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Integral, Measure and Derivative: A Unified Approach

by G. E. Shilov B. L. Gurevich

This graduate-level textbook and monograph defines the functions of a real variable through consistent use of the Daniell scheme, offering a rare and useful alternative to customary approaches. The treatment can be understood by any reader with a solid background in advanced calculus, and it features many problems with hints and answers. "The exposition is fresh and sophisticated," declared Sci-Tech Book News, "and will engage the interest of accomplished mathematicians." Part one is devoted to the integral, moving from the Reimann integral and step functions to a general theory, and obtaining the "classical" Lebesgue integral in n space. Part two constructs the Lebesgue-Stieltjes integral through the Daniell scheme using the Reimann-Stieltjes integral as the elementary integral. Part three develops theory of measure with the general Daniell scheme, and the final part is devoted to the theory of the derivative.

Elements of the Theory of Functions

by Frederick Bagemihl Konrad Knopp

This well-known book provides a clear and concise review of general function theory via complex variables. Suitable for undergraduate math majors, the treatment explores only those topics that are simplest but are also most important for the development of the theory. Prerequisites include a knowledge of the foundations of real analysis and of the elements of analytic geometry.The text begins with an introduction to the system of complex numbers and their operations. Then the concept of sets of numbers, the limit concept, and closely related matters are extended to complex quantities. Final chapters examine the elementary functions, including rational and linear functions, exponential and trigonometric functions, and several others as well as their inverses, including the logarithm and the cyclometric functions. Numerous examples clarify the essential ideas, and proofs are expressed in a direct manner without sacrifice of completeness or rigor.

Soap Bubbles: Their Colors and Forces Which Mold Them

by C. V. Boys

An excellent primer and the classic work on the topic of soap bubbles and films, this book employs simple experiments to establish a practical basis for the existence and function of surface tension and energy minimization. Dozens of experiments require nothing more than soap, straws, and bits of rubber, yet they impart profound and fundamental concepts relating to the science of fluids. Geared toward readers without much background in the subject, the book begins without difficult calculations and concludes with only the simplest equations. Lucid and concise experiments allow observers to formulate their own practical understanding of soap bubbles and provide a foundation for more serious studies. More than 80 illustrations complement the text.

The Creation of the Universe

by George Gamow

"Fascinating. . . . Distinctly readable and highly informative." -- San Francisco Chronicle.Since time immemorial, people have attempted to explain the origin of the world, from the creation myths of the ancients to the more sophisticated views that developed with the progress of observational astronomy. This lively and authoritative survey by an internationally famous physicist and one of the formulators of the Big Bang theory of cosmology offers captivating perspectives on the births of the galaxies, stars, chemical elements, and planetary systems.The author of such popular books as One Two Three . . . Infinity, George Gamow has introduced millions of readers to the concepts of relativity, atomic and nuclear physics, and other scientific subjects. Illustrated with diagrams and Gamow's own drawings, this remarkably accessible book explains complex and difficult concepts in a direct and simple manner, with minimal references to mathematics. The Creation of the Universe addresses both the Big Bang and Steady State theories of cosmogony, and is equally suitable for scientists from every field, as well as nonspecialists. Preface. Appendix. Index. 40 figures.

70 Classic Quilting Patterns: Ready-to-Use Designs and Instructions

by Joe Cunningham Gwen Marston

With the help of this volume from noted quilt makers, teachers, and lecturers Gwen Marston and Joe Cunningham, needleworkers can now create their own stunning heirloom pieces with designs that will enhance any patchwork or appliqué quilt. Seventy ready-to-use full-size patterns come in a wide assortment of designs for decorative sticking: pineapple, feather and swirl motifs, florals, corners, a selection of repeating borders, and much more.Easy-to-follow instructions and clear diagrams take all levels of needleworkers -- from beginners to veteran quilters -- through each step of completing a quilting project -- transferring the design to the fabric, placing the piece in a frame, the quilting stitch, beginning and ending a quilting line, etc.The wealth of classic designs, brought together in one convenient sourcebook, will be a welcome addition to any quilter's library.

How to Play Chess Endings

by Eugene Znosko-Borovsky

Written by a world-famous chess teacher, this excellent introduction to the principles of chess endings clearly explains the importance of tempo, the rule of the triangle, and the idea of related squares. Special attention is given to positional play, the conception and execution of a plan, and the recognition of tactical opportunities.

Ancient European Costume and Fashion

by Herbert Norris

Scrupulously researched book by noted authority traces the development of European clothing styles from prehistory to the Norman Conquest in A.D. 1066. Over 160 illustrations, including 17 full-color plates, display draped robes of classical Greece, the jewel-encrusted apparel of a 10th-century Byzantine emperor, garments of peasants, as well as footwear, hairstyles, headdresses, and jewelry.

Mechanical Appliances, Mechanical Movements and Novelties of Construction

by Gardner D. Hiscox

From the devices that power ships and trains to the workings of clocks, typewriters, and guns, this engrossing visual narrative profiles the specific and unique properties of hundreds of mechanical devices. Nearly 1,000 detailed illustrations depict steam-powered appliances, spring-powered devices, hydraulic equipment, and other machines, many of which remain in common use today. Each apparatus features a detailed line drawing and an informative explanation of its workings and uses. A final chapter chronicles 400 years of impassioned but futile searching for a perpetual motion machine.The companion to Dover's 1800 Mechanical Movements, Devices and Appliances, this volume features fewer but more complex machines than its predecessor. Today's readers--especially engineers, inventors, and other mechanically inclined individuals--will find endless fascination and inspiration among the novelty and variety of these ingenious mechanical designs.

Origami Animals

by Vicente Palacios

Origami enthusiasts at all levels of experience will delight in these imaginative animals. Created by expert paperfolder Vicente Palacios, the simple but detailed folding instructions include helpful two-color illustrations of each step. Twenty charming creatures range from simple versions of a swan, rabbit, and dog to more complex models of a fox, elephant, and frog. Other whimsical figures include a goose, hippo, bear, camel, and dragon -- a splendid menagerie that will enrich any origamist's repertoire.

Proceedings of the 2nd Advances in Business Research International Conference

by Erne Suzila Kassim Abdul Kadir Othman Fauziah Noordin

This book contains the refereed proceedings of the 2nd Advances in Business Research International Conference (ABRIC2016). Chapters in the book address the theme of Advancing Knowledge, Connecting the World, reflecting on the emerging issues in various business management fields and the interconnections of multiple disciplines for creating knowledge advancement. Papers were carefully reviewed and selected and grouped into four main themes: economic and finance, marketing and communications, management, and information technology in business. The book serves as a helpful resource for students and researchers of business management, especially in understanding issues and cases of business in emerging economies and markets.

War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon

by Siegfried Sassoon

At the dawn of World War I, poet Sassoon exchanged his pastoral pursuits of cricket, fox-hunting, and romantic verse for army life amid the muddy trenches of France. This collection of his epigrammatic and satirical poetry conveys the shocking brutality and pointlessness of the Great War and includes "Counter-Attack," "'They," "The General," and "Base Details."

Basic Optics and Optical Instruments: Revised Edition

by Naval Education

Designed as a training manual for Navy personnel (Opticalman 3 & 2), this book provides thorough coverage of the basic theory of optics and its applications. Newly revised and updated, it presents the subject matter with extraordinary clarity, stressing theory and application equally. It will serve admirably to supplement a course in which only one of these factors is emphasized.The book begins with an introduction to the Opticalman rating. It then goes on to discuss the characteristics of light, with special emphasis on wavelengths, reflection, and refraction. Two chapters contain a detailed discussion of the formation of images by mirrors, lenses, and prisms; these explain how images are formed by thin and thick lenses, how to use the lens formula, and how to determine the location of an image formed by an optical instrument. The mechanical construction, maintenance procedures, and machining operations of basic optical instruments are explained in detail, supplemented by chapters on maintenance procedures, basic instrument repair, machine shop practices, optical and navigation equipment maintenance, night vision sights and gunsights and submarine periscopes. A helpful four-part appendix includes a glossary, common formulae used in optical repair and machine operations, prefixes and symbols used in the metric system, and English and metric system units of measurement, with common equivalents and conversions. Profusely illustrated with 370 charts, diagrams, photographs, and drawings of tools and parts of instruments -- including cross-sections that reveal inner workings -- this manual is especially clear and well-organized. Although designed for use in U.S. Naval training schools, it can be used to great advantage as a basic text in optics in standard technical schools, and it will be immensely valuable even to the layman who desires a knowledge of the fundamentals of optics.

Die kompakte Stadt der Zukunft

by Karin Cudak Wolf-D. Bukow Nina Berding

Das Buch greift die Diskussion um Inklusion in den letzten Jahren in den unterschiedlichsten gesellschaftlichen Zusammenh#65533;ngen kritisch auf. Ausgangspunkt der Betrachtung ist die Stadt und das urbane Zusammenleben. Denn insbesondere St#65533;dte und hier kompakte, also dichte und gemischte Quartiere bieten sich f#65533;r die Inklusionsforschung und -praxis an, da sie ad#65533;quate Sozialr#65533;ume darstellen, die das heute immer st#65533;rker urban gepr#65533;gte Zusammenleben reflektieren und neu durchbuchstabieren. Vor diesem Hintergrund setzen sich die Autorinnen und Autoren empirisch und theoretisch mit der Frage nach der Gestaltung eines zukunftsorientierten und professionellen Referenzrahmens f#65533;r eine inklusive und nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung auseinander, die auch einer weiter zunehmenden Mobilit#65533;t und Diversit#65533;t gerecht wird.

Praktiken der Selbstbestimmung

by André Stiegler Jörg Oberthür Diana Lindner Stefanie Börner Ulf Bohmann

Der Sammelband nimmt die multiplen Inanspruchnahmen eines selbstverantwortlichen, sich und seine Praxis reflektierenden und optimierenden Subjekts sowie die Folgen seiner potenziellen #65533;berforderung in den Blick. Diese wachsende Inanspruchnahme resultiert dabei, so die These, aus dem Grundversprechen der Moderne, prinzipiell allen Menschen ein selbstbestimmtes Leben zu erm#65533;glichen, welches offenbar nicht nur ein kulturelles Anspruchsmoment darstellt, sondern zur strukturellen Funktionsvoraussetzung zentraler Basisinstitutionen westlicher Gesellschaften geworden ist. Eindrucksvoll f#65533;hrt der Band empirische Befunde und theoretische #65533;berlegungen, welche die Beziehungen, Ver#65533;nderungen und potenziellen Spannungen zwischen autonomer Handlungspraxis und institutionellen Handlungsanforderungen in konkreten gesellschaftlichen Teilbereichen und Organisationen thematisieren, zusammen. So entsteht ein beeindruckendes Gesamtbild gegenw#65533;rtiger Krisendynamiken, die sich unter dem Begriff der Autonomiekrise versammeln lassen.

Oper, Publikum und Gesellschaft

by Karl-Heinz Reuband

In dem interdisziplinär besetzten Sammelband wird die sozialstrukturelle Zusammensetzung des Opernpublikums sowie die Zukunft des Opernbetriebes diskutiert. Dabei werden dessen Funktionen des Opernbetriebes für den Standort der jeweiligen Spielstätte wie auch die publikumsdidakischen Implikationen entfaltet.

Quantum Mechanics and Electrodynamics

by Jakub Benda Jaroslav Zamastil

This book highlights the power and elegance of algebraic methods of solving problems in quantum mechanics. It shows that symmetries not only provide elegant solutions to problems that can be solved exactly, but also substantially simplify problems that must be solved approximately. Furthermore, the book provides an elementary exposition of quantum electrodynamics and its application to low-energy physics, along with a thorough analysis of the role of relativistic, magnetic, and quantum electrodynamic effects in atomic spectroscopy. Included are essential derivations made clear through detailed, transparent calculations. The book's commitment to deriving advanced results with elementary techniques, as well as its inclusion of exercises will enamor it to advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

Pulmonary Vasculature Redox Signaling in Health and Disease

by Yong-Xiao Wang

The main goal of this book is to form a high-quality platform in which well-known and emerging pioneering basic, translational and clinical scientists can present their latest, exciting findings in the studies of redox signaling in the pulmonary vasculature. Content from outstanding investigators with unique expertise and skills of molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, biophysics, biotechnology and medicine will update our current out-of-date concepts with new knowledge. Rapidly increasing scientific studies have gathered a large volume of novel and important information on redox signaling in healthy and diseased pulmonary vasculature. This volume covers the need for a cohesive book to display state-of-the-art advances in the field. The second major aim of this book is to help direct future research. Redox signaling is a major molecular process involved in almost every physiologic cellular response in the pulmonary vasculature including energy metabolism, host defense, gene expression, contraction, proliferation, and migration. Aberrancy in this important signaling pathway leads to a critical role in the development of nearly all pulmonary diseases, such as pulmonary hypertension, cor pulmonale, pulmonary edema, and vasculitis, among others.

Ballistic Trauma

by Peter F. Mahoney Jeyasankar Jeyanathan David O’reilly Damian Keene Jowan G. Penn-Barwell John Breeze

Ballistic Trauma: A Practical Guide provides a concise guide to the clinical and operational issues surrounding the management of the ballistic casualty. The book crystallizes the knowledge and experience accrued by those dealing with ballistic trauma on a regular basis and extends this to those who have to manage these patients on an occasional basis only. This book is aimed at all medical and paramedical personnel involved in the care of patients with ballistic injury. It will be especially relevant for consultants and senior trainees in surgery, anesthesia and emergency medicine who are likely to be involved in the management of these unique injuries. It will be an essential reference for pre-hospital care providers and nurses working in the emergency room and intensive care. Military surgeons and medical and nursing staff on deployment in regions of conflict will find the book a valuable resource.

The Iran Nuclear Deal

by Dennis C. Jett

This book examines attempts to influence the outcome of the negotiations between Iran and the United States over Iran's nuclear capabilities. In particular, it focuses on struggles within the United States around public and congressional opinion with regard to the accord. Trying to prevent a successful outcome to the talks became a cottage industry in Washington, with the casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson being just one of those who were pouring millions of dollars into the effort. On the pro-diplomacy side, there were a wide range of religious, peace, and arms control groups with some financial support coming from the Ploughshares Fund trying to create the space for a negotiated agreement. The tactics of both sides of the debate are described and analyzed to show how a contentious foreign policy issue can become not just a decision for high-level government decision makers, but a wide-ranging fight that involves scores of nongovernmental organizations, the media, and thousands of activists.

Higher Education Access in the Asia Pacific

by Christopher S. Collins Prompilai Buasuwan

This edited volume offers empirical, evaluative, and philosophical perspectives on the question of higher education as a human right in the Asia Pacific. Throughout the region, higher education has grown rapidly in a variety of ways. Price, accessibility, mobility, and government funding are all key areas of interest, which likely shape the degree to which higher education may be viewed as a human right. Although enrollments continue to grow in many higher education systems, protests related to fees and other equity issues continue to grow. This volume will include scholarly perspectives from around the region for a more extensive understanding of higher education as a human right in the Asia Pacific.

Cancer Neurology in Clinical Practice

by David Schiff Isabel Arrillaga Patrick Y. Wen

Neurologic complications of systemic cancer and its treatment often present complex diagnostic and management problems, commonly have a great impact on quality of life, and are a major factor in the death of cancer patients. In Cancer Neurology in Clinical Practice, leading neuro-oncologists from around the world comprehensively review the neurologic symptoms that cancer patients experience, and show how these symptoms should be interpreted and evaluated. Organized by both symptom and type of cancer, the book carefully describes each diagnostic neurologic entity-from symptomatology, to diagnostic studies, to management and prognosis-and presents each major type of cancer in terms of its neurologic problems and how they should be handled. This dual organization allows physicians quickly to obtain neurologic guidance on either a diagnostic problem (e. g. , confusion and delirium) or on the neurologic problems and treatments associated with a specific type of cancer (e. g. , lung cancer). The role of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and other palliative measures are considered for each type of problem. Multidisciplinary and up-to-date, Cancer Neurology in Clinical Practice explains to the busy physician treating cancer patients all the latest findings in neuro-oncology that will help sharpen their differential diagnoses, diagnostic strategies, and treatment plans for those patients with neurologic symptoms and findings.

Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Volume 239

by Pim De Voogt

Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology attempts to provide concise, critical reviews of timely advances, philosophy and significant areas of accomplished or needed endeavor in the total field of xenobiotics, in any segment of the environment, as well as toxicological implications.

The King of Schnorrers

by Israel Zangwill

Author Israel Zangwill best typifed the comic spirit of London's Jewish ghetto by immortalizing the schnorrer (beggar) -- in particular, the character of Manasseh Bueno Barzillai Azevedo da Costa, a Sephardic panhandler who developed begging into a fine art. The robust and often hilarious tale tells how Manasseh combines insolence with resourcefulness to reduce London's best-known philanthropist to a fish handler; how he reacts to his daughter's love for a socially inferior beggar; and how he manages to parlay her marriage into a life-time pension for himself from his synagogue. Brimming with wit and wisdom and widely regarded as one of the author's most enduring works, The King of Schnorrers is a literary gem offering hours of entertaining humor and satire.

The Gentle Art of Mathematics

by Dan Pedoe

Mathematical games, probability, the question of infinity, topology, how the laws of algebra work, problems of irrational numbers, and more. 42 figures.

Elegant Designs for Paper Cutting

by Margaret Keilstrup

An ancient art form that dates back almost to the invention of paper by the Chinese, paper cutting is still practiced today in China and other countries around the world. Lacy cut-paper designs are used to create a host of decorative items -- from decorative shelf-edgings and Christmas trimmings to solemn borders for birth, death, baptismal, and wedding certificates.With this charming and imaginatively presented book, papercrafters can experience the pleasure of creating their very own lovely cut-paper designs. Thirty-three challenging and elegant patterns -- incorporating hearts, flowers, and leafy tendrils -- are printed on one side of fine quality paper. Crafters simply remove the sheet from the book, fold as directed, and, using scissors with sharp points, cut out the indicated areas for perfect results.Easy-to-follow instructions and a wealth of helpful tips help produce exquisite designs suitable for stationery borders, photo and document frames, bookmarks, and a variety of other attractive gift and personal items.

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