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En tus zapatos

by Beth O'Leary

La irresistible nueva novela de la autora del best seller internacional Piso para dos. Leena está harta de la vida en la gran ciudad.A Eileen se le ha quedado pequeño su pueblo.Puede que sea el momento de cambiar las cosas... Después de que meta la pata en el trabajo, los jefes de Leena le piden que se tome dos meses de vacaciones lejos del bullicio de Londres. Mentalmente agotada, Leena decide ir a Hamleigh, un pequeño pueblo de Yorkshire, a visitar a su abuela. Eileen es una mujer formidable que acaba de quedarse soltera a sus setenta y nueve años y, aunque quiere empezar de nuevo, en el pueblo no tiene, precisamente, un buen mercado de hombres entre los que elegir.Cuando Leena se entera de que su abuela quiere enamorarse otra vez, propone una solución: durante dos meses, Eileen se irá a Londres a buscar el amor mientras ellacuida de todo en el pueblo. Aunque, con una marabunta de pensionistas muy particulares y un insoportable (y atractivo) joven profesor a los que enfrentarse, Leena no tardará en descubrir que cambiar de vida no es tan sencillo como parece... La crítica ha dicho...«¡Me encanta En tus zapatos! Es muy tierno, inspirador y un bálsamo para el alma en estos tiempos tan complicados.»Marian Keyes «Beth O'Leary, la autora de Piso para dos, nos regala otra lectura que te deja con la misma sensación que un cálido abrazo. Otro triunfo de novela.»Woman's Weekly «¡Nos ha hecho reír, llorar... y enamorarnos!»The Sun «Encantadora y llena de esperanza.»Daily Mirror «Una lectura llena de calidez y positividad que nos enseña que nunca es demasiado tarde para cambiar tu vida y perseguir tus sueños.»Platinum «Con su elenco de personajes redondos y brillantes, En tus zapatos es la novela perfecta para hacerte sentir bien. Un auténtico regalo para las fans de Marian Keyes.»Daily Express «Una lectura sobre la alegría de vivir la vida al máximo.»Heat «Una novela divertidísima y con un emotivo mensaje sobre la importancia de la comunidad.»The Bookseller «De la mano de la autora de la increíble comedia romántica Piso para dos, nos llega una lectura reconfortante que, francamente, necesitamos de verdad.»Stylist «Un remedio perfecto para estos tiempos llenos de ansiedad.»The People «Si te gustó Piso para dos, esto te va a encantar.»Fabulous Magazine «Una gran lectura llena de corazón, de ternura y de risas, perfecta para animarnos.»Red Magazine

The Kissed Corpse

by Brett Halliday

When an author finds his friend murdered, he calls on hardboiled cop Jerry Burke to track down the killer In a lonely canyon high above El Paso, a ruthless millionaire and a hardline socialist live side by side. Raymond Dwight makes money mercilessly and Leslie Young hates the rich with a passion, but the men have coexisted peacefully--so far. But when Western novelist Asa Baker escapes to Young's cabin for a weekend of writing, he can sense tension in the air. His friend has always muttered about tossing a few bombs at Dwight's estate, but his jokes have stopped being funny. Baker has seen enough bloodshed to know that there is murder on the horizon. When he finds Young dead on the floor, a strange mark on his cheek, Baker calls the only man who can help: Jerry Burke, the toughest cop in El Paso. In the shadowy corners of this Texas canyon lie secrets that someone will kill to protect--and Burke is the only man daring enough to uncover the truth.

Deadly Nightshade (Henry Gamadge #2)

by Elizabeth Daly

An amateur sleuth aids a Maine town plagued by poison in this mystery by Agatha Christie&’s favorite American author. With talk of war all over the radio waves, antiquarian book dealer Henry Gamadge is back in Maine, this time by invitation of his friend Detective Mitchell. Mitchell has a real puzzler on his hands: three different children have been poisoned with deadly nightshade, and there is no motive that could possibly link all three poisonings, beside the fact that the children all live in the same small community. Could the nearby encampment of Gypsies be involved? And was the death of a state trooper at about the same time a mere coincidence? Gamadge sets out to separate fact from fiction and find the killer before they strike again . . .&“An exciting novel and an excellent mystery.&” —San Jose News

A Heart for the Gods of Mexico: A Novel

by Conrad Aiken

This tale of an exotic adventure undertaken in the face of tragedy includes a revealing portrait of Conrad Aiken's friend and protégé Malcolm Lowry Blomberg has loved Noni for what seems like his whole life. He loves her like he loves the sunset, like he loves the air he breathes. But beautiful, strange, impulsive Noni--who has spent years in a passionless marriage to one of Boston's most notorious swindlers--has only a few months to live; her heart is about to give out. Before she dies, Noni begs Blom to finance a trip to Mexico, where she can obtain a quick divorce and marry the man she loves. That man is not Blom, however, but Gil--an upstanding young gentleman who is to know nothing of Noni's condition. With his own heart aching, Blom arranges the money, and the trio heads south on a journey that will bring them face to face with the mysteries of life and death.

On Politics: From Herodotus to the Present (Liveright Classics Ser. #0)

by Alan Ryan

Three decades in the making, one of the most ambitious and comprehensive histories of political philosophy in nearly a century. Both a history and an examination of human thought and behavior spanning three thousand years, On Politics thrillingly traces the origins of political philosophy from the ancient Greeks to Machiavelli in Book I and from Hobbes to the present age in Book II. Whether examining Lord Acton's dictum that "absolute power corrupts absolutely" or explicating John Stuart Mill's contention that it is "better to be a human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied," Alan Ryan evokes the lives and minds of our greatest thinkers in a way that makes reading about them a transcendent experience. Whether writing about Plato or Augustine, de Toqueville or Thomas Jefferson, Ryan brings a wisdom to his text that illuminates John Dewey's belief that the role of philosophy is less to see truth than to enhance experience. With this unparalleled tour de force, Ryan emerges in his own right as one of the most influential political philosophers of our time.

The House without the Door (Henry Gamadge #4)

by Elizabeth Daly

From Agatha Christie’s favorite American author—an amateur sleuth helps a Manhattan widow who fears her husband’s killer is stalking her.Acquitted of murdering her wealthy husband, Mrs. Vina Gregson remains essentially a prisoner, trapped in her elegant New York apartment with occasional furtive forays to her Connecticut estate. A jury may have found her innocent, but Mrs. Gregson remains a murderess in the eyes of the public and of the tabloid journalists who hound her every step. She has recently begun receiving increasingly menacing letters written, she is certain, by the person who killed her husband. Taking the matter to the police would heighten her notoriety, so she calls on antiquarian bookseller and handwriting expert Henry Gamadge, the gentleman-sleuth who is known for both his discretion and his ability to solve problems that baffle the police.“Henry Gamadge is one of the most civilized detectives in fiction . . . you’ll have a hard time finding better reading.” —New York Times

Murders in Volume 2 (Henry Gamadge #3)

by Elizabeth Daly

From Agatha Christie’s favorite American author—an amateur detective examines the mysterious reappearance of a woman who vanished 100 years ago.One hundred years earlier, a beautiful guest had disappeared from the wealthy Vauregard household, along with the second volume in a set of the collected works of Byron. Improbably enough, both guest and book seem to have reappeared, with neither having aged a day. The elderly Mr. Vauregard is inclined to believe the young woman’s story of having vacationed on an astral plane. But his dubious niece calls in Henry Gamadge, gentleman-sleuth, expert in rare books, and sufficiently well-bred to avoid distressing the Vauregard sensibilities. As Gamadge soon discovers, the household includes an aging actress with ties to a spiritualist sect and a shy beauty with a shady (if crippled) fiancé. As always in this delightful series, Gamadge comes up trumps, but only after careful study of the other players’ cards.“Delightfully original and suavely written.” —New York Times

Return to the Scene (The Lieutenant Trant Mysteries)

by Q. Patrick

A woman’s hateful ex is murdered in Bermuda, in this mystery by the Edgar Award–winning author who wrote the Peter Duluth Mysteries as Patrick Quentin. Patrick Quentin, best known for the Peter Duluth puzzle mysteries, also penned outstanding detective novels from the 1930s through the 1960s under other pseudonyms, including Q. Patrick and Jonathan Stagge. Anthony Boucher wrote: “Quentin is particularly noted for the enviable polish and grace which make him one of the leading American fabricants of the murderous comedy of manners; but this surface smoothness conceals intricate and meticulous plot construction as faultless as that of Agatha Christie.” After three years away, Kay Winyard must return to Bermuda to stop her young niece from wedding wealthy Ivor Drake. Her family sees the marriage as a boon to their sagging fortunes. But Kay knows his true nature from her own dalliance with the man. After she left him, he married another woman—whom he abused, tormented, and drove to suicide out of pure malice. Before Kay can convince her family of the truth, Ivor ends up dead from suspicious causes. Apparently, Kay was not alone in her feelings toward the man. But just because the victim was despised doesn’t mean the killer can simply get away with it . . .

El corazón de piedra verde

by Salvador de Madariaga

El corazón de piedra verde es una obra deslumbrante por la inagotable riqueza de conocimientos que revela su autor, por la vivacidad con que recrea el pasado de un continente y por la nobleza de sus propósitos. A lo largo de sus tres partes "Los fantasmas", "Los dioses sanguinarios" y "Fe sin blasfemia" Salvador de Madariaga logra ofrecer una imagen verosímil del contraste de dos mundos muy dispares, y mostrar la conmoción que la Conquista produjo en los corazones de España y América. Aparecen aquí las historias de Moctezuma y Cortés, de Cuauhtémoc y Bernal Díaz, de los españoles y aztecas que vivieron en una época crucial del desarrollo de las civilizaciones. Una serie de personajes -algunos entrañables, otros deleznables, todos humanos- desfilan por las páginas de esta trilogía: en ellos podemos encontrar las raíces del ser americano. El lector de El corazón de piedra verde difícilmente podrá olvidar los deliciosos momentos que deparará la compañía de este libro ya clásico de Salvador de Madariaga.

Evidence of Things Seen (Henry Gamadge #6)

by Elizabeth Daly

From Agatha Christie’s favorite American author—an amateur sleuth rescues his wife when her vacation home includes a ghost and murder.In the sticky summer of 1943, a secluded cottage in the Berkshires sounds just the ticket to the newly married Clara Gamadge. The resident ghost, a slender woman in a sunbonnet who died just one year ago in the cottage Clara is now renting, merely adds to the local color. It’s all nothing more than a spooky game, until the woman’s sister is strangled while Clara dozes in a chair by her bed. The only clue: Clara’s panicked memory of a woman in a sunbonnet standing at the door. Happily, Henry Gamadge arrives in time to calm his wife and solve the mystery (though not without some stellar help from Clara!).“Ingenious . . . most readers will be completely fooled.” —New York Times

He Died Laughing (The Homer Bull & Hank MacAndrews Mysteri #2)

by Lawrence Lariar

The sudden death of one of Hollywood’s most famous producers looks pretty sketchy to a comic book artist turned amateur sleuth. Lawrence Lariar was one the most popular cartoonists of the twentieth century. But from the 1940s through the 1960s, he also crafted a line of lean and mean detective and mystery novels under his own name as well as the pseudonyms Michael Stark, Adam Knight, Michael Lawrence, and Marston La France. Lariar now gets his due as a leading artist in hardboiled crime fiction. Illustrators Homer Bull and his partner, Hank MacAndrews, have hit the big time. As new employees of Dick Piper, the head of the greatest animation studio in the world, their future looks colorful. But no sooner do the backlot newbies settle in than they discover that a career at the giggle factory isn’t exactly family friendly. Someone’s been amassing dirty secrets—professional and personal—to leak to the scandal-mongering press. Even worse, contract negotiations are just around the corner. As every gagman, story editor, and animator knows, it’s time for the great purge. And it begins with an exec found shot to death in the projection room. Homer and Hank are betting it won’t end there. But in a land of illusion, it’s not going to be easy to recognize the killer, or even guess the next victim—or real motive. He Died Laughing is the 2nd book in the Homer Bull & Hank MacAndrews Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Nothing Can Rescue Me (Henry Gamadge #5)

by Elizabeth Daly

In this mystery by Agatha Christie’s favorite American author, an amateur sleuth deals with sinister spirits and murder at a New York country mansion.It’s mid-1943, and Henry Gamadge is up to his elbows in war work and longing for a quiet weekend. But when a half-forgotten classmate requests assistance, Gamadge is unable to refuse the tug of an old school tie. Sylvanus Hutter is concerned about his Aunt Florence, a giddy socialite terrified of Nazi bombs. Florence has moved her extensive household of hangers-on to the family mansion in upstate New York. But menace seems to have followed them, in the form of threatening messages inserted into the manuscript of Florence’s painfully bad novel in progress. Several members of the household are convinced the messages are emanating from Another World, but the politely pragmatic Gamadge suspects a culprit rather closer to home.“Deliciously gossipy, back-biting characters, an imposing mansion in upstate New York . . . altogether a pleasure.” —The New YorkerDESC>

Sensible Kate

by Doris Gates

"I'm sure you'll find Kate a very sensible child," says Miss Watson, from the County Office. Is that all anyone will ever say of her, Kate wonders. How she longs to be pretty and cute! But who would ever think of her--a freckle-faced, red-haired orphan--as cute? So Kate settles for being sensible. Then she goes to live with the Tuttles as a "family helper." And in this small seaside town in California, Sensible Kate Summers meets some wonderful people and makes some surprising discoveries--about herself.

The Trespassers

by Laura Z. Hobson

In Laura Z. Hobson's debut novel, a well-to-do Austrian family, exiled in Switzerland in the early years of World War II, struggles to survive on the charity of an American socialiteAs World War II rips through Europe, the Vederles have found themselves in an impossible situation. In temporary exile in Switzerland, the Vederles are caught in a bureaucratic limbo, unable to return home and unable to move on to their dreamed-of life in America. Their sponsor in the United States, Vera Marriner, is embroiled in her own sort of conflict: an affair with Jasper Crown, a radio magnate and egotist of the highest order.Herself the child of Russian socialists who found asylum in the United States, Laura Z. Hobson paints a stark contrast between the sheltered comfort of Vera's life in New York and the tense, distant uncertainty of the complete strangers she hopes to rescue.

Petty Pewter Gods: A Garrett, P.I. Novel (Garrett, P.I. #8)

by Glen Cook

Garet , P. I. , is on the case There are some new gods in the town of TunFaire, but temple real estate on the Street of Dreams is at a premium. So the big gods on the block issued a challenge-find the "key" to the one temple still available. When two rival pantheons try to hire Garrett, he knows he is in for it. . . .

Dead Man's Diary and A Taste for Cognac: Two Mike Shayne Mysteries (The Mike Shayne Mysteries)

by Brett Halliday

A double shot of iconic Miami PI Mike Shayne—“one of the best of the tough sleuths” (The New York Times). Dead Man’s Diary: Florida private investigator Mike Shayne’s in New Orleans at the behest of a distraught wife whose war-hero husband, Jasper Groat, has gone missing—along with his diary, a harrowing soon-to-be-published daily account of being set adrift in a lifeboat with two shipmates. Rumor has it it’s also an incriminating confessional. With two corpses—and counting—it looks to Shayne like someone would prefer if Jasper and his damning revelations had been buried at sea. A Taste for Cognac: One minute, PI Mike Shayne’s having a quick afternoon cocktail in a Miami dive. The next, he’s been solicited to investigate an intoxicating conspiracy involving the parole of an aging bootlegger, a secretive old sea captain tortured to death, a missing female reporter, and two dozen bottles of prewar cognac—vintage, valuable, and apparently worth killing for. If anybody can pop the cork on this case, it’s Shayne. Brett Halliday’s “fast‐paced world of violence, intrigues, complex twists and voluptuous women” inspired film, radio, and television adaptations, as well as the long-running Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (The New York Times).

The Fifth Key (The Kent Murdock Mysteries #9)

by George Harmon Coxe

An old friend of Kent Murdock's is murdered, leaving him to take the fallIt's been two years since Kent Murdock saw Sheila, and it only takes a few minutes to remember her flaws. While the Boston newspaper photographer was away fighting in the European war, Sheila's cold ambition took her out of the newsroom and into the studio, to write a radio show that's about to land her in the big time. The wallflower he once knew is now the center of attention--not all of it pleasant. One night Murdock follows her home for a drink. It proves to be a deadly mistake. A drugged bottle of Scotch knocks Murdock out, and when he comes to, he finds Sheila dead, strangled on the floor. The Scotch--the only evidence of his innocence--is gone, and Murdock is the natural suspect for the beautiful young writer's death. Which means he's going to have to find the killer himself.

Portrait of a Marriage: A Novel

by Pearl S. Buck

A wealthy painter finds his inspiration, and tumultuous love, in a girl he meets by chanceAt the turn of the century, an upper-class painter from Philadelphia goes searching for inspiration. He finds his muse on a farm--the farmer's beautiful and humble daughter. His portrait of her becomes one of his most inspired works, but his passion for the illiterate girl doesn't stop at the easel: He returns to marry her and settle down to country life--a journey that means bridging enormous gaps between their cultures, breaking from his parents, and creating tension between their friends. Pearl S. Buck compassionately imagines both sides of the complex marriage, and in addition, creates a wonderfully vivid picture of America leading up to the Second World War. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Pearl S. Buck including rare images from the author's estate.

So Well Remembered: A Novel

by James Hilton

As World War I comes to a close, George Boswell looks back on how his fate was inextricably tied to that of his sleepy English hometown As a young man, George Boswell knew he had greater prospects ahead than those offered by his native mill town in the north of England. A respected lawyer and civic leader, he possessed the skill and charisma to shine on the national stage. But ambition is not without a cost. When Boswell must choose between the promise of a bright future or staying behind for the people who have come to depend on him, his decision comes at a shocking price. So Well Remembered is a story of a people pulled reluctantly toward modernity amid the farms and factories of Lancashire, and a celebration of the steadfast character of the common English village.


by Evangelos Georgiou

A boy has just left his friend’s house and is walking the short distance to his home. His birthday is in two days. He is turning 13, the start of teens. Halfway home, and as he is typing a message to another friend, he is bundled into a van and left unconscious. From that moment onwards, his life is in the hands of his captor. Would he survive or be killed? Would he be found by the police or would it be too late?

Dangerous Legacy

by George Harmon Coxe

Hungry for work, an ex-air force pilot takes a deadly assignment in ManilaDespite three years of exemplary service flying for his country in the South Pacific, Spence Rankin can't find work. He's losing a bar fight when his old friend Ulio Kane appears. A former companion of Rankin's, Kane was born in Manila and spent the war organizing guerilla warfare against the Japanese. They killed his family during the occupation, so Kane faked his death and set about preparing for peacetime life. But now Kane has received a plea for help, signed by his father--who's supposed to be dead. Is the note genuine, or is it a trap lain by his enemies in the mining business? He must return to Manila to be sure, and wants to hire Spence as a bodyguard. The pilot agrees to take the job, for death in the tropics is preferable to boredom in California.

The Wrong Way Down (Henry Gamadge #11)

by Elizabeth Daly

An amateur sleuth with an eye for fakes is on the lookout for a murderer in this mystery by Agatha Christie&’s favorite American author. What begins as a courtesy call on his wife&’s friend, Miss Julia Paxton, turns into another case for Henry Gamadge, antiquarian book dealer, handwriting expert, and amateur detective. Miss Paxton presents Gamadge with a mystery: a framed etching that had always hung in the hallway of the Ashbury mansion has suddenly sprung an inscription dated 1793. Miss Paxton swears nothing had been written on that portrait before the previous Sunday. Did Iris Vance, a relative and professional medium, made it happen? And how? Henry Gamadge is pretty sure the solution to this mystery has nothing to do with the supernatural, but he can&’t quite make out what it all means. Was it a joke? Petty larceny? Or is something much more dangerous going on, and has Gamadge somehow stumbled onto a criminal conspiracy?

The 91st Infantry Division in World War II (Divisional Ser. #Vol. 49)

by Robert A. Robbins

Originally published in 1947 by Infantry Journal Press, this is the official unit history for the 91st Infantry Division in World War II. The 91st Infantry Division arrived in North Africa, 18 April to 10 May 1944, and trained intensively at Arzew and Renan, French Morocco. Leaving by units, the entire Division was in Italy, 19 June 1944. Meanwhile, the 361st RCT landed at Anzio, 1 June, and fought near Velletri south of Rome from 3 June. The 363d RCT entered combat near Riparbella, 4 July. On 12 July, the Division fought as a unit near Chianni, Italy, for the high ground dominating the Arno River. By the 19th it had reached the river. The 363d RCT participated in the capture of Livorno, 19 July, and in a quick thrust to the north, two units entered Pisa, 24 July. From 24 July to 12 September 1944, the 91st held their positions along the Arno while they underwent extensive training. On the 13th, the Division attacked the Gothic Line, took Monticelli, 18 September, and advanced to the Santerno River through stubborn resistance, 23 September. Moving through rocky escarpments and other natural barriers as well as heavy opposition, the 91st occupied Livergnano, 13 October. The offensive was canceled, however, and the 91st assumed defensive positions below Pianoro, 31 October. During November, the 91st remained on the defensive, sending out small patrols. After resting in December, the Division returned to the line and maintained a static defensive front until 20 March 1945, when the Division retired to Gagliano and Villanova to prepare for a new offensive. This final assault began on 15 April 1945. The 91st entered Bologna, 21 April, and moved along Highway No. 64 against slight resistance. After crossing the Po River on the 23d, the Division swung to the northeast, crossing the Adige River, 26 April, and reaching. Treviso on the 29th. All enemy forces in Italy surrendered, 2 May... General Nickname: Powder River Division. Slogan: Always Ready—Print ed.

Across the Wide Missouri

by Bernard De Voto Mae Reed Porter

“Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the Bancroft Prize, ACROSS THE WIDE MISSOURI tells the compelling story of the climax and decline of the Rocky Mountain fur trade during the 1830s. More than a history, it portrays the mountain fur trade as a way of business and a way of life, vividly illustrating how it shaped the expansion of the American West.Bernard de Voto (1897 – 1955) winner of the Pulitzer prize and the National Book Award, was a renowned scholar-historian of the American West and one of our century’s greatest men of letters.“One of the literary lions of his day.”-Stephen E. Ambrose” —Print ed.


by H. F. Heard

A spiritual sequel to Brave New World, this dystopian novel of psychological horror is a landmark early work of hard science fiction. In the years since the psychological revolution unlocked man's consciousness, civilization has split into two halves. The people of the surface bow at the foot of Alpha, an all-powerful dictator who satisfies their every whim and uses his limitless might to keep his subjects as docile as children. But beneath the earth, in the shadowy kingdom of the Mole, revolt is brewing. And when the Mole launches his final assault upon the world above, new meaning will be given to the term psychological warfare. The first wave of the attack is a single man, a deep-cover agent who has been rigorously trained and surgically sculpted to be a perfect double for Alpha. The fate of humanity rests in his hands, but his hands are no longer his own. When this revolution begins anew, the battleground will be the soul of mankind. Before 1984 or The Hunger Games, there was Doppelgangers. Hailed as "a blend of Wells, Poe, and Graham Greene" by the New York Times, this thrilling piece of speculative fiction was decades ahead of its time, and remains one of the most original science fiction novels ever published.

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