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Roaring Fierce Soldier: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Xiao Feng

he was the instructor of a mysterious troop and the number one soldier that all forces feared when he returned to the city and the dragons entered the sea he was also a prodigal who had fallen into the trap of millions of young ladies

Salvage the World: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Dan DanXia

It was said that the wind and the clouds of the world surged, and the rivers of time surged. People said that the sky and the sky were long and endless, but the stars moved like smoke, and in the end, it was just a wind and moon.

Legitimate Daughter’s Transmigration: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Da KeKe

the genius technology woman brought the system over the handsome brother comes to support me the king of assassins was used as a bodyguard destroying the marriage contract torturing the scum of a man and being so elegant and unrestrained

Unbridled Mr. CEO: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Na LanJingYu

Shen City. The misty sky finally cleared up. It had been a week since Su He was transferred from the province to the Criminal Investigation Division in Shen City. Everything in the city was calm and peaceful, causing Su He, who had been maintaining a high level of fighting strength, to feel discouraged.

Heavenly King Descending: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Du AiQingTian

In the vast expanse of the Azure Sky Prairie, the sky was covered in a haze. The biting cold gale swept through the entire prairie, causing layers of grass to turn over, causing people to be unable to open their eyes. Dark clouds also accumulated in the sky, and the clouds intersected and overlapped with each other. A thunderstorm that covered the entire prairie was about to arrive. Such weather was extremely rare in this famously sunny prairie.

Full-time Immortal: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Zhou Shao

Bullsh * t. I've been raising this spirit beast for more than half a month. If I wasn't so short on money that I couldn't afford this pill and couldn't bear to let it starve to death in my hands, who else would be willing to sell such a good thing?

I'm Called By a Beautiful Cop: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Yong ChuangTianXia

he had unwittingly become the game's biggest boss after staying in the game for three days he had suddenly been summoned back to reality by a policewoman the game backpack was still there the props were still there the gold coins were still there and most importantly the skills within the game were still there with so many heaven defying things in the real world who dares to provoke me

General, I Have Fertile Farmland: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Dong Cang

what if aunt evil forced her to marry a fool using silver to hit her in the face a strange relative coming to beat the autumn wind drive them all away wei shuyu relied on her architectural skills to thrive in ancient times but this fool why he seemed to be smarter than her my wife jiang ran's gaze was like a bright starry sky firmly trapping him within no you're not allowed to call me my wife jiang ran let out a low laugh but his hands didn't stop moving then we'll listen to you call her your wife the next morning a small white hand reached out from the shawl jiang ran enough of you from what i see you are not a fool at all you are simply a madman the small hand was firmly grasped by the large palm and returned to the tent facing you is not enough for a lifetime

Immortal Descending: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Zhou Shao

AD 2012, October 1st. NASA received a set of data from a satellite. After deciphering it, it was found to be a picture of the Earth.

Naughty Princess: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Ku QiDeLuoYe

When a person is unlucky, he can get into any kind of bad situation. She, Xia Yujie, wanted to relax after witnessing her fiancé's clandestine love affair. She could encounter disaster even if she was on a plane. But, why did it seem like she didn't die? Yi, what kind of place was this? Could it be a legendary teleportation place? Looking at the elegant and handsome man in front of her, she felt as if her saliva was dripping down. However, why was this young prince like an iceberg? Did he not know what facial expression was? And so her ancient life began. It seemed that she was bored, that it was not bad to fight against a beautiful woman. With her intelligence, how could she not have this Ice Mountain King in her pocket?

Intoxicated Love Story: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Na LanJingYu

In 2009, in a private hospital in Exeter, the cry of a newborn baby shocked and delighted several young people outside the operating room.

Rebirth: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Nian Xi

in her previous life she had countless doctors but they were unable to cure her own illness in this life she had been reborn into the food industry for the past few years and now she was wearing a blind little military servant girl even though she was handicapped her battalion commander husband was very capable even if she had a domineering and stubborn temper he never left her and he never disliked her being blind one day the genius doctor would make a move and cure her eye disease she looked at the handsome and majestic man with a smile battalion commander yan let's get to know each other again i'm your wife the man threw his arms around her i think we should get to know each other better don't you from then on the commander would accompany her in torturing the scum of the world working together for a hundred years deeply loving without regrets

Supplier of Heaven: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Gui BiFengMao

being a big shot in the heavenly court made me extremely rich in the mortal world with the heaven realm trading system in his hands he held the only trading channel between the heavenly court and the mortal realm all sorts of unsatisfied expressions could be seen on her feet as many different kinds of beauties swarmed over this was a story of a diaosi rebutting in and laughing at the three realms

Aggressive Princess: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Qing Han

once through she became a humiliation will be killed by the poor princess and the dog worship hall soak in the pig cage poison assassination p p du jiuyue angry really really this reason too no natural reason with what you between the destruction of the crucial innocent woman s life p p du jiuyue refused come on the girl is not a vegetarian although you have countless schemes step by step this girl will not sit and wait for the death see the action what beg me to detoxify can ah a letter of divorce for my life freedom this girl give you detoxification he a nation proton body bear mother enemy originally want to recruit a detoxification holy hand do not want to be attracted to her deeply unexpectedly his life should be a beautiful intelligent beauty side by side

Don't Trifle With Me: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Na LanJingYu

Yan Hongye had grown up in an orphanage. Because her collarbone had a small birthmark that resembled a red maple leaf, the old dean had given her this name.

Supreme Royal Family: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Xia Xun

500 years later, the human technology has already developed the Milky Way to its most perfect state, and in this beautiful and spacious galaxy, there is a beautiful blue-water planet with its own beautiful halo. In the outer layer of this beautiful planet, a huge ZHN-7 spaceship is already prepared to depart.

Mr. Lee Loves Me Only: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Mo Han

only now do i understand that what you gave me was not medicine it was poison let me be infatuated with your poison my poison breaks out every day what should i do li chengze sounded as if he was talking to himself and his voice was soft and gentle because of you i can't touch another woman this is very serious are you going to be punished lu xiaoxiao asked what punishment i'm punishing you for the rest of your life you can only like me

Cold CEO's Contract Sweet Wife: Volume 4 (Volume 4 #4)

by Bai HuaHua

In order to save the company, she signed a contract with him. He saved her company, and she let him play with her. Just because she was similar to the woman he had once loved and tortured, he had toyed with her a million times and tortured her a million times. He humiliated her in front of others and then abandoned her. She had loved him, but had suffered. It wasn't until the time of the agreement that she finally ran away from him. By the time she left, she was already pregnant. A few years later, she brought Little Treasure back and became cold and forceful. When they met again, he doted on her …

The Magic Trading System: Volume 4 (Volume 4 #4)

by Zheng Xiao

He obtained a spatiotemporal trading system, which could be sold as treasure and could buy all sorts of magical goods from the system's market. From then on, the country bumpkin Zheng Hao became famous and gradually became a rich man with both wealth and power!

Iron Soldier: Volume 4 (Volume 4 #4)

by Yao YaoLing

The world was seething with ambiguous waves, high buildings filled with intoxicated people, asphalt roads filled with cars and cars, and the streets filled with dazzling display windows. But in the city Xu Qing saw, there was an unstoppable number of kidnappings, assassinations, espionage, and even a day of military service, he had to protect his family and protect his country. He stood out and used his own two hands to create a hidden wave of steel in the city.

Beauty-protecting Soldier King: Volume 4 (Volume 4 #4)

by Chen HaoNan

Was the first generation soldier king hiding in a mental hospital to seek courage, or was he forced to do nothing? In order to complete the lowest level F grade mission, he had returned to the city and unintentionally unveiled a corner of the dark world. Inheritance expert, high-level cultivator, underworld sect, ancient martial arts experts came one after another... How would he deal with it? Beauties came one after another … What should he choose? As a industrious gardener who flew through tens of thousands of flowers, his leaves did not touch his body, Ye Tian Xie gave a dishonest smile, "I want to protect the flowers, but I also want to get rid of the insects!"

CEO, Let's Divorce: Volume 4 (Volume 4 #4)

by Wo ShiYiZhiXiaoDouDou

you are not allowed to run we already have children so you have to take responsibility for me wouldn't it be fine if i left mr dou are you going back on your word tang ke er extended her small hand and swiped it across the brow bone of this handsome young man before her and the brilliance that surged within her eyes could be clearly seen right i regret it don't even think about leaving my side for the rest of your life

Ex-husband, Behave Yourself: Volume 4 (Volume 4 #4)

by Po Charen

A sweet yet difficult journey to get his ex-wife back.She had a marriage contract with him. Her father forced him to marry her because she loved him so deeply. However, he didn't love her and asked her to sign an agreement, according to which they should split the cost of living, have no children and get divorce four year later. She accepted all conditions because she thought that she was able to melt his heart.However, after three years, nothing changed. He was still as cold as ice. At that time, another woman appeared. She was his co-worker, and she called him "Brother Chen". Lu Yao gradually discovered that their relationship seemed to be vague. What was worse, she was unexpectedly pregnant, and she wanted to give birth to their children. As she believed that he would definitely make her have an abortion, she told him that she was going to divorce him.To her surprise, he refused to leave her and started to treat her with passion like he never did before. He hounded her nearly every day. It seemed that he realized the importance of her only after he was about to lose her. And he found that she was so charming when she no longer pleased him and started to live her own life. ☆About the Author☆Po Cha Ren, a popular romance writer. She is good at writing love stories related to contract marriages.

Farmer Medical Beauty: Volume 4 (Volume 4 #4)

by Me MeYu

In modern times, female doctors from the jubilant surgery world have lived to ancient times. When they woke up, they were forced by traffickers to jump off cars and faint. Fortunately, they were rescued by their superiors and fell into poverty, entering their homes to sell medicinal herbs and treat minor ailments. By chance, they managed to save the Cold General. The two of them worked together to farm the Boss. See also independent strong, jubilant female doctor, how to cure (change) the straight male cancer late cold face general.

Urban Magic Eye: Volume 4 (Volume 4 #4)

by Feng ZhenRen

The impoverished graduate Li Hao occasionally obtained the broken treasure of the Immortal World and became a dragon from then on. Stone gambling made a fortune. He gained the reputation of being a doctor. He became rich in casinos. From then on, his wealth surged, he had endless luck and his most beautiful first date and so on entered his world. With so many beauties present, to Li Hao, who was lacking in willpower, this was a severe test.

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