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Empire of Illusion

by Chris Hedges

We now live in two Americas. One-now the minority-functions in a print-based, literate world that can cope with complexity and can separate illusion from truth. The other-the majority-is retreating from a reality-based world into one of false certainty and magic. To this majority-which crosses social class lines, though the poor are overwhelmingly affected-presidential debate and political rhetoric is pitched at a sixth-grade reading level. In this "other America," serious film and theater, as well as newspapers and books, are being pushed to the margins of society. In the tradition of Christopher Lasch'sThe Culture of Narcissismand Neil Postman'sAmusing Ourselves to Death, Pulitzer Prize-winner Chris Hedges navigates this culture-attending WWF contests, the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas, and Ivy League graduation ceremonies-to expose an age of terrifying decline and heightened self-delusion.

For God and Country

by James Yee

Serving as the Muslim Chaplain of Guantanamo Bay, the US military base that houses the "enemy combatants" of George W. Bush's "war on terror," US Captain James Yee was to find himself at the center of prejudiced suspicions that was eventually to lead to unfounded charges of espionage and terrorism. In this memoir, Yee describes that path that took him from West Point to Guantanamo Bay and recounts his experiences as the Chaplain and, eventually, as a detainee in the "war on terror" himself. In addition to the inherent interest of the story, his memoir is also of importance because it corroborates many of the charges of abuse and religious bigotry that much of the media has dismissed because they were only coming from the detainees or their lawyers. Annotation ©2006 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

The Only Grant-Writing Book You'll Ever Need

by Ellen Karsh

This book is designed to help nonprofit organizations craft proposals for grants from foundations, companies, and government agencies. Ellen Karsh, a writer and former director of the Mayor's Office of Grants Administration, in New York, and Arlen Sue Fox, associate executive director for development at Sunnyside Community Services, also in New York, significantly update this edition from 2005 by including interviews with grant makers about how the current economic crisis is affecting their giving and how grant seekers can improve their chances of garnering support. The book includes a proposal checklist, a glossary of terms, sample grant forms, and a list of Web sites that provide information on grants offered by foundations, corporations, and the government. -from theChronicle of Philanthropy

The Teapots Are Out and Other Eccentric Tales from Ireland

by John Keane

A fitting tribute to John B. Keane, for decades Ireland's favorite storyteller, this winning short story collection typifies the late author's folkloric imagination and storytelling arts. These are congenial tales, too, as this literary legend views the foibles and fallibilities of Irish country folk with abundant compassion as well as a shrewd, sometimes sardonic eye. Add to that Keane's glorious sense of fun and roguery that will make readers relish all the more how and why, in "Fred Rimble," Jim Conlon kills the best friend he ever had. Or how Willie Ramley determines that his future wife will be "Guaranteed Pure. " Or how, to tragic as well as comic effect, a gasp, garlic, and gossip undo Denny Bruder in "The Hanging. " In all, Keane uncovers the folly in the romantic pangs, exalted aspirations, misguided mischief, and everyday shortcomings of the characters in the village of his storyteller's mind-and beyond the folly finds their humanity.

False Colors

by Alex Beecroft

1762, The Georgian Age of Sail: For his first command, John Cavendish is given a ship-the HMS Meteor-and a crew, both in need of repair and discipline. He's determined to make a success of their first mission, and hopes the well-liked lieutenant Alfred Donwell will stand by his side as he leads his new crew into battle: stopping the slave trade off the coast of Algiers. Alfie knows their mission is futile, and that their superiors back in England will use the demise of this crew as impetus for war with the Ottoman Empire. But the darker secret he keeps is his growing attraction for his commanding officer-a secret punishable by death. With the arrival of his former captain-and lover-on the scene of the disastrous mission, Alfie is torn between the security of his past and the uncertain promise of a future with the straight-laced John. Against a backdrop of war, intrigue, and personal betrayal, the high seas will carry these men through dangerous waters from England to Africa to the West Indies in search of a safe harbor.

Take Control of Spotlight for Finding Anything on Your Mac

by Sharon Zardetto

You'll learn these search-related techniques: Improve search accuracy by limiting Spotlight to searching just where you want. Reduce result clutter by choosing which categories should appear in the Spotlight menu. Learn what to do when the Spotlight menu doesn't list an item that it should be able to find. Use criteria bars (and even the elusive Boolean bars!) to create complex search queries. Bypass criteria bars by typing complex, powerful queries in any Spotlight search field. Build Boolean searches with AND, OR, and NOT to narrow your search results precisely. In addition, you'll find out how to make your files even easier to find with these techniques: Customize a file's metadata. Employ free third-party utilities to give your files useful, searchable tags. Set up sophisticated smart folders that provide dynamic file organization. In these days of terabyte drives, your Mac has enormous storage capacity, and you may have many thousands of files squirreled away (we don't even want to admit to how many hundreds of thousands of files are filling up our disks!). But with the Spotlight expertise you'll gain from this ebook, you'll be able to retrieve anything on your Mac, no matter how deeply it's buried or how specific you need to make your search (how about every GarageBand song in the key of E-flat, or every graphic that's smaller than 500 by 500 pixels?).

Take Control of Using Lion

by Matt Neuburg

Other new-in-Lion-related questions that you'll find answers to are these: What's the fun new way of entering accented characters? Where'd my scrollbars go? How do I make the text in my Finder window sidebar larger? How do I sort items in a Finder window, and what does "Arrange" mean? Where are the Appearance and the Accounts System Preference panes? How do I change the size of my mouse pointer icon? What's this All My Files entry in my sidebar? What's the new picture-in-a-picture zooming option? Where'd my user Library go? You'll also learn how to: Be nimble and efficient finding your documents and applications. Take advantage of Lion's revised Open and Save dialogs. Make the screen easy on your eyes. Reduce "pane-ful" clutter in System Preferences. Enjoy the new Lion look of spelling corrections. Have your Mac read to you in many great new voices. Organize your fonts so you can easily format your text. Find the elusive checkbox for making the menu bar look solid.

Take Control of Upgrading to Lion

by Joe Kissell

You'll get specific advice for how to: Prepare for a Problem-free Upgrade Part with Rosetta: Understand and manage the fact that PowerPC-based software will not run under Lion, given the lack of the Rosetta emulator that was used in recent versions of Mac OS X. Handle your hardware: Check your hardware for Lion compatibility. Also, in order to fully enjoy Lion, it might be time for more RAM, disk space, or other peripherals, particularly a Magic Trackpad. Deal with duplication: Learn what a disk duplicate is, why having one is essential before installing Lion, and how to make one easily and affordably. Also, get help with backing up a Windows volume, should you be running Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp. Verify that all systems are go: Test to be sure your memory and disks are running properly--better to discover and correct a problem now during your upgrade--and find advice on clearing extra files and software off your disk so that you get a fresh start with Lion (and more disk space for it!). Consider a few geeky details: If you secure your data and documents with some form of disk encryption now, or would like to under Lion, get advice on what to do before you upgrade and learn how Lion's much-improved FileVault 2 will operate, plus consider the pros and cons of running FileVault 2. Also, read about what Joe thinks of partitioning and what you might want to do about it before installing. Make a plan: Learn how to install Lion if you're installing over 10.6 Snow Leopard, and consider the pros and cons of several techniques for how to install onto a Mac running either 10.5 Leopard or 10.5 Tiger. Also, if you have more than one Mac in your home, get ideas for downloading the Lion installer only once, but using it legitimately on your different Macs. And, if a nearly 4 GB download is unrealistic, get guidance for how to best obtain Lion. If your "upgrade" involves moving to a new Mac from an old Mac (or a Windows PC), learn how to best install Lion (if needed) and transfer your old stuff. A tip: ideally, do not even turn on a new Mac that has Lion installed until you've read this ebook! Install Lion! Install with confidence: Buying, downloading, and running the Lion installer isn't all that difficult, but it is an an entirely new (and rather slow) way of installing an operating system upgrade, so Joe explains what to expect. Solve problems If your Mac won't restart after the installation, this ebook explains exactly what to do (knock on wood!). Start Smart with Key Post-installation Tasks Avoid slowdowns: Put off a few tasks (running Spotlight, turning on Time Machine) that will slow you down during your first few hours in Lion. Get set and go: Joe reminds you to run Software Update, helps you set up an extra user account while noting a few account-related changes in Lion, discusses the pros and cons of the new FileVault 2 and gives directions for enabling it, explains the Incompatible Software Folder, explains need-to-know-now Time Machine basics (including encryption of Time Machine backups), helps you understand what's going on with Apple Mail plug-ins, and more. Go beyond...Learn why the $49.99 Lion Server is interesting for Lion users, and how to complete a basic installation. Reconnoiter with Recovery Mode: A final chapter explains the new-in-Lion Recovery HD volume, and even tells you what to type in Terminal so you can check it out. It also explains how to boot in Recovery mode, in case your Mac won't boot and you don't have a convenient way to boot it otherwise.


by Erastes

1642, England: David Caverly's strict father has brought home the quiet, puritanical Jonathan Graie to help his dreamer of a son work the family forge. With war brewing in Parliament, the demand for metal work increases as armies are raised. The fair David is drawn to his father's new apprentice. And though his father treats them both as if they were brothers, David's feelings toward the shy Jonathan develop as they hide their growing physical relationship. Until the fateful moment when local gossips force David's father to banish him, to protect the family name. Freed, directionless, and whimsical, David is eager to experience the drama and excitement of war, and follows two soldiers headed for battle, but the reality is a harsh awakening for his free-spirited nature. Seizing the opportunity to desert, David heads to London to lead a secret life, unaware that Jonathan too has left the forge in search of him. Lost and lonely, the vulnerable Jonathan quickly falls in with the Witchfinders, a group of extremists who travel the country conducting public trials of women suspected of witchcraft. Jonathan is drawn to the charismatic Michael, finally embracing a cause for truth so wholeheartedly, he doesn't recognize the danger-physical and emotional-that Michael represents. For the fanatic puritan is desperate to purge Jonathan of his memories of David in any manner possible. . . .

The Great Book of Seattle Sports Lists

by Mike Gastineau Steve Rudman Art Thiel

With loyal fans supporting their major sports teams in the Seahawks (NFL), Mariners (MLB)-plus a rabid fan base for University of Washington jocks-Seattle is a great place for a sports debate. Local sports-radio talker Mike Gastineau teams up with longtime sportswriters Steve Rudman and Art Thiel to bring Seattle sports history to life with this provocative and enjoyable-not to mention debatable-book of lists. They also enlist list contributions by famous players, coaches, and Seattle celebrities including Mike Holmgren, Matt Hasselbeck, Ichiro Suzuki, George Karl, Pearl Jam, Kevin Calabro, Sir Mix-a-Lot, and more.

The Great Book of Los Angeles Sports Lists

by Steve Hartman Matt 'Money' Smith

With multiple franchises in pro sports--Lakers and Clippers (NBA), Dodgers and Angels (MLB), and Kings and Ducks (NHL)--plus major interest in UCLA and USC athletics, LA's fans are some of the most sports-crazed in the country. Matt "Money" Smith and Steve Hartman--two of the leading authorities on So-Cal sports--stir up the scene with this entertaining compilation, including guest lists from Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Luc Robitaille, Jeanie Buss, Steve Garvey, and many more.

Still Hot

by Sue Mittenthal Linda Reing

One day you log onto the computer and notice that your husband has a secret screen name: HotRod287. Next thing you know, black turtlenecks and a leather bomber jacket are his hip new signature look. And those long blonde hairs in his sports car? Sorry sweetie, but they're not from your golden retriever. Because they have dark roots - under your magnifying glass. Still Hot is a completely hilarious and saucy survival guide that takes you from the first inkling that your marriage is toast to regaining your long-forgotten inner peace, and all the bizarre tragicomedy that comes in between. Throughout, you'll get practical tips, like: how to trash those photos of your ex (Send his new babe all the shots that show more hair in his ears than on his head. ) what to do if your bedroom seems vacant without him (Buy a giant fern. ) creative ways to meet new men (Get a job in a urologist's office. ) invaluable first-date DONTs (Never call your divorce lawyer from the table. ) Through checklists, quizzes, and wacky vignettes, you'll recognize yourself on every page -- playing Internet solitaire on Saturday night, memorizing the generic name for Valium (diazepam), weeding out the geeks on match. com, and praying that your ex's new babe's implants will rupture. In a public place. Still Hot is the perfect girlfriend gift. Buy it for yourself, your friends, your sister, maybe even your mother - anyone, in fact, who could use a good laugh when she finds herself suddenly single.

Applying To College

by Casey Watts Lifeworks

Applying to college can be a stressful process, and it's never too early in high school for students to start thinking about what will make their application stand out from the crowd. An easy-to-read handbook for freshmen and seniors alike, Applying to College will help students develop a personal college-entrance strategy. From determining what kind of schools to select to mastering the essay and interviewing process, from surviving standardized testing to calculating how to pay for a college education, Applying to College is full of tools and tips to help students navigate the complicated and drawn-out process. Complete with a step-by-step checklist of goals and "to do's" for each year of high school, a worksheet to help students identify their priorities, and a glossary of admissions terms, Applying to College will help students get into their school of choice.

Gonzo Marketing

by Christopher Locke

Bringing the aesthetics of Hunter S. Thompson to Madison Avenue, Locke (a consultant) argues that online advertising and "permission marketing" don't and can't work. As an alternative, he urges businesses to use their employee's personal interests and individual talents as means for connecting with customers and exploiting emerging Web micromarkets. The social implications of the Internet, marketing, and commerce, are emphasized. Annotation c. Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Signor Marconi's Magic Box

by Gavin Weightman

This edition does not include illustrations. The intriguing story of how wireless was invented by Guglielmo Marconi - and how it amused Queen Victoria, saved the lives of the Titanic survivors, tracked down criminals and began the radio revolution. Wireless was the most fabulous invention of the 19th century: the public thought it was magic, the popular newspapers regarded it as miraculous, and the leading scientists of the day (in Europe and America) could not understand how it worked. In 1897, when the first wireless station was established by Marconi in a few rooms of the Royal Needles Hotel on the Isle of Wight, nobody knew how far these invisible waves could travel through the 'ether', carrying Morse Coded messages decipherable at a receiving station. (The definitive answer was not discovered till the 1920s, by which time radio had become a sophisticated industry filling the airwaves with a cacaphony of sounds - most of it American. ) Marconi himself was the son of an Italian father and an Irish mother (from the Jameson whiskey family); he grew up in Italy and was fluent in Italian and English, but it was in England that his invention first caught on. Marconi was in his early twenties at the time (he died in 1937). With the 'new telegraphy' came the real prospect of replacing the network of telegraphic cables that criss-crossed land and sea at colossal expense. Initially it was the great ships that benefited from the new invention - including the Titanic, whose survivors owed their lives to the wireless.

Take Control of TextExpander

by Michael E Cohen

Running TextExpander is like embedding a superhero typist in your Mac. Read Take Control of TextExpander to learn how to: Reply faster: If you frequently send similar bits of text--directions, chunks of legal writing, bios, product descriptions, company names, addresses, URLs, and so forth--let TextExpander quickly type all that text for you, making it a snap to respond quickly to customer questions or requests from colleagues, and a breeze to send other routine correspondence ("Dear Mom, I'm still not pregnant. Love, Me"). You can even create fill-in snippets that ask you for details and fill in all the rest of the text automatically. Make typing more exciting: Discover how to grab and insert the URL in your browser's frontmost window into whatever you're writing, to insert HTML or CSS tags in a flash, to automagically add the date to filenames as you save, and more. It's like having another set of fingers. Type more accurately: Find out how to add the auto-correct dictionary groups from Smile and to create your own auto-correction options, so you'll spend less time fixing common typing mistakes or going red-faced when you spot an egregious error too late. Enjoy life more: When you let TextExpander handle your routine typing, your brain will be free to think more creatively about the rest of what you type. And you just might knock off work a little sooner some days. Specific questions answered in this ebook include: How do I register my demo copy of TextExpander and buy a family pack? What are some common uses of TextExpander that I can try as I learn? How do I use TextExpander to timestamp my text automatically? How can I put the clipboard contents into an expanded snippet? How can I make a TextExpander snippet that expands into a fill-in form? How do I work with formatted text and pictures in snippets? How do I handle capitalization and snippet expansions? How can I get to TextExpander quickly, and hide it when I don't need it? What do I do if I can't remember a snippet's expansion abbreviation? How can I edit my snippets quickly? How can I quickly insert special characters like smileys and stars? How do I insert a snippet and move the insertion point into the middle of it? How do I insert a snippet immediately after a quotation mark or bracket? I do a lot of CSS coding. TextExpander sounds great, but how can I leverage someone else's work and not have to create my own set of CSS expansions? How can I invoke an AppleScript from within a TextExpander snippet expansion, and use the result in my snippet?

Take Control: The Mac OS X Lexicon

by Andy Baird Sharon Zardetto

This ebook explains a little bit of everything; in fact, it's The Mac OS X (and then some) Lexicon because it's never just you and your Mac. It's you and your Mac and the Web, and your email, and that article you just read that threw 17 new acronyms at you or assumed that you knew all sorts of networking terms. Or it's you and your Mac and Finder features you've never touched, such as burn folders, smart folders, or proxy icons, and that mysterious Services submenu. This book is a great guide for Macintosh users everywhere who have trouble keeping up with the latest jargon, for new and intermediate level Mac users, and for anyone who enjoys smart and witty technical writing. Questions answered in this book include: What's the 501 folder for? What's the deal with all the different CD and DVD disk formats? Where can I find my Mac's MAC address? What does "snapback" mean, and how can I find and use it? How do I type the different kinds of dashes? What's the difference between composite and component video cables? What are cookies and breadcrumbs on a computer? Why does a TextEdit file with images becomes a folder on a Windows machine?

Take Control of iWeb: iLife '08

by Steve Sande

Learn how to make useful, attractive Web sites with iWeb! Apple's iWeb aims to help you build an attractive Web site quickly and easily, but not all of iWeb's features are fully explained. If you want step-by-step instructions and plenty of time-saving tips, Web pro Steve Sande can help. In Take Control of iWeb, Steve walks you through all the steps for building an iWeb site and uploading it to .Mac or to another Web host. You can look over his shoulder as he enhances iWeb's templates with a designer's eye, using tools like masks, reflections, and Instant Alpha. Steve teaches you the best ways to make all types of iWeb pages-including blog, podcast, photo, and movie pages-and he covers topics that go beyond the basics and way beyond the online help. You'll learn how add special elements to your site: iPhoto albums and galleries, YouTube videos, Google AdSense ads, Google maps, and forms that integrate with Google Docs. You'll also find coverage of how to edit graphics so your site loads faster, how to import podcasts and videos, how to make image maps, and even ideas for working with CafePress, Google Checkout, and Zen Cart to create an online store. Read this book to learn the answers to questions such as: How do I create graphical effects like those in the above clickable images? What are smart guidelines for naming sites and Web pages? What's the deal with iWeb Domain files? What URL will my home page end up with? How do I create an RSS feed for my blog? How do I make an image map? (There is a way!) Can I create an entire online store with iWeb? How do I edit a graphic so its background color matches the color of my page? What if I don't want to publish to .Mac? What if I want to publish to .Mac, but with my own domain name in my URL?

Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music

by Steve Sande

Learn a dozen ways to do more with an iPod than just listen to music! Written by gadget-wizard Steve Sande, this 136-page book helps you advance to the next level of iPod mastery. You'll learn basics like charging an iPod and moving music over to it, but most of the book looks at all the other stuff you can do with an iPod: track calendar items and contacts, keep to-do lists, exercise, read ebooks and RSS feeds, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, watch video, view subway maps, back up your hard drive, and much more! (Click Front Matter, just below, to see the complete topic list.) The book begins with colorful comparison charts of the various iPod models, just in case you aren't sure which iPod you have, since you may not realize that the iPod you bought few years ago is now considered a "second-generation iPod" or you may have received your iPod as a hand-me-down, sans manual. This book provides instructions for both Mac OS X and Windows users. iPod touch users: please note that this ebook covers the iPod touch only to the extent that it behaves like a regular iPod. It does not cover the iPod touch's many unique features. Read this book to learn answers to questions such as these: Which iPod do I have? Can I replace my radio alarm clock with an iPod? How do I read RSS news feeds on my iPod? How do I put maps and directions on my iPod? How can I read long Microsoft Word documents on an iPod? How do I sync music videos to an iPod? How do I put Flash-based videos from YouTube on my iPod? How can I convert a DVD so I can watch the video on an iPod? Which iPods are best for using as voice recorders?

What is Life Worth?

by Kenneth R. Feinberg

Appointed by Attorney General John Ashcroft to administer the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, Feinberg here reflects on his experiences in the post. He describes the nuts and bolts of the task, including the difficulties of balancing competing demands of 9-11 survivors under the congressional mandate that defined appropriate compensation for an individual's worth in terms of his or her earning power. He also discusses the impact that the job had on him as an individual. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

30-Minute Vegan

by Mark Reinfeld Jennifer Murray

Busy vegans, rejoice! award-winning husband and wife chefs/authors Reinfeld and Murray present 150 delicious, easy-to prepare recipes for everyday vegan cooking-all dishes that can be prepared in a half-hour. Sections include The Lighter Side of Life: Smoothies & Satiating Beverages; Snacks, Pick Me Ups & Kids' Favorites; Lunches: Wraps, Rolls, Bowls, and More; Extraordinary Salads; Sumptuous Soups; Small Plates: Appetizers, Side Dishes, Light Dinners; Wholesome Suppers; Guilt-Free Comfort Food: Healthy Translations of Old Stand-bys; and Divine Desserts. The 30-Minute Veganalso provides at-a-glance cooking charts, kids' favorite dishes, and exciting menu suggestions for every occasion-making this an essential cookbook for busy vegans who want to enjoy delicious, healthful, whole-foods vegan fare every day.

Your Brain after Chemo: A Practical Guide to Lifting The Fog and Getting Back Your Focus

by Daniel H. Silverman Idelle Davidson

Chemotherapy saves lives, but new studies--including research led by coauthor Dr. Dan Silverman--reveal that the agents used to kill cancer cells may also impair normal brain function. Even years after treatment, patients report problems with memory, concentrating, multitasking, and word retrieval. As one person put it, "I've lost my edge." If you've undergone chemotherapy, perhaps you're among those who've had trouble following the thread of a conversation or feel "less than" who you once were. Until recently, oncologists often discounted or trivialized "chemo brain." Now, argue Silverman and Idelle Davidson, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary; thankfully, you can rest assured that you're not alone in feeling this way-and that you can do something about it. Calling on cutting-edge scientific research and the inspiring stories of survivors (including Davidson's own experiences with chemotherapy and its effects), this groundbreaking book will forever change how you think about your brain after chemo. Perhaps most important, it offers much-needed strategies to improve memory and focus, and an invaluable nine-step program to help keep your brain sharp. Your Brain after Chemo gives you the coping skills to move on with your life.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Demystified

by Cheryl Carmin

A complex illness that is often difficult to identify, OCD affects approximately 6 million to 9 million Americans. InObsessive-Compulsive Disorder Demystified, clinical psychologist and OCD specialist Cheryl Carmin offers an enlightening and useful guide for anyone with OCD, their families, and friends. In clear and compassionate language, Dr. Carmin helps those who suffer from the illness understand the true nature of OCD, the factors that complicate its diagnosis, and the benefits of treatment through cognitive behavior therapy and/or medication. With insight and anecdotes from an OCD patient-advocate,Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Demystifiedmakes great strides in dispelling the mystery surrounding this condition, helping readers decide if it's time to seek treatment and providing those with this anxiety disorder the information they need to better manage their lives.

The Life You Save

by Patrick Malone

Millions of Americans suffer from indifferent, outdated health care; an estimated 40,000 incidents of medical harm happen every day. The good news is that you can prevent this from happening to you or a family member. Better yet, you can find the very best care in the world. Patrick Malone's sensible advice and real-life anecdotes will inspire you to take charge of your own health care, make the best choices, and avoid serious harm. With the "Necessary Nine"-the essential steps to finding the best medical care-The Life You Save offers vital information such as: * The single most important question you can ask your doctor * When to know you have symptoms your doctor should not shrug off * Checklists to help you get out of the hospital in one piece * Where to locate the best surgeons and safest hospitals

Liking the Child You Love: Build a Better Relationship with Your Kids--even When They're Driving You Crazy

by Jeffrey Bernstein

"I shouldn't have to tell him that again!" "She is just so spoiled. " "They don't appreciate anything I do for them. " Do you feel like you're at the end of your rope? Are you exhausted by your kids arguing over every little thing? Finally there's a name for your feelings: "Parent Frustration Syndrome" (PFS). No kid is perfect, but parents often don't realize just how much their own thoughts, rather than their children's behavior, contribute to being emotionally overwhelmed and discouraged. In Liking the Child You Love, Renowned psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein offers proven strategies for taming the 9 most common toxic thought patterns that stop us from parenting effectively: * The "Always or Never" Trap * Label Gluing * Seething Sarcasm * Smoldering Suspicions * Detrimental Denial * Emotional Overheating * Blame Blasting * "Should" Slamming * Dooming Conclusions As you identify and put a stop to PFS's negative thought patterns, you'll be amazed at how your kids' defiant behavior quickly improves, without having to raise your voice or dole out harsh punishments. Soon you will have a closer, calmer, and more loving relationship with your kids-just by changing your own mindset.

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