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Forum für osteuropäische Ideen- und Zeitgeschichte. 18. Jahrgang, Heft 1 [German-language Edition]

by Leonid Luks John Andreas Fuchs Gunter Dehnert Nikolaus Lobkowicz Alexei Rybakow

Since 1997, FORUM is an integral part of the journal landscape of European Studies. In addition to facts of contemporary history, it offers deep insights into the history of ideas, reflects current discussions, and provides reviews of books on Central and Eastern European history. Especially on the history of ideas and contemporary history it offers more than ?just? history -- e.g. interdisciplinary discussions by political scientists, literary, legal, and economic scholars and philosophers. FORUM sees itself as a bridge between East and West. Through the translation and publication of documents and contributions from Russian, Polish, and Czech researchers it offers the Western reader insight into the scientific discourse within Eastern Europe.Volume 18, Issue 1: The way the Federal Republic of Germany dealt with its past is seen by some as a role model for many post-authoritarian and post-totalitarian transition countries in East and West, despite some downsides of the long process of coping with the past after the German ?zero hour?. The current FORUM issue focuses on the comparison of the specifics of German memory culture with those of the Eastern European countries, especially Poland and Russia, since the beginning of their de-Stalinization debates.Seit 1997 ist das FORUM fester Bestandteil der Zeitschriftenlandschaft der Osteuropaforschung. Neben Fakten der Zeitgeschichte bietet es tiefe Einblicke in die Ideengeschichte, spiegelt aktuelle Diskussionen wider und liefert Rezensionen zu Werken der mittel- und osteuropäischen Zeitgeschichte. Gerade in den Rubriken Ideengeschichte und Zeitgeschichte bietet es mehr als "nur" Geschichte -- fächerübergreifend kommen u.a. Politologen, Literatur-, Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaftler sowie Philosophen zu Wort. Das FORUM versteht sich als Brücke zwischen Ost und West. Durch die Übersetzung und Veröffentlichung von Dokumenten und Beiträgen aus dem Russischen, Polnischen und Tschechischen bietet es dem westlichen Leser Einblicke in den wissenschaftlichen Diskurs Osteuropas. Heft 1/2014: Der lange Abschied vom totalitären Erbe Das Modell der bundesrepublikanischen Vergangenheitsbewältigung gilt als Vorbild für viele postautoritäre bzw. posttotalitäre Transformationsstaaten in Ost und West, ungeachtet mancher Schattenseiten des langwierigen Prozesses der deutschen Vergangenheitsbewältigung nach der "Stunde Null". Das aktuelle Forum-Heft vergleicht in seinem thematischen Schwerpunkt die Spezifika der deutschen Erinnerungskultur mit denjenigen der osteuropäischen Länder, vor allem Polens und Russlands, seit dem Beginn der Entstalinisierungsdebatten.

An Agenda for the Western Balkans

by Nikolaos Passamitros Nikolaos Papakostas

The Western Balkan countries have been both a popular subject matter for diachronic analysis and a 1990s favorite. The significant changes that followed the most recent times of conflict in the region mostly evolve around the process of Europeanization. Despite the plethora of analyses, most approaches to the Western Balkans suffer from theoretical stagnancy, ex parte political practice, and detachment of politics from societal needs. This volume is the work of a team of theorists and practitioners who attempt a multidisciplinary approach to Western Balkans reality. An Agenda for the Western Balkans offers a critical view on issues that have been over-analyzed in mainstream terms and opens a discussion that will occupy researchers and practitioners for years to come. It addresses novel topics and engages in innovative approaches that cut across disciplines of social sciences (political science, international relations, sociology, historiography, geography, political economy) and levels of analysis (local, national, regional, European, global). This collection is a pioneer theoretical and practical guide towards a sustainable future for the Western Balkans.

The European Union's Democratization Policy for Central Asia

by Vera Axyonova

The European Union has developed a range of instruments to promote democracy and human rights worldwide. However, the success of its democratization efforts remains questionable in countries that lack an EU membership perspective. The case of post-soviet Central Asia, where the EU declares democracy promotion among its key priorities yet is confronted with unfavorable domestic conditions for democratization and often fails to follow through, is an eye-opening example. Vera Axyonova's study offers the first comprehensive evaluation of the micro-level effects of the EU engagement in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and examines the factors that have made the EU efforts more or less successful in Central Asia.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Cold War Icon, Gulag Author, Russian Nationalist?

by Elisa Kriza

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was one of the Cold War's most iconic writers. This book offers an in-depth analysis of his reception in the US, UK, and Germany before and after 1991. Elisa Kriza skillfully explores how Solzhenitsyn's work can be understood with the paradigm of witness literature and uncovers the dynamics behind the politicized reception of his writing. From the mid-1980s onwards, Solzhenitsyn's popularity dwindled--was this for ideological reasons? What about the rumors linking him with Russian nationalism? This study does not shy away from stretching beyond anti-communism and touching more contentious subjects--such as anti-feminism, anti-Semitism, and revisionism--in Solzhenitsyn's work and reception. Bringing Solzhenitsyn back from his 'critical exile' and redefining his work as memory culture, Kriza's book is a crucial scholarly intervention, unveiling the mechanism that can transform a controversial figure into a moral icon.

Dealing with Evils

by Annie Gagiano

<p class="description">Annie Gagiano addresses more than twenty texts from various African regions and periods, ranging from transcriptions of ancient folktales to classic African English texts and recent writings on social and gender issues. Gagiano focuses on these texts' engagement with the forces that damage and threaten life in Africa and these authors' political courage, social concern, and subtle delineation of their characters' experiences. A new preface and several new essays bring the collection up to date with the latest developments in the field.</p>

Stepan Bandera: The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist

by Grzegorz Rossolinski

<p class="description">The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist is the first comprehensive and scholarly biography of the Ukrainian far-right leader Stepan Bandera and the first in-depth study of his political cult. In this fascinating book, Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe illuminates the life of a mythologized personality and scrutinizes the history of the most violent twentieth-century Ukrainian nationalist movement: the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its Ukrainian Insurgent Army.Elucidating the circumstances in which Bandera and his movement emerged and functioned, Rossolinski-Liebe explains how fascism and racism impacted on Ukrainian revolutionary and genocidal nationalism. The book shows why Bandera and his followers failed -- despite their ideological similarity to the Croatian Ustaša and the Slovak Hlinka Party -- to establish a collaborationist state under the auspices of Nazi Germany and examines the involvement of the Ukrainian nationalists in the Holocaust and other atrocities during and after the Second World War. The author brings to light some of the darkest elements of modern Ukrainian history and demonstrates its complexity, paying special attention to the Soviet terror in Ukraine and the entanglement between Ukrainian, Jewish, Polish, Russian, German, and Soviet history. The monograph also charts the creation and growth of the Bandera cult before the Second World War, its vivid revivals during the Cold War among the Ukrainian diaspora, and in Bandera's native eastern Galicia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.</p>

The Elephant in the Room

by Serghei Golunov

This book offers a long overdue account of the wide range of corruption and cheating practices in Russian higher education, including bribery, financial fraud, clientelism, plagiarism, exam cheating, and much more. Serghei Golunov ruthlessly uncovers the recent social trends that have created a favourable ground for such malpractices and evaluates the efficiency of measures taken against corruption and fraud by various actors. Although corruption and cheating are so wide-spread in most Russian universities that the real value of their diplomas is very questionable, these problems are prioritized neither by higher education managers nor by foreign actors such as partner universities, participants of the Bologna process, or the authors of global university rankings.

Filming the Unfilmable

by Ben Hellmann

This volume shares the fascinating story of the cinematic adaptation of one of the world's most influential novels. An all-encompassing account of the film's production and reception, the account is filled with little-known facts and valuable insight into Solzhenitsyn's complex relationship with filmmaking.

The Quest for an Ideal Youth in Putin's Russia I

by Ivo Mijnssen

This book analyzes the dubious role of the Democratic Antifascist Youth Movement "Nashi" in contemporary Russia. Part of the Putinist project of political stabilization, Nashi mobilizes young Russians through its emotional appeal, skillful use of symbolic politics, and promise of professional self-realization.

Practical Flow Cytometry in Haematology

by Mike Leach Mark Drummond Allyson Doig Barbara J. Bain Pam Mckay Bob Jackson

Practical Flow Cytometry in Haematology Diagnosis Dr Mike Leach, Dr Mark Drummond and Dr Allyson Doig Department of Haematology, Gartnavel General Hospital, Glasgow, UK Haematology Department, Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Glasgow, UK Department of Haematology, Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow, UK The accurate diagnosis of haematologic malignancies is a complex and challenging task. It routinely involves morphologic, molecular, cytogenetic and flow cytometric expertise. To determine what treatment protocol will be followed, it is vital to integrate, interpret and report these results accurately. Flow cytometry is key in this diagnostic pathway. This book guides the reader as to how flow cytometry results should be interpreted and applied to optimize patient care. At the core of this text is an appreciation of clinical, morphological and immunophenotypic correlation and the importance of constant liaison and discussion between the medical and scientific teams. The authors present a logical and practical approach to the diagnosis of blood disorders (both neoplastic and reactive) and evaluate the diagnostic applications of flow cytometry. Practical Flow Cytometry in Haematology Diagnosis provides: ? A clinical reference source on all aspects of flow cytometry, covering both malignant and benign conditions ? Carefully chosen real-life cases in each chapter, complemented by high quality morphological images ? Help in making a diagnosis, together with an understanding of the limitations of the technique and the potential pitfalls All those who instigate, perform, interpret or act upon flow cytometry patient material will find this book an invaluable guide. Titles of related interest Ortolani: Flow Cytometry of Hematological Malignancies (2011) ISBN: 978-1-4443-3588-0 Kottke-Marchant: Laboratory Hematology Practice (2012) ISBN: 978-1-4051-6218-0

Language Policy and Discourse on Languages in Ukraine Under President Viktor Yanukovych

by Michael Moser

Declared the country's official language in 1996, Ukrainian has weathered constant challenges by post-Soviet political forces promoting Russian. Michael Moser provides the definitive account of the policies and ethno-political dynamics underlying this unique cultural struggle.

A Life Dedicated to the Republic

by Josette Baer

Josette Baer retraces the eventful life of Slovak politician Vavro ?robár, the principal figure in the implementation of Czechoslovak democracy in Slovakia. From his student days and fight for Slovak civil rights in Upper Hungary to his active resistance to German fascism, ?robár shaped Czechoslovakia's turbulent history in the first half of the twentieth century. Baer's comprehensive biography makes archived materials available to English-speaking audiences for the first time and offers unique insight into Czechoslovakia's underresearched political history.

My Life as a Mermaid, and Other Stories

by Jen Grow

This stunning collection introduces an important new voice in American fiction. The characters-among them a suburban wife, an alcoholic mother, two homeless men, and an injured veteran-grapple with being voiceless and feeling trapped.The fiction editor of Little Patuxent Review, Jen Grow's fiction and nonfiction have appeared in the Writer's Chronicle, Other Voices, Sun Magazine, Indiana Review, and many others, including the anthology City Sages: Baltimore. She's received two Individual Artist Awards from Maryland State Arts.

Gun, Needle, Spoon

by Patrick O'Neil

This memoir follows a punk rock pioneer on his slide into drug abuse and life as an armed robber, all the way through life in recovery and what it's like to look back on those times, knowing all the while that he is still under the threat of three strikes, a twenty-five-to-life prison sentence waiting. He has no choice but to deal with it all drug free.During punk rock's heyday, Patrick O'Neil worked at the San Francisco's legendary Mabuhay Gardens. He went on to become the road manager for Dead Kennedys and Flipper, as well as T.S.O.L. and the Subhumans. He holds an MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles.

Broken Shield

by J. D. Rhoades

Chief Deputy Tim Buckthorn takes center stage in this scorching sequel to the bestselling BREAKING COVER. Buckthorn and his beloved hometown of Pine Lake thought they'd seen the last of FBI agent Tony Wolf. But when evidence of a kidnapping literally falls from the sky, Wolf returns to assist in the search for an abducted young girl. Buckthorn, Wolf, and brilliant FBI prodigy Leila Dushane race against the clock to piece the clues together. When the evil they find follows Buckthorn home, vengeance begets vengeance, and Pine Lake is once again torn apart by the hatred of violent and lawless men. By the explosive finish, Tim Buckthorn, a sworn officer of the law, will have crossed every line he ever knew to protect the people and the place he loves.

Doctor Glas

by Tom Rachman Hjalmar Soderberg Rochelle Wright

Stark, brooding, and enormously controversial when first published in 1905, this astonishing novel juxtaposes impressions of fin-de-siècle Stockholm against the psychological landscape of a man besieged by obsession. Lonely and introspective, Doctor Glas has long felt an instinctive hostility toward the odious local minister. So when the minister's beautiful wife complains of her husband's oppressive sexual attentions, Doctor Glas finds himself contemplating murder. A masterpiece of enduring power, Doctor Glas confronts a chilling moral quandary with gripping intensity.

Once I Was Cool

by Megan Stielstra

In these insightful, compassionate, gutsy, and heartbreaking personal essays, Stielstra, whose essay "Channel B" was recently featured in Best American Essays 2013 edited by Cheryl Strayed, explores the messy, maddening beauty of adulthood with wit, intelligence, and biting humor.The essays in Once I Was Cool tackle topics ranging from beating postpartum depression by stalking her neighbor, to a surprise run-in with an old lover while on ecstasy, to blowing her mortgage on a condo she bought because of Jane's Addiction. Or, said another way, they tackle life in all of its quotidian richness.

First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors

by Laura Doyle

If you want to repair your marriage or build an enduring, fulfilling relationship, step away from the therapist, put down the magazine, and pick up this book. Laura Doyle's marriage was in trouble. After five years, her husband had become distant and seemed checked out of their relationship, preferring watching TV to making love. There were frequent fights that ended with tense silences. Marriage counseling made their problems worse-each session seemed to reinforce the feeling that she and her husband were just too far apart.Desperate to avoid divorcing the man she loved, Laura tried something different: she started talking to happily married women, some for more than 15 years. What she discovered shocked her.Everything she had heard in marriage counseling was wrong. Laura realized there are basic truths that can help women maintain loving, intimate marriages, such as:The happiness of your relationship is up to you!What men want most of all is to be treated with respect. Treat your man with respect (even if you aren't feeling it), and he will treat you with love and care.Your man wants to know he has your trust. Give it to him, and he'll realize you are special . . . because you will be!After seeing her own marriage transform, Laura set out to help other women do the same. In First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors, you'll learn Laura's "Six Intimacy Skills," which have been used by over 150,000 women who have turned their unhappy marriages into blissful unions.First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors will put you on the path to having the sweet, satisfying marriage you want with the man you love!

Remember Dippy

by Shirley Reva Vernick

Johnny's plans fly out the window when he finds out his single mother is leaving town for the summer. She has a breakthough job in upstate New York. He can live with his Aunt Collette but only on the condition that he "help out with" his autistic older cousin, Remember. Yup, you heard it right: Remember Dippy. That's his cousin's name-and Remember is a gawky awkward kid with some pretty strange habits, like repeating back almost everything Johnny says and spending hours glued to the weather channel. Johnny's premonitions of disaster appear at first to come to cringeworthy fruition, but when the two boys save a bully from drowning, salvage the pizzeria guy's romance, and share girl troubles, Johnny ends up having the summer of his life.Winner of the Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award & 2014 Skipping Stones Honor AwardShirley Reva Vernick's debut novel The Blood Lie was named on the 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults list from the American Library Association. It also received the Simon Wiesenthal Once Upon a World Children's Award and Sydney Taylor Honor Book Award. Shirley lives with her husband, two daughters, and two frisky dogs in western Massachusetts. In addition to running a popular storytelling has written for Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, national newspapers, and the publications of Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Boston universities.

The Coyote Under the Table/El coyote debajo de la mesa

by Joe Hayes Antonio Castro L.

What happens when an old dog sitting at the dinner table with his master slides a whole leg of lamb, a big bowl of posole, a stack of tortillas and a bottle of wine to a coyote, who just happens to be under the table? A whole ruckus, that's what!But that's nothing compared with some of the other wild and wonderful folktales gathered by author Joe Hayes in this bilingual edition of The Coyote Under the Table. Like his signature collection The Day It Snowed Tortillas, this book is full of lively characters and laugh-out-loud stories. There's a trio of unsuitable suitors who court a clever young girl and end up being scared out of their wits one midnight in a haunted church. And a greedy man who learns his lesson on a day when he couldn't stop dancing. And a spotted cat who is actually a guardian angel in disguise."Once again Hayes intrigues and amuses with this charming compilation."-Booklist"These wise and witty tales continue to repay fresh encounters."-Kirkus ReviewsJoe Hayes is a nationally recognized author and storyteller. Joe lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and travels extensively throughout the United States, visiting schools and storytelling festivals.Antonio Castro L. was born in Zacatecas, Mexico. He has illustrated dozens of children's books including other Joe Hayes classics Pájaro Verde and The Day It Snowed Tortillas (Cinco Puntos Press), as wells as Barry, the Bravest Saint Bernard (Random House) and The Life of Louis Pasteur (Twenty-First Century Books). He lives in El Paso, Texas.

Crave All Lose All

by Erick S Gray Anthony Whyte

Vincent lost his job and moved in with his mother. His friend Tyriq is a big time drug dealer and willing to sponsor him into a drug cartel. Vincent is reluctant, but his baby mama is nagging and bills are piling up. Hustling is the way. But his long-time friend (and an experienced hustler) Spoon is against Vincent getting down. Vincent ignores Spoon's advice and joins Tyriq. Vincent quickly starts stacking major figures. The never-ending gwap, expensive cars, jewelry and fast women prove addictive. What he craves could be his downfall. The higher he climbs, the more envy he encounters. Vincent is caught in a costly, ugly and vicious war. Younger soldiers are ready to kill in order to rise. Does Vincent have what it takes to succeed at this most ruthless, dirty game?

Romeo and Juliet: The 30-Minute Shakespeare

by Nick Newlin

Planning a school or amateur Shakespeare production? The best way to experience the plays is to perform them, but getting started can be a challenge: The complete plays are too long and complex, while scene selections or simplified language are too limited."The 30-Minute Shakespeare" is a new series of abridgements that tell the "story" of each play from start to finish while keeping the beauty of Shakespeare's language intact. Specific stage directions and character suggestions give even inexperienced actors the tools to perform Shakespeare with confidence, understanding, and fun!This cutting of ROMEO AND JULIET is edited to four key scenes, starting with the lyrical prologue and the foreboding opening brawl, which is played out in slow motion to music. Also included are the timeless balcony scene; the harsh scolding of Juliet by her father; and the final moments at the tomb.The edition also includes an essay by editor Nick Newlin on how to produce a Shakespeare play with novice actors, and notes about the original production of this abridgement at the Folger Shakespeare Library's annual Student Shakespeare Festival.

Surviving the Angel of Death

by Lisa Rojany Buccieri Eva Mozes Kor

Eva Mozes Kor was just ten years old when she arrived in Auschwitz. While her parents and two older sisters were taken to the gas chambers, she and her twin, Miriam, were herded into the care of the man known as the Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele. Subjected to sadistic medical experiments, she was forced to fight daily for her and her twin's survival. In this incredible true story written for young adults, readers learn of a child's endurance and survival in the face of truly extraordinary evil.The book also includes an epilogue on Eva's recovery from this experience and her remarkable decision to publicly forgive the Nazis. Through her museum and her lectures, she has dedicated her life to giving testimony on the Holocaust, providing a message of hope for people who have suffered, and working for causes of human rights and peace.

Cruise Confidential

by Brian David Bruns

In Cruise Confidential, Brian David Bruns spills the dirt - or in this case, the dirty water - on those romantic, fun-filled vacations at sea. His hilarious chronicle of the year he spent working for Carnival Cruise Lines takes readers down into the areas where the crew works and lives, leaving readers gasping with laughter as they're assaulted nonstop with events that range from the absurd to the utterly bizarre. Stewards fighting over food. Cutlery allowances and other nonsensical rules. What the crew calls those onboard (no, it's not "passengers"). And of course, the sex. An abundance of ready, willing, and able bodies eager for action on a vessel replete with nooks and crannies leads to love in some mighty strange, and seemingly impossible, places. Breezy, entertaining, and informative, Cruise Confidential is essential reading for those planning a cruise or for anyone who just needs a good laugh.

Athletic Aesthetic

by Lexie Bay Emerald Lisa Fox Compiled by Kojo Black Vanessa Wu Malin James

The best athletes must demonstrate dedication and stamina on and off the field, and athletic prowess comes in many forms. From the racetrack to the gymnasium, The Athletic Aesthetic explores the eroticism of sport, as toned and limber athletes prove that they are at the very peak of their performance.

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