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The American Community College

by Carrie B. Kisker Arthur M. Cohen Florence B. Brawer

Praise for the Previous Edition of The American Community College "Projecting the future for the community colleges of the early twenty-first century involves projecting the future for the nation in general: its demographics, economy, and public attitudes.... At heart is a discourse on how the institutions may adapt historical structures and practices to a changing world, and how those changes may ultimately affect students, the community, and society at large." —from the Conclusion, "Toward the Future" "Since 1982, The American Community College by Cohen and Brawer has been the authoritative book on community colleges. Anyone who wants to understand these complex and dynamic institutions—how they are evolving, the contributions they make, the challenges they face, the students they serve, and the faculty and leaders who deliver the services and the curricula—will find The American Community College both essential reading and an important reference book." —George R. Boggs, former president and CEO, American Association of Community Colleges "I have been a community college president for over forty-one years and a graduate professor for three decades. This book has been an inspiration to generations of students, faculty members, and administrators. It has become the classic of the field because it has great 'take-home' value to us all." —Joseph N. Hankin, president, Westchester Community College "Cohen and Brawer's classic work is the touchstone for a comprehensive overview of the American community college. This is a seminal book for graduate students as well as seasoned professionals for understanding this uniquely American institution." —Charles R. Dassance, former president, Central Florida Community College

Puis je t'ai rencontré

by Violette Ledoux Sue Brown

La vie d'Andrew a tout du stéréotype : c'est un homosexuel prisonnier d'un mariage sans amour, la faute en revenant à sa mère, une femme autoritaire et croyante. Lorsqu'un couple de jeunes mariés s'installe dans le quartier, Andrew tombe désespérément amoureux de Nathan. Nathan est hétéro, marié et sur le point de devenir père, mais après une nuit fatidique passée en discothèque, Nathan doit faire face au fait que ses sentiments envers Andrew vont bien au-delà de l'amitié. Lorsque la femme d'Andrew demande le divorce, la vie des deux hommes vole en éclat : les disputes à propos de leurs responsabilités envers leurs familles, les incertitudes envers soi-même et l'autre, et certains mensonges douloureux les séparent... mais ils ne quittent jamais la pensée de l'autre.

Theory and Technology of Laser Imaging Based Target Detection

by Yihua Hu

This book systematically introduces readers to laser imaging target detection principles and techniques. It covers the fundamentals of laser imaging and presents an extensive, up-to-date analysis of how to best use laser imaging to detect targets. This is followed by a comprehensive discussion of laser imaging target detection principles, laser imaging generation, and target detection methods. The book offers an invaluable resource for researchers, especially those who are engaged in the fields including target detection based on a laser imaging system, target detection and identification, remote sensing imaging and image processing. Additionally, it can be used as a reference book for advanced undergraduates and postgraduates of relevant majors.

Introduction to Multicopter Design and Control

by Quan Quan

This book is the first textbook specially on multicopter systems in the world. It provides a comprehensive overview of multicopter systems, rather than focusing on a single method or technique. The fifteen chapters are divided into five parts, covering the topics of multicopter design, modeling, state estimation, control, and decision-making. It differs from other books in the field in three major respects: it is basic and practical, offering self-contained content and presenting hands-on methods; it is comprehensive and systematic; and it is timely. It is also closely related to the autopilot that users often employ today and provides insights into the code employed. As such, it offers a valuable resource for anyone interested in multicopters, including students, teachers, researchers, and engineers. This introductory text is a welcome addition to the literature on multicopter design and control, on which the author is an acknowledged authority. The book is directed to advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in aeronautical and control (or electrical) engineering, as well as to multicopter designers and hobbyists. ------- Professor W. Murray Wonham, University of Toronto "This is the single best introduction to multicopter control. Clear, comprehensive and progressing from basic principles to advanced techniques, it's a must read for anyone hoping to learn how to design flying robots. " ------- Chris Anderson, 3D Robotics CEO.

History of Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory

by Nancy Regine Friedman Devlin Samantha Disbray Brian Clive Devlin

This book provides the first detailed history of the Bilingual Education Program in the Northern Territory of Australia. This ambitious and innovative program began in 1973 and at different times it operated in English and 19 Aboriginal languages in 29 very remote schools. The book draws together the grassroots perspectives of Indigenous and non-Indigenous practitioners and researchers. Each chapter is based on rich practitioner experience, capturing bottom-up aspirations, achievements and reflections on this innovative, yet largely undocumented language and education program. The volume also makes use of a significant collection of 'grey literature' documents to trace the history of the program. An ethnographic approach has been used to integrate practitioner accounts into the contexts of broader social and political forces, education policy decisions and on-the-ground actions. Language in education policy is viewed at multiple, intersecting levels: from the interactions of individuals, communities of practice and bureaucracy, to national and global forces. The book offers valuable insights as it examines in detail the policy settings that helped and hindered bilingual education in the context of minority language rights in Australia and elsewhere.

Toegepaste geneesmiddelenkennis

by M. J. Tervoort Ij. D. Jüngen

Grondige kennis van de algemene farmacologische principes is van groot belang om op een juiste manier om te gaan met geneesmiddelen. Hoe is de weg van het geneesmiddel door het lichaam en wat doet het geneesmiddel met het lichaam? Wat zijn de bijwerkingen en de interacties met andere geneesmiddelen? Bij welke groepen pati#65533;nten is speciale aandacht vereist? Voor gezondheidsmedewerkers aan wie het voorschrijven of het toedienen van medicijnen is toevertrouwd is die kennis onmisbaar. Ook wie geen geneesmiddelen voorschrijft of toedient moet kunnen beoordelen wat de gevolgen zijn van medicatie voor zijn pati#65533;nt, en moet in staat zijn de pati#65533;nt voor te lichten over de werking en mogelijke bijwerkingen. Toegepaste geneesmiddelenkennis biedt essenti#65533;le kennis en inzichten over algemene farmacologie. In het boek wordt onder meer diep ingegaan op de werking, bijwerkingen, interacties en toepassing van de geneesmiddelen. Ieder hoofdstuk wordt voorafgegaan door een samenvatting van de relevante fysiologie. Voorbeelden en casu#65533;stiek uit verschillende beroepsvelden brengen de theorie tot leven. Toegepaste geneesmiddelenkennis is een onmisbaar studieboek voor verpleegkundige en paramedische opleidingen, waarin farmacologie en farmacotherapie steeds belangrijker worden. Daarnaast is het bij uitstek geschikt als naslagwerk voor verpleegkundigen en verpleegkundig specialisten en een aanrader voor afgestudeerden van (para-)medische opleidingen om hun kennis van de fysiologie, farmacologie en -therapie te verrijken.  

Public Marketing

by Bettina Hohn Stefanie Wesselmann

Der öffentliche Sektor steht unter anhaltendem Reformdruck und muss sich verstärkt auf die Bedürfnisse unterschiedlicher Zielgruppen einstellen. Das betriebswirtschaftliche Marketing-Management bietet für diesen Reformprozess ein enormes Unterstützungspotenzial. Stefanie Wesselmann und Bettina Hohn entwickeln gut verständlich und anhand vielfältiger Praxisbeispiele eine Marketing-Konzeption für den öffentlichen Sektor. Mit Übungsaufgaben zur Überprüfung des eigenen Wissens. "Insgesamt hinterlässt das Buch einen ausgesprochen positiven Gesamteindruck. Es stellt die wesentlichen Inhalte des Public Marketing dar und erläutert diese praxisorientiert. " Prof. Dr. Silke Boenigk, Rezension zur 2. Auflage in der ZögU 4/2008

Advances in Physical Ergonomics and Human Factors

by Waldemar Karwowski Ravindra S. Goonetilleke

This book reports on the state of the art in physical ergonomics and is concerned with the design of products, process, services, and work systems to assure their productive, safe, and satisfying use by people. With focus on the human body's responses to physical and physiological work demands, repetitive strain injuries from repetition, vibration, force, and posture are the most common types of issues examined, along with their design implications. The book explores a wide range of topics in physical ergonomics, which includes the consequences of repetitive motion, materials handling, workplace safety, and usability in the use of portable devices, design, working postures, and the work environment. Mastering physical ergonomics and safety engineering concepts is fundamental to the creation of products and systems that people are able to use, as well as the avoidance of stresses and minimization of the risk of accidents. Based on the AHFE 2016 International Conference on Physical Ergonomics & Human Factors, held on July 27-31, 2016 in Walt Disney World#65533;, Florida, USA, the book provides readers with a comprehensive view of the current challenges in Physical Ergonomics, which are a critical aspect in the design of any human-centered technological system, and factors influencing human performance.

Trends in Artificial Intelligence: PRICAI 2016 Workshops

by Patiyuth Pramkeaw Narit Hnoohom Mahasak Ketcham Thepchai Supnithi Thanaruk Theeramunkong Masayuki Numao

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th Pacific Rim Collocated PRICAI 2016 Workshops on Artificial Intelligence, held in Phuket, Thailand, in August 2016. The 16 full papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 46 submissions. The are organized around the following topics: e-health mining; image, information and intelligent applications; artificial intelligence for educational applications; artificial intelligence for tourism; emphatic computing;artificial intelligence and applications.

Graphene Oxide in Environmental Remediation Process

by Nerina Armata Flavio Pendolino

This book discusses the remediation process using graphene oxide as removal agent from a chemical point of view. State of the art, properties of graphene oxide and its preparation methods are reported in the introduction. Environmental issues and regulations are presented in view of applying graphene oxide dispersion to the purification of aqueous medium, especially for industrial wastewater. The remediation process, for removal organic molecules, inorganic/metallic ions, covers the last part of the book. Future prospective for graphene oxide in the environmental remediation approach is commented.

Logic Synthesis for Finite State Machines Based on Linear Chains of States

by Jacek Bieganowski Larysa Titarenko Alexander Barkalov

This book discusses Moore finite state machines (FSMs) implemented with field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) including look-up table (LUT) elements and embedded memory blocks (EMBs). To minimize the number of LUTs in FSM logic circuits, the authors propose replacing a state register with a state counter. They also put forward an approach allowing linear chains of states to be created, which simplifies the system of input memory functions and, therefore, decreases the number of LUTs in the resulting FSM circuit. The authors combine this approach with using EMBs to implement the system of output functions (microoperations). This allows a significant decrease in the number of LUTs, as well as eliminating a lot of interconnections in the FSM logic circuit. As a rule, it also reduces the area occupied by the circuit and diminishes the resulting power dissipation. This book is an interesting and valuable resource for students and postgraduates in the area of computer science, as well as for designers of digital systems that included complex control units

Plant Stress Tolerance

by Mohamed Helmy Ahmed Ismail Kareem A. Mosa

Providing a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge research on Omics applications in plant sciences field,"Plant Stress Tolerance" focuses on different approaches towards plant stress tolerance including both biotic stresses and abiotic stresses. This book outlines the challenges facing this area of research, with solid, up-to-date information for graduate students, academic scientists and researchers on using the recent advances of Omics technologies on plant stresses.

Criminology of Homicidal Poisoning

by Michael Farrell

This book provides an overview of historical and contemporary cases of homicidal poisoning. While homicidal poisoning is sometimes thought of as a thing of the past, it continues to be a contemporary problem, and in fact the unknown offender rate for poisoning cases is 20-30 times that of other homicide types in contemporary research, and many poisoners commit serial homicides while going undetected. The author of this important and timely work explores the theoretical bases for understanding homicidal poisoning, the nature of poisons used in homicidal cases, the characteristics of poisoners and their victims, and techniques for detection and prevention. This unique book will be of particular interest to: students of criminology (classes dealing with criminal psychology, and murder investigation); students of the history of crime; criminal justice professionals: attorneys, homicide detectives, forensic pathologists, forensic and clinical toxicologists, and other forensic investigators; and all interested in poisons, poisoners and the detection of poisoning. It has relevance to criminology, law and policing, toxicology and forensic science, the history of crime and detection, and criminal psychology.

Regularity and Stochasticity of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

by Xavier Leoncini Dimitri Volchenkov

This book presents recent developments in nonlinear dynamics and physics with an emphasis on complex systems. The contributors provide recent theoretic developments and new techniques to solve nonlinear dynamical systems and help readers understand complexity, stochasticity, and regularity in nonlinear dynamical systems. This book covers integro-differential equation solvability, Poincare recurrences in ergodic systems, orientable horseshoe structure, analytical routes of periodic motions to chaos, grazing on impulsive differential equations, from chaos to order in coupled oscillators, and differential-invariant solutions for automorphic systems, inequality under uncertainty.

Optimization in Engineering

by Antonio J. Conejo Ramteen Sioshansi

This textbook covers the fundamentals of optimization, including linear, mixed-integer linear, nonlinear, and dynamic optimization techniques, with a clear engineering focus. It carefully describes classical optimization models and algorithms using an engineering problem-solving perspective, and emphasizes modeling issues using many real-world examples related to a variety of application areas. Providing an appropriate blend of practical applications and optimization theory makes the text useful to both practitioners and students, and gives the reader a good sense of the power of optimization and the potential difficulties in applying optimization to modeling real-world systems. The book is intended for undergraduate and graduate-level teaching in industrial engineering and other engineering specialties. It is also of use to industry practitioners, due to the inclusion of real-world applications, opening the door to advanced courses on both modeling and algorithm development within the industrial engineering and operations research fields.

Terrorism Revisited

by Siegfried O. Wolf Paulo Casaca

This book develops a conceptual approach to understanding the face of contemporary terrorism as manifested in the recent attacks in Mumbai and Paris. By analyzing the historical evolution of terrorism and by offering case studies on different forms of terrorism in South Asia and elsewhere, the authors shed new light on the political strategies behind terrorist attacks, as well as on the motivations of terrorists. The case studies explore the redefinition of terrorism by the Iranian Islamic revolution, the spread of terrorism in Sunni Islam, the national jihadism in Pakistan, anti-Semitism as a main factor behind fanatical terrorist ideologies, and the case of the Tamil Tigers. "Redefining terrorism is a dynamic story that provides readers with intrigue and clarity to the ever-evolving threats that we face as a nation and as a global community. The authors masterfully navigate through the intricate maze of global terrorism bringing an overwhelming dose of reality through his usage of real life, gripping experiences. Through this book military and intelligence analysts and policy makers alike will gain first-hand knowledge about not only what the world looks like today but a glimpse into the future. " US Congressman Pete Sessions

Management of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

by Lawrence T. Kim Anne T. Mancino

This text provides a comprehensive, state-of-the art review of this field, and serves as a valuable resource for clinicians, surgeons and researchers with an interest in thyroid cancer. The book reviews new data about molecular genetics and molecular diagnostic approaches, covers diagnosis and treatment of localized disease, and conventional and newer therapies for dealing with recurrent and metastatic disease. Areas of controversy, with expert opinions from both outlooks, are also covered. Management of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer serves as a very useful resource for physicians and researchers dealing with, and interested in, this challenging malignancy. It provides a concise yet comprehensive summary of the current status of the field that will help guide patient management and stimulate investigative efforts. All chapters are written by experts in their fields and include the most up-to-date scientific and clinical information.

Lectures on General Quantum Correlations and their Applications

by Gerardo Adesso Diogo de Oliveira Soares Pinto Felipe Fernandes Fanchini

This book presents a distinctive way of understanding quantum correlations beyond entanglement, introducing readers to this less explored yet very fundamental aspect of quantum theory. It takes into account most of the new ideas involving quantum phenomena, resources, and applications without entanglement, both from a theoretical and an experimental point of view. This book serves as a reference for both beginner students and experienced researchers in physics and applied mathematics, with an interest in joining this novel venture towards understanding the quantum nature of the world.

Analytic, Algebraic and Geometric Aspects of Differential Equations

by Sławomir Michalik Yoshishige Haraoka Galina Filipuk

This volume consists of invited lecture notes, survey papers and original research papers from the AAGADE school and conference held in Będlewo, Poland in September 2015. The contributions provide an overview of the current level of interaction between algebra, geometry and analysis and demonstrate the manifold aspects of the theory of ordinary and partial differential equations, while also pointing out the highly fruitful interrelations between those aspects. These interactions continue to yield new developments, not only in the theory of differential equations but also in several related areas of mathematics and physics such as differential geometry, representation theory, number theory and mathematical physics. The main goal of the volume is to introduce basic concepts, techniques, detailed and illustrative examples and theorems (in a manner suitable for non-specialists), and to present recent developments in the field, together with open problems for more advanced and experienced readers. It will be of interest to graduate students, early-career researchers and specialists in analysis, geometry, algebra and related areas, as well as anyone interested in learning new methods and techniques.

Kant's Radical Subjectivism

by Dennis Schulting

In this book, Dennis Schulting presents a staunch defence of Kant's radical subjectivism about the possibility of knowledge. This defence is mounted by means of a comprehensive analysis of what is arguably the centrepiece of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, namely, the Transcendental Deduction of the Categories. Radical subjectivism about the possibility of knowledge is to be understood as the thesis that the possibility of knowledge of objects essentially and wholly depends on subjective functions of thought, or the capacity to judge by virtue of transcendental apperception, given sensory input. Subjectivism thus defined is not about merely the necessary conditions of knowledge, but nor is it claimed that it grounds the very existence of things. Novel interpretations are provided of such central themes as the objective unity of apperception, the threefold synthesis, judgement, truth and objective validity, spontaneity in judgement, figurative synthesis and spatial unity, nonconceptual content, idealism and the thing in itself, and material synthesis. One chapter is dedicated to the interpretation of the Deduction by Kant's most prominent successor, G. W. F. Hegel, and throughout Schulting critically engages with the work of contemporary readers of Kant such as Lucy Allais, Robert Hanna, John McDowell, Robert Pippin, and James Van Cleve.

Handbook of Epoxy Blends

by Eamor M. Woo Jürgen Pionteck Nishar Hameed Jyotishkumar Parameswaranpillai

This reference work compiles and summarizes the available information on epoxy blends. It covers all essential areas - the synthesis, processing, characterization and applications of epoxy blends - in a comprehensive manner. The handbook is highly application-oriented and thus serves as a valuable, authoritative reference guide for researchers, engineers, and technologists working on epoxy blends, but also for graduate and postgraduate students, polymer chemists, and faculties at universities and colleges. The handbook is divided into three parts and organized by the types of blends and components: Part I covers epoxy rubber blends, Part II focuses on epoxy thermoplastic blends, and Part III examines epoxy block-copolymer blends. Each part starts with an introduction, and the individual chapters provide readers with comprehensive information on the synthesis and processing, analysis and characterization, properties and applications of the different epoxy blends. All parts conclude with a critical evaluation of the applications, weighing their advantages and drawbacks. Leading international experts from corporate and academic research institutions and universities discuss the correlations of different epoxy blend properties with their macro-, micro- and nanostructures. This handbook thus offers a rich resource for newcomers to the field, and a major reference work for experienced researchers, the first of its kind available on the market. As epoxies find extremely broad applications, e. g. in oil & gas, in the chemical industry, building and construction industry, automotive, aviation and aerospace, boat building and marine applications, in adhesives and coatings, and many more, this handbook addresses researchers and practitioners from all these fields.

Gems of Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms

by Andreas S. Schulz Martin Skutella Sebastian Stiller Dorothea Wagner

Are you looking for new lectures for your course on algorithms, combinatorial optimization, or algorithmic game theory? Maybe you need a convenient source of relevant, current topics for a graduate student or advanced undergraduate student seminar? Or perhaps you just want an enjoyable look at some beautiful mathematical and algorithmic results, ideas, proofs, concepts, and techniques in discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science? Gems of Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms is a handpicked collection of up-to-date articles, carefully prepared by a select group of international experts, who have contributed some of their most mathematically or algorithmically elegant ideas. Topics include longest tours and Steiner trees in geometric spaces, cartograms, resource buying games, congestion games, selfish routing, revenue equivalence and shortest paths, scheduling, linear structures in graphs, contraction hierarchies, budgeted matching problems, and motifs in networks. This volume is aimed at readers with some familiarity of combinatorial optimization, and appeals to researchers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students alike.

Critical Care Toxicology

by Julian White Robert Palmer Bruno Megarbane Benjamin Hatten Paul Dargan Keith Burkhart Jeffrey Brent

Numerous references describe the initial treatment of the acutely poisoned patient; however, this new book is the first major critical care toxicology resource that details patient care from hospital admission and treatment all the way through stabilization, monitoring, and discharge. It presents practical, state-of-the-art treatment recommendations based on initial and subsequent presentation of symptoms, and describes when it's safe to discharge the patient. Individual sections comprehensively cover general management of the critically poisoned patient #65533; toxic syndromes #65533; poisoning by medications #65533; drugs of abuse #65533; chemical agents #65533; biological toxins #65533; agents of chemical and biological terrorism #65533; and antidotes. Each chapter features the guidance of medical toxicologists who have particular expertise in the area discussed. LI>Coverage includes discussions of the specific clinical concerns involved in treating poisoned pediatric, pregnant, and geriatric patients, as well as general psychiatric issues relevant to the critically poisoned patient.

Literacies and Language Education

by Stephen May Brian V. Street

In this third, fully revised edition, the 10 volume Encyclopedia of Language and Education offers the newest developments, including an entirely new volume of research and scholarly content, essential to the field of language teaching and learning in the age of globalization. In the selection of topics and contributors, the Encyclopedia reflects the depth of disciplinary knowledge, breadth of interdisciplinary perspective, and diversity of socio-geographic experience in the language and education field. Throughout, there is an inclusion of contributions from non-English speaking and non-western parts of the world, providing truly global coverage. Furthermore, the authors have sought to integrate these voices fully into the whole, rather than as special cases or international perspectives in separate sections. The Encyclopedia is a necessary reference set for every university and college library in the world that serves a faculty or school of education, as well as being highly relevant to the fields of applied and socio-linguistics. The publication of this work charts the further deepening and broadening of the field of language and education since the publication of the first edition of the Encyclopedia in 1997 and the second edition in 2008.

Wir sind Verkauf!

by Gernot Krickl Gerhard Feiler

Dieses Buch r#65533;umt mit Vorurteilen im Vertrieb auf und geht von der steilen These aus: Verkaufen ist einer der sch#65533;nsten Berufe der Welt - sofern man die richtige Haltung dazu findet und grunds#65533;tzlich ein Menschenfreund ist. Denn viele Verk#65533;ufer hadern mit ihrem Beruf oder leugnen ihn sogar, da sie zwar enorme Verantwortung f#65533;r ihr Unternehmen tragen, aber auch mit einem schlechten Image k#65533;mpfen. Daher: Weg mit den negativen Bildern, her mit einer positiven, entspannten und vor allem sinnvollen und n#65533;tzlichen Einstellung. Die Autoren, beide selber Verk#65533;ufer aus Leidenschaft, stellen den Menschen und nicht die Verkaufstechniken ins Zentrum ihrer #65533;berlegungen. Sie erkl#65533;ren anschaulich, welche #65533;berzeugungen und Klischees Verk#65533;ufer am Erfolg hindern und welche innere Haltung zu Freude am Beruf, zu mehr Zufriedenheit im Leben und zu einer Steigerung des Verkaufserfolgs f#65533;hrt. Ein ermutigendes und praxisorientiertes Buch f#65533;r alle, die die (neue) Freude am Verkaufen entdecken und Umsatzdruck mit Leichtigkeit begegnen wollen.

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