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The Nasty Bits: Collected Varietal Cuts, Usable Trim, Scraps, and Bones

by Anthony Bourdain

Essays from the long time chef and host of his travel show and author of Kitchen Confidential.

How To Clean Everything: The Authoritative Guide to Cleaning, Conditioning and Stain Removal for Every Type of Material and Surface (3rd Edition)

by Alma Chesnut Moore

From the book: HOW TO CLEAN EVERYTHING is a comprehensive guide to cleaning any material, removing any stain and caring for any object. This manual, now available from JOB SQUAD, will become so indispensable, you will wonder how you ever managed to clean a home without it! Among the hundreds of tips offered are: Remove chewing gum (if water does not spot the material) by rubbing the gummy portion with a piece of ice. Then you can scrape or rub the gum out of the fabric. Clean a diamond ring by boiling mild soapsuds with a few drips of ammonia added, immersing the ring, dipping it into a small bowl of alcohol, and letting it dry on tissue paper. Remove fresh coffee and tea stains (if it's safe for the fabric) by stretching the stained portion of cloth over an open bowl and securing it with a rubber band. From a height of 1 to 3 feet, pour boiling water over the cloth. From awnings to Venetian blinds, cashmere to silk, coral to vinyl, HOW TO CLEAN EVERYTHING provides the best methods for ensuring a long and beautiful life for your belongings.

Herbal Homekeeping

by Sandy Maine

If you're alergic to the abrasive cleaners on the market today, or if you just want to be more environmentally concious, chedk out this book on how to make your own all-natural cleaners for the home, garage, and barn.

Betty-Anne's Helpful Household Hints

by Betty-Anne Hastings Mary-Beth Connors

Betty-Anne Hastings has compiled an entire 127-page book dedicated to making everyday life easier and less costly for you. Her "HELPFUL HOUSEHOLD HINTS" is a treasure trove full of time-saving, money-saving guides for lightening the load of household chores ... indoors and out ... from the kitchen to the garden to the garage. Betty-Anne's dollar- stretching hints make being self-sufficient an adventure in living. You'll discover ingenious new ways to cope with clothing care, pets, kids, vacations, gardening, recycling and more. Keep a copy of this book at your fingertips to use any time as a useful working tool. You'll be amazed at how much fun it can be to save time, money and effort.

Another Use For 101 Common Household Items

by Vicki Lansky

From the Book Jacket: Your A to Z Guide to Marvelous Multiple Uses for Everyday Items You Have in Your House * Use a COFFEE FILTER to drain cooled cooking oil when pouring it into another container for reuse. * An old TOOTH' BRUSH is excellent for cleaning around crevices in the bathroom or kitchen. * Use a clean PAINT BRUSH to dust your house plants or to grease muffin tins. About the Author Vicki Lansky has collected and shared her practical hints and tips for years through her numerous parenting books, media appearances and feature columns. Her popular "Another Use For..." section has run in the HELP! column she writes for FAMILY CIRCLE MAGAZINE since 1988.

Cottage Witchery: Natural Magick for Hearth and Home

by Ellen Dugan

Handmade and home-grown, the natural magick of the cottage Witch makes use of the bounty of the world around her-a leaf from a tree, a flower grown in the yard, herbs from the pantry, a candle from the cupboard. Whether cottage, condo, or carriage house, a magickal home is one that makes the people inside feel secure, comfortable, and loved. Ellen Dugan, the author of Garden Witchery, now turns her attention indoors in Cottage Witchery. With her trademark down-to-earth humor and hands-on approach, Ellen shows you how to bring the beauty of nature and its magickal energies into your home. This charming and creative guidebook is ideal for cottage, hedge, or green Witches, as well as anyone who just wants to add a little magickal sparkle to her home. From planting begonias for protection to casting a maple leaf spell for happiness, Cottage Witchery is filled with practical advice, personal stories, and hearth witchery lore and magick, including: home blessings & protection spells fireplace & hearth magick creating sacred space warding your doorways house-cat magick kitchen conjuring spice rack sorcery floral & herbal spells hearth goddess charm working with household faeries tea-leaf reading houseplant magick hex signs for your threshold

Arabians and Other Horses (World Book's Animals of the World)

by Karen Ingebretsen

In a question and answer format the author introduces the Arabian horse and also discusses caring for a horse.

Purple Pinchers and Other Hermit Crabs (World Book's Animals of the World)

by Sheri Reda

Topics in the book include how to care for a hermit crab, how it transfers from house to house, and how to care for one as a pet.

How to Sew: A Step-by-step Manual of Techniques for Hand and Machine Work

by Dorothy Wood

This complete, practical reference of tried-and-tested sewing techniques will help you to achieve professional and accurate results every time. The guide begins with a glossary detailing each fabric group, its properties, structure, and fiber content. There is advice on sewing by hand or machine and each section concentrates on a different type of stitch, and its practical application. There are details on how to insert a zipper or sew buttonholes, as well as more decorative ideas like making tassels or adding piping. Whether you are a beginner or a more accomplished needleworker, How to Sew provides all you need to produce results you can be proud of.

Finishing Touches: 5 Crochet Accessories

by Lion Brand Yarn Company

Five patterns which Lion Brand rates and easy, and I agree! The hat is crocheted from the top down. The Granny Square Bag goes together seamlessly. The Triangular Shawl would be a welcome gift for those ladies who just need that little bit of something around their shoulders. The shrug is cute and also easy to put together.

At Home with Homespun and Chenille Thick & Quick: 3 Crocheted Afghans

by Lion Brand Yarn Company

Three cozy afghans: Color Block, Granny Square, and Striped. Lion Brand has marked the patterns as intermediate, but don't let this scare you. With careful attention to instructions, anyone who knows how to chain, single crochet, double crochet, and follow directions can turn out beautiful afghans with these patterns. Other books by Lion Brand are available in this library. Other crochet pattern books are here, too.

How to Save $100 by Changing a Lightbulb and 101 Other Money-Saving Steps

by The Editors Of Bottom Line

This book, a compilation of the expert opinions of countless professionals will give you tips and suggestions on how to save money, economize and get more bang for your buck in several areas from your home and family, retirement, purchasing a car, travel, picking the right telephone service and much more.

The Taming of the Screw

by Dave Barry Jerry O'Brien

Several million homeowners' problems sidestepped

Creative Home Decorating

by Hazel Kory Rockow Julius Rockow

Interest in home decoration is at a higher pitch today than ever before. Modern techniques of production have made home furnishings available to all persons and at all income levels. Home decoration is a creative activity. As such, it is guided by principles and aesthetic values common to all the creative arts. Trial and error is uneconomical of money, time and effort and, all too often, never transcends error. For this reason, the authors have emphasized principles throughout the book, as well as their practical application.

Gardening Without Irrigation: or Without Much, Anyway

by Steve Solomon

Highly informative book on gardening in arid areas.

The Art of Regifting: Your ABC's Guide to Regifting, The Do's and Don'ts, Urban Legends and Folk Lore

by Barbara Bitela

In her classic humor and wit, the Art of Regifting is sure to give you some good ideas, and laughs along the way.

Wild Apples

by Henry David Thoreau

A history of the apple tree

This is a test

by M Linares

This is a test.

Today's Teen (5th edition)

by Eddye Eubanks Joan Kelly-Plate

Relationships, home management, money, grooming, housing, interior design, clothing, food, career selection and applying for a job form the main topics of this home economics textbook.

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