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Bleeding Kansas

by Sara Paretsky

Set in the Kaw River Valley, where Paretsky grew up, Bleeding Kansas is the story of the Schapens and the Grelliers, two farm families whose histories have been entwined since the 1850s, when their ancestors settled the valley as antislavery immigrants. Today, the Schapen family, still terrified by the lawlessness of the 1970s - when Lawrence was the most violent college town in the nation - have turned to that old-time religion for security. The Schapens keep a close eye on all their neighbors, most especially the Grelliers. They keep careful track of everyone's misdeeds, and print the most egregious on their family website. When Gina Haring, a Wiccan, moves into a nearby empty farmhouse and starts practicing pagan rites, the Schapens are so outraged that they begin an active harassment campaign against the Wiccans. The family members worry, too, about who stands better with the Lord, they or the Grelliers. When a Schapen cow gives birth to what may be a "Perfect Red Heifer" - needed if the Temple is ever rebuilt in Jerusalem - the Schapens are convinced that God is indeed smiling on them. The pastor at their church, Salvation Bible, proclaims: "We were given a miracle, a chance to make history, in Kansas. The nation and the world laugh at us. 'What is the matter with Kansas?' liberals ask. We have a chance to say, 'Nothing's the matter with Kansas, generation of vipers. Everything's right with Kansas. ' What's the matter is, you have turned your backs on the truth of the risen Lord. "Despite parental cautions, the Grelliers' teenage children are enraged by the Schapens. All their short lives, they and the young Schapens have fought, first in their country elementary school and now in high school. One particularly angry confrontation causes Chip Grellier to be expelled from school and consequently to join the Army. Chip's death in Iraq is the catalyzing event for momentous, even monstrous, changes in the lives of not only the Schapens and the Grelliers but all the families in the Valley. The powerful, climactic scene at Gina Haring's Samhain bonfire will forever haunt the listener.

As the World Churns

by Tamar Myers

Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder may be married to big-time Manhattan doctor Gabriel Rosen, but she¿s still a small-town girl with an eye for an udder, and thrilled to be the emcee for the first Hernia Holstein Competition. But then someone clobbers the contest¿s originator and Magdalena ends up in the hospital as well, when she faints at his bedside. Gabriel gamely agrees to stand in as emcee. But when Magdalena recovers, she finds that the competition has been cut short, and that both Gabriel and her foster daughter are missing. With the help of her best friend, Magdalena begins to separate the curds from the whey, and vows to track down clues until the cows -- and her family -- come home. With more than a half dozen tasty recipes!

The Seduction of the Crimson Rose

by Lauren Willig

Now in paperback?a novel that ?handily fulfills its promise of intrigue and romance. ?(Publishers Weekly) Determined to secure another London season without assistance from her new brother-in-law, Mary Alsworthy accepts a secret assignment from Lord Vaughn on behalf of the Pink Carnation. She must infiltrate the ranks of the dreaded French spy, the Black Tulip, before he and his master can stage their planned invasion of England. Every spy has a weakness and for the Black Tulip that weakness is beautiful black-haired women?his ?petals? of the Tulip. A natural at the art of seduction, Mary easily catches the attention of the French spy, but Lord Vaughn never anticipated that his own heart would be caught as well. Fighting their growing attraction, impediments from their past, and, of course, the French, Mary and Vaughn find themselves lost in a treacherous garden of lies. And as our modern-day heroine, Eloise Kelly, digs deeper into England?s Napoleonic-era espionage, she becomes even more entwined with Colin Selwick, the descendant of her spy subjects. .

Murder Melts in Your Mouth

by Nancy Martin

Down-to-earth debutante Nora Blackbird is having a meltdown! Sister Libby was run over by a Rolls Royce and is recuperating at the Ritz leaving her five kids in Nora's charge. And sister Emma has just learned a secret that has put her on the brink of another bender. Adding to the turmoil her best friend Lexie is accused of murdering Philadelphia philanthropist Hoyt Cavendish. It turns out Hoyt was financing his charitable contributions by pilfering from his clients which means there's a long list of aristocrats with a motive for murder - even family members. And all three sisters are in a panic with the appearance of their scheming parents. The folks have weaseled their way back into high society and are surely up to no good.

A Lady's Secret

by Jo Beverley

When Robin Fitzvitry, the fun-loving Earl of Huntersdown, encounters a cursing nun in a French inn, he can't resist the mystery. He offers to help Sister Immaculata reach England, expecting amusement on the tedious journey home from Versailles. Petre d'Avernio is not exactly a nun, though she has spent years in an Italian convent with her mother, whose death has left her in danger. She must find the only person who might protect her-her true father, an English lord who does not know she exists. The gorgeous earl Robin Fitzvitry will be a dangerous ally, but she's glimpsed her pursuers and must race to the coast. She will resist him, use him, and eventually escape him with her virtue and secrets intact-she hopes.

The King's Favorite

by Susan Holloway Scott

The acclaimed author of Duchess and Royal Harlot returns with the unforgettable story of a king?s last love and London?s darling?BR>Nell Gwyn has never been a lady, nor does she pretend to be. Blessed with impudent wit and saucy beauty, she swiftly rises from the poverty of Covent Garden to become a sensation in the theater. Still in her teens, she catches the eye of King Charles II, and trades the stage for Whitehall Palace?and the role of royal mistress. Even though she delights the king, she must learn to negotiate the cutthroat royal court, where ambition and lust for power rule the hearts of all around her. For beneath her charm and light-heartedness, Nell has her own ambition?to become no less than the king?s favorite. .

Psychic Children

by Sylvia Browne

A child's world is filled with extraordinary things - vivid imagination, imaginary friends, simple, Zen-like naiveté, and a peculiar sense of right and wrong, good and evil. Sylvia Browne recognises these as signs that all children have extraordinary psychic gifts and abilities - including ourselves as children. PSYCHIC CHILDREN is written from Sylvia Browne's personal experience. After her own psychic abilities were revealed at the age of three, her mother tolerated but never encouraged her startling talent. Browne's own son would exhibit amazing abilities of his own as a toddler, which she fully embraced and supported. Over a lifetime, Sylvia Browne has learned that psychic gifts are present at an incredibly tender age. They are, in her view, special blessings from God. Some children learn to develop them while others are pressed to ignore them. In PSYCHIC CHILDREN she illuminates the phenomenon, issuing a call to society for more understanding and acceptance of these remarkable children.

Onward We Charge

by H. Paul Jeffers

The true story of one of the most charismatic commanders of World War II. Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart, and posthumously promoted to Brigadier General by President Truman, Colonel William Darby was an indisputable hero. His elite battalion of Army Rangers paved the way for Ranger success in subsequent wars-and left an unforgettable legacy in its wake. Onward We Charge takes readers from the beachheads of North Africa to the bloody campaigns of southern Italy, and to Darby's tragic death by German shrapnel just eight days before V-E Day. This is the true story of a man who held his own beside the greatest military figures in history.

Degrees of Separation

by Sue Henry

After healing from knee surgery, Jessie Arnold can't wait to train for the Iditarod, but she and her dogs must work hard to qualify. Jessie's practice run goes smoothly until her sled hits a bump along the trail-a dead body. What the kid was doing on a musher's trail with no sled or dogs is anyone's guess. And in a chilling moment, Jessie realizes that the case hits close to home...

Take Me if You Can

by Karen Kendall

A woman who makes her living recovering stolen art and a sexy master thief are thrown together on a cross-continental journey while racing to find a priceless sword.

The Refuge

by Sue Henry

"Maxie's cherished independence and her willingness to seek out new experiences alone and single should resonate with fans of cozy and atmospheric mysteries. " - Library Journal. After nine months on the road, sixty-something Maxie McNabb and her miniature dachshund Stretch are ready for some R&R, Alaska-style. But no sooner has Maxie parked the Mini-Winnie than a pleading phone call sends her flying to Hawaii. Karen Bailey, hobbled by an accident, needs Maxie's help. And one thing Maxie can't do is bail on a friend in need. Within hours of her arrival, a prowler tries to break in and someone sabotages the plumbing. And when Maxie hears Karen whispering into the phone "Don't call here. . . I'll call you when it's safe, when she's. . . " Maxie suspects that Karen is hiding something. Far from home and no longer behind the wheel, Maxie feels as though the ice is melting around her.

Winter Fire (Malloren #6)

by Jo Beverley

Genova Smith is a resourceful woman, but the Marquess of Ashart is a challenge even for her. Especially when she finds herself in the precarious position of accompanying him to the home of Lord Rothgar, Ashart's cousin and mortal enemy. Even more distressing, she and the infuriating rake have been caught in a passionate kiss, forcing her into the dangerous situation of pretending to be in love with the one man capable of stealing her heart Caught in an unwanted betrothal, Lord Ashart plays the game to protect a lady's virtue while pursuing darker purposes of his own. To survive, he must confront his cousin and his past, but the passion that ignites between him and Genova threatens everything. With her, he realizes he's finally met his match-and if he isn't careful, their staged engagement may turn into something deliciously real.

Kindred Spirits

by Jocelyn Kelley

The Nethercott sisters return-and start believing in ghosts The Nethercott sisters-China, Jade, and Sian-recently lost their beloved father, who believed in ghosts with all his heart. Still, China is shocked when she sees a ghost in a Roman centurion's garb. Quintus Valerius is cursed to remain on earth until he can save one of his descendants from murder-work that has been done in vain, until now. With the help of China, he intends to save Alexander, Major Lord Braddock. Although Alexander balks at taking advice and protection from a ghost and a woman, China still can't keep herself from thinking of the handsome war hero in some very improper ways. But she's soon to learn the second half of the curse that Quintus forgot to mention: China's destiny may be tied to Alexander's-and equally deadly.

Shadows of the Night

by Lydia Joyce

Fern and Colin Radcliffe were to have a conventional marriage. But after a shocking wedding night, Fern strikes out at her new husband in a fit of passionate independence-and awakens a craving in both husband and wife to cast off society's rules and mores. They spend their honeymoon alone at Colin's isolated estate- exploring a world of pain, pleasure, and power. But their exploration is interrupted by a devastating secret from Colin's past-a secret that threatens their future together, and their very lives. . .

Demons Are a Ghoul's Best Friend

by Victoria Laurie

In this follow-up to "What's a Ghoul to Do?," medium M. J. Holliday, Gilley, and Dr. Stephen Sable head to Lake Placid to vanquish a demon by the name of Hatchet Jack, who is terrorizing a boarding school. Original.

The Wild Breed

by Frank Leslie

Yakima Henry ventures south of the border to save an old flame's brother from a Mexican prison-only to incur the wrath of deadly Apaches, scalp-hunting Rurales, and zealous revolutionaries. . .

Nightfall At Little Aces

by Ralph Cotton

An outlaw's reunion with his long-lost love incites violence in Little Aces, New Mexico-leaving only Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack able to keep the peace. . .

The Mist

by Stephen King

In the wake of a summer storm, terror descends. . . New York Times bestselling author Stephen King suspends a small town in a haze of terror-as humanity makes its last stand against unholy destruction. . . .

The Bleeding Dusk

by Colleen Gleason

To gain access to the secrets of a legendary alchemist, Rome's vampires have allied themselves with creatures as evil and bloodthirsty as they are. The new leader of the city's vampire hunters - Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy - reluctantly turns to the enigmatic Sebastian Vioget for help, just as Maximilian Pesaro arrives to aid his fellow slayers, no matter what the sacrifice. Desire puts her at the mercy of Sebastian, while loyalty binds her to Max, but she does not know if she can trust either. Especially when a seductive vampire begins luring her into the shadows. . .

What Are You Wearing To Die?

by Patricia Sprinkle

Visionary in scope,Intellectual Capitalis the first book that shows how to turn the untapped knowledge of an organization into its greatest competitive weapon. Thomas A. Stewart demonstrates how knowledge--not natural resources, machinery, or financial capital--has become the most important factor in economic life. Through practical advice, stories, and case histories, Stewart reveals how organizations and individuals can create and use the knowledge assets they need. Dazzling in its ability to make conceptual sense of the economic revolution we are living through, this ingenious book cuts through the vague rhetoric of &"paradigm shifts&" to show how the Information Age economy really works. Intellectual Capitalshould be read as if the futures of your company and your career depend on it. They do. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Shadow of the Gun

by Joseph A. West

John McBride purchased a restaurant in the town of Suicide, hoping to put his past behind him. But with marauding Apaches, vicious outlaws, and rising tensions amongst the townsfolk, Suicide is a powder keg waiting to explode-and McBride's presence just may be enough to light the fuse. . . .


by Joann Ross

Emotionally and physically wounded ex-SEAL_Zachariah Tremayne has returned to his South C arolina home determined to shut out the world. Then he meets Sabrina Swann, who has also made a private journey home to put the tattered pieces of her own life back together. But as the two of them learn to love and trust again, a killer is lurking in the shadows, threatening to destroy everything they have fought so hard to rebuild. .

Fear Up Harsh

by Tony Lagouranis Allen Mikaelian

"Something really bad happened here. " So begins Army interrogator Tony Lagouranis's first briefing at Abu Ghraib. While Lagouranis's training stressed the rules of the Geneva Conventions, once in Iraq, he discovered that pushing the legal limits of interrogation was encouraged. Under orders, he-along with numerous other soldiers-abused and terrorized Iraqis by adding "enhancements" like dogs, hypothermia, and other techniques to "Fear Up Harsh"-the official tactic designed to frighten prisoners into revealing information. And he saw others do far worse. The first Army interrogator to publicly step forward and break the silence surrounding these tactics, Lagouranis reveals what went on in Iraqi prisons- raising crucial questions about American conduct abroad. .

Seven Nights of Sin

by Lacey Alexander

From the author of Voyeur comes a sizzling novel about seven steamy nights in Sin City, each one hotter than the last. . . Brenna Cayton doesn't need a man. At least that's what she keeps telling herself. Then her boss sends her on a business trip to Vegas to make sure Damon Andros-the sexiest man in the entire music industry-doesn't live up to his bad boy image. But before she knows it, business turns to extreme pleasure as Damon brings out her naughty side, fulfilling every one of her wildest fantasies. Now, she has just seven sultry nights to commit every sin in the book. Because once Damon discovers her dirty little secret, he'll surely never indulge their lust again. . . .

The Secret Bride

by Diane Haeger

For fans of The Tudors comes a captivating drama about the only woman who could defy Henry VIII -and keep her life. Mary Tudor, the headstrong younger sister of the ruthless King Henry VII, has always been her brother's favorite-but now she is also an important political bargaining chip. When she is promised to the elderly, ailing King Louis of France, a heartbroken Mary accepts her fate, but not before extracting a promise from her brother: When the old king dies, her next marriage shall be solely of her choosing. For Mary has a forbidden passion, and is determined, through her own cunning, courage, and boldness, to forge her own destiny. The Secret Bride is the triumphant tale of one extraordinary woman who meant to stay true to her heart and live her life just as her royal brother did- by her own rules. . . .

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