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Perish Twice

by Robert B. Parker

Sunny Randall comes to the aid of three very different women, with deadly consequences. Hired by prominent feminist Mary Lou Goddard to protect her from threatening phone calls and shadowy pursuers, Sunny must contend with Goddard's reluctance to reveal all she knows about the unwelcome attention bestowed upon her. When a member of Goddard's staff is gunned down, it's called a case of mistaken identity. And when the murder suspect is found to have eaten his own gun, two cases are settled, neither to Sunny's satisfaction.

Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters

by Alan S. Miller Satoshi Kanazawa

Now available in paperback-a provocative new look at biology, evolution, and human behavior "as disturbing [as it is] fascinating" (Publishers Weekly). Why are most neurosurgeons male and most kindergarten teachers female? Why aren't there more women on death row? Why do so many male politicians ruin their careers with sex scandals? Why and how do we really fall in love? This engaging book uses the latest research from the field of evolutionary psychology to shed light on why we do the things we do-from life plans to everyday decisions. With a healthy disregard for political correctness, Miller and Kanazawa reexamine the fact that our brains and bodies are hardwired to carry out an evolutionary mission- an inescapable human nature that actually stopped evolving about 10,000 years ago.

The Best Book of Useless Information Ever

by Noel Botham

From the creators of the #1 New York Timesbestseller The Book of Useless Informationcomes another enlightening, entertaining, and ultimately useless assortment of trivia. If you find yourself transfixed by the most trivial of trivia, or mesmerized by the most minor of minutiae, The Useless Information Society's latest findings can satisfy your every need. This wide-ranging collection will fill every nook and cranny of your brain with information you'll surely never need, but will enjoy learning anyway! Did you know. . . - that penguins can jump six feet out of the water? - that everyone is color-blind at birth? Would you care to know. . . - what the first meal eaten on the moon was? - what country drinks the most Coca-Cola? (Hint: It's not the United States. ) In 1995, a secret society was formed comprising Britain's foremost thinkers, writers, and artists to trade and share in useless information (or, as founding member Keith Waterhouse, playwright and journalist, would have it, "totally bloody useless").

Overheard in New York

by Michael Malice S. Morgan Friedman

The streets of New York are full of characters-eccentrics, tourists, and residents-who don't care who's around to hear them. This collection offers some of the most bizarre, hysterical, and mysterious conversations overheard on the sidewalk, in the subway, or from the next table. The website overheardinnewyork. com has been featured in many publications, including The New York Times, Time Out New York, the Chicago Sun-Times, the San Francisco Examiner, and the New York Post. Now site creators S. Morgan Friedman and Michael Malice have compiled the greatest moments caught in passing, to create a hilarious panorama of the unique people who populate the city. The book features an introduction by Marc Shaiman, the Tony and Grammy award-winning composer of Hairspray, as well as a foreword by bestselling author Lawrence Block.

Asperger's from the Inside Out

by Michael John Carley

An intimate, engaging, and insightful guide to coping with Asperger's-from one of the condition's most passionate advocates. Michael John Carley was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at thirty-six-when his young son received the same diagnosis. This fascinating book reveals his personal experience with the confusion and trauma associated with this condition-and offers insights into living an independent and productive life. Now the Executive Director of the world's largest Asperger's oranization, Carley helps readers in such areas as: - Social interactions - Nurturing interests - Whom to confide in-and how - Dealing with family and loved ones - Finding work that suits your strengths and talents .

Act Early Against Autism

by Jayne Lytel

Jayne Lytel was a successful syndicated columnist when her son Leo was diagnosed with autism. Using her reporting skills to better understand her son's health issues, she helped Leo gain essential abilities. After four years of therapy, he no longer meets the diagnostic criteria for autism, attends a mainstream school, and is a thriving, healthy child. Act Early Against Autismis a practical and empowering guide for parents on how early intervention can change their child's future. Includes information on: - How to recognize early symptoms - Financial challenges - Alternative treatments - Devising and revising therapies

Overheard in the Office

by Michael Malice S. Morgan Friedman

The office is no place for dirty, personal, inappropriate talk - but that doesn't stop most people. From the loading dock to the ladies' room, this compelling collection presents some of the most bizarre, shocking and hilarious real life conversations overheard in workplaces around the world. Overheard in the Office takes the best quotes from the popular website overheardintheoffice. com, as well as 20% new content which is not available online. If readers love hit show The Office, they'll love this book!

What's in this Stuff?

by Patricia Thomas

Many of the products we use contain a dangerous cocktail of cheap, poorly tested chemicals that are implicated in long-term health problems. Explains: Why we are being exposed to more chemicals than ever before; Health risks of exposure to industrial chemicals in consumer products; Chemicals you should avoid -- and why a mixture of chemicals can be potent; Why babies in the womb and young children are esp. vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals. Presents solutions and alternatives by revealing: How to interpret labels so you can avoid dangerous chemicals; Tips for using conventional products more wisely; Plants for cleaning the air in your home and office; and How to make your own toiletries, cleaners, and pet supplies using nontoxic ingred.

The F-Factor Diet: Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

by Tanya Zuckerbrot

In her thriving private practice, nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot has spent more than a decade working with busy, successful clients who want and need to lose weight. She's watched fad diets come and go, offering only a temporary fix-and a lot of misinformation about healthy eating. To help her clients ditch the fad diets-and the extra weight-she developed a plan that's the real deal: a healthy, delicious, sustainable diet that redefines fiber for a new generation and achieves the weight loss, energy boost, lower cholesterol, and reduced risk of disease that her demanding clientele clamors for. The F-Factor Dietincludes: - three stages that are simple to follow and easy to stick to; - a wide array of food choices, including surprising sources of fiber (raspberries, almonds, sweet potatoes, and many others), and packaged foods available at any supermarket; - more than seventy-five delicious recipes-and a complete set of guidelines for those who don't cook; and - journal pages to help readers stay on track. The F-Factor Dietdelivers the simplest, most delicious, and proven fiber diet to date-along with lasting results.

The Answer: Making Sense of Life, One Question at a Time

by Jennifer Krause

A topical and timely exploration of the seven questions that shape readers' lives. The Answeris not the last self-help book we'll ever need, but it is the first book to turn to when life inevitably asks a question and waits for the answer that we-and only we-can provide. Living in a fear-saturated culture and feeling overwhelmed has us constantly looking for answers of all kinds-sprinting after anything and anyone to make us feel safe. The Answerliberates us from that constant fear and endless scurrying. By examining seven thought-provoking questions, The Answeroffers an unexpected approach to discovering the truths, wisdom, and insights that will transform our lives in sustainable ways. By trusting questions as a driving, natural, and nourishing force in life, we can begin to trust ourselves to find the answers that are right for us.

The Toxic Sandbox

by Libby Mcdonald

From pesticides to PCBs-what's a threat, what's not, and what to do about it. Mercury. Lead. Pesticides. Plastics. Air pollution. PCBs. How can parents sort through the hype, propaganda, and misinformation-and find out what is and isn't a threat to children's health? Investigative journalist, advocate, and concerned parent Libby McDonald separates the facts from the alarmist myths. Based on the latest research along with interviews with top medical, toxicological, and environmental experts, The Toxic Sandboxcovers a wide range of essential concerns, including: - How can kids be protected from mercury poisoning? - What are the sources of lead poisoning, and how can they be avoided? - What pesticides are children ingesting, and does eating organic keep them safe? - Which teenage beauty products contain carcinogenic phthalates? - What are PCBs and PBDEs and why are they found in breast milk? - What can be done to stop the childhood asthma epidemic? Delivering reliable, up-to-date information, this indispensable resource will empower parents to protect their kids-and raise awareness for the greater good.

The Cloudspotter's Guide

by Gavin Pretor-Pinney

'The clouds are nature's poetry, and the most egalitarian of her displays, since everyone has an equally fantastic view of them. Clouds are for dreamers, and their contemplation benefits the soul. Yet their beauty is so everyday as to be in danger of being overlooked . . . ' Gavin Pretor Pinney is the chairman and founder member of the Cloud Appreciation Society. He contends that we are blessed in this country with a uniquely rich and varied cloudscape, which has hitherto been sadly undervalued. His book teaches us to appreciate their different varieties - the cumulus, nimbostratus and Morning Glory to name only a few - and all their beauties and significances, both meteorological and cultural. We learn how Hindus believed the cumulus clouds were the spiritual cousins of elephants, how thermal air currents act on fair weather cumuli, and how to save a fortune in psychiatric bills by using the clouds as Rorschach images that reflect our state of mind as well as nature's moods. Looking up will never be the same again.

Sensational Kids

by Lucy Jane Miller Otr Doris A. Fuller

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a condition affecting at least one in twenty children who experience sensations in taste, touch, sound, sight, smell, movement, and body awareness in a vastly different manner from how other children their ages do. What may be typical activities for most kids are a daily struggle that may result in social, emotional, or academic problems. Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, the best-known SPD researcher in the world, brings together a lifetime of study to teach parents and others the signs and symptoms of SPD and its four major subtypes; ways the disorder is diagnosed and treated; sensory strategies for living with the condition; and methods to help SPD kids thrive. .

The Book of Useless Information

by Noel Botham

What you may so cavalierly call useless information could prove invaluable to someone else. Then again, maybe not. But to The Useless Information Society, any fact that passes its gasp-inducing, not-a-lot-of-people-know-that test merits inclusion in this fascinating but ultimately useless book. . . Did you know (or do you care). . . * That fish scales are used to make lipstick? * Why organized crime accounts for ten percent of the United States's annual income? * The name of the first CD pressed in the United States? * The last year that can be written upside-down or right side-up and appear the same? * The shortest performance ever nominated for an Oscar®? * How much Elvis weighed at the time of his death? * What the suits in a deck of cards represent? * How many Quarter Pounders can be made from one cow? * How interesting useless information can be? The Book of Useless Information answers these teasers and is packed with facts and figures that will captivate you--and anyone who shares your joy in the pursuit of pointless knowledge. .

The Questions to Ask Before You Jump Into Bed

by Laurie Seale

This lively guide can really kick-start the conversations between couples-but it also offers much more. These questions will help readers find a stronger degree of emotional intimacy before they take the plunge into physical intimacy, allowing them to choose better partners, make smarter decisions, and assess what they're really looking for in a relationship-before they get in too deep. Includes questions like: What was the major turning point in your life so far? Who are you at your worst? Your best? What are you most ashamed of? Have you ever had sex with an ex? What global issues concern you? Are you bi-sexual? Bi-polar? Bi-coastal? Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Do you like your mother? Would you date yourself?

Are You Crazy?

by Andrew N. Williams

There is a fine line between quirky and out-and-out crazy. With 18 scientifically based quizzes, Andrew N. Williams helps readers decipher whether they're "normal," toeing the line, or far past it. Developed by psychologists to analyze human behavior, the quizzes allow readers to discover if they (or their friends and family) are: - Sex addicts - Obsessive-compulsives - Food freaks - Thrill-seekers - Hypochondriacs - Fetishists - Paranoids - Imposters Plus the book includes descriptions, in layman's terms, of more than 80 specific quirks, illustrated with real life examples. Readers will marvel at stories of people who: - Crave dirt-and eat it by the handful - Are afraid of doughnuts because they can't see what's inside - Lie about deaths in the family-to collect sympathy cards But Are You Crazy? is much more than a party game, offering helpful insights for dealing with other peoples' crazy behavior as well as one's own insecurities and phobias.

Always Talk to Strangers

by David Wygant Bryan Swerling

For anyone who needs a little help finding love, this book is the ultimate dating makeover kit! The line at Starbucks. The movies. The Internet. Even the dry cleaners. . . there are dozens of opportunites to seize the date, but millions of lonely singles pass them by! David Wygant shows readers just how easy it can be to overcome fear and meet new people in their daily routines. David explains the three simple steps to getting a date with ease: being prepared, being aware, and making contact. Always Talk to Strangersbreaks away from pop psychology, gimmicks, and rules to offer concrete information on how single people actually meet--and successfully date--other singles. No mind games, cheap tricks, or corny pickup lines here. Just common sense, and specific information on: - Where to go to meet people, and when - Why bars and clubs are the worst places to get a date - Overcoming fear and negative thinking - Using props to start a natural conversation - Making a great first impression - Spotting opportunity--and going for it!

I Saw Mommy Kicking Santa Claus

by Ann Hodgman

The hilarious holiday handbook for those who are starting to see Scrooge's point of view. Let's face it-sometimes the joys of Christmas are enough to make us want to run away from home-with all of the eggnog, of course. But with a little wry humor, Ann Hodgman is here to tackle Christmas stress and bring cheer back into the holiday. Delving into such diverse topics as making Christmas for kids and adults, how many traditions are just too many, and much more, I Saw Mommy Kicking Santa Clausis full of helpful advice, recipes, and true holiday horror stories to let you know you're not alone.

8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life

by Victor Davich

In recent years, mainstream Americans have begun to come around to meditation in a big way-and scientific studies are suggesting that the physical and mental benefits are solid and real. But to many, it remains something mystical and inaccessible. . . and spiritually-oriented tomes on the market don't do much to make it easier. As interest in meditation continues to grow, this book offers a simple, no-nonsense program to help beginners experience reduced stress and increased focus in only eight minutes a day. Designed by meditation expert and bestselling author Victor Davich, this program teaches the basic principles of meditation while clearing up the misconceptions and myths that too often get in the way.

What's Missing?

by Rena Pederson

From First Lady Laura Bush to journalist Diane Sawyer, the women profiled and interviewed in What's Missing? have unearthed a spiritual foundation that has given them the strength to overcome obstacles and achieve success. This book explores the role that faith has played in their lives-and the ways it can change all women's lives. Includes insights from:First Lady Laura Bush â ¬ Diane Sawyer â ¬ Patti LaBelle â ¬ Karen Armstrong â ¬ Beth Moore â ¬ Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison â ¬ Judy Collins â ¬ Peggy Noonan â ¬ and others

THINK LIKE TIGER: An Analysis of Tiger Woods' Mental Game

by John Andrisani

As a young boy, Tiger Woods dominated the junior ranks, winning a record three U. S. Junior Championships in a row. As an amateur, he triumphed again, winning three consecutive U. S. Amateur Championships. And as a pro, he continues to dominate the world of golf, recently becoming the only man in the history of the game to hold four major championship trophies at one time: the Masters, U. S. Open, British Open, and PGA. With insightful and intelligent analysis, golf writer John Andrisani reveals for the first time the secrets that Tiger Woods has learned from family, fellow competitors, and teachers about the all-important mental game of golf. Andrisani shows how Earl Woods's lessons on course-management skills and the art of mental toughness have given his son an important edge over more experienced competitors time and time again; how Tida Woods taught her son the Buddhist values of patience, tenacity, and self-reliance. As well, Andrisani offers insights into the roles of former teachers Rudy Duran and John Anselmo in helping Tiger make the vital connection between mental awareness and good scoring, and how his present teacher, Butch Harmon, is passing on what he learned about the mental side of golf from legends such as Ben Hogan. Additionally, Andrisani shows how Dr. Jay Brunza, a clinical psychologist, has shown Tiger how to enter an intense "cocoon of concentration" while playing competitive golf. Think Like Tigergives golf fans a deeper appreciation of Woods's remarkable mastery of the inner game and shows how these same techniques can be applied to anyone's game for lasting improvement.

Getting Through to Your Kids

by Michael H. Popkin

From toddlers to teens, children are full of questions. While we all want to give the right answers, we don't always know whether to be detailed or discreet, protective or honest. Drawn from the advice and experiences of dozens of psychological, medical, and educational experts, as well as countless parents, this timely and telling book offers answers to all the questions kids are bound to ask. Learn: * How to jumpstart a conversation and simplify complicated topics * How to know the best age to talk about sex, drugs, and other subjects * Why once isn't always enough-and why some topics need to be revisited * Whether some questions are best left unanswered * How to gain a child's confidence and respect

The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Popular Standards

by Max Morath

* Every major singer from Frank Sinatra to Christina Aguilera * Every major composer from Irving Berlin to Stephen Sondheim * Every major song from a century of favorites * Every major musician and lyricist * Every major styling from blues, jazz, and country to folk, big band, and rock and roll * The most recorded songs of all time * A guide to understanding the "standard" lingo * The evolution of popular music from Tin Pan Alley to contemporary musical theater, and more

Love Lessons from Bad Breakups

by Sherry Amatenstein

Every troubled couple has had it up to here with self-help books explaining how to make relationships work. This one addresses why they don't-and frankly, why some of them never will. In this unique and illuminating he said/she said guide to avoiding love-gone-wrong, 21 real-life couples spill it to widely-read advice columnist Sherry Amatenstein. What better way to make a relationship last than to learn from the ones that didn't?

It's Only a Flat Tire in the Rain

by M. A. Max Davis

No matter how much people plan, prepare, or prevent, adversity still finds a way to surprise us. Max Davis believes everyone has the ability to turn tragedy into triumph, hurt into happiness, and outrage into outreach. This wonderful book uses old-fashioned values, new-fashioned wisdom, real-life stories of everyday people, and a big dose of faith to help people become problem solvers, not victims. "If you want the techniques to navigate successfully through your life-read this book. " (Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul) "[Davis] displays a refreshing combination of honesty, humility, optimism, and faith. This attitude. . . not only strengthens his credibility as an adviser to the suffering but also sets the book apart; unlike most authors who tackle these topics, Davis yields a book infused with lightness that does not actually make light of the serious topics it covers. " (Publishers Weekly) "This book will be of interest to readers who are believers of any faith but also to those who are not believers but are open-minded and curious. " (Sunday Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA)

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