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SAS Mountain and Arctic Survival

by Barry Davies

It is difficult to imagine how anyone would enter into a polar or mountainous region unprepared.<P><P> You're prepared for your journey or you arrive by accident; for example, the aircraft you are traveling in has crash-landed over the frozen tundra, or your mode of transport has broken down in the wilderness. In all cases, providing you are uninjured, your chances of survival are good. Planned travel in a cold or mountainous environment should mean that you are well clothed and equipped.In both winter and summer, the Northern Arctic offers an abundant supply of water and food; shelter can be found or constructed above and below the tree line. The real threat comes from the cold, injury, and simply doing nothing.During the Second World War a number of service men became marooned in the arctic wasteland--most of them died. They did so because few ventured far from their crash site, they made no attempt to catch fish, hunt game, or even attempt to travel south. None that were later found had prepared a rescue signal, and most had died not from the cold but from starvation.The SAS Guide to Arctic and Mountain Survival provides details on what to do immediately after your arctic or mountain survival situation has arisen. You will learn how to prepare a shelter, especially on a barren landscape. You will learn how make a fire in the cold and wind, as well as how to find and cook food. This guide provides detailed instructions on navigation, how and when to travel, and how to prepare signal fires that will help speed up your rescue.

SAS Jungle Survival

by Barry Davies

When we think of jungles, we often think of a densely forested area with thick foliage; this is what is known as a primary jungle. But jungles can also include swamps, grasslands, and cultivated areas. <P><P> Primary jungles can fall into the category of either a tropical rain forest or a deciduous forest, depending on the types of trees and plants found growing there. A tropical rain forest is typified by having tall trees whose upper branches interlock to form canopies. Yet of all the environments in which man has to survive, the jungle offers the best chance.The SAS have operated in the jungle for years, sometimes staying in the forest for months at a time. They developed a technique whereby they had two sets of clothing, one for daytime use and one for night. Just before they went to sleep they would change from their wet clothing, which was normally hung under the shelter to dry out. In the morning they would change from their dry clothing and put on the wet. It is an uncomfortable change, but one that guaranteed a good night's sleep in dry clothing.The SAS Guide to Jungle Survival will teach the reader to come to terms with the jungle environment, understand it, and work with it as opposed to "fighting it." The jungle forest can provide shelter, food, and water in abundance, and this book will show you how. If the jungle offers any problems, it is with disease and wild animals; The SAS Guide to Jungle Survival will show you how to avoid and resist both and come out alive.

SAS Desert Survival

by Barry Davies

Anyone venturing into the desert, either by crossing on foot, vehicle, or in an aircraft (other than a commercial flight) should be prepared. Desert regions are those least likely to have an easily available source of water. <P><P>Nevertheless, the survivor must find a water supply or they will die. No matter how abundant the rest of your survival resources are, without water your time is limited.To travel or stay put is one of the great dilemmas any survivor must face. The factors governing any decision should be based on where you are, your chances of survival if you stay put, where you intend moving to and the related hazards in getting there. Without communications it is difficult to assess whether there will be a rescue attempt, and even if there is, it would be presumptive to believe that they will locate you. Additionally, having the physical and mental ability, plus the resources to travel and reach a given point accurately is also a major factor.The SAS Guide to Desert Survival prepares the traveler for any situation they may find themselves in while venturing across desert and arid areas. It will explain the need for an immediate plan, as time will be against you, as well as how to dress for the ultimate protection from the sun and the cold (yes, deserts get very cold at night). The book will show you how and when to travel, as well as how to navigate a route to safety. The desert has two main advantages: the sun and the general clearness of visibility; a simple heliograph will flash a signal to both ground and air rescue services up to twenty-five miles away.


by Jacob Paul

An engrossing meditation on the meaning of faith, Sarah/Sara is the story of a young Orthodox Jewish woman who undertakes a solo kayaking journey across the Arctic Ocean after her parents are killed and she is disfigured by a terrorist bomb in a Jerusalem café.<P><P> Haunted by her parents' death, and in particular by memories of her father, a 9/11 survivor whose dream was to kayak through the Arctic, Sarah embarks on her expedition unprepared for the strenuous physical and emotional trial that lies ahead. What begins as a series of diary entries on her struggle with faith ends in a fight for survival, as Sarah slowly comes to realize that she is lost in the Arctic wilderness with the ice closing in around her.Jacob Paul teaches creative writing at the University of Utah.

Sangaku #2: Professor Hill Presents the World's Greatest Number Puzzles!

by Prof. James D. Hill

Sangaku returns with more addictive number puzzles. Similar to the wildly popular Sudoku, the all new Sangaku requires players to fill out a pattern, shape, or grid using mathematical rules. <P><P>These rules change according to the shape of the board, however, and the numbers presented in sets are also different for every puzzle. If that wasn't enough, almost every puzzle has more than one solution, meaning that players get twice the puzzles for the price of one!Japanese for "mathematical tablet," Sangaku puzzles are named for ancient devotional tablets seen at Shinto shrines. Sangaku is now a hit in Japan. These tablets were not only an offering to the shrine, but a challenge to other viewers. This challenge extends into the present day, where players will be inspired to consider the mystery of numbers--the magic of which penetrates "the core of our material universe and into the heart and soul of our human understanding." With more than two hundred puzzles, Sangaku #2 will keep you and your friends amused for hours, sharpen your math skills, and change the way you think about numbers. It's the perfect time-killer for puzzle lovers of every age and skill level.

Sang Thong: A Dance-Drama From Thailand

by King Rama II Fern Ingersoll

Sang Thong: A Dance-Drama from Thailand, a beloved treasure of Thailand's classical theater is now available for the first time in English.<P><P>Composed by King Rama II and his court poets early in the 19th century, this captivating dance-drama blends ribald humor, sharp observation, and graceful poetry. Its incidents are based on age-old Asian legends and on vigorous folk-traditions of the Thai countryside, where King Rama II had been raised as a commoner before his father ascended the throne. Into his retelling of the story Sang Thong, a child of godlike beauty whose strange birth in a conch shell caused him to be exiled from his kingdom, the dramatist king wove reflections on the mysterious workings of fate, legends of spirits and ogres, and episodes in which the machinations of courtiers and foibles of lovers play important parts. The world transformed by the beliefs and values of an ancient civilization.For the modern Thais, Sang Thong is a rich and pervasive cultural influence. For Western readers, this translation will provide valuable insights into a fascinating, hitherto unknown literary masterpiece. Sang Thong: A Dance Drama From Thailand will offer stimulating cultural data for years to come.

Samurai Tales: Courage, Fidelity and Revenge in the Final Years of the Shogun

by Romulus Hillsborough Kiyoharu Omino

Samurai Tales is about the legendary men from the samurai class who fought for the helm of power in 19th century Japan.<P><P> These are stories of courage, honor, fidelity, disgrace, fate, and destiny set in the bloody time of political change and social upheaval in the final years of the Shogun. Samurai Tales is, to quote author Romulus Hillsborough, "accurate portrayals of the heart and soul of the samurai, the social and political systems of whom have, like the Japanese sword, become relics of a distant age, but the likes of whose nobility shall never again be seen in this world." In recounting what he terms "the great epic which was the dawn of modern Japan," Hillsborough delves deeply into the psyche of the men of the samurai class. This book would serve well on the bookshelves of martial artists, those interested in samurai culture, or those interested in Japanese history.

Samurai Strategies: 42 Martial Secrets from Musashi's Book of Five Rings

by Boye Lafayette De Mente Michihiro Matsumoto

Similar to The Art of War by Sun Tzu, The Book of Five Rings by Musashi Myamoto, Japan's most famous warrior and combat strategist, provides valuable lessons for anyone facing challenging circumstances--from business, war, and sports to fields of art, love, and politics.<P><P>The samurai culture, created over a period of nearly seven hundred years by Japan's ruling class of warriors and epitomized in The Book of Five Rings, still influences every facet of the Japanese way of thinking and doing things. Many Japanese, consciously and unconsciously, pattern their attitudes and behavior on the thinking and behavior of Musashi, including sacrificing themselves to ideals, and continuously striving to achieve perfection.Boyé Lafayette De Mente has extracted the fundamentals of Musashi's martial tactics and explains them here in a context for use in the modern world. These strategies for winning are as valid today as they were in 17th century Japan and provide valuable insights for anyone in any field to endeavor.This hardcover edition of Samurai Strategies features a new introduction by the author, and additional commentary in each chapter by renowned Japanese author and samurai expert Michihiro Matsumoto.

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics

by Jonathan Pevsner

The bestselling introduction to bioinformatics and functional genomics--now in an updated editionWidely received in its previous edition, Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics offers the most broad-based introduction to this explosive new discipline. Now in a thoroughly updated and expanded Second Edition, it continues to be the go-to source for students and professionals involved in biomedical research.This edition provides up-to-the-minute coverage of the fields of bioinformatics and genomics. Features new to this edition include:Several fundamentally important proteins, such as globins, histones, insulin, and albumins, are included to better show how to apply bioinformatics tools to basic biological questions.A completely updated companion web site, which will be updated as new information becomes available - visit of genome sequencing projects spanning the tree of life.A stronger focus on how bioinformatics tools are used to understand human disease.The book is complemented by lavish illustrations and more than 500 figures and tables--fifty of which are entirely new to this edition. Each chapter includes a Problem Set, Pitfalls, Boxes explaining key techniques and mathematics/statistics principles, Summary, Recommended Reading, and a list of freely available software. Readers may visit a related Web page for supplemental information at and Functional Genomics, Second Edition serves as an excellent single-source textbook for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate-level courses in the biological sciences and computer sciences. It is also an indispensable resource for biologists in a broad variety of disciplines who use the tools of bioinformatics and genomics to study particular research problems; bioinformaticists and computer scientists who develop computer algorithms and databases; and medical researchers and clinicians who want to understand the genomic basis of viral, bacterial, parasitic, or other diseases.Praise for the first edition:"...ideal both for biologists who want to master the application of bioinformatics to real-world problems and for computer scientists who need to understand the biological questions that motivate algorithms." Quarterly Review of Biology"... an excellent textbook for graduate students and upper level undergraduate students." Annals of Biomedical Engineering"...highly recommended for academic and medical libraries, and for researchers as an introduction and reference..." E-Streams

The Same City

by Luisgé Martín Tomasz Dukanovich

"As well as the American setting, the ups and downs of our protagonist recall comparable arcs in the novels of Paul Auster and Philip Roth. . . . The plot is compressed and the prose tight. . . <P><P>In his sixth novel Martín has delivered a clever and pacy modern fable."-Ben Bollig, Times Literary Supplement In the midst of a midlife crisis Brandon Moy bumps into a long-lost friend. Since they last met, their lives have diverged, and despite being happily married and well-off, Moy yearns for the excitement and adventure his friend, still a bachelor, enjoys. The next day, after his wife and son have headed out, Moy leaves late for the law firm where he works in the World Trade Center. His delay will save his life, for it is September 11, 2001, and the attacks take place when he is just a few blocks away from his office. After spending the day tending to the wounded he tries to call his wife, to tell her he is alright, but the phone system has collapsed. Brandon Moy then and there realizes he will be left for dead, a 9/11 victim-his chance to vanish and pursue his dreams.Luisgé Martín is a Spanish writer born in Madrid in 1962. He has published short story collections, nonfiction works, and over five novels. He also contributes occasionally to Spanish publications, and has been awarded several literary prizes.Tomasz Dukanovich is a British translator who lives in Madrid.

Salmagundi Vietnam

by Lee Blair Don Pratt

This collection of some 200 anecdotes emanating from the war in Vietnam presents a realistic picture of the ups and downs of American's Best serving a tour in Vietnam. <P><P>A potpourri of booze, sex, satire, humor, and, of course, not to be forgotten, fire-fights with "Charlie," and death.Author's say "when the hard-core Bonnie Rat returns home from a tour in Vietnam, he also has no qualms about telling it how it is." This is precisely what the authors have done in Salmagundi Vietnam. Often their accounts dwell on the ugly side of the war, but for the most part they have included a good measure of good ol' GI humor, that special virtue of the American fighting man that enables him to make the most of any situation.

Saint Peter's Snow: A Novel

by Leo Perutz

It could have been a common street accident that put Dr. Georg Amberg in the hospital, but for the five weeks his doctors say he has been in a coma, recovering from a brain hemorrhage after being run down by a car, he has memories of a more disturbing nature. <P><P>What of the violent events in the rural village of Morwede? The old woman threatening the priest with a breadknife, angry peasants with flails and cudgels, Baron von Malchin with a pistol defending his dreams for the Holy Roman Empire-how could Dr. Amberg ignore these? And what of the secret experiment to make a mind-altering drug from a white mildew occurring on wheat-a mildew called Saint Peter's Snow.In this feverish tale of a man caught in the balance between two realities, Leo Pertuz offers a mystery of identity and a fable of faith and political fervor, banned by the Nazis when it was first published in 1933. Saint Peter's Snow is typical of Perutz's storytelling mastery: extraordinarily rich and elegant fiction that is taut with suspense, full of Old World irony and humor.

S.O.S. Alternatives to Capitalism

by Richard Swift

With capitalism vulnerable and out-of-step in the wake of financial crises this book investigates the alternatives that are on offer-including socialism, anarchism, and deep ecology.<P><P> It picks its way through the pockets of resistant thinking and emerges with paths to changing the world that rest less on rigid ideology imposed from above than on practical transformation from below.Richard Swift is former editor of New Internationalist magazine and author of the No-Nonsense Guide to Democracy. In 2011, he won the Daniel Singer Millenium Prize for an original essay which helps further socialist ideas.

Ryokan: Japan's Finest Spas and Inns

by Akihiko Seki Elizabeth Heilman Brooke

With over 180 color photographs and extensive commentary, this book showcases the beauty of Japanese inn, or ryokan.<P><P>Featured are both old and new-from inns with a history dating back a thousand years to modern inns with the latest facilities that nonetheless capture the spirit of old Japan. Each of the properties has been handpicked by the authors for their strong design aesthetic, commitment to service and purity of their spring waters. The photographs showcase the resorts at their best, and accurately express the unique architectural design of each ryokan.Each chapter begins by introducing the area surrounding the inns and their spas, or onsen, and provides a background of its local history, culture and traditions, as well as the natural environment. The text provides information on the design and development of each ryokan, and descriptions of the owners and their clientele.For those planning a visit to an onsen, this book provides contact details and information on the number of rooms, type of facilities and food, as well as vital information on travel and booking procedures and whether English is spoken. For those fascinated by Japanese culture and design, this book is an absolute delight.

The Run to Gitche Gumee: A Novel

by Robert F. Jones

It's 1950, and Ben and Harry, two young men from Wisconsin, know their fun is about to come to an end. Ben will soon depart for the war in Korea while Harry will hit the books as a college freshman. <P><P>They decide to end the summer on a high note with what will certainly be an adventurous canoe trip to Lake Superior, known to the Chippewa as Gitche Gumee.On the way to Gitche Gumee, they row through terrifying rapids, fend off a ferocious black bear, and catch some of the biggest trout they've ever seen in their lives. Encounters with a group of thieves, a few rambunctious girls from a local university, and intimidating businessmen also help them pass the time as they paddle down the Firesteel River.Fifty years later, Ben and Harry decide to recreate their trip to Gitche Gumee. Once again, they pack their bags, ready their canoe, and set out for what they're sure will be another unforgettable adventure. This time, however, the two men experience a completely different trip. They fish, hunt, and explore as they did when they were younger, but soon realize that their friendship-and the river-is not as they remember it.

Rowboat in a Hurricane: My Amazing Journey Across a Changing Atlantic Ocean

by Julie Angus

In 2005-06, Julie Angus, with her fiancé Colin, rowed 10,000 kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean, becoming the first woman in the world to travel from mainland to mainland in a rowboat. <P><P>The 145-day journey gave Angus, a trained scientist, a unique perspective on the ocean. The slow-moving boat became an ecosystem unto itself, attracting barnacles, dorado fish, trigger fish, turtles, sharks, whales, birds, and more, which she was able to observe and document. Angus also saw unmistakable signs of the ocean's devastation, with far more plastic bottles, wrappers, toys, and bags than sharks or other once-common sea life. Four cyclones, including two hurricanes, hammered the small boat so intensely that Angus and her companion weren't sure they would survive. Rowboat in a Hurricane records this amazing journey in meticulous, dramatic detail, in the process offering a personal record of an awe-inspiring ecosystem, its fascinating denizens, and the mounting threats to its existence.


by G. R. Mannering

"As the gates clicked shut behind them, she heard the distant roar of a beast."She bears no name. Her silvery appearance is freakish to the numerous inhabitants of Sago, the cosmopolitan capital of Pevorocco in a fantasy realm.<P><P> With her mother vanishing at the instance of her birth, she is regrettably sent to live with the nouveau riche Ma Dane, where she is punished daily for something, though she knows not what. Tauntingly named Beauty, she flees Sago in a violent uprising that sets out to massacre all Magics and journeys to the furthest point of the country.But Beauty cannot hide in the grassy Hillands forever. Before long, the State officials find her and threaten to take her back to war-torn Sago where death surely awaits. In a midnight blizzard she escapes them, running into a deep, enchanted forest to a great and terrible beast who will bargain for her life. But can Beauty accept Beast? Eternity is a long time.G. R. Mannering's eloquent style and creative retelling of a timeless classic illuminates the plight of Beauty and the Beast and is sure to captivate fans of Cinder, Beauty, and others.

Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs

by Noam Chomsky

In this still-timely classic, Noam Chomsky argues that the real "rogue" states are the United States and its allies. Chomsky turns his penetrating gaze toward U.S. involvement in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America to trace the enduring combined effects of military domination and economic imperialism on these regions.

The Romance of the Milky Way: and Other Studies and Stories

by Lafcadio Hearn

This delightful book presents seven pieces from the rich heritage of Lafcadio Hearn--one of the first and most preeminent scholars to travel to and write about Japan. <P><P>They are a natural outgrowth of Hearn's peerless philosophy: "If you have any feeling--no matter what--strongly latent in the mind (even only a haunting sadness or a mysterious joy), you may be sure that it is expressible."Hearn's language, his incomparable prose, ripened and mellowed consistently to the end, enabling him to write rich, melancholy, and profound passages such as the final paragraph in The Romance of the Milky Way: "I see the thrill of its shining stream, and the mists that hover along its verge, and the water-grasses that bend in the winds of Autumn. White Orihime I see at her starry loom, and the ox that graces on the farther shore, and I know that the falling dew is the spray from the herdsman's oar. And the heaven seems very near and warm and human; and the silence about me is filled with the dream of a love unchanging, immortal, fever yearning and forever young, and forever left unsatisfied by the paternal wisdom of the Gods."

Rock the Boat: How to Use Conflict to Heal and Deepen Your Relationshi

by Msw Resmaa Menakem Licsw

An honest look at what really works to bring more intimacy and deeper trust into your relationship. Couples therapist Resmaa Manakem challenges couples not to avoid conflict-Don't be afraid to rock the boat!<P><P> The emotional transformation that results can forge a greater, more mature intimacy; a deeper trust; and a stronger bond. Conflict is a natural part of any intimate relationship. Yet most couples either avoid it or try to smooth over their differences. This results in at least one partner compromising their integrity-and stunting their own growth. Gritty, often irreverent, and always practical, Rock the Boat challenges couples not to flee from conflicts, because the emotional stalemate that conflicts produce creates an opportunity for profound transformation. This transformation affirms each partner's individuality while forging a more mature intimacy, a greater trust, and a deeper bond. Rock the Boat challenges the idea that conflict between partners is unhealthy or something to avoid. Instead, it encourages both people to stand by what they need and who they are-but to do so with compassion rather than competitiveness or vengefulness. This is the purpose of an intimate relationship: to create an atmosphere where both people learn to grow up and mature in their relationship by appreciating each other's individual needs in a caring and mature way.Author Resmaa Menakem, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in couples therapy, addresses key factors in making this happen, including accepting discomfort and uncertainty; honesty and openness about sex, money, kids, and in-laws; recognizing when conflict might escalate into violence or abuse; and, when appropriate, finding and working with a good therapist.Rock the Boat is not about ideals, or what we hope or imagine relationships to be. It's an honest, unflinching look at what actually works.

Rob Feenie's Casual Classics: Everyday Recipes for Family and Friends

by Mark Mcewan Rob Feenie

Rob Feenie first wowed diners with his innovative tasting menus combining classic cooking techniques, international flavors, and local produce in the 1990s at Lumière restaurant in Vancouver.<P><P> Rob Feenie's Casual Classics brings together the celebrated chef's favorite recipes for the best meals in life: everyday cooking with family and friends. From appetizers to desserts, every recipe has been tested in Feenie's home kitchen and approved by his own three kids, ages three, six, and seven. From such fundamental recipes as roasted tomato sauce and juicy poached chicken to globally inspired dishes like barbecued duck spring rolls and quinoa jambalaya and braised osso buco, Feenie shares his modern classics and adds practical tips for saving time and money. The result is a one-stop compendium of casual recipes, written as if Chef Feenie were cooking beside you. This beautifully illustrated and inspirational compendium of family classics is sure to become a staple in any home chef's library.Every recipe has been tested in Feenie's home kitchen in meals with friends and family, and approved by his own three kids, ages 3, 6 and 7. The result is a beautifully illustrated and inspirational compendium of family classics that is sure to become a staple in any home chef's library.

The Road to Mecca

by Athol Fugard

A South African pastor and a young teacher from Cape Town battle over the fate of an eccentric elderly widow.

Rings: On the Life and Family of a Southern Fighter

by Randy Bates

In this momentous debut, Randy Bates finds in the daily lives of one American family the pathos and drama we usually associate with the finest fiction. Rings is strict, however, in presenting only actual people and incidents. <P><P>The book takes as its protagonist Collis Phillips, a black man who, one generation away from slavery managed to turn a youth of caddying:, shoe shining, and running bootlegged whiskey into a career as a successful boxer in New Orleans during the days of Jim Crow. But by the time Randy Bates, a young white man, first met him in 1979 Collis Phillips was facing more difficult obstacles. Shot and seriously injured by one of his daughters while at the top of his game as a trainer, Phillips had endured the suicide of one son and the long-term incarceration of two others in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, one of the most dangerous maximum security prisons in the country.Over the next ten years Randy Bates followed Collis Phillips, his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren, not only as a biographer but as a friend. After his first-hand experience of boxing in the gym Bates watched the Phillipses triumph in the ring; later, he sat at the trials of two generations of Phillips men and attended the funerals of others. He saw at close range the acute rigors of poverty, racism, and neglect; and he witnessed, too the strength and resilience of a family that has suffered and survived.Like James Agee's Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, Rings finds the heart of American heroism in people who have had little chance to stake their claim to the American dream. With a historian's eye for detail and a poet's graceful style, Randy Bates has written a shattering, multigenerational saga of urban American life.This revised edition of Rings includes an Afterword written by the author in 2013.This book is not a tour but a journey; its end as uncertain as its departure, its passage supremely moving and revealing ...RINGS is a book of quixotic fidelity. It has a quixotic wackiness, as well. But as in [Cervantes'] book that the adjective comes from, it is wackiness in the service of revelation.-Richard Eder, The Los Angeles Times BOOK REVIEWA powerful, moving chronicle of triumph over despair-Publishers Weekly(starred review)This is more than a boxing book. It is a well-crafted narrative about American ghetto life and the impact of racism on the lives of many black Americans .... Highly recommended-Library Journal(starred review)

Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany 2015

by Rick Steves Gene Openshaw

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling through Florence and Tuscany.With the self-guided tours in this book, you'll discover the geographic heart of Italy. <P><P>Take the Renaissance Walk and tour the Uffizi Gallery to learn how Florence taught civilized living to the rest of Europe. Wander through the medieval city of Siena and find out what Pisa has to offer beyond the Leaning Tower. Relax in sunny Tuscan hill towns where you'll enjoy full-bodied wine, the world's best gelato, and the company of friendly locals.Rick's candid, humorous advice will guide you to good-value hotels and restaurants. You'll learn how to get around by train, bus, or rental car and get up-to-date advice on what's worth your time and money. More than just reviews and directions, a Rick Steves guidebook is a tour guide in your pocket.

Rick Steves Venice

by Rick Steves Gene Openshaw

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when visiting the island city of Venice.<P><P>Following the self-guided tours in this book, you'll explore Venice's most important landmarks and cruise the Grand Canal for a close-up look at the elegant palaces, bridges, and churches. You'll discover picturesque lanes, enjoy the best city views, and tour outlying islands in the lagoon. Dine at a romantic canal-side restaurant, or join the locals at a characteristic cicchetti bar and munch seafood-on-a-toothpick. As the stars shine over St. Mark's Square, sway to the free music of café orchestras.Rick's candid, humorous advice will guide you to good-value hotels and restaurants. You'll learn how to explore Venice hassle-free and get up-to-date advice on what's worth your time and money. More than just reviews and directions, a Rick Steves guidebook is a tour guide in your pocket.

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