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Immunochemistry Of The Extracellular Matrix: Volume 2

by Furthmayr

The main purpose of the two volumes on Immunochemistry of the Extracellular Matrix is to describe state of the art methods, which have been proven to provide antibody reagents of defined specificity to collagens as well as other glycoproteins found in association within connective tissue. The isolation and purification of collagens, procollagens, and related connective tissue proteins are described for several tissues, tissue culture cells and species. Immunization with these collagens in laboratory animals yields antibodies with different characteristic specificities: to the procollagen extension fragments, the non-helical segments of the a-chains, to helical and denatured determinants.

Handbook of Irrigation Technology: Volume 2

by herman J. Finkel

This book was first published in 1983. It provides a comprehensive overview of irrigation technologies, techniques and economics, tailored to a multitude of different crops.

Health For The Whole Person: The Complete Guide To Holistic Medicine

by James Fadiman Arthur C. Hastings James S. Gordon

This book presents attitudes, information, and tools for a holistic approach to medicine, health, and mental health. In our discussions among ourselves and with the contributing authors we defined three aspects of a holistic approach. First, such an approach involves expanding our focus to include the many personal, familial, social, and environmental factors that promote health, prevent illness, and encourage healing. Second, a holistic approach views the patient as an individual person, not as a symptom-bearing organism. This attitude emphasizes the self-responsibility of the person for his or her health and the importance of mobilizing the person's own health capacities, rather than treating illness only from the outside. Third, the holistic approach tries to make wise use of the many diagnostic, treatment, and health modalities that are available in addition to the standard materia medica- including alternative medical and healing systems as well as psychological techniques and physical modalities. Some of these methods of treatment and health practices are already accepted, others are accepted but not applied in practice, and still others need further research to explore the range of their uses.

Sexual Strands: Understanding and Treating Sexual Anomalies in Men

by Ron Langevin

Homosexuality, transsexualism, bisexuality, pedophilia, sexual aggression and rape, fetishism, physical abnormalities, and sexual dysfunction are among the sexual anomalies discussed in this timely and comprehensive review. The origins and treatment of unusual sexual behaviors are analyzed from the perspective of orgasmic preference and are illustrated with clinical case examples drawn from the author's many years of work in research and treatment of sexual anomalies.

Cognitive Skills and Their Acquisition (Carnegie Mellon Symposia on Cognition Series)

by John R. Anderson

First published in 1981. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Education State and Crisis: A Marxist Perspective (Routledge Library Editions: Sociology of Education #47)

by Madan Sarup

First published in 1982, this work is a critical survey of contemporary educational debates and themes which took on new urgency and importance at the time. In particular, it explores the problematic nature of ‘progressive education’ and ‘discipline’; the changes in the labour process and youth unemployment; the nature of the state and its relationship with schooling; the growth of state intervention and the specific forms of discrimination suffered by women and black people. It argues that trends in education at the time can be explained by a Marxist analysis. It suggests that the changes taking place in schools and colleges were expressions of the contradictions of capitalism and of the state’s attempt to restructure education.

The Foreign Policy Priorities Of Third World States

by John J. Stremlau

Despite the growing economic interdependence that binds industrialized and developing countries-as well as the risk that regional conflict in the Third World could escalate into a major confrontation between the United States and the USSR-relatively little has been published on how governments in Asia, Latin America, and Africa pursue their interna

Urban Transport Planning: Theory and Practice (Routledge Library Editions: Urban Planning #4)

by John Black

Originally published in 1981, Urban Transport Planning explains how the systems approach has been applied in the planning of multi-modal transport planning and to demonstrate how a city may be represented by land use zones superimposed with a transport network. It discusses theoretical developments and demonstrates their application to practical problems of planning by using actual case studies. By treating the urban area as a system, and recognising the fundamental interactions between land use, traffic and transport, the study shows how it is possible to predict the future demands for travel, how transport requirements are determined and how alternative plans are formulated and evaluated.

John Fowles (Routledge Library Editions: Modern Fiction #10)

by Peter Conradi

John Fowles had gained great popularity as a contemporary novelist on both sides of the Atlantic. In this comprehensive study of his work, originally published in 1982, Peter Conradi relates his work to his life, his ideas and his place in contemporary English fiction at the time. Conradi sees him as both realist and experimental, and in detailed analyses of The Magus and The French Lieutenant’s Woman illuminates Fowles’s use of literary genres – the romance (in particular), the detective story, the thriller, the Victorian novel, the tale of courtly love – to exploit and explode the conventions of that particular genre. Seduction, erotic quest, capture and betrayal are among the most important themes in Fowles’s work to be considered here.

Men at War: Politics, Technology, and Innovation in the Twentieth Century

by Christon Archer

The growing number of books on military history and the lively interest in military history courses at colleges and universities show that the study of war is enjoying considerable popularity. The reasons for this are arguable, but of immediate interest is the kind of military history that is taught and written. Here the student of war comes across an interesting division of opinion as to how military history should be written. Military history, lying as it does on the frontier between history and military science, requires knowledge of both fields. This fact often presents a difficulty to the history teacher.Generally speaking, history is a discipline by virtue of its subject matter, not by virtue of a particular methodology such as is characteristic of the sciences and of some social sciences. The perspective of Men at War is a cross between a professional internalist approach and a civilian contextual view. This separation is not unique to military history, for the same dualism tends to occur in those areas of history, such as law and medicine, that can be written both by members of the profession concerned lawyers and doctors and by those outside the profession.The problem is that at one extreme the contextual view can take the emotional content out of war, while at the other extreme the internalist view can put too much in. Men at War seeks to locate a military history that combines the professional, internalist method and the civilian, contextual method by showing that these are two fundamental sources from which a war derives. Seen in this way, this volume breaks new ground in defining the sources of twentieth-century power.

Structural Models and African Poetics: Towards a Pragmatic Theory of Literature (Routledge Library Editions: Literary Theory #4)

by Sunday O. Anozie

In this pioneering work, first published in 1981, Sunday O. Anozie examines the relevance of structuralism and semiology to literary criticism in general and to African poetics in particular. Behind the growing body of African literature lies an immense reservoir of oral tradition for which the proper tools of analysis and interpretation have yet to be found. This book represents the first comprehensive full-scale exposition, analysis and critique of structuralism by a non-Western and non-European scholar. From an African viewpoint, it examines the roles to be played by structuralism and post-structuralism in the development of the general principles governing poetics and literary creativity in Africa. This title will be of interest to students of literature and literary theory.

Interpersonal Behavior And Health Care

by Michael A. Counte

Health care professionals are continually puzzled by people who come to their offices showing no symptoms of physical illness. They are also hard pressed to understand those who, in the face of obvious need of medical help, refuse to seek help. This textbook delves into how interpersonal processes influence the origins, functions, and change of health-related beliefs and attitudes. The authors address such questions as: Why do so many people with nonorganic complaints seek medical aid? Why do so many other people delay getting help despite the presence of medically serious symptoms? How are social networks, such as lay referral systems, linked to the use of medical services? What constitutes the cluster of attitudes called "patient satisfaction," and how are those attitudes related to actual behavior during treatment (for example, compliance with medical instructions)? What do field experiments suggest with regard to modifying health beliefs and attitudes?

Revival: Women, Work and Family in the Soviet Union (Routledge Revivals)

by Gail Lapidus

This work reports on the Vietnam war as seen by the GI in the jungles. It discusses current attitudes, views from Saigon, Hanoi and Phnom Penh, and other locales in the countryside.

Revival: Water Management Organization in the People's Republic of China (Routledge Revivals)

by James E. Nickum

Combining a journalist's view of major trials with a political-legal analysis, this text gives a picture of the politics of justice in Russia. Coverage of major court cases ranges from the 1961 trial of the "currency speculators" to the Communist Party trial of 1992.

The Alienated Mind: The Sociology of Knowledge in Germany 1918-1933 (Routledge Revivals)

by David Frisby

This book, first published in 1983, with a second edition in 1992, investigates the emergence of the sociology of knowledge in Germany in the critical period from 1918 to 1933. These years witnessed the development of distinctive paradigms centred on the works of Max Scheler, Georg Lukács and Karl Mannheim. Each theorist sought to confront the base-superstructure models of the relationship between knowledge and society, which originated in Orthodox Marxism. David Frisbsy illustrates how these and other themes in the sociology of knowledge were contested through a detailed account of the central sociological debates in Weimar Germany. This reissue of The Alienated Mind will be of particular interest to students and academics concerned with the development of an important tradition in the sociology of knowledge and culture, social theory and German history.

Bacterial Interference

by Raza Aly

This text will provide a useful reference and guild to those who are interested in this important approach to microbial ecology. This book aims to provide the basis for future investigations which will in turn result in a practical biologic approach to the control and prevention of some serious infectious diseases.

Authoritarian Capitalism: Brazil's Contemporary Economic And Political Development (A\westview Special Study)

by Thomas C. Bruneau Philippe Faucher

During the past decade, the potential offered by Brazil's size, resources, and location has begun to be realized. There are, however, a number of international and domestic obstacles to the country's continued development, as indicated by its extreme inflation rate and its foreign indebtedness. There are also serious questions about the social and political results of the Brazilian approach to development: Brazil has become something of a test case for whether the Western, or capitalist, orientation can achieve development in more than strictly economic terms. Emphasizing key aspects of Brazil's economy, politics, and society, the authors present an overall analysis of the present system and provide a base from which to assess Brazil's future development.

Studies in Southern Nigerian History: A Festschrift for Joseph Christopher Okwudili Anene 1918-68

by Boniface I. Obichere

First Published in 1982. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Yersinia Enterocolitica

by Edward J. Bottone

First published in 1981. Comprehensive overview of existing knowledge of Yersina enterocolitica, including laboratory models, clinical observations, and associated dieases.

Ben Tillett: Portrait of a Labour Leader (Routledge Library Editions: The Labour Movement #29)

by Jonathan Schneer

First published in 1982. To study Tillett’s career is to study the modern British labour movement in its formative stages. His rhetoric and activities cast light upon some of the most important periods in labour history. In this book, not only the career of this remarkable and mercurial man is analysed, but our knowledge of the wider scene in which he played so major a role is increased. This title will be of interest to scholars and students of political history.

Special Education and Social Control: Invisible Disasters (Routledge Library Editions: Special Educational Needs #19)

by Maurice Whelan Denis Mongon Julienne Ford

First published in 1982. Between 1955 and 1980 the number of pupils in special needs schools in Britain increased tenfold. Between 1970 and 1977 the number of units for ‘difficult’ pupils also increased tenfold and went on increasing. Some observers saw this as a welcome advance in special education, others as an extension of discrimination. The authors of this study highlight the dangers of such a provision being used as a form of social control, which may be imposed on children whose only failure is an inability to fit into the stereotype of the ideal student.

William Faulkner's Characters: An Index to the Published and Unpublished Fiction (Routledge Library Editions: The American Novel #5)

by Thomas E. Dasher

Originally published in 1981. This index to characters and names in the published and unpublished fiction of William Faulkner is in two parts. The first, divided into novels, short stories, and unpublished fiction, lists the characters within each individual work. The second is an index of all named characters. Within each division of the first part of the index, works are listed alphabetically. The characters and names in each work are divided into fictional, unnamed, historical, Biblical and literary/mythic. The Master Index of named characters is a conflation of all the fictional characters as well as historical/Biblical/literary/mythic characters and names which appear in all the fiction. All characters are identified as clearly and succinctly as possible without interpretation of their roles.

The Role of the European Investment Bank (Routledge Library Editions: Banking & Finance)

by Sheila Lewenhak

This volume draws together diverse sources of information from the EIB’s own reports and bulletins, as well as reports of the Us Federal Reserve Board, the IMF and OECD, together with press and journal sources to examine the history, borrowing and lending operations from 1958-1980. It also discusses some of the environmental and social effects of its lending activities. Some consideration has also been given to the bank’s operations beyond EU boundaries. The book sheds light on an important EU institution which is crucial to EU member states’ infrastructure, industry and economy.

Father and Child: Developmental and Clinical Perspectives

by Stanley H. Cath, Alan R. Gurwitt and John Munder Ross

First published in 1982. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Asiatic Mode of Production: Science and Politics (Routledge Library Editions: Business and Economics in Asia #4)

by Anne M. Bailey and Josep R. Llobera

This wide-ranging collection of articles, first published in 1981, documents the development of the intellectual and political aspects of the concept of the Asiatic Mode of Production – a concept central to the Western understanding of non-capitalist societies.

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