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Public Marketing

by Bettina Hohn Stefanie Wesselmann

Der öffentliche Sektor steht unter anhaltendem Reformdruck und muss sich verstärkt auf die Bedürfnisse unterschiedlicher Zielgruppen einstellen. Das betriebswirtschaftliche Marketing-Management bietet für diesen Reformprozess ein enormes Unterstützungspotenzial. Stefanie Wesselmann und Bettina Hohn entwickeln gut verständlich und anhand vielfältiger Praxisbeispiele eine Marketing-Konzeption für den öffentlichen Sektor. Mit Übungsaufgaben zur Überprüfung des eigenen Wissens. "Insgesamt hinterlässt das Buch einen ausgesprochen positiven Gesamteindruck. Es stellt die wesentlichen Inhalte des Public Marketing dar und erläutert diese praxisorientiert. " Prof. Dr. Silke Boenigk, Rezension zur 2. Auflage in der ZögU 4/2008

Toegepaste geneesmiddelenkennis

by M. J. Tervoort Ij. D. Jüngen

Grondige kennis van de algemene farmacologische principes is van groot belang om op een juiste manier om te gaan met geneesmiddelen. Hoe is de weg van het geneesmiddel door het lichaam en wat doet het geneesmiddel met het lichaam? Wat zijn de bijwerkingen en de interacties met andere geneesmiddelen? Bij welke groepen pati#65533;nten is speciale aandacht vereist? Voor gezondheidsmedewerkers aan wie het voorschrijven of het toedienen van medicijnen is toevertrouwd is die kennis onmisbaar. Ook wie geen geneesmiddelen voorschrijft of toedient moet kunnen beoordelen wat de gevolgen zijn van medicatie voor zijn pati#65533;nt, en moet in staat zijn de pati#65533;nt voor te lichten over de werking en mogelijke bijwerkingen. Toegepaste geneesmiddelenkennis biedt essenti#65533;le kennis en inzichten over algemene farmacologie. In het boek wordt onder meer diep ingegaan op de werking, bijwerkingen, interacties en toepassing van de geneesmiddelen. Ieder hoofdstuk wordt voorafgegaan door een samenvatting van de relevante fysiologie. Voorbeelden en casu#65533;stiek uit verschillende beroepsvelden brengen de theorie tot leven. Toegepaste geneesmiddelenkennis is een onmisbaar studieboek voor verpleegkundige en paramedische opleidingen, waarin farmacologie en farmacotherapie steeds belangrijker worden. Daarnaast is het bij uitstek geschikt als naslagwerk voor verpleegkundigen en verpleegkundig specialisten en een aanrader voor afgestudeerden van (para-)medische opleidingen om hun kennis van de fysiologie, farmacologie en -therapie te verrijken.  

Introduction to Multicopter Design and Control

by Quan Quan

This book is the first textbook specially on multicopter systems in the world. It provides a comprehensive overview of multicopter systems, rather than focusing on a single method or technique. The fifteen chapters are divided into five parts, covering the topics of multicopter design, modeling, state estimation, control, and decision-making. It differs from other books in the field in three major respects: it is basic and practical, offering self-contained content and presenting hands-on methods; it is comprehensive and systematic; and it is timely. It is also closely related to the autopilot that users often employ today and provides insights into the code employed. As such, it offers a valuable resource for anyone interested in multicopters, including students, teachers, researchers, and engineers. This introductory text is a welcome addition to the literature on multicopter design and control, on which the author is an acknowledged authority. The book is directed to advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in aeronautical and control (or electrical) engineering, as well as to multicopter designers and hobbyists. ------- Professor W. Murray Wonham, University of Toronto "This is the single best introduction to multicopter control. Clear, comprehensive and progressing from basic principles to advanced techniques, it's a must read for anyone hoping to learn how to design flying robots. " ------- Chris Anderson, 3D Robotics CEO.

Theory and Technology of Laser Imaging Based Target Detection

by Yihua Hu

This book systematically introduces readers to laser imaging target detection principles and techniques. It covers the fundamentals of laser imaging and presents an extensive, up-to-date analysis of how to best use laser imaging to detect targets. This is followed by a comprehensive discussion of laser imaging target detection principles, laser imaging generation, and target detection methods. The book offers an invaluable resource for researchers, especially those who are engaged in the fields including target detection based on a laser imaging system, target detection and identification, remote sensing imaging and image processing. Additionally, it can be used as a reference book for advanced undergraduates and postgraduates of relevant majors.

The American Community College

by Carrie B. Kisker Arthur M. Cohen Florence B. Brawer

Praise for the Previous Edition of The American Community College "Projecting the future for the community colleges of the early twenty-first century involves projecting the future for the nation in general: its demographics, economy, and public attitudes.... At heart is a discourse on how the institutions may adapt historical structures and practices to a changing world, and how those changes may ultimately affect students, the community, and society at large." —from the Conclusion, "Toward the Future" "Since 1982, The American Community College by Cohen and Brawer has been the authoritative book on community colleges. Anyone who wants to understand these complex and dynamic institutions—how they are evolving, the contributions they make, the challenges they face, the students they serve, and the faculty and leaders who deliver the services and the curricula—will find The American Community College both essential reading and an important reference book." —George R. Boggs, former president and CEO, American Association of Community Colleges "I have been a community college president for over forty-one years and a graduate professor for three decades. This book has been an inspiration to generations of students, faculty members, and administrators. It has become the classic of the field because it has great 'take-home' value to us all." —Joseph N. Hankin, president, Westchester Community College "Cohen and Brawer's classic work is the touchstone for a comprehensive overview of the American community college. This is a seminal book for graduate students as well as seasoned professionals for understanding this uniquely American institution." —Charles R. Dassance, former president, Central Florida Community College

Reversible Computation

by Hafizur Rahaman Iain Phillips

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Reversible Computation, RC 2017, held in Kolkata, India, in July 2017. The 13 full and 5 short papers included in this volume together with one invited paper were carefully reviewed and selected from 47 submissions. The papers are organized in the following topical sections: foundations; reversible circuit synthesis; reversible circuit optimization; testing and fault tolerance; and quantum circuits.

Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Modeling

by Robert Thomson Nathaniel Osgood Yu-Ru Lin Dongwon Lee

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Modeling & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation, SBP-BRiMS 2017, held in Washington, DC, USA, in July 2017. The 16 full papers and 27 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 79 submissions. Owing to its strong multi-disciplinary heritage, the papers represent a large range of disciplines including computer science, psychology, sociology, communication science, public health, bioinformatics, political science, and organizational science and use numerous types of computational methods such as machine learning, language technology, social network analysis and visualization, agent-based simulation, and statistics. They are organized in the following topical sections: behavioral and social sciences; cyber and intelligence applications; information, systems, and network sciences; and methodology.


by Suresh Dalal

Gujarati Rhymes and Verses for Children.


by Suresh Dalal

સુરેશ દલાલનાં આ બાળકાવ્યોમાં ધિંગડમલ બાળક પંખીના સૂરનાં પગલાં વીણતું, ફૂલ-સુગંધની પ્યાલી પીતું, વહેતા ઝરણમાં ન્હાતું જાદુઈલકડીથી મનમાન્યાં રૂપ ધરતું અને મોટેરાંની છબી પણ ઉતારતું ધમાચકડી મચાવે છે.

Dhisum Dhisum

by Suresh Dalal

બાળક એટલે વિસ્મયની દુનિયાનો વિષ્ણુભગવાન. એની સૃષ્ટિમાં પૂર્ણવિરામનું મહત્ત્વ નથી, પણ આશ્ચર્યચિહ્નોનું સામ્રાજ્ય છે. તમે જો એની દુનિયા તરફ જુઓ તો બાળકાવ્યો કે બાળવાર્તાની ગંગોત્રી શોધવા માટે બહુ દૂર નહીં જવું પડે. ફરિયાદ તો એના હોઠ પર હોય જ. સુરેશ દલાલે એમની આગવી શૈલીમાં બાળકાવ્ય સંગ્રહોમાં રજૂ કર્યા છે.


by Suresh Dalal

બાળક એટલે વિસ્મયની દુનિયાનો વિષ્ણુભગવાન. એની સૃષ્ટિમાં પૂર્ણવિરામનું મહત્ત્વ નથી, પણ આશ્ચર્યચિહ્નોનું સામ્રાજ્ય છે. તમે જો એની દુનિયા તરફ જુઓ તો બાળકાવ્યો કે બાળવાર્તાની ગંગોત્રી શોધવા માટે બહુ દૂર નહીં જવું પડે. ફરિયાદ તો એના હોઠ પર હોય જ. સુરેશ દલાલે એમની આગવી શૈલીમાં એમના ચૌદ બાળકાવ્ય સંગ્રહોમાં રજૂ કર્યા છે.


by Suresh Dalal

Gujarati Rhymes and Verses for Children

Murder Games

by James Patterson Howard Roughan

The life Dr. Dylan Reinhart saves may be his ownDr. Dylan Reinhart wrote the book on criminal behavior. Literally--he's a renowned, bestselling Ivy League expert on the subject. When a copy of his book turns up at a gruesome murder scene--along with a threatening message from the killer--it looks like someone has been taking notes.Elizabeth Needham is the headstrong and brilliant NYPD Detective in charge of the case who recruits Dylan to help investigate another souvenir left at the scene--a playing card. Another murder, another card--and now Dylan suspects that the cards aren't a signature, they're a deadly hint--pointing directly toward the next victim. As tabloid headlines about the killer known as "The Dealer" scream from newstands, New York City descends into panic. With the cops at a loss, it's up to Dylan to hunt down a serial killer unlike any the city has ever seen. Only someone with Dylan's expertise can hope to go inside the mind of a criminal and convince The Dealer to lay down his cards. But after thinking like a criminal--could Dylan become one?A heart-pounding novel of suspense more shocking than any tabloid true crime story, Murder Games introduces the next unforgettable character from the imagination of James Patterson, the world's #1 bestselling author.

OCR GCSE (9-1) Economics

by Jan Miles-Kingston Clive Riches Christopher Bancroft

Build your knowledge of economics and understand its impact beyond the classroom with this brand new textbook, produced by the leading Economics publisher and OCR's publishing partner.- Develop knowledge with clear explanations in every chapter, end-of-chapter summaries and key terms highlighted for on-going revision- Understand economics in context with up-to-date examples of economic challenges on a local, national and global level- Extend your learning and develop critical skills with engaging stretch and challenge tasks- Prepare for exams with plenty of practice questions and activities that improve your critical thinking skills

Cambridge IGCSE® French Student Book Second Edition

by Wendy O'Mahony Virginia March Jean-Claude Gilles

This Student Book provides a grammar-led approach with extensive exam preparation to develop independent, culturally aware students of German, ready for the exam.This book is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations for the latest IGCSE® (0525) and International Level 1/Level 2 Certificate (0677) syllabuses. Extensive use of German reflects the style of the exams and, with specific advice and practice, it helps students use the acquired skills to their best ability. Topics on German-speaking cultures are integrated throughout to ensure students gain the cultural awareness that is at the heart of this qualification.- Develop students' ability to use German effectively - Stretch and challenge students to achieve their best grades - Ensure the progression required for further study at A-level or equivalent - Provide insight and encourage a positive attitude towards other culturesThe book provides up-to-date content following a clear sequencing of topics designed specifically for teaching German at this level. It is designed to develop spontaneous, confident linguists who are able to progress to further study of German.- Teacher Resource + Audio-CDs (ISBN 9781471833076) includes all recordings and transcripts together with detailed guidance, editable vocabulary lists, cultural PowerPoints and interactive quizzes- Grammar Workbook (ISBN 9781471833182)Vocabulary is also available online at Vocab Express, an interactive learning applicationVisit for more information.

Reading Planet - A Walk in the Park - Lilac: Lift-off

by Gill Budgell

Lift-off wordless books (Lilac band) ensure all children develop the essential early language skills for reading readiness. Alpa and Lok are at the park with Bruce the dog, who loves to chase every sound he hears. Follow Bruce's journey through the park and the trail of chaos he leaves behind!

Reading Planet - In My Den - Lilac: Lift-off

by Gill Budgell

Lift-off wordless books (Lilac band) ensure all children develop the essential early language skills for reading readiness. It's fun to sit in a den and listen to the sounds outside! In this book, you will visit a lot of different dens in different places, such as the forest and by the sea. What sounds will you hear in each den?

Reading Planet - The Happy Whistle - Lilac: Lift-off

by Gill Budgell

Lift-off wordless books (Lilac band) ensure all children develop the essential early language skills for reading readiness. Jess loves to play her penny whistle and enjoys cheering people up with her tunes. Follow Jess as she finds friends who are feeling sad ... Will she be able to help them with her enchanting music?

Reading Planet - Making Music - Lilac: Lift-off

by Gill Budgell

Lift-off wordless books (Lilac band) ensure all children develop the essential early language skills for reading readiness. In this photographic guide to musical instruments from around the world, you can find out about shakers, bells and drums, and the different sounds they make. Which instrument would you like to play?

Reading Planet - Obi's Party - Lilac: Lift-off

by Gill Budgell

Lift-off wordless books (Lilac band) ensure all children develop the essential early language skills for reading readiness. Obi is having a party and all his friends are invited! The entertainer is trying very hard, but which of his tricks will actually make the children laugh? Join in with the fun and find out!

Reading Planet - Stamp and Clap! - Lilac: Lift-off

by Gill Budgell

Lift-off wordless books (Lilac band) ensure all children develop the essential early language skills for reading readiness. Can you make a funky beat with your hands and feet? This guide provides step-by-step photos to show you how to create sounds and rhythms using your own body.

A Socialist Peace?: Explaining the Absence of War in an African Country

by Mike Mcgovern

For the last twenty years, the West African nation of Guinea has exhibited all of the conditions that have led to civil wars in other countries, and Guineans themselves regularly talk about the inevitability of war. Yet the country has narrowly avoided conflict again and again. In A Socialist Peace?, Mike McGovern asks how this is possible, how a nation could beat the odds and evade civil war. Guinea is rich in resources, but its people are some of the poorest in the world. Its political situation is polarized by fiercely competitive ethnic groups. Weapons flow freely through its lands and across its borders. And, finally, it is still recovering from the oppressive regime of Sékou Touré. McGovern argues that while Touré’s reign was hardly peaceful, it was successful—often through highly coercive and violent measures—at establishing a set of durable national dispositions, which have kept the nation at peace. Exploring the ambivalences of contemporary Guineans toward the afterlife of Touré’s reign as well as their abiding sense of socialist solidarity, McGovern sketches the paradoxes that undergird political stability.

Rights on Trial: How Workplace Discrimination Law Perpetuates Inequality

by Robert L. Nelson Laura Beth Nielsen Ellen Berrey

Gerry Handley faced years of blatant race-based harassment before he filed a complaint against his employer: racist jokes, signs reading “KKK” in his work area, and even questions from coworkers as to whether he had sex with his daughter as slaves supposedly did. He had an unusually strong case, with copious documentation and coworkers’ support, and he settled for $50,000, even winning back his job. But victory came at a high cost. Legal fees cut into Mr. Handley’s winnings, and tensions surrounding the lawsuit poisoned the workplace. A year later, he lost his job due to downsizing by his company. Mr. Handley exemplifies the burden plaintiffs bear in contemporary civil rights litigation. In the decades since the civil rights movement, we’ve made progress, but not nearly as much as it might seem. On the surface, America’s commitment to equal opportunity in the workplace has never been clearer. Virtually every company has antidiscrimination policies in place, and there are laws designed to protect these rights across a range of marginalized groups. But, as Ellen Berrey, Robert L. Nelson, and Laura Beth Nielsen compellingly show, this progressive vision of the law falls far short in practice. When aggrieved individuals turn to the law, the adversarial character of litigation imposes considerable personal and financial costs that make plaintiffs feel like they’ve lost regardless of the outcome of the case. Employer defendants also are dissatisfied with the system, often feeling “held up” by what they see as frivolous cases. And even when the case is resolved in the plaintiff’s favor, the conditions that gave rise to the lawsuit rarely change. In fact, the contemporary approach to workplace discrimination law perversely comes to reinforce the very hierarchies that antidiscrimination laws were created to redress. Based on rich interviews with plaintiffs, attorneys, and representatives of defendants and an original national dataset on case outcomes, Rights on Trial reveals the fundamental flaws of workplace discrimination law and offers practical recommendations for how we might better respond to persistent patterns of discrimination.

The I in Team: Sports Fandom and the Reproduction of Identity

by Erin C. Tarver

There is one sound that will always be loudest in sports. It isn’t the squeak of sneakers or the crunch of helmets; it isn’t the grunts or even the stadium music. It’s the deafening roar of sports fans. For those few among us on the outside, sports fandom—with its war paint and pennants, its pricey cable TV packages and esoteric stats reeled off like code—looks highly irrational, entertainment gone overboard. But as Erin C. Tarver demonstrates in this book, sports fandom has become extraordinarily important to our psyche, a matter of the very essence of who we are. Why in the world, Tarver asks, would anyone care about how well a total stranger can throw a ball, or hit one with a bat, or toss one through a hoop? Because such activities and the massive public events that surround them form some of the most meaningful ritual identity practices we have today. They are a primary way we—as individuals and a collective—decide both who we are who we are not. And as such, they are also one of the key ways that various social structures—such as race and gender hierarchies—are sustained, lending a dark side to the joys of being a sports fan. Drawing on everything from philosophy to sociology to sports history, she offers a profound exploration of the significance of sports in contemporary life, showing us just how high the stakes of the game are.

Matatu: A History of Popular Transportation in Nairobi

by Kenda Mutongi

Drive the streets of Nairobi, and you are sure to see many matatus—colorful minibuses that transport huge numbers of people around the city. Once ramshackle affairs held together with duct tape and wire, matatus today are name-brand vehicles maxed out with aftermarket detailing. They can be stately black or extravagantly colored, sporting names, slogans, or entire tableaus, with airbrushed portraits of everyone from Kanye West to Barack Obama. In this richly interdisciplinary book, Kenda Mutongi explores the history of the matatu from the 1960s to the present. As Mutongi shows, matatus offer a window onto the socioeconomic and political conditions of late-twentieth-century Africa. In their diversity of idiosyncratic designs, they reflect multiple and divergent aspects of Kenyan life—including, for example, rapid urbanization, organized crime, entrepreneurship, social insecurity, the transition to democracy, and popular culture—at once embodying Kenya’s staggering social problems as well as the bright promises of its future. Offering a shining model of interdisciplinary analysis, Mutongi mixes historical, ethnographic, literary, linguistic, and economic approaches to tell the story of the matatu and explore the entrepreneurial aesthetics of the postcolonial world.

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