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Invitation to John: A Short-Term DISCIPLE Bible Study

by Robert D Kysar

The Leader Guide provides process guidance for weekly group sessions. The Leader Guide understands the role of leader as facilitator of small-group sessions. Procedures for guiding sessions include: directions for using related video segments, and questions for discussion. The invitation from Christ is: "Come and see, Follow me". Experience the magnificent passages in John including the I am statements (I am the truth, the life and the way, I am the living water and more). Revisit stories only told in John's gospel including Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene and the raising of Lazarus. During the weekly video segments, travel into the scripture as you hear the Word, experience the grand artwork connected with each story and interview the scholar. Each week wraps up with a small group discussion on video to spark your own conversation. Participants for this Invitation to John do not have to have an in-depth knowledge of the Bible to enjoy and benefit from participation. Reading just two chapters of John a week, they will discover the life altering stories that will invite them to follow Christ as true disciples. This eleven-week study includes a participant book outlining daily reading assignments for group preparations, a leader guide suggesting discussion activities for use in the 60–90-minute weekly meeting, and a video component providing interpretation and context for the biblical texts. Robert D. Kysar, Bandy Professor Emeritus of Preaching and New Testament, Candler School of Theology, is a noted scholar on the Gospel of John. He has authored numerous articles and books, including a revised edition of John: The Maverick Gospel; Preaching John; and most recently Voyages With John: Charting the Fourth Gospel. Session titles and scripture: Come and See (John 1­–2) How Is It Possible? (John 3–4) Taste for Yourself (John 5–6) To Believe or Not to Believe (John 7–8) Are We Blind? (John 9–10) I Couldn't Believe My Eyes! (John 11–12) Would You Believe It? (John 13–14) What Time Is It? (John 15–16) Look Out! (John 17–18) Believing Without Seeing (John 19–20) Do You See Him? (John 21)

Viruses, Pandemics, and Immunity

by Arup K. Chakraborty Andrey Shaw

How viruses emerge to cause pandemics, how our immune system combats them, and how diagnostic tests, vaccines, and antiviral therapies work.Throughout history, humans have contended with pandemics. History is replete with references to plagues, pestilence, and contagion, but the devastation wrought by pandemics had been largely forgotten by the twenty-first century. Now, the enormous human and economic toll of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 disease offers a vivid reminder that infectious disease pandemics are one of the greatest existential threats to humanity. This book provides an accessible explanation of how viruses emerge to cause pandemics, how our immune system combats them, and how diagnostic tests, vaccines, and antiviral therapies work-- concepts that are a foundation for our public health policies.

Kouduo richao. Li Jiubiao's Diary of Oral Admonitions. A Late Ming Christian Journal: Translated, with Introduction and Notes by Erik Zurcher, Vol. 2

by Erik Zürcher

The Diary of Oral Admonitions (Kouduo richao) is an invaluable mirror of early Chinese Christianity, as it stands out as the only source that allows a glimpse of Jesuit missionary practice in China on a local level - "accommodation in action" - and of the various responses of the Chinese audience, both converts and interested outsiders. It is a compilation of some five hundred notes "about everything" made by Li Jiubiao and other Christian literati during their conversations with Jesuit missionaries in Fujian between 1630 and 1640. These notes are arranged in chronological order and divided into eight books. The most important Western protagonist in the Diary is the Italian Jesuit Giulio Aleni (1589-1642), called "Master Ai (Rulüe)" in Chinese. The present study and translation of the Diary of Oral Admonitions can be seen as a companion volume to the proceedings of an international conference that was held on Aleni in his native place Brescia in 1994, also published in the Monumenta Serica Monograph Series XLII: "Scholar from the West." Giulio Aleni S.J. (1582-1649) and the Dialogue between China and Christianity, 1997. The present work in two volumes is meant to be a tool for further research. Volume 1 presents a comprehensive introduction to the Diary and its historical context, followed by the annotated translation, both by Erik Zürcher (Leiden), a renown specialist for the study of Christianity in China. It is enhanced by illustrations, partly in colour, and maps. Volume 2 includes a facsimile of the Chinese text (reproducing a copy held in the Roman Archives of the Society of Jesus), a bibliography of Chinese and Western sources as well as secondary literature, and an analytical index with glossary that will enable the reader to trace specific data in the text.

A Citizen's Guide to Artificial Intelligence

by John Zerilli

A concise but informative overview of AI ethics and policy.Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, has generated a staggering amount of hype in the past several years. Is it the game-changer it's been cracked up to be? If so, how is it changing the game? How is it likely to affect us as customers, tenants, aspiring home-owners, students, educators, patients, clients, prison inmates, members of ethnic and sexual minorities, voters in liberal democracies? This book offers a concise overview of moral, political, legal and economic implications of AI. It covers the basics of AI's latest permutation, machine learning, and considers issues including transparency, bias, liability, privacy, and regulation.

Historia de España sin mitos ni tópicos

by César Cervera Manuel P. Villatoro

Un recorrido didáctico y rico por los grandes hechos y personajes que marcaron la historia de España. Los mitos han perseguido a España desde que Escipión Emiliano sitió Numancia. Durante los siguientes siglos se han esgrimido una retahíla de falacias sobre este país que, a golpe de repetirse, han forjado la llamada Leyenda Negra. Este libro se enfrenta a todas ellas. Desde la idea de que la brutalidad campó a sus anchas a partir del siglo XVI, hasta la que muestra a los conquistadores como bárbaros sedientos de sangre. Con la veracidad y el rigor de los datos por estandarte, y bajo la premisa de buscar siempre una divulgación amena, los periodistas César Cervera y Manuel Villatoro abordan en estas páginas las gestas más reconocidas de las tropas españolas a lo largo de dos mil años, las peripecias más llamativas de los monarcas que han dirigido este país o, entre otras muchas cosas, los hitos más destacados de su pasado. Un paseo rico y fascinante para acercarnos un poco más al relato más apasionante de todos: el de nuestra historia. Algunos lectores ilustres han dicho...«Un ramillete de artículos que responden a la máxima horaciana de enseñar deleitando (prodesse et delectare). ¿Qué más se puede desear?»Juan Eslava Galán «César Cervera y Manu Villatoro convierten la historia de España en noticia de portada que no te puedes perder. ¡Imprescindible!»Isabel San Sebastián «Estos jóvenes periodistas han conseguido contar la historia de España como si fuera el mejor de los reportajes: riguroso, ágil, veraz, informativo y ameno.»Antonio Pérez Henares

Relevance and Marginalisation in Scandinavian and European Performing Arts 1770–1860: Questioning Canons

by Randi Margrete Selvik

Relevance and Marginalisation in Scandinavian and European Performing Arts 1770–1860: Questioning Canons reveals how various cultural processes have influenced what has been included, and what has been marginalised from canons of European music, dance, and theatre around the turn of the nineteenth century and the following decades. This collection of essays includes discussion of the piano repertory for young ladies in England; canonisation of the French minuet; marginalisation of the popular German dramatist Kotzebue from the dramatic canon; dance repertory and social life in Christiania (Oslo); informal cultural activities in Trondheim; repertory of Norwegian musical clocks; female itinerant performers in the Nordic sphere; preconditions, dissemination, and popularity of equestrian drama; marginalisation and amateur staging of a Singspiel by the renowned Danish playwright Oehlenschläger, also with perspectives on the music and its composers; and the perceived relevance of Henrik Ibsen’s staged theatre repertory and early dramas. By questioning established notions about canon, marginalisation, and relevance within the performing arts in the period 1770–1860, this book asserts itself as an intriguing text both to the culturally interested public and to scholars and students of musicology, dance research, and theatre studies.

Lectures on the Philosophy of Mathematics

by Joel David Hamkins

An introduction to the philosophy of mathematics grounded in mathematics and motivated by mathematical inquiry and practice.In this book, Joel David Hamkins offers an introduction to the philosophy of mathematics that is grounded in mathematics and motivated by mathematical inquiry and practice. He treats philosophical issues as they arise organically in mathematics, discussing such topics as platonism, realism, logicism, structuralism, formalism, infinity, and intuitionism in mathematical contexts. He organizes the book by mathematical themes--numbers, rigor, geometry, proof, computability, incompleteness, and set theory--that give rise again and again to philosophical considerations.


by Anita Heiss

A story about what it means to be a friend ...Five women, best friends for decades, meet once a month to talk about books ... and life, love and the jagged bits in between. Dissecting each other's lives seems the most natural thing in the world - and honesty, no matter how brutal, is something they treasure. Best friends tell each other everything, don't they? But each woman harbours a complex secret and one weekend, without warning, everything comes unstuck.Izzy, soon to be the first Black woman with her own television show, has to make a decision that will change everything.Veronica, recently divorced and dedicated to raising the best sons in the world, has forgotten who she is.Xanthe, desperate for a baby, can think of nothing else, even at the expense of her marriage.Nadine, so successful at writing other people's stories, is determined to blot out her own.Ellen, footloose by choice, begins to question all that she's fought for.When their circle begins to fracture and the old childhood ways don't work anymore, is their sense of sistahood enough to keep it intact? How well do these tiddas really know each other?'Generous and witty: only Anita Heiss is writing this new, contemporary women's story.' - Susan Johnson

The Gods of Pegana

by Lord Dunsany

The Gods of Pegana is an imaginative book of fantasy and one of the most important collections compiled of short stories from the early part of the 20th century. Dunsany was the second writer to fully exploit the fantasy and adventure of imaginary lands, which include gods, witches, magic and spirits. The God of Pegana is an important science fiction work both for its ability to be an excellent collection children’s fairy tales as well as being sophisticated enough to be enjoyed by adults.

The Naval Route to the Abyss: The Anglo-German Naval Race 1895-1914 (Navy Records Society Publications)

by Matthew S. Seligmann Frank Nägler

The intense rivalry in battleship building that took place between Britain and Germany in the run up to the First World War is seen by many as the most totemic of all armaments races. Blamed by numerous commentators during the inter-war years as a major cause of the Great War, it has become emblematic of all that is wrong with international competitions in military strength. Yet, despite this notoriety, ’the Great Naval Race’ has not received the attention that this elevated status would merit and it has never been examined from the viewpoint of both of its participants simultaneously and equally. This volume, which contains a comprehensive survey of the existing scholarship on this topic, both English-language and German, as well as important primary source materials from a range of archives in both Britain and Germany, fills this gap. By putting the actions of the British Admiralty side-by-side with those of its German counterparts, it enables the naval race to be viewed comparatively and thereby facilitates an understanding of how the two parties to this conflict interacted. By offering a comprehensive range of German documents in both their original text and in English translation, the book makes the German role in this conflict accessible to an English speaking audience for the first time. As such, it is an essential volume for any serious student of naval policy in the pre-First World War era.

A Dreamer’s Tales

by Lord Dunsany

A Dreamer’s Tales, a collection of fantasy short stories, is the fifth book by Irish fantasy writer Lord Dunsany, considered a major influence on the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, H. P. Lovecraft, Ursula LeGuin and others

The Book of Wonder: - Primary Source Edition

by Lord Dunsany

Most fantasy enthusiasts consider Lord Dunsany one of the most significant forces in modern fantasy; his influences have been observed in the works of H.P. Lovecraft, L. Sprague de Camp, Fritz Leiber, Jack Vance, and many other modern writers. The Book of Wonder is Dunsany at the peak of his talent. The stories here are a lush tapestry of language, conjuring images of people, places, and things which cannot possibly exist, yet somehow ring true. They are, in short, full of wonder.

The Crucible: Complete Teacher's Kit (Penguin Modern Classics Ser.)

by Arthur Miller Christopher W. Bigsby

A haunting examination of groupthink and mass hysteria in a rural community The place is Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692, an enclave of rigid piety huddled on the edge of a wilderness. Its inhabitants believe unquestioningly in their own sanctity. But in Arthur Miller's edgy masterpiece, that very belief will have poisonous consequences when a vengeful teenager accuses a rival of witchcraft--and then when those accusations multiply to consume the entire village.First produced in 1953, at a time when America was convulsed by a new epidemic of witch-hunting, The Crucible brilliantly explores the threshold between individual guilt and mass hysteria, personal spite and collective evil. It is a play that is not only relentlessly suspenseful and vastly moving but that compels readers to fathom their hearts and consciences in ways that only the greatest theater ever can."A drama of emotional power and impact" --New York Postst hysteria inspired by Senator Joseph McCarthy's "witch-hunts" in the United States. Within the text itself, Miller contemplates the parallels, writing: "Political given an inhumane overlay, which then justifies the abrogation of all normally applied customs of civilized behavior. A political policy is equated with moral right, and opposition to it with diabolical malevolence." For more than sixty-five years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,500 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Diarios de entreguerras 1918-1939

by Thomas Mann

Los diarios escritos por Thomas Mann en el periodo de entreguerras acerca de su cotidianidad, su proceso creador y el tiempo convulso que le tocó vivir. Los Diarios de Thomas Mann permiten entrever mundos hoy desaparecidos: el buen hacer de un artista metódico con rutinas y placeres plenamente burgueses; la agitada escena intelectual de principios del siglo XX en Europa, en la que Mann ocupaba un lugar central y en la que reconocía el protagonismo de sus contemporáneos Gide, Kafka, Joyce o Proust; o el laboratorio de un novelista incansable, que trabajaba por acumulación hasta producir obras sólidas como monumentos. Por todo ello, estos Diarios son un libro imprescindible para entender cómo fue este escritor moderno. Pero en lo personal se trasluce también lo político, y aquí aparece un duro testimonio del exilio al que Mann partió con su familia a los sesenta años, en 1933, poco después de la ascensión de Hitler al poder. Ante la caída de su patria en la barbarie, el gran escritor nacional no pudo ni quiso desconectar del sufrimiento de Alemania. No es de sorprender, pues, que en estas páginas dejara reflexiones sobre la historia que se han convertido a su vez en contundentes documentos históricos. La crítica ha dicho:«En sus diarios se entrecruzaba a veces Einstein con divos de Hollywood, con profesores de Princeton o de Harvard abriéndose paso en medio de los obstáculos que encontraba a la hora de escalar otras cimas literarias. Escribir siempre con grandeza al borde del acantilado, entre la belleza y el cieno, entre la estética y la putrefacción era la cumbre que más le atraía.»Manuel Vincent, El País «Los diarios acogen la cotidianeidad del escritor [...] Las páginas del diario de mayor interés sociopolítico son [...] páginas del exilio, inflamadas por la rabia, la tristeza y no exentas de cierta melancolía por la Alemania perdida.»Blas Matamoro

Girls on the Stand: How Courts Fail Pregnant Minors

by Helena Silverstein

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2008The U.S. Supreme Court has decided that states may require parental involvement in the abortion decisions of pregnant minors as long as minors have the opportunity to petition for a &#"bypass" of parental involvement. To date, virtually all of the 34 states that mandate parental involvement have put judges in charge of the bypass process. Individual judges are thereby responsible for deciding whether or not the minor has a legitimate basis to seek an abortion absent parental participation. In this revealing and disturbing book, Helena Silverstein presents a detailed picture of how the bypass process actually functions.Silverstein led a team of researchers who surveyed more than 200 courts designated to handle bypass cases in three states. Her research shows indisputably that laws are being routinely ignored and, when enforced, interpreted by judges in widely divergent ways. In fact, she finds audacious acts of judicial discretion, in which judges structure bypass proceedings in a shameless and calculated effort to communicate their religious and political views and to persuade minors to carry their pregnancies to term. Her investigations uncover judicial mandates that minors receive pro-life counseling from evangelical Christian ministries, as well as the practice of appointing attorneys to represent the interests of unborn children at bypass hearings.Girls on the Stand convincingly demonstrates that safeguards promised by parental involvement laws do not exist in practice and that a legal process designed to help young women make informed decisions instead victimizes them. In making this case, the book casts doubt not only on the structure of parental involvement mandates but also on the naïve faith in law that sustains them. It consciously contributes to a growing body of books aimed at debunking the popular myth that, in the land of the free, there is equal justice for all.

The Last Book of Wonder (Short Story Index Reprint Ser.)

by Lord Dunsany

Lord Dunsany – considered a major influence on the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, H. P. Lovecraft, Ursula K. Le Guin and others – was a very successful author of numerous books, plays, and short stories. He possessed a remarkable imagination and created fantastical landscapes peopled with unique characters. Tales of Wonder, a collection of short stories, will transport you to another time and to another place and in the midst of it you will be enthralled with the marvel of it all.

Tombstone: The Earp Brothers, Doc Holliday, and the Vendetta Ride from Hell

by Tom Clavin

“With a former newsman’s nose for the truth, Clavin has sifted the facts, myths, and lies to produce what might be as accurate an account as we will ever get of the old West’s most famous feud.” —Associated Press The true story of the Earp brothers, Doc Holliday, and the famous Battle at the OK Corral, by the New York Times bestselling author of Dodge City and Wild Bill.On the afternoon of October 26, 1881, eight men clashed in what would be known as the most famous shootout in American frontier history. Thirty bullets were exchanged in thirty seconds, killing three men and wounding three others.The fight sprang forth from a tense, hot summer. Cattle rustlers had been terrorizing the back country of Mexico and selling the livestock they stole to corrupt ranchers. The Mexican government built forts along the border to try to thwart American outlaws, while Arizona citizens became increasingly agitated. Rustlers, who became known as the cow-boys, began to kill each other as well as innocent citizens. That October, tensions boiled over with Ike and Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank McLaury, and Billy Claiborne confronting the Tombstone marshal, Virgil Earp, and the suddenly deputized Wyatt and Morgan Earp and shotgun-toting Doc Holliday.Bestselling author Tom Clavin peers behind decades of legend surrounding the story of Tombstone to reveal the true story of the drama and violence that made it famous. Tombstone also digs deep into the vendetta ride that followed the tragic gunfight, when Wyatt and Warren Earp and Holliday went vigilante to track down the likes of Johnny Ringo, Curly Bill Brocius, and other cowboys who had cowardly gunned down his brothers. That "vendetta ride" would make the myth of Wyatt Earp complete and punctuate the struggle for power in the American frontier's last boom town.

La luz en la oscuridad: Los agujeros negros, el universo y nosotros

by Heino Falcke

Un viaje extraordinario a los límites del tiempo, el espacio y la mente humana, de la mano de Heino Falcke, galardonado con la Medalla Henry Draper 2021. El 10 de abril de 2019 un equipo internacional de astrónomos liderados por el profesor Heino Falcke maravilló al mundo publicando la primera imagen de un agujero negro. Por fin la comunidad científica conseguía la prueba irrefutable de lo que Einstein había predicho en su teoría de la relatividad acerca de estos fenómenos hacía más de cien años. Sin embargo, las implicaciones de este hallazgo van más allá: si bien son objetos relativamente simples de definir, los agujeros negros plantean algunos de los interrogantes más complejos sobre la naturaleza del espacio, del tiempo, y, por último, de nuestra existencia. En este libro, Falcke no solo nos narra la emocionante historia de esta proeza científica, sino que da un paso más intentando responder a las grandes preguntas filosóficas que este hito plantea: ¿existe algo más allá de la nada?, ¿puede la ciencia explicar lo inexplicable?, ¿cuál es el origen de nuestra existencia y qué sentido tiene nuestro paso por el mundo? Para Heino Falcke, la astrofísica y la metafísica, la razón y la fe, no tienen por qué excluirse mutuamente. La luz en la oscuridad es un poderoso alegato a favor de la ciencia que nos habla de lo que sabemos pero también de los misterios que quedan por resolver.

Doce cuentos peregrinos

by Gabriel García Márquez

En Barcelona, una prostituta que va entrando en la vejez entrena su perro a llorar ante la tumba que ha escogido para sí misma. En Viena, una mujer se vale de su don de ver el futuro para convertirse en la adivina de una familia rica. En Ginebra, el conductor de una ambulancia y su esposa acogen al abandonado y aparentemente moribundo ex presidente de un país caribeño, sólo para descubrir que sus ambiciones políticas siguen intactas. En estos doce relatos magistrales acerca de las vidas de latinoamericanos en Europa, García Márquez logra transmitir la amalgama de melancolía, tenacidad, pena y ambición que forma la experiencia del emigrante.

Shakespeare: From The Quarto Of 1609, With Variorum Readings And Commentary (Routledge Revivals)

by Raymond Macdonald Alden

This fascinating title, first published in 1922, presents a detailed overview of the life and works of Shakespeare. Alden first considers Shakespeare’s Elizabethan context, alongside exploring the Classical and Italian foundations, political theories, concepts and theatrical trends that influenced his works. Next, a comprehensive biography provides insight into Shakespeare’s probable education, relationships and contemporaries. The final sections are devoted to the genres into which Shakespeare’s works have been categorised, with full analyses of and backgrounds to the poems, histories, comedies and tragedies. An important study, this title will be of particular value to students in need of a comprehensive overview of Shakespeare’s life and works, as well as the more general inquisitive reader.

Coffins for Two: Stories of Life, Death, Love, and Other Mysteries

by Vincent Starrett

Eighteen Golden Age stories of mystery, romance, and danger from the celebrated author of Murder in Peking and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.As he tries to reunite with the woman he loves, an escaped fugitive becomes enveloped in a game of cat and mouse with the policeman who put him away. An undertaker and his assistant discover a potion of almost magical proportions. A young woman hatches an elaborate plot to get her suitors institutionalized. A professional golfer becomes infatuated with another man&’s wife. A short story writer finds an unusual way to work out his next idea while riding public transportation. Although Vincent Starrett went on to write successful mystery novels, he continued creating tales like these for pulp magazines in the 1920s and 30s. &“The Fugitive,&” &“The Elixir of Death,&” &“Four Friends of Mavis,&” &“The End of the Story,&” and &“The Truth About Delbridge&” are just a sampling of the fantastic and bizarre stories featured in this volume, some exhibiting a sense of humor, others irony or terror.

The Great Gatsby: The Graphic Novel

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

An undisputed masterpiece of twentieth-century literature, this stunning, lavishly designed new edition of The Great Gatsby is perfect for Fitzgerald lovers and classics collectors alike.In his masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald explores the paradisiacal illusions of the post–World War One generation, only to shatter them. At the heart of this piercing and defining novel of the Jazz Age is the eponymous romantic, holding tight to the past while pursuing the elusive future of his dreams.Living in a glittering mansion on Long Island, Jay Gatsby is famous for his hedonistic parties that draw strangers like moths to his starlight, even as sensational rumors surround him and his fortune. With the arrival of his new neighbor, Nick Carraway, a modest bond salesman from the Midwest, Gatsby finds a confidant for his burdensome secrets and an arbiter who can help him obtain what he most desires—the luminous socialite across the bay.She is Daisy, the lost and treasured love of his youth, a self-absorbed beauty unsettled in a marriage with the unfaithful Tom Buchanan. Winning her back is the finest and surest of Gatsby’s illusions—a chance to rewrite the past and reclaim the great passion Gatsby is tragically doomed to pursue. One of the most renowned works of American literature, a tale of ambition, desolation, and blinded love, Fitzgerald’s seminal classic will continue to resonate with generations of readers to come.

Set This House on Fire (Vintage International Series)

by William Styron

"One of the finest novels of our times." --The San Francisco Chronicle Set This House on Fire is a story of evil and redemption involving three American men whose paths converge on a film shoot in Italy at the close of the 1940s. Shortly after Peter Leverett meets Mason Flagg in a small Italian village, a woman is found raped and murdered. The investigation soon centers on the mysterious circumstances involving Mason and an alcoholic painter named Cass Kinsolving. Peter's attempts to uncover the true events of that fateful night will reveal the profound wickedness of one man and lead another on a path to absolution. The novelfeatures the rich prose, penetrating psychological insight, and moral complexity that define Styron's works. Haunting and provocative, Set This House on Fire is a riveting exploration of sin and atonement set against the lushly crafted backdrops of Europe and the American South. This ebook features a new illustrated biography of William Styron, including original letters, rare photos, and never-before-seen documents from the Styron family and the Duke University Archives.

Doña Bárbara

by Rómulo Gallegos

En la parte más desierta y bravía del cajón del Arauca estaba situado el hato de Altamira, primitivamente unas doscientas leguas de sabanas feraces que alimentaban la hacienda más numerosa que por aquellas soledades pacía y donde se encontraban uno de los más ricos garceros de la región. Pues esta es la historia que se cuenta en Doña Bárbara: la del hato Altamira, el más grande del Cajón del Arauca, herencia de los hermanos José y Panchita Luzardo [] Este agujero negro del monte, ciénaga irresoluble en las letras de un documento, es también una suerte de Aleph de la llanura venezolana. Grado cero del paisaje que contiene la esencia del vasto territorio que Lorenzo Barquero, el desgraciado hijo de Panchita, bautizará como la devoradora de hombres. Con ambigüedad deliberada, la novela traza el paralelismo entre la llanura y Doña Bárbara, quien también es conocida con el mismo sobrenombre. [] Como un avatar del tremedal motivo del litigio, Doña Bárbara ha ido extendiendo sus dominios cual si la llanura hubiera acordado con ella castigar la codicia y desidia de los dueños legítimos. Es aquí donde Santos Luzardo, joven abogado de la ciudad, hace su entrada en el escenario de la infancia para establecer en esas tierras salvajes el imperio de la ley y recuperar lo que le pertenece. Rodrigo Blanco Calderón

Murder on "B" Deck (The Walter Ghost Mysteries #1)

by Vincent Starrett

A 1920s cruise ship is bound for murder in this cozy mystery by the author of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.Novelist Dunsten Mollock has no intention of going on a cruise just yet. He has come to the pier simply to see off his sister and brother-in-law, who are about to embark on a transatlantic cruiser for a European honeymoon. But when Mollock forgets to give his sister a copy of his new book, he finds himself accidentally bound for Europe. But that&’s not the only surprise. Only two days after departing New York, a beautiful countess is discovered strangled in her cabin. Fortunately, Mollock&’s friend Walter Ghost is on board. The astute scientist, explorer, and former intelligence officer always appreciates a good puzzle. He just needs to solve this one quickly and find the killer before someone else gets scratched off the passenger list . .

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