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4 for the Future

by Poul Anderson Theodore Sturgeon Henry Kuttner Eric Frank Russell Groff Conklin

This is a collection of four science fiction stories including: Enough Rope by Poul Anderson; The Claustrophile by Theodore Sturgeon; The Children's Hour by Henry Kuttner, and Plus X by Eric Frank Russell.

After Doomsday

by Poul Anderson

The only survivors of an annihilated human race must find one another somewhere in the cosmos and unite to destroy the alien aggressors who obliterated the Earth in this classic science fiction adventure After a three-year mission, the American starship Benjamin Franklin and its all-male crew have returned to Earth, only to discover the planet is dead, a blackened shell devoid of life. It is clear that one of a trio of alien species engineered the holocaust, but which? When the captain of the Franklin falters, engineer Carl Donnan is forced to take command of the ship. The future of what remains of the human race is in his hands. Donnan's first priority is to escape with his crewmates; the second is to find out if there are other human survivors somewhere among the stars--unbeknownst to Donnan and the three hundred men now under his charge, the female crew of the Europa also survived the genocide--and the third is to seek vengeance, for the alien annihilators will not rest until their task is completed. If the last men and women in the galaxy do not identify and destroy their enemy, there will be no place in the universe to hide. The winner of three Nebulas, seven Hugos, and numerous other awards over the course of his illustrious career, science fiction Grand Master Poul Anderson has written a magnificent adventure of courage and survival in the wake of the unthinkable, demonstrating once again why he is considered one of the brightest literary lights to shine during the Golden Age of Asimov, Heinlein, and Bradbury.

All One Universe

by Poul Anderson

A big collection of fiction and nonfiction that shows one of the greatest living masters of sci-fi at his best. The great canvas of interstellar space comes alive under his hand as it does under no other. --Gordon R. Dickson.

Annals of the Time Patrol

by Poul Anderson

MEN WANTED 21-40, pref. single, mil. or tech. exp., good physique, for high-pay work with foreign travel. Engineering Studies Co., 305 E. 45, 9-12 & 2-6. To Manson Emmert Everard, 30-year-old veteran, engineer, bachelor, outdoorsman--and decidedly independent spirit--it sounds like an ideal opportunity. Especially the foreign travel. But, as he steps into the office, he has no idea how foreign. For Manse Everard is being recruited for the Time Patrol. Once accepted, Manse is ferried by time shuttle to the Academy, the Time Patrol training center set in the ancient Oligocene period. There he learns how time travel had been discovered in a turbulent far-future by the Nine--who saw in it sinister possibilities--and how the mysterious Danellians had stopped them. And how, to prevent abuse of the time lanes by the foolish and the greedy, the Time Patrol had been formed. "Your work will mostly be within your own eras,"^' his class is told. "You will live ordinary lives, family and friends as usual--But you will always be on call!" Returning to a cover job at the Engineering Studies Co., Manse finds the 20th century a springboard to danger, adventure and intrigue, contained here in five now-classic tales and two exciting new novellas. Join Manse as he rescues a 20th-century archeologist reluctantly enthroned in ancient Persia--sabotages Kublai Khan's 13th-century expedition to North America... returns New York to its rightful history... seeks to foil bandits holding the ancient city of Tyre for ransom -- Annals of the Time Patrol is an adventure lover's delight, a 2-in-1 volume including The Guardians of Time and Time Patrolman.

The Avatar

by Poul Anderson

A monumental epic tale of space exploration and alien contact from one of science fiction's greatest writers In the future, humankind has taken only limited advantage of a miraculous gift left for it in the far-distant past. A beneficent and inscrutable alien race called the Others has provided "gates" that enable passage to all corners of the galaxy. But after the colonization of a single star system, a repressive government on Earth has forbidden all further explorations, seizing the returning starship Emissary and taking its crew captive along with an alien passenger the vessel encountered on its voyage. A wealthy entrepreneur and off-world rebel incensed by the prevailing antiexpansionist politics, Daniel Brodersen decides to take matters into his own hands. Commandeering one of his company's spaceships, he travels to Earth to pull off a daring rescue of the prisoners and the extraterrestrial Betan visitor, then rockets off with them to points unknown. But before long, a lack of proper preparation has left Brodersen, his crew, and his lover, the remarkable Caitlín Mulryan, irretrievably lost in the vastness of uncharted space--and their only hope of finding their way back home again will be in doing the seemingly impossible: making contact with humanity's elusive ancient benefactors, the Others.

Berserker Base (Berserker #6)

by Fred Saberhagen Ed Bryant Stephen R. Donaldson Larry Niven Connie Willis Roger Zelazny Poul Anderson

Created in an ancient war, implacable machines programmed to destroy all life, they seem invincible. But now humanity has come to a berserker base: Lars, a prisoner of war who will not surrender; the crew of ASTER'S HOPE, peaceful explorers who must now learn to fight; and Holt and Morgan, who will use the alien skills of the primitive 'Reen to face the planet killers.

Beyond the Beyond

by Poul Anderson

Tomorrow - and the day after. When men are scattered like dust between the galaxies... In these six full-length novellas, never before published in book form, Hugo Award-winner Poul Anderson creates all the chilling terror and distant hope of man's last frontier - the vast wilderness between the stars! Memory: They peeled his mind from his body and sent him to enslave the planet of his own people... Day Of Burning: An interplanetary Mafia is chosen to save a strange civilization from a Supernova... Brake: Only one thing could stop the ship at such a speed. But with the Solar System in upheaval, who would try? The Sensitive Man: A world balances on the brink of a new dawn - or a new Dark Age. And one man can push it either way. The Moonrakers: They were space pirates with dreams of Empire - nomads from the far edge of the system who must be stopped. Starfog: The ship was trapped in a corner of space so crowded with stars that nothing could penetrate the deadly, glowing fog.

Brain Wave

by Poul Anderson

What if we were all designed to be smarter than we actually are? That is the premise of master science fiction novelist Poul Anderson's 1954 debut work, Brain Wave. Unbeknown to its inhabitants, the solar system has for millions of years been caught in a force field that has had the effect of supressing intelligence. When in the course of normal galactic movement the solar system breaks free of the force field that has held it in its sway for so long, gone are the inhibiting effects and a remarkable change begins to sweep across the earth. In fact, the entire world is turned upside-down and Anderson's novel is devoted to detailing the sometimes surprising, sometimes chilling aftereffects of this watershed event. In one of the novel's opening scenes, Archie Brock, a mentally disabled man, finds himself suddenly awash in new kinds of thought as he ponders the night sky. In another scene, a young boy on a summer break works out the basic fundamental foundations of calculus before breakfast. Human life is dramatically transformed, as people with IQs of 400 find themselves living within social structures and institutions designed for people of considerably lower intelligence. There are others who refuse to accept what has happened and instead band together in a rebellion against the new order. Brain Wave is a fascinating "what if" novel and an exploration into the ways in which human society is organized and the assumptions that are made about how we value life. It is also a novel about equality and what happens when the hierarchical structures that we know and arrange our lives by finally disappear.

The Broken Sword

by Poul Anderson

The son of a Norse warlord, kidnapped at birth and raised by elves, and the bitter changeling who replaced him clash in a monumental war of trolls, elves, and man in this acclaimed classic of fantasy fiction Published the same year as The Fellowship of the Ring, Poul Anderson's novel The Broken Sword draws on similar Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon sources. In his greed for land and power, Orm the Strong slays the family of a Saxon witch--and for his sins, the Northman must pay with his newborn son. Stolen by elves and replaced by a changeling, Skafloc is raised to manhood unaware of his true heritage and treasured for his ability to handle the iron that the elven dare not touch. Meanwhile, the being who supplanted him as Orm's son grows up angry and embittered by the humanity he has been denied. A pawn in a witch's vengeance, the creature Valgard will never know love, and consumed by rage, he will commit a murderous act of unspeakable vileness. It is their destiny to finally meet on the field of battle--the man-elf and his dark twin, the monster--when the long-simmering war between elves and trolls finally erupts with a devastating fury. And only the mighty sword Tyrfing, broken by Thor and presented to Skafloc in infancy, can turn the tide in a terrible clashing of faerie folk that will ultimately determine the fate of the old gods. Considered one of the masters of golden-age speculative fiction, along with such notables as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and Robert Heinlein, multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Poul Anderson proved himself equally adept at creating epic fantasy with The Broken Sword, a masterful tale of men, elves, and gods that is at once breathtakingly exciting and heartbreakingly tragic.

The Byworlder

by Poul Anderson

Skip Wayburn, an itinerant artist working his way through the byworld subculture, teams up with Dr. Yvonne Canter in order to communicate with the alien ship that has been orbiting the Earth for three years.

The Chapter Ends

by Poul Anderson

Julith clasped the star-man's arm with one hand, while her other arm gripped his waist. The generator in Jorun's skull responded to his will . . . they rose quietly and went slowly seaward . . . .

The Corridors of Time

by Poul Anderson

A young man from the twentieth century is recruited to fight in a war that rages throughout time in a classic science fiction adventure from a multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning master College student, ex-marine, and martial artist Malcolm Lockridge is in prison awaiting his trial for murder when he receives an unexpected visit from an extraordinarily beautiful woman named Storm. Claiming to be a representative of the Wardens, a political faction from two thousand years in the future, Storm offers the astonished young man a proposition: freedom in return for his assistance in recovering an unspecified lost treasure. But it is not long before Malcolm realizes that, in truth, he's been recruited as a soldier in the Wardens' ongoing war against their rivals, the Rangers. And this war is different from any that has ever been fought, because the battlefield is not a place but time itself. Traveling backward and forward through corridors connecting historical epochs separated by thousands of years, Malcolm is soon embroiled in a furious conflict between the forces of good and minions of evil. But the deeper he is pulled into this devastating time war, the clearer Malcolm's ultimate role in humankind's destiny becomes, causing the troubled young soldier from the twentieth century to question whether he's been chosen to fight on the side of good or evil . . . and if such a distinction even exists.


by Poul Anderson Karen Anderson

In book three of the King of Ys series, Gratillonius's reign faces a deadly new threat from across the sea For sixteen years Gratillonius has been the king of Ys, a position he has used to bring the once-teetering city-state back to stability as the Roman Empire continues to collapse around it. Rome would prefer a more malleable leader in Gratillonius's place and makes no secret of it. As pressure from Roman leadership increases, Gratillonius must also contend with Niall maqq Echach, the leader of Northern Ireland who holds the Ysan king responsible for the death of his son. Compounding these complications is the ever-present threat of retribution by the Ysan gods, should the kingdom's leadership make a misstep. But perhaps the greatest danger of all is unfolding from within Gratillonius's own household, where, following the death of one of his nine wives, the gods have named an unsettling replacement: Dahut, Gratillonius's own daughter. As treachery mounts from within and without, Gratillonius must hold to his principles in defiance of the gods while still protecting Ys from the destruction closing in on all sides. Dahut is the third book in Poul and Karen Anderson's King of Ys series, which concludes with The Dog and the Wolf.

The Dancer from Atlantis

by Poul Anderson

A mesmerizing tale of adventure and romance: An anomaly of time transports a twentieth-century man backward through history toward the greatest catastrophe the world has ever known Looking out over the Pacific Ocean from the deck of a luxury cruise liner, American architect Duncan Reid is suddenly caught up in an inexplicable event--and when he awakens he is somewhere . . . different. Duncan has inadvertently fallen victim to a fatally malfunctioning time machine from the future, along with three equally startled companions from vastly different epochs and civilizations, and now he stands with them on the rocky Mediterranean coast of Egypt in the year 4000 BCE. With the aid of miraculous technology supplied by the dying time machine, the displaced four are able to communicate and share their stories, the most startling being the tale told by the one woman among them, the bewitching Erissa. Only decades removed from her actual time, she claims to be a priestess from Atlantis who views Duncan as a god, and she represents perhaps their only hope of returning to their rightful eras. But to do so will entail immersing themselves in the savage turmoil of an ancient world and placing themselves in harm's way on the eve of the most terrible devastation in human history. A true giant of twentieth-century fantasy and science fiction, multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Poul Anderson astounds once more with a powerful adventure through history and legend that set a towering standard for time travel fiction.

The Dark Between The Stars

by Poul Anderson

A collection of mostly psychological SF stories including one from Dangerous Visions. Includes the classic Call Me Joe.

The Day of Their Return

by Poul Anderson

The future holds much in store for the planet Aeneas. Inhabited for over four hundred years by Earth colonists, hostile nomads and strange winged creatures, Aeneas stands at the outpost of the Terran Empire-a solitary orb of intrigue, mystery and political unrest at the edge of the galaxy. And only one man, Ivar Frederiksen, holds the key to planetary peace or a violent war that could easily destroy the Universe. For months Ivar, the proud son of an Aenean nobleman, tried in vain to change the oppressive way the Terrans governed his home planet-first through talk and then with violence. Ivar and his stern group of revolutionaries had twice stormed the capital city-only to be severely defeated on both occasions by the concentrated power of the galactic Empire. Forced to temporarily abandon his quest and flee for his life, Ivar left everything behind, including the girl he loved, to travel with a strange band of gypsies. While living a gay and boisterous life in the Aenean deserts, he heard tales of god-like brain beings called The Elders-an ancient race of supermen whom legend proclaimed the saviors of the universe. They were benevolent creatures that had long ago moved on to a higher mental plane with the promise to return one day to visit and help their "children." There was even talk that a magical prophet had already arrived on Aeneas to proclaim the second coming. Ivar thought the stories to be pure fantasy, but after seeing for himself the magnificent structures The Elders had left behind, he made up his mind to find the prophet and enlist his aid in fighting the Empire. With the help of Erannath, a wing-man with reasons of his own for finding the seer, Ivar set his sights on the city of Orcus-where he encountered the man they called the Savior of Aeneas. But was the prophet sincere? Were his words of wisdom salted with lies and deception? Were The Elders merely returning to visit the galaxy . . . or reconquer it? Many questions ran through Ivar's mind as he uncovered startling secrets far more sinister than the Aeneans or even the Terran Empire could imagine. The Elders were a race that could as easily annihilate the galaxy as befriend it . . . and only Ivar's sharp wits and muscles of steel would determine the climactic outcome.

The Day the Sun Stood Still

by Lester Del Rey Poul Anderson Gordon R. Dickson Robert Silverberg

Faith wasn't enough. Maybe it should have been, but it wasn't. And when science didn't find any reason to suppose the world was more than atoms and chance, humanity started slipping back into chaos. The world needed a sign--scientific proof, the only sign it could accept--that God lived. Then suddenly, as in biblical times, the sign was there: "... for a day and a night... the earth moved not around the Sun, neither did it rotate." What happened the day the sun stood still? Three outstanding science-fiction authors explore that theme, probing the reaction of modern man when confronted with a miracle, in three entirely different but equally absorbing stories, never before published: A Chapter of Revelation by Poul Anderson; Thomas the Proclaimer by Robert Silverberg; and Things Which Are Caesar's by Gordon R. Dickson. In doing so, they answer the question posed by science-fiction master Lester del Rey in his foreword: What kind of world might exist where the basis of faith is replaced by certain knowledge?

The Dog and the Wolf

by Poul Anderson Karen Anderson

In the fourth and final book of the King of Ys series, Gratillonius and the Ysan survivors have one final chance to rebuild in the wake of inconceivable destruction As legendary as King Arthur's Court and as mystical as Atlantis, the fabled kingdom of Ys has finally fallen, the victim of invading hordes and vengeful gods. Destitute, the remaining Ysans put their faith in their longtime leader, Gratillonius, who protected the city-state of Ys for two decades before it succumbed to the malevolent forces surrounding it. Now more vulnerable than ever, Gratillonius and the Ysans set out to rebuild their beloved city, first with wood and then with stone, providing a fortress against the elements and the marauding King Niall maqq Echach, still on his years-long quest to see Ys turned to dust. While the Dark Ages begin to rise across Europe, the Ysans and their king grasp one last time for survival--lest their history be lost forever. The Dog and the Wolf is the final book in Poul and Karen Anderson's King of Ys series, which also includes Roma Mater, Gallicenae, and Dahut.

Duel on Syrtis

by Poul Anderson

Bold and ruthless, he was famed throughout the System as a big-game hunter. From the firedrakes of Mercury to the ice-crawlers of Pluto, he'd slain them all. But his trophy-room lacked one item; and now Riordan swore he'd bag the forbidden game that roamed the red deserts . . . a Martian!

Earthman's Burden

by Poul Anderson Gordon R. Dickson

Ensign Alexander Braithwaite Jones crash-landed on the planet Toka, 500 light-years from the Solar System. Then he met the Hokos, a race of teddy-bear-like aliens, with the astounding ability to transform outdated Earth stories into riotous real life adventures. From the guns and slang of an Old West saloon to a hair-raising drug bust in Victorian England led by a button-nosed, pipe-puffing Hokan Sherlock Holmes, the Hokas demand that Alex Jones live it oil along with them.

The Enemy Stars

by Poul Anderson

Four disparate human explorers, marooned in deep space by a terrifying failure of technology, must work together to achieve the impossible and escape a floating prison in this classic of hard science fiction In the twenty-third century, when humankind has spread itself throughout the cosmos, with many intergalactic colonies teetering on the brink of open revolt against the hated ruling Protectorate, a team of four is transported by a miraculous technology onto the deep-space vessel Southern Cross. Hailing from vastly different backgrounds, philosophies, and worlds, Ryerson, Nakamura, Sverdlov, and Maclaren have been entrusted to explore a long-dead star located light-years beyond where humanity has previously traveled. But venturing too close to the target proves disastrous when the black sun's magnetic field permanently obliterates their only means of returning home. Suddenly, four strangers, two hailing from a privileged Earth and two from oppressed galactic colonies, must put aside their differences and work together to somehow find a way out of an impossible situation before time runs out, or die together at the farthest edge of a cold and merciless universe. A remarkably thoughtful and profoundly moving novel of survival in the darkest reaches of outer space, The Enemy Stars is a work of great power and insight by multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Poul Anderson, one of the legendary greats of golden-age science fiction.

Ensign Flandry

by Poul Anderson

After the first flowering of the Terran Empire, which has grown increasingly decadent and corrupt, other civilizations in the galaxy threaten to take over the Terran's worlds. In this scenario steps the debonair, tough and pessimistic Dominic Flandry, half-Hans Solo, half-James Bond and a hero for the ages!


by Poul Anderson

A collection of Fantasy Story's and articles by Poul Anderson with an afterword by SandraMiesel. Showing the range of Anderson's talents from the humorous Cappen Varra story's to the somber The Visitor. There are also two essays Thud and Blunder on how to write Fantasy and Fantasy in the Age of Science. A short story set in the world of the Old Norse, Tale of Hawk, and a couple in the 20th century.. And don't forget Bullwinch's Mythology; which doesn't take place in Hell though another story does. The afterword explores the evolution of Anderson's writing and thinking and the development of his Fantasy.

Fire Time

by Poul Anderson

In this science fiction classic, a recurring environmental disaster sets the native population of a distant planet at war with itself--and human colonists from Earth are trapped in the middle Firetime is coming to Ishtar. This once-in-a-millennium event occurs when one of the planet's three suns encroaches on Ishtar's surface, to disastrous effect. The nightmare rapidly approaching, barbaric tribes have declared war on their more civilized brethren in hopes of avoiding a natural extermination. Standing between the opposing forces are the colonists who settled on Ishtar after abandoning their home planet, Earth. But in this time of chaos and destruction, there is little the humans can do to aid their Ishtarian allies in the desperate fight for survival. The Terran powers, engaged in their own terrible conflict with a hostile alien race, will offer no help to the endangered planet. With a fiery doomsday on the way, the humans can do nothing but watch and wait--and pray for a miracle that will forestall the inevitable apocalypse. A stunning work of speculative invention from one of the all-time masters of science fiction and fantasy, Poul Anderson's classic Fire Time is a richly imagined tale of war, alien contact, and environmental catastrophe that brilliantly questions the concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, and heroism and villainy.

The Fleet of Stars (Harvest of Stars #4)

by Poul Anderson

In The Fleet of Stars, Poul Anderson brings back the wildly colorful Anson Guthrie, his iconoclastic hero from Harvest of Stars. The staid, somber people of Earth are not only dependent on technology, they are all but ruled by machine intelligence. Suspecting a conspiracy to suppress the last vestiges of freedom known to humankind, Guthrie sets out on a dangerous and hair-raising journey encompassing the realm of the comets, the asteroids, and the stars themselves.

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