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by Charlotte Mede

London, 1818. A beautiful, brilliant woman and a cynical, aristocratic spy are forced into a desperate mission to decipher a secret code that could change the face of Europe forever. . . Explosive Gray Dalton, the Marquess of Blackburn, wakes in a dark London cell staring down a gun barrel. Devon Caravelle, alleged mistress of a deadly French aristocrat, has been sent to ensure Blackburns cooperation in a secret plot to unlock the mysteries buried within Beethovens Third Symphony, the Eroica. Its terribly convenient and just as Blackburn planned. And taking the lady hostage is--if not terribly gentlemanly--not very difficult. Resisting her dangerous allure, on the other hand, is. Suddenly, the man famed for his cold-blooded control, wants a woman fiercely, wildly, forever. . . Devon Caravelle has loved two things in her life: music and her father. She would do anything to discover his murderer and clear his name, even if it means forcing the contemptuous, debauched Marquess to her aid. But when he turns the tables and takes her prisoner, she is not prepared for his skillful seduction or her white-hot response. . . It was supposed to be a seduction each side intended to win easily. Instead, the first spark unleashes an untamed passion in a game where all rules are forfeit and every move brings them closer to an unspeakable danger. . .

Any Way You Want It

by Kathy Love

Is That A Treble Clef In Your Pocket-- Or Are You Just Glad To See Me? Maggie Gallagher spends her nights with lots of men. Of course, theyre all dead composers, but why nitpick? Her love life is just like the musical compositions she researches--undiscovered. Its time for Maggie to let loose and go wild. In a dive bar on Bourbon Street, Maggie makes a real find in the house bands keyboard player. Hes hot. Sexy. Flirtatious. Soulful. And she could swear hes playing an unknown piece shes been researching, which is impossible, unless hes dead. . . Centuries before he was a badass vampire with a rock-star wardrobe and Big Easy charm, Ren was Renauldo DAntoni, a composer on the verge of great success until he was betrayed. No one could ever know that, but tonight, the shy strawberry blonde with the big eyes and obviously borrowed outfit actually seemed to recognize his long-lost composition. Now, she wants to know about the composition, and Ren wants to know her. . . intimately. But what starts as attraction--and distraction--just might lead to the biggest discovery of their lives. . .

Sin Club

by Rachelle Chase

Night after night, his voice goes out over the radio waves, helping the lovelorn and the heartbroken. But Dr. "Love" takes his advice one step further, urging his listeners to take their lives into their own hands--and pursue what they desire. . . One Sin At A Time. . . Bored with a dull lover, determined to settle for casual sex, too focused on the sex lives of celebrities to worry about her own--Jessie, Sharice, and Alyssa are ripe for Dr. Loves advice. But Jessies erotic striptease is observed by the wrong man--until she realizes that hunky new neighbor Nick is exactly the lover she needs. Making a spur-of-the-moment booty call, Sharice unknowingly dials a wrong number--but the mouthwatering man who answers touches all her hot buttons in just the right ways. And Alyssa finds that being the "perfect date" to the powerful, and powerfully sensual, Tony is easy when he reveals the raw desire simmering just beneath her little black dress. . . If sinning is wrong, they dont want to be right. "Rachelle Chase is the Goddess of Erotic Romance. " --Mary B. Morrison "An amazing erotic imagination. . . takes you on a ride that is exciting and enlightening. " --Dr. Michael Bader, author of Arousal: The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies

Come as You Are

by Amy J. Fetzer

Deep Cover Captured, tortured, and nearly executed. . . just another day on the job for Logan Chambliss and Dragon One. Their mission: clean up a highly sensitive mess the CIA made in Venezuela involving the countrys marked vice president. Too bad the plan went belly up--then downhill with the appearance of a gutsy, gorgeous, take-it-or leave-it female Logan just happens to know intimately. And who should be dead. . . Tessa Carlyle should never have answered the phone. There she was, going native in Fiji for her job as a National Geographic location scout when a voice from her past crashes her perfect life. Threatened with blackmail, her only choice is to help a man she despises--to help a man she never forgot. But her unlikely resurrection puts her directly in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer. . . From the rain forests of Venezuela to the streets of Caracas, Logan and Tessa will have to negotiate a twisted trail of deceit and betrayal. At stake is the fate of two nations and a deadly threat that could kill millions. . . And time is running out. . . The daughter, wife, and now mother of career U. S. Marines, Amy J. Fetzer has penned over thirty-five novels and novellas in historical, historical paranormal, contemporary, and romantic suspense. Amys work has been nominated twice for Storyteller of the Year in historical and contemporary, and is the winner of the Romantic Times Career Achievement award in romantic adventure, and hit the top spots of the Waldenbooks bestseller lists, as well as winning several genre awards. After twenty-five years of traveling with the Marine Corps, Amy and her family live in South Carolina, enjoying the quiet, retired life and trying to behave like civilians.

Sexy Devil

by Sasha White

Get double the reading pleasure with two erotic novellas in one irresistible volume.

Sexy Beast III

by Kate Douglas Lacy Danes Morgan Hawke

Theyre powerful, sensual men who are on the prowl, looking for the perfect mate-- a woman willing to embrace adventure beyond the imagination, and explore her wildest, most uninhibited side. . . "Chanku Journey" by Kate Douglas Jacob, Baylor, and Shannon are an ancient sensual race of shapeshifters known as the Chanku. Now as these pack-mates journey to a special wedding celebration for Tia and Lucien on the beach in San Francisco, their stories of secret, feral power and scorching eroticism will ignite your most alluring fantasies as well as a hunger that demands sweet satisfaction. . . "Kiss of the Dragon" by Lacy Danes Chester Shields is much more than the sexy guy in the next cubicle--hes a member of a sacred race of powerful, mysterious dragons. Nora is not so sure what to make of the erotic mind games Chesters playing. But hes exposing her deepest desires--and leading her into a world of sensual pleasure that defies explanation. . . "Winters Kiss" by Morgan Hawke Big game photographer Kasi Stewart returns to the mountains of Japan in search of a mysterious tiger that saved her during a snowstorm when she was a child. In his remote cabin, Yuki Shirotora, descended from a nearly extinct line of White Tigers, leads Kasi into his exotic world of untamed sensuality. . . WARNING! This is a REALLY HOT book. Explicit sex.

Remain Silent

by Jamie Denton

When You Know Too Much Laurel Jennings may be an expert at art restoration, but shes a novice at the justice system. When her business partner Jonathan Linton is found dead and shes charged with the brutal murder, she needs help--fast. But with the powerful Linton family wielding their vengeful influence, the only lawyer willing to represent her is her former lover. Sometimes Keeping A Secret Damon walked away from the L. A. County DAs office when his star witness in an infamous drug lords trial was gunned down on her way to protective custody. Protecting Laurel is Damons first priority--even if she has made it clear hes the last man she wants representing her. Is The Only Way To Save Your Life A chance discovery throws Damon and Laurel into a conspiracy that could rock the art world to its very foundations with deadly consequences. With only each other to turn to, Laurel and Damon find the passion that once burned between them is a dangerous risk when betrayal lies at the heart of Jonathans murder--and the body count keeps rising. To protect the future, and keep the past buried, Laurel and Damon will have to stay together, keep calm, and remain silent. . . Jamie Denton surrendered a long time career as a legal assistant to pursue her passion for writing when she sold her first attempt at a contemporary romance to Harlequin Books four days before Christmas in 1994. Since then, this History and Humanities major has gone on to make the bestseller lists and win several notable awards, including a nomination for Reviewers Choice Award for Best Harlequin Temptation from Romantic Times, back to back RITA nominations as well as a National Readers Choice Award nomination for Best Erotic Romance.

Mouth to Mouth

by Erin Mccarthy

IN LOVE, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A SIMPLE PLAN Rule #1: Cops maintain their distance. It was supposed to be your average stakeout. My partner and I would scope out both the coffee shop and Laurel Wilkins, the latest target of con man Trevor Dean's scheme to meet women online and bilk them of their money- and everything else. Rule #2: Cops think fast on their feet. So I went inside to get a better look. So she happened to be gorgeous with a body that made me temporarily forget to order coffee. So she knew my name--Russ Evans and hugged me like we were more than friends. So what the $#@ is going on? Rule #3: Cops never, ever get involved. At least she's willing to offer herself up as bait. All I have to do is keep her safe--and keep my hands off. Anything would be against the rules. And oh so tempting...

Private Party

by Jami Alden

Turn Up The Heat Finding her brand-new husband in flagrante delicto with another woman wasnt part of Julie Driscolls plan for her lavish wedding reception. Now shes a bride without a groom--but shes determined to have a wedding night with someone. Her cheating husbands gorgeous brother will do just fine. Chris Dennison is everything his brother isnt, and his hard body is the stuff the steamiest sexual fantasies are made of. . . Lets Get This Party Started Chris isnt about to turn her down. After five years of dreaming about her, the chance to touch Julies delectably luscious body is too tempting to resist. And when she follows him to the tropical resort hes built from the ground up, she insists hot, wet, skin-to-skin pleasure is all he wants. Now he just has to convince her that he wants more. . . After Jami Alden graduated from Stanford, she worked in marketing at several software companies before pursuing her passion for writing. She lives in Northern California with her very own socially well adjusted alpha male. Look for her books Delicious, A Taste of Honey, and her novella in Skin on Skin, available from Kensington Aphrodisia.

Made for Sex

by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

New York. . . the city that never sleeps, where sex is available anytime, anyplace. Its a city of hot desires and wild fantasies, exquisite pleasure and erotic seduction. And two women have come looking for it all. . . Sex For Sale A single mom of three, Carla is stuck in a suburban rut. Then she bumps into an old college friend who makes her an incredible proposition: become her partner as a very selective, high-priced prostitute. Shocked at first, Carla soon feels a thrill of excitement when she gets a glimpse of her new life. There are men who control and who like to be controlled, men who become aroused listening to the whisper of silk panties over the phone, and men who want to play with a womans naked body until shes a quivering mess of ecstasy. And she has the power to live out her most intimate fantasies and deepest desires. . . Sex To Savor For years Fran has been writing erotica under the pseudonym Nichole St. Michelle. Now that shes been nominated for the prestigious Madison Prize, Fran has a chance to go to New York and take a walk on the wild side--as Nicki. By day, Fran is dazzled by the citys lights and the beautiful, seductive men and women strutting by. By night, she becomes Nicki, a wanton creature, tasting, touching and exploring sex in every way imaginable. Its pure, unfettered ecstasy, and all Nicki wants is more. . .

Hot for It

by Melissa Macneal

Sex On The Beach Never Tasted Sooo Good! Living on her own private Caribbean island home would be bliss for romance writer Cat Gamble. . . if she had some studly hunk to share it with. All work and no foreplay make Cat a very dull girl! So she puts an ad on the Internet inviting some good-looking boy-toys to come play. When Captain Jack Spankevopoulos offers to kidnap her and make her an exotic love slave on his Captive Fantasy, shes hot for it--and for him. But who knew she would be captured by the wrong pirates? Now Cat is the sex slave of two real pirates who are holding her for ransom. . . and their own personal sexual pleasure. Instead of being scared, Cat is aroused by the sensual orgy surrounding her. Now free to indulge in every secret fantasy shes ever had, Cat wonders whether she wants to escape--or surrender to her own erotic desires. . . WARNING! This is a REALLY HOT book (SEXUALLY EXPLICIT)

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

by E. C. Sheedy

The author of "Without a Word" and "Over Her Dead Body" delivers a taut, cunningly plotted thriller about a merciless killer on the trail of a former Las Vegas showgirl.

The Irish Devil

by Diane Whiteside

An erotic adventure that will leave readers breathless and begging for more, "The Irish Devil is a charming and captivating tale from an engaging new writer. Only sixteen when she discovers that her mother is a spy for the South during the Civil War, Viola Ross desperately tries to conceal her family's dark secret by marrying the one man in town who knows--Edward Ross, a drunkard and unappealing man who soon uproots Viola from her town and takes her out West in search of gold. When Edward is tragically killed, Viola survives the best way she can, and ends up becoming partner with another widow in a laundry and dressmaking business, barely making ends meet. Not realizing thai she has just inherited a large sum from her grandfather and that her brother is out looking for her, Viola offers William Donovan--a self-made Irish man--a deal he can't resist. She offers to be his personal mistress for three months; in return, Donovan agrees to house and feed her, which allows Viola to turn down the advances of Paul Lennox, a treacherous man who knows about her inheritance and her dire situation. As Viola and William start to trust each other--much to both of their surprise--things heat up as Lennox plots to kidnap Viola as a way to get to her money. But will the growing bond between Viola and her Irish rogue prove strong enough to overcome the dangerous circumstances thai are headed their way, when one man can put a stop to them both?


by Jane May

From the author of "Doggy Style" comes a delightfully fresh and funny reworking of a classic Grimms fairy tale, in which a lovestruck sailor gets help from an unlikely source.

Big Spankable Asses

by Lisa G. Riley Kimberly Kaye Terry Angie Daniels

When three Chicago girlfriends find they arent getting any, they get serious. They want men who know their way around a womans body--and how to provide the ultimate in stimulating pleasure. . . its over the knee and over the top. . . Fienin Angie Daniels Nightclub owner Simone Thomas has given up on love. She wants S-E-X only, and with a man who can fulfill her every fantasy. Architect Shaun Dutton cant wait to fly her to Florida, where he can strip off her clothes--and uncover the steamy secret fantasies even Simone has never admitted to. . . Just Lay Down Kimberly Kaye Terry After she left her husband, Lilliana Michaels never expected to want a man again. But rock-hard Josh Ellis is far too fine to pass up. Hes got plenty to teach her about pleasure--and hes so good with his hands that Lilly wants them all over her. . . Caught Lisa G. Riley Melinda Carlisle is shocked when gorgeous Dr. Nick Pantino answers her personal ad. Dating a co-worker is a bad idea, especially when what she wants involves getting naked. But Nicks deliciously sexy suggestions change her mind--and his passionate attention to her curves makes her hot all over. . .

Touch Me

by Susan Lyons

Four friends look for sexual adventure--and lovers as compelling as their fantasies. Discover just how sexually satisfying the right man can be. Especially when he has a body like a Greek god and a name like Adonis. . . Skin To Skin Rub me down. Love me up. Ann Montgomery cant get enough of Adonis, her new massage therapist. Hes hot, hes hard, and his big, warm hands are melting away every one of her inhibitions. Naked on his table, needing all he can give, Ann surrenders to his sensual touch in intimate sessions that have her begging for more. . . Slowly, skillfully, Adonis unleashes a wild side of her--and a fierce desire that will never be satisfied in just one night. . . Praise for Susan Lyons "Readers will devour every word. " --Romantic Times on Champagne Rules "Hot in Here is a fantastic tale that goes from a spark to an inferno. . . very spicy. " --Coffee Time Romance Warning! This Is A Really Hot Book (Sexually Explicit). Susan Lyons grew up in Victoria, British Columbia and now lives in the amazing city of Vancouver, where many of her stories are set. She has degrees in law and psychology, and has had a variety of careers, including perennial student, computer consultant, and legal editor. Fiction writer is by far her favorite. Writing gives her a perfect outlet to demonstrate her belief in the power of love, friendship and a sense of humor.

Sex with a Stranger

by Katherine Garbera

No Rules, No Strings. . . Jane Monte is done with being a good girl. She followed all the rules, and look where it got her--divorced from a cheating accountant who cleaned out her bank account. Now shes got a new career, a new wardrobe, and a new attitude--shes going to throw caution to the wind while shes in Vegas on business, and have herself a steamy fling. She never let herself fall for a bad boy--now she wants to be a bad girl, and see what letting loose and having fun is all about. And sexy gambler Liam ORourke is just the kind of man who puts the "sin" in Sin City. . . And Definitely No Clothes Liam may look like a gambler, but thats only his cover story. A firefighter by trade, hes in town to investigate a string of fires in his friends hotel, not to indulge his own desires. But he cant deny that the spark between him and Jane is a blaze from the moment they meet. If the gorgeous PR executive wants to learn how to be bad, hes happy to teach her every sensual trick he knows, as long as she understands that what happens between them has to stay in Vegas. But releasing Janes wild side uncovers desires Liam never knew he had--and before long hes determined to keep the fire theyve started burning forever. . .

The Pleasure Palace

by Evangeline Anderson

Evolution by way of natural selection is more than a theory that can explain certain earthly phenomena. It is a logical inevitability that applies to all earthly (and universal) phenomena. Hence, humans are in no way, and cannot possibly be in any way, exempted from this reality, as this would require the elimination of all threats to human existence#151;physical, predatory, microbial, and rival. By extension, based on natural variation patterns generally, and different evolutionary histories specifically, whatever actions humans undertake as individuals and/or in the form of groups will invariably have selection ramifications. In short, humans can use ideas to advance their own causes, if they comport with evolutionary principles, by keeping a step ahead of natural selection; or humans can use ideas to hurt their own causes, or increase their chances of extinction to the extent that they do not comport with evolutionary principles.

Electric Blue (Jane Kelly Mystery #2)

by Nancy Bush

Some days are just weird city. Take today. Jane Kelly, thirty something ex-bartender and current process server, is dutifully putting in slave-labour hours working for Dwayne Durbin, local "information specialist" (i.e, private investigator), and on the road to becoming a P.I. herself. Next thing she knows, she's socializing with eccentric rich people who have a penchant for going crazy and/or dying in spectacularly mysterious ways. A little back story ... Jane's usual motto in life is never trust anyone too handsome. But she's willing to make an exception when Jasper "Jazz" Purcell, son of Lake Chinook's wealthiest and most famously eccentric family, comes to ask for her help. Sexy, loaded, and charming, the guy's a real catch. It seems the Purcell matriarch, Orchid, is in her eighties and losing her marbles. And since she controls the family fortune, that could be a bad thing. What Jazz needs is somebody from the outside to convince his grandmother to give up control. Somebody neutral, somebody ... with a dog. Orchid likes dogs. And that's how Jane and her pug, The Binkster, end up at Estate Creep-O-Rama, babysitting a dotty old lady, surrounded by a clan so hostile they make "Survivor" look like a hug-fest. From what Jane can tell, the Purcell family all want Orchid's money; they all hate each other (but not as much as they hate Jane); and they're all hiding some pretty big secrets. And when Orchid turns up in a pool of blood on Jane's watch, the free-for-all has just begun. Diving into the Purcell family history leads Jane on some hair-raising twists and turns through mental illness, greed, deception, betrayal, and lies--including, but not limited to several mysterious deaths, two car accidents, a depressed guy who paints knives, one creepy playhouse, a family member packed off to an asylum, illegitimate birth, and a flamboyant prodigal daughter with great legs and her sights set on Dwayne, who seems only too happy to play along. And when Jane finds the second body, it seems weird city is about to get even weirder ... and a lot more deadly ...


by Bonnie Edwards Jami Alden Amie Stuart

Strong, sexy, and with a killer smile, hes the rock hard working man who always has the right tools for the job--especially where her pleasure is concerned. . . Kink Amie Stuart A manicurist by day, blond bombshell Cherise likes to walk on the wild side at night, where uninhibited sex comes in every style and flavor. And shes got the right moves to get gorgeous, green-eyed air-conditioner repairman DAngelo out of the Texas heat and into her sizzling world where a little extra spice makes lovin extra nice. Down And Dirty Jami Alden Business exec Taylor Flynn storms next door to complain about the noisy weed whacking, but her mouth goes dry--and the rest of her melts with wet, wild longing--when she meets the man himself, landscape contractor Joe Tierney. Now hes ready to show this all-work-and-no-play woman that its time to get naked. . . and get dirty. Rock Solid Bonnie Edwards Florida carpenter Jake McKay cant resist the honey voice insisting he travel cross country to renovate an historic Seattle estate. When he meets Lexa Creighton, its a lust at first touch, and skin-scorching pleasure all the way. But its going to take a little help from some amorous ghosts to keep this rock solid man where he belongs--in Lexas bed. Amie Stuart is proud to be a native Texan, though she doesnt drink beer or like football. She is a single mom and lives in Arlington.

Ceremony of Seduction

by Cassie Ryan

Twenty-three-year-old Alyssa Moss has lived her whole life in the shadow of her beautiful family. Voluptuous where they are lean, brunette where they are blonde, Alyssa is convinced she is an ugly duckling who willnever become a swan. The only thing that sustains her is a recurring dream in which a seductive stranger named Stone worships and pleasures every inch of her. But maddeningly, Stone always disappears just as Alyssa is on the edge of dizzying ecstasy-with a puzzling promise that one day he willfind her. That day has come. . . . For years, Stone has searched for the kidnapped firstprincess of his people-an otherworldly clan whose life-force is sexual energy. Alyssa is that princess, stolen by a rival faction and banished to live on Earth. But now Stone has found her and willreturn her to her rightful home, one in which she willown the curvaceous body she was born withandthe passionate desire that throbs within it as she learns an endless variety of delicious pleasures and discovers the infinite power she feels when all her cravings are satisfied. . .

Blood Rose

by Sharon Page

Rare Breed Serena Larks erotic dreams of vampires are so vivid, so intense. . . could she be one? Drake Swift and Lord Sommersby, two daring vampire hunters, might know the truth about her past--and her future. The trio searches the dark streets of London for answers. She cannot say no when Sommersby and Drake introduce her to another existence entirely, one in which only extraordinary sensual pleasure matters--and Serena opens herself up to compelling desire. . . "Wickedly sensual and exquisitely drawn. Historical erotic romance doesnt get any better than this. "--Kate Douglas, author of Wolf Tales Praise on Blood Red "Sharon Page blends history, emotion and hot, hot, hot sex within an amazing love story. "--Kathryn Smith bestselling author of Be Mine Tonight on Blood Red "Strong, character-driven romance. . . extremely sensual and erotic. " --Romantic Times (4 star review) on Sin "Pages story is sensual and sensitive. " Romantic Times on Wild Nights A writer, a wife, and a mother of two, Sharon Page holds an industrial design degree and also manages a scientific research and development program. She finds writing tales of sexy Regency rakes and seductive vampires is the perfect escape from her technical world. Pages style is "sharp, sexy, and will seduce you from the first page" (Just Erotic Romance Reviews).

The Southern Devil

by Diane Whiteside

Even a perfect gentleman has a little devil in him. Once an orphaned, starving, Confederate war veteran, Morgan Evans is now a wealthy man respected for his business acumen and his Southern manners. The perfect catch for any woman, only Jessamyn Tyler Evans holds his constant attention-ever since she derailed one of his spy missions by holding him hostage in her bed for days. But once Jessamyn spurned Morgan for his cousin, Morgan vowed that someday he would get his revenge. Now Jessamyn has returned, and payback has begun . . . Jessamyn is on the hunt for a legendary family treasure in the hills of Colorado. To get what she wants, the spirited widow needs a husband, and Morgan Evans is only too happy to join her masquerade. . . for a price: she must submit to him, body and soul, surrendering herself to whatever he demands. It's a devil's bargain to be sure . . . PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF DIANE WHITESIDE'Very hot . . . Once you start you won't want to stop reading. ' -Romantic Times'So steamy that it fogs one's reading glasses . . . ' -Booklist on The Irish Devil

All About Men

by Shannon Mckenna

The first collection of the super-sexy, beautifully written stories that put Shannon McKenna in the forefront of hot romance! Shannon McKenna writes blazing hot heroes and her readers know it. Men who are hard and handsome. Potent and protective. And so, so sexy. Ready for real lovers who want to get wild? Theyre ready for you. Presenting three of the best. . . A powerful man on a motorcycle makes a tantalizing promise. . . and a willing woman learns the ultimate lesson in pleasure. A masterful hotel CEO introduces his lovely date to a suite seduction shell never forget. And a sexy billionaire invites a massage therapist to his mountain hideaway for a sensational session just for two. . . Praise for Shannon McKenna "Shannon McKenna does it again. Super-sexy romantic suspense!" --Cherry Adair on Hot Night "McKennas latest scorcher. . . is romantic suspense at its best!" --Romantic Times on Out of Control (4½ starred review) "Summer just got hotter. . . an intensely emotional romance. " --Romantic Times on Standing in the Shadows

The Supplicant

by Lucinda Betts

Her ecstasy makes wishes come true. . . The sudden appearance of a second sun signifies that a Supplicant has come of age in the land of Marotiri. King Kalief knows this woman is destined to save his people from the barbarians. But first she must learn complete surrender--and King Kalief is just the man to teach her. . . Sureya, a humble servant girl, is shocked to learn that her flame-red hair and white skin mark her as the Supplicant. She has never made love to anyone. There are many men--both good and evil--who are waiting to introduce Sureya to this new world of pleasure, but only Kalief can truly satisfy her. . . With each shattering climax, the Supplicants powers grow as dark forces come closer to taking her for their own. Now as Kalief and Sureya propel each other to dizzying sensual heights, danger and desire will become one--and one wish will change everything. . . Warning! This Is A Really Hot Book (Sexually Explicit)

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