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Symphonic Love

by Junichi Abe Ronny Aditya Tampake

The book contains many kinds of life aspects such as love, social persepctive, social norms, and especially how music impacts the characters' behaviors development. A greatbook for those who have passion in pop culture literature.

Biology For Ethiopia Grade 7

by Abebe Getahun(Ph.D Gessesse Assefa Fekadu Worku M. A. Dereje Mergia (B.Sc Anteneh Tesfaye

Biology For Ethiopia Grade 7 Students Text Book

Megatrends and Air Transport

by Ruwantissa Abeyratne

This book discusses megatrends and subsequently applies them to the air transport industry from a legal, ethical and economic perspective. Starting with a detailed discussion on what these megatrends are, the book provides an essential overview of megatrends and air transport, including analytical discussions on how megatrends could affect basic issues such as nationalism and sovereignty, market access in air transport, and commercial space transport. It also delves into the rights of the airline passenger as affected by megatrends. Further, the book analyses a broad range of topics, including: the digital transformation of air transport; technology and air transport; robotic pilots and their legal ramifications; the human-robot interface and the law with focus on the pilot; cognitive computing; and issues of empowerment and connectivity. It discusses in detail United Nations initiatives and initiatives of the International Civil Aviation Organization, considering aspects such as: the new world order; e-trends and air transport; apps that make air travel easier; and apps designed to help the aviation authorities. Further topics include artificial intelligence and air transport and related technical, ethical and economic issues, as well as a legal inquiry into manufacturer's defects; design defects; and liability for failure to warn of defects. Questions are posed and answers provided on the effects of artificial intelligence and legal issues stemming from its use in air transport. Two major discussions follow on millennials and air transport, and on the Internet of everything as related to air transport. The conclusion ties in megatrends with air transport and offers the industry a way forward for adapting to these trends.

Post-Conflict Power-Sharing Agreements

by Elie Abouaoun Mohammed Abu-Nimer Imad Salamey

The book surveys comparative power sharing models implemented in societies that have faced identity-conflicts, with attention given to post-conflict design. It analyzes the success and pitfalls of international experiences before proposing a model for Syria. Contributors address the central question: which among the set of power-sharing agreements that have helped settle protracted identity-driven armed conflict can provide Syria with a platform for dialogue, negotiation, and conflict mitigation? The comparative analysis advanced in this book extracts lessons from countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, Northern Ireland, the Philippines and Sudan. The prospect of a post-conflict distribution of power in Syria is then unraveled from different sectarian, ethnic and regional perspectives. The authors also address challenges of peacebuilding such as violent extremism, gender participation, resettlements, retributions, transitional justice, integration of armed groups and regional and international sponsorship.

The Whys and Hows of Feedback

by Robin Abrahams Boris Groysberg

Performance feedback is crucial to a career in the information-rich global economy. However, feedback is psychologically stressful to both give, and hear. This teaching note explains why feedback is both valuable and difficult, and goes on to summarize research on effective feedback scenarios. What are the different kinds of feedback? What are the ideal qualities of the feedback giver, and recipient? How do corporate and national culture affect feedback practices? The note ends with a step-by-step "script" for formal feedback situations or performance reviews, with recommendations for both the giver and recipient of the feedback.

The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-than-Human World

by David Abram

Animal tracks, word magic, the speech of stones, the power of letters, and the taste of the wind all figure prominently in this intellectual tour de force that returns us to our senses and to the sensuous terrain that sustains us. This is a major work of ecological philosophy that startles the senses out of habitual ways of perception.

Realism and Democracy

by Elliott Abrams

America is turning away from support for democrats in Arab countries in favor of 'pragmatic' deals with tyrants to defeat violent Islamist extremism. For too many policymakers, Arab democracy is seen as a dangerous luxury. In Realism and Democracy, Elliott Abrams marshals four decades of experience as an American official and leading Middle East expert and shows that deals with tyrants will not work. Islamism is an idea that can only be defeated by a better idea: democracy. Through a careful analysis of America's record of democracy promotion in the region and beyond, from the Cold War to the Obama years, Abrams proves that repression helps Islamists beat democrats, while political openings offer moderates and liberals a chance. This book makes a powerful argument for an American foreign policy that combines practical politics and idealism and refuses to abandon those struggling for democracy and human rights in the Arab world.

Lucro de Matar

by Zach Abrams Pedro Henrique Leal

Ninguém chora quando o cadáver de Scott Stevenson, um encrenqueiro local, é encontrado com uma presa de marfim fincada em seu peito. Depois de receberem a tarefa de encontrar o assassino, o ISC Alex Warren e sua equipe investigam as numerosas pessoas prejudicadas por Stevenson e se deparam com uma teia de crimes movida a sexo e cobiça. Enquanto a contagem de corpos aumenta, eles lutam para resolver o caso antes que mais vidas sejam perdidas. O primeiro livro na série policial escocesa por Zach Abrmas, Lucro de Matar é um intrigante romance de mistério em alta velocidade nas ruas de Glasgow tomadas pelo crime.

Food Parcels in International Migration

by Maria Abranches Diana Mata-Codesal

This volume offers an ethnographic look at food sending and receiving practices among migrants in different regional contexts. For migrants and their families separated by migration, food circuits are a powerful and sensuous source of connection, which can help to maintain, reinforce and in some cases even create new transnational connections. The book takes food parcels as a material through with to think about relationships, consumption, exchange, and other fundamental anthropological concerns in changing societies, examining them in relation to wider transnational spaces. The book also contributes to a sensorial approach to social change by examining migrants and their families' experiences of global connectedness through familiar objects and narratives. By bringing in in-depth ethnographic insights from diverse social and economic contexts, the volumes widens our understanding of development experiences and moves beyond the divide between developing and developed countries; it contributors to our understanding of development by showing how global connections are experienced at a local level. Ethnographic chapters cover different geographic locations and migration routes (in Europe, Africa, America and Asia), as well as different types of migrants, including international students, asylum seekers, low-skilled labour migrants, irregular migrants or family migration.

Pro Java Clustering and Scalability

by Jorge Acetozi

Build clustered and scalable Java-based, real-time applications using Spring Framework, Boot, WebSocket, Cassandra, Redis and RabbitMQ. In this book, you'll tie all this together with a dive-in case study, a real-time scalable chat application under differing scenarios. Pro Java Clustering and Scalability also discusses how to horizontally scale the WebSocket chat application using a full STOMP broker such as RabbitMQ. Although this is a programming book, it also discusses many interesting infrastructure topics and tips about continuous delivery, Docker, NoSQL (Cassandra and Redis) and other related technologies. What You Will Learn Handle clustering and scalability using various open source Java, microservices, and web services tools and technologies Use Spring Framework, Boot, and other Spring technologies Integrate with Redis, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, NoSQL, and much more Test the case study code under various scenarios and stresses Who This Book Is For Experienced Java developers with at least some prior experience with Java, especially Spring Framework, Boot and other tools, and some web services.

Quandaries of School Leadership

by Michele Acker-Hocevar Gary Ivory Mariela A. Rodríguez Debra J. Touchton

This book provides insights into the everyday practices of school leaders as told through the real-life stories of principals. The editors and their contributors blend practice with theory, helping aspiring leaders to discover that school leadership is not simply putting prescribed solutions into action, but a constant encounter with quandaries that demand thinking, responding, and adjusting to the situations at hand. Readers build their capacities to view quandaries from multiple lenses, consider a variety of responses, and draw conclusions based on perspectives that may vary from those initially identified. The chapter authors encourage a sharper self-awareness of what scholars value and envision about education, encouraging them to think about how to navigate decision-making through a variety of theoretical frameworks and practices while balancing their own leadership platform development.

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult

by Lowell Ackerman

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult, Second Edition has been extensively updated and expanded, with 55 new topics covering subjects such as online technologies, hospice care, mobile practices, compassion fatigue, practice profitability, and more. Carefully formatted using the popular Five-Minute Veterinary Consult style, the book offers fast access to authoritative information on all aspects of practice management. This Second Edition is an essential tool for running a practice, increasing revenue, and managing staff in today's veterinary practice.Addressing topics ranging from client communication and management to legal issues, financial management, and human resources, the book is an invaluable resource for business management advice applicable to veterinary practice. Sample forms and further resources are now available on a companion website. Veterinarians and practice managers alike will find this book a comprehensive yet user-friendly guide for success in today's challenging business environment.

The Trial of Elizabeth Cree

by Peter Ackroyd

The Trial Of Elizabeth Cree is without a doubt Peter Ackroyd's breakout book. It has all the erudition and literary brilliance we expect of Ackroyd, yet it is as vivid, scary, and spellbinding as the best of Edgar Allan Poe. The year is 1880, the setting London's poor and dangerous Limehouse district, home to immigrants and criminals. A series of brutal murders has occurred, and, as Ackroyd leads us down London's dark streets, the sense of time and place becomes overwhelmingly immediate and real. We experience the sights and sounds of the English music halls, smell the smells of London slums, hear the hooves of horses on the cobblestone streets, and attend the trial of Elizabeth Cree, a woman accused of poisoning her husband but who may be the one person who knows the truth about the murders. The wonderfully rhythmic shifting of focus from trial to back alleys, where we come upon George Gissing, author of New Grub Street, and even Karl Marx, gives the story a tremendous depth and resonance beyond its page-turning thriller plot. In The Trial Of Elizabeth Cree, Peter Ackroyd has once again confirmed his place as one of the great writers of our time.

Do Over: Make Today the First Day of Your New Career

by Jon Acuff

From the New York Times-bestselling author of Quitter and Start comes the definitive guide to getting your dream job.When you don't like your job, Sunday isn't really a weekend day. It's just pre-Monday. But what if you could call a Do Over and actually look forward to Monday?Starting on the first day you got paid to scoop ice cream or restock shelves, you’ve had the chance to develop the four elements all great careers have in common: relationships, skills, character, and hustle. You already have each of those, to one degree or another. Now it’s time to amplify them and apply them in a new way, so you can call a Do Over on your career, at any age. You’ll need a Do Over because you’ll eventually face at least one of these major transitions: • You’ll hit a Career Ceiling and get stuck, requiring sharp skills to free yourself. • You’ll experience a Career Bump and unexpectedly lose your job, requiring strong relationships to survive. • You’ll make a Career Jump to a new role, requiring solid character to push through uncertainty and chaos. • You’ll get a surprise Career Opportunity, requiring dedicated hustle to take advantage of it. Jon Acuff’s unique approach will give you the resources to reinvent your work, get unstuck, and get the job you’ve always wanted!

Pratos Sem Glúten E Sem Derivados Do Leite

by Pietra Acunha Amber Richards

Fazer uma dieta sem glúten e sem laticínios pode ser um verdadeiro desafio, eu sei porque tenho que fazer isso devido a alergias alimentares. Essa é uma coleção de 40 receitas deliciosas que são tanto sem glúten quanto sem laticínios. Há 20 receitas de pratos principais, 10 de sopas e 10 de sobremesas. Elas são muito saborosas e podem vir a ser pilares em seu estilo de vida alimentar.Eu descobri, por acaso, uma alergia ao leite quando pensei estar desenvolvendo artrite. No meu caso, quando cortei os laticínios, fiquei 100% sem dor em apenas 3 semanas. Eu nunca tinha ouvido falar de uma conexão entre artrite e laticínios e, mesmo agora, se eu comer qualquer pedaço de queijo, mesmo que seja pequeno, no dia seguinte minhas juntas doem muito. Se você sofre de artrite, pense em considerar uma dieta sem laticínios por 60 dias e veja como suas dores são afetadas (se forem afetadas). Este livro dá algumas alternativas deliciosas!

The Art of Creative Thinking: How to be Innovative and Develop Great Ideas

by John Adair

The Art of Creative Thinking provides clear, practical guidelines for developing your powers as a creative thinker. Using examples of entrepreneurs, authors, scientists and artists, John Adair illustrates a key aspect of creativity in each chapter. Stimulating and accessible, this book will help you to understand the creative process, overcome barriers to new ideas, learn to think effectively and develop a creative atttitude. It will help you to become more confident in yourself as a creative person.The Art of Creative Thinking gives you a fresh concept of creative thinking and it will guide you in developing your full potential as a creative thinker. New ideas are the seeds of new products and services, and this book will open the door to them.

Leadership and Motivation: The Fifty-Fifty Rule and the Eight Key Principles of Motivating Others

by John Adair

John Adair has transformed our understanding of how leadership works with his pioneering book Not Bosses But Leaders. Here he explores the nature of motivation, individual needs and how they relate to the key tasks facing leaders and managers - good, positive motivation can create, maintain and improve the performance of any team.In Leadership and Motivation John Adair also puts forward his own theory of motivation - the fifty-fifty rule - and then identifies the eight key principles for motivating others.Motivation increases efficiency and productivity - and makes reaching targets more likely. Leadership and Motivation will stimulate your thoughts and ideas on how to inspire others, and offers you some practical ways to motivate yourself and others to achieve.

Leadership for Innovation: How to Organize Team Creativity and Harvest Ideas

by John Adair

New ideas and new ways of doing things are one of the main ingredients in sustained business success, but how do you create the right conditions for innovation?Leadership for Innovation will help you to create an innovative climate that encourages the development of new products and services. Drawing upon real-life examples including Google, Honda and 3M, John Adair sets out practical ways for bringing about change in organizations. As well as identifying the characteristics of an innovative organization, he discusses key topics such as organizing for team creativity; motivating creative people, how to build on ideas and how to be a creative leader and team member.Leadership for Innovation will help you to inspire your team to go that one step further and generate the kind of ideas that are the foundations of future success.

Advances in Physarum Machines

by Andrew Adamatzky

This book is devoted to Slime mould Physarumpolycephalum, which is a large single cell capable for distributed sensing,concurrent information processing, parallel computation and decentralizedactuation. The ease of culturing and experimenting with Physarum makes thisslime mould an ideal substrate for real-world implementations of unconventionalsensing and computing devices The book is a treatise of theoretical and experimentallaboratory studies on sensing and computing properties of slime mould, and onthe development of mathematical and logical theories of Physarum behavior. It is shown how to make logical gates and circuits,electronic devices (memristors, diodes, transistors, wires, chemical andtactile sensors) with the slime mould. The book demonstrates how to modifyproperties of Physarum computing circuits with functional nano-particles andpolymers, to interface the slime mould with field-programmable arrays, and touse Physarum as a controller of microbial fuel cells. A unique multi-agent model of slime is shown to servewell as a software slime mould capable for solving problems of computationalgeometry and graph optimization. The multiagent model is complemented bycellular automata models with parallel accelerations. Presented mathematical modelsinspired by Physarum include non-quantum implementation of Shor'sfactorization, structural learning, computation of shortest path tree ondynamic graphs, supply chain network design, p-adic computing and syllogisticreasoning. The book is a unique composition of vibrant andlavishly illustrated essays which will inspire scientists, engineers andartists to exploit natural phenomena in designs of future and emergentcomputing and sensing devices. It is a 'bible' of experimental computing withspatially extended living substrates, it spanstopics from biology of slime mould, to bio-sensing, tounconventional computing devices and robotics, non-classical logics and music and arts.

Medical Pioneers

by Alison Adams Evelyn Brooks

Find out about great men and women like Florence Nightingale, Jonas Salk, and Michael Debakey who made great advances in the field of medicine.

Global Alert

by Alison Adams Albert Hanner Jeri Cipriano

Find out about the causes and effects of air pollution and the government's efforts to clean up the air.

Telling Time Through the Ages

by Alison Adams Rebecca Weber

Find out about the different ways people tell time by learning about timepieces like the Chaldean Sun Clock, a water clock, a swinging pendulum, and a potato-powered clock. (Set of 6 with Teacher's Guide and Comprehension Question Card)

The Notting Hill Mystery

by Charles Warren Adams

The Notting Hill Mystery was first published between 1862 and 1863 as an eight-part serial in the magazine Once a Week. Widely acknowledged as the first detective novel, the story is told by insurance investigator Ralph Henderson, who is building a case against the sinister Baron R––, who is suspected of murdering his wife. Henderson descends into a maze of intrigue including a diabolical mesmerist, kidnapping by gypsies, slow-poisoners, a rich uncle's will and three murders. Presented in the form of diary entries, letters, chemical analysis reports, interviews with witnesses and a crime scene map, the novel displays innovative techniques that would not become common features of detective fiction until the 1920s.


by J. Christian Adams

The Department of Justice Watches Over the LawBut Who Watches the Watchmen?The Department of Justice is America's premier federal law enforcement agency. And according to J. Christian Adams, it's also a base used by leftwing radicals to impose a fringe agenda on the American people.A five-year veteran of the DOJ and a key attorney in pursuing the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, Adams recounts the shocking story of how a once-storied federal agency, the DOJ's Civil Rights division has degenerated into a politicized fiefdom for far-left militants, where the enforcement of the law depends on the race of the victim.In Injustice, Adams reveals:The inside story of how the Obama DOJ spiked the voter intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party--and the Panthers' little-known public appearance with ObamaHow the Obama administration changed DOJ hiring policy to ensure radical leftists would dominate the Civil Rights Division The Obama DOJ's bizarre agenda, from insisting on kids' rights to attend school dressed as transvestites, to litigating for teachers' rights to take paid vacations to MeccaHow the DOJ has repeatedly sided with political bosses who flagrantly disenfranchise entire communities of white voters Why the DOJ's fixation on racial grievance threatens the integrity of the 2012 electionsIf you thought the federal government was dedicated to race-neutral equal protection, Injustice will set you straight. This searing indictment of government malfeasance unveils the astonishing political extremism and outright lawlessness that now infects on of the government's most powerful agencies. With everything from civil rights laws to America's voting system at risk, Adams sound the alarm on a gathering threat to our nation's future.

Letters to a Young Progressive

by Mike S. Adams

Born the son of a farmer, 19-year old Ty goes off to college, fulfilling his father's dream of a better life. The only mistake was sending Ty to a liberal university. Sure enough, in his second year, Ty begins to reject his father's values-the very values of hard work and individual responsibility that provided him his education. The biggest fear of conservative parents is not experiencing the "empty nest" syndrome when their children leave for college. It is a brainwashing of their child by the pervasively liberal academic world. Author Michael Adams recounts a true story of liberal indoctrination and intellectual redemption in his new book Letters to a Young Progressive: How to Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.Presented as a series of letters between Adams and his former student, Ty, Letters to a Young Progressive demonstrates how the world of progressive education encourages the next generation in the pursuit of unhappiness. Confused and angry, today's college students and grads have come down with a bad case of moral relativism, comparing Rush Limbaugh to Charles Manson, and George W. Bush to Hitler, and confusing fairness with justice.Witty and enlightening, Letters to a Young Progressive is the perfect book to help parents prevent-or undo--the ubiquitous, liberal brainwashing of their children before it is too late.

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