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Title Author ISBN Copyright Features Action
Yojana December 2019 3055675 Publication Division 2019
Social Science 2 class 10 Part 2 SCERT Kerala board 3056044 State Council of Educational Research and Training 2019 Contains images Contains image descriptions
No Safe Arbor (Church Choir Mysteries #13) 3056372 Nicola Furlong 2002
Tesla, Inc. in 2018 3056802 Suraj Srinivasan Quinn Pitcher Siko Sikochi 2018 Contains images
Celebrity Fashions Limited (A) 3056803 V. G. Narayanan Shreya Ramachandran Tanvi Deshpande 2019 Contains images
Celebrity Fashions: Moving Ahead (B) 3056804 V. G. Narayanan Shreya Ramachandran Tanvi Deshpande 2019
Health Stop Retail Medical Centers (A): Strategy 3056805 Regina E. Herzlinger Nancy M. Kane Joyce Lallman 1985 Contains images
THG Management Services 3056806 Regina E. Herzlinger D. Scott Lurding 1996
The Case of the Unidentified Financial Firms 3056807 David S. Scharfstein 2015
The Bankruptcy of Cumulus Media 3056808 Emily R. McComb 2019 Contains images
Battle of the Bulge-Innovations in Obesity Treatment 3056809 Regina E. Herzlinger John McDonough 2003
University of Hong Kong: Bridging East and West 3056810 William C. Kirby Joycelyn W. Eby 2016 Contains images
Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises (A): Turning Over a New Leaf? 3056811 Lena G. Goldberg Michelle Lee Michael S. Kaufman Cordelia Shackleton Tara Tomimoto Zach Addy 2019 Contains images
Shell: A Company of Opportunity? 3056914 Emer Moloney Joseph B. Fuller 2019 Contains images
Rachael Ray: Cooking Up a Brand 3056915 Boris Groysberg Kerry Herman 2008 Contains images
Thierry Port 3056916 Leslie A. Perlow Matthew Preble 2019 Contains images
Gilead: Hepatitis-C Access Strategy (A) 3056917 V. Kasturi Rangan David E. Bloom Vikram Rangan 2014 Contains images
Akshaya Patra: Impact at Scale 3056919 V. Kasturi Rangan Sarah Appleby 2017 Contains images
Wells Fargo & Co.: Respect Your Customers (A) 3056920 John A. Quelch Irene Lu 2017
Wells Fargo & Co.: Respect Your Customers (B) 3056921 John A. Quelch Irene Lu 2017
The Video-Streaming Wars in 2019: Can Disney Catch Netflix? 3056922 Anita Elberse Monica Cody 2019 Contains images
Jai Vakeel Foundation: Addressing Disability 3056923 V. Kasturi Rangan Kairavi Dey 2019 Contains images
Purple Innovation, Inc.: The Online to Offline Marketing Challenge 3056980 Elie Ofek Nakisha Williams 2019 Contains images
Breakfast at the Paramount 3056981 Ryan W. Buell 2016 Contains images
edaixi (eWash): Digital Transformation of Laundry Services (A) 3056982 Feng Zhu Chuang Chen Ciwu Lin Weiru Chen 2017 Contains images

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Showing 26 through 50 of 18,365 results