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Jumpstart Snowflake: A Step-by-Step Guide to Modern Cloud Analytics

by Dmitry Anoshin Dmitry Shirokov Donna Strok

Explore the modern market of data analytics platforms and the benefits of using Snowflake computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud. With the rise of cloud technologies, organizations prefer to deploy their analytics using cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Cloud vendors are offering modern data platforms for building cloud analytics solutions to collect data and consolidate into single storage solutions that provide insights for business users. The core of any analytics framework is the data warehouse, and previously customers did not have many choices of platform to use. Snowflake was built specifically for the cloud and it is a true game changer for the analytics market. This book will help onboard you to Snowflake, present best practices to deploy, and use the Snowflake data warehouse. In addition, it covers modern analytics architecture and use cases. It provides use cases of integration with leading analytics software such as Matillion ETL, Tableau, and Databricks. Finally, it covers migration scenarios for on-premise legacy data warehouses. What You Will Learn Know the key functionalities of SnowflakeSet up security and access with clusterBulk load data into Snowflake using the COPY commandMigrate from a legacy data warehouse to Snowflakeintegrate the Snowflake data platform with modern business intelligence (BI) and data integration tools Who This Book Is For Those working with data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) technologies, and existing and potential Snowflake users

Beginning Bazel: Building and Testing for Java, Go, and More

by P.J. McNerney

Discover Bazel, a new build and software test set of tools for today's programmers and developers. This book shows you how to speed up your builds and tests, and how to use Bazel in the context of your favorite programming language. You'll see that the languages and SDKs supported include Java, C++, Android, iOS, and Go. Beginning Bazel also shows you how scalable Bazel is for organizations, codebases, and continuous integration systems. It handles codebases of any size as well as multiple repos or a huge monorepo. Lastly, this book discusses how extensible Bazel is. You can easily add support for new languages and platforms with Bazel's extension language. As such, you'll be able to share and re-use language rules as they evolve in the Bazel community. What You Will LearnUse Bazel as a build toolTest software with Bazel Work with Java, C++, Android, iOS, Go, and other programming languagesRun Bazel on Linux, macOS, and WindowsScale and extend Bazel to other languages and platforms Who This Book Is ForExperienced programmers looking for alternative build/test tools.

Identity Attack Vectors: Implementing an Effective Identity and Access Management Solution

by Morey J. Haber Darran Rolls

Discover how poor identity and privilege management can be leveraged to compromise accounts and credentials within an organization. Learn how role-based identity assignments, entitlements, and auditing strategies can be implemented to mitigate the threats leveraging accounts and identities and how to manage compliance for regulatory initiatives.As a solution, Identity Access Management (IAM) has emerged as the cornerstone of enterprise security. Managing accounts, credentials, roles, certification, and attestation reporting for all resources is now a security and compliance mandate. When identity theft and poor identity management is leveraged as an attack vector, risk and vulnerabilities increase exponentially. As cyber attacks continue to increase in volume and sophistication, it is not a matter of if, but when, your organization will have an incident. Threat actors target accounts, users, and their associated identities, to conduct their malicious activities through privileged attacks and asset vulnerabilities. Identity Attack Vectors details the risks associated with poor identity management practices, the techniques that threat actors and insiders leverage, and the operational best practices that organizations should adopt to protect against identity theft and account compromises, and to develop an effective identity governance program. What You Will Learn Understand the concepts behind an identity and how their associated credentials and accounts can be leveraged as an attack vectorImplement an effective Identity Access Management (IAM) program to manage identities and roles, and provide certification for regulatory complianceSee where identity management controls play a part of the cyber kill chain and how privileges should be managed as a potential weak linkBuild upon industry standards to integrate key identity management technologies into a corporate ecosystemPlan for a successful deployment, implementation scope, measurable risk reduction, auditing and discovery, regulatory reporting, and oversight based on real-world strategies to prevent identity attack vectors Who This Book Is For Management and implementers in IT operations, security, and auditing looking to understand and implement an identity access management program and manage privileges in these environments

Asian Founders at Work: Stories from the Region’s Top Technopreneurs

by Ezra Ferraz Gracy Fernandez

What does it take to successfully launch and scale a startup in Asia? While much of modern business literature covers Silicon Valley and its founders, building a company in Asia—a world center of technology and innovation—is a vastly different journey, and not nearly as widely covered. This book aims to change that. Asian Founders at Work is an essential compilation of in-depth, incisive interviews with over 20 top technopreneurs from the region. Authors Ezra Ferraz and Gracy Fernandez have gathered their exclusive conversations with business leaders: Min-Liang Tan (Razer), Maria Ressa (Rappler), Chatri Sityodtong (ONE Championship), Patrick Grove (iflix), and Khailee Ng (500 Startups) are just a few.Questions about early difficulties, fundraising, business pivots, strategic partnerships, exits via acquisition or IPO, and more are answered in great detail to shine a light on the founders' unique experiences. Learn directly from game-changers in their own voice. By documenting these stories, the authors have created the largest and most comprehensive record of successes to date. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur yourself, a business student wanting to become well-versed in international practices, or an owner looking to expand to the area, this book provides a thorough guide to the startup culture in Asia from the most knowledgeable sources possible. What You Will LearnGain business knowledge of practices that are localized to AsiaBecome familiar with essential startup topics, including product development, user acquisition, recruiting, and fundraisingStudy individual companies and founders, and an overview of startup cultureWho This Book Is For Those in the tech ecosystem in East, Southeast, and South Asia, including aspiring founders or current founders who have started their entrepreneurial journey. This book is also for people outside of Asia who have an interest in the region. Entrepreneurs or businesspeople can refer to this book as they consider expansion into the area. Researchers and readers can pick up this book if they are curious about the business landscape of Asia and want to hear directly from game-changing founders.

Inclusive Design for a Digital World: Designing with Accessibility in Mind

by Regine M. Gilbert

What is inclusive design? It is simple. It means that your product has been created with the intention of being accessible to as many different users as possible. For a long time, the concept of accessibility has been limited in terms of only defining physical spaces. However, change is afoot: personal technology now plays a part in the everyday lives of most of us, and thus it is a responsibility for designers of apps, web pages, and more public-facing tech products to make them accessible to all. Our digital era brings progressive ideas and paradigm shifts – but they are only truly progressive if everybody can participate.In Inclusive Design for a Digital World, multiple crucial aspects of technological accessibility are confronted, followed by step-by-step solutions from User Experience Design professor and author Regine Gilbert. Think about every potential user who could be using your product. Could they be visually impaired? Have limited motor skills? Be deaf or hard of hearing? This book addresses a plethora of web accessibility issues that people with disabilities face. Your app might be blocking out an entire sector of the population without you ever intending or realizing it. For example, is your instructional text full of animated words and Emoji icons? This makes it difficult for a user with vision impairment to use an assistive reading device, such as a speech synthesizer, along with your app correctly. In Inclusive Design for a Digital World, Gilbert covers the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 requirements, emerging technologies such as VR and AR, best practices for web development, and more.As a creator in the modern digital era, your aim should be to make products that are inclusive of all people. Technology has, overall, increased connection and information equality around the world. To continue its impact, access and usability of such technology must be made a priority, and there is no better place to get started than Inclusive Design for a Digital World.What You’ll LearnThe moral, ethical, and high level legal reasons for accessible designTools and best practices for user research and web developersThe different types of designs for disabilities on various platformsFamiliarize yourself with web compliance guidelinesTest products and usability best practicesUnderstand past innovations and future opportunities for continued improvementWho This Book Is ForPractitioners of product design, product development, content, and design can benefit from this book.

Life Imprisonment from Young Adulthood: Adaptation, Identity and Time (Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology)

by Ben Crewe Susie Hulley Serena Wright

This book analyses the experiences of prisoners in England & Wales sentenced when relatively young to very long life sentences (with minimum terms of fifteen years or more). Based on a major study, including almost 150 interviews with men and women at various sentence stages and over 300 surveys, it explores the ways in which long-term prisoners respond to their convictions, adapt to the various challenges that they encounter and re-construct their lives within and beyond the prison. Focussing on such matters as personal identity, relationships with family and friends, and the management of time, the book argues that long-term imprisonment entails a profound confrontation with the self. It provides detailed insight into how such prisoners deal with the everyday burdens of their situation, feelings of injustice, anger and shame, and the need to find some sense of hope, control and meaning in their lives. In doing so, it exposes the nature and consequences of the life-changing terms of imprisonment that have become increasingly common in recent years.

eQTL Analysis: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology #2082)

by Xinghua Mindy Shi

This volume details state-of-art eQTL analysis, where interdisciplinary researchers are provided both theoretical and practical guidance to eQTL analysis and interpretation. Chapters guide readers through methods and tools for eQTL and QTL analysis and the usage of such analysis in various scenarios. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Authoritative and cutting-edge, eQTL Analysis: Methods and Protocols to ensure successful results in the further study of this vital field.

Picasso's Demoiselles: The Untold Origins of a Modern Masterpiece

by Suzanne Preston Blier

In Picasso's Demoiselles, eminent art historian Suzanne Preston Blier uncovers the previously unknown history of Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d&’Avignon, one of the twentieth century's most important, celebrated, and studied paintings. Drawing on her expertise in African art and newly discovered sources, Blier reads the painting not as a simple bordello scene but as Picasso's interpretation of the diversity of representations of women from around the world that he encountered in photographs and sculptures. These representations are central to understanding the painting's creation and help identify the demoiselles as global figures, mothers, grandmothers, lovers, and sisters, as well as part of the colonial world Picasso inhabited. Simply put, Blier fundamentally transforms what we know about this revolutionary and iconic work.

Translational Nanomedicine (Current Topics from the Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine)

by Robert A. Meyers

The largest high-level encyclopedia on molecular medicine is now publishing a topical volume on Nanomedicine. The long awaited volume gives a comprehensive overview on nanomaterials in drug delivery, imaging and as therapeutics.

His Majesty is Scheming: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Tian Qin

He what i go south two months mu fei is pregnant one month come send this unchaste woman into the cold she one awaking inexplicably be taken into cold palace and female madman live together what she s ugly can t she save the baby she can t hang herself what a king she looked up was it him that cold and bloodthirsty man good a new round of war has begun he s sending her to the valley of death for a year go to a year later she said this is fun i m not going back to the palace let me think about it for another year he he doesn t want the baby hum it doesn t matter miss big ben keeps it on the sly baby mother why do you dress me up as a pet dog she because because you are the child that nobody wants everybody cries dozen baby i miss my father so much there are sneak into the palace to find the father to eat sugar he damn what a monster dog

Fierce Boss and Wild Wife: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Niu YouGuo

Peng yanfei wants to know very much oneself is poured after all how many life blood mould just can bump into such a bully now cold now hot now black now white as sly as a fox she had seared one mark after another in her mind and it was always a mystery but he said to her i can see through you from top to bottom from the inside out

Captive Love, Forced Marriage: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Hong LeiWanZhuang

She had leukemia and was on the road to finding her birth mother the first time he met him he took her to the police station not wanting to sleep with him she escaped by climbing into his bathroom through the window and begging him to save her fate always let them meet but always stand in the opposite scene until one day he married her by force the strength dotes on the wife s road difficulties when he knows her dirty past but

Husband is Particularly Fierce: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Jia YiMingTang

She is known as a foodie who travels to another world and is dragged into a cave by a ferocious beast until she was forced into an egg baby strong belly black with the mother of the world to find food it turned out that the father had forgotten that memory the baby takes mommy and a group of powerful beauty to rob daddy

Evil Crown Prince's Stunning Wife: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Hua JianJiu

She is the poison divine doctor of modern and famous once pass through into blue month country prime minister mansion big young lady bump the adulterous affair of common younger sister and fiance is killed don t you still want to be raped by servants the tiger doesn t take her for a cat a toxic powder in the past let you how to die do not know next poison common younger sister make disable cheat the man that dally with female affection liu xinyue plays not as happy as before unexpectedly everything is seen in the eye by a mask man enough strength enough poison enough malicious i have a fancy for you you waste wood see your younger sister poison you

Blind Prince Meets His Pretty Princess: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Yue ShangBanWan

Before memory loss bent on killing him because this is their task frustrated love will come in time deep in love remember the past in the future but can not choose to stay in the face of the adoptive father there is love and righteousness in the face of love there is love how do you choose love and can not but let go

Dragon King’s Runaway Bride: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Blue AnQiEr

p p the dragon king to earth through a thousand years of thunder into a small snake in the day of thunder was picked up by a human girl she also conveniently eat his elixir when candy from then on the dragon king who became a mini snake stayed at her house to eat drink and sleep however when the girl across the mysterious mirror lake unexpectedly returned to the dragon king in the other world and see full of vitality explosive power girl how to take magic boy in the dragon and phoenix play between the wind and water

Snake Father, Don't be too Pushing: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Ling Qian

Since I can remember my parents have recognized a snake father for me But suddenly one day the father snake actually entangled me I recognize you as my father how can you be like this

A Heart-imprisoned Deal with President: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Luo BaiCha

Song qiting hooked lips covered with thin cocoon fingertips in the delicate skin such as eagle sharp eyes in the contempt of the thickening peace no i m here to get a divorce his wife who was so dainty and dainty hung her long ciliary hair like a butterfly s wing and her voice was firm i thought the marriage with hatred would only leave her alone but i didn t want to be overwhelmed by overload every night love dignity old love stop dreaming what does the ceo want day after day of torture pregnant and told that the baby in her belly should not be her husband s the mother of more than 20 years suddenly confessed that she was just a tool for revenge under the heavy blow of reality where should she go

Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by You JianShanYi

p p after ten thousand years of magic seal suddenly loose penglai gate su he and mu yang new life down the mountain to find the world lingbao seal reinforcement p p at the foot of the mountain met mysterious scholar flower yunshu three people together on the road flower yunshu ambiguous attitude is the enemy is friend the chaotic world will come the devil clan step by step the world unrest su he can successfully stop the devil clan return p p demon different way the feelings of suhe and hua yunshu will go where how will soho cope with the trials and tribulations that follow and the wind and the wind

Arrogant Young Master's Secret Wife: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Wen RouDeXiaoBaiTu

Remember you are a plaything in my hands In this life you can only belong to me Cold words were spat out from his lips She a person who had been betrayed by an elder brother who had lived for more than ten years without any blood ties had been sent to the side of that demon-like man enduring the cruel pain and suffering The cruel method was like a sharp sword that pierced through her already painful heart All kinds of grudges caused her to be covered with wounds and bruises When love is turned into hatred how will she sort out all the emotions that are so messy and so unruly

CEO Husband is so Mighty: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by L ChongAis

She grew up in the greenhouse pure and kind he is a bloodthirsty killer and also a ruthless president ten years ago he was her bodyguard deeply attracted by her innocent kindness fascinated by her love added for her he would give everything even his own life ten years later he came with a lot of hatred

Satan CEO’s Contact Bride: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by L ChongAis

Because of her parents high medical bills she had to sign a contract to marry into a wealthy family but on the wedding day why is there no wedding banquet no guests not even a groom what what xue qi jing s favorite woman committed suicide han mingxi fell to sit in luxury but empty a bit of temperature with a blank mind in the mansion from the moment you sign the marriage contract you are destined to be a sinner you killed her you dare to destroy my happiness i dare to destroy you if i don t kick you into hell i m not xue he poured all his hatred on her what was sarcasm what is torture is it worth her life kind-hearted like her big fang will take all the guilt in the body become his veritable guilt of the bride sell yourself for a million dollars i ll give you a taste of the so-called price xue qi jing s dark voice sounded in the dark room from today on she is the maid with the lowest splash in xue s family you are not allowed to interfere in all chores if anyone dares to help get out of here but why did he want to die when he saw her bursting into tears

Cold Young Master's Sweetheart: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Yi PinMaLa

He promised her his whole life and she left him blue heart yue you have what great think oneself grow a bit more beautiful can the whole world of men all step under foot yao i just feel sorry for you i just want to keep you don t let me ever meet you again or i ll make sure you live and die face is not clear tears or rain cold mubai stood in the rain roar oath six years later two people meet again cold mubai tight face looking at her side of the small bean bag xiaodoubao four years old four years old four years old not five years old good very good blue heart yue is you first unkind do not blame my injustice you waiting to die

Daddy, Let Go of My Mom: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Tian Qin

In order to save the adoptive father s life jane became a mysterious rich family surrogate but when she became pregnant her father died the next year the baby was born a pair of twins with ugly birthmarks on their faces the foster mother that owed a gambling debt unexpectedly holds baby boy secretly to get surrogacy money the son disappears without a trace from now on five years later she took her daughter in the children s park in front of the stall met a handsome young man to the pole and he took in the hand it was her precious son who had been missing for five years

President Comes from Ancient Times: Volume 2 (Volume 2 #2)

by Yi PinMaLa

Xi sanmo was forced to marry his grandfather ran to the nightclub do not want to meet him lord huo has another identity the huo family has the rules of the huo family the birth of male not female what s the matter with your daughter she is your flesh and blood too people are alive and rules are dead no rules no rules there are two roads for you to choose from first the child is removed and you remain with the family second take the baby away and leave the huo family the huo family i don t care daughter you can t move huo li i want to divorce you this is the love story of a pet and abuse this is the story of a rich family with thousands of gold to teach the ancient king this is the story of a belly black wife pk evildoer president this is also a story through and back through

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