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Inequality and Poverty: A Short Critical Introduction (SpringerBriefs in Economics)

by S. Subramanian

This book provides an entry into the subjects of disparity and deprivation, by attending to issues that have a bearing on certain salient philosophical and conceptual aspects of these subjects. The student doing a graduate course in the measurement of inequality and poverty is all too often plunged directly into the complexities of Schur-convex functions, dominance conditions, partial orders and the axiomatics of characterization theorems. Inequality and poverty as phenomena with profound social and moral implications for the world we live in tend to get submerged in a treatment of the subject that is more suggestive of applied mathematics than of the material conditions of life. This is in no way to deny that measurement must deal uncompromisingly with measurement, and therefore with the protocols of formal logic and technical rigour. Having said this, it seems fair to suggest that one’s appreciation of the formalities – as well as of the limitations and ambiguities - of measurement is only aided by a relatively gentle introduction to the subject. This would call for a prior, or accompanying, engagement with the underlying concepts, the philosophical bases, the political salience, the normative values, and the critical facts of the subjects under investigation. It is this necessary background that is emphasized in this book, which is a collection of articles published earlier in the popular press, and intended for consumption by any curious general reader or student with a taste for critical enquiry. The contents of the book will be useful as much for the aspiring scholar as for the interested lay reader looking for a gateway into the subject.

Advances in Interdisciplinary Engineering: Select Proceedings of FLAME 2018 (Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering)

by Vikas Kumar Mukul Kumar R. K. Pandey

This book presents select proceedings of the International Conference on Future Learning Aspects of Mechanical Engineering (FLAME 2018). The book discusses interdisciplinary areas such as automobile engineering, mechatronics, applied and structural mechanics, bio-mechanics, biomedical instrumentation, ergonomics, biodynamic modeling, nuclear engineering, agriculture engineering, and farm machineries. The contents of the book will benefit both researchers and professionals.

Notes on Projectile Impact Analyses

by Hao Wu Yong Peng Xiangzhen Kong

This book presents comprehensive experimental, numerical, and theoretical research on projectile impact analysis, such as the rigid projectile penetration/perforation of concrete and metallic targets, and shaped-charge-formed projectile and jet penetrations. Concrete and metal materials are widely used in protective structures in both civil engineering and armored vehicles, such as military fortifications, underground shelters, infantry fighting vehicles, and tanks, which are designed to withstand intentional or accidental impact loadings caused by projectiles and fragments, and the responses of these targets under projectile impact have been a topic of discussion for several decades. Written for researchers and engineers working in the fields of protective structures and high-speed penetration mechanics, the book is also a valuable reference for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in defense engineering, terminal ballistics and other related fields.

Masterpieces from World Literature Classics for Christians Vol. 2

by Jan Anderson

Masterpieces from World Literature Classics for Christians Vol. 2

Conditions In Occupational Therapy

by Ben Atchison Diane Dirette

Conditions in Occupational Therapy focuses on chronic health problems and their impact on an individual's physical, cognitive, psychological, and social capabilities. Readers learn how the patient's age, life tasks, and living environment affect occupational therapy needs, and how to determine what occupational therapy services to provide. Chapters present the etiology, symptoms, prognosis, and progression of conditions frequently encountered in practice. Case studies at the end of every chapter help students apply the content to real-life clinical situations. This edition includes new chapters on vision disorders, muscular dystrophy, infectious diseases, and developmental trauma disorder. The expanded art program includes more photos, drawings, charts, and graphs.

Business: A Practical Introduction

by Brian Williams Stacey Sawyer Susan Berston

For Introduction to Business courses. No two Introduction to Business courses are completely alike--they're as different and unique as the educational professionals teaching them. And now, in order to help you create a course based on your personal teaching interests, the new textbook Business: A Practical Introduction offers a way to make the choice all yours. With just a few clicks, the solid Introduction to Business fundamentals of this course can be enhanced to reflect your personal interests. So regardless of whether your interests lie in sustainability or ethics, business skills or social media and technology, you can have a textbook and media solution suited to you and your course needs. Available with MyBIZLab! No two Introduction to Business classes are the same either--the students you teach change from class to class, as does your approach to accommodate their unique learning styles. The combination of Business: A Practical Introduction with MyBizLab, provides students with access to personalized learning options, while helping you assign, deliver, manage, and assess a meaningful course with ease

Brexit und der Finanzmarkt: Die rechtlichen Auswirkungen auf grenzüberschreitende Finanzdienstleistungen (essentials)

by Lisa Löbig Domenik H. Wendt

Der sog. „Brexit“ ist einer der wohl größten Einschnitte in der Geschichte der Europäischen Union. Für die im Finanzmarkt der EU agierenden Akteure stellt sich zunehmend die Frage, unter welchen Voraussetzungen nach dem Brexit grenzüberschreitende Finanzdienstleistungen erbracht oder in Anspruch genommen werden können. Lisa Löbig und Domenik H. Wendt skizzieren die möglichen rechtlichen Folgen, die ein harter Brexit für deutsche und britische Finanzmarktteilnehmer mit sich bringt. Hierbei wird auf ausgewählte Beispiele aus dem Finanzmarkt unter Berücksichtigung wirtschaftlicher und rechtlicher Aspekte eingegangen.Die Autoren: Lisa Löbig ist Absolventin des Studiengangs Wirtschaftsrecht (LL.B.) an der Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences und frühere Mitarbeiterin am Fachbereich Wirtschaft und Recht. Derzeit ist sie bei einer Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft in Frankfurt am Main tätig. Prof. Dr. Domenik H. Wendt, LL.M. ist Professor für Bürgerliches Recht, Europäisches Wirtschaftsrecht und Europarecht an der Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences und Direktor des Instituts für Vertragsgestaltung und Konfliktlösung (IVK).

Körperschaftsteuer in der Unternehmenspraxis: Steuerliche Optimierung für Unternehmer und Unternehmen

by Matthias Alber

Das Buch vermittelt mit Beispielen und Muster-Berechnungen die wichtigsten Praxisfälle der Körperschaftsteuer. Zahlreiche Praxishinweise helfen bei der Steueroptimierung.

Organisation und Zivilgesellschaft: Beiträge Der Kommission Organisationspädagogik (Organisation und Pädagogik #24)

by Susanne Maria Weber Nicolas Engel Michael Göhlich Andreas Schröer Christian Schröder Claudia Fahrenwald

Der Band diskutiert die Besonderheiten von Organisationalem Lernen in, von und zwischen zivilgesellschaftlichen Organisationen. Zivilgesellschaft bildet den Kontext von Lernprozessen, Lernen findet aber auch zwischen Organisationen unterschiedlicher gesellschaftlicher Sektoren statt, schließlich können zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen selbst als lernende Akteure verstanden werden. Zivilgesellschaft wird zwischen Staat, Markt und privaten Haushalten verortet. Ihr werden unterschiedliche gesellschaftliche Rollen und Funktionen zugeschrieben, die Konsequenzen für das Verständnis von Lernprozessen haben. In den Beiträgen werden diese spezifischen Aspekte einer organisationspädagogischen Verhältnisbestimmung von Organisation und Zivilgesellschaft analysiert und diskutiert.

Delta Opioid Receptor Pharmacology and Therapeutic Applications (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology #247)

by Emily M. Jutkiewicz

This volume describes our current understanding of the biological role of the delta-opioid receptor (DOR) system, focusing on its unique mechanisms of receptor trafficking and signaling in disease states. Part 1 covers the endogenous ligands that regulate the DOR system as well as novel compounds and therapies used to modulate the DOR system. Part 2 describes new insights into the localization and trafficking of the DOR and how ligand-directed signaling alters the fate of the receptor. Part 3 concentrates on the potential role of the DOR system in disease states, such as pain, mood, addiction, and Parkinson’s disease. Throughout the book, the DOR system as a target for drug development will be discussed.

Security and Privacy in New Computing Environments: Second EAI International Conference, SPNCE 2019, Tianjin, China, April 13–14, 2019, Proceedings (Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering #284)

by Jin Li Hao Peng Zheli Liu

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 2nd EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in New Computing Environments, SPNCE 2019, held in Tianjin, China, in April 2019. The 62 full papers were selected from 112 submissions and are grouped into topics on privacy and security analysis, Internet of Things and cloud computing, system building, scheme, model and application for data, mechanism and method in new computing.

Aesthetic Realism

by Inês Morais

This compelling book defends realism concerning the aesthetic—in particular, concerning the aesthetic properties of works of art (including works of literature). Morais lucidly argues that art criticism, when referring to aesthetic properties, is referring not ultimately to the critic’s subjective reactions, but to genuine properties of the works. With a focus on contemporary discussion conducted in the analytic tradition, as well as on arguments by Hume and Kant, this book characterizes the debate in aesthetics and the philosophy of art concerning aesthetic realism, examining attacks on the objectivity of values, the ‘autonomy thesis’, and Hume’s sentimentalism. Considering and defusing scepticism concerning the significance of the ontological debate about aesthetic realism, Morais discusses two powerful attacks on aesthetic realism before defending the doctrine against them and providing a positive realist account of aesthetic properties.

Shirley Jackson, Influences and Confluences

by Lisa Kröger Melanie Anderson

The popularity of such widely known works as "The Lottery" and The Haunting of Hill House has tended to obscure the extent of Shirley Jackson's literary output, which includes six novels, a prodigious number of short stories, and two volumes of domestic sketches. Organized around the themes of influence and intertextuality, this collection places Jackson firmly within the literary cohort of the 1950s. The contributors investigate the work that informed her own fiction and discuss how Jackson inspired writers of literature and film. The collection begins with essays that tease out what Jackson's writing owes to the weird tale, detective fiction, the supernatural tradition, and folklore, among other influences. The focus then shifts to Jackson's place in American literature and the impact of her work on women's writing, campus literature, and the graphic novelist Alison Bechdel. The final two essays examine adaptations of The Haunting of Hill House and Jackson's influence on contemporary American horror cinema. Taken together, the essays offer convincing evidence that half a century following her death, readers and writers alike are still finding value in Jackson’s words.

Shock Waves in Solid State Physics

by G. I. Kanel'

Methods and the latest results of experimental studies of the strength properties, polymorphism and metastable states of materials and substances with extremely short durations of shock-wave action are presented. The author provides a comprehensive and theoretical description of specific features of the dynamics of elastoplastic shock compression waves in relaxing media. The presentation is preceded by a detailed description of the theoretical foundations of the method and a brief discussion of the basic methods of generating and diagnosing shock waves in solids. Key Selling Features: Addresses dynamic elastic-plastic response, spallation, and shock-induced phase transformation. Provides a centralized presentation of topics of interest to the shock physics community Presents new data on the mechanism and basic patterns of sub-microsecond polymorphic transformations and phase transitions. Investigates destruction waves in shock-compressed glasses. Analyzes the behavior of highly hard brittle materials under shock-wave loading and ways to diagnose fracture.

Short Answer Questions for the MRCOphth Part 1 (MasterPass)

by Nathanial Knox-Cartwright Petros Carvounis

This book is an essential revision aid for those revising for the short answer paper of the Part 1 MRCOphth examination in the United Kingdom and similar examinations elsewhere. It covers many of the frequently asked questions and presents answers in a format that can be reproduced under examination conditions. It covers the basic sciences, and is also a useful reference to refresh the knowledge of experienced ophthalmologists and allied health professionals.

Short Bowel Syndrome: Practical Approach to Management

by John DiBaise Carol Parrish Jon Thompson

Short Bowel Syndrome: Practical Approach to Management is the first reference exclusively about the issues experienced by patients with a short bowel. It covers all aspects of normal and abnormal physiology, the presenting features, and outcomes, including metabolic problems, gallstones, and renal stones. It discusses both medical and surgical treatments, including intestinal transplantation. The use of growth factors, which is likely in the future to become increasingly important in promoting intestinal structural adaptation, is extensively discussed. Special emphasis is given to the psychosocial aspects of the quality of life of patients, including support groups. Emphasis is also given to the importance of an experienced multidisciplinary team in caring for these patients. This book is particularly timely given the recent advances in the management of Short Bowel Syndrome, including the availability of pharmacologic agents to enhance intestinal absorption, refinements in parenteral nutrition, and surgical procedures designed to eliminate the need for parenteral nutrition support. The goal of this international, interdisciplinary book is to bring the subject of Short Bowel Syndrome to a wide audience. A wide range of specialists have contributed to this book to provide various viewpoints on the state-of-the-art care of those with this condition.

A Short History of Persian Literature: At the Bahmanī, the ‘Ādilshāhī and the Qutbshāhī Courts – Deccan

by T. Devare

This is a seminal book, first published in 1961. Over the past six decades, T.N. Devare's work has been widely recognised as a pioneering study to re-discover the glorious heritage of Persian in the Deccan, following the first comprehensive and critical survey completed by the author of Persian manuscript sources and literary works scattered across numerous libraries, archives and repositories in India and abroad.The book convincingly argues that, the Deccan’s multilingual and multi-religious traditions shaped the evolution of Indo-Persian and produced over nearly four centuries, a distinct literary and cultural world marked by a syncretic character which defied social, political or religious boundaries. The author also makes the case for collaboration between Persian and the regional languages of India, particularly Marathi. It is the rich legacy of Persian in the Deccan Courts with their vast treasures of literature that is preserved in Dr Devare’s work.The book has been regarded and continues to remain a foundational text for studying the Deccan, be it in the field of history, literature or culture.Please note: Taylor & Francis does not sell or distribute the Hardback in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

The Signal: The History of Signal Processing and How We Communicate

by Ted Lewis

Computers are the foundation of the information age, but communication technology is the foundation of the foundation. Without the theories and practical applications of theory brought to us by the pioneers of communication, the computer age would perhaps have remained in the back office, hidden away as infrastructure like electricity or running water – critical to modern life, but not as transforming as the combination of communications and computing. The information age exploded once machines were endowed with the ability to talk among themselves. The Signal connects everything to everything else, in both communication, and in the metaphorical sense as the link between and among people. Features Identifies the key ideas underlying modern communications technology, and documents the contributions of its inventors Explores the signal in communication, and also in the metaphorical sense as the link between and among people Leads the reader through a journey from ancient number systems to Voyager II to radio and MP3s to quantum cryptography Includes coverage of "Signals from Hell," including memes and "fake news" on the Internet Looks to the future of communication, with emergent 5G

Silicon in Plants: Advances and Future Prospects

by Parvaiz Ahmad Vijay Singh Sheo Prasad Durgesh Tripathi Devendra Chauhan

In the present era, rapid industrialization and urbanization has resulted in unwanted physiological, chemical, and biological changes in the environment that have harmful effects on crop quality and productivity. This situation is further worsened by the growing demand for food due to an ever increasing population. This forces plant scientists and agronomists to look forward for alternative strategies to enhance crop production and produce safer, healthier foods. Biotic and abiotic stresses are major constraints to crop productivity and have become an important challenge to agricultural scientists and agronomists due to the fact that both stress factors considerably reduce agriculture production worldwide per year. Silicon has various effects on plant growth and development, as well as crop yields. It increases photosynthetic activity, creates better disease resistance, reduces heavy metal toxicity, improves nutrient imbalance, and enhances drought tolerance. Silicon in Plants: Advances and Future Prospects presents the beneficial effects of silicon in improving productivity in plants and enhancing the capacity of plants to resist stresses from environmental factors. It compiles recent advances made worldwide in different leading laboratories concerning the role of silicon in plant biology in order to make these outcomes easily accessible to academicians, researchers, industrialists, and students. Nineteen chapters summarize information regarding the role of silicon in plants, their growth and development, physiological and molecular responses, and responses against the various abiotic stresses.

Silver Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Devices: Biocompatibility and Toxicity

by Huiliang Cao

Since the potential toxicity of silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) has raised serious concerns in the biomaterials and biomedical engineering community, Silver Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Devices: Biocompatibility and Toxicity brings together the synthesis, the physicochemical properties and the biological actions of Ag NPs, as well as the clinical demands for fabricating antibacterial medical devices, discussing how to suppress the side effects of nanomaterials and how to impart to them the selective toxicity. This book presents the two primary paradigms that have emerged in probing the antibacterial applications of Ag NPs, i.e. the active attacking releasing way and the conservative defending approach by taking advantage of various short-range actions; it shows readers how the ways in which Ag NPs have behaved can be engineered purposively. With contributions from leading international experts and extensive references listed in each chapter, this volume provides the general principles on controlling the physicochemical behaviors of nanomaterials and managing their toxicity risks.

Simplifying Perspective: A Step-by-Step Guide for Visual Artists

by Robert Pastrana

Master the art of linear perspective. If you’re an animator, illustrator, comic book artist, game artist or anything in between, you need to be able to create images that accurately and realistically show space, dimension and form. Simplifying Perspective is the one and only guide that thoughtfully and clearly breaks down the principles of perspective into something that’s easy to understand and use. With approachable lessons and clear visual step-by-step instruction, Robert Pastrana provides you with powerful techniques that help you turn a troubled drawing into a living, breathing, dimensional scene. With Simplifying Perspective, you’ll never have to wade through dense, complex technical manuals again – this comprehensive guide to perspective is tailored specifically for artists who need to learn the ins and outs of one, two, and three-point perspective, measuring, shadows, reflections, and more. Simplifying Perspective presents complex drawing concepts in an easy-to-follow, approachable manner so you can finally learn the essentials of perspective without the anticipated frustration. Provides clarity, depth, and a wealth of examples – this is your must-have guide to understanding and using linear perspective Detailed visual instruction includes hundreds of color coded, step-by-step diagrams that allow you to easily follow the technical process of each construction Comprehensive companion website includes additional resources on perspective with a range of work to help further your skills

Simulation of Fluid Power Systems with Simcenter Amesim

by Nicolae Vasiliu Daniela Vasiliu Radu Puhalschi Constantin Călinoiu

This book illustrates numerical simulation of fluid power systems by LMS Amesim Platform covering hydrostatic transmissions, electro hydraulic servo valves, hydraulic servomechanisms for aerospace engineering, speed governors for power machines, fuel injection systems, and automotive servo systems It includes hydrostatic transmissions, automotive fuel injection, hydropower speed units governor, aerospace servo systems along with case studies of specified companies Aids in predicting and optimizing the static and dynamic performances related to the systems under study

Simulators for Transportation Human Factors: Research and Practice (The Human Factors of Simulation and Assessment Series)

by Mark Young Michael Lenné

Simulation continues to be a growth area in transportation human factors. From empirical studies in the laboratory to the latest training techniques in the field, simulators offer myriad benefits for the experimenter and the practitioner. This book draws together current trends in research and training simulators for the road, rail, air and sea sectors to inform the reader how to maximize both validity and cost-effectiveness in each case. Simulators for Transportation Human Factors provides a valuable resource for both researchers and practitioners in transportation human factors on the use of simulators, giving readers concrete examples and case studies of how simulators have been developed and used in empirical research as well as training applications. It offers useful and usable information on the functional requirements of simulators without the need for any background knowledge on the technical aspects, focusing on the state of the art of research and applications in transport simulators rather than the state of the art of simulation technology. The book covers simulators in operational terms instead of task simulation/modelling and provides a useful balance between a bottom-up, academic approach and a top-down, practical perspective.

The Singing of the Strasbourg Protestants, 1523-1541 (St Andrews Studies in Reformation History)

by Daniel Trocmé-Latter

Music was, in some form or another, a pastime enjoyed by all in sixteenth-century society, and a fundamental part of their lives. It was both through the use of music and partly as a result of its existence that many religious changes occurred during the Reformation. This book explores the part played by music, especially group singing, in the unfolding of the Protestant reforms in Strasbourg. It considers both ecclesiastical and ’popular’ songs in the city, examining how both genres fitted into people’s lives during this time of strife, and how the provision and dissemination of music as a whole affected, and in turn was affected by, the new ecclesiastical arrangement. Whilst it would be naive to assume that the congregations were transformed from impious to pious overnight as the result of the introduction of German hymns, it is clear that there were real and concerted efforts on the part of reformers to get people to embrace the new faith, and writing hymns for them to sing was central to the process. Drawing upon a range of sources - including liturgical orders and hymnals, polemical songs, chronicles of the Reformation and text manuscripts - the book explores the methods by which new songs were introduced in Strasbourg churches, and suggests how congregations might have learnt them. In so doing it provides an account of the process by which reformers found music a place in the new Church, and used it to promote their wider reform agenda.

A Single Door: Social Work with the Families of Disabled Children (Routledge Library Editions: Children and Disability #Vol. 8)

by Caroline Glendinning

First published in 1986, this study explores the increased public concern with policies of ‘community care’ and their effects on informal carers, at that time. It looks at the widespread evidence that one particular group of informal carers- parents looking after their severely disabled child- lack information, advice and a co-ordinated pattern of supporting services. The author, who carried out research on disabled children and their families for a number of years, describes in detail a low-cost experimental project in which specialist social workers set out to remedy these shortcomings. Drawing on the results of this particular study, the author argues strongly for widespread assignment of ‘key’ social workers to this and other groups of informal carers. Despite being written in the mid-1980s, this book discusses topic that will still be of interest and use today.

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