, a global earthquake in the twenty-first month of the Tribulation. As the world hurtles toward the Trumpet Judgments and the great soul harvest prophesied in Scripture, Rayford and Buck begin searching for their loved ones from different corners of the world. Soul Harvest takes you from Iraq to America, from six miles in the air to underground shelters, from desert sand to the bottom of the Tigris River, from hope to devastation and back again- all in a search for truth and life.

Terror in the Stadium (Left Behind: The Kids #17)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

Judd and Lionel fly to Jerusalem with Mr. Stein for the Meeting of the Witnesses. Meanwhile at the schoolhouse, the kids discover a secret underground passage, and Vicki tries to persuade Melinda not to turn them in to the Global Community. Excitement builds as the witnesses converge on Jerusalem to begin their meetings. But will Nicolae keep his promise of safety for all who attend? Join the Young Trib Force as they continue to learn from Tsion Ben-Judah and try to evade their enemies.

Through the Flames (Left Behind: The Kids #3)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

Starting just a few days after Jesus Christ snatched the faithful to heaven in The Vanishings (the first book in the Left Behind: The Kids series), Through the Flames opens with our four teen heroes shacked up in Judd's abandoned house. Judd, Vicki, and Lionel are still trying to convince Ryan that he should accept Christ if he knows what's good for him--Judd even makes Ryan go to church and Bible study as a condition of living with them. ("As long as you live under my roof, you follow my rules....") But even bigger problems are brewing. The four must stay on the lookout for the Antichrist, whom their Bible mentor Bruce says will trigger seven years of tribulation once he signs a pact with Israel. And Lionel has to investigate the mysterious circumstances of his drug-addled uncle's supposed death.

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