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The Trailsman #254: Nebraska Gunrunners

by Jon Sharpe

When a shipment of army rifles gets stolen, Skye Fargo heads to the town of Helldorado-where bandits cross paths and trouble heats up. And between the guns and the girls, things get hotter than hell!

The Trailsman #253

by Jon Sharpe

Lately the big winners at the Ruby Rooster casino have been cashing out early, and if Skye Fargo doesn't find out who's been dealing the bitter hand, he might be next.

Trailsman #252, The:

by Jon Sharpe

All Skye Fargo had to do was ride the rails up to Nebraska, track down a redheaded beauty, and swipe back the priceless tiara she saw fit to steal. But the Trailsman soon realizes things aren't nearly as plain as they seem.

Trailsman #251, The :

by Jon Sharpe

A freak sandstorm leads Fargo into close encounters with a lonely widow, greedy gold miners, and motherlode of trouble.

Trailsman #249, The:

by Jon Sharpe

Arriving in the tough town of Virginia City, Nevada, all Skye Fargo wants to do is deliver a party of silver-hungry pioneers to the boomtown and get out of town. But lady luck turns tail when Fargo runs smack-dab into a war between two rival saloons where anyone can get wasted on shots of whiskey--or lead.

Trailsman #247, The:

by Jon Sharpe

The town of Les Bois, which sits just east of the Oregon Trail, has been bled dry by the Swill family: nine brothers and their decrepit father. Now the Swills have begun kidnapping women to keep them company. When the Trailsman hits the town, he vows to put the Swills in a family plot on Boot Hill.

Trailsman #245, The

by Jon Sharpe

Skye Fargo is short on cash and shorter on his temper when he trades lead with a Texas prairie punk and leaves him facedown in the dust. Soon, Fargo finds that some dead men have a long reach when it comes to revenge and finds himself the target of the dead man's kinfolk.

The Trailsman #244: Pacific Polecats

by Jon Sharpe

Skye Fargo rides into a war between two rival English clans-and discovers that when you mix family feuding with power and passion, there's no such thing as too many lies, too little loyalty, or too much blood.

The Trailsman #242 (Giant)

by Jon Sharpe

Skye Fargo is hired by a New York tycoon to find his favorite niece. The girl went searching for signs of an extinct tribe near the Canadian borderlands and disappeared. Finding lost souls in the wilderness is nothing new to Fargo, but he finds a mysterious race of forest dwellers whose desire for isolation is matched only by their lust for human blood.

Trailsman #240, The:

by Jon Sharpe

When Skye Fargo heads to a port in San Francisco, he gets mixed up with a troupe of actors, including their leading lady, who are about to face the final curtain at the hands of some murderous outlaws out to steal their show. But the Trailsman is going to show the thugs that his show will go on--even if their lives do not.

The Trailsman #239

by Jon Sharpe

Skye Fargo takes a job guiding a New Orleans fur trader up the Rio Grande, thinking it's an easy way to make a dollar--until they run into a group of Apache infected with smallpox. Stopping to help, Fargo and his friend barely prevent the disease from wiping out the entire tribe. The survivors now have to face a deadlier enemy: a Comanche war party that is on the rampage and heading their way.

Trailsman 216: High Sierra Horror

by Jon Sharpe

Sky Fargo faces a bloodthirsty butcher in the Sierra Nevadas! A savage beast appears to be on the loose in the wilds of the Sierras. But the Trailsman is about to discover the deadliest predator on Earth is still man.

Trailsman 214: Texas Hellion

by Jon Sharpe

Nothing can prepare Skye Fargo for the 10-year-old kid with a quick draw and a deadly aim. He's searching for his beloved cousin, who has been sold into slavery. The unlikely pair rides into a hell of blood and bullets, with two goals: rescue and revenge.

Trailsman 211: Badlands Bloodbath

by Jon Sharpe

A simple act of kindness towards a family of pioneers leads Skye Fargo into a desperate fight for survival, as a vile gang of cutthroats preys upon the naive settlers heading out West. The pilgrims are lured out into The Badlands with promises of a booming frontier, then the men are killed, their goods stolen, and their women taken to be sold at a barbaric auction to the worst element of mankind. With the lives of innocent women and children at stake, Fargo sets out to show some hombres just who's the baddest in The Badlands.

Trailsman 208: Arizona Renegades

by Jon Sharpe

Riding shotgun for a stagecoach traveling through hostile Indian lands, Skye Fargo finds himself protecting a rag-tag group of passengers from the vengeance of an Apache war chief. With a sultry redhead and a brassy blond both vying for his affection, Fargo will have to focus all of his resources to survive the deadly onslaught from a relentless foe. Dodging arrows as well as his amorous companions, the Trailsman clears a path the only way he knows how with bullets flying and enemies dying.

Trailsman 207: Chimney Rock Burial

by Jon Sharpe

Hired to locate the grave of a woman's son, Skye Fargo leads her through the Nebraska territory towards Chimney Rock. But the dim-witted Lacy brothers are not far behind, reckoning they'll be led to some hidden loot. And, as the Trailsman closes in on his quarry, he must decide if he's aiding a grieving mother or abetting a cunning con woman. With time running short, Fargo has no one to trust, except the irons strapped to his legs.

Trailsman 205

by Jon Sharpe

In Dew Creek, the Trailsman hires on to help a pair of orphaned sisters defend their family gold mining claim. Enamored of his seductive employers, Fargo tolerates the ramshackle town full of sidewinders and low-down polecats. But when several miners with profitable gold claims disappear, he finds himself confronting a man who has tangled the whole town in a web of fear brought on by gold fever. Fargo decides to teach him to respect a different kind of metal--hot lead.

Trailsman 204: The Leavenworth Express

by Jon Sharpe

While Skye Fargo rides shotgun on the first stage run for the Leavenworth and Pike's Peak Express Company, a gang of outlaws bushwacks the coach, stealing a big payroll. Determined to make good on the botched job, The Trailsman sets out to track down the outlaws -- accompanied by a frisky saloon gal -- all the while suspecting a fellow employee of pulling an inside job. With enemies everywhere, Fargo must rely on his only trusted companion. . . hot lead!

Trailsman 202: The Stallion Search

by Jon Sharpe

After losing his horse and memory to a horse-thief's bullet, Skye Fargo vows revenge. Following the trail, he runs afoul of the notorious Layton gang, and his most dangerous enemy yet, Andrea Layton.

Trailsman 198: Black Gulch Gamble

by Jon Sharpe

In the dust bowl town of Blackgulch, Texas, ranchers gamble their wages away at the new casino, surrendering their land and cattle to settle their debts with the cardsharp who owns the place. With a band of enforcers at his side, and local law in his pocket, the cardsharp would soon own all of Blackgulch! But he didn't count on Skye Fargo, the Trailsman, to deal himself into the game with lead!

Trailsman 197: Utah Uprising

by Jon Sharpe

A psychopath with a private army settles in Utah with a plan to kill all the Native Americans in the area. A tribal maiden and the Trailsman are all that stand in the way of his crazed vision.

Trailsman 195: Fort Ravage Conspiracy

by Jon Sharpe

Dead in the middle of the Nevada desert lies Fort Ravage, an army outpost under siege by the hostile Paiute tribes. No man has ever escaped from it alive and only one man is courageous enough to scheme a way in. But what Skye Fargo finds inside is more than he bargains for--an iron-willed war hero, his icily seductive daughter, and a dangerous conspiracy that could send the Trailsman to an early grave!

Nacky Patcher & the Curse of the Dry-Land Boats

by Jeffrey Kluger

What Nacky Patcher and Teedie Flinn discover in the owl light and blackberry water of Yole Lake causes them to suspect they are losing their wits. Polished wood as far as the eye can see-an entire ship comes unbuttoned! Yet they see something else, too, something far more important: a way out from the curse that has burdened the poor folks of Yole for generations. But first, they will need the villagers to do something they haven't done in a long time: work as a team. Jeffrey Kluger, co-author of the blockbuster book-turned-film Apollo 13, delivers one of the finest, quirkiest, and most emotionally satisfying reads of the year. As they rise to the challenge of something greater than themselves, this cast of characters will capture readers' hearts and imaginations.

How the Canyon Became Grand

by Pyne Stephen J.

Dismissed by the first Spanish explorers as a wasteland, the Grand Canyon lay virtually unnoticed for three centuries until nineteenth- century America rediscovered it and seized it as a national emblem. This extraordinary work of intellectual and environmental history tells two tales of the Canyon: the discovery and exploration of the physical Canyon and the invention and evolution of the cultural Canyon--how we learned to endow it with mythic significance. Acclaimed historian Stephen Pyne examines the major shifts in Western attitudes toward nature, and recounts the achievements of explorers, geologists, artists, and writers, from John Wesley Powell to Wallace Stegner, and how they transformed the Canyon into a fixture of national identity. This groundbreaking book takes us on a completely original journey through the Canyon toward a new understanding of its niche in the American psyche, a journey that mirrors the making of the nation itself. .

Ties of Power

by Czerneda Julie E.

Sira, the most powerful member of the alien Clan, has dared to challenge the will of her people--by allying herself with a human. But can she hope to carve a new life for herself when the Clan is determined to reclaim her genetic heritage. . . at any cost?

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