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The Borderline Case (Hardy Boys Casefiles #25)

by Franklin W. Dixon

A student exchange program brings Frank and Joe to sun-kissed Greece. But the moment they hit the scenic port of Piraeus, they land in deep trouble. What starts as a street fight soon escalates to a hornet's nest of espionage, kidnapping, and diplomatic double cross. Near Yugoslavia, the Hardys find themselves on a mission to rescue someone they don't know, for a cause they barely understand. Only one thing is certain--if the brother team fails this border run, they'll be ancient history.

The Borgia Dagger (Hardy Boys Casefiles #13)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: Deadly arts Beautiful, rich, and very spoiled, Tessa Carpenter is all trouble from the moment she sideswipes Callie Shaw's car-and meets Frank Hardy. She invites Frank and Joe to a party for a close-up look at her priceless treasure, the Borgia dagger. But in the middle of the party the lights go out and Tessa is almost killed. Fearing the ancient curse on the jeweled dagger, Tessa asks the brother detectives to protect her. The question is-will two bodyguards be enough for someone with enemies on both sides of the grave? ============= From inside the book: LEGEND OF THE LOST Dr. Lansdale's voice became lower as she recounted the story of the Borgia dagger. All of Tessa's guests leaned closer to hear. "With the life flowing out of her, Marisol flung open the bedroom shutters, letting in the light of the full moon. And as she raised the dagger over Armando's bed, she screamed his name so loud they say it shattered the windows in the room." By then Tessa's parlor had become so quiet, Frank could hear the beating of his own heart. "From that day on, the legend goes, whoever takes possession of the dagger dies mysteriously within four months of having touched it."

Bound for Danger

by Franklin W. Dixon

Brother detectives Frank and Joe find themselves on the basketball court and in the midst of a dangerous team initiation scheme in this thrilling Hardy Boys adventure.Joe and Frank are taken aback when Principal Gerther announces that they need more extracurriculars on their school transcript, and he's signed them up for the basketball team. They think it's odd because they both stink at basketball! But the Hardys soon find out that their principal isn't acting out of concern for their college applications; he wants them to solve a dangerous mystery on the team. It turns out that a band of masked players are kidnapping new team members and then beating them up, blackmailing them, and threatening them--all in an effort to boost performance. Can the boys step up to the line and stop the shadiness?

Breakdown in Axeblade (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #94)

by Franklin W. Dixon

When Frank and Joe's van breaks down in Axeblade, Wyoming they discover that a local rancher has a secret that could destroy one of America's national parks.

Brother Against Brother (Hardy Boys Casefiles #11)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: Phantom hit man A federal witness is being hunted by an unknown hit man. In an effort to warn the witness, detective Fenton Hardy sends Joe on a secret mission. With frightening swiftness the killer ambushes Joe before he can deliver his message. Joe manages to survive but loses his memory! Joe can't remember his name or his mission. Worst of all, he thinks Frank is the enemy. Meanwhile a deadly killer lies in wait-selling death on the family plan. ================ From inside the book: FATAL VISION All of Frank's attention was on the road before him, so he barely noticed a churning sound erupting from a stand of aspens off to one side. He turned when the sound got louder and saw a car come barreling into view-flashing straight at the pickup! Frank tried to brake, tried to turn aside. But the onrushing car caught him broadside, smashing him off the road, into the ditch.. The last thing Frank remembered was his own brother, grim-faced at the wheel, ramming him!


by Franklin W. Dixon

To catch this criminal, the Hardy Boys will have to break the law.In #6 Burned, Frank and Joe are on a mission to determine the structure of an illegal international C.D. burning operation that employs teenagers--and to sniff out the mastermind behind it. This case requires that the boys stay close to home--a little too close, in fact.

Camping Chaos

by Franklin W. Dixon Scott Burroughs

Frank and Joe do their best to avoid a camping catastrophe in this Hardy Brothers Secret Files adventure.Frank and Joe are excited to go camping with their friends in Bayport State Park for the annual "Fun With Camping" event. They are ready for hiking, bonfires, and s'mores--and especially for the tent decorating competition, which the boys are determined to win. But just a few nights into the trip, decorations start to go missing. First Frank and Joe hear strange noises outside their tent. Then they see a set of unique footprints at the campsite. It seems like someone--or something--is out to sabotage the decorating contest. Can Joe and Frank figure out who the campsite culprit could be?

The Caribbean Cruise Caper (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #154)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: ALL ABOARD FOR A MAJOR MYSTERY! FRANK AND JOE HAVE THE ULTIMATE CASE ON THEIR HANDS! TO JUDGE THE SLEUTHING SKILLS OF FIVE TEEN DETECTIVES IN A CONTEST SPONSORED BY TEEN WAY MAGAZINE. EVEN MORE COOL-THE CONTEST TAKES PLACE ON A CARIBBEAN CRUISE SHIP! BUT IT'S NOT LONG BEFORE SUSPICIOUS PRANKS THREATEN TO RUIN THE CONTEST! ONE OF THE TEENWAY INTERNS NEARLY FALLS OVERBOARD. THE "MYSTERY SCENE" THE CONTESTANTS STUDIED GETS TAMPERED WITH. AND SOMEONE MAY HAVE POISONED THE FOOD! HOW CAN THE HARDYS SOLVE THIS TITANIC MYSTERY? WITH THE HELP OF FIVE TEEN DETECTIVES. OF COURSE-ALONG WITH THEIR OWN EXPERT INVESTIGATING SKILLS. BUT THEY'D BETTER MOVE FAST. BECAUSE A CULPRIT LURKS BENEATH THE CARIBBEAN SUN-AND IT'S SINK OR SWIM FOR FRANK AND JOE. ========== From inside the book: The Caribbean Cruise Caper Joe lay on his bunk in the darkness, listening intently. Something had disturbed him. What? After a few moments he heard furtive scraping sounds. His mental map told him they were coming from the corridor just outside the door to his cabin. Stealthily Joe pushed back the covers and stood up. He tiptoed across the dark cabin, felt his way along the wall to the door, and opened it a crack. The light in the corridor, which was left on all the time, was off. A bad sign-someone must have unscrewed a bulb. A faint, almost indetectable glimmer of light came from the main deck. Joe walked silently along the corridor toward it. Suddenly a shape loomed up in front of him, cutting off the light. He sensed, more than saw, two hands reaching out to grab him.

The Case of the Cosmic Kidnapping (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #120)

by Franklin W. Dixon

The Hardy boys set out to investigate a kidnapping by a UFO!

The Case of the Counterfeit Criminals (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #114)

by Franklin W. Dixon

After Joe's high tech Wombat running shoes blow out during a 100-meter dash, the boys' investigation at a local sporting goods store produces flying fists and swinging bats-- all aimed at the Hardy Boys.

The Case of the Psychic's Vision

by Franklin W. Dixon

PSYCHICS CAN SEE THE DEEPEST OF SECRETS... There's a new family in Bayport: psychics with visions of the past, present, and future. While lots of people are curious about the psychics, Frank and Joe Hardy are skeptical. Is this psychic family for real? When Colin, one member of the family, makes an extremely accurate prediction about a future event, the Hardys are shocked. And when Colin starts "seeing" truths buried in a classmate's past, Frank and Joe find themselves hunting for clues. Had Colin not arrived, this mystery would surely have been left unsolved. With help from a boy who can see things no one else can, the Hardys learn firsthand that things aren't always as they seem....

Cast of Criminals (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #97)

by Franklin W. Dixon

In trying to free their friend Holly from the clutches of a murderous mountain cult, the Hardy Boys find that the lunatic Rajah and his followers have spread to their own home town.

The Castle Conundrum

by Franklin W. Dixon

AN ANCIENT HIDDEN TREASURE STIRS UP A CUNNING PLOT! Teen Village International brings Frank and Joe to the south of France to rebuild a deserted town. The finished project will be a center for refugee children. But word is that the local castle is haunted -- by the centuries-old ghost of its lord, who hid a fortune in diamonds from bandits within its thick stone walls. Spooky lights, strange noises, and several close shaves convince the Hardys that someone is trying to sabotage the project. A pair of French twins, descendants of the owner, want to save the castle from developers. Every facet of the case leads to a dead end -- and the Hardys are hunting a desperate enemy!

Castle Fear (Hardy Boys Casefiles #44)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: The battle of Britain Jed Shannon, a young American movie star on location in England, has received a threat against his life. When the Hardys set out to investigate, they are drawn into a case worthy of Sherlock' Holmes-and into a conspiracy as thick as the London fog. Jillian Seabright, a beautiful British actress befriended by Jed has vanished. The key to the mystery lies in her resemblance to missing emerald heiress Emily Cornwall. Frank and Joe trace the damsel in distress to a medieval mansion on the moors-Castle Fear. Dodging bullets and battle-axes, the boys are out to prove that chivalry is not dead-but one wrong move and they will be! =============== From inside the book: LETHAL WEAPON As the Hardys were passing the stone stairway that led up to the ground floor of the castle, the door at its top creaked open. Framed in the light was a huge man, staring down at them. Moving much faster than a man his size usually did, he darted out a hand to grab something off the wall. Frank sucked in his breath through his teeth when he saw what it was. Though rusty and covered with spiderwebs, the ancient battle-ax the man now held in his hands looked lethal enough to take care of both him and Joe. Snarling in rage, the man charged toward them, swinging the ax like a baseball bat. The sharp edges sliced the air as he whipped the handle back and forth. Frank and Joe had no choice-they had to retreat before the whistling blade got any closer. Unless the man got tired, they didn't stand a chance.

Cave-In! (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #78)

by Franklin W. Dixon

While trying to trace the whereabouts of a kidnapped movie star, Frank and Joe find themselves in dangerous company when they join a film company on location at a ski resort.

The Chase for the Mystery Twister

by Franklin W. Dixon

The Hardy Boys head to Oklahoma, where crime is spinning out of control in the wide-open spaces of tornado alley. Frank and Joe encounter a bizarre phenomenon: the aftermath of a fierce twister that defies scientific explanation. To get at the truth, the Hardys will have to put themselves in the path of destruction--and face the explosive fury of a criminal mastermind.

The Children of the Lost: Book One in the Lost Mystery Trilogy

by Franklin W. Dixon

The boys go on a chilling mission--camping in the woods where children have suddenly begun to disappear. Every time a child disappears, the word "LOST" has appeared outside their tent...and they are never heard from again. The boys think they've got things covered; they're ATAC agents after all. But when an "L" appears outside their tent their first night in the woods, things take a turn for the creepy.

Club Dread (Nacy Drew & the Hardy Boys Super Mystery '07 Series #3)

by Franklin W. Dixon Carolyn Keene

Sometimes, being an ATAC agent doesn't seem so bad. When Frank and Joe are sent to a tropical island resort in paradise to investigate a string of thefts, they're not complaining. But once they get there, something seems off about the mission. . . . Soon the brothers feel like missing jewelry is the least of their concerns. Meanwhile, Nancy Drew, Bess, and George are staying at the hotel as guests. They, too, sense something off about this particular paradise, and when they run into Frank and Joe, it seems that no one--not even an old friend--is above suspicion.

The Clue of the Broken Blade (Hardy Boys #21)

by Franklin W. Dixon

While searching for the guard end of a broken saber that will solve one mystery, the Hardy brothers become involved with a gang of bank robbers.

The Cold Cash Caper (The Hardy Boys Mystery Story #136)

by Franklin W. Dixon

The Hardys look to put a gang of armed robbers on ice! Frank and Joe have volunteered to do undercover security work at the Bayport winter festival. Their main assignment is to act as bodyguards for the star performer, Olympic gold medal figure skater David Kennedy. Although put on for a good cause -- charity -- the festival is soon plagued by bad vibes. Money intended for the local children's hospital is ending up in the hands of masked, gun-wielding thugs, and the Hardys are committed to stopping the robbers cold. But the gunmen are just as determined to pocket the cash. Even if it means making a donation of their own to the local hospital. . . or morgue: Frank and Joe Hardy.

Cold Sweat (Hardy Boys Casefiles #63)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: An exercise in murder! Will wonders never cease? Chet Morton, the original couch potato, has joined Bayport's new state-of-the- art health club. But the Hardys know what's really on his mind, and her name is Dawn Reynolds, aerobics instructor. One mystery solved, an even bigger one awaits: The boys have found that working out in the club's weight training room may be hazardous to their health. Chet ends up in the hospital, and another of the club's members ends up in the bay...dead! Frank and Joe suspect that an underworld gang has muscled in on the action. The Hardys know they're in for the fight of their lives because when push comes to shove, these are the kind of thugs who'll stop pumping iron and start spraying lead! =============== From inside the book: PUMPING IRON "Joe, you can't rush weight training," Chet said as Joe continued to bench press two hundred pounds. "Don't tell me what to do," Joe wheezed. He launched into another set of repetitions, struggling not to let the weight drop down on his chest. Chet reached for the barbell. Furious, Joe lowered the weight and pressed it up again. "Back off, Morton: You're making me look bad." As the muscles in Joe's arms started to shake, the barbell wobbled. Then the weights on one side slid to the end of the bar, and the unbalanced bar tipped under Joe's trembling grasp. Lunging forward, Chet managed to get hold of the bar but with only one hand. He tried to wrestle the bar up by himself as Joe's strength gave way, but he couldn't get control of it. Now the bar was swinging in a horrible parody of a cheerleader's baton twirl. But in this case the "baton" was moving with more than a hundred pounds of force on its weighted side-straight at Chet Morton's head!

Comic Con Artist

by Franklin W. Dixon

Frank and Joe go undercover at a comic book convention!Someone is selling forged comic books art at a big comic book convention. The boys are on the case, but they've got to keep this one on the down low or there will be chaos among the legions of fanatical fans.

Countdown to Terror (Hardy Boys Casefiles #28)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: Death policy Frank and Joe fly to Halifax, Canada, to check out an insurance scam. But as they leave the airport their car is sprayed with bullets. Soon the brother detectives discover they're number one on somebody's hit list. First a friend of their father's is seriously hurt in a bomb blast. Then one of their suspects winds up dead. What started out as a white-collar crime has become an all-out war. And unless the young sleuths track down the stunning secret behind the vicious attacks-they'll be crossing the border in a body bag.... ================ From inside the book: LAST WORDS "Listen . . . important," Dundee said. He glared at Frank, his eyes blazing as he tried to force the words out before his body betrayed him. "Find them . . . Fort. . ." The effort was too much. Gerry Dundee's eyes rolled up, and the tautness went out of his muscles. He sagged into the grass. Frank and Joe stared at each other. He'd left them a world of trouble, a desperate need to get help-and half a clue.

Courting Disaster (Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mysteries #15)

by Carolyn Keene Franklin W. Dixon

The worlds of professional tennis and the Broadway musical combine as these intrepid detectives protect their clients from death threats.

Crime in the Cards

by Franklin W. Dixon

CREATURE CARDS ARE HOT, EXPENSIVE -- AND BANNED FROM BAYPORT HIGH! Gaming has already caused too much hassling among the students. But the Hardys' friend Chet is really upset when his confiscated deck is stolen from a teacher's locked desk. It's the latest in a string of thefts, and the big tournament is coming up. The police are stumped, but Frank and Joe are playing their best hand to catch the thief. From a waterfront park to a deserted nighttime mall, the boys uncover a web of Internet action, trading, selling, secret games, and cheating. They're onto a criminal scheme that nets giant profits -- and the decks are stacked against them. But the Hardys have one special trick up their sleeves!

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