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The Best Man

by Linda Turner

Merry McBride had always dreamed of her wedding day—but being left at the altar was more like a nightmare! And though she tried to hold her head up, she never would have gotten through it if not for Nick Kincaid. Sheriff. Best man. And the best friend a girl could ever have… All his life, Nick Kincaid had been in love with Merry, and now he had a chance—and though it meant a fight, the stakes were high. Could the perennial best man dare to hope for an upgrade in status—to groom?

Bounty Hunter's Woman

by Linda Turner

Born-and-bred Londoner Priscilla Wyatt was shocked at how much she loved the Colorado ranch mysteriously bequeathed to her family. But enemies were determined to drive the Wyatts away--and innocent Priscilla was their next pawn. Donovan Jones made it his mission to find his man--or woman--at any cost, but retrieving Priscilla from her abductors was just the first hurdle. Now he had to keep his feisty charge safe. Even the solitary Donovan couldn't help but be captivated by his one-of-a-kind client as they evaded their foes. Before long, the bounty hunter was in danger of stealing her heart. . . and losing his own!

Christmas Kisses

by Linda Howard Debbie Macomber Linda Turner

-First time in print- A Mackenzie and a Manning marriage Under the mistletoe New York times bestselling author Linda Howard celebrates the holidays with a Mackenzie wedding-once Maris regains her memory, that is-in her brand-new novella, Mackenzie's Magic. Award-winning writer Debbie Macomber brings Those Manning Men and The Manning Sisters home for a mistletoe marriage as a single dad finally says "I do" in her exciting new story, Silver Bells. ^ The Wild West is where PriscillaRawlings ties the knot at the Double R Ranch in bestselling Linda Turner's new tale, A Wild West Christmas. Three brand-new holiday love stories... ^ by romance fiction's most beloved authors

Christmas Lone-Star Style

by Linda Turner

THE LONE STAR SOCIAL CLUB A CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL… Mitch Ryan knew Phoebe Smith and her orphaned niece and nephew needed a home for the holidays. So the rich executive played Santa and offered Phoebe an apartment…in exchange for temporary secretarial services. The only catch: the apartment came fully furnished—with Mitch. Phoebe had to take the apartment, Mitch included. But on one condition: No fooling around! Which seemed fine with confirmed bachelor Mitch—he was only interested in short-term arrangements. Still, Phoebe never figured she'd fall for her irresistible roommate. And did she dare hope that Mitch would allow Phoebe and company to set up camp permanently—in his heart? You may walk in alone…but you won't leave that way!

A Colton Family Christmas

by Judy Christenberry Linda Turner Carolyn Zane

Beloved authors Judy Christenberry, Linda Turner and Carolyn Zane present three brand-new stories about the powerful reunion of the Colton dynasty at a Christmas Eve wedding in Washington, D. C. , where romance, family secrets and a sinister plot unfold!Army major Billy Colton falls for a beautiful-and uninvited-guest. But before he can convince her that he's a settle-down kind of guy, he must save her from masked intruders!SWAT team leader Kurt Hoffman is fatefully reunited with his ex-wife during the hostage crisis inside the Colton mansion. Will they learn to forgive and let their explosive attraction fully ignite?Multimillionaire Ian Rafferty saves the life of maid of honor Juliet Cosgrove but is later wounded. When his fierce pride takes a tumble, Juliet decides to show him that he's her man, In every way.

The Enemy's Daughter (Year of Loving Dangerously #5)

by Linda Turner

The Enemy's Daughter

Fortune Hunter's Hero

by Linda Turner

When Buck Wyatt and his sisters inherit Broken Arrow Ranch, it comes with a catch: One of them has to be on the premises at all times for one year, or they'll lose it. So Buck counts on setting up stakes. What he doesn't count on is lovely fortune hunter Rainey Brewster. He soon realizes the woman is telling the truth about a hidden gold mine--and that his interest in her goes beyond professional. Yet as their search for gold--and their passion for each other--intensifies, it's clear someone wants them off the land--and is willing to kill for it.

Heaven Can't Wait

by Linda Turner

A Marriage Made in HeavenHeavenly Matchmaker: I'm one of the highest authorities in heaven and even I can't manage to get Zeb Murdock and Prudence Sullivan married off. Well, this is their last earthly chance to get it right....Prudence Sullivan: Zebadiah Murdock is the most bullheaded hunk I've ever met! I can't stand him, but every time I look into his icy blue eyes, I get the strangest feeling we've met somewhere before....Zebadiah Murdock: A long-legged beauty like Pru could never be interested in an older guy like me! But why does it always feel like we're fated to be mated?

A Hero to Count On

by Linda Turner

Determined to heal her broken heart, Katherine Wyatt retreated to her family's ranch. She'd vowed to avoid men--until she had to share space with a charming, infuriatingly sexy cowboy. Somehow Hunter Sinclair knew just how to provoke her, and he seemed awfully determined to keep her in his sights. Especially as someone wanted the Wyatts off the ranch for good. There was no one she could trust more than Hunter to protect her. And yet he posed the greatest danger to her heart.

His Wanted Woman

by Linda Turner

Special agent Patrick O'Reilly was determined not to let Mackenzie Sloan's good looks sway him from his task. The woman's innocent persona didn't mean she wasn't involved in illegal activities. And after keeping track of her day--and night--for weeks, he'd almost convinced himself his interest was all part of his job.When the case placed Mackenzie in danger, he could no longer deny his duty had turned to desire. He'd lay down his own life to protect this woman. But laying down his embattled heart might be the truest test of his resolve.

I'm Having Your Baby?!

by Linda Turner

The Lone Star Social Club Finally a father? SHE NEEDED TO REMEMBER... When Annie Taylor woke up in a handsome stranger's bed, she was appalled. When said stranger claimed to be her husband, she was amazed. But the biggest surprise was yet to come.... ...BUT DID HE WANT HER TO FORGET? Workaholic Joe Taylor was thrilled when his wayward wife returned to him-and pregnant, no less! Until he realized that Annie had no idea how she got that way, and joy quickly turned to shock. What a way to find out he was about to become a father-or was he? The Lone Star Social Club. You may walk in alone...but you won't leave that way!

The Lady In Red

by Linda Turner

When it came to covering murders, reporter Blake Nickels was the best-until Sabrina Jones came along. She always seemed to be a step ahead of him. And she had other ways of driving him crazy, too. All it took was one little red dress-and one breathtaking kiss-and suddenly he was having a hard time keeping his mind on crime. Trouble was, the killer they were investigating was hot on her trail, too.

The Lady in Red & Dangerous Deception

by Linda Turner Kylie Brant

The Lady in Redby Linda TurnerWhen it came to covering murders, reporter Blake Nickels was the best-until Sabrina Jones came along. She always seemed to be a step ahead of him. And she had other ways of driving him crazy, too. All it took was one little red dress-and one breathtaking kiss-and suddenly he was having a hard time keeping his mind on crime. Trouble was, the killer they were investigating was hot on her trail, too. Dangerous Deceptionby Kylie BrantBillionaire securities expert James Tremaine couldn't believe the anonymous note:your parents' deaths weren't accidents. P. I. Tori Corbett was his only hope of uncovering the truth, but keeping his hands off her was as difficult as solving the case. For Tori, working with the sexy tycoon was like playing with fire. She wouldn't-couldn't-become emotionally involved with a man bent on vengeance. Especially when there was evidence linking her father to the crime. . .

The Lady's Man

by Linda Turner

Those Marrying McBrides!DAMSEL IN DISTRESS?All her life, Elizabeth Davis has only herself to rely on-and that was fine with her! So what if she was in danger? The last thing she needed was a self-appointed rescuer-even if he was a gorgeous government agent....All Zeke McBride had expected from his homecoming was a chance to see family. The lovely stranded motorist was just a bonus. But when he found out she was being threatened, he vowed to stay by her side. Even if such close contact had Zeke forgetting what was so great about the single life, anyway....The five single McBride siblings have always been unlucky in love. But it looks like their luck is about to change....

The Loner

by Linda Turner

Dillon Cassidy Wants to Be AloneBurned out, fed up and with a bullet lodged in his back, the ex-DEA agent needs to go where no one knows his name. He's through with work-and with women. Because despite the charms of a lovely lady journalist, he knows he's a time bomb-and he never knows when he might go off....Sydney O'Keefe Could Use Some CompanySocially, anyway-though as far as her work goes, the determined investigative reporter is a solo act. But suddenly she and the intriguing Dillon are a team, and she is about to find out what the mysterious recluse has to hide-and why she could get caught in the cross fire....

Maddy Lawrence's Big Adventure

by Linda Turner

Be careful what you wish for... SHE ALWAYS HAD HER HEAD IN A BOOK.... Never-married Maddy Lawrence, thirty-four-year-old librarian, was a virgin whose only adventures to date had been courtesy of the printed page. Her favorite fictional hero? Ace MacKenzie-bold swashbuckler, who could rescue the downtrodden and make women swoon, both at the same time. ...UNTIL HE WALKED OUT OF ONE Maddy knew that there was no way that her real-life rescuer could really be her beloved Ace. But it was hard to believe that a mere flesh-and-blood man could take her on this adventure that had, incredibly, become the romance she had always dreamed of. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction....

The Man Who Would Be King

by Linda Turner

THE CROWN PRINCE IS ALIVE! THE SEARCH FOR THE KING'S FIRSTBORN BEGINS....Eliza Windmere had never dreamed she would command the attention of a king! But when this royal-watching reporter discovered evidence that the missing crown prince was alive, she felt duty-bound to help the royal family recover one of their own-even if that meant pairing up with the devastatingly handsome Duke Lorenzo Sebastiani. Not only was Lorenzo next in line for the throne, he was irresistibly handsome, relentlessly charming-and just about the last man a woman like Eliza should ever fall in love with. But fall in love she did. Now, as she searched side by side with the rugged royal, she dreamed of one day being his bride....

A Marriage-Minded Man?

by Linda Turner

THE LONE STAR SOCIAL CLUBTHE MAN:Cynical, sworn-to-go-it-alone private detective Sam Kelly.THE MISSION:Getting just the facts-on an about-to-be committed crime!THE WITNESS:Lovely Jennifer Hart: either the most trusting woman alive...or the biggest con artist.So who was the real Jennifer? Sam was determined to find out. Because even if she was who she claimed, he was getting in too deep. And there was, after all, more than one way for a man to fall....You may walk in alone...but you won't leave that way!

Mission: M.D.

by Linda Turner

She needed a doctor, STAT!Rachel Martin was through with men. But she desperately wanted a baby-- and was convinced a doctor should be the father. Where would she meet a medical man in Hunter's Ridge? Enter Turk Garrison, M.D.-- the tiny town's answer to McDreamy and her next-door neighbor.Turk wasn't thrilled with Rachel's plan, but A) he found himself falling for her, hard, and B) he had his own issues with the opposite sex...mainly in the form of a persistent ex-girlfriend. And when said ex turned up anew, vowing to terminate the competition, Turk knew he had to protect Rachel at all costs. Crazy scheme be damned....

Never Been Kissed

by Linda Turner

NEVER BEEN KISSED... And never been much of anything else, either.So at the advanced age of thirty-seven, nurse Janey McBride was facing an adolescent trauma-- how to get the new guy in town to notice her. She would give anything to replace the sadness in the handsome M.D.' s eyes with joy....Reilly Jones was, quite frankly, used to beating them off with a stick, and at first he was sure that Janey was just another vulture. But her beauty and sweetness caught him off guard. She wanted someone to teach her about love, while he needed to learn to live again. Well, maybe they could make a deal. But could love be part of the bargain?

Nighthawk's Child

by Linda Turner

"Marry me, and I'll give you back your name. . . and your baby. "In the hearts and minds of Whitehorn, Montana, Gavin Nighthawk was guilty of murder. But Summer Kincaid's spirit--her very soul--whispered that he was innocent. True, Gavin had a Big Sky-size chip on his shoulder concerning his Native American heritage, but Summer knew him to be a healer. . . and a loving father. So to protect her childhood friend and his baby, she married Gavin, knowing the legitimizing power of the Kincaid name. And then she promptly lost her heart--something she'd vowed not to do. Something as unstoppable as the final judgment regarding her husband's future. . . .

The Proposal

by Linda Turner

He Had a way with Women . . . That was what everyone said about lawyer Noah Baxter -- and with one look into his wicked blue eyes, by-the-book judge Sadie Thompson knew that the ramours were true. She Had Had it with Men!Unlucky in love once, Sadie was not about to let herself get hurt again -- and a man like Noah was the last thing she needed! But with the flirtatious lawyer's mere presence unsettling her, was the strait-laced justice about to come undone?

A Ranching Man

by Linda Turner

By day: Glamorous movie star. By Night: terrified woman, in need of protection for herself and her little girl. Rancher Joe Mc Bride knew that the last thing he needed was some big-time movie star invading his home. Yet Angel Wiley and her adorable three year old were looking to him to save them from unnamed danger. Joe could never turn away from a lady in distress—but he soon realized it wasn't just the defenses of his home they were crumbling, but the ice around his heart….

Under His Protection

by Linda Turner

To save her family's claim on the Broken Arrow Ranch, Elizabeth Wyatt must remain on the premises at all times. She's never herded cattle or driven a pickup. But with strong, sexy ranch foreman John Cassidy there to show her the ropes--and kiss her senseless--Elizabeth prays she can keep everything under control. Only, someone wants to make sure she loses her inheritance. Someone who'll stop at nothing to get Elizabeth out of the way. And as the threats to her safety intensify, she'll need to rely on John's strength to keep them both alive.

Under Western Skies

by Linda Turner Allison Leigh Laurie Paige

Montana, Big Sky country, the place where legendary love is dramatically revealed. Now a new chapter begins as the town of Rumor gives birth to more exciting tales with the continuation of the Montana Mavericks saga.... Bestselling authors Laurie Paige, Linda Turner, and Allison Leigh present three brand-new stories full of original, fascinating characters and a town that is certain to create its own awe-inspiring legends! When the fun-loving town of Rumor throws a Crazy Moon Festival celebrating the lunar eclipse, there's no telling what'll happen! Stop in at the Calico Diner, where three sassy waitresses discover the truth behind the local legend: If you meet a man under the crazy moon, you're sure to be a bride soon!

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