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Wild Texas Promise

by Victoria Thompson

A Hired Gunslinger Romance #2From Romantic Times Career Achievement Award Winner and New York Times bestseller Victoria Thompson, a sensual tale of historical romance in the American Wild, Wild West..."Ms. Thompson imbues her characters with strength, eloquence and dignity." -Romantic TimesA Rebellious Spitfire...Hired to protect Eden Campbell's ranch from cattle thieves, rugged Linc Scott soon realizes that Eden Campbell herself is his biggest problem. The pretty little spitfire refuses to let Linc guard her: she thinks she can take care of herself.Linc is definitely not used to an argument - especially from a beautiful woman! He'll show her just how vulnerable she is to a smooth-talking Texan... But his plan backfires when a passionate kiss - and even hotter embrace - knocks him right off his boots!A Rogue Gunslinger...Who does that tall cowboy think he is?! If it weren't for some thieving rustlers, Eden would never have to deal with being bossed around by some rude gunslinger. But when she finds herself in Linc's lean, muscled arms and kissing his surprisingly sensual lips, she suddenly realizes she's in danger of more than losing her ranch: she's in danger of losing her heart!

Manor of Death: A Domestic Bliss Mystery #3

by Leslie Caine

A Domestic Bliss Mystery #3"Sparkles with charm, design lore, and a sleuth with a great mantra. Cozy fans will embrace the Domestic Bliss series." --Carolyn Hart, Edgar Award-winning author of Letters from Home"Caine delivers another top-notch Domestic Bliss whodunit...nifty decorating tips complete the package." -Publishers Weekly"The zany personalities and the interaction between them is the novel's most appealing aspect...the author seldom wavers from a gripping, pulsing narrative." -Daily Camera, Boulder"Leslie Caine once again concocts an interior decorating themed mystery that is sure to please her fans. With numerous design tips brilliantly painted through the canvas, Caine's storyline is smooth as silk as she expertly designs the perfect murder. The sexual tension between Erin and Sullivan keeps the reader turning the pages. Manor of Death is a designer's dream!" -Fresh FictionIn Crestview, Colorado, homeowners are getting their houses in picture-perfect shape for the upcoming Historic Home Tour. Interior designer, Erin Gilbert is hired to renovate Francine Findley's magnificent Victorian mansion. But from the very beginning of her job, things are totally out of control. A ghost sighting (Erin certain does not believe those rumors about the Victorian being haunted...) leads to the discovery of a hidden dead space in the attic...and the scandalous death of a beautiful young woman!Teamed with her intolerably self-assured competitor, Steve Sullivan, Erin finds herself up against the neighbors, an imaginative teen, a woman communing--supposedly--with the dead, and one very anxious client.When a second person dies, Erin suspects foul play. If she can't uncover the killer, she might just be next!!

Living on the Edge

by Sam Childers

"Living on the EDGE" is the saga of a man who redirected his energy and bravery from drug dealing and debauchery to serving God. A compelling, first person account by Sam Childers, AKA "The Machine Gun Preacher." Detailing His battle to HELP the orphan children of Eastern Africa. The book is a follow up to Sam's BEST SELLER - Another Mans War, which was made into a Hollywood movie, Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler as Sam!

Forbidden Games

by Karen Moller

Wuthering Heights set in the Canadian mountains, then in the European world of fashion and arts. The story begins when the father brings home Tor, the son of his former and now dead lover. His half-sister, the ten-year-old Julie who envies the power and freedom of boys, discovers her developing body fascinates Tor who is struggling with his raging hormones. Their exhibitionistic and voyeuristic play is broken off when Tor marries a sophisticated demi-mondaine who manipulates him though his masochistic desires. Brokenhearted Julie wins a Parisian scholarship. Tor joins her in the rundown Beat Hotel, inhabited by beatniks and small time criminals, but flees in fear of Julie's seductive attempts. On the Parisian barricades Julie's feminist outlook matures--not enough however to avoid marriage with a failed writer, who steals her money and seduces her ruthless business partner. On Tor's return to Paris he recognizes the depth of his love for Julie, and accepts their destiny.

Girls on Fire: A Novel

by Robin Wasserman

On Halloween, 1991, a popular high school basketball star ventures into the woods near Battle Creek, Pennsylvania, and disappears. Three days later, he's found with a bullet in his head and a gun in his hand--a discovery that sends tremors through this conservative community, already unnerved by growing rumors of Satanic worship in the region.In the wake of this incident, bright but lonely Hannah Dexter is befriended by Lacey Champlain, a dark-eyed, Cobain-worshiping bad influence in lip gloss and Doc Martens. The charismatic, seductive Lacey forges a fast, intimate bond with the impressionable Dex, making her over in her own image and unleashing a fierce defiance that neither girl expected. But as Lacey gradually lures Dex away from her safe life into a feverish spiral of obsession, rebellion, and ever greater risk, an unwelcome figure appears on the horizon--and Lacey's secret history collides with Dex's worst nightmare.By turns a shocking story of love and violence and an addictive portrait of the intoxication of female friendship, set against the unsettled backdrop of a town gripped by moral panic, Girls on Fire is an unflinching and unforgettable snapshot of girlhood: girls lost and found, girls strong and weak, girls who burn bright and brighter--and some who flicker away.

Binny Bewitched

by Hilary Mckay

Binny Cornwallis has lost something. Something that wasn't really hers in the first place. With her best enemy Gareth and her beloved dog Max she turns detective to track it down, but the Cornwallis family are anything but helpful. Little brother James and his friend Dill are having an adventure of their own and big sister Clem is acting very strangely. And on top of all this, Binny suspects their next-door neighbour may be a witch ...

Tell Me Lies

by Rebecca Muddiman

What would you do to protect your family? Tell a lie? Break the law? Or solve the problem... for good? The body in Lauren James's back garden belongs to her ex-boyfriend, Ritchie. DI Gardner thinks it's an open-and-shut case. But he reckoned without the interference of Lauren's father, local businessman and aspiring politician Walter James. And he couldn't know about the secrets that everyone involved wants to hide. When a murder touches so many lives, not even the cops are immune from the consequences. In the end you must decide what you can live with: a loving lie or the deadly truth?

Vagabond Policeman

by Max K. Hurlbut

The author jjoins LAPD in the fading "Noir" era and is assigned to Hollywood. Ride with him as he encounters thugs, colorful pimps, and other characters in patrol & vice. MAX is "The crow collecting shiny things---the bits and pieces that color life." He writes with wit and humor of incidents and characters. MAX heads north to Alaska to police the Aleutian Chain, the Pribilofs, and Kodiak Island. He gives a "Sourdough's" insight into some peculiar happenings in the "Land of the Midnight Sun" as he patrols in kayak & snowshoes. He is called out of retirement to become City Marshal of Tombstone, Arizona, to find corruption and a department run amok. Two of his four deputies are shot to death. MAX travels the world as an Army Advisor. He tests experimental parachutes, is arrested in Egypt, pursued in The Sudan, hunts in the Congo, and sees action on the Thai/Cambodian border. He meets kings & presidents, generals & cannibals---and marries the Colonel's daughter in the Republic of China.

King Mob : A Critcal Hidden History

by David Wise

"I met a prostitute - Angela W - from the fishing port of Grimsby on the mouth of the Humber in the North of England. I instantly fell in love with her in an all consuming way. The pain inside my body, so massively accumulated with the death of hopes for the social revolution...was wrenched away from me as she slowly...shambled towards me." So begins Dave Wise's first hand account of King Mob, the late 60s London based political grouping formed after core members were excluded from the Situationist International. From a radical, working class perspective, Wise recounts their attempts to move "from the Situationist salon to the street", whilst frankly outlining identifying tactical, strategic and theoretical holes in the groups' day to day actions. Plans to blow up waterfalls, getting arrested on demos dressed as pantomine horses (the back end got off in court, on the grounds he didn't know what the front end was doing...), sharing oversized baked bean costumes with ultra-Maoists on Vietnam marches. Getting high and hungrily devouring Coleridge, De Quincey, Rimbaud, Marx, De Sade, Breton, Joyce and Hegel. Urinating over the lectern whilst declaring the death of art at the 1968 English Surrealist convention, being (falsely) put in the frame for the 1969 Newcastle School of Art firebombing; perhaps most infamously dressing up as Santa Claus in Selfridges toy dept, Xmas '69, and watching the chaos of consumerism unfold before them as crying children had the King Mob freely-gifted toys wrenched from their arms by employees. As the downturn of the early 1970's approached, and with it the apparent end of any hope for imminent social revolution, some of King Mob drifted off into various strands of bourgeois counterculture, whilst others faced up to the harsher realities of the "capsized utopia". Some didn't make it through, as an at times unintentionally moving epilogue here recalls. "A Critical Hidden History" is a living, breathing account of a brief moment in time, when the light got through the cracks in the wall, and a new world felt possible. As we career into the 21st century, the relevance of the playful, life affirming, non-hierarchical, anti-capitalists King Mob seems as great today as it ever did.

Walk Through Proverbs

by Frederick O. Towles

Walk Through Proverbs is a journey through the book of Proverbs containing thought provoking questions, and an invitation to journal through the book of wisdom. For four months, this book will give you daily inspiration and practical application straight from scripture, and to your heart.

The Crime Writer

by Jill Dawson

In 1964, the eccentric American novelist Patricia Highsmith is hiding out in a cottage in Suffolk, to concentrate on her writing and escape her fans. She has another motive too - a secret romance with a married lover based in London. Unfortunately it soon becomes clear that all her demons have come with her. Prowlers, sexual obsessives, frauds, imposters, suicides and murderers: the tropes of her fictions clamour for her attention, rudely intruding on her peaceful Suffolk retreat. After the arrival of Ginny, an enigmatic young journalist bent on interviewing her, events take a catastrophic turn. Except, as always in Highsmith's troubled life, matters are not quite as they first appear . . .Masterfully recreating Highsmith's much exercised fantasies of murder and madness, Jill Dawson probes the darkest reaches of the imagination in this novel - at once a brilliant portrait of a writer and an atmospheric, emotionally charged, riveting tale.

Too Scared to Cry: A True Short Story

by Maggie Hartley

A digital short story from author and foster carer Maggie Hartley. Also contains a sneak peek chapter from Maggie's highly anticipated debut memoir, TINY PRISONERS.Brothers Ben and Damien are shockingly quiet when they arrive on Maggie's doorstep. They don't shout or play like normal three and four year olds. They hardly dare make a sound, so much have they been conditioned to be 'seen and not heard' by their mother and controlling stepfather.More disturbingly, their little baby half-brother Noah is completely unresponsive. He doesn't play, he doesn't smile, he doesn't crawl - he doesn't even cry. In a state of blankness brought about by emotional neglect, poor baby Noah is disconnected from the world. Maggie has never seen such a young life so affected before. Yet with time, love and care, Maggie gradually unpicks what has caused this terrible void. She teaches the children to play and laugh and to not be afraid to make noise. We see Ben, Damien and Noah take steps towards a positive future and their journey reaches a happy conclusion when they are adopted by a loving family. With love and affection, they are no longer scared to be themselves. They are free to make their voices heard.

Cook Happy, Cook Healthy

by Fearne Cotton

"Most of the food you put in your body should have ingredients that make your skin glow, your hair shine, your body feel energised, your eyes bright and your kids and friends happy. Even the naughty treats can have good stuff in them too! If you love cooking and baking and are happy, like me, to whittle away the hours with spatula in hand then hopefully you'll enjoy my ideas and recipes." - Fearne CottonFearne Cotton is one of our best-loved television and radio presenters. She is also a keen healthy baker and young, busy, working mum who has found some great ways to eat well and eat clean.Her first cookbook, Cook Happy, Cook Healthy, is full of easy, fast and healthy recipes for everything from breakfast and speedy suppers to baked treats. Delicious dishes include Quick Granola, Courgette Fritters with Herby Yoghurt Dip, Halloumi and Roasted Beetroot Salad, and Almond and Apricot Biscuits. With an eye to food bills and time-poor households, the ingredients are easy to buy and few in number, and the methods very simple.

How to Find Love in a Book Shop

by Veronica Henry

Nightingale Books, nestled on the high street in the idyllic Cotswold town of Peasebrook, is a dream come true for booklovers. But owner Emilia Nightingale is struggling to keep the shop open. The temptation to sell up is proving enormous - but what about the promise she made to her father? Not to mention the loyalty she owes to her customers.Sarah Basildon, owner of stately pile Peasebrook Manor, has used the book shop as an escape from all her problems in the past few years. But is there more to her visits than meets the eye?Since messing up his marriage, Jackson asks Emilia for advice on books to read to the son he misses so much. But Jackson has a secret, and is not all he seems...And there's Thomasina, painfully shy, who runs a pop-up restaurant from her tiny cottage. She has a huge crush on a man she met and then lost in the cookery section, somewhere between Auguste Escoffier and Marco Pierre White. Can she find the courage to admit her true feelings?How to Find Love in a Book Shop is the delightful story of Emilia's fight to keep her book shop alive, the customers whose lives she has touched - and the books they all love.

Project Debt Free: A Practical Guide To Financial Freedom

by Frederick O. Towles

Project Debt Free explains the culture of debt in America, highlights the reason for your money troubles, and provides a realistic plan for successfully becoming debt free. While this plan will not get you out of debt overnight, it outlines steps to put you on the road to debt freedom - and keep you on that road.

Sheldan Gundry: Ghost Chaser

by Ethel Halstead

Sheldan Gundry, a college dropout and down to his last dollar, had just lost his job, been evicted from his one room shanty and had no prospects for employment. He was mulling over his bleak situation when he was approached by Brad Beltran, his aged Aunt Carlie Maxwell's financial manager. Beltran had been offered an assignment to find Sheldan and give him a message: Aunt Carlie was offering Sheldan--her only living relative--an opportunity to become a wealthy young man; but first he had to complete a monumental task for her. Sheldan had never been fond of his aunt Carlie, and in his youth she had held him in even less esteem. Nonetheless, in spite of his misgivings about his aunt's offer, and because Brad Beltran had a gorgeous daughter he wanted to meet, he followed Beltran from Oahu's North shore back to the mainland to check out his aunt's offer. That offer led Sheldan to an astounding encounter with the dark side of his aunt's old mansion, and a life threatening confrontation with an unresolved issue from his past, one that he had not anticipated and definitely wasn't prepared to deal with.

This Is the Victory: An Exposition on the Epistle of 1 John

by Don H. Polston

This is not a book to fly through, nor is it possible to do so and get the full benefits. I strongly urge you to dig into John's first epistle as you read this book, and fully digest every bit of truth that the epistle has to offer. Great riches and victory lie in the truth of 1 John, along with its deeper development through this book. Feed on the life of John's epistle, and be more than a conqueror in Jesus' Name!

From Death Unto Life: A Love Story

by Richard Waltner

They met at the U of Mt, and in spite of the fact Laurie comes from a socialite family in Boston and Guy is a rancher/cowboy from NW Mt., it is love At first sight. Marriage follows graduation After three years of love and devotion for and to each other Laurie is pregnant. Tom assures them that Laurie's pregnancy is proceeding as it should and she should have a normal delivery. However, upon the birth of their daughter Laurie dies suddenly. Guy is devastated by the loss of Laurie, but finds some comfort in visiting with her spirit under the old oak tree. Little Laurie is now his full responsibility for which he is ill prepared. Then Julie comes into his life. Again love blossoms only this time it is a troubled love when Julie finds herself competing with Laurie for Guy's love. She tells him, "I will compete for your love with a living woman any day, but I cannot compete with a dead woman." She leaves him looking for a new life. It's a close call, however, the strength of Julie's love for Guy and Little Laurie overcomes all challenges. Julie and Guy find the abiding love and happiness both have been searching for, a love lasting many years. But that love and happiness is also shattered when once again death strikes suddenly taking it's tragic toll. Throughout a strange love affair between Guy and Terry is sustained also to be broken suddenly by death.

Eagle Saints: A Creation of Poems by Don H. Polston

by Don H. Polston

Each poem you are about to read has a theme of the issues of life. The different waves and stages of living are found on each page, with every poem having an individual truth in itself. Polston's poetry is deep, insightful, and thought-provoking. He uses many metaphors to drive home messages about Jesus Christ, His church, and how to be victorious in every season of life. Gems are hidden in each stanza if we are willing to search them out and open our hearts.

Never Fool a Nice Girl into Becoming the Blind Date of a Tango Dancer: A Memoir

by Howard Jarmy

A most entertaining life story about imagination, introspection, and creativity. And, quite by chance, a life style illustrative of what scientists call brain plasticity, how learning new things helps keep the brain healthy, able to adapt, and grow. He considers plasticity to be the Fountain of Youth, and urges you, his reader, to keep learning, to stay young and vibrant.

Nehemiah: Building out of the Rubble

by Don H. Polston

Nehemiah: Building out of the Rubble is a book about restoration. No matter how hopeless or helpless your situation may seem, God is always in the business of complete repair! The power of the Cross is that it is a complete work, so there is nothing more to be done in order to experience absolute fullness in every area of our lives. Colossians 2:9-10, 13-14 says, For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power . . . And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses; Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross. As you read Nehemiah, remember that no situation--no relationship--nodisease--no prisoner--is too far gone or binding for God to rebuild, heal, or set free.

The Fraser Bride

by Lois Greiman

From the bestselling author of award-winning historical romance, Lois Greiman, a classic Scottish Highlander Romance"Adventure, love, and mystery blend beautifully in the pages of THE FRASER BRIDE. Lois Greiman has penned an engaging Highland tale of love, betrayal and trust. Sensual!" -Romantic TimesHighland Rogues #11534, ScotlandReturning to the Scottish Highlands, Ramsay MacGowan rides to confront the evil Clan Munro, who are rumored to be encroaching on MacGowan land. What he finds instead is an alluring, mysterious young lass! Ravishing Anora Fraser is fleeing an unknown attacker, and doesn't know who to trust, so she spins a story that convinces Ramsay to offer her protection. Although Ramsay is through with cunning women, and knows Anora hasn't told him the entire truth, he can't resist her sprit ...or her beauty; As for Anora, how can she trust in the strong, resourceful Magowan, when her own heart betrays her!

Elisha: The Prophet with a Double Portion

by Don H. Polston

Life is full of challenges. The question is not whether or not we will face difficulties, because we all know that difficulties are a part of living. The question really is, "What are we going to do with our difficulties?" Jesus says, "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33, NIV). This truth is exactly what we see in Elisha: The Prophet with a Double Portion. In the midst of trouble, hardship, and impossibilities, we see this prophet overcoming by the power of the Spirit. He is not removed from difficulties, but He rises above them and rules in the midst of them! Do your troubles rule you, or do you rule your troubles? Do you fight the difficulties in your life, or do you allow God to use them for your success? We can sink in the ocean or we can surf the waves; it is all in our perspective of the water. Learn how you can have a double portion of power and abundance through Elisha: The Prophet with a Double Portion. Rebekah Faith Maiorana, Editor in Chief

Ho Chi Minh

by William J. Duiker

To grasp the complicated causes and consequences of the Vietnam War, one must understand the extraordinary life of Ho Chi Minh, the man generally recognized as the father of modern Vietnam. Duiker provides startling insights into Ho's true motivation, as well as into the Soviet and Chinese roles in the Vietnam War.

Our Glasgow: Memories of Life in Disappearing Britain

by Piers Dudgeon

This ebook edition contains the full text version as per the book. Doesn't include original photographic and illustrated material. This oral history of Glasgow spans most of the last century - a time of economic downturn and eventual renewal, in which the many communities making up the city experienced upheavals that tore some apart and brought others closer together. It tells of the beating heart of no mean city in the words of the people who made it what it is. Piers Dudgeon has listened to dozens of people who remember the city as it was, and who have lived through its many changes. They talk of childhood and education, of work and entertainment, of family, community values, health, politics, religion and music. Their stories will make you laugh and cry. It is people's own memories that make history real and this engrossing book captures them vividly.

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