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Boy Meets Girl

by Rachel Safier

Everyone hopes to find their one true love. For the forty couples in this one-of-a-kind collection, that dream came true. Whether it was a twist of fate or soulmates reunited, these heartwarming stories will make any cynic believe in love again. Story categories include: Cupid Hit Me Upside the Head; We Were Only Kids!; I Couldn't Stand Him When We Met; Friends First; Love at First Sight; Finding Love Online, or; Embarrassing Meets; Relationship Redux; Office Romance; Everyone Knew Except Us!; The Blind Date. Whether you are still searching for your match or celebrating a golden anniversary, everyone will fall in love with this collection of romantic encounters.

Biblical Baby Names for Today

by Meera Lester

Having a girl? Consider Abigail. This Hebrew names means "My father is joy or cause of joy" and is first found in 1 Samuel 25:2-3, 39. After her husband Nabal died, the widow Abigail became King David's wife. Having a boy? What about Benjamin? Meaning "Son of my right hand and fortunate," this is another Hebrew name. Benjamin is also the name of the child that Rachel bore Jacob before dying; he later became leader of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. You can find a mention of Benjamin in Genesis 35:18. Not sure yet? Think about a name that works for boys or girls, such as Jordan. This Hebrew name means "to flow or to descend"-as in the eponymous river-and is found throughout the Bible. In Biblical Baby Names for Today, you'll find hundreds of biblical boys' and girls' names just like these, as well as their origins, true meanings, and citations within the New and Old Testaments. Complete with Bible stories that illustrate the most popular characters and their namesakes, this comprehensive guide makes finding the perfect name for your baby fun and easy.

The Only Psychic Power Book You'll Ever Need

by Michael R Hathaway

Achieve the power of second sight! Find out if he really loves you. Read your boss's mind. Predict the winning lottery numbers. Believe it or not, you have these fortune-telling talents-everyone does! You just need to learn how to channel your strengths. Take a deeper look at deja vu, dream meanings, horoscopes, and your five senses, and you'll be calling yourself a psychic in no time! With this clear and concise guide, you will learn how to: Identify your strongest senses and use them to your advantage; Conduct powerful exercises with your third eye; Make smart decisions based on divination. The Only Psychic Power Book You'll Ever Need is your key to unlocking the truth. From relationship worries to career questions, there's no telling what your third eye will reveal to you!

Menopause Sucks

by Joanne Kimes Elaine Ambrose

Do they call menopause "the change" because . . .You have to change shirts three times a day-after you've sweat through them?You have to change addresses, just to avoid all that mail from the AARP?You have to change your diet to nothing but milk and broccoli-just to get your RDA of calcium?With hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats (oh, my!), menopause might not be your favorite phase of life. However, bestselling author Joanne Kimes is here to provide relief as welcome as hand-held fans and sweat-free sheets. In her signature, no-holds-barred style, Kimes dishes on:Dealing with a rollercoaster of emotionsAnecdotes, remedies, and gentle tips to help you cope with all the physical changes you're facingHow to enjoy menopausal sexMenopause brings about a whirlwind of emotional and physical transformations. Menopause Sucks gives you all the info-and belly laughs-you need to cool down during this hot change of life.Joanne Kimes has authored or coauthored ten Sucks titles and has written for a number of children's and comedy television shows. She and her husband have one daughter and live in Studio City, CA. Visit her Web site at Ambrose is the author of more than 100 magazine articles and four books. She is the co-founder of Mill Park Publishing in Eagle, ID, and has two grown children. Visit her web site at Chambers Clark, ARNP, Ed.D. is an advanced registered nurse practitioner with a doctorate in education from Columbia University, the founder of the Wellness Institute, and a board-certified holistic practitioner. She is an editor at and the author of Living Well With Menopause: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You . . . That You Need to Know. She lives in Englewood, FL.

Quarterback Dad

by Bobby Mercer Alison D. Schonwald

You've just heard that your head coach will be adding a new star player to the team. It's time to suit up and get into shape for the new season. Quarterback Dad ensures that you master all of the key plays for the big game: 1st Half: the 9 months of pregnancy; Half Time: surviving the delivery room; 2nd Half: the first year with your new child; Super Bowl: celebrating all the successes of the first year. Quarterback Dad outlines a play-by-play birth plan and shows you how to tackle the registry and get your new star to sleep. With Quarterback Dad as your playbook, you are sure to lead your team to victory!

Six Figure Salary Negotiation

by Michael Zwell

More than 7 million Americans make six-figure salaries--and you can be one of them! Corporate recruiter Michael Zwell uses his twenty-five years of experience to show you how to reach that goal. And he brings you insider advice about salary negotiation from top business leaders, including: Robert Wright of the Wright Institute; Donald P. Delves of the Delves Group; Catherine Candland of Advantage Human Resourcing; Stan Smith of Smith Economics Group; Tom Terry of CCA Strategies; Judith Wright of the Wright Institute; Mylle Magnum of IBTWilliam J. White of Bell & Howell. These industry insiders show you how to negotiate a satisfying job offer or raise. They tell you how to ask the right questions and how to close a job offer at the right moment for the best salary and benefits. With these experts at your side, you'll get the salary and benefits you deserve.

How to Back Up a Trailer

by Kurt Anderson

Motor oil, beer, and charcoal-that's what real men are made of. A real man should be able to swap out the car's spark plugs and change its oil as his freshly caught fish smokes on open flame-all while shotgunning a beer. For how-to instructions on these and other equally manly activities, you need How to Back Up a Trailer. It's the ultimate guide to everything you better know how to do, like: Rotate your car's tires and change its brake pads; Swing a bat like a homerun hitter; Build and light a campfire during a rainstorm; Install an electrical outlet in your home; Tap a keg for the perfect beer flow. Read it. Learn it. Live it. With How to Back Up a Trailer, you'll never have to stop and ask for directions again.

The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need

by Skye Alexander

Pull The Lovers card . . . and find out if he's really into you. Draw The Wheel of Fortune card . . . and see if wealth is in your future. Choose the Star card . . . and discover your place in the universe! Tap into the timeless wisdom of the Tarot and find the answers to life's toughest questions! With this one-stop resource, you'll learn how to interpret all the cards of the Major and Minor Arcana, master several essential spreads, and conduct life-changing readings for yourself and others. Inside, tarot master Skye Alexander shows you how the cards can help you: Develop your intuition; Work through personal problems; Understand the past, reevaluate the present, and predict your future. By helping you to successfully navigate through love, career, family, and life, The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need will enable you to begin realizing your dreams today. Let the cards be your guide!

Questions to Bring You Closer to Grandma and Grandpa

by Stuart Gustafson Robin Freedman Spizman

What is your favorite family memory? How did the world you grew up in differ from today's world? Is there anything in life you wish you did, but never have?From childhood and family matters to aspirations and fears, these are just a few of the thought-provoking questions you will find in Questions to Bring You Closer to Grandma and Grandpa. This wonderfully compelling book helps you gain a deeper understanding of your eldest family members and discover some interesting family history too!Through intimate conversations, you will soon know more about your grandparents than you ever thought possible. Questions to Bring You Closer to Grandma and Grandpa promises to open up your relationship and strengthen the bond between you for years to come. And with plenty of space to write in your answers, it truly is a keepsake worth preserving!Stuart Gustafson is an author, mathematician, engineer, and college instructor who has recently retired from the corporate world. He enjoys writing, traveling, and spending time with his family. He is married to Darlene Smith, and they have a daughter Adrianne and a son Woodrow. Stuart's mother lives five blocks from their home. Visit for more information. He lives in Boise, ID.Robyn Freedman Spizman is no stranger to success. An award-winning author, she has written dozens of inspirational and educational nonfiction books during her accomplished career, including Make It Memorable, When Words Matter Most, GIFTionary, and The Thank You Book. As a seasoned media personality, she has appeared repeatedly on Today and CNN and is featured regularly on the NBC Atlanta affiliate WXIA and Star 94. She is also the cofounder of The Spizman Agency, a highly successful public relations firm that specializes in experts and book publicity. Visit for more information. She lives in Atlanta.

Questions to Bring You Closer to Mom

by Stuart Gustafson Robin Freedman Spizman

What is your greatest accomplishment? How do you handle feeling overwhelmed? Has your faith ever been tested? These are just a few of the thought-provoking, conversation-starting questions you will find in Questions to Bring You Closer to Mom. This wonderfully compelling book helps you gain a deeper understanding of the woman who's given you life and love all these years. Through intimate conversations, you will soon know more about your Mom than you ever thought possible. No matter what your mother's age, Questions to Bring You Closer to Mom promises to open up your relationship and strengthen the bond between you for years to come!

The Only Real Estate Investing Book You'll Ever Need

by Helen Coronato Thomas E Coronato

A fast-changing mortgage market means opportunity for investors like you. Authors Thomas E. Coronato and Helen Coronato offer a clear path to profits through today's real-estate investment jungle. Whatever kind of property you're working with, they show you how to: Assemble your investment team; Buy your first property; Manage your property and tenants; Expand your real estate empire. Opportunities are everywhere. The Only Real Estate Investing Book You'll Ever Need helps you to find them and make them yours-and profit from the adventure.

Job Spa

by Milo Sindell Thuy Sindell

Does your boss ignore you? Is your career going nowhere? Are you just going through the motions? If so, you need a trip to the Job Spa. Inside, authors Milo Sindell and Thuy Sindell detail an easy-to-master program that shows you how to reengage with your work and approach your career with new levels of energy and enthusiasm. Doing so will enable you to: Make a 100 percent commitment to get the most from your job Leverage your strengths to achieve their professional goals Conquer workplace culture Gain the respect of your boss and colleagues Build valuable relationships in the workplaceJob Spa: Twelve Weeks to Refresh, Refocus, and Recommit to Your Career is all you need to get excited, get noticed, and get ahead-once and for all. Milo Sindell, M.S., has developed career training and employee integration programs for disabled adults. He has held senior management positions with Applied Signal, Intel, and Sun Microsystems. He lives in San Francisco.Thuy Sindell, Ph.D. is director for client services and a leadership coach for Mariposa Leadership, Inc., providing coaching services for Fortune 100 companies. Recent clients have included Charles Schwab, Cisco, The Gap, and Wells Fargo. She lives in San Francisco.They are the authors of Sink or Swim: New Job. New Boss. 12 Weeks to Get It Right.


by Gregory Bergman

There's language . . . and then there is the language of business. In today's offices, you're as likely to hear kitchen-sinked or ticker shock as capitalization and balance sheet. With the international marketplace and the prevalence of text messaging, the vocabulary of business is constantly evolving. This evolution has left many a step behind, wondering:Should you blush if your boss tells you to put some pants on it?Could you be fired for frazzing?What's the correct reaction to a bozo explosion?How does a dot snot act around the office?You will find answers to these questions and more in BizzWords, defining the new buzzwords of business. Written in a sophisticated and slightly irreverent style, BizzWords is an engaging guide to today's essential, edgy business terms and expressions. Gregory Bergman is the author of -ISMS from Autoeroticism to Zoroastrianism (An Irreverent Reference) and The Little Bathroom Book Of Philosophy. He received a BA in philosophy from Hunter College. Currently, he serves as associate editor of EQUITIES Magazine, a financial publication. He lives in Southern California.

Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids

by Bonnie Harris

When a child believes he is bad, he behaves badly--and parents react badly, which will only reinforce the child's belief that he is bad. But confident parents can break this cycle and improve their child's misbehavior, says child development specialist Bonnie Harris. Using Harris's eight parenting principles designed to help children succeed, parents will learn the following truths: my child wants to be successful; behavior is the signal to my child's emotional state; inappropriate behavior means my child is having a problem, not being a problem; my needs are no more or no less important than my child's; I accept my child as a competent and unique individual; the behavior I focus on grows; I need to say what my child can hear; good discipline requires connection; and punishment breaks connection. Putting these principles to work allows parents to abandon the typical reward and punishment system of discipline (which alienates child and parent), and replace it with a more compassionate, successful approach that brings parent and child together. With Harris's plan, parents will gain the confidence and skills to raise remarkable kids they will love to live with--and vice versa.

The Write Type

by Karen E Peterson

Fitzgerald locked himself in his attic until The Great Gatsby was finished. Hemingway took a more casual approach, writing along the banks of the Seine River. Hawthorne found inspiration while working and living on Brook Farm. Three great writers chose three different methods of writing-each one uniquely suited to the quirks and qualities of the individual artist. Finding your own method-one that makes writing easier, more enjoyable and more productive-can be a challenge. But doing so can revolutionize the writing experience and take your work to a whole new level. The key to great writing is not what you are writing, but how you are writing. In The Write Type, psychologist and novelist Karen Peterson shows you how to identify exactly what kind of writer you are, determine your unique preferences and tendencies, and then use them to create a personalized writing system that gets results. Why wait? Discover your "write" type and start producing the best, most creative work of your life! Praise for The Write Type: "Another excellent book about writing by Dr. Karen Peterson that . . . analyzes the very important psychological foundations and moods that ultimately lead either to avoiding the writing or to getting the writing done."-Dr. Robert Thayer, professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach, and author of Calm Energy. "Once again, psychologist Peterson has delivered the goods to those of us struggling to write: a down-to-earth blend of comfort, encouragement, and practical advice."-Les Standiford, Ph.D., director of the Creative Writing Program at Florida International University and author of Last Train to Paradise.

The 99 Cent Only Stores Cookbook

by Christiane Jory

"CJ delivers the mouthwatering scrumptiousness every time. Her dishes are delectable. And I am a connoisseur of all things delicious." -Jack Black Tired of forking over hundreds of dollars for entertaining her friends and family, Christiane Jory made a decision. She challenged herself to create more than 100 gourmet recipes for appetizers, side dishes, main courses, and desserts-solely with items she found at 99¢ Only Stores! In this delightful, practical cookbook, Jory serves up delectable dishes, including: Artichoke Spinach Bake on Homemade Pizza Bread Green Beans Au Gratin Chicken Tetrazinni Pinot Noir Poached Pear Tart This handy guide is filled with sample menus, a glossary of cooking terms, and space for creating recipes of your very own. Each recipe includes an estimated cost and helpful kitchen hints, such as uses for recycled milk cartons and how to freeze egg whites. Never again will finances be an excuse for not entertaining with pizzazz. With The 99¢ Only Stores Cookbook, feeding a family, playing host to five or six, or even simply cooking for one at home needn't cost a small fortune ever again!

A Writer's Space

by Eric Maisel

To write what you want to write, the way you want to write it, you need to create both psychic and physical space. In A Writer's Space, noted creativity expert and bestselling author Dr. Eric Maisel shows you how to do just that. He takes you by the hand and guides you deep into your own creative process, helping you to: Honor your inner muse; Spark your creative impulse; Make the most of time you spend writing; Devise personalized rituals to start you writing and keep you writing; Create a work space that complements the writing process; Design a writing schedule that's easy to follow, no matter what. Calling upon his own writing experience, as well as his extensive knowledge of the creative process, Dr. Maisel will help you define the physical and mental space you need to produce the best work you've ever created, page after page!

The Fixer-Upper Man

by Cooper Lawrence

If you're like women the world over, no doubt you've wasted a lot of time trying to transform unchangeable men into great boyfriends. With The Fixer-Upper Man, relationship expert Cooper Lawrence provides a blueprint for changing the ones worth keeping-and putting those that aren't back on the market. More important, she'll teach you how to differentiate between a Fixer Upper and a Money Pit-so you'll grab onto the former and run screaming from the latter. Is he . . .Smart and talented, but underemployed? Cute under all that hair and buff under all those baggy clothes? Sweet but a tad . . . hmm . . . boring? With this book, you'll apply Lawrence's tips with such finesse that your Fixer Upper won't even know what's fixed him. He'll go from good to great in no time. Forget that old saw that a woman can't change her man. With this handywoman's special guide, you'll make your man over into a showplace all your own.

The Complete Guide to Investing During Retirement

by Thomas Maskell

"Buy early and diversify." But what good is that Wall Street adage for those entering retirement with little savings? They're looking for a substantial and quick return on their money. This guide is for them. It provides retirees with the knowledge and confidence needed to join the stock market later in the game. Financial expert Thomas Maskell secures readers' investments as he introduces stock market procedures and terminology, helps retirees increase their investments to multiply their account value, ignores standard Wall Street rhetoric and trains them to become their own investment experts, and leads them on the path of short-term buying and selling success. This vital stock, investing, and trading information is delivered to readers in an accessible and understandable way. Retirees can now focus on enjoying retirement--rather than affording it.

Zen and the Art of Housekeeping

by Lauren Cassel Brownell

Wash the dishes, do the laundry, mop the floors, scrub the toilets, make the beds, vacuum the rugs . . . the list goes on and on, with little time to stop, breathe, and take in your beautiful surroundings. Now you can. Learn to be at peace and attain enlightenment while doing all the "little" things around the house. Your floors and counters will shine as you become one with your home and gain an elevated sense of being. Zen and the Art of Housekeeping challenges you to put more than elbow grease into your daily routine. You'll learn how to spirit yourself away during mundane chores as you muse over thought-provoking Zen koans like: If the kitchen is the heart of the home, what is the heart of the kitchen? What is the color of clean? If the purpose of cleaning is to remove dirt, what is the purpose of dirt? What fills empty spaces? Whose footprints are on your floor? With Zen and the Art of Housekeeping, you'll scrub your way to enlightenment-and a spotless sink.

The Long-Distance Dad

by Steven Ashley

You can't always be there physically for your children-but that doesn't mean you can't be a good dad. Steven Ashley, founder of the Divorced Fathers Network, shows you how to remain an important part of your child's life-no matter how far apart you are. Whether you're divorced, constantly traveling for work, or deployed overseas, The Long-Distance Dad can help. This practical handbook addresses all the inherent problems of long-distance parenting and teaches you how to: Use technology to stay in touch; Establish relationships with teachers, coaches, and counselors; Take an active role in homework, school projects, and outside activities; Make the most of vacations and holidays; And much more. You may not be with your children. But you can be there for your children. Let The Long-Distance Dad help you be the great father you were meant to be.

The Single Mother's Guide to Raising Remarkable Boys

by Gina Panettieri Philip S Hall

As a single mother to a growing son, you take on many roles: coach, chef, cheerleader, buddy, housekeeper, teacher, disciplinarian, and nurturer. The Single Mother's Guide to Raising Remarkable Boys helps you juggle all these roles with aplomb. You'll also learn how to help your son: Succeed at school; Excel on the sports field; Find an appropriate male role model; Socialize and combat peer pressure; Deal with sex, drugs, and video games. Complete with resources and recommended strategies for every stage of a boy's life, The Single Mother's Guide to Raising Remarkable Boys helps you go it alone-and raise a happy, healthy, well-adjusted young man!

Time to Write

by Kelly L Stone

"Okay, no more excuses. Light bulbs went off in my head as I read Kelly L. Stone's Time to Write with its shrewd observations and sage, practical advice for making time to write."-HALLIE EPHRON, author of Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel. "When it's a writing day, I'm writing. Period." - JODI PICOULT. "If the trouble is just getting started in the morning, I often change my writing place or method." -JENNIFER BLAKE. In Time to Write, more than 100 professional writers from across genres-including Sandra Brown, Catherine Coulter, Wendy Corsi Staub, Merline Lovelace, Steve Berry, Tess Gerritsen, Ann Major, Cherry Adair, Christine Feehan, Julia London, and Eloisa James-share their secrets to finding time to write. And if they could find the time to write, then so can you. The time is now.

Have I Got a Guy for You

by Alix Strauss

The good news is: You've got a date. The bad news is: Your mother sent him. Picture this: Mom swears she's found "the one" for you, her baby girl, and you end up on the date from hell. If you've been there, done that, you'll appreciate the dating catch-22 that is Have I Got a Guy for You. In this take-no-prisoners collection of hilarious, wince-inducing true stories, you'll meet two dozen victims of Mom's well-meaning meddling and hear the unvarnished details of what they suffered through: 1. The schoolteacher who never wants to leave his house-or the couch 2. The mother who writes letter after letter to Michael Gelman, then-producer of LIVE with Regis & Kathie Lee, hoping to persuade him to ask her daughter out 3. The woman who's set up with her cousin-by-marriage 4. The writer who endures eights hours of a Dungeons & Dragons convention 5. The over-zealous actor who performs a monologue at Starbucks 6. And the lawyer who sadly can't perform . . . at all

The Commuter Marriage

by Tina B Tessina

Whether it's for deployment overseas or cross-country trucking, commuting to "the city" during the week or seizing an opportunity on the other coast, you've found yourself in a commuter marriage. You and your spouse are happily married but suddenly living apart, causing you to worry about what that distance will do to you and to your marriage. Author and psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina has designed a program to help couples like you survive and thrive in long-distance relationships. In The Commuter Marriage, Dr. Tessina answers questions you will face about everyday living situations, such as how to: Keep the passion burning; Communicate effectively; Resolve conflicts; Raise healthy kids; Overcome jealousy and suspicions; and Manage your homes. With quizzes, exercises, and real couples' stories from Dr. Tessina's practice, you will see what works-and what doesn't. So, whether the decision to commute is voluntary or mandatory, you and your partner can keep the romance alive, your marriage intact, and your bond even stronger while you are apart!

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