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Human Information Processing in Speech Quality Assessment (T-Labs Series in Telecommunication Services) 4046139 Stefan Uhrig 9783030713898 2022 Contains images
Jungian Analysts Working Across Cultures: From Tradition to Innovation 4037935 Catherine Crowther 9781000432077 2022 Contains images
Lawfare: Waging War through Law 4057267 Cristiano Zanin Martins Valeska Teixeira Martins Rafael Valim 9781000430684 2022
Leadership: Theory and Practice 4055100 Peter G. Northouse 9781071834466 2022 Contains images
Leadership: Theory and Practice 4055107 Peter G. Northouse 9781071834473 2022 Contains images
Lessons from the Transition to Pandemic Education in the US: Analyses of Parent, Student, and Educator Experiences (Routledge Research in Education) 4053472 Marni E. Fisher; Kimiya Sohrab Maghzi; Charlotte Achieng-Evensen; Meredith A. Dorner; Holly Pearson; Mina Chun 9781000435153 2022 Contains images
Max Booth Future Sleuth: Map Trap (book #6) 4041564 Cameron Macintosh 9781922488428 2022 Contains images
Modern Automotive Technology 4052821 James E. Duffy 9781645646884 2022 NIMAC restricted Contains images
Modern Industrial Statistics: With Applications in R, MINITAB, and JMP (Statistics in Practice) 4018305 Shelemyahu Zacks Ron S. Kenett 9781119714965 2022 Contains images
Nanostructured Multifunctional Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, Applications and Computational Simulation 4045590 Esteban A. Franceschini 9781000378955 2022 Contains images
Non-Governmental Organisations and the United Nations Human Rights System (Routledge Research in Human Rights Law) 4036723 Fiona McGaughey 9780429781643 2022 Contains images
The Pedagogy of Real Talk: Engaging, Teaching, and Connecting With Students At-Promise 4036780 Paul Hernandez 9781071844793 2022 Contains images
Power and Influence of Economists: Contributions to the Social Studies of Economics (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy) 4026021 Jens Maesse; Stephan Pühringer; Thierry Rossier; Pierre Benz 9781000222258 2022 Contains images
A Practical Introduction to Real-World Research: Getting the Job Done 4036779 Loreen Wolfer 9781544378275 2022 Contains images
A Practical Introduction to Real-World Research: Getting the Job Done 4036782 Loreen Wolfer 9781544378282 2022 Contains images
Public Libraries and Marxism 4026075 John Pateman Joe Pateman 9781000425550 2022
Public Management: A Research Overview (State of the Art in Business Research) 4054721 Tom Entwistle 9781000431599 2022
The Railways in Colonial South Asia: Economy, Ecology and Culture 4057243 Ganeswar Nayak 9781000427486 2022 Contains images
Republic at Risk: An Introduction to American Politics 4036390 Walter J. Stone James A. McCann 9781108860178 2022 Contains images
Russia Today and Conspiracy Theories: People, Power and Politics on RT (Conspiracy Theories) 4052327 Ilya Yablokov Precious N Chatterje-Doody 9781000433593 2022
The Saints of Swallow Hill: Sneak Peek 4036340 Donna Everhart 9781496738349 2022
Schizostructuralism: Divisions in Structure, Surface, Temporality, Class 4050089 Daniel Bristow 9781000428407 2022 Contains images
Talent Strategies and Leadership Development of the Public Sector: Insights from Southeast Asia (Routledge Focus on Public Governance in Asia) 4050087 Celia Lee 9781000426786 2022 Contains images
Twenty Years Later: Sneak Peek 4036339 Charlie Donlea 9781496739094 2022 Contains images
Asyndeton and its Interpretation in Latin Literature: History, Patterns, Textual Criticism 4044775 J. N. Adams 9781108944021 2021 Contains images

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