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Small, Gritty, and Green: The Promise of America's Smaller Industrial Cities in a Low-Carbon World (Urban and Industrial Environments) 3495110 Catherine Tumber 9780262297547 2011
What Is Landscape? 3495088 John R. Stilgoe 9780262330787 2015 Contains images
Giving a Damn: Essays in Dialogue with John Haugeland (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495087 Jacob Browning Zed Adams 9780262335867 2016 Contains images
Contagious Architecture: Computation, Aesthetics, and Space (Technologies of Lived Abstraction) 3495085 Luciana Parisi 9780262312622 2013 Contains images
Escaping the Energy Poverty Trap: When and How Governments Power the Lives of the Poor (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495082 Johannes Urpelainen Michael Aklin Patrick Bayer S.P. Harish 9780262349314 2018 Contains images
The Unreliable Nation: Hostile Nature and Technological Failure in the Cold War (Inside Technology) 3495081 Edward Jones-Imhotep 9780262341325 2017 Contains images
Nonhuman Photography (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495080 Joanna Zylinska 9780262343374 2017 Contains images
Raising the Stakes: E-Sports and the Professionalization of Computer Gaming 3495067 T. L. Taylor 9780262300476 2012 Contains images
Rebel Genius: Warren S. McCulloch's Transdisciplinary Life in Science (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495066 Tara Abraham 9780262335393 2016 Contains images
Values at Play in Digital Games (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495064 Mary Flanagan Helen Nissenbaum 9780262324458 2014 Contains images
Reflexive Governance for Global Public Goods (Politics, Science, and the Environment) 3495063 Eric Brousseau Tom Dedeurwaerdere Bernd Siebenhüner 9780262300421 2012 Contains images
Vivarium: Experimental, Quantitative, and Theoretical Biology at Vienna's Biologische Versuchsanstalt (Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology #19) 3495062 Gerd Müller 9780262342056 2017 Contains images
Knowledge Machines: Digital Transformations of the Sciences and Humanities (Infrastructures) 3495060 Ralph Schroeder Eric T. Meyer 9780262328197 2015 Contains images
Engaging Nature: Environmentalism and the Political Theory Canon (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495059 Jr. Lane Peter F. Cannavò John Barry Joseph H. 9780262325271 2014
The Smart Enough City: Putting Technology in Its Place to Reclaim Our Urban Future (Strong Ideas) 3495045 Ben Green 9780262352253 2019 Contains images
Digital Economies at Global Margins (International Development Research Centre) 3495042 Mark Graham 9780262349475 2019 Contains images
Health Economics, second edition: Kenneth Arrow And The Changing Economics Of Health Care (The\mit Press Ser. #5) 3495040 Frank A. Sloan Chee-Ruey Hsieh 9780262340342 2017 Contains images
How to Design Programs, second edition: An Introduction to Programming and Computing (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495039 Matthias Felleisen Robert Bruce Findler Shriram Krishnamurthi Matthew Flatt 9780262344128 2018 Contains images
Tomorrow's Energy, revised and expanded edition: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and the Prospects for a Cleaner Planet (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495038 Peter Hoffmann 9780262300483 2012 Contains images
Connected Code: Why Children Need to Learn Programming (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Media and Learning) 3495037 Yasmin B. Kafai Quinn Burke 9780262319256 2014 Contains images
Noise, Water, Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495026 Douglas Kahn 9780262311625 2001 Contains images
Taking [A]part: The Politics and Aesthetics of Participation in Experience-Centered Design (Design Thinking, Design Theory) 3495025 Peter Wright John McCarthy 9780262328104 2015
Riding the Waves: A Life in Sound, Science, and Industry (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495024 Leo Beranek 9780262250658 2008
Infrastructural Ecologies: Alternative Development Models for Emerging Economies (The\mit Press Ser.) 3495023 Hillary Brown Byron Stigge 9780262340700 2017 Contains images
Linkography: Unfolding the Design Process (Design Thinking, Design Theory) 3495022 Gabriela Goldschmidt 9780262322164 2014 Contains images

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