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The Day the Music Died: A Memoir

by Tony Garnett

'An extraordinary book by an extraordinary man' Ken LoachTony Garnett's story begins in working-class, war-torn Birmingham where he movingly describes the trauma of his mother's death following a back-street abortion. Nineteen days later, stricken with grief, Tony's father committed suicide and Tony was sent to live with other family members. He eventually moved to London and was part of the counterculture scene in the 1960s.Tony takes us behind the scenes of a selection of his more famous productions, offering secrets and anecdotes, some moving, some amusing. He gives accounts of angry clashes with the BBC and movie executives as he battles to make films that are thought too controversial. Year after year he fought the BBC and movie bosses to bring to the public films about police corruption and psychiatrists' cruelty; films advocating abortion law reform and the abolition of the death penalty; films about the homeless and the waste of young people in poor schools.

The Dead Woman of Deptford: Inspector Ben Ross mystery 6

by Ann Granger

THE DEAD WOMAN OF DEPTFORD is the sixth Inspector Ben Ross mystery set in Victorian London from much-loved crime writer Ann Granger.On a cold November night in a Deptford yard, dock worker Harry Parker stumbles upon the body of a dead woman. Inspector Ben Ross is summoned from Scotland Yard to this insalubrious part of town, but no witness to the murder of this well-dressed, middle-aged woman can be found. Even Jeb Fisher, the local rag-and-bone man, swears he's seen nothing. Meanwhile, Ben's wife Lizzie is trying to suppress a scandal: family friend Edgar Wellings has a gambling addiction and no means of repaying his debts. Reluctantly, Lizzie agrees to visit his debt collector's house in Deptford, but when she arrives she finds her husband is investigating the murder of the woman in question. Edgar was the last man to see Mrs Clifford alive and he has good reason to want her dead, but Ben and Lizzie both know that a case like this is rarely as simple as it appears...

Kemlo and the Crazy Planet

by E. C. Eliott

Kemlo and his friend Krillie, who have set out from Satellite Belt K on a Space trip, find themselves off course and eventually land upon a planet about which very little is known except that odd things happen there, so that it has become known as the Crazy Planet.The people upon it, whose language is laughter, are friendly; but others, from Earth, are also marooned upon it, and they are very far from friendly, not only to the laughing People but to Kemlo and Krillie too. Their wicked plans, however, are foiled by Kemlo, who is later responsible for helping his new friends against a mass attack of the murderous wood beasts...

Kemlo and the Zones of Silence

by E. C. Eliott

Kemlo and Krillie, together with Krillie's sister Krinsetta, set out for a visit to S Belt in Kemlo's space scooter. They are attacked by three boys from S Belt, who kidnap Krinsetta. Kemlo gives chase, and both his and the other craft are forced down, off course, on to the Zones of Silence, part of a large area known as the Dead World where the slightest whisper is magnified into a roar...The inhabitants of the Zones have no audible form of speech, but use instead a highly developed system of thought transference. These creatures are friendly, but too friendly: they attempt to drug the minds of visitors with thought impulses compelling them to stay on the Zones. Kemlo is able to resist this powerful impulse, but...

Kemlo and the Sky Horse

by E. C. Eliott

Kemlo, captain of Space scouts, and his young friend Krillie receive a visit from two Earth children, Dane and Lesa, Krillie's cousins. Lesa is quite prepared to be thrilled by all that she sees on Satellite Belt K, but Dane sneers at everything - especially at the mechanical horse in the games-room. he boasts of his own prowess, and is heard by their science engineering master from Earth, who determines to teach him a lesson and at the same time to evolve, with the help of Kemlo and the other troop leaders, a new mechanical wonder, a New World Pegasus, a horse that can gallop in Space...

Kemlo and the Martian Ghosts

by E. C. Eliott

Kemlo, with two other boys from Satellite K, are allowed to accompany a small research team setting off to reconnoiter Deimos, a moonlet of Mars.The research ship has a smooth journey until it encounters a fierce astral storm, but eventually lands safely on Deimos - where some peculiar magnetic forces put all the instruments out of action.From then on the suspense is terrific. Kemlo and his friends find their way barred by a moving wall of lighted shapes and, scattered, are apparently attacked by transparent figures etched in vivid light. Up to the very end the doubt remains: will the power of the Martian Ghosts triumph or be broken?

Kemlo and the Space Lanes

by E. C. Eliott

How Kemlo won his spurs in the first and last great Battle of Space. For, yes, even to Space, that final goal of all Man's earthly dreams, enmity and war eventually came. But in Space, as always in the end on Earth, good was to triumph over evil - though not until a hideous and terrifying danger had been averted.

Kemlo and the Craters of the Moon

by E. C. Eliott

Were they the first men on the moon - or not?If they were not, then what had raised those magnificent buildings, apparently a deserted city, that Kemlo and his friends found standing beneath the cratered crust?

Kemlo and the Star Men

by E. C. Eliott

Solid land inside a cloud of 'star dust' - where no solid land should be. And the weird voices - where are they coming from?Forced down on a minor star galaxy, Kemlo and his friends of Satellite Belt K discover a secret of Space which gives scientists information for which they have been searching for years.

Kemlo and the Gravity Rays

by E. C. Eliott

Earth-born men had been able to travel to Space, but till now Space-born men had not been able to travel to Earth.It was left for Space-born boys - Kemlo, and his friends Kerowski and Karten - to blaze this trail.

Great British Bake Off: Children's Party Cakes & Bakes

by Annie Rigg

Inspirational ideas for a showstopping birthday party from the Great British Bake Off! Bake the birthday cake of your child's dreams and make the annual party a stress-free occasion with these brilliant new recipes for delicious cakes, biscuits, buns, and bakes. Whether you are a novice cook or a skilled baker, take your pick from recipes for lions, fortresses, snow queens, rockets, and crowns. Recipes for sweet and savoury treats will complete your perfect birthday party. There's something for every age, from toddler to teen, so you can turn to the book again and again. ~ Includes recipes from much-loved Bake Off Bakers Richard, Ian, Frances Holly, Cathryn, Chetna and Luis ~

The Invisible Cross: One frontline officer, three years in the trenches, a remarkable untold story

by Andrew Davidson

'Padre McShane says the reason I was not given a Brigade was for being so outspoken at Loos. He said that if that were so, I wear the invisible cross of military glory.'Colonel Graham Chaplin, commander of the Cameron Highlanders, wrote letters from the trenches almost daily to the wife he had married just before the war began. Even if he had no time to write, he would at least send a postcard to reassure her he was 'Quite well'. These personal and loving letters give a rare insight into the mind of a serving officer, his worries about his men and his family back home, his concern for the progress of the war (however cautiously phrased) and his comments on the growing list of friends dead or wounded.Most startling of all though, these letter finally reveal the shocking truth of why it was that a man endorsed by so many of his fellow officers, and respected and trusted by his men, wasn't promoted out of the trenches until 1917 - the only officer to whom this happened.Andrew Davidson, author of the highly praised Fred's War, analyses Chaplin's unique status and weaves around his letters a fascinating portrait of a soldier's life and of the war on the Western Front.

They Too Served: 496th Fighter Training Group, 1943-45

by Major David H. Kelley USAF

In-theater combat crew replacement centers (CCRC) represented a brief but important stop for aircrews training as replacements for personnel lost in the European theater during World War II. The Eighth Air Force's 496th Fighter Training Group operated a fighter CCRC at Goxhill, England, and illustrated the unique challenges and successes of the CCRC mission. The 496th Fighter Training Group overcame maintenance shortfalls, aircraft shortages, and persistent morale issues to train more than 2,400 fighter pilots for combat duty in the Lockheed P-38 Lightning and North American P-51 Mustang.

Fire Support In The Pusan Perimeter

by Major John D. Dill

Five years after emerging victorious from World War II, the United States became embroiled in the Korean War. In August of 1950, despite the relative industrial and technological disadvantages suffered by the enemy North Korean Peoples' Army, the American Eighth Army was nearly defeated and pushed into the sea while trying to defend a toehold on the Korean peninsula around the port of Pusan. The poorly trained and equipped U.S. soldiers and marines defending the Pusan Perimeter relied heavily on fire support assets to stem the tide and defeat the North Korean attack.This monograph asks if the fire support, including both artillery and air fires, provided to the Eighth Army Infantry and Armor units was effective. It also examines the reasons for the success or failures of fire support by contrasting the use of fire support by different Army and Marine Corps units as they defended the perimeter. Additionally, the monograph addresses the question of how the force development process shaped the success or failure of the Pusan fire support effort. Finally, the monograph discusses lessons from the Pusan defense that are applicable to current fire support and force development.The monograph concludes that the fire support effort in the Pusan campaign was effective. However, because of the force reductions and training lapses that occurred after World War II in the United States Army and Air Force, it was not as effective as it could have been. The time taken to relearn the lessons of World War II and to rebuild units to doctrinal war time strength needlessly cost lives. The Pusan perimeter fight contains valuable lessons for current fire support leaders as they grapple with challenges similar to those faced by their predecessors in the summer of 1950.

Alaska By Cruise Ship – 8th Edition: The Complete Guide to Cruising Alaska

by Anne Vipond

For over 20 years, this comprehensive guide has been a popular choice for readers planning a cruise to Alaska. The 8th edition has been revised and updated and includes over 400 color photographs and maps and with all aspects of this exciting cruise. Exciting details of both the Inside Passage and Glacier cruises, from Seattle to Fairbanks, are inside. Includes two giant color pull-out maps with a mile-by-mile references to help readers track progress during their cruise. Includes special sections on glaciers, native culture and wildlife with a full-page whale-watching map.

HAWAII BY CRUISE SHIP – 3rd Edition: The Complete Guide to Cruising the Hawaiian Islands. Includes Tahiti, Fanning Island and Mainland Ports.

by Anne Vipond

This new edition covers all the islands and attractions that make Hawaii such a great cruising destination. Extensive shore excursion detail and cruise-and-stay options are included as are insider tips on selecting and preparing for your Hawaii cruise. Detailed maps show exactly where the ships dock and locations of of leading hotels on Oahu and Maui. Includes tips on shipboard life, activities and cabin selection. The author also gives readers insight into extra expenses and handling gratuities for stewards and waiters. Hawaii By Cruise Ship gives readers a history of the rich Hawaiian culture and how the islands changed with the arrival of Europeans. A section of the book also outlines the wildlife that can be seen in Hawaii and includes a map showing the best whalewatching locations. Over 400 color photographs and dozens of color maps detailing the islands, ports and attractions are complement the text. This new edition also includes coverage of the South Pacific and French Polynesia as well as the mainland ports from San Diego and Los Angeles to Vancouver.

Panama Canal By Cruise Ship - 5th Edition: The Complete Guide to Cruising the Panama Canal

by Anne Vipond

One of the greatest peacetime epics of human endeavor, the creation of the Panama Canal captured, for decades, the world's imagination. Now a major cruise destination, the Canal was the 'moon launch' of its day, plunging France into near financial and political ruin before becoming the crowning achievement of America under President Theodore Roosevelt, ushering in an era of global trade and prosperity. All Panama Canal itineraries are included from Florida to the Mexican Riviera with port maps showing how to get from your ship to all the shore attractions with detail on getting around independantly or by ship tours. Several maps show each part of the transit of Panama Canal and with detail and photos of each lock.

MES Guide for Executives: Why and How to Select, Implement, and Maintain a Manufacturing Execution System

by Bianca Scholten

Are you having trouble demonstrating to management what a manufacturing execution system (MES) is and what it can do for you? Or do you simply need to justify why your company even needs an MES? Perhaps you're the executive decision maker and just need some answers. Bianca Scholten, author of the best-selling book The Road to Integration: A Guide to Applying ISA-95 in Manufacturing, shares her expertise on the topic in this easy-to-read guide to MES. In recent decades, industrial companies have invested much time and money in not only machine and production line automation but also ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. The MES falls between these two layers. Many plants rely on outdated methods for both preparatory activities (such as detailed production scheduling and recipe management) and retrospective activities (such as data collection, reporting, and analysis). MES can provide an effective remedy to this time-consuming, error-prone situation. Ideal for CEOs, CFOs, and managers, Scholten's book sheds light on how to complete your plant's move into the twenty-first century. Using knowledge gleaned from her extensive experience as an MES consultant and from IT professionals, production managers, and colleagues who have been through the MES experience, Scholten covers MES selection, what to expect during implementation and initial use, the advantages of using a single MES for multiple sites (and how to develop one), and return on investment considerations. She also provides a bird's-eye view of the widely adopted ISA-95 standard to facilitate effective, efficient communication between company systems.

Automation Made Easy: Everything You Wanted to Know about Automation-and Need to Ask

by Peter G. Martin Gregory Hale

After a quick glance at the plant floor, it is very easy to see the industrial automation industry interoperates with other functions within the enterprise. Trying to keep up with changing technologies, however, is never easy and the industrial automation environment is no exception. Whether you are a student just starting out or are a top-level executive or manager well-versed in one domain, but have limited knowledge of the industrial automation industry, it's easy to find yourself adrift in this evolving industry. That is where this easy-to-read book comes in; it provides a basic functional understanding in the field of industrial automation. In an effort to understand this industry, the authors break down the barriers and confusion surrounding the technical details and terminology used in this converging field. They provide an introductory-level approach, covering most of the major industrial automation topics, such as distributed control systems (DCSs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), manufacturing execution systems (MESs), and so on. You may even learn a recipe or two. This book is ideal for executives, business managers, information technologists, accountants, maintenance professionals, operators, production planners, just to name a few, and provides an in-depth but easy overview for people new to the field who want to quickly educate themselves.

Collaborative Process Automation Systems

by Martin Hollender

Providing a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art in Collaborative Process Automation Systems (CPAS), this book discusses topics such as engineering, security, enterprise connectivity, advanced process control, plant asset management, and operator efficiency. Collaborating with other industry experts, the author covers the system architecture and infrastructure required for a CPAS, as well as important standards like OPC and the ISA-95 series of standards. This in-depth reference focuses on the differences between a CPAS and traditional automation systems. Implications on modern automation systems are outlined in theory and practice. This book is ideal for industrial engineers, as well as graduate students in control and automation.

Foundation Fieldbus, Fourth Edition

by Ian Verhappen

The fourth edition of Foundation Fieldbus significantly expands the subject matter of the earlier editions of this popular book not only to help you stay current with this evolving technology but to also enhance your understanding of Fieldbus. This edition provides in-depth coverage on Fieldbus communications and configuration, including calculation of macrocycle for Control-In-Field and in the Host system and how the different forms of communication on the H1 network work with each other to make Control-In-Field possible, including the use of these different methods to optimize network bandwidth. Part of the field network evolutionary process includes a need to understand better how the changes in Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL), Field Device Tool (FDT), and Field Device Integration (FDI) will affect the way Fieldbus and other networks work together with asset management systems of the future, and your interaction with field devices. More comprehensive step-by-step procedures are discussed for each stage of a typical FF installation: Inspection and electric commissioning to ensure cable integrity, H1 Network commissioning, configuration, and communications tests in the segments and the spurs. Several new photographs and explanations help emphasize the proper installation procedures so you can quickly identify and prevent potential problems when installing Fieldbus systems. The contents of the entire book are then put to use with a full sample network design. The example is based on a typical simplified distillation tower and includes sample calculations/documentation-based. The fourth edition explains Foundation Fieldbus in a convenient, easy-to-understand way, regardless of your level of experience; a novice wanting to learn what FF is all about or an experienced user looking for a few more tips and a single handy reference.

Moby-Dick: Or, The Whale

by Herman Melville

"Call me Ishmael." So begins the famous opening chapter of Moby-Dick; or, The Whale. Young sailor Ishmael is hired as a crew member of a whaler named Pequod, captained by a man named Ahab. In between lengthy chapters on whale biology and descriptions of the crew and the whaling trade, readers are slowly introduced to a captivating tale. Ahab is out for revenge on the great white whale that stole his leg, leaving him with a whale-bone prosthesis and a withering hatred for the beast. Known as Moby Dick, the whale is infamous for his encounters and escapes with whale ships, and Ahab offers a gold coin, nailed to the Pequod's mast, as a reward for whoever sights him first. Beginning on a cold Christmas morning, the crew embarks on a journey to find the whale and make their fortunes. An exciting staple of American literature, Moby-Dick is a must-read for anyone interested in the classics. Herman Melville was inspired to write Moby Dick by the 1821 biographical account Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-ship Essex, which in turn inspired the 2000 novel and 2015 movie, In the Heart of the Sea.

Kali Linux: Windows Penetration Testing

by Bo Weaver Wolf Halton

If you are a working ethical hacker who is looking to expand the offensive skillset with a thorough understanding of Kali Linux, then this is the book for you. Prior knowledge about Linux operating systems and the BASH terminal emulator along with Windows desktop and command line would be highly beneficial.

Mastering Articulate Storyline

by Ashley Chiasson

Build up your e-learning development skills with Articulate Storyline About This Book * Develop interactive e-learning projects using advanced techniques * Impress your clients and/or audience with out-of-the-box interactions * Step-by-step walkthroughs provide practical solutions Who This Book Is For This book is for anyone experienced in using the basic functions of Articulate Storyline who are yearning to learn more. It's designed to provide a brief overview of key concepts, to help you refresh your knowledge of common functions, and teach you how to push Storyline to the limit! What You Will Learn * Familiarize yourself with best practices for e-learning development * Review key Storyline concepts before diving in deep with development * Discover new ways of working within Storyline to extend slide content and enhance interactivity * Personalize your story with advanced variable-based interactions * See how JavaScript can be used in your stories to do some really neat things * Assess your learners using customized assessment options and find out how to troubleshoot common issues * Customize the learning experience by modifying the player properties and publishing settings * Customize your story and prepare it for publishing In Detail Storyline is a powerful e-learning authoring tool that allows you to take your creativity to the next level. However, more often than not, projects don't require such complex interactions, leaving Storyline's full capabilities untapped. This book will provide you with the information you need to take your Storyline development up a notch by leveraging the full suite of possibilities Storyline has to offer. You will be provided with a refresher of the key concepts before we take you deep into the exciting world of enhanced interactivity, variables, and even some JavaScript--oh my! With downloadable activities, you can either follow along and compare your output, use the activities as they are, modify the activities to suit your own needs, or reverse-engineer the activities to better understand how they were developed. Style and approach You'll get hands-on working with project files that were created with you in mind. As you move through each chapters, the practical, step-by-step approach will get you using some of the more advanced features of Storyline to create polished and snazzy interactions.

Mastering Scala Machine Learning

by Alexander Kozlov

Mastering Scala Machine Learning is intended for enthusiasts who want to plunge into the new pool of emerging techniques for machine learning. Some familiarity with standard statistical techniques is required.

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