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Gravitational Waves: A New Window to the Universe 3646987 Ajit Kembhavi Pushpa Khare 9789811557095 2020 Contains images
Annual Report on The Development of PPP in China (Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China’s Development Path) 3630256 Tianyi Wang Zhifeng Han Yongheng Yang Shouqing Wang Kaimeng Li 9789811557248 2020 Contains images
Engineering and Communications in Antarctica: Enabling Technologies in Antarctica (Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering) 3644367 Neloy Khare 9789811557323 2021 Contains images
City Form, Economics and Culture: For the Architecture of Public Space (SpringerBriefs in Architectural Design and Technology) 3410411 Pablo Guillen Urša Komac 9789811557415 2020 Contains images
Failure Mechanism and Stability Analysis of Rock Slope: New Insight and Methods 3547202 Ke Zhang 9789811557439 2020 Contains images
Intelligent Data Analytics for Decision-Support Systems in Hazard Mitigation: Theory and Practice of Hazard Mitigation (Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering) 3550026 Pijush Samui Ozgur Kisi Ravinesh C. Deo Zaher Mundher Yaseen 9789811557729 2021 Contains images
Utopia in Practice: Bishan Project and Rural Reconstruction (Contemporary East Asian Visual Cultures, Societies and Politics) 3702058 Ou Ning 9789811557910 2020 Contains images
Mineral Resources of Mongolia (Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences #19) 3757256 Franco Pirajno Ochir Gerel Bayaraa Batkhishig Jaroslav Dostal 9789811559433 2021 Contains images
Mathematical Analysis of Continuum Mechanics and Industrial Applications III: Proceedings of the International Conference CoMFoS18 (Mathematics for Industry #34) 3693512 Masato Kimura Hiromichi Itou Shiro Hirano Victor A. Kovtunenko Alexandr M. Khludnev 9789811560620 2020 Contains images
Geotechnical Characterization and Modelling: Proceedings of IGC 2018 (Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering #85) 3632531 Madhavi Latha Gali Raghuveer Rao P. 9789811560866 2020 Contains images
Construction in Geotechnical Engineering: Proceedings of IGC 2018 (Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering #84) 3629745 Madhavi Latha Gali P. Raghuveer Rao 9789811560903 2020 Contains images
Geocells: Advances and Applications (Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering) 3548414 T. G. Sitharam Sreevalsa Kolathayar Amarnath M. Hegde 9789811560958 2020 Contains images
Azimuthal Walsh Filters: A Tool to Produce 2D and 3D Light Structures (Progress in Optical Science and Photonics #10) 3604119 Indrani Bhattacharya Lakshminarayan Hazra 9789811560996 2020 Contains images
Australia’s Energy Transition: Balancing Competing Demands and Consumer Roles 3550627 Glen Currie 9789811561450 2020 Contains images
Seismic Performance Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams (Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China #57) 3547701 Gaohui Wang Wenbo Lu Sherong Zhang 9789811561948 2021 Contains images
Preventive Maintenance Technology for Asphalt Pavement (Springer Tracts on Transportation and Traffic #16) 3479102 Feng Li Jinyan Feng Youxin Li Siqi Zhou 9789811562068 2021 Contains images
Earthquake Geology and Tectonophysics around Eastern Tibet and Taiwan (Atmosphere, Earth, Ocean & Space) 3549801 Xiwei Xu Ching-Hua Lo Wen-Yen Chang Masataka Ando 9789811562105 2021 Contains images
Problematic Soils and Geoenvironmental Concerns: Proceedings of IGC 2018 (Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering #88) 3602194 Madhavi Latha Gali P. Raghuveer Rao 9789811562372 2021 Contains images
Transparent Water Management Theory: Sefficiency in Sequity (Water Resources Development and Management) 3600552 Naim Haie 9789811562846 2021 Contains images
Leather and Footwear Sustainability: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Product Level Issues (Textile Science and Clothing Technology) 3596928 Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu 9789811562969 2020 Contains images
Practice of Constitutive Modelling for Saturated Soils 3602198 Pierre-Yves Hicher Zhen-Yu Yin Yin-Fu Jin 9789811563072 2020 Contains images
Paradoxical Urbanism: Anti-Urban Currents in Modern Urbanism 3629645 Malcolm Miles 9789811563416 2021 Contains images
The Plant Family Brassicaceae: Biology and Physiological Responses to Environmental Stresses 3626358 Mirza Hasanuzzaman 9789811563454 2020 Contains images
Governance and Sustainability: International Perspectives (Approaches to Global Sustainability, Markets, and Governance #8) 3626410 David Crowther Shahla Seifi 9789811563706 2020 Contains images
Natural Gas Hydrate Management in Deepwater Gas Well 3546836 Baojiang Sun Zhiyuan Wang Yonghai Gao 9789811564185 2020 Contains images

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Showing 18,201 through 18,225 of 18,382 results