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Postcolonialism, Heritage, and the Built Environment: New Approaches to Architecture in Archaeology (SpringerBriefs in Archaeology) 3777223 Jessica L. Nitschke Marta Lorenzon 9783030608583 2020 Contains images
Fundamentals of Sustainable Urban Design 3767513 Avi Friedman 9783030608651 2021 Contains images
The Ganga River Basin: A Hydrometeorological Approach (Society of Earth Scientists Series) 3766177 Manvendra Singh Chauhan Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha 9783030608699 2021 Contains images
Marginality, Migration and Education: Educational Experiences of Migrants’ Children in Zimbabwe 3755544 Winniefridah Matsa 9783030608736 2020 Contains images
Logic, Syntax, and a Structural View: The Psychology of Trump's Hall of Mirrors 3754901 Harwood Fisher 9783030608811 2020 Contains images
The French Centre Right and the Challenges of a Party System in Transition (French Politics, Society and Culture) 3755198 William Rispin 9783030608941 2021
Ecologically Conscious Organizations: New Business Practices Based on Ecological Commitment (Palgrave Studies in Sustainable Business In Association with Future Earth) 3756073 András Ócsai 9783030609184 2021 Contains images
Bond Graph Modelling for Control, Fault Diagnosis and Failure Prognosis 3738438 Wolfgang Borutzky 9783030609672 2021 Contains images
Places of Memory and Legacies in an Age of Insecurities and Globalization (Key Challenges in Geography) 3757931 Gerry O’Reilly 9783030609825 2020 Contains images
AC Electrical Circuit Analysis: Practice Problems, Methods, and Solutions 3766116 Mehdi Rahmani-Andebili 9783030609863 2021 Contains images
A Critical Legal Examination of Liberalism and Liberal Rights (Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism) 3751907 Matthew McManus 9783030610258 2020
Reassessing Riemann's Paper: On the Number of Primes Less Than a Given Magnitude (SpringerBriefs in History of Science and Technology) 3765978 Walter Dittrich 9783030610494 2021 Contains images
Power and Ideology in South African Translation: A Social Systems Perspective (Translation History) 3748257 Maricel Botha 9783030610630 2020
Computational Methods for Deep Learning: Theoretic, Practice and Applications (Texts in Computer Science) 3764051 Wei Qi Yan 9783030610814 2021 Contains images
China & the USA: Globalisation and the Decline of America’s Supremacy 3747928 Vassilis K. Fouskas Shampa Roy-Mukherjee Qingan Huang Ejike Udeogu 9783030610975 2021 Contains images
Heterogeneity in Statistical Genetics: How to Assess, Address, and Account for Mixtures in Association Studies (Statistics for Biology and Health) 3779251 Derek Gordon Stephen J. Finch Wonkuk Kim 9783030611217 2020 Contains images
Bioactive Molecules in Plant Defense: Saponins 3754328 Mostafa Abdelrahman Sudisha Jogaiah 9783030611491 2020 Contains images
The European Debt Crisis: How Portugal Navigated the post-2008 Financial Crisis 3771638 João Moreira Rato 9783030611743 2020
Flexible and Generalized Uncertainty Optimization: Theory and Approaches (Studies in Computational Intelligence #696) 3777209 Weldon A. Lodwick Luiz L. Salles-Neto 9783030611804 2021 Contains images
Pilot Society and the Energy Transition: The co-shaping of innovation, participation and politics 3751913 Marianne Ryghaug Tomas Moe Skjølsvold 9783030611842 2021
Music and Sound in the Life and Literature of James Joyce: Joyces Noyces (Palgrave Studies in Music and Literature) 3769339 Gerry Smyth 9783030612061 2020 Contains images
Nordicism and Modernity 3754385 Gregers Einer Forssling 9783030612108 2020 Contains images
Robert Eisler and the Magic of the Combinatory Mind: The Forgotten Life of a 20th-Century Austrian Polymath 3766766 Brian Collins 9783030612290 2021 Contains images
The Healthcare Efficiency Revolution: A Mid-Level Managers’ Manual for Professional Development 3764648 Ziv Gil 9783030612320 2021 Contains images
Regional Science Perspectives on Tourism and Hospitality (Advances in Spatial Science) 3779226 Mauro Ferrante Oliver Fritz Özge Öner 9783030612740 2021 Contains images

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