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Do You!

by Russell Simmons Chris Morrow

Since rising out of the New York City streets over twenty-five years ago, Russell Simmons has helped create such groundbreaking ventures as Def Jam Records, Phat Farm, and Def Comedy Jam. Russell might have helped introduce hip-hop to the world, but he credits his success to his belief in a strong set of principles-or laws. In twelve straightforward steps, Russell reveals a path that can be followed by anyone struggling to realize their dreams. Russell's laws stem from the belief that it's impossible to receive any sort of lasting success from the world without giving something of lasting value to the world first. Blending business insight, universal spiritual truths, and an inspired sense of purpose, Do You! crosses the lines of age, race, and background, with wisdom that will lift you up and motivate you to pursue your vision. .

It's Not News, It's Fark

by Drew Curtis

Now in paperback, the hilarious exposé on the media gone awry, from the creator of the wildly popular Fark. comHave you ever noticed certain patterns in the news you see and read each day? Perhaps it's the blatant fear-mongering in the absence of facts on your local six o'clock news ("Tsunami could hit the Atlantic any day!" Everybody panic!), or the seasonal articles that appear year after year ("Roads will be crowded this holiday season. " Thanks, AAA. ) It's Not News, It's Fark is Drew Curtis's clever examination of the state of the media today and a hilarious look at the go-to stories mass media uses when there's just not enough hard news to fill a newspaper or a news broadcast. Drew exposes eight stranger-than-fiction media patterns that prove just how little reporting is going on in the world of reporters today. It's Not News, It's Fark examines all the "news" that was never fit for print in the first place, and promises to have you laughing along the way.

Billion-Dollar Kiss

by Jeffrey Stepakoff

Now in paperback, the riveting behind-the-scenes look at how television shows are really created, from a successful writer-producerWhen Jeffrey Stepakoff was graduating with an MFA in playwriting, he imagined a life in theater. Writing for TV didn't even cross his mind. But he ended up in L. A. in the late eighties, when television writers were experiencing a gold rush. After the billion-dollar syndication of Seinfeld, the mania for scripted entertainment made the TV writer a hot commodity. Weaving his personal narrative with a history of television, Stepakoff shows what it's like to have a story idea one week and then have it seen by millions a week later. He also takes us inside the industry to explore the problems of media consolidation, interference by executives, lack of diversity, and what reality television is doing to quality scripted television.

Aftermath, Inc.

by Gil Reavill

Now in paperback, a look into the disturbing but fascinating new field of bio-recovery, as a critically acclaimed crime writer rolls up his sleeves and delves into the world of Aftermath, Inc. The best way to understand the world of Aftermath, Inc. is to imagine life before it. Grief-stricken families of suicide or homicide victims were left to cope on their own. Sometimes police would leave a can of ground coffee behind to soak up the mess. Sometimes local church groups offered to help with the horrific chaos of the scene. Into this void stepped Tim Reifsteck and Chris Wilson, who filled a desperate need by founding their bio-remediation company. Gil Reavill traces their history, introducing us to their clients and employees, and the cops, coroners, and detectives they encounter in their work. Their stories are stranger than fiction, and utterly human and compelling.

The Sushi Economy

by Sasha Issenberg

From the sea to your plate, the first international tour of sushi's journey in the global marketplace One generation ago, sushi's narrow reach ensured that sports fishermen who caught tuna in most of the world sold the meat for pennies as cat food. Today, the fatty cuts of tuna known as toroare among the planet's most coveted luxury foods, worth hundreds of dollars a pound and capable of losing value more quickly than any other product on earth. So how has one of the world's most popular foods gone from being practically unknown in the U. S. to being served in towns all across America, and in such a short span of time? Sushi aficionados and newcomers alike will be surprised to learn the true history, intricate business, and international allure behind this fascinating food. A riveting combination of culinary biography, behind-the-scenes restaurant detail, and a unique exploration of globalization's dynamics, journalist Sasha Issenberg traces sushi's journey from Japanese street snack to global delicacy. THE SUSHI ECONOMYtakes you through the stalls of Tokyo's massive Tsukiji market, where the auctioneers sell millions of dollars of fish each day, and to the birthplace of modern sushi--in Canada. He then follows sushi's evolution in America, exploring how it became LA's favorite food. You're taken behind the sushi bar with the chef Nobu Matsuhisa, whose distinctive travels helped to define the flavors of global sushi cuisine, and with a unique sushi chef blazing a path in Texas. Issenberg also delves into the complex economics of the fish trade, following the ups and downs of the hunt for bluefin off New England, the tuna cowboys on the southern coast of Australia who invented the art of tuna ranching, and uncovering the mysterious underworld of pirates, smugglers, and the tuna black market. Few businesses reveal the complex dynamics of globalization as acutely as the tuna's journey from the sea to the sushi bar. After traversing the pages of THE SUSHI ECONOMY, you'll never see the food on your plate - or the world around you - quite the same way again.

The Truth About Chuck Norris

by Ian Spector

As the star of Walker: Texas Ranger and movies such as The Delta Force, Chuck Norris represents a separate kind of supermam: a hero of hilarious proportions. In recent years, farcical facts about Norris began cropping up on the Internet, finally reaching their peak on one comprehensive website. Created by college student Ian Spector, the Chuck Norris Fact Generator attracted as many as 18 million hits a month. Now the best of Spector's site is available in one affordable, death-defying volume.

Tommy's Honor

by Kevin Cook

The definitive account of golf's founding father and son, Old and Young Tom Morris. For the first time, the two will be portrayed as men of flesh and blood - heroic but also ambitious, loving but sometimes confused and angry. Two men from one household, with ambitions that made them devoted partners as well as ardent foes. Tommy's Honour is a compelling story of the two Tom Morrises, father and son, both supremely talented golfers but utterly different, constituting a record-breaking golfing dynasty that has never been known before or since. Father, Old Tom Morris, grew up a stone's throw away from golf's ancestral home at St Andrews, a whisky-fuelled caddie, a wonderful 19th century character who became an Open Champion three times before running the Royal & Ancient, then sole governing body of the game. His son, Young Tom, arguably an even more prodigious talent than his father, was a golfing genius, the Tiger Woods of his era, who at 17 became the youngest player, to this day, to win the Open Championship. He then went on to win it four times in a row, an unprecedented achievement. On one occasion, father and son fought it out at the last hole of the Championship before the son finally triumphed. But then came the pivotal day that would change their lives forever, the death of Young Tom's wife and unborn child. The cataclysmic events of that day eventually lead to Young Tom's tragic death, aged 24, with his father living on for another 20 years in deep remorse. So on the one hand, you have the story of one of the most influential figures in the history of golf, a pioneer in the birth of the modern game and of Scottish and Open Championship golf. And on the other hand - and this is the real appeal of this book - you have an extraordinary father-and-son story. It's for every son who ever competed with his father, and every father who has guided his son towards manhood, then found it hard to let go.

American Shaolin

by Matthew Polly

Matthew Polly was your typical 98-pound weakling with sand kicked in his face - until he decided to learn to kick back. Dropping out of university, he travelled to China to study at the granddaddy of all Chinese martial arts monasteries: the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of both Zen Buddhism and kungfu. But, as Confucius might have said, path to becoming kung fu master very difficult. For one thing, no one knew where exactly the Shaolin Temple was. And asking for directions proved problematic - after three years spent learning Mandarin in college, Matthew couldn't understand a word outside the classroom. He finally found the Shaolin village hidden away between five mountain peaks. But the hard part was yet to come. The Chinese term for tough training is chi ku (eating bitter) - and Matthew quickly leaned to appreciate the phrase. By the end of the second day of training his knees were in agony and he was walking like the dead - and that was just the induction. American Shaolin is the hilarious story of Matthew's remarkable two-year travel odyssey - a tale of gruelling training, forbidden romance and an eye-watering insight into the art of 'iron-crotch' kungfu.

The Blue Man and Other Stories of the Skin

by Robert A. Norman

Written by a leading dermatologist, The Blue Man and Other Stories of the Skin provides a compelling and accessible introduction to the life of our largest organ, while also recounting the author's experiences with memorable patients he has treated who suffer from mysterious skin conditions. Robert Norman begins by highlighting the qualities of the skin, tracing the history of its conditions and diseases, then examining the cultural, social and psychological impact of both color and irregularity. The book also features an absorbing collection of stories about some of his most intriguing patients: from a man whose skin mysteriously turned blue, to a hypochondriacal woman who begins to show signs of a life-threatening disease. This is a fascinating account of the dynamic nature of the skin, and the people who inhabit it.

The Ode Less Travelled

by Stephen Fry

Comedian and actor Stephen Fry?s witty and practical guide, now in paperback, gives the aspiring poet or student the tools and confidence to write and understand poetry. Stephen Fry believes that if one can speak and read English, one can write poetry. In The Ode Less Travelled, he invites readers to discover the delights of writing poetry for pleasure and provides the tools and confidence to get started. Through enjoyable exercises, witty insights, and simple step-by-step advice, Fry introduces the concepts of Metre, Rhyme, Form, Diction, and Poetics. Most of us have never been taught to read or write poetry, and so it can seem mysterious and intimidating. But Fry, a wonderfully competent, engaging teacher and a writer of poetry himself, sets out to correct this problem by explaining the various elements of poetry in simple terms, without condescension. Fry?s method works, and his enthusiasm is contagious as he explores different forms of poetry: the haiku, the ballad, the villanelle, and the sonnet, among many others. Along the way, he introduces us to poets we?ve heard of but never read. The Ode Less Travelled is not just the survey course you never took in college, it?s a lively celebration of poetry that makes even the most reluctant reader want to pick up a pencil and give it a try. .

Paper Tiger

by Tom Coyne

The riotously funny story of one weekend golfer who lived the dream-devoting a full year to nothing but the quixotic quest to qualify at the PGA Q-School A lifelong golfer and former caddy, Tom Coyne could drive the ball 300 yards but always struggled against stiff competition; he had often wondered whether the pros won because they were more innately talented or just because they were more obsessed. On the cusp of turning thirty, overweight, and saddled with a 14 handicap, Coyne embarked on a yearlong quest to do everything he could to lift his game-and find out if he could make it through the PGA Tour Qualifying School. Paper Tiger takes you on a rollicking ride into the beer-gutted underbelly of semipro golf, into a world of crash diets, punishing workout regimens, high-flying sports shrinks, cutting-edge club technology, and obscure tournaments. With his girlfriend as caddy, Coyne traverses from Miami to Chicago to Toronto to see how he stacks up against the competition. Ultimately he takes his game to a new level-or at least a new continent-on the links of Australian Q-School, where amidst forty-mile-an-hour winds he must choose between the love of a fickle game and the love of the long-suffering woman who has stood by him throughout all the shanks, hooks, yips, and chili dips. Brimming with humor and insight about the world's most beautiful and maddening game, Paper Tiger will delight golfers and the sane people who love them.

Candy Girl

by Diablo Cody

Full of insight and wit, Candy Girl is the seductive memoir of a young woman who dared to bare it all as a stripper Diablo Cody was twenty-four years old when she decided there had to be more to life than typing copy at an ad agency. On a whim, she signed up for amateur night at Minneapolis's seedy Skyway Lounge. She didn't win a prize that night, but she discovered that stripping delivered a rush she had never experienced before, and too many experiences to not write about it. While she didn't fit the ordinary profile of a stripper - she had a supportive boyfriend, was equal parts brainpower and beauty, was from a good family, and was out to do a little soul searching - she soon immersed herself in this enticing life full-time. In Candy Girl, Diablo tells the captivating fish-out-of-water story of her yearlong walk on the wild side. In witty prose she gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at this industry through a writer's keen eye, from quiet gentlemen's clubs to multi-level sex palaces, with all of her wry observations along the way.

The Physics of Superheroes

by James Kakalios

A complete update to the hit book on the real physics at work in comic books, featuring more heroes, more villains, and more science Since 2001, James Kakalios has taught "Everything I Needed to Know About Physics I Learned from Reading Comic Books," a hugely popular university course that generated coast-to-coast media attention for its unique method of explaining complex physics concepts through comics. With The Physics of Superheroes, named one of the best science books of 2005 by Discover, he introduced his colorful approach to an even wider audience. Now Kakalios presents a totally updated, expanded edition that features even more superheroes and findings from the cutting edge of science. With three new chapters and completely revised throughout with a splashy, redesigned package, the book that explains why Spider-Man's webbing failed his girlfriend, the probable cause of Krypton's explosion, and the Newtonian physics at work in Gotham City is electrifying from cover to cover. .

The Lion in Autumn

by Frank Fitzpatrick

"Fascinating. . . . One of the best books ever written on the rise and fall of a great college football coach. " --Allen Barra, San Francisco Chronicle The Lion in Autumntakes readers inside Penn State's storied football program as legendary coach Joe Paterno fights to turn his struggling team into a winner once again. In more than a half century at Penn State, Paterno has won more bowl games (21) than any other coach and more games (354) than all but one, en route to two national championships and five perfect seasons. But in the new millennium hard times arrived in Happy Valley. His Nittany Lions had losing seasons in four of five years, dropping sixteen of twenty-three games in 2003 and 2004. There were boos at Beaver Stadium and increasing calls for the aging Paterno to step down. Award-winning sportswriter Frank Fitzpatrick followed JoePa through the 2004 season as the beloved coach struggled to save himself and his storied program. Fitzpatrick trailed Paterno from fund-raisers to the spring practices to the sidelines, detailing how the coach endured another losing season while building a team that would win the Orange Bowl and compete for the national championship in 2005. Interweaving stories from past seasons into the narrative, Fitzpatrick fleshes out the legend of Paterno. BACKCOVER: "Insightful. . . . Fascinating reading. " --Chicago Tribune "A rather startling success. . . . Significant. . . . literary. . . . [Fitzpatrick] relies on his own tenacity and attention to detail with just the right amount of historical perspective. " --Pittsburgh Post- Gazette "[Demystifies] the college football coach, moving behind the spectacle of Saturday afternoon to reveal flesh and soul and humanity. " --Buz Bisinger, The New York Times "You don't have to be a Penn State fan to appreciate it. " --ESPN. com

Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life

by James Hollis Ph. D.

What does it really mean to be a grown up in today's world? We assume that once we "get it together" with the right job, marry the right person, have children, and buy a home, all is settled and well. But adulthood presents varying levels of growth, and is rarely the respite of stability we expected. Turbulent emotional shifts can take place anywhere between the age of thirty-five and seventy when we question the choices we've made, realize our limitations, and feel stuck-- commonly known as the "midlife crisis. " Jungian psycho-analyst James Hollis believes it is only in the second half of life that we can truly come to know who we are and thus create a life that has meaning. In Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life, Hollis explores the ways we can grow and evolve to fully become ourselves when the traditional roles of adulthood aren't quite working for us, revealing a new way of uncovering and embracing our authentic selves. Offering wisdom to anyone facing a career that no longer seems fulfilling, a long-term relationship that has shifted, or family transitions that raise issues of aging and mortality, Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life provides a reassuring message and a crucial bridge across this critical passage of adult development. .

The Perfectionist

by Rudolph Chelminski

A riveting behind-the-scenes look at the world of three-star French haute cuisine as revealed through the biography of one of France's most celebrated chefs, The Perfectionist is an unforgettable portrait of Bernard Loiseau, and the sophisticated, unforgiving world of French gastronomy. Loiseau was one of only twenty-five French chefs to hold Europe's highest culinary award, three stars in the Michelin Red Guide, and only the second chef to be personally awarded the Legion of Honor by a head of state. Despite such triumphs, he shocked the culinary world by taking his own life in February, 2003. One of the ratings for his restaurant had taken a disappointing drop, and rumors swirled that he was on the verge of losing a Michelin star (a prediction that proved to be inaccurate). Recounting his ascension to wealth and fame, Chelminski unravels the complex character of Loiseau while giving a fascinating, unvarnished glimpse inside an echelon filled with competition, culture wars, and impossibly high standards. BACKCOVER: "Loiseau seems likely to become a mordant icon of the eternal war between critics and cooks. . . [Chelminski] has a moving story to tell, with universal implications: the downfall of the artist through perfectionism and paranoia. "-Adam Gopnick, The New Yorker "The Perfectionist tells, in rich detail, the story of Bernard Loiseau's rapid rise and desperate efforts to stay on top, but this cautionary tale is also a deeply informed guide to the last half century of French cuisine. . . "-William Grimes, The New York Times "One of the finest and most incisive portraits of a chef ever written-and a sobering account of the real human costs of being the best. A book as strong on who cooks as what is cooking. Absolutely fascinating. -Anthony Bourdain, author of the New York Times bestseller Kitchen Confidential "A revealing look at the rise and fall of French chef Bernard Loiseau. . . "-People Magazine's "Great Reads" "The Perfectionist is a good book: knowledgeable, revealing, and informative. It brings back to life in very believable ways a man who much of the time was, as the cliché goes, larger than life. "-Johnathan Yardley, The Washington Post ". . . rich and finely detailed. . . if you're at all curious about what makes our always maddening yet intriguing allies tick, then tuck into The Perfectionist. . . "-USA Today "The Perfectionist examines Loiseau's suicide in the context of French culinary history, delving deep into the mad passion that seems to drive many master chefs. . . Mouthwatering descriptions abound. . . the behind-the-scenes look at the kitchens of some of France's finest restaurants is fascinating. . . "-The Boston Globe ". . . The Perfectionist effectively reveals the pressure-cooker atmosphere among a culinary elite dominated by intense rivalries, fickle reviewers, and hypercritical chefs for whom there is no such thing as second best. "-Entertainment Weekly "Rudolph Chelminski is an excellent and absorbing writer who obviously understands the inner workings of the culinary world, as well as how chefs think. His empathy for the industry as a whole - and for Bernard Loiseau in particular - makes The Perfectionist a fascinating read. "-Daniel Boulud, Chef/Owner DANIEL, author of Letters to a Young Chef and Daniel Boulud's Café Boulud Cookbook

Open to Desire: The Truth about What the Buddha Taught

by Mark Epstein

"A masterpiece. . . . It teaches us how not to fear and repress, but to rechannel and harness the most powerful energies of life toward freedom and bliss. " --ROBERT THURMAN It is common in both Buddhism and Freudian psychoanalysis to treat desire as if it is the root of all suffering and problems, but psychiatrist Mark Epstein believes this to be a grave misunderstanding. In his controversial defense of desire, he makes clear that it is the key to deepening intimacy with ourselves, each other, and our world. Proposing that spiritual attainment does not have to be detached from intimacy or eroticism, Open to Desire begins with an exploration of the state of dissatisfaction that causes us to cling to irrational habits. Dr. Epstein helps readers overcome their own fears of desire so that they can more readily bridge the gap between self and other, cope with feelings of incompletion, and get past the perception of others as objects. Freed from clinging and shame, desire's spiritual potential can then be opened up. .

The Love Spell

by Phyllis Curott

"Curott gives us a glimpse into a passionate lover's journey into sexual magic and freedom of spirit. This exciting life story is an inspiring journey into the soul of love. "--Margot Anand, author of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy In the highly anticipated sequel to her acclaimed memoir, Book of Shadows, Phyllis Curott explores the power of magic to manifest love in a captivating mix of love story, spirituality, Wiccan spell book, and erotica. This is the story of a love spell that worked. Ivy League lawyer and Wiccan priestess Phyllis Curott has a supercharged career in law and filmmaking, but one thing is missing: love. She casts a sexy spell, and her dream lover soon arrives. But he's not who he appears to be and there are unforeseen consequences. In this hip, compelling tale of spiritual and sexual awakening, she must seek the aid of an otherworldly suitor, a daemon, to discover how modern relationships and their problems are paths to the greatest magic of all-true love. This wise and erotic memoir is rich with spells, potions, and rituals for love. The author shares accessible techniques of sexual magic for the accomplishment of personal goals and growth, revealing how sexual ecstasy can lead to the discovery of our innate divinity and an empowered life. BACKCOVER: Advance Praise for The Love Spell "A truly fascinating tale of erotic love. "--Bertrice Small, New York Timesbest- selling author of more than twenty-five historical romances and four erotic novellas "Arouse and awaken the wild woman within! The Love Spellstirs up a magical cauldron of love and hot, sensuous ecstasy. This book is empowering, captivating, savvy, and very sexy!"--Sirona Knight, author of Empowering Your Life with Natural Magic "A story that will speak to every woman who has dreamed of her Prince Charming and who has had her heart broken. A powerful, spiritual narrative, this book will give everyone the tools they need to draw their soulmates to them. "--Jennifer Hunter, author, 21st Century Wicca and Rites of Pleasure "Skillfully intermingling sex and spells, magical techniques and enjoyable prose, Curott returns with a fascinating, highly entertaining read about personal magic as a part of life, love, and empowerment. "--Raymond Buckland, author, The Witch Book, Wicca For One "The Love Spellcasts a spell of its own. An honest, compelling account to which every woman alive can relate! Phyllis Curott's writing feeds the readers' soul. "--New York Timesbestselling Author Maggie Shayne, author of BLUE TWILIGHT "Part relationship analysis, part girlfriend talk therapy, and part step-by-step guidebook, Phyllis' story speaks to all of us who look for our true love. --Lou Paget, International Best Selling Author of How to Be a Great Lover, How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure, and 365 Days of Sensational Sex

This Man's Army

by Andrew Exum

The first combat memoir of the War on Terrorism: the gripping story of a young man's transformation into a twenty-first-century warrior. Born into a family with a long history of military service dating back to the Revolutionary War, Andrew Exum enrolled in Army ROTC to pay for his Ivy League education. Shortly after graduation in 2000, he joined the infantry, then endured the grueling rigors of Ranger School before becoming a platoon leader with the storied 10th Mountain Division. He thought that perhaps, if he was lucky, he and his men would see action on a peacekeeping mission. Then came the fateful events of September 11, 2001. Called to action as a twenty-three-year-old, he led his troops into Afghanistan to root out the hard-core remnants of Osama bin Laden's forces. Thrown into the maelstrom of modern war, Exum contended with Afghani warlords, cable news correspondents, and the military bureaucracy while hunting a desperate enemy in a treacherous land-and on a mountain ridge in the Shah-e-Kot Valley he would confront and kill an al-Qaeda fighter. After returning home, Exum struggled to come to terms with the media coverage and public perception of the war while seeking to make peace with the man he had become. By turns harrowing and reflective, this powerful memoir gives voice to a generation of soldiers that has risen to confront the threats of a dangerous new world.

Return of the Fae

by Lynn Cahoon

A witch in training, a hunter on the prowl, and a world in jeopardy. Learning the rules of being a witch takes years, but Parris McCall needs to master them in only weeks. Knowing how to wield her magic is the one thing she has to keep her grandmother safe and herself alive. Ty Wallace is going mad with his desire for Parris, but he has to maintain an emotional distance from her. She's a distraction in his quest to find Coven X before they grow too strong, taking The Council and everyone he knows down with it. As Parris labors through the academy manuals, the couple takes a trip to find Ty's mentor. He's their only hope in helping Parris with her studies. To their dismay, the old man has disappeared. Their only clue comes from a witch banished for actions against The Council. When they return, not only do they find their own lives threatened, but casualties in the war between the covens have risen. And a new life hangs in the balance. A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romanc

I Call the Shots

by Johnny Miller Guy Yocom

A straight-shooting look at the hottest issues and controversies in golf today, from the game's most popular and provocative commentator Johnny Miller's brilliant career as a professional golfer-including U. S. Open and British Open championships-has been followed by a fourteen-year tenure in the broadcast booth as America's most respected television golf analyst. In I Call the Shots he offers his no-holds-barred opinions, with trademark insight and wit, on all things golf: from the decline of playing etiquette to boorish fans; from legendary victories by the game's greatest champions to monumental chokes that have destroyed careers; from the current state of the PGA Tour to the future of the game itself. In this completely revised and updated paperback edition, Miller offers his opinions on Tiger Woods's latest struggles and the 2004 Ryder Cup in an all-new chapter. Packed with the best and worst Johnny has seen in more than thirty years as a champion player and cherished announcer, I Call the Shots is a must-read for any golfer or fan of the game and is sure to be fuel for controversy and conversation on fairways, in locker rooms, and at nineteenth holes across the country.

Authentically Black

by John Mcwhorter

Picking up where the bestselling Losing the Raceleft off, this penetrating and profound collection of essays by the controversial thinker and passionate advocate for racial enlightenment and achievement explores what it means to be black in America today. According to the author, nearly forty years after the Civil Rights Act, African-Americans in this country still remain "a race apart. " He feels that modern black Americans have internalized a tacit message: "authentically black" people stress initiative in private but cloak the race in victimhood in public in order to protect black people from an ever-looming white backlash. He terms this the "New Double Consciousness" in homage to W. E. B. DuBois' description of a different kind of double consciousness in blacks a century ago. Within this context McWhorter takes the reader on a guided tour through the race issues dominant in our moment: racial profiling, getting past race, the reparations movement, black stereotypes in film and television, hip-hop, diversity, affirmative action, the word nigger, and Cornel West's resignation from Harvard. With his fierce intelligence and fervent eloquence, McWhorter makes a powerful case for the advancement of true racial equality. A timely and important work about issues that must be addressed by blacks and whites alike, Authentically Blackis a book for Americans of every racial, social, political, and economic persuasion.

Inevitable Surprises: Thinking Ahead in a Time of Turbulence

by Peter Schwartz

"One of America's foremost prognosticators and author of the bestseller and management classic The Art of the Long View discusses the big surprises ahead, the resulting scenarios that are creating the future of our world, and what they will mean for you and your business. The world we live in today is more volatile than ever. At times it seems that the only constant we can rely on is change itself-and what the future will bring appears to be anybody's guess. But Peter Schwartz, one of the most visionary scenario planners of our time, believes the future is taking shape around us now, and that by taking a closer look at the changes in action today, we can predict what the world of tomorrow will be like. With Inevitable Surprises, Schwartz offers a provocative look at the forces that are dramatically reshaping our world-and shows what we can do to plan ahead for our society, our businesses, and ourselves. Each chapter takes a predetermined new reality that we will soon face-including regenerative medicine, global climate change, an aging population in the West, and the rise of terrorism-and offers critical foresight for the coming decad


by Noel M. Tichy Warren G. Bennis

"With good judgment, little else matters. Without it, nothing else matters. " Whether we're talking about United States presidents, CEOs, Major League coaches, or wartime generals, leaders are remembered for their best and worst judgment calls. In the face of ambiguity, uncertainty, and conflicting demands, the quality of a leader's judgment determines the fate of the entire organization. That's why judgment is the essence of leadership. Yet despite its importance, judgment has always been a fairly murky concept. The leadership literature has been conspicuously quiet on what, exactly, defines it. Does judgment differ from common sense or gut instinct? Is it a product of luck? Of smarts? Or is there a process for making consistently good calls? Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis have each spent decades studying and teaching leadership and advising top CEOs such as Jack Welch and Howard Schultz. Now, in their first collaboration, they offer a powerful framework for making tough calls when the stakes are high and the right path is far from obvious. They show how to recognize the critical moment before a judgment call, when swift and decisive action is essential, and also how to execute a decision after the call. Tichy and Bennis bring their three-dimensional model to life with interviews with world-class leaders who have thrived or suffered because of their judgment calls. These stories include: Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, whose judgment to grow through research and development transformed GE into the world's premier technology growth company. Joel Klein, chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, who made tough calls about teachers, students, and parents while turning around a troubled school system. Jim McNerney, CEO of Boeing, whose strategic judgment helped him reinvigorate his company and restore a culture of trust and respect. The late general Wayne Downing, who found an unexpected opportunity in the midst of crisis when he led the Special Operations raid to capture Manuel Noriega. A. G. Lafley, CEO of Procter & Gamble, who bet $57 billion to purchase Gillette and reinvent his company. Brad Anderson, CEO of Best Buy, who made the call to commit totally to a customer-centric strategy and led his people to execute it. Whether you're running a small department or a global corporation, Judgment will give you a framework for evaluating any situation, making the call, and correcting if necessary during the execution phase. It will show you how to handle the overlapping domains of people, strategy, and crisis management. And it will help you teach your entire team to make the right call more often. No organization can afford to neglect this crucial discipline-and no previous book has ever brought it into such clear focus. .

It's Not About the Coffee

by Howard Behar Janet Goldstein

It s Not About the Coffee outlines a simple yet effective approach to success: focus on people over profits. It presents ten enduring and memorable principles that Howard Behar, one of three top executives who helped shape the Starbucks organization, has used in his own life and has practiced as a leader and in developing leaders at all levels at one of the most recognized and respected companies in the world.

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  • BRF (Braille Refreshable Format) - digital Braille for use with refreshable Braille devices and Braille embossers.
  • MP3 (Mpeg audio layer 3) - Provides audio only with no text. These books are created with a text-to-speech engine and spoken by Kendra, a high quality synthetic voice from Ivona. Any device that supports MP3 playback is compatible.
  • DAISY Audio - Similar to the Daisy 3.0 option above; however, this option uses MP3 files created with our text-to-speech engine that utilizes Ivona's Kendra voice. This format will work with Daisy Audio compatible players such as Victor Reader Stream and Read2Go.