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The Return of the Soldier (Modern Library Torchbearers)

by Rebecca West

Reprint of West's 1918 short novel of war, amnesia, manners. Cited in Annotation c. Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Biografía de la Puerta del Sol

by Ignacio Merino

El currículum de la Puerta del Sol, su biografía, pertenece al genoma de la Historia española. Por eso es una plaza emblemática, un símbolo de lucha, libertad y encuentro. Ámbito singular que arrastra un sentimiento hondo, inexplicable.Todos conocemos la madrileña Puerta del Sol. La hemos vivido y transitado. Hemos vibrado con las campanadas de Fin de Año y también en fiestas populares o celebraciones deportivas. La hemos visto clamar con pasión, a favor o en contra de algo. Pocos sabemos, sin embargo, lo que ha vivido esta plaza convertida en el corazón de Madrid y kilómetro cero de España.Fueron los comuneros quienes la pusieron en el mapa de Madrid, cuando la villa se amuralló contra los imperiales de Carlos V, y fue la Primavera Española, el 15M, la que mostró la Puerta del Sol de la capital española en las portadas mundiales de prensa y televisión.Sirva esta obra como tributo literario al carisma de la Puerta del Sol y a sus miles de amantes.

Aloes: The genus Aloe (Medicinal And Aromatic Plants S. - Industrial Profiles Ser. #Vol. 35)

by Tom Reynolds

Aloes are a large genus of plants, about 450 species, from sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, and parts of Arabia. Many species are widespread in warm or tropical semi-arid regions, yet the distribution of others is limited to a few living in desert or wet mountainous regions. While some species have been adopted as medicinal plants since ancient time

Analog Circuits and Devices (Principles And Applications In Engineering Ser. #Vol. 6)

by Wai-Kai Chen

The Principles and Application in Engineering Series is a new series of convenient, economical references sharply focused on particular engineering topics and subspecialties. Each volume in this series comprises chapters carefully selected from CRC's bestselling handbooks, logically organized for optimum convenience, and thoughtfully priced to fit

Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications

by Elizabeth Kutter Alexander Sulakvelidze

In response to the emergence of pathogenic bacteria that cannot be treated with current antibiotics, many researchers are revisiting the use of bacteriophages, or phages, to fight multidrug-resistant bacteria. Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications provides unparalleled, comprehensive information on bacteriophages and their applications, such as

The Economics of International Trade and the Environment

by Amitrajeet A. Batabyal Hamid Beladi

Issues related to environmental protection and trade liberalization have moved to the forefront of international policy agendas. The Economics of International Trade and the Environment explores - from an economic standpoint - many of the questions that are germane in increasing our knowledge of environmental policy in the presence of international

Endocrine Disrupters in Wastewater and Sludge Treatment Processes

by Jason W. Birkett John N. Lester

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) have been shown to produce changes in the endocrine system of organisms, leading to increases in cancers and abnormalities in reproductive structure and function. This book presents research on the endocrine-disrupting effects of sewage and industrial effluents, covering the sources, fate, and transport of EDCs

Handbook of Human Factors in Litigation

by Waldemar Karwowski Y. Ian Noy

Using ergonomics in forensics can help prevent the recurrence of system failures through engineering or administrative controls. It can also raise the level of concern among professionals and the public regarding product, workplace, and service safety due to perceived exposure to liability. Even with such a potentially important and broad impact, f

How To Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food--With 1,000 Photos

by Mark Bittman

All You Need to Make Great Food

Milestones in Systematics

by David M. Williams Peter L. Forey

Presenting a historical analysis of the evolution of systematics during the last one hundred years, Milestones in Systematics reviews many of the major issues in systematic theory and practice that have driven the working methods of systematics during the 20th century and looks at the issues most likely to preoccupy systematists in the immediate fu

Motor Cortex in Voluntary Movements: A Distributed System for Distributed Functions

by Alexa Riehle Eilon Vaadia

As one of the first cortical areas to be explored experimentally, the motor cortex continues to be the focus of intense research. Motor Cortex in Voluntary Movements: A Distributed System for Distributed Functions presents developments in motor cortex research, making it possible to understand and interpret neural activity and use it to recons

Nanoscale Technology in Biological Systems

by Fritz B. Prinz Ralph S. Greco R. Lane Smith

Nanoscale Technology in Biological Systems reviews recent accomplishments in the field of nanobiology and introduces the application of nanoscale matrices to human biology. It focuses on the applications of nanotechnology fabrication to biomedical devices and discusses new physical methods for cell isolation and manipulation and intracellular commu

Organelles, Genomes and Eukaryote Phylogeny: An Evolutionary Synthesis in the Age of Genomics

by Robert P. Hirt David S. Horner

The recent revolution in molecular biology has spread through every field of biology including systematics and evolution. Researchers can now analyze the genomes of different species relatively quickly, and this is generating a great deal of data and theories about relationships between taxa as well as how they originated and diversified. Org

Pattern Recognition in Speech and Language Processing (Electrical Engineering And Applied Signal Processing Ser.)

by Wu Chou Biing Hwang Juang

Over the last 20 years, approaches to designing speech and language processing algorithms have moved from methods based on linguistics and speech science to data-driven pattern recognition techniques. These techniques have been the focus of intense, fast-moving research and have contributed to significant advances in this field.Pattern Reco

Phytochemicals: Mechanisms of Action

by R. Keith Randolph Mark S. Meskin Wayne R. Bidlack Audra J. Davies Douglas S. Lewis

Phytochemicals: Mechanisms of Action is the latest volume in a highly regarded series that addresses the roles of phytochemicals in disease prevention and health promotion. The text, an ideal tool for scientists and researchers in the fields of functional foods and nutraceuticals, links diets rich in plant-derived compounds, such as fruit, vegetabl

Polymeric Gene Delivery: Principles and Applications

by Mansoor M. Amiji

To treat disease or correct genetic disorders using gene therapy, the most suitable vehicle must be able to deliver genes to the appropriate tissues and cells in the body in a specific as well as safe and effective manner. While viruses are the most popular vehicles to date, their disadvantages include toxicity, limited size of genes they can carry

Public Key Infrastructure: Building Trusted Applications and Web Services

by John R. Vacca

With the recent Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, public key cryptography, digital signatures, and digital certificates are finally emerging as a ubiquitous part of the Information Technology landscape. Although these technologies have been around for over twenty years, this legislative move will surely boost e-commerce act

Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Models of Mutagens and Carcinogens

by Romualdo Benigni

Applied with success in a number of areas, QSAR studies have become particularly popular in the rational design of drugs and pesticides. Much has been published on the principles of QSAR in this area, but not on their application s to toxic chemicals. This book provides the first comprehensive, interdisciplinary presentation of QSAR studies on

Simulation Modeling Handbook: A Practical Approach

by Christopher A. Chung

The use of simulation modeling and analysis is becoming increasingly more popular as a technique for improving or investigating process performance. This book is a practical, easy-to-follow reference that offers up-to-date information and step-by-step procedures for conducting simulation studies. It provides sample simulation project support materi

Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data (Chapman And Hall/crc Interdisciplinary Statistics Ser.)

by Terry Speed

Although less than a decade old, the field of microarray data analysis is now thriving and growing at a remarkable pace. Biologists, geneticists, and computer scientists as well as statisticians all need an accessible, systematic treatment of the techniques used for analyzing the vast amounts of data generated by large-scale gene expression studies

Toxicology of the Kidney

by Ferdinand Rodriguez Christopher K. Ober Lynden Archer Ferdinand Cohen

The kidney plays a vital role in certain endocrine functions. Abnormalities caused by toxic chemicals or other interventions can have profound effects on these functions and consequently, on total functions. Toxicology of the Kidney, Third Edition is updated to reflect the latest research in this field and focuses on the correlation between anatomy

Wargaming Scenarios: The Peninsular War, 1808–1814

by Diane Canwell Jonathan Sutherland

The enjoyment of wargaming is greatly enhanced if the battles (games) are played within well thought-out scenarios. Instead of simply lining up evenly-matched armies and fighting to the death, the players can have realistic objectives (such as the capture of a vital piece of terrain or delaying a superior enemy to cover a retreat) and be confronted with more challenging tactical decisions. Devising such scenarios can take a lot of effort, and more critically, time, which is always in short supply. This book is designed to take the time and effort out of organising fascinating and challenging wargames set in the Peninsular War. rnrnIn addition to 20 carefully devised scenarios of varying size and complexity, this book contains a concise introduction to the theatre of operations and an integrated chronology of battles and campaigns, showing where the scenarios fit into the wider events. The scenarios and orders of battle are intended for use with Pen & Sword's own Napolenic wargame rules, Grand Battery, but they are easily adaptable for use with other leading systems.rnrn Briefing notes on the context of the battle and the dilemmas and objectives facing each commander.rn Orders of battle for each side and any other information required to set up. rnContents :rnrn Concise introduction to the Peninsular War with chronology to place the scenarios in context.rn 20 carefully devised scenarios of varying size and complexity.rn a wargamer-friendly map, showing players where to place terrain, buildings and other features that had an impact on the battlefield. It will also show initial dispositions (historical) and mark the point of entrance (or exit) of units during the battle. rn Clear win/lose/draw conditions.

Hegel's Philosophy of Nature: Volume II Edited by M J Petry

by Hegel, G W F

First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Tracing Your Trade & Craftsman Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians (Tracing Your Ancestors)

by Adéle Emm

Almost all of us have a tradesman or craftsman a butcher, baker or candlestick maker somewhere in our ancestry, and Adle Emm's handbook is the perfect guide to finding out about them about their lives, their work and the world they lived in. She introduces the many trades and crafts, looks at their practices and long traditions, and identifies and explains the many sources you can go to in order to discover more about them and their families. Chapters cover the guilds, the merchants, shopkeepers, builders, smiths and metalworkers, cordwainers and shoemakers, tailors and dressmakers, coopers, wheelwrights and carriage-makers, and a long list of other trades and crafts. The training and apprenticeships of individuals who worked in these trades and crafts are described, as are their skills and working conditions and the genealogical resources that preserve their history and give an insight into their lives. A chapter covers the general sources that researchers can turn to the National Archives, the census, newspapers, wills, and websites and gives advice on how to use them. Adle Emm's introduction will be fascinating reading for anyone who is researching the social or family history of trades and crafts.

In My Father's Footsteps: With the 53rd Welsh Division from Normandy to Hamburg

by Gwilym Davies

In 1944-45, Capt. G.H. Davies served with the hard-fighting 53rd Welsh Division. He was an artillery officer in command of a battery of 25-pdr field guns and saw action from Normandy to the final surrender of Nazi Germany. Capt. Davies was present at the Normandy battles, the fierce fighting for s'Hertogenbosch and the Battle of Arnhem.During the course of the war, Capt. Davies kept a diary and also snatched a few photographs on his treasured camera. When the opportunity arose Capt. Davies liberated a camera from a fallen SS officer and, after the war, had the film developed. The film contained graphic images of the war from the German side of the line.Seventy years on from the events, the wartime diary, the photographs of the guns and the photographs taken by the dead SS officer were the inspiration for the son of Capt. Davies, television producer and writer Gwilym Davies, to undertake an emotional return to the battlefields, which his father had described in his diary.The result of that pilgrimage is an important new book which builds upon the wartime diary and the photographs to produce a powerful record of one man's war service with the guns of the 53rd Welsh Division. The book also contrasts the experience of Capt. Davies with those of the Germans on the other side of the line. Gwilym Davies is himself an accomplished photographer and his photographs of the 70th anniversary celebrations and the memorials provide a poignant counterpoint to the events of 1944.

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