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Statistical Hypothesis Testing with SAS and R

by Sonja Kuhnt Dirk Taeger

A comprehensive guide to statistical hypothesis testing with examples in SAS and RWhen analyzing datasets the following questions often arise:Is there a short hand procedure for a statistical test available in SAS or R?If so, how do I use it?If not, how do I program the test myself?This book answers these questions and provides an overview of the most commonstatistical test problems in a comprehensive way, making it easy to find and performan appropriate statistical test.A general summary of statistical test theory is presented, along with a basicdescription for each test, including the necessary prerequisites, assumptions, theformal test problem and the test statistic. Examples in both SAS and R are provided,along with program code to perform the test, resulting output and remarksexplaining the necessary program parameters.Key features:* Provides examples in both SAS and R for each test presented.* Looks at the most common statistical tests, displayed in a clear and easy to follow way.* Supported by a supplementary website featuring exampleprogram code.Academics, practitioners and SAS and R programmers will find this book a valuableresource. Students using SAS and R will also find it an excellent choice for referenceand data analysis.

Clinical Trials with Missing Data

by Bohdana Ratitch Michael O'Kelly

This book provides practical guidance for statisticians, clinicians, and researchers involved in clinical trials in the biopharmaceutical industry, medical and public health organisations. Academics and students needing an introduction to handling missing data will also find this book invaluable. The authors describe how missing data can affect the outcome and credibility of a clinical trial, show by examples how a clinical team can work to prevent missing data, and present the reader with approaches to address missing data effectively. The book is illustrated throughout with realistic case studies and worked examples, and presents clear and concise guidelines to enable good planning for missing data. The authors show how to handle missing data in a way that is transparent and easy to understand for clinicians, regulators and patients. New developments are presented to improve the choice and implementation of primary and sensitivity analyses for missing data. Many SAS code examples are included - the reader is given a toolbox for implementing analyses under a variety of assumptions.

TKO Sales!

by Dave Anderson

Practical business guides that pull no punchesDave Anderson's TKO series presents no-nonsense, down-in-the-trenches management strategies that work in the real world of business. Each of the three informative books in this series offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance on developing the specific skills great managers need.These quick and to-the-point guides feature detailed techniques and effective strategies presented in user-friendly chapters that are packed with checklists, examples, and practical resources. In each book, readers will find real-world advice in a fast and powerful format that includes:Words of Wisdom or "Right Hook Rules"-bite-sized memorable quotesCase Studies or "Opening Bell" Stories-real-life business lessonsEffective Strategies or "Left Hook Laws"-all-meat, no-fat business strategiesIncisive or "Standard Eight Count" Questions-insightful inquiries that prompt the reader to actionQuick or "Knockout" Summaries-bullet points that sum-up each chapter and offer easy reference

TKO Management!

by Dave Anderson

ManagementA practical, hard-hitting guide to being a better manager!In a cutthroat world, doing the basics of business well means the difference between winning and losing. Dave Anderson's TKO Series gives you the practical, high-impact strategies you need to build a business that can put the competition down for the count. TKO Management! presents no-nonsense, tough-as-nails practices for becoming a better leader and manager in every way.Packed with easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance, TKO Management! will train you in the right skills and the most effective tactics for managing your people and your business. This straightforward guide gives you all the tools to punch above your weight, including checklists, examples, and practical resources you won't find anywhere else.Get down to business with ten short chapters on:Balancing your management skills and leadership abilityCreating a winning workplace environmentBecoming a powerful, effective motivatorTraining and coaching your people to reach their full potentialCrafting a dynamic vision and strategy for your organizationHolding people accountable for resultsDealing with poor performers and underachieversGive the competition your best shot--with Dave Anderson's TKO Management!

How to Deal with Difficult Customers

by Dave Anderson

Praise for How to Deal with Difficult Customers"The application of the ten key strategies in this book will help every sales professional learn how to deal with the truly difficult and how to avoid creating unnecessary difficulties. It's written with the same wit, humor, and inspiration that have made Anderson's prior books so effective."--Margaret Callihan, President, Chairman, and CEO, SunTrust Bank, Florida"Anderson knocks another one out of the park with How to Deal with Difficult Customers! The problem is real; Anderson's solutions make sense and, as always, he makes you laugh in the process."--Mike Roscoe, Editor in Chief, Dealer Magazine"I could not put this book down. It's a salesperson's bible, offering clear and concise how-to advice. If you're in the selling profession and want to sell more, you should read this book . . . twice."--Warren Lada, Senior Vice President, Saga Communications"An individual executing the ideas within this book will change their own life and their organization. No one has the gift like Anderson to articulate the importance character plays in maximizing potential."--Mike Tomberlin, CEO, The Tomberlin Group"Throw out all your other sales manuals. Anderson's new book will change the way you look at customers, the way your salespeople look at themselves, and, quite frankly, the way you look at the sales process."--Dan Janal, President,"What are you waiting for? We all have difficult customers. If you're tired of leaving money on the table because you can't handle them, read this book. If your good customers are turning into difficult customers, read this book. If you want to deliver results year-in and year-out, read, re-read, and apply the lessons of this book."--Randy Pennington, author, Results Rule!

Pain Management in Veterinary Practice

by Lydia Love Tom Doherty Christine M. Egger

Pain Management in Veterinary Practice provides veterinary practitioners with the information needed to recognize and manage pain in a wide range of large, small, and exotic animal species. Encompassing acute, adaptive, and chronic, maladaptive pain, the book provides an up-to-date review of the physiology and pathophysiology of pain. Pain Management in Veterinary Practice offers specific strategies for addressing pain in animals, including local and regional analgesia, continuous rate infusions, and novel methods of analgesic drug delivery.With comprehensive information on the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics of analgesic drugs, the book goes beyond pharmaceutical options to incorporate scientific information on techniques for complementary treatment, including physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic techniques, and nutritional strategies. Pain Management in Veterinary Practice is a valuable resource for developing pain management protocols in the veterinary clinic.

If You Don't Make Waves, You'll Drown

by Dave Anderson

This is not your typical business book. You won't find academic remedies to your business challenges or exhortations to create a warmer and fuzzier workplace. In fact, you'll find the opposite-tips on how to be a tougher, take-no-prisoners-style manager. It's time to stop letting workplace political correctness push you around and get serious about your business.In If You Don't Make Waves, You'll Drown, Dave Anderson doesn't pull any punches. Offering simple wisdom and politically incorrect solutions that really work, he's not here to inspire you, but to taunt you into action. He shows you how to be more direct without being disrespectful; how to give honest feedback even when it hurts; and how to hold employees accountable for results. In short, you'll learn how to get the most out of your business.Want more politically incorrect wisdom?Tenure is a license for lazinessDiversity without competence is worthlessDon't trade your values for valuablesPolitical correctness is a disease that destroys the workplaceIt's time to fight back!

Michael Allen's Guide to E-Learning

by Michael W. Allen

An industry leader speaks out against boring, ineffective, costly e-learning and provides practical guidelines for creation of powerful, e-learning-based performance solutions. e-Learning is emerging rapidly in schools, businesses, and at home. Millions are being invested in this new, widely available technology purported as the solution to learning challenges. Dr. Michael Allen, commonly considered the father of modern interactive learning, raises concerns about misuses of the technology, missed opportunities, and money wasted on boring, ineffective e-learning. The book offers specific, pragmatic, common-sense approaches to guide the development of successful technology-assisted learning. A free CD-ROM is packed with sample applications. Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning enables business executives to become discerning e-learning investors and instructional designers to create meaningful performance solutions.

TKO Hiring!

by Dave Anderson

Practical business guides that pull no punchesDave Anderson's TKO series presents no-nonsense, down-in-the-trenches management strategies that work in the real world of business. Each of the three informative books in this series offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance on developing the specific skills great managers needsThese quick and to-the-point guides feature detailed techniques and effective strategies presented in user-friendly chapters that are packed with checklists, examples, and practical resources. In each book, readers will find real-world advice in a fast and powerful format that includes:* Words of Wisdom or "Right Hook Rules"-bite-sized memorable quotes* Case Studies or "Opening Bell" Stories-real-life business lessons* Effective Strategies or "Left Hook Laws"-all-meat, no-fat business strategies* Incisive or "Standard Eight Count" Questions-insightful inquiries that prompt the reader to actionQuick or "Knockout" Summaries-bullet points that sum-up each chapter and offer easy referenceDave Anderson (Agoura Hills, CA) has led some of the nation's most successful car dealerships and is President of Dave Anderson's Learn to Lead and, a Web site that provides free training resources to thousands of people in more than 40 countries. He is also the author of the Wiley books If You Don't Make Waves You'll Drown (0-471-72503-X), Up Your Business! (0-471-44546-0), and How to Deal with Difficult Customers (0-470-04547-7).

Lower Previsions

by Gert De Cooman Matthias C. Troffaes

This book has two main purposes. On the one hand, it provides aconcise and systematic development of the theory of lower previsions,based on the concept of acceptability, in spirit of the work ofWilliams and Walley. On the other hand, it also extends this theory todeal with unbounded quantities, which abound in practicalapplications.Following Williams, we start out with sets of acceptable gambles. Fromthose, we derive rationality criteria---avoiding sure loss andcoherence---and inference methods---natural extension---for(unconditional) lower previsions. We then proceed to study variousaspects of the resulting theory, including the concept of expectation(linear previsions), limits, vacuous models, classical propositionallogic, lower oscillations, and monotone convergence. We discussn-monotonicity for lower previsions, and relate lower previsions withChoquet integration, belief functions, random sets, possibilitymeasures, various integrals, symmetry, and representation theoremsbased on the Bishop-De Leeuw theorem.Next, we extend the framework of sets of acceptable gambles to consideralso unbounded quantities. As before, we again derive rationalitycriteria and inference methods for lower previsions, this time alsoallowing for conditioning. We apply this theory to constructextensions of lower previsions from bounded random quantities to alarger set of random quantities, based on ideas borrowed from thetheory of Dunford integration.A first step is to extend a lower prevision to random quantities thatare bounded on the complement of a null set (essentially boundedrandom quantities). This extension is achieved by a natural extensionprocedure that can be motivated by a rationality axiom stating thatadding null random quantities does not affect acceptability.In a further step, we approximate unbounded random quantities by asequences of bounded ones, and, in essence, we identify those forwhich the induced lower prevision limit does not depend on the detailsof the approximation. We call those random quantities 'previsible'. Westudy previsibility by cut sequences, and arrive at a simplesufficient condition. For the 2-monotone case, we establish a Choquetintegral representation for the extension. For the general case, weprove that the extension can always be written as an envelope ofDunford integrals. We end with some examples of the theory.

The Digital Marketer

by Larry Weber Lisa Leslie Henderson

Big data. Digital loyalty programs. Predictive analytics. Contextualized content. Are you ready?These are just a few of the newest trends in digital marketing that are part of our everyday world. In The Digital Marketer: Ten New Skills You Must Learn to Stay Relevant and Customer-Centric, digital marketing guru Larry Weber and business writer and consultant Lisa Leslie Henderson explain the latest digital tools and trends used in today's marketing initiatives. The Digital Marketer explains:The ins and outs of this brave new world of digital marketingThe specific techniques needed to achieve high customer engagementThe modern innovations that help you outperform the competitionThe best targeting and positioning practices for today's digital eraHow customer insights derived from big and small data and analytics, combined with software, design, and creativity can create the customer experience differentialWith the authors' decades of combined experience filling its pages, The Digital Marketer gives every marketer the tools they need to reinvent their marketing function and business practices. It helps businesses learn to adapt to a customer-centric era and teaches specific techniques for engaging customers effectively through technology. The book is an essential read for businesses of all sizes wanting to learn how to engage with customers in meaningful, profitable, and mutually beneficial ways.

The Sustainable MBA

by Giselle Weybrecht

The Sustainable MBA provides the knowledge and tools to help you "green" your job and organization, to turn sustainability talk into action for the benefit of your bottom line and society as a whole.Based on more than 100 interviews with experts in business, international organizations, NGOs and universities from around the world, this first of its kind guide brings together all the pieces of the business and sustainability puzzle including:The basics on what sustainability is, why you should be interested, how to get started, and what a sustainable organization looks like.A wide range of tools, guidelines, techniques and concepts that you can use to implement sustainability practices.Tools and tips on how to "green" your job, including how to sell these ideas to your team, how to make green choices as a consumer and how to organize green meetings.A survey of the exciting trends in sustainable business happening around the world.A wealth of links to interesting resources for more information.The Sustainable MBA is organized like a business school course - allowing you easy access to the relevant information you need about sustainability and Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Operations and Strategy.Giselle Weybrecht's commitment to sustainable development goes back to before her university years. Since then she has expanded her reach to local and national government, business, social entrepreneurs, and the international community. She worked for the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme, is a fellow of the UC Berkeley-based Beahrs Environmental Leadership Programme, and holds an MBA from London Business School. She is currently developing new approaches to raise awareness among managers of how they can incorporate sustainability into their businesses and everyday professional lives.

Manual of Dietetic Practice

by Joan Gandy

Since publication of its first edition, Manual of Dietetic Practice has remained an essential guide to the key principles of dietetics and a core text for healthcare professionals looking to develop their expertise and specialist skills. Published on behalf of the British Dietetic Association, the UK professional body for dietitians, it covers the entire dietetics curriculum and is also an ideal reference text for qualified practitioners.The book has been extensively restructured for its fifth edition and is now divided into two parts to make it easier to locate key topics. The first part covers professional practice, nutrition in specific groups, nutritional status and non-clinical areas of dietetic practices, while the second focuses on clinical dietetic practice, including nutrition support, and dietetic practice in individual areas of disease, from respiratory and renal disorders to mental health and palliative care. This edition also offers a companion website,, which includes case studies, discussion vignettes to place topics in a clinical context, downloadable copies of the appendices, key tables and figures, and references and useful links.

Understanding Clinical Papers

by David Owens David Bowers Allan House Bridgette Bewick

Understanding Clinical Papers is a popular and well established introduction to reading clinical papers. It unravels the process of evidence-based practice, using real papers to illustrate how to understand and evaluate published research, and provides clear explanations of important research-related topics.

Investing in India

by Rahul Saraogi

A practical, real-world guide to investing in IndiaIndia's rapid economic growth offers obvious opportunities for foreign investors, but making wise investing decisions can be difficult for any investor without a deep knowledge of the country and its culture. With a vibrant democracy and an active press, India can be a complex and chaotic place in which investors can find it difficult to make investing decisions with confidence. This book offers an on-the-ground perspective on India from one of India's most successful value investors. Looking deeply into the internal realities that impact India's investment climate, Investing in India helps investors both inside and outside the country cut through the noise and find the facts that truly matter for anyone who wants to invest there.Features charts of stocks, markets, and other helpful Indian economic indicatorsOffers a real-world look at India's politics and governance; its financial system and capital markets; its asset classes and equity markets; the private equity scene; and the real estate marketWritten by Indian value investing guru Rahul Saraogi

Wiley CPA Examination Review 2013-2014, Problems and Solutions

by O. Ray Whittington

The #1 CPA exam review self-study leaderThe CPA exam review self-study program more CPA candidates trust to prepare for the CPA exam and pass it, Wiley CPA Exam Review 40th Edition contains more than 4,200 multiple-choice questions and includes complete information on the Task Based Simulations. Published annually, this comprehensive two-volume paperback set provides all the information candidates need in order topass the Uniform CPA Examination format.Features multiple-choice questions, AICPA Task Based Simulations, and written communication questions, all based on the CBT-e formatCovers all requirements and divides the exam into 47 self-contained modules for flexible studyOffers nearly three times as many examples as other CPA exam study guidesOther titles by Whittington: Wiley CPA Exam Review 2013With timely and up-to-the-minute coverage, Wiley CPA Exam Review 40th Edition covers all requirements for the CPA Exam, giving the candidate maximum flexibility in planning their course of study, and success.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Wellness and Recovery

by Andrew Bein

This hands-on guide addresses the present day realities of applying dialectical behavior therapy in a mental health and substance abuse recovery context. The book presents the DBT concept, Wise Mind, as adapted by author Andrew Bein, as central to a simple, powerful, empirically supported framework that respectfully engages clients in their own efforts to enhance personal well-being. The book includes empirically supported exercises with an emphasis on collaboration and client empowerment using a recovery oriented model for client treatment and improved outcomes.

Protean Supply Chains

by James A. Cooke

Features emerging trends that are shaping supply chain operations worldwide as well as impacting the global business landscapeBeginning with the assertion that supply chains are an overlooked factor behind anemic economic growth, Protean Supply Chains: Ten Dynamics of Supply and Demand Alignment provides a comprehensive overview of the developments occurring in the field of supply chain management. A broad range of topics in facility location, inventory, strategic sourcing, and supply chain coordination are addressed in addition to coverage of major developments within the field. The author's main position is that supply chains must be more than agile or flexible; rather, they must become protean and capable of changing shape in response to a volatile global business landscape.The author, a well-known editor and researcher in the field, presents current real-world examples combined with insights into the impact of recent trends that are expected to affect the global business landscape over the next decade. Highlighting companies with leading-edge supply chains as examples, the book discusses methods to reduce spending, increase revenues, and achieve streamlined productivity in a changing economic climate. The book utilizes further examples from the growth of online retailing and automation in distribution centers, as well as the use of protean supply chains to gain competitive advantages internationally. In addition, the book features the following ten emerging trends, which are shaping supply chain operations worldwide:The rise of regional theatres of supplyGlobal risk management through control towersCustomer segmentationReal demand realization Omniichannel retailing challengesDemand swing alignment with production and distributionCustomer of one serviceSustainability challengesCollaboration vs. competition in the new economyFinancial dynamismThe book is an ideal reference for professionals and practitioners in operations research, business/management science, applied mathematics, and industrial engineering as well as an appropriate supplement for undergraduate and graduate-level courses in supply chain management.

Amphibian Evolution

by Rainer R. Schoch

This book focuses on the first vertebrates to conquer land and their long journey to become fully independent from the water. It traces the origin of tetrapod features and tries to explain how and why they transformed into organs that permit life on land. Although the major frame of the topic lies in the past 370 million years and necessarily deals with many fossils, it is far from restricted to paleontology. The aim is to achieve a comprehensive picture of amphibian evolution. It focuses on major questions in current paleobiology: how diverse were the early tetrapods? In which environments did they live, and how did they come to be preserved? What do we know about the soft body of extinct amphibians, and what does that tell us about the evolution of crucial organs during the transition to land? How did early amphibians develop and grow, and which were the major factors of their evolution?The Topics in Paleobiology Series is published in collaboration with the Palaeontological Association, and is edited by Professor Mike Benton, University of Bristol.Books in the series provide a summary of the current state of knowledge, a trusted route into the primary literature, and will act as pointers for future directions for research. As well as volumes on individual groups, the series will also deal with topics that have a cross-cutting relevance, such as the evolution of significant ecosystems, particular key times and events in the history of life, climate change, and the application of a new techniques such as molecular palaeontology.The books are written by leading international experts and will be pitched at a level suitable for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, and researchers in both the paleontological and biological sciences.

Modernizing Insurance Regulation

by Matthew P. Richardson John H. Biggs

The future of the insurance regulation begins nowFor those involved with the insurance industry, from investment professionals to policy makers, and regulators to legislators, tremendous change is coming. With insurance premiums constituting an ever-growing portion of annual U.S. GDP and provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act specifically calling for modernization of insurance regulations, the issues at hand are pervasive. In Modernizing Insurance Regulation, these issues are described against a backdrop of the political and industry discussions that surround insurance, regulation, and systemic risk. Experts Viral V. Acharya and Matthew Richardson discuss a variety of issues with top thinkers in the fields of finance, derivatives, credit risk, and banking to bring to light the most germane elements of this ongoing discussion.In Modernizing Insurance Regulation, Acharya and Richardson call on the expertise of all the relevant stakeholders within government, academia, and industry to offer a well-rounded and independent view of insurance regulation and how the evolution of this key industry affects the U.S. economy now and in the future.Provides an overview of the feasibility of maintaining a state-level regulatory structureOffers a view of the issues from top academics, industry leaders, and state regulatorsExplores the debate surrounding the insurance industry and systemic riskProvides an in-depth look at upcoming changes under the Dodd-Frank ActModernizing Insurance Regulation provides a look into the crucial changes coming to insurance regulation and an overview of how those changes will affect almost everyone.

Type Rules!

by Ilene Strizver

From principle to practice, get it all in the revised edition of the comprehensive introduction to typography. Type Rules: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography, 3rd Edition is an up-to-date, thorough introduction to the principles and practices of typography. From the fundamentals to cutting-edge applications, this edition has everything today's serious designer needs to use type effectively. Dozens of exercises reinforce authoritative coverage on such topics as how to select the appropriate type for the job, how to set type like a pro, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to design a typeface, as well as how to fully harness the power of major design packages such as InDesign? and QuarkXPress? -- with new coverage of their latest versions. This edition includes: New information on OpenType, font management utilities, font web sites, and interactive typography. An expanded?history of type and an updated glossary of key terms. Exercises throughout to help reinforce the concepts presented in the book. A wealth of tried-and-true as well as recently developed type tips. More in-depth type issues, including scaling logos. "I've purchased and read just about every book on typography written over the last twenty-five years. Ilene Strizver's Type Rules is one of the best. It's a book that will prove its value time and again. " -- Allan Haley, Director of Words and Letters, Monotype Imaging "Type Rules is a must-have book for students and professionals alike. I highly recommend it. " -- Prof. Ed Benguiat, world-renowned type designer and educator, School of Visual Arts

The Value of Debt

by Thomas J. Anderson

A New York Times bestseller and one of the Ten Best Business Books of 2013 by, this book brings a new vision of the value of debt in the management of individual and family wealthIn this groundbreaking book, author Tom Anderson argues that, despite the reflex aversion most people have to debt--an aversion that is vociferously preached by most personal finance authors--wealthy individuals and families, as well as their financial advisors, have everything to gain and nothing to lose by learning to think holistically about debt.Anderson explains why, if strategically deployed, debt can be of enormous long-term benefit in the management of individual and family wealth. More importantly, he schools you in time-tested strategies for using debt to steadily build wealth, to generate tax-efficient retirement income, to provide a reliable source of funds in times of crisis and financial setback, and more.Takes a "strategic debt" approach to personal wealth management, emphasizing the need to appreciate the value of "indebted strengths" and for acquiring the tools needed to take advantage of those strengthsAddresses how to determine your optimal debt ratio, or your debt "sweet spot"A companion website contains a proprietary tool for calculating your own optimal debt ratio, which enables you to develop a personal wealth balance sheetOffering a bold new vision of debt as a strategic asset in the management of individual and family wealth, The Value of Debt is an important resource for financial advisors, wealthy families, family offices, and professional investors.

The Human Brand

by Chris Malone Susan T. Fiske

Why we choose companies and brands in the same way that we unconsciously perceive, judge, and behave toward one anotherPeople everywhere describe their relationships with brands in a deeply personal way--we hate our banks, love our smartphones, and think the cable company is out to get us. What's actually going on in our brains when we make these judgments? Through original research, customer loyalty expert Chris Malone and top social psychologist Susan Fiske discovered that our perceptions arise from spontaneous judgments on warmth and competence, the same two factors that also determine our impressions of people. We see companies and brands the same way we automatically perceive, judge, and behave toward one another. As a result, to achieve sustained success, companies must forge genuine relationships with customers. And as customers, we have a right to expect relational accountability from the companies and brands we support.Applies the social psychology concepts of "warmth" (what intentions others have toward us) and "competence" (how capable they are of carrying out those intentions) to the way we perceive and relate to companies and brandsFeatures in-depth analyses of companies such as Hershey's, Domino's, Lululemon, Zappos, Amazon, Chobani, Sprint, and moreDraws from original research, evaluating over 45 companies over the course of 10 separate studiesThe Human Brand is essential reading for understanding how and why we make the choices we do, as well as what it takes for companies and brands to earn and keep our loyalty in the digital age.

Ace the Programming Interview

by Edward Guiness

Be prepared to answer the most relevant interview questions and land the job Programmers are in demand, but to land the job, you must demonstrate knowledge of those things expected by today's employers. This guide sets you up for success. Not only does it provide 160 of the most commonly asked interview questions and model answers, but it also offers insight into the context and motivation of hiring managers in today's marketplace. Written by a veteran hiring manager, this book is a comprehensive guide for experienced and first-time programmers alike. Provides insight into what drives the recruitment process and how hiring managers think Covers both practical knowledge and recommendations for handling the interview process Features 160 actual interview questions, including some related to code samples that are available for download on a companion website Includes information on landing an interview, preparing a cheat-sheet for a phone interview, how to demonstrate your programming wisdom, and more Ace the Programming Interview, like the earlier Wiley bestseller Programming Interviews Exposed, helps you approach the job interview with the confidence that comes from being prepared.

Inventor 2014 and Inventor LT 2014 Essentials: Autodesk Official Press

by Thom Tremblay

Quickly learn essential inventor tools and techniquesThis full-color Autodesk Official Press guide will help you quickly learn the powerful manufacturing software's core features and functions. Thom Tremblay, an Autodesk Certified Instructor, uses concise, straightforward explanations and real-world, hands-on exercises to help you become productive with Inventor. Full-color screenshots illustrate tutorial steps, and chapters conclude with a related and more open-ended project to further reinforce the chapter's lessons. Based on the very real-world task of designing tools and a toolbox to house them, the book demonstrates creating 2D drawings from 3D data, modeling parts, combining parts into assemblies, annotating drawings, using advanced assembly tools, working with sheet metal, presenting designs, and more. Full-color screenshots illustrate the steps, and additional files are available for download so you can compare your results with those of professionals. You'll also get information to help you prepare for the Inventor certification exams.Introduces new users to the software with real-world projects, hands-on tutorials, and full-color illustrationsBegins each chapter with a quick discussion of concepts and learning goals and then moves into approachable, hands-on exercisesCovers the interface and foundational concepts, modeling parts, combining them into assemblies building with the frame generator, using weldmentsIncludes material to help you prepare for the Inventor certification examsAutodesk Inventor 2014 Essentials provides the information you need to quickly become proficient with the powerful 3D mechanical design software.

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