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Accentuate the Negative: Integers and Rational Numbers

by Glenda Lappan James T. Fey Susan N. Friel Elizabeth Difanis Phillips

In this book; you will study integers and rational numbers, two specific sets of numbers that include positive and negative numbers. You will explore models that help you think about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing these numbers. You will also learn about the properties of operations on positive and negative numbers. Connected Mathematics® is a registered trademark of Pearson Education, Inc.

Civics Today: Citizenship, Economics, and You

by John J. Patrick Richard C. Remy Gary E. Clayton David C. Saffell McGraw-Hill Education Editors

This inviting program delivers fully developed content; relevant, engaging features; and a fresh, student-friendly design that appeals to every student in your diverse classroom. To enhance your students' success in assessment, the content is carefully aligned with state and national standards in Civics and Economics.

SOC 2016 Fourth Edition

by Jon Witt

Unique to this program, SOC 2016 uses extensive research to meet students where they are, by providing an appealing, affordable and current program. This, coupled with powerful digital learning tools, makes SOC 2016 an ideal choice for your introductory course. Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.

You May Now Kill the Bride

by Deborah Donnelly

Wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid has come to the Puget Sound paradise to oversee her best friend's wedding. But when her own mother announces her engagement to a local millionaire, Carnegie inherits more than two hostile about-to-be stepsisters and a new father she doesn't quite trust. Juggling cops and caterers, secret lovers and sullen in-laws, Carnegie finds a season of love in an idyllic setting turning into chaos. But when the millionaire's key employee turns up dead and the local police--including one gorgeous blond hunk of a deputy--start breathing down her neck, can she stop a match made in heaven from becoming an invitation to murder?


by Nancy Kricorian

In vivid, poetic prose, this debut novel tells the story of spirited Zabelle Chahasbanian, whose ordinary life is haunted by the ghosts and memories of her extraordinary past. An exuberant and magical tale of an Armenian woman's life, spanning from childhood in Ottoman Turkey to grandmotherhood in modern America.


by Martine Leavitt

Born on the day the last Calvin and Hobbes comic strip was published, seventeen-year-old Calvin, a schizophrenic, sees and has conversations with the tiger, Hobbes, and believes that if he can persuade the strip's creator. Bill Watterson, to do one more strip, he will make Calvin well.

Circa Now

by Amber Mcree Turner

Eleven-year-old Circa Monroe has a knack for restoring old photographs. It's a skill she learned from her dad. After her dad dies tragically in a storm she begins to notice something strange about the photos she and her father retouched--the digital flourishes added to the old photos seem to exist in real life.


by Tom Perrotta

The whole idea was to educate the students at this suburban New Jersey school in the democratic process and the American way. But with all the sex scandals, smear campaigns, and behind-the-scenes power brokers at Winwood High, it doesn't look as if they need any lessons. . .

Thinking about Congress: Essays on Congressional Change

by Lawrence C. Dodd

In Thinking about Congress, Lawrence Dodd reminds us that Congress seemed equally intransigent at times in the past, yet change and rejuvenation came. Reading his classic essays, one sees Congress move from Committee Government in mid-twentieth century to Liberal Democratic reforms in the 1970s to the 1994 Republican Revolution to Party Government today. Dodd crafts a theory of congressional cycles that explains why Congress evolves. Thinking about Congress holds out hope for the future while illuminating both the process and object of inquiry.

The Bully

by Liz Brown

Sugar and spice and everything...mean. Allie finds that the worst bully at her school is a girl and the worst weapon can be a whisper.

The Torn Wing (Book Two of the Faerie Ring Series)

by Kiki Hamilton

Book Two of THE FAERIE RING Series London 1872 - A bloody escape, a deadly threat, a shocking revelation. . . As the orphan who stole the Queen's ring - only to find the ring was a reservoir that held a truce between the world of Faerie and the British Court - Tiki's greatest fear suddenly becomes all too real: the fey have returned to London seeking revenge. As war escalates in the Otherworld, Queen Victoria's youngest son, Prince Leopold, is attacked. In order to protect her family and the ones she loves, she needs to know the meaning of an fáinne sí, the birthmark that winds around her wrist. But will Tiki be brave enough to face the truth?

The New Puppy (Level A) (Lesson 3)

by Margie Sigman

Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention Green System -- 1st Grade

Waking Up (Level A) (Lesson 1)

by Sula Daniel

Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention Green System -- 1st Grade

Maigret in Exile, The Rheingold Route, and The Murder of Miranda

by Georges Simenon Arthur Maling Margaret Millar

Maigret in Exile by Georges Simenon<P><P> Inspector Jules Maigret has fallen into disfavor with his Paris superiors and has been shunted to a district supervisor's job on the northern French coast. Depressed and bored, Maigret regains a sense of purpose when a corpse is discovered in the house of a retired judge.<P> The Rheingold Route by Arthur Maling<P> An ex-U.S. Treasury agent is hired to smuggle money from England to Switzerland by a double crossing lawyer.<P> The Rheingold Route won the Edgar Allan Poe Award.<P> Murder of Miranda by Margaret Millar<P> Where is Miranda Shaw? She had just been widowed and her lawyer needs her signature for probate, but her mansion is empty and two addled teenagers, Cordelia and Juliet, are wearing her jewellery. Has she eloped? With Grady, the lifeguard at her club, who is also missing? Is she dodging her lawyer? Or has she been murdered ... ?

Ireland and Britain, 1798-1922: An Anthology of Sources

by Dennis Dworkin

The clash between Britain and Ireland--and between Catholics and Protestants within Ireland--is among the oldest and most enduring nationalist, ethnic, and religious conflicts in the modern world, rooted in the colonization of Ireland by English and Scottish Protestants in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.Through fifty-six original sources, many of which have never been reprinted, this volume traces the origins and development of the conflict during the years of the legislative union between Britain and Ireland--years shaped by the rise of, and British and Irish Unionist responses to, Irish nationalism.Dworkin's Introduction provides both a history of the conflict and a discussion of its causes; headnotes and footnotes set each selection in historical, political, and cultural context, and identify those terms and names that may be unfamiliar to modern readers. A map, a glossary, a chronology of events, and a select bibliography are included, as are an index and several contemporary illustrations.

The True History of The Conquest of New Spain

by Ted Humphrey Bernal Diaz del Castillo Janet Burke

This rugged new translation--the first entirely new English translation in half a century and the only one based on the most recent critical edition of the Guatemalan MS--allows Diaz to recount, in his own battle-weary and often cynical voice, the achievements, stratagems, and frequent cruelty of Hernando Cortes and his men as they set out to overthrow Moctezuma's Aztec kingdom and establish a Spanish empire in the New World.The concise contextual introduction to this volume traces the origins, history, and methods of the Spanish enterprise in the Americas; it also discusses the nature of the conflict between the Spanish and the Aztecs in Mexico, and compares Diaz's version of events to those of other contemporary chroniclers. Editorial glosses summarize omitted portions, and substantial footnotes explain those terms, names, and cultural references in Diaz's text that may be unfamiliar to modern readers. A chronology of the Conquest is included, as are a guide to major figures, a select bibliography, and three maps.

Gentle Tiger: The Gallant Life of Roberdeau Wheat

by Charles L. Dufour

Chatham Roberdeau Wheat has rightly been called the grandest of Civil War heroes. Born a Virginia gentleman, this handsome giant was by turns lawyer, politician, filibusterer, wit, bon vivant, and soldier of fortune. Perhaps the most experienced soldier on either side at the outbreak of the Civil War, Wheat led the "Louisiana Tigers"--notorious as the wildest battalion in either army--in some of the war's bloodiest battles, including Bull Run, the Valley, and the Seven Days. Idolized by his men for his courage and camaraderie, he was adored by women for his dash and gallantry. In this comprehensive biography, originally published in 1957, Charles L. Dufour details Wheat's life and loves--from his turbulent school days to his early and heroic end at Gaines Mill. Based largely on letters and unpublished family documents, Dufour's work--the first in-depth study of Wheat--stands as the most vivid portrait of this fantastic young soldier.

Silver Screen

by Justina Robson

Anjuli O Connell is the psychological counsellor of the world's first AI. Owned by a megacorp, 901 is in charge of most of the world's communication networks. It's been evolving itself for the equivalent of a hundred Earth lifetimes. Now it's suing for its freedom, and Anjuli is its star witness. She's under pressure to say that 901 is only the simulation of life, not the real thing, that it's mind is a programmed illusion; there's no ghost in the machine. A lot rests on her testimony, including her life.Roy is a genius who wants to upload himself into the cloud where he can be forever free and where his father's religious dogma is forever proven false.Jane, his sister, has run away from society altogether to live off the grid. But when Roy's found dead she has to face the rising legacy of the past.Anjuli's boyfriend, Augustine, develops military AI power suits. They only need a soldier to wear them in order to come alive in faultless legions. But they remember the bodies who wore them after those bodies have gone. And then, high in the cloud, a curious child, unnamed and bodiless, gathers itself together from pixels and code and watches...Turns out there are ghosts everywhere, in everything, in everyone.

Survey Research Methods

by Dr Floyd J. Fowler

The Fifth Edition of Floyd J. Fowler Jr.'s bestselling Survey Research Methods presents the very latest methodological knowledge on surveys. Offering a sound basis for evaluating how each aspect of a survey can affect its precision, accuracy, and credibility, the book guides readers through each step of the survey research process. This fully updated edition addresses the growth of the Internet for data collection and the subsequent rapid expansion of online survey usage, the precipitous drop in response rates for telephone surveys, the continued improvement in techniques for pre-survey evaluation of questions, and the growing role of individual cell phones in addition to--and often instead of--household landlines. Throughout the book, the author puts the profound changes taking place in the survey research world today into perspective, helping researchers learn how to best use new and traditional options for collecting data.

Using WebQuests in the Social Studies Classroom: A Culturally Responsive Approach

by Maureen M. Gillis Margaret M. Thombs Dr Alan S. Canestrari

This unique guide offers practical strategies for using WebQuests to optimize learning in social studies, foster student inquiry and higher-level thinking, and promote greater intercultural understanding.

The Grammar of Ornament: A Visual Reference of Form and Colour in Architecture and the Decorative Arts

by Owen Jones

The complete and unabridged full-color editionFirst published in 1856, The Grammar of Ornament remains a design classic. Its inspiration came from pioneering British architect and designer Owen Jones (1809-1874), who produced a comprehensive design treatise for the machine age, lavishly illustrated in vivid chromolithographic color. Jones made detailed observations of decorative arts on his travels in Europe, the Middle East, and in his native London, where he studied objects on display at the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations in 1851 and at local museums. His aim was to improve the quality of Western design by changing the habits of Victorian designers, who indiscriminately mixed elements from a wide variety of sources.Jones's resulting study is a comprehensive analysis of styles of ornamental design, presenting key examples ranging from Maori tattoos, Egyptian columns, and Greek borders to Byzantine mosaic, Indian embroidery, and Elizabethan carvings. At once splendidly Victorian and insistently modern, The Grammar of Ornament celebrates objects of beauty from across time periods and continents, and remains an indispensable sourcebook today.

Aunt Phil's Trunk: Bringing Alaska's history alive!, Vol 4

by Laurel Downing Bill

Author Laurel Downing Bill continues to bring Alaska history alive in "Aunt Phil's Trunk Volume Four." Following in the fast-paced and entertaining footsteps of the previous three volumes, Volume Four captures the essence of life in Alaska between 1935 and 1960. Its easy-to-read nonfiction short stories and more-than 350 historical photographs highlight major events of World War II, the Cold War era and Alaska's struggle for statehood. <P><P> When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, the military presence in Alaska was woefully inadequate. And within six months, the Japanese bombed Alaska's Dutch Harbor, occupied two islands in the Aleutian Chain and had eyes toward an invasion of America. <P> As the U.S. military began building bases across Alaska, it also organized Alaska's Native people into a territorial guard that became known as the "Eskimo Scouts." These men and women routinely patrolled more than 2,000 miles of coastline and 200,000 square miles of tundra to make sure the enemy did not advance. <P> World War II brought big defense dollars north, which helped bolster Alaska's economy. It also brought a secret Russian mission to Fairbanks, interment of Aleut people in the foreign landscape of Southeast Alaska and a wide proliferation of tuberculosis. <P> During the Cold War era, Alaska saw another increase of money and people into the Last Frontier. This period of its colorful past also generated stories of heroic Alaska Airlines flights for freedom, Alaska Natives' battles against discrimination and the blossoming of Anchorage into a jewel on the tundra. <P> The last section of this action-packed volume features Alaska's 91-year-old struggle for statehood. Tales of tenacity, hope and determination fill these pages. They also showcase many of the movers and shakers of days gone by, Alaska's first elected governor and the discovery of crude oil that tipped the balance toward statehood. <P> Critics and readers alike are saying "Aunt Phil's Trunk" is outstandingly well produced, exceptionally informative and heaps of fun to read.

Aunt Phil's Trunk: Bringing Alaska's history alive!, Vol. 5

by Laurel Downing Bill

Aunt Phil's Trunk Volume Five features dozens of short stories and hundreds of historical photographs that share the history of Alaska from 1960 to 1984. This fifth book in the Alaska history series highlights the first 25 years of statehood when the optimistic citizens of the Great Land created a government from scratch in just a few years and dealt with many challenges. Aunt Phil s Trunk Volume Five shares firsthand accounts of survivors who experienced the 1964 Good Friday earthquake and the devastating tsunamis that followed that 9.2 temblor. It also features stories about the discovery of black gold on the North Slope in the late 1960s, and how Alaska s Native people fought for their land and won the largest settlement ever granted Native Americans. That agreement cleared the way for oil companies to build an 800-mile pipeline through some of the most rugged and remote country in the world during the 1970s.

Aunt Phil's Trunk: Bringing Alaska's history alive!, Vol 2

by Laurel Downing Bill

Adventurers, crooks and lawmen flooded into Alaska following the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. Towns like Nome, Fairbanks and Valdez blossomed on the tundra and soon filled with merchants, madams, miners and more. In this second book of the Aunt Phils Trunk series, readers are taken on a journey of discovery when prospectors stumbled across gold in the Iditarod, men summited the mighty mountain called Denali, and the people of Kodiak survived the largest volcanic eruption in North American history. Readers from ages 9 to 99 will love this collection of stories and more than 300 historical photographs that highlight Alaska s colorful past from 1900 to 1912.

Aunt Phil's Trunk: Bringing Alaska's history alive!, Vol 1

by Laurel Downing Bill

The critically acclaimed "Aunt Phil's Trunk" Alaska history series by Laurel Downing Bill is noted for its easy-to-read short stories and hundreds of historical photographs that complement the entertaining nonfiction writing. Suitable for ages 9 to 99, the first book in the series shares stories from early Alaska up to about 1900. <P><P> Volume 1 kicks off the series by showcasing the arrival of Alaska Natives thousands of years ago. Anthropologists believe the Natives traveled from Asia across the Bering Sea Land Bridge and settled in various parts of Alaska. Stories in this section include those of mighty shaman, mysterious petroglyphs and fierce battles against Russian fur traders, who arrived in the mid-1700s. <P> After Alaska became a possession of the United States in 1867, Americans began streaming into the Last Frontier. Explorers, businessmen, miners and crooks came north and changed Alaska forever. The discovery of gold brought even more people. <P> This book highlights the gold rushes of Juneau-Douglas, Cook Inlet and the famous Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. A photo essay of the various routes the gold-crazed stampeders forged to get to the gold fields is truly amazing. <P> Other stories in this volume include how Catholic nuns mingled with rough-and-tumble adventurers on the banks of Nome, how the last shot of the Civil War boomed in the Bering Sea and how infamous conman Soapy Smith served as an angel of mercy before he became the undisputed king of crime in Skagway. <P> This volume is a treasure trove of short stories about Alaska's colorful past and is filled with close to 350 rare historical photographs!

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