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The Traveling Vampire Show

by Richard Laymon

Three friends are determined to see the Traveling Vampire Show, featuring the only known vampire in captivity, when it arrives in the summer of 1963. Janks Field, where the show will take place, has been declared off-limits because of its sinister history, but the three teens don't want to miss the performance... and their efforts yield far more than they ever imagined. Bram Stoker Award winner in 2000.

Richard Simmons' Never Give Up: Inspirations, Reflections, Stories of Hope

by Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons has helped countless people find the courage, support, and knowledge they need to surmount all the obstacles that keep them from losing weight and getting fit. Now America's celebrated and self-proclaimed "court jester of health" shares forty moving and inspiring stories of people he has helped. In Richard's own inimitable style, he tells you about: --Nancy, the bride whose attempts at dieting ruined her marriage and almost drove her to suicide--until she discovered the meaning of discipline and confidence and managed to drop 112 pounds! --Tommy, the boy who realized that his father's death was no reason for him to give up on his own life and well-being. --Donna, the wheelchair-bound woman with muscular dystrophy who found that she could exercise, lose weight, and feel better despite her physical limitations. These are but a few of the shining real-life examples of seriously overweight people who never thought they could bear the odds and slim down--until Richard gently taught them how to value themselves and how to fight for a healthy and fulfilling life. Their struggles, triumphs, and affirmations will touch your heart, motivate you in your own fight for fitness, and even help you face many of life's darker moments. The perfect gift for anyone who has ever faced the challenge of an eating disorder or weight loss, this book can show you, too, how to NEVER GIVE UP.

All Grass Isn't Green

by Erle Stanley Gardner A. A. Fair

[from the back cover] "All that glitters isn't gold. A rich man sends Donald Lam looking for a man--when he really wants to find a woman. A minor missing persons case turns out to be a major one. And a pleasure boat on pontoons serves as a smuggler's ship on wheels. This is a job for detectives who know fact from fiction, so Erle Stanley Gardner, writing as A. A. Fair, pits his top team, Bertha Cool and Donald Lam, against the people who know all too well that All Grass Isn't Green."

Almost Famous Women

by Megan Mayhew Bergman

From "a top-notch emerging writer with a crisp and often poetic voice and wily, intelligent humor" (The Boston Globe): a collection of stories that explores the lives of talented, gutsy women throughout history.The fascinating lives of the characters in Almost Famous Women have mostly been forgotten, but their stories are burning to be told. Now Megan Mayhew Bergman, author of Birds of a Lesser Paradise, resurrects these women, lets them live in the reader's imagination, so we can explore their difficult choices. Nearly every story in this dazzling collection is based on a woman who attained some celebrity--she raced speed boats or was a conjoined twin in show business; a reclusive painter of renown; a member of the first all-female, integrated swing band. We see Lord Byron's illegitimate daughter, Allegra; Oscar Wilde's troubled niece, Dolly; West With the Night author Beryl Markham; Edna St. Vincent Millay's sister, Norma. These extraordinary stories travel the world, explore the past (and delve into the future), and portray fiercely independent women defined by their acts of bravery, creative impulses, and sometimes reckless decisions. The world hasn't always been kind to unusual women, but through Megan Mayhew Bergman's alluring depictions they finally receive the attention they deserve. Almost Famous Women is a gorgeous collection from an "accomplished writer of short fiction" (Booklist).

Soldier Girls

by Helen Thorpe

From an award-winning, "meticulously observant" (The New Yorker), and "masterful" (Booklist) writer comes a groundbreaking account of three women deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, and how their military service affected their friendship, their personal lives, and their families.America has been continuously at war since the fall of 2001. This has been a matter of bitter political debate, of course, but what is uncontestable is that a sizeable percentage of American soldiers sent overseas in this era have been women. The experience in the American military is, it's safe to say, quite different from that of men. Surrounded and far outnumbered by men, imbedded in a male culture, looked upon as both alien and desirable, women have experiences of special interest. In Soldier Girls, Helen Thorpe follows the lives of three women over twelve years on their paths to the military, overseas to combat, and back home...and then overseas again for two of them. These women, who are quite different in every way, become friends, and we watch their interaction and also what happens when they are separated. We see their families, their lovers, their spouses, their children. We see them work extremely hard, deal with the attentions of men on base and in war zones, and struggle to stay connected to their families back home. We see some of them drink too much, have illicit affairs, and react to the deaths of fellow soldiers. And we see what happens to one of them when the truck she is driving hits an explosive in the road, blowing it up. She survives, but her life may never be the same again. Deeply reported, beautifully written, and powerfully moving, Soldier Girls is truly groundbreaking.

The Whistling Hangman (Duncan Maclain Mystery #2)

by Baynard Kendrick

When a wealthy man falls from the balcony of a luxury apartment hotel, blind detective Captain Duncan Maclain and his Seeing Eye dog Schnucke are on the case. Was it suicide or was it murder? This is the second book in the series that inspired the popular television show "Longstreet."

Ordinary Miracles

by Stephanie S. Tolan

Mark Filkins is going through a tough year he's tired of being an identical twin and of being the son of a fundamentalist minister, and he's stunned when he learns that a beloved neighbor, a brilliant scientist, has cancer. All the Filkinses last seen in Tolan's "Save Halloween!" believe that prayer can heal, so Mark launches a prayer campaign to save his friend. In this rich and wonderfully characterized novel, Mark's beliefs are tested as he searches for one special miracle. 01-02 Young Hoosier Book Award Masterlist (Gr 4-6)

Great Experiments With Light

by Phyllis Fiarotta Noel Fiarotta

See the light--and how it reflects, bounces, travels, and more, with super experiments like these: Create shadow pictures of animals "Talk" with someone using sunbursts! And you'll be able to get started right away because many of the materials you need can be found around the house. Make a light-ray fan, a magnifying bottle, a string highway, spooky ghosts... All it involves is a little light--but it will give you a lot of excitement! Provides step-by-step instructions for experiments that explore the qualities of light, including refraction, reflection, absorption, and the travel of light.

Why Did We Choose to Industrialize?

by Robert C.H. Sweeny

The choice to industrialize has changed the world more than any other decision in human history. And yet the three prevailing explanations - the technical (new energy sources), the Marxist (new social relations), and the neo-liberal (people became more industrious) - are inadequate in making sense of this fundamental change. In mid-nineteenth-century Montreal, as in other early industrializing societies, change occurred as a result of the choices people made when faced with unprecedented opportunities and constraints. Montreal was the first colonial city to industrialize. Its overlapping French and English legal traditions mean that people's actions were exceptionally well documented for a North American city. Robert Sweeny's novel reading of sources like city directories, ordinance surveys, monetary protests, and apprenticeship contracts leads him to develop important critiques of both mainstream and progressive historiography. He shows how the choice to industrialize was tied to the development of completely new ways of thinking about the world on three inter-related levels: how should we relate to each other, to property, and to nature? In Montreal, as in all the other early industrializing societies, thought preceded action. Sweeny illuminates the personal and familial decisions that tens of thousands of people made by the mid-nineteenth century which already prefigured much of what industrialized Montreal would look like in 1880. At a moment when global conflict is tied to resources and climate change, Sweeny shows how fundamental decision making can determine widespread social change. Informed by four decades of scholarship, Why Did We Choose to Industrialize? Is a politically engaged argument about history, a sustained reflection on sources and method in historical practice, and a singular vantage point on the ideas that have shaped historical understandings of industrialization.

Beyond Brutal Passions

by Mary Anne Poutanen

During a time of significant demographic, geographic, and social transition, many women in early nineteenth-century Montreal turned to prostitution and brothel-keeping to feed, clothe, protect, and house themselves and their families. Beyond Brutal Passions is a close study of the women who were accused of marketing sex, their economic and social susceptibilities, and the strategies they employed to resist authority and assert their own agency. Referencing newspapers, parish registers, census returns, coroners' reports, city directories, documents of Catholic and Protestant institutions, police books, and court records, Mary Anne Poutanen reveals how these women confronted limited alternatives and how they fought against established authority in the pursuit of their livelihoods. She details these women's lives not only as prostitutes but also as wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters who reconstructed the bonds of kinship and solidarity. An insightful history of prostitution, Beyond Brutal Passions explores the complicated relationships between women accused of prostitution and the society in which they lived and worked.

A Skunk in the House

by Constance Taber Colby

Bringing a new baby home is a memorable occasion--especially when the baby disappears behind the washing machine and steadfastly refuses to come out. One furious little skunk, acquired from a pet shop, took up residence under the Colbys' washer and launched the family into a series of unexpected, often hilarious adventures which Constance Taber Colby relates in this delightful book. The story of Secret--a name the family decided on after long debate--is told with sensitivity and affection; the reader shares the Colbys' excitement as they follow the little creature's step-by-step acceptance of, and affection for, his family. Secret, however, had his own ideas about training--training them--and soon the Colby household, whether in its Manhattan apartment or at Stillmeadow Farm, was geared to his routine. With unwavering determination Secret turned his environment into a proper habitat for a skunk. He forged his own trails through the house and chose his own favorite places for napping. He followed a rigid daily schedule and even initiated games and play periods with the single-mindedness of a cruise director. A Skunk in the House, an intriguing portrait of an unconventional pet, also reveals a charming family sharing the joys--and the sorrows--of daily life. More than that, Constance Taber Colby has produced a clear-eyed account of what happens when man comes in close contact with nature--nature in the form of one stubborn, instinct-governed, and quite amiable but untamable animal. Life with a skunk, with its odd surprises and unexpected lessons, is a humbling experience, Mrs. Colby admits, as four humans learned to adjust to--and respect--the integrity of a wild creature. Constance, daughter of Gladys Taber, studied historical linguistics at the University of Michigan and Columbia, and archaeology at the National University of Mexico. She has taught at a number of universities and colleges and most recently at Barnard. Mrs. Colby, her husband, and two daughters divide their time between Stillmeadow Farm in Connecticut and an apartment in New York City.

The Orphan

by Clarence E. Mulford

The Orphan is one of Clarence E. Mulford's most intriguing novels. From the moment he is accused of bushwacking two sheep farmers, to the moment he finds the man who killed his father fifteen years in the past, The Orphan is driven by a single thought - REVENGE! But, during these two events, the pages reveal the true nature of the man known only as The Orphan.

Ultimate Job Search

by Lynn Williams

Starting work or changing jobs can be one of life's most stressful experiences, and with today's crowded job market it is more of a challenge than ever. Even when your CV does get you through to an interview, competition is so strong that you can't leave any of your preparation up to luck. A 'one-stop shop' for all job hunters, Ultimate Job Search takes the stress out of job hunting and provides advice on every stage of the job hunting process, from preparing a powerful CV that will get you noticed; sample cover letters and emails that come across as genuine; making a great impression at interviews; to dealing with offers and rejections in a positive manner. From the best-selling Ultimate series, the guidance in this book will help you shine and will demonstrate to future employers that you're not only able to do the job, but that you are committed and highly receptive to opportunities around you. With an exhaustive breadth of detail and real-life up-to-date comments from employers and recruitment professionals, Ultimate Job Search is invaluable to anyone looking to get their dream job at any stage of their career.

Ultimate Aptitude Tests

by Jim Barrett

Measuring your competence as well as your potential for achievement, aptitude tests are increasingly used by organisations to select the best new staff for their teams as well as to develop those already employed. With them, businesses gain a greater level of certainty in their recruitment decisions and also use them to fast track potential leaders. Ultimate Aptitude Tests, now in its third edition and part of the best-selling Ultimate series, is the largest and most comprehensive book of its kind, boasting over 1000 varied practice questions with accompanying detailed answers and explanations. In such a competitive job market, this is the perfect book to ensure you're entirely prepared to get those high scores and impress potential employers. Providing essential practice, it includes psychometric tests that mirror those you are likely to encounter, including abstract visual tests, verbal and numerical reasoning aptitudes test, practical skills and understanding tests as well as different types of mechanical and spatial awareness tests. This new edition also now includes a brand new section on online testing environments as well as free access to a separate full online test to evaluate your abilities. Ultimate Aptitude Tests is brilliant preparation for candidates wishing to outshine their competition on the job market and secure their dream job.

Ultimate Interview

by Lynn Williams

In today's ultra competitive job market, only the best prepared candidates have a chance of standing up to the competition and progressing through the various stages of the interview process. From the best-selling Ultimate series, Ultimate Interview will give you all the background information that you need as well as essential practice to successfully navigate the interview rounds and secure that job offer. Uniquely among interview guidebooks, it organises common interview questions according to specific job types, such as management, sales and marketing, administrative and clerical. Each section looks at the thinking behind the questions, and suggests an effective method of answering by utilising your experience and skill set, and demonstrating your ambitions. This new edition also focuses on how to transfer the crucial softer skills associated with successful interviews such as how to convey your alignment to your future employer's values or demonstrate that you are the most willing rather than just capable candidate. With additional advice on researching the background to a vacancy, and how skills and characteristics can be assessed and developed, this book is a must-have for all serious job hunters.

Practical Text Analytics

by Steven Struhl

Bridging the gap between the marketer who must put text analytics to use and the increasingly rarefied community of data analysis experts, Practical Text Analytics is an accessible guide to the many remarkable advances in text analytics that specialists are discussing among themselves. Instead of being a resource for programmers, a book on theory or an introduction on how to use advanced statistical programs, this daily reference resource cuts through the profusion of jargon, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of various methods and serving as a guide to what is credible in this fast-moving and often confusing field. Practical Text Analytics provides guidance on the application of text analytics for marketing professionals who must interpret the results and apply them in their campaigns. It presents the process of analysis in ways that people who use the data need to see them, helping marketers to clarify and organize confidently the confusing array of methods, frame the right questions and apply the results successfully to find meaning in any unstructured data and develop powerful new marketing strategies. About the series: The Marketing Science series makes difficult topics accessible to marketing students and practitioners by grounding them in business reality. Each book is written by an expert in the field and includes case studies and illustrations enabling marketers to gain confidence in applying the tools and techniques and in commissioning external research.

Inventory Management

by Geoff Relph Catherine Milner

Effective inventory management can increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve cash flows. Endorsed by Institute of Operations Management and CILT, Inventory Management shows managers how to take control of their inventory system and ensure operations run smoothly. Looking beyond the complexity and theory of inventory management, Geoff Relph and Catherine Milner focus on the most important decisions managers need to make when managing inventory. They examine how inventory management should work, how to control it, and how to balance it, through their use of revolutionary k-curve methodology. They include case studies from various industries, looking at inventory management in diverse areas such as supermarkets and aerospace. The book also includes numerous figures and diagrams as well as valuable online material.

Leadership Coaching

by Jonathan Passmore Association for Coaching

This revised edition of the highly-respected Leadership Coaching will enhance and extend your coaching practice. It draws on evidence-based thinking and the writing of some of the world's top leadership thinkers and coaching practitioners to present a start-of-the-art coverage of leadership models and how to use them effectively to benefit your coaching relationships. Leaders face many challenges, and this book will challenge you to adapt your coaching approach to suit your clients' needs. Its coverage ranges from newer topics such as strengths focused leadership and conversational leadership to more tried-and-tested frameworks such as Porter's strategy model and Goleman's model of leadership styles. It also has a deliberately international flavour, incorporating non-Western perspectives from Asia and Africa and considering multinational topics like coaching global boards.

Valuable Content Marketing

by Sonja Jefferson Sharon Tanton

From websites, white papers and blogs to tweets, newsletters and video, content is king in the digital world, now more than ever. When businesses get it right and create the type of marketing people love they have a huge opportunity to connect with clients and customers in ways their customers appreciate, trust and want. Valuable Content Marketing shows how to create and share valuable content on websites and through social media and more traditional methods. This fully revised second edition of Valuable Content Marketing is a practical, focused guide to effective marketing. It includes new ideas and examples, step-by-step action lists, quick tips and goal-driven chapter summaries to make understanding the key concepts easier than ever. Perfect for sales, marketing and branding professionals as well as small business owners or practitioners in publicity or corporate communications, it provides inspiration from companies of all sizes that have got valuable content marketing right, from small companies like software development firm Desynit to household names like Accenture.

The Fear-free Organization

by Paul Brown Sue Paterson Joan Kingsley

Leadership that makes a difference takes guts and confidence, plus belief in oneself and belief in the key players in the organization. It is built on trust, not fear. Scared people spend a lot more time plotting their survival than working productively, so The Fear- Free Organization has zero tolerance for bullies, vicious gossip, undermining behaviours, hijacking tactics, political jockeying for position or favouritism. Instead, it works on inspiration. Evidence from the new frontiers of neuroscience shows that individuals and organizations are more successful when people are encouraged to take risks, to explore new ideas, and to channel their energies in ways that work for them. The The Fear -Free Organization is a ground-breaking new book that reveals how our new understanding of the neurobiology of the self - how the brain constructs the person - can transform for the better the way our businesses and organizations work.

The Atheist's Fatal Flaw: Exposing Conflicting Beliefs

by Norman L. Geisler Daniel J. Mccoy

Most critiques of atheism focus on refuting head-on the claims of atheists. Instead, this unique book faithfully represents what atheists say they believe and stands back to watch as the natural inconsistencies in that worldview inevitably rise to the surface. Norman L. Geisler, the apologetic giant of our time, is joined by Daniel J. McCoy, highlighting two inconsistencies in particular. First they examine the atheist's assertion that God cannot exist because there is evil in the world and that if God truly existed, he would intervene. These same people then turn around and say any intervention on God's part would impose upon human autonomy, and thus would be unjust. Second, these very interventions that would be considered immoral if imposed upon the earth by God are lauded when they stem instead from some human institution or authority. Geisler and McCoy highlight this kind of "doublethink" step by step, showing readers how to identify such inconsistencies in atheistic arguments and refute them--or rather show atheists how they refute themselves.

The United States of Paranoia

by Jesse Walker

Jesse Walkers The United States of Paranoia presents a comprehensive history of conspiracy theories in American culture and politics, from the colonial era to the War on Terror. The fear of intrigue and subversion doesnt exist only on the fringes of society, but has always been part of our national identity. When such tales takes hold, Walker argues, they reflect the anxieties and experiences of the people who believe them, even if they say nothing true about the objects of the theories themselves. With intensive research and a deadpan sense of humor, Jesse Walkers The United States of Paranoia combines the rigor of real history with the punch of pulp fiction. This edition includes primary-source documentation in the form of archival photographs, cartoons, and film stills selected by the author.

Christian Reflections

by C. S. Lewis

In Christian Reflections C.S. Lewis brings his vast and original intellect to bear on a wealth of subjects, including ethics, historicism, Christianity and culture. This selection of essays and papers, drawn from all stages of his career, presents Lewis at his most varied and profound.

God in the Dock

by C. S. Lewis

God in the Dock is one of the best known of C.S. Lewis's collections of essays and includes Myth Become Fact, The Grand Miracle, Priestesses in the Church and, of course, God in the Dock.

The Autoimmune Solution

by Amy Myers

Over 90 percent of the population suffers from inflammation or an autoimmune disorder. Until now, conventional medicine has said there is no cure. Minor irritations like rashes and runny noses are ignored, while chronic and debilitating diseases like Crohn's and rheumatoid arthritis are handled with a cocktail of toxic treatments that fail to address their root cause. But it doesn't have to be this way.In The Autoimmune Solution, Dr. Amy Myers, a renowned leader in functional medicine, offers her medically proven approach to prevent and reverse a wide range of inflammatory-related symptoms and diseases, including allergies, obesity, asthma, cardiovascular disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, IBS, chronic headaches, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis.The Myers Way is built on four pillars: Eliminating toxic foods, such as sugar and caffeine, and inflammatory foods, like dairy, gluten, and grains, which disrupt our digestive system. Introducing restorative ingredients and sup-plements, such as quality proteins, healthy fats, and probiotics, to repair the gut. Identifying environmental toxins in everyday products like shampoo, soap, cosmetics, detergent, and other household products. Healing autoimmune-related infections while relieving the mental, emotional, and physical stress that exacerbate the immune system's response to external toxins.Through this program, Dr. Myers has suc-cessfully treated thousands of patients. Whether you're battling multiple sclerosis or Graves' disease, or you simply want to put an end to nagging minor symptoms, The Autoimmune Solution is a medical breakthrough, a prescriptive and easy-to-follow program designed to fight and defeat the full spectrum of autoimmune diseases.

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