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Frankenstein (Regents Illustrated Classics)

by Mary Shelley

The premier monster story of English literature--a tale of science pursued to horrifying extremesAn origin story nearly as famous as the book itself: One dreary summer on the shores of Lake Geneva, amid discussions of galvanism and the occult and fireside readings from a collection of German ghost stories, Lord Byron proposed a game. Each of his guests--eighteen-year-old Mary Godwin and her future husband, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, among them--would try their hand at writing a tale of the supernatural. Unable at first to think of a plot, Mary was visited one sleepless night by the terrible vision of a corpse, a "hideous phantasm of a man," lurching to life with the application of some unknown, powerful force. The man responsible, a "pale student of unhallowed arts," fled in horror from his creation, leaving it to return to the dead matter from which it had been born. But the monster did not die. It followed the man to his bedside, where it stood watching him with "yellow, watery, but speculative eyes"--eyes of one who thought, and felt. The novel that Mary Shelley would go on to publish, the legend of Victor Frankenstein and his unholy creation, and their obsessive, murderous pursuit of each other from Switzerland to the North Pole, has been the stuff of nightmares for nearly two centuries. A masterpiece of Romantic literature, it is also one of the most enduring horror stories ever written.

La casa de modas - PRECUELA

by Julia Kröhn

La casa de modas: cómo empezó todo. Fráncfort, 1848. El vestido de novia con el que planea casarse la hija de la venerable familia Lohmann, una de las más respetadas de la ciudad, es un escándalo. Es blanco de arriba abajo, y con tal atuendo hasta ahora solo las reinas han caminado hacia el altar. Sin embargo, un escándalo aún mayor es que Henriette, que trabaja como «cosedora» para los Lohmann y ha confeccionado el vestido, se lo ha probado en secreto para ver cómo le sienta. Y antes de que pueda quitárselo, el revolucionario Jan Hinrichs yace en la mesa de la cocina de la casa bañado en sangre tras haber logrado sobrevivir a la lucha en las barricadas. Entonces los acontecimientos se precipitan... Conoce los inicios de la emocionante historia familiar de la novela La casa de modas. «Cien años, tres generaciones de mujeres y un chal rojo. Oscuros secretos, conspiraciones, un gran amor... ¡No te puedes perder La casa de modas!» Anne Jacobs, autora de La villa de las telas Sobre La casa de modas han dicho...«La novela de Julia Kröhn es un emocionante viaje a través del tiempo.»Lisa «¡Una experiencia de lectura muy especial!»Echo zum Sonntag «Un acierto: sensible, rico en detalles, cautivador.»Gong «Kröhn combina la historia de emancipación de las mujeres durante el siglo pasado con la evolución de la moda, de los corsés y las enaguas a los pantalones.»Der Neue Tag «Un emotivo recorrido por el mundo de la moda.»Frau von Heute

The Secret Garden: Centennial Edition (First Avenue Classics (tm) Ser.)

by Frances Hodgson Burnett Sandra M. Gilbert

The Secret Garden is Frances Hodgson Burnett's magical and inspiring story of Mary, a selfish and unloved young girl, and her equally selfish invalid cousin, Colin, whose lives are transformed when they work together to save their secret garden.

Die Bibel: Neubearbeitung Der Ungekürzten Originalfassung (Classics To Go #408)

by Martin Luther

Die Lutherbibel ist eine Übersetzung des Alten und Neuen Testaments der Bibel aus der althebräischen, der aramäischen bzw. der altgriechischen bzw. der Sprache in die deutsche Sprache (Frühneuhochdeutsch). Die Übersetzung wurde von Martin Luther unter Mitarbeit weiterer Theologen angefertigt. Im September 1522 war eine erste Auflage des Neuen Testamentes fertig.

The Visible Confederacy: Images and Objects in the Civil War South

by Ross A. Brooks

The Visible Confederacy is a comprehensive analysis of the commercially and government-generated visual and material culture of the Confederate States of America. While historians have mainly studied Confederate identity through printed texts, this book shows that Confederates also built and shared a sense of who they were through other media: theatrical performances, military clothing, manufactured goods, and an assortment of other material. Examining previously understudied and often unpublished visual and documentary sources, Ross A. Brooks provides new perspectives on Confederates’ sense of identity and ideas about race, gender, and independence, as well as how those conceptions united and divided them. Brooks’s work complements the historiography surrounding the Confederate nation by revealing how imagery and objects offer new windows on southern society and a richer understanding of Confederate citizens. Brooks builds substantially upon previous studies of the iconology and iconography of Confederate imagery and material culture by adding a broader range of government and commercially generated images and objects. He examines not only popular or high art and government-produced imagery, but also lowbrow art, transitory theatrical productions, and ephemeral artifacts generated by southerners. Collectively, these materials provide a variety of lenses through which to explore and assay the various priorities, ideological fault lines, and worldviews of Confederate citizens. Brooks’s study is one of the first extensive academic works to use imagery and objects as the basis for studying the Confederate South. His work provides fresh avenues for examining Confederate ideas about race, slavery, gender, independence, and the war, and it offers insight into the intentions and factors that contributed to the creation of Confederate nationalism. The Visible Confederacy furthers our understanding of what the Confederacy was, what Confederates fought for, and why their vision has persisted in memory and imagination for so long beyond the Confederacy’s existence. Visual and material culture captured not only the tensions, but also the illusions and delusions that Confederates shared.

Climate Change and Ecosystems

by The Royal Society

The National Academies convened a forum on November 8-9, 2018 to highlight current research frontiers such as the effects of climate extremes, interactions among climate and other stressors, the timing, sequence, and clustering of climate-related events, and tipping points for abrupt change. Topics of discussion at the forum pertained to the changes ecosystems are currently undergoing, sustaining ecosystems, the impact of ecosystems on global climate change, societal adaptation to climate change, and priorities for future research. This report summarizes the presentations and discussions from the forum.

Can You Forgive Her?: First Of The Palliser Novels (The Palliser Novels #1)

by Anthony Trollope

This revealing romp through proper society follows three different women who dare to defy Victorian standards.Can You Forgive Her? comically intertwines the stories of three very independent-minded women who each desires to decide her own fate in a world where love comes second to obedience and familial expectations set them apart from their peers. First and foremost is the spirited Alice Vavasor, whose indecision and repeated rejections of two different swains have made her a woman of both substance and suspicion. Equally determined to have her way is the recently widowed Mrs. Greenow, who was married to a wealthy man at a young age, and who can now decide whom she will take as a husband. And finally, there is the tale of the brazen, free-thinking Glencora M'Cluskie, including her rocky marriage to the loving--but hardheaded--Plantagenet Palliser, whose powerful family appears throughout Anthony Trollope's works. In this classic novel of social satire, Trollope's deft humor and biting examination of the lives and legacies of high society remain as entertaining and inviting as ever. Can You Forgive Her? is the 1st book in the Palliser Novels, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Little Women: Or, Meg, Jo, Beth And Amy (Vintage Classics)

by Louisa May Alcott

As part of the wonderful Collector's Library Series, Little Women is one of the best-loved children's classics of all time. This attractive volume contains the complete and unabridged story with 8 full color illustrations, plus numerous black & white illustrations throughout. The deluxe edition features a full piece cloth case, a four color illustrated onlay on the front cover, foil stamping on front and spine, stained edges on three sides, printed endpapers with book plate, and a satin ribbon marker. This book should have an honored place in any child's library.

Little Women: Or, Meg, Jo, Beth And Amy (Classic Adventures Ser.)

by Louisa May Alcott

The iconic novel of American girlhood The March sisters are four of the most beloved characters in literature. Beautiful and proper Meg, headstrong Jo, gentle Beth, pampered little Amy--generations of young women have recognized themselves in one or more of the devoted siblings. Set against the backdrop of the Civil War and the changing seasons of New England, the story of their passage from adolescence to adulthood, from a Christmas without presents to a glorious fall day in a bountiful apple orchard, from castles in the air to real-life hearths and homes, is just as touching and illuminating today as it was a century and a half ago. Based on Louisa May Alcott's own childhood and early career as a writer, Little Women is her masterpiece and one of the most popular novels of all time.This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Capture: Unraveling the Mystery of Mental Suffering

by David A. Kessler

Why do we think, feel, and act in ways we wished we did not? For decades, New York Times bestselling author Dr. David A Kessler has studied this question with regard to tobacco, food, and drugs. Over the course of these investigations, he identified one underlying mechanism common to a broad range of human suffering. This phenomenon--capture--is the process by which our attention is hijacked and our brains commandeered by forces outside our control.In Capture, Dr. Kessler considers some of the most profound questions we face as human beings: What are the origins of mental afflictions, from everyday unhappiness to addiction and depression--and how are they connected? Where does healing and transcendence fit into this realm of emotional experience?Analyzing an array of insights from psychology, medicine, neuroscience, literature, philosophy, and theology, Dr. Kessler deconstructs centuries of thinking, examining the central role of capture in mental illness and questioning traditional labels that have obscured our understanding of it. With a new basis for understanding the phenomenon of capture, he explores the concept through the emotionally resonant stories of both well-known and un-known people caught in its throes.The closer we can come to fully comprehending the nature of capture, Dr. Kessler argues, the better the chance to alleviate its deleterious effects and successfully change our thoughts and behavior Ultimately, Capture offers insight into how we form thoughts and emotions, manage trauma, and heal. For the first time, we can begin to understand the underpinnings of not only mental illness, but also our everyday worries and anxieties. Capture is an intimate and critical exploration of the most enduring human mystery of all: the mind.

Winesburg, Ohio: A Group Of Tales Of Ohio Small Town Life

by Sherwood Anderson

The classic story collection by a great American masterSherwood Anderson's unforgettable story cycle has long been considered one of the finest works of American literature. The central character is George Willard, a youngartist coming of age in a quiet town in the heart of the Midwest, but his story is no more extraordinary than those of friends and neighbors such as Kate Swift, a lonely schoolteacher whose beauty inspires lust and confusion; Wing Biddlebaum, a recluse whose restless hands are the source of both his new name and the terrible secret that led him to abandon the old one; and Doctor Reefy, who hides his personal suffering by pouring it onto scraps of paper. With its uncompromising realism and unique narrative structure--twenty-two short tales linked by their setting and by a large cast of recurring characters--Winesburg, Ohio inspired an entire generation of writers, including William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and forever changed the depiction of small-town life in popular American culture.This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Brilliant Mistakes: Finding Success on the Far Side of Failure

by Paul J. Schoemaker

Named #1 Best Business Book of 2011, by Patriot-News-PennLive.comIf you have ever flown in an airplane, used electricity from a nuclear power plant, or taken an antibiotic, you have benefited from a brilliant mistake.Each of these life-changing innovations was the result of many missteps and an occasional brilliant insight that turned a mistake into a surprising portal of discovery. In Brilliant Mistakes, Paul Schoemaker, founder and chairman of Decision Strategies International, shares critical insights on the surprising benefits of making well-chosen mistakes.Brilliant Mistakes explores why minimizing mistakes may be the greatest mistake of all, situations when mistakes are most beneficial and when they should be avoided, the counter-intuitive idea that we should deliberately permit errors at times, and how to make the most of brilliant mistakes to improve business results.Brilliant Mistakes is based on solid academic research and insights from Schoemaker's work with more than 100 organizations, as well as his provocative Harvard Business Review article with Robert Gunther, "The Wisdom of Deliberate Mistakes." Schoemaker provides a practical roadmap for using mistakes to accelerate learning for your organization and yourself.

Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage (Wharton Executive Essentials)

by Peter Fader

Not all customers are created equal.Despite what the tired old adage says, the customer is not always right. Not all customers deserve your best efforts: in the world of customer centricity, there are good customers...and then there is pretty much everybody else.Upending some of our most fundamental beliefs, renowned behavioral data expert Peter Fader, Co-Director of The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative, helps businesses radically rethink how they relate to customers. He provides insights to help you revamp your performance metrics, product development, customer relationship management and organization in order to make sure you focus directly on the needs of your most valuable customers and increase profits for the long term.

Financial Literacy for Managers: Finance and Accounting for Better Decision-Making (Wharton Executive Essentials)

by Richard A. Lambert

The language of businessIn order to understand how your business is performing right now and to evaluate, assess, and devise new strategies to boost future performance, you need information. Financial statements are a critical source of the information you need.In direct and simple terms, Richard A. Lambert, Miller-Sherrerd Professor of Accounting at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, demystifies financial statements and concepts and shows you how you can apply this information to make better business decisions for long-term profit. You will learn to use and interpret financial data; find out what we can learn from Pepsi, Krispy Kreme, General Motors, and other companies; learn how to evaluate investment strategies; and apply your financial know-how to develop a coherent business strategy.

The Immigrant Exodus: Why America Is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent

by Vivek Wadhwa Alex Salkever

A 2012 ECONOMIST BOOK OF THE YEARMany of the United States' most innovative entrepreneurs have been immigrants, from Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, and Charles Pfizer to Sergey Brin, Vinod Khosla, and Elon Musk. Nearly half of Fortune 500 companies and one-quarter of all new small businesses were founded by immigrants, generating trillions of dollars annually, employing millions of workers, and helping establish the United States as the most entrepreneurial, technologically advanced society on earth.Now, Vivek Wadhwa, an immigrant tech entrepreneur turned academic with appointments at Duke, Stanford, Emory, and Singularity Universities, draws on his new Kauffman Foundation research to show that the United States is in the midst of an unprecedented halt in high-growth, immigrant-founded start-ups. He argues that increased competition from countries like China and India and US immigration policies are leaving some of the most educated and talented entrepreneurial immigrants with no choice but to take their innovation elsewhere. The consequences to our economy are dire; our multi-trillion dollar loss will be the gain of our global competitors.With his signature fearlessness and clarity, Wadhwa offers a concise framework for understanding the Immigrant Exodus and offers a recipe for reversal and rapid recovery.

Leading Successful Change: 8 Keys to Making Change Work

by Gregory P. Shea Cassie A. Solomon

Why do as many as 75% of change initiatives fail?We live in an era where constant change is the norm rather than the exception. Given globalization, increased competition, and constant technological turnover, no organization can run in place: change is not optional. However, the sad fact is that the vast majority of change efforts fail. As authors Gregory P. Shea and Cassie A. Solomon argue, they do not fail for a lack of trying or leadership. Chances are you have led or been part of a failed change. But why did it fail and how can the next change be successfully implemented?In this essential guide, authors Gregory P. Shea and Cassie A. Solomon deal with the real reasons change efforts fail-and how that failure can be avoided. They argue that change-real change-means changes in behavior and that the work environment itself is the greatest obstacle to making behavioral change stick. They reveal a tested method for leading successful change, which they have developed over a combined 50 years of helping organizations do just that.In Leading Successful Change, they share the 2 tenets for making successful change; how to create a scene that will provide a vision of the future; the 8 Levers of Change, a tried-and-true method for designing the work environment to support the changes; and how winning companies-from IKEA to a hospital near you-are successfully implementing change.Change is not optional and it is difficult-but it is also not impossible. Shea and Solomon present a thorough, well-researched explanation of how to make change work.

The Road to Cuba, Revised and Updated Edition: The Opportunities and Risks for US Business (Knowledge@Wharton Originals)

by Mauro F. Guillén Knowledge Wharton Gustavo Arnavat Faquiry Diaz Cala

Fully updated and revised as of March 2016, this new edition covers the latest developments to help US businesses build a strategic roadmap into the Cuban market.After President Barack Obama's announcement in December 2014, investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs asked, What will this historic change mean for economic relations between the United States and Cuba? What opportunities-and risks-should US companies consider as they explore the business potential of one of the largest markets in the Caribbean? Now, 15 months later, the answers are becoming more clear.In The Road to Cuba: The Opportunities and Risks for US Business, Knowledge@Wharton, The Wharton School's online journal of business analysis, answers these questions and addresses:Quick-win opportunities: travel and tourism, telecoms, financial services, and food industriesLonger-term prospects: construction and real estate, energy production and mining, manufacturing and retail, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and agricultureThe political and economic risks and hurdles: An analysis of what could speed up-or derail-progress in relationsThe Road to Cuba is the most up-to-date guide for business leaders in the United States who want to understand the opportunities the Cuban market holds. It is also a must-read for business leaders in Cuba and around the world who want to understand the investment and competition that is on its way.

The Experiences of a Barrister, and Confessions of an Attorney (Classics To Go)

by Samuel Warren

A fascinating account of the personal experiences of various cases undertaken by 19th century English lawyer Samuel Warren. Excerpt: Something more than half a century ago, a person, in going along Holborn, might have seen, near the corner of one of the thoroughfares which diverge towards Russell Square, the respectable-looking shop of a glover and haberdasher named James Harvey, a man generally esteemed by his neighbours, and who was usually considered well to do in the world. Like many London tradesmen, Harvey was originally from the country. He had come up to town when a poor lad, to push his fortune, and by dint of steadiness and civility, and a small property left him by a distant relation, he had been able to get into business on his own account, and to attain that most important element of success in London—"a connection." Shortly after setting up in the world, he married a young woman from his native town, to whom he had been engaged ever since his school-days; and at the time our narrative commences he was the father of three children.

The Time Machine: 30 Books And Response Journal: Literary Touchstone Classic

by H. G. Wells

The book that introduced the world to time travel In H. G. Wells’s immortal novella, an unnamed Time Traveller builds a machine that hurtles him to the year 802,701 AD. He discovers a world divided into two species: the peaceful Eloi, who live in colossal, crumbling buildings and are childlike in size and demeanor, and the hulking Morlocks—pale, simian creatures who dwell below ground and prey on their terrestrial counterparts. When his time machine is stolen, the Traveller must outwit the Morlocks in order to retrieve it, escaping their clutches by skipping like a stone across the surface of time. On a frozen red beach thirty million years in the future, he bears witness to the planet’s terrible last days. The first of H. G. Wells’s “scientific romances,” The Time Machine is a thrilling tale of adventure, and an unsettling thought experiment on the nature of progress and the transience of humankind. Its central conceit has inspired countless writers, artists, and filmmakers, and is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions in modern literature. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

The Fetterman Massacre: Fort Phil Kearny and the Battle of the Hundred Slain

by Dee Brown

Dee Brown's authoritative history of Fort Phil Kearney and the notorious Fetterman MassacreThis dark, unflinching, and fascinating book is Dee Brown's riveting account of events leading up to the Battle of the Hundred Slain--the devastating 1866 conflict that pitted Lakota, Arapaho, and Northern Cheyenne warriors, including Oglala chief Red Cloud, against the United States cavalry under the command of Captain William Fetterman. Providing a vivid backdrop to the battle, Brown offers a portrait of Wyoming's Ft. Phil Kearney and the remarkable men who built and defended it. Based on a wealth of historical sources and sparked by Brown's narrative genius, The Fetterman Massacre is an essential look at one of the frontier's defining conflicts. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Dee Brown including rare photos from the author's personal collection.

Salvage In Space and Three More Stories (Classics To Go)

by Jack Williamson

Four Classic Science Fiction Stories from the "Golden Age" by Jack Williamson. Featured stories: Salvage In Space, The Masked World, The Pygmy Planet and The Cosmic Express.

Selected Poems of Edith Wharton

by Edith Wharton Irene Goldman-Price

Edith Wharton, the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with her novel The Age of Innocence, was also a brilliant poet. This revealing collection of 134 poems brings together a fascinating array of her verse—including fifty poems that have never before been published.The celebrated American novelist and short story writer Edith Wharton, author of The House of Mirth, Ethan Frome, and the Pulitzer Prize–winning The Age of Innocence, was also a dedicated, passionate poet. A lover of words, she read, studied, and composed poetry all of her life, publishing her first collection of poems at the age of sixteen. In her memoir, A Backward Glance, Wharton declared herself dazzled by poetry; she called it her “chiefest passion and greatest joy.” The 134 selected poems in this volume include fifty published for the first time. Wharton’s poetry is arranged thematically, offering context as the poems explore new facets of her literary ability and character. These works illuminate a richer, sometimes darker side of Wharton. Her subjects range from the public and political—her first published poem was about a boy who hanged himself in jail—to intimate lyric poems expressing heartbreak, loss, and mortality. She wrote frequently about works of art and historical figures and places, and some of her most striking work explores the origins of creativity itself. These selected poems showcase Wharton’s vivid imagination and her personal experience. Relatively overlooked until now, her poetry and its importance in her life provide an enlightening lens through which to view one of the finest writers of the twentieth century.

Employment of English: Theory, Jobs, and the Future of Literary Studies (Cultural Front #13)

by Michael Bérubé

What sorts of cultural criticism are teachers and scholars to produce, and how can that criticism be "employed" in the culture at large? In recent years, debates about the role and direction of English departments have mushroomed into a broader controversy over the public legitimacy of literary criticism. At first glance this might seem odd: few taxpayers and legislators care whether the nation's English professors are doing justice to the project of identifying the beautiful and the sublime. But in the context of the legitimation crisis in American higher education, the image of English departments has in fact played a major role in determining public attitudes toward colleges and college faculty. Similarly, the changing economic conditions of universities have prompted many English professors to rethink their relations to their "clients," asking how literary study can serve the American public. What sorts of cultural criticism are teachers and scholars to produce, and how can that criticism be "employed" in the culture at large? In The Employment of English, Michael Bérubé, one of our most eloquent and gifted critics, examines the cultural legitimacy of literary study. In witty, engaging prose, Bérubé asserts that we must situate these questions in a context in which nearly half of all college professors are part-time labor and in which English departments are torn between their traditional mission of defining movements of literary history and protocols of textual interpretation, and their newer tasks of interrogating wider systems of signification under rubrics like "gender," "hegemony," "rhetoric," "textuality" (including film and video), and "culture." Are these new roles a betrayal of the field's founding principles, in effect a short-sighted sell-out of the discipline? Do they represent little more that an attempt to shore up the status of--and student enrollments in--English? Or are they legitimate objects of literary study, in need of public support? Simultaneously investigating the economic and the intellectual ramifications of current debates, The Employment of English provides the clearest and most condensed account of this controversy to date.

Seriatim: The Supreme Court Before John Marshall

by John Marshall

Seldom has American law seen a more towering figure than Chief Justice John Marshall. Indeed, Marshall is almost universally regarded as the "father of the Supreme Court" and "the jurist who started it all." Yet even while acknowledging the indelible stamp Marshall put on the Supreme Court, it is possible--in fact necessary--to examine the pre-Marshall Court, and its justices, to gain a true understanding of the origins of American constitutionalism. The ten essays in this tightly edited volume were especially commissioned for the book, each by the leading authority on his or her particular subject. They examine such influential justices as John Jay, John Rutledge, William Cushing, James Wilson, John Blair, James Iredell, William Paterson, Samuel Chase, Oliver Ellsworth, and Bushrod Washington. The result is a fascinating window onto the origins of the most powerful court in the world, and on American constitutionalism itself.

The Tree of Appomattox: A Story Of The Civil War's Close (Classics To Go #Vol. 8)

by Joseph Altsheler

Joseph Alexander Altsheler (April 29, 1862 – June 5, 1919) was an American newspaper reporter, editor and author of popular juvenile historical fiction. His seven series comprise a total of thirty-two novels, each containing an independent story. The entire French and Indian War Series is very well written and accurate in its details. The characters were well developed and it is an excellent series combining historical fact and adventure with good fiction as are all of Altsheler's War Series.

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