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by Robert R. Mccammon

His birth meant death for the world. BAAL His passion rages across time; his wrath encircles the globe. He reappears at a time when earth is in chaos, plotting a climb to power that would eclipse Christ. BAAL "Take me with you, Baal. Please." Some call him the living Mohammed. Some call him the Demon Prince. Millions of his bloodthirsty disciples follow him to the ends of the earth in a fury of mindless violence and orgy from which there is no escape.... It will turn your heart to ice.

Blue World

by Robert R. Mccammon

Twelve horror short stories and a novella. Killer bees, a magic make-up case, Earth's physics gone awry, and much more.

Boy's Life

by Robert R. Mccammon

Gone South

by Robert R. Mccammon

Flooded by memories, poisoned by Agent Orange, Dan Lambert kills a man in a moment of fear and fury -- and changes his life forever. Pursued by police and bounty hunters, Dan flees south toward the Louisiana bayous. In the swamplands he meets Arden Halliday, a young woman who bears the vivid burdens of her own past, and who is searching for a legendary faith healer called the Bright Girl. Looking for simple kindness in a world that rarely shows it, bound by a loyalty stronger than love, Dan and Arden set off on a journey of relentless suspense and impassioned discovery...over dark, twisting waterways into the mysterious depths of the human heart.


by Robert R. Mccammon

Robert R. McCammon's New York Times bestsellers Swan Song, Stinger and The Wolfs Hour explored fantastic landscapes and the hearts and minds of those who inhabited them. Now, in Mine, he creates a masterpiece of psychological terror and unrelenting suspense... Mary Terrell, aka Mary Terror, is a scarred survivor of the radical '60s. Once a member of the fanatical Storm Front Brigade, Mary now lives in a hallucinatory world of memories, guns, and murderous rage... Laura Clayborne is a successful journalist, wife of a stockbroker, with a BMW and a house in the right Atlanta suburb. Her marriage foundering, Laura hopes that her newborn son David, will make her life everything it ought to be... When Mary Terror steals Laura's baby from the hospital, a journey of the damned begins-through an America of wandering misfits, seedy motel rooms, '60s radicals disguised by plastic surgery, and a former FBI man out for personal vengeance. As Laura Clayborne closes in on Mary Terror, she will have to think like her, act like her-even kill like her.

Mystery Walk

by Robert R. Mccammon

THE BEAST THAT FEEDS ON CONFUSION AND FEAR. Two boys with extraordinary powers... to use for good or evil. Restless spirits roaming the dark Alabama woods, infesting a Chicago hotel, haunting an amusement park ride. lustful girl who drowns, then reappears. A ghastly family massacre... Wherever human fears hide, there in the shadows lurks the Shape Changer. They were known as the healer and the demon-boy. They faced each other for the first time at a tent revival meeting. The inexplicable energy that passed between them frightened the two boys. Each began dreaming the same dream: an eagle made of smoke locked in combat with a snake made of fire. And seeing things: a bestial shape with glowing red eyes. Billy Creekmore and Wayne Falconer would feel that same eerie charge every time their paths crossed over the next decade, as each undertook his Mystery Walk through life. Billy used his powers to set the dead to rest in the traditional way his Choctaw grandmother had tutored him. ayne used his healing gifts to raise money for his minister father's evangelical crusade. One of them wanted the other dead. The Shape Changer wanted both dead. Not since Stephen King began terrorizing readers has a novel of such masterly horror as Mystery Walk appeared. Set in a deceptively sleepy Southern town, and reaching to the bleak deserts of Mexico, it is the story of two unforgettable characters on a collision course, thrust into a nightmare world in which good and evil -and reality itself-become toys in the hands of an ancient, unstoppable force. Its graphic description, driving narrative, and indelible images prove Mystery Walk the best new horror fiction in many a year.

Speaks the Nightbird

by Robert R. Mccammon

Judgment of the Witch, The Carolinas, 1699: The citizens of Fount Royal believe a witch has cursed their town with inexplicable tragedies -- and they demand that beautiful widow Rachel Howarth be tried and executed for witchcraft. Presiding over the trial is traveling magistrate Issac Woodward, aided by his astute young clerk, Matthew Corbett. Believing in Rachel's innocence, Matthew will soon confront the true evil at work in Fount Royal... Evil Unveiled. After hearing damning testimony, magistrate Woodward sentences the accused witch to death by burning. Desperate to exonerate the woman he has come to love, Matthew begins his own investigation among the townspeople. Piecing together the truth, he has no choice but to vanquish a force more malevolent than witchcraft in order to save his beloved Rachel -- and free Fount Royal from the menace claiming innocent lives.


by Robert R. Mccammon

Robert R. McCammon, one of the supreme masters of horror, takes us into a mind-bending landscape bursting with the most savage terrors imaginable. enemy more fearsome, more hideous than the most heart-stopping nightmares. STINGER...who ravages a remote Texas town until the men and women of Inferno rise up in a final, desperate battle. No evil yet known to man can match the searing hell of.... Stinger.

Swan Song

by Robert R. Mccammon

AN EPIC JOURNEY OF TERROR ACROSS A LAND SEETHING WITH UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS. AMERICA!-HAUNTED BY AN EVIL WHOSE TIME HAS FINALLY COME. An ancient evil roams the blasted, nightmare country, an evil as old as time. He is the Man with the Scarlet Eye, the Man of Many Faces, gathering under his power the forces of human greed and madness. He is seeking to destroy a child, the one called Swan. From Robert R. McCammon, one of the living masters of horror, comes a stunning tale of sheer fright and power where the end of the world is just the beginning of mankind's ultimate struggle.

They Thirst

by Robert R. Mccammon

A novel by the bestselling author of Mine and Swan Song ROBERT R. McCAMMON. Across the centuries, an evil returns to feast upon the City of Angels -and millions sway beneath their deadly spell. On Sunset and Hollywood boulevards, unspeakable horrors lurk in the darkness. They are the undead, nightmares in human form, dark disciples of death who prey upon the living. Now nature succumbs to the evil, raging in a fury of sandstorm and tidal wave. And in the castle of a murdered screen idol, high above the ravaged city, the Prince of Darkness and his minions prepare a welcome for the last terrified survivors.

Usher's Passing

by Robert R. Mccammon

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's classic story "Fall of the House of Usher/' Robert R. McCammon makes a dazzling leap of imagination in this enormously entertaining and truly frightening novel. Usher's Passing asks what if the Usher story hadn't ended with the deaths of Roderick and Madeline over a century ago? What if they'd had a brother to carry the family name-and infamous legacy-into the future? Set in North Carolina in the present, Usher's Passing begins weaving its spell with the arrival of Rix Usher at the deathbed of his father. The powerful patriarch must hand over the family scepter to one of his three children. An antiwar activist, Rix wants no part of the $10 billion Usher Armaments business. His sister's drug habit and brother's gambling and drinking hardly recommend either for a position of such extraordinary wealth and influence. But whoever is chosen stands to inherit not only the lucrative business of destruction... not only the vast, opulent estate that legend says is haunted by nightmarish creatures... but all the horrifying secrets of the Usher family's mad heritage. In Usher's Passing, each of five generations has a tale to tell, and their stories move across time to lead Rix Usher into the haunted heart of Usherland, where he must face both who he is-and what he is.

The Wolf's Hour

by Robert R. Mccammon
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