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God of Luck

by Ruthanne Lum Mccunn

#x1C; Held me captive right from the start. #x1D;-Alan Cheuse, NPR,All Things Considered #x1C;Her clear voice and simple but elegant style easily turns this work into a real page-turner. #x1D;-Library Journal #x1C;A vivid tale of a faraway time. #x1D;-Asian Week #x1C;Beautifully combines the hardships and brutality of the kidnapping of a Chinese man, conditions on the slave ships, and the bitterness of backbreaking labor in a foreign land with the sadness and determination of a wife and family back home. . . . A story of emotional depth and truth. #x1D;-Lisa See, author ofSnow Flower and the Secret Fan #x1C;Will keep readers spellbound and cheering to the final page. #x1D;-Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, author ofFarewell to Manzanar #x1C;I loveGod of Luck. #x1D;-Da Chen, author ofBrothers Ah Lung and his beloved wife, Bo See, are separated by cruel fate when, like thousands of other Chinese men in the nineteenth century, he is kidnapped, enslaved, and shipped to the deadly guano mines off the coast of Peru. Praying to the God of Luck and using their own wits, they never lose hope of someday being reunited. Ruthanne Lum McCunn, of Scottish and Chinese ancestry, is the author of the classicThousand Pieces of Gold,The Moon Pearl, andWooden Fish Songs. God of Luckwas a Book Sense Pick. She lives in San Francisco. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Folly du Jour (Detective Joe Sandilands #7)

by Barbara Cleverly

Praise for Barbara Cleverly: "Spectacular and dashing, spellbinding." -The New York Times Book Review. "Smashing ... marvelously evoked." -Chicago Tribune. "A historical mystery that has just about everything." -Denver Post. "Cleverly maintains the high standards set by earlier Sandilands tales, blending a sophisticated whodunit with full-blooded characters and a revealing look at her chosen time and place." -Publishers Weekly (starred). "Atmospheric ... intricately plotted." -Kirkus Reviews. "Evocative narrative, sensitive characterizations, artful dialogue, and masterly plottings." -Library Journal. "Cleverly combines a colorful historical setting with a complex plot and well-developed characters."-Booklist. "Delightfully surprising."-Mystery News. This seventh book in the Joe Sandilands murder mystery series is set at the Folies-Bergre, Paris, in December 1926. Joe hurries to the assistance of an old friend who has been arrested for murder there. In a cell at the Quai des Orfvres, he meets with Sir George Jardine, still in the evening clothes stained with the blood of the dead man. The only other witness, a blonde who was sharing the victim's box, has vanished. Joe receives assistance from an entirely unexpected quarter--Francine, a young usherette, clawing her way into the world of the Paris Music Hall. She becomes Joe's guide through this treacherous place, where Joe is sure the killer is lurking. Barbara Cleverly was born in northern England, graduated from Durham University, and now lives in Cambridge. Her debut, The Last Kashmiri Rose, was a New York Times Notable Book of 2002.


by Elliot Krieger

#x1C;Krieger evokes the dreary darkness of the Uppsala winter and the paranoia and entitlement of the young Americans there. . . . Krieger touches on the mix of noble and self-interested impulses that can propel activism. #x1D;-New York Tiems Book Review #x1C;Exiles is filled with suspense. . . . It's a fascinating look at a place during a particular time, but the intrigue transcends the locale. The ending is riveting and insidious. Which I mean as a compliment. #x1D;-Ann Beattie #x1C;Elliot Krieger has created an original and wonderfully fallible hero in Lenny Spiegel, an American college student who finds himself in Sweden among Viet Nam war draft resisters. Passionate and complex, Exiles is a story about the confusion and quest for identity-personal, political, and moral. #x1D;-Hester Kaplan, the author ofKinship TheoryandThe Edge of Marriage Sweden has granted asylum to American protesters against the Vietnam War. Some are draft resisters; some are wanted by the FBI for acts of violence; some are AWOL soldiers; and some are actually working for the CIA-or so everyone suspects. They are eking out their lives in Uppsala on a meager dole. Each thinks he would be a better group spokesperson than Aronson, who is the current leader of the Americans in exile and a wanted man in the United States. Into this maelstrom of conflicting egos comes an innocent, Lenny Spiegel, who has volunteered to travel to Sweden to help. He physically resembles Aronson, who "borrows" his passport. Until it is returned, Lenny is stuck in Uppsala where many believe he is Aronson. And Lenny learns that no good deed goes unpunished. Elliot Kriegerwon an O. Henry Award for his first published short story, #x1C;Cantor Pepper,#x1D; and he is the author of a book on Shakespeare#x19;s comedies. He has served as a reporter and editor at theProvidence Journaland lives near Providence, Rhode Island. Exilesis his first novel. From the Hardcover edition.

Evil for Evil (Billy Boyle World War II Mystery #4)

by James R. Benn

Benn continues to create fascinating behind-the-scenes mysteries from little-known facets of World War II history. . . . A fast-paced mix of action, adventure, and crime solving. --"Booklist. "

Down Cemetery Road

by Mick Herron

One quiet evening in Oxford a house near Sarah Tucker's suddenly explodes. The cause is later reported to be a gas leak, but when a child disappears in the aftermath, Sarah -- a young married woman, bored and unhappy with her life -- becomes obsessed with trying to find her. Very soon she's left wondering whether she has really ever known anybody or anything at all, as her attempts at investigation reveal that people long thought dead are still among the living, while the living are joining the dead. Her own life however, becomes distinctly less boring. What begins in this peaceful suburb comes to a compelling climax on a remote and unwelcoming Scottish island, as the hunt for the missing child takes Sarah out of her marriage and into a journey with a companion who himself is being hunted by murderous and apparently official forces. This acclaimed first novel sets a cracking pace with a satisfying denouement.

Devil at the Crossroads

by Olive Etchells

The third in the DCI Channon series set in Cornwall.

Deep Night

by Caroline Petit

Praise for The Fat Man's Daughter:"When they work-when the balance between art and research is close to perfection-crime novels that illuminate an historical period are things of beauty. Caroline Petit's first novel falls into that illustrious company. She catches the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of Hong Kong, China and Manchuria in 1937 as they filter through the senses of a fascinating young woman. . . . Under the amazingly sure hand of Petit, an Australian writer of rare abilities, every aspect of this terrific story comes to life. "-Chicago Tribune"Remarkable. . . . Irresistible. "-Advocate (Tennessee)"An excellent suspense story, a bona fide tour of China as it was then, with menacing characters and swift, sure punishment. "-Orange County Register"Vivid . . . the journey into womanhood as exotic action-adventure. "-Publishers Weekly"The extraordinary journey of Leah Kolbe, a compelling character. "-Jacqueline WinspearLeah Kolbe, the daughter of a recently deceased British antiquities dealer, escapes to Macao as the Japanese occupy Hong Kong, where her fiancé is interned and where she has long lived. As a spy for the British, she takes a Japanese lover. When she returns with provisions on the first boat to reach liberated Hong Kong, she finds the English survivors totally altered. Although her fiancé cannot bear to remain in Hong Kong, Leah chooses to stay on and rebuild. Caroline Petit was born and raised in the United States but now lives in Victoria, Australia. Her debut, featuring Leah Kolbe, was The Fat Man's Daughter.

Death on the Holy Mountain

by David Dickinson

Praise for the Powerscourt series: #x1C;Fine prose, high society, and [a] complex plot recommend this series. #x1D;-Library Journal #x1C;One hopes to see more of Lord Powerscourt and his friends in the near future. #x1D;-Publishers Weekly In 1905, Lord Francis Powerscourt investigates a series of art thefts from stately homes of the Protestant gentry in Ireland. Then people begin to vanish. As Powerscourt closes in on the killer, his own life is threatened and his patriotism is questioned. David Dickinson, a BBC editor, lives in West London. From the Hardcover edition.

Death of a Red Heroine

by Qiu Xiaolong

Inspector Chen balances his love for writing poetry against his career goal of solving crime. His desire to find the murderer of a National Model Worker pits his search for justice against party politics and powerful politicians.

Death of a Pilgrim

by David Dickinson

When a pilgrim is killed in Le Puy en Velay, France, Lord Francis Powerscourt must investigate.

Death of a Nationalist

by Rebecca Pawel

Praise for Rebecca Pawel: "Pawel anchors a tense and exciting story with a terrific and complex plot. "-Detroit Free Press "[Pawel] turns the clock back to 1939 and Madrid's tumultuous past. . . . An intriguing juxtaposition of the political and the personal. "-Kirkus Reviews "An intriguing tale amid the gloom of war-torn Madrid. It is a humane and moving portrait of a divided people coming to grips with the virtues of enemies and the villainy of friends. "-Dan Fesperman Madrid 1939. Carlos Tejada Alonso y León is a Sergeant in the Guardia Civil, a rank rare for a man not yet thirty, but Tejada is an unusual recruit. The bitter civil war between the Nationalists and the Republicans has interrupted his legal studies in Salamanca. Second son of a conservative Southern family of landowners, he is an enthusiast for the Catholic Franquista cause, a dedicated, and now triumphant, Nationalist. This war has drawn international attention. In a dress rehearsal for World War II, fascists support the Nationalists, while communists have come to the aid of the Republicans. Atrocities have devastated both sides. It is at this moment, when the Republicans have surrendered, and the Guardia Civil has begun to impose order in the ruins of Madrid, that Tejada finds the body of his best friend, a hero of the siege of Toledo, shot to death on a street named Amor de Dios. Naturally, a Red is suspected. And it is easy for Tejada to assume that the woman caught kneeling over the body is the killer. But when his doubts are aroused, he cannot help seeking justice. From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Dead Man in Trieste

by Michael Pearce

The churning politics of Trieste in 1906 provide the perfect backdrop for murder in the first in a series set in British embassies and consulates in the early 1900s featuring Special Branch officer Seymour. When the British consul goes missing, who's responsible: the secret police, revolutionaries, or a mysterious lover? From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Dead Man in Tangier

by Michael Pearce

Tangiers in 1912 is an unusual city -- sometimes the police are there, and sometimes they aren't. When Seymour of Scotland Yard arrives to investigate a murder things inevitably go wrong. Seymour finds himself caught between the ancient and the modern worlds in this divided country, where tradition is harsh and limiting, and the future crashes in the form of a military boot. There is a woman, of course, to complicate matters, and soon Seymour comes to realize that the closer he comes to discovering the truth about the murder, the closer he may be to his own demise.

A Dead Man in Naples

by Michael Pearce

Murder and intrigue in beautiful pre-World War I Naples.

A Dead Man in Istanbul

by Michael Pearce

The Second Secretary of the Embassy in Istanbul has died in decidedly strange circumstances while attempting to swim the Dardanelles Straits, the passage between Europe and Asia, heavily used by warships, liners, and cargo vessels of all kinds. A romantic attempt to repeat the legendary feat of Leander, as the Embassy claims? Or was it an attempt to spy out a possible landing place for a British military expedition, as the Turks are insisting? Whichever, Cunningham has ended up with a bullet in his head. The suspicious circumstances of his death have to be investigated so the Foreign Office sends out an officer of the Special Branch known as Seymour. Istanbul is a fascinating and exotic place in 1908. It is famously the point where East meets West, a matter of some significance as the old Ottoman Empire crumbles and, in the expectation of war, the Great Powers circle for the kill. Very soon Seymour comes to suspect that Cunningham may have been swimming in deeper waters than the Dardanelles.

A Dead Man in Athens

by Michael Pearce

In 1913, a poisoned cat, an exiled Sultan, and a new vision of an ascendant Greece threaten the Balkans with utter chaos and war. Something has to be done, and fast. Who was behind the feline poisoning? British Special Branch officer Seymour is on the case. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Dark Dreams

by Michael Genelin

Praise for Michael Genelin: #x1C;Plenty of misdirection and suspense. . . . In the end, we must acknowledge that we have been held spellbound by a master storyteller. #x1D;-Library Journal(starred review) Prudent Jana and impetuous Sofia were best friends when they were schoolmates. One day Sofia approached a man in a car when she shouldn#x19;t have and ended up being raped by a nefarious Communist Party bigwig. Jana pursued the culprit#x19;s car, identified him, and vowed someday to bring him to justice. Now Jana is a commander in the Slovak police force and Sofia, having made her name as a reformer, is a member of Parliament. Jana has fallen in love with an upright government prosecutor and Sofia is carrying on a notorious affair with a suave, married fellow MP. One day Jana finds an enormous diamond dangling from a string fixed to the ceiling of the living room of her house. Was it put there as a present? Or, more likely, to entrap her? Where did this magnificent jewel come from? And why was it left for her to find? The answer leads Jana across Europe to unravel a criminal conspiracy involving multiple murders which has entangled her hapless, impulsive friend, Sofia, in its web, and ultimately to the criminal mastermind, the onetime Communist Party boss. Michael Genelinis a graduate of UCLA and the UCLA Law School. He has served with the Department of Justice in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. He lives in Paris with his wife and daughter. From the Hardcover edition.

Chosen Forever

by Susan Richards

In the heartwarming sequel to Chosen by a Horse, Susan Richards tells of the continuing gifts brought to her life by her beloved horse, Lay Me Down. Readers cried with Susan Richards when, at the end of Chosen by a Horse, her beloved mare was laid to rest in the paddock where she had met her herd -- Hot Shot, Tempo, and Georgia. Now they will cheer as Susan recounts the further wonders that came into her life as part of Lay Me Down's legacy: a bestselling book, a tour to support that book, the reconnection to friends and family who come to celebrate her success, and love-- unexpected, complicated, and true. And so Chosen Forever works its magic as a sequel of self-discovery, as Susan continues to grow into her new life. Told in charming prose with her familiar and disarming sense of humor, and featuring a new supporting cast of animal characters (a Siamese cat, two pugs, tow Labs, and appearances by horses), this is another moving tale for readers facing their own challenges at recreating their lives. Chosen Forever is the story of what happens the day after all of your dreams come true-- how you learn to accept that you deserve to be happy, and how those we love continue to offer us gifts long after they are gone.

Chorister at the Abbey

by Lis Howell

Praise for The Norbridge Chronicles: "A pleasure to read . . . remained engrossing to the end."--San Jose Mercury News The Chorister, a biblically obsessed serial killer, terrifies members of the Abbey Chorus in a market town in northern England. Two amateur detectives, a single mother and a teacher, find themselves drawn into the mystery to help their friends. Lis Howell teaches television to postgraduate students at City University, London and has worked as a TV executive in the United Kingdom. She is the author of one previous novel, The Flower Arranger at All Saints, the first in the Norbridge Chronicles series.From the Hardcover edition.

Chain of Evidence (Inspector Challis #4)

by Garry Disher

Praise for the Hal Challis series: "Garry Disher is an old favorite of mine, and it's about time American readers got a shot at him."-Scott Phillips, author of Cottonwood and The Ice Harvest. "A first-rate Australian author."-The New York Times Book Review. Inspector Hal Challis has been summoned to Mawson's Bluff, his childhood home in the Australian Outback, where his father is dying. Sergeant Ellen Destry is left to head an investigation into a ring of pedophiles that has descended on the peaceful Mornington Peninsula, a resort community near Melbourne. A little girl has been abducted from the fairgrounds at the annual Waterloo Show; it takes her mother twenty-four hours to report her missing. By then, hope is slim that the police will find the child before it is too late. Challis' sister's difficult husband disappeared from the Bluff four years ago; since then Meg has received nuisance mail that she assumes comes from him. While Challis is in town, an extra buried body is discovered when a new grave is dug in the local graveyard. A black plastic bag containing the corpse of Meg's husband is found on top of a coffin that was interred four years earlier. With two very different crimes to solve, Challis and Destry have their work cut out for them. Garry Disheris the author of more than forty books for children and adults. Two of his mysteries have won the German Crime Fiction Critics Prize. He lives near Melbourne in Australia. From the Hardcover edition.

Caravaggio's Angel

by Ruth Brandon

Dr. Reggie Lee, new at London's National Gallery, is planning a small exhibition of three almost identical Caravaggio paintings when she discovers a fourth. One must be a forgery. That discovery detonates multiple murders. Like Flavia di Stefano in Iain Pears' art history mysteries, Reggie is attractive, knowledgeable when it comes to art, and percipient when it comes to people with motives to defraud.

Buried Strangers

by Leighton Gage

Chief Inspector Mario Silva and his team pursue a ring of medical murderers.

Bones in the Belfry

by Suzette A. Hill

Having extricated himself from the embarrassment of murdering his lady parishioner, the Rev. Oughterard is now plunged into the traumas of art theft. Forced by the shady Nicholas Ingaza into being a fence for stolen paintings, he endures the investigative probings of terrifying female novelist and amateur sleuth, Maud Tubbly Pole, hell-bent on portraying him in her next novel. Haunted by the recent murder and fearful of exposure in his new role of 'receiver', the Reverend blunders haplessly in a mesh of intrigue and risible deceit. As before, his antics are commented upon by his cat, the acidic Maurice, and redoubtable bone-grinding ally, the dog Bouncer. Praise for Suzette A. Hill: 'Perfect one-sitting summer read. ' Laura Wilson, Guardian 'I think this is tremendous - amusing and professional' Dame Beryl Bainbridge 'E F Benson crossed with Jerome K Jerome' The Times audiobooks review 'This dry, funny British gem, with its eccentric cast of characters, will have readers laughing and eagerly awaiting the next episode' Publishers Weekly 'An intriguingly quirky read! And Maurice the cat is a very clever puss indeed!' Leslie Phillips OBE

Bone Idle

by Suzette A. Hill

Revd Francis Oughterard is in the grip of a blackmailer and under orders to steal a valuable figurine. Relief at success is short-lived when the theft backfires, and further skulduggery ensues. The Reverend's efforts to distance himself from yet another murder lead to embarrassing complications for him and his pompous bishop, Horace Clinker. When things come to a head in the form of crazily menacing Victor Crumpemeyer, it is once again up to the Reverend's world-weary cat, Maurice, and intrepid mongrel, Bouncer, to save his bacon. Praise for Suzette A. Hill: 'Perfect one-sitting summer read. ' Laura Wilson, Guardian 'I think this is tremendous - amusing and professional' Dame Beryl Bainbridge 'E F Benson crossed with Jerome K Jerome' The Times audiobooks review 'Quite why this series should be charming, astringent and witty, instead of emetically twee, I am not sure, but it is entirely delightful' Guardian 'This dry, funny British gem, with its eccentric cast of characters, will have readers laughing and eagerly awaiting the next episode' Publishers Weekly 'An intriguingly quirky read! And Maurice the cat is a very clever puss indeed!' Leslie Phillips OBE

Blood Wedding

by P J Brooke

Sub-inspector Max Romero is asked to help investigate the death of Leila, a beautiful Muslim postgraduate student, researching the impacts of the Spanish Civil War on Max's home village in the Sierra Nevada. The prime suspect, Hassan, has links to a supposed terrorist group but the police's insensitive handling of the case leads to his tragic suicide. As a result, Max gets co-opted into the anti-terrorist operation based in Granada, which is destined to go terribly wrong. Meanwhile, Max's fascinating family, headed by his charismatic grandmother Paula, loom large in the gathering events, while shadows from the Spanish Civil War crowd in to influence the present. The story moves from the ancient cobbled streets of Granada to the sultry mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Over it all hovers the mesmerizing but tragic beauty of the city of Granada.

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