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Sister Ceo

by Broussard Cheryl D.

In her bestselling book, The Black Woman's Guide to Financial Independence, Cheryl Broussard gave African American women a much-needed lesson in taking control of their own lives through controlling their money. Now she takes you one step further in this idea-packed, can-do introduction to entrepreneurship. Balancing practical instruction with dozens of real-life stories, Sister CEO shows you how to take control of your destiny by being in command of the work you do. Broussard's advice is tried and true, and, judging from her own success as a self-employed businesswoman, invaluable. She arms the would-be entrepreneur with everything she'll need to think about and plan for, and covers all the basics-from finding the right niche and overcoming emotional barriers, to raising start-up funds, handling publicity, and learning salesmanship. Most of all she shows you how to use the talents and knowledge you already possess to turn your business dream into a reality. ?Broussard's previous book, The Black Woman's Guide to Financial Independence, was a bestseller ?Broussard is a regular personal financial advisor on CNN-FN's television show, It's Only Money

The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights

by John Steinbeck Christopher Paolini Chase Horton

The first book John Steinbeck read as a child was the CaxtonMorte d'Arthur, and he considered it one of the most challenging tasks of his career to modernize the stories of King Arthur. "These stories are alive even in those of us who have not read them. And, in our day, we are perhaps impatient with the words and the stately rhythms of Malory. I wanted to set the stories down in meaning as they were written, leaving out nothing and adding nothing. " Also included are the letters John Steinbeck wrote to his literary agent, Elizabeth Otis, and to Chase Horton, the editor of this volume, about his work onKing Arthur. John Steinbeck(1902-1968) was the author of many books, includingOf Mice and Men,Cannery Row,East of Eden,In Dubious Battle, andThe Grapes of Wrath(which won both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize in 1939). In 1962, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. The first book John Steinbeck read as a child was the CaxtonMorte d'Arthur, and he considered it one of the most challenging tasks of his career to modernize the stories of King Arthur. As the author notes in his introduction toThe Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights: "These stories are alive even in those of us who have not read them. And, in our day, we are perhaps impatient with the words and the stately rhythms of Malory. I wanted to set the stories down in meaning as they were written, leaving out nothing and adding nothing. " Also included in this edition are the letters Steinbeck wrote to his literary agent, Elizabeth Otis, and to Chase Horton, the editor of this volume, about his work and thought concerning the Arthurian legends. "[Steinbeck] embellishes Malory's spare legend with a richness of detail that transforms the visions, making it no one but Steinbeck's. "--John Gardner,The New York Times Book Review

The Abyss

by Niall Ferguson

Excerpted from Niall Ferguson's sprawling bestseller The War of the World, The Abyss now stands on its own as one of the most thrilling short histories of World War I ever written. This is not a conventional military history about battles and generals. Rather, The Abyss examines how World War I saw the birth of total war--fought between societies as much as armies--and must therefore be understood in terms of the financial crises it unleashed, the multinational empires it destroyed, and the hateful ideas it propagated. The most remarkable thing about the war, Ferguson shows us, is how shockingly unexpected it was. At a time when economic integration and technology seemed to be rendering war between great powers impossible, World War I was the moment when that process went into reverse and the lethal forces of ethnic disintegration took over. Now, on the cusp of the 100th anniversary of its outbreak, we can see World War I as much more than just four years of industrialized slaughter. Weaving together the economics of empire and the ideology of race--and featuring an original preface by the author as well a teaser from his new paperback Civilization--The Abyss is world history at its finest.

Selected Stories

by Forster E. M.

Although he is best known for his exquisite novels, E. M. Forster also wrote remarkable short stories. He referred to his stories as 'fantasies' and his attraction to myth and magic is apparent in many of them. Like his novels, the stories - whether they are set in Italy, Greece, India, and other places Forster visited, or in England itself - contrast the freedom of paganism with the restraints of English civilization, the personal, sensual delights of the body with the impersonal, inhibiting rules imposed by society. Rich in irony and alive with sharp observations on the surprises life holds, the stories often feature violent events, discomforting coincidences, and other disruptive happenings that throw the characters' perceptions and beliefs off balance. This volume includes all twelve stories published during Forster's lifetime.


by Herman Melville

With profound moral and philosophical ideals, Melville has presented a novel that touches the heart and mind. The idiosyncratic characters are etched into the plot of the novel and fight for distinguishing between the right and wrong. An amalgamation of factors from popular fiction and gothic drama, it is a work that absorbs the attention of the reader.

Patches of Godlight

by Jan Karon

Throughout his years as Mitford's beloved Episcopal priest, Father Tim Kavanagh has been reading and also pondering two crucial questions: How can he guide and encourage his flock? How can he deepen and encourage his won spirit? The result is a wonderful collection of his favorite quotes from thinkers, theologians, poets, and philosophers -- from Mark Twain and C. S. Lewis to St. Paul and Wordsworth. Patches of Godlight is a stunning two-color facsimile of Father Tim's own leather-bound notebook with his name gold stamped on the cover. Every quote is in his own handwriting, and scattered throughout the margins are his scribbled notes and doodles, even the occasional ink blot or coffee stain. Just as it has for Father Tim, this handsome, "must-have" quote book will provide wisdom and inspiration for millions of Mitford fans.

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

by Roddy Doyle

Paddy Clarke, a ten-year-old boy who longs to be a missionary, experiences life's joys and setbacks--specifically his ma and da's fights--as he grows up in Liffey, Ireland, in the late 1960s.

Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success

by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill summed up his philosophy of success in Think and Grow Rich , one of the bestselling inspirational business books ever. A USA Today survey of business leaders named it one of the five most influential books in its field, more than 40 years after it was first published. Now, in em>Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success , Hill's seventeen essential principles of personal achievement are expanded in detail for the first time, with concrete advice on their use and implementation. This illuminating guide is packed with invaluable mental exercises, self-analysis techniques, powerful encouragement and straightforward advice. It is guaranteed to help everyone who is seeking personal and financial improvement. You will learn how to:--Fill your life with purpose and direction-Perfect your personality-Fan your creative spark-Create a positive mental attitude-Build your self-discipline-Budget time and money-And countless other ways to fulfil your ambitions and make your dreams cometrue

Nancy Drew 03: The Bungalow Mystery

by Keene Carolyn G.

Nancy believes her friend's guardians are trying to steal her inheritance. As she investigates, she has a perilous experience near the deserted bungalow.


by Knut Hamsun

Mysteries is a classic of European literature, one of the seminal novels of the twentieth century. It is the story of Johan Nagel, a strange young man who arrives to spend a summer in a small Norwegian coastal town. His presence acts as a catalyst for the hidden impulses, concealed thoughts and darker instincts of the local people. Cursed with the ability to understand the human soul, especially his own, Nagel can foresee, but cannot prevent, his own self-destruction.

The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries #5: Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic

by Ann M. Martin

The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Mary Anne's mother died when Mary Anne was just a baby. And since it makes Mr. Spier too sad to talk about her, Mary Anne hardly knows a thing about her mother. She respects her father's feelings, but lately, she wants to know more. So Mary Anne does something she knows is wrong. She goes up into the creepy, ghostly attic in her and Dawn's house to look for evidence. And there Mary Anne finds something she wishes she'd never looked for . . . . The best friends you'll ever have are detectives, too!

The Baby-Sitters Club #54: Mallory and the Dream Horse

by Ann M. Martin

The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Mallory loves horses. She loves reading about them. She loves writing about them. And most of all, she loves daydreaming about them. So when Mallory's parents agree to let her take riding lessons, it's a dream come true! Mallory is so excited that she can hardly concentrate at the BSC meetings anymore. But then the lessons begin, and Mallory discovers that dreaming about horses can be a lot more fun than actually riding them. The best friends you'll ever have--with classic BSC covers and a letter from Ann M. Martin!

The Baby-Sitters Club #53: Kristy for President

by Ann M. Martin

The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Kristy's not too happy with some things at Stoneybrook Middle School. The hot lunches, for example, look like dog food, and Mary Poppins is such a babyish choice for their annual play. What the eighth grade really needs is a new class president. Someone who's organized and has great ideas--someone like Kristy! But can Kristy coach a softball team, keep up her grades, baby-sit, run the BSC, and be president? The Baby-sitters are about to find out! The best friends you'll ever have--with classic BSC covers and a letter from Ann M. Martin!

The Baby-Sitters Club #52: Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies

by Ann M. Martin

The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Mary Anne can't stop thinking about babies. First she starts baby-sitting for a pair of adorable baby twins. Then she and Dawn decide it would be great to have a baby brother or sister of their own. But Mary Anne learns that taking care of a baby is a big responsibility when she and Logan have to pretend to be parents to an egg "baby" for a class at school. "Sammie," their egg, has to be watched every second, and Mary Anne and Logan barely have time to breathe. Taking care of a baby isn't all it's cracked up to be! The best friends you'll ever have--with classic BSC covers and a letter from Ann M. Martin!

Murder, She Wrote: A Little Yuletide Murder

by Donald Bain Jessica Fletcher

Amateur detective Jessica Fletcher is happy to be home in Cabot Cove, Maine, for the holidays. But when the local farmer who portrayed Santa Claus for the past 15 years is killed, Jessica has a murder to wrap up. . . .

Mao II

by Don Delillo

"One of the most intelligent, grimly funny voices to comment on life in present-day America" (The New York Times), Don DeLillo presents an extraordinary new novel about words and images, novelists and terrorists, the mass mind and the arch-individualist. At the heart of the book is Bill Gray, a famous reclusive writer who escapes the failed novel he has been working on for many years and enters the world of political violence, a nightscape of Semtex explosives and hostages locked in basement rooms. Bill's dangerous passage leaves two people stranded: his brilliant, fixated assistant, Scott, and the strange young woman who is Scott's lover--and Bill's. .

Life on the Color Line

by Williams Gregory Howard

Biography, autobiography, and memoir is among the best ways to teach students to appreciate nonfiction reading.

It's Not about Food

by Normandi Carol Emery

A revised and updated edition of the longstanding guide that has helped thousands struggling with emotional eating disorders. Based on the techniques used successfully by Beyond Hunger, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people overcome emotional eating disorders, It's Not About Food gives readers the practical advice and inspirational push they need to take care of their bodies, minds, and hearts and put an end to the roller coaster of dieting and binging. This new edition includes updated statistics, a new section on the challenges of obesity, and a range of new personal accounts from eating disorder survivors and advice from the authors' recent Beyond Hunger workshops.


by Lisa Jackson

Her previous novel for Zebra, Cold-Blooded, hit #11 on the New York Timeslist and #17 on the USA Todaylist. Now, with ImpostressLisa Jackson joins the ranks of today's top bestselling romance writers. . . Owing her sister a favor, Kiera of Lawenydd promised to pose as Elyn on her wedding day. The ruse was to last just one night, but the following morning Elyn was nowhere to be found! Surely Kiera wouldn't have to spend the rest of her life wedded to a man to whom she could never admit the depths of her deception-even as her desire for him grew impossible to resist.

How to Murder a Millionaire

by Nancy Martin

Nora Blackbird, society columnist and down-and-almost-out former debutante, reclaims her place within Philadelphia's elite when she stumbles upon the murdered body of a millionaire art collector. .

Haunted Places

by Hauck Dennis William

In almost any town in America, or within a short drive, there are places where strange things happen. . . Hundreds of houses, hotels, cemetaries, schools, and museums are believed to have resident ghosts and poltergeists. Many campgrounds and parks are on land considered sacred or inhabited by spirits. Some areas are thought to generate vortexes of psychic energy, while others are known for frequent sightings of Bigfoot creatures or UFOs. From Maine to Hawaii, this fascinating book leads you to more than 2,000 haunted places, many of them open to the public, in all fifty states. You'll find ghosts famous and obscure from the lawless days of the Gold Rush, from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Roaring Twenties--even ghosts who first appeared in the 1990s. Entries are organized alphabetically by state and are referenced to an extensive bibliography of sources. Addresses, phone numbers, and travel directions are provided for all sites. Haunted Places is a most unusual travel guide for the tourist who has seen it all and an indispensable casebook for all those interested in the paranormal.

Grangaard Strategy: Invest Right During Retirement

by Paul Grangaard

The Grangaard Strategy equips retirees-and those contemplating retirement-with 12 powerful principles for managing assets during every phase of retirement, including the crucial pre-retirement years. Based on a groundbreaking new asset management theory presented by renowned financial educator Paul Grangaard, this book explains how to maintain inflation-proof income throughout retirement, without significantly depleting retirement assets. Readers will learn to: â ¬

Going Home

by Hanh Thich Nhat

In GOING HOME, Thich Nhat Hanh celebrates the life-affirming roots of two disparate spiritual traditions: Buddhism and Christianity. As he syas. 'Redemption and ressurection are neither words nor objects of belief. They are daily practice. We practice in such a way that Buddha is born every moment of our daily lives, that Jesus Christ is born every moment of our daily lives. ' The author - a world famous mystic, meditation master, scholar and activist - also discusses the theological convergences between Buddism and Christianity, as well as the prayers, rituals and forms of practice of both. His book is an exquisite guide to establishing deep roots in the tradition into which we are born, a moving reading experience for anyone inetersted in finding their spiritual home.


by Christina Pirello

You are 30 days away from radiant health and beauty. It's time to get gorgeous-from the inside out. Christina Pirello shows you how to achieve clear skin, lustrous hair, and even strong nails with a unique and holistic approach to self-care. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, Glow outlines simple, classic diagnostic techniques and therapies, a whole food diet, and active lifestyle to realize balance and tranquility-the keys to true beauty-and undo what time and stress have done. Within these pages, you'll discover the rejuvenating powers of food, more than 150 recipes, healing home remedies, and simple topical applications as well as basic massage and healing practices that will give you both an inner and an outer glow. Forget about those chemical potions and commercial powders-and light up your life with real food, real beauty, and real health. .

Free Play

by Stephen Nachmanovitch

This book is about the inner sources of spontaneous creation. It is about where art in the widest sense comes from. It is about why we create and what we learn when we do. It is about the flow of unhindered creative energy: the joy of making art in all its varied forms. Free Play is directed toward people in any field who want to contact, honor, and strengthen their own creative powers. It integrates material from a wide variety of sources among the arts, sciences, and spiritual traditions of humanity. Filled with unusual quotes, amusing and illuminating anecdotes, and original metaphors, it reveals how inspiration arises within us, how that inspiration may be blocked, derailed or obscured by certain unavoidable facts of life, and how finally it can be liberated - how we can be liberated - to speak or sing, write or paint, dance or play, with our own authentic voice. The whole enterprise of improvisation in life and art, of recovering free play and awakening creativity, is about being true to ourselves and our visions. It brings us into direct, active contact with boundless creative energies that we may not even know we had.

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