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50 Years On: A Prejudiced History of Britain Since the War

by Roy Hattersley

In FIFTY YEARS ON, Roy Hattersley explores and explains the events which have shaped modern Britain. Combining acute analysis of domestic politics with a brilliant eye for the bigger picture, his 'prejudiced history' takes the reader from the high hopes of 1945 to the cynicism of end-of century Britain. Roy Hattersley focuses his attention on two particular features of post-war Britain: the perpetuation of an education system which fails to meet the needs of the whole country, and our stubborn refusal to accept that the United Kingdom is a medium-sized European nation which can only increase its power and prosperity by real integration within the European union. FIFTY YEARS ON is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the forces that have shaped us.

What Katy Did

by Susan Coolidge

'One of my all-time favourite books. It's a very lively, funny story' Jacqueline WilsonKaty has grand plans to be beautiful, graceful and ladylike ... one day! But for now she has hair that is always tangled, bootlaces undone, a torn dress and she doesn't care about being 'good'. With a wild imagination and high spirits, she is always up to mischief, but there never has been a heroine as lovable as Katy. Then a terrible accident happens and it takes all her courage - and hard-learned patience - to keep her dreams alive.'Katy speaks with a charm and directness that remains as fresh as when it was written' Amanda Craig'This was one of my favourite books as a child. The children felt real enough to touch, and I fell head over heels in love with Katy. It's a book with an unstoppable heart' Katherine RundellThis collection of the best in children's literature, curated by Virago, will be coveted by children and adults alike. These are timeless tales with beautiful covers, that will be treasured and shared across the generations. Some titles you will already know; some will be new to you, but there are stories for everyone to love, whatever your age. Our list includes Nina Bawden (Carrie's War, The Peppermint Pig), Rumer Godden (The Dark Horse, An Episode of Sparrows), Joan Aiken (The Serial Garden, The Gift Giving) E. Nesbit (The Psammead Trilogy, The Bastable Trilogy, The Railway Children), Frances Hodgson Burnett (The Little Princess,The Secret Garden) and Susan Coolidge (The What Katy Did Trilogy). Discover Virago Children's Classics.

Ownership of Trust Property in China

by Zhen Meng

This book presents a hotly debated issue concerning the ownership of trust property in China. The book describes various conventional interpretations of Chinese Trust Law submitted by legal scholars and compares diverse approaches regarding the ownership of trust property provided by jurisdictions globally. The book does not directly answer the question "Who is the owner of trust property in China?" Instead, using a social capital perspective, it develops a more practical perspective to explain why Chinese trust business has grown rapidly even in lack of legal certainty regarding the location of ownership of trust property. The book also further predicts under what conditions is the time ripe to clarify the location of the ownership of trust property in China. By employing those sociological concepts often used to depict and analyze society, this book outlines the structure of the Chinese trust business and related social relations in different stages, i. e. , the current rapid development stage, and the possible transitional stage in the near future. The focus is on how the social network structure affects the behavior of actors (such as the settlor, the trustee, and the beneficiaries, and/or their potential candidates) within the relevant section of Chinese society. The book provides readers with an intensive analysis of the impacts of historical, cultural, and social elements on the legislation and development of trust law in China. It will appeal both to lawyers interested in the Chinese trust business and to comparative law researchers and social scientists.

Surviving, Thriving and Reviving in Adolescence

by Margaret Plunkett Michael Dyson

This research-based book focuses on the development and evolution of the School for Student Leadership (SSL), an alternate and unique residential school for year-nine students, operating in Victoria, Australia. It traces the journey of the SSL, a state secondary school, from a single campus in 2000, to its current three campuses, with more to come in the future. The book documents the key findings and insights from a university/school research partnership spanning a 16-year period. Central themes running throughout the book include the importance of social and emotional development/competence to support and guide learning in adolescence; the nature and value of adolescent leadership; relationships and community as foci of middle-years education together with what constitutes a modern 'rite of passage'. The book explains how, in this particular alternate setting, deliberate steps have been taken - and responsively changed over time - to develop knowledge, skills and competencies, which enable the building of meaningful and sustainable relationships and social and emotional competence within the community. Many of the lessons learned in this setting reveal the potential for transference into mainstream educational settings, to enable all year-nine students to receive the same opportunities to grow and develop as those who have attended the SSL.

Japanese Language and Soft Power in Asia

by Kayoko Hashimoto

This cutting edge collection considers how the Japanese language functions as a key element of Japanese soft power in Asia. Within Japanese culture itself, the promotion of language has been an area of ambivalence. This interdisciplinary book looks across the fields of language policy, language teaching, socio-linguistics, cultural studies and history to identify the links between Japan's language policies and broader social, economic and political processes. It examines the challenges that undermine Japan's potential soft power by identifying a gap between the "official Japan" portrayed by the Japanese government and the "cultural Japan" that foreigners perceive. It also reveals historical continuity in the way Japanese language is perceived and promoted by policy makers and how the current practices of Japanese language teaching in Asian countries have been shaped within the framework of "international exchange", which has been a key concept in Japanese foreign policies since the 1970s. It particularly considers the concept of 'Cool Japan' as a symbol of Japan's interpretation of its cultural power and offers a thoughtful assessment of the future of Japanese as a form of soft power in Asia as the country prepares for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Proceedings of the 28th Conference of Spacecraft TT&C Technology in China

by Guangliang Dong Rongjun Shen

This book collects selected papers from the 28th Conference of Spacecraft TT&C Technology in China held on November 8-10, 2016. The book features state-of-the-art studies on spacecraft TT&C in China with the theme of "Openness, Integration and Intelligent Interconnection". To meet requirements of new space endeavors, development of spacecraft instrumentation systems have to follow an open concept and approach in China. An open spacecraft instrumentation system encompasses integrated development of different types of services, integration of disciplines and specialties, intelligent links, and more scientific and intelligent information interface technology. Researchers and engineers in the field of aerospace engineering and communication engineering can benefit from the book.

Study on Microstructure and Rheological Properties of Cement-Chemical Admixtures-Water Dispersion System at Early Stage

by Yanrong Zhang

This thesis studies the effects of superplasticizers, polyacrylate latexes and asphalt emulsions, which differ in molecular/particle size from nanometers to microns, on the rheological properties of fresh cement pastes (FCPs), as well as the action mechanisms involved. It systematically investigates the rheological properties and microstructure of cement-based materials, and elucidates the adsorption behaviors of polycarboxylate polymers with different functional groups and their effects on cement hydration. Moreover, it reveals how the working mechanism of naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde (NSF) differs from that of polycarboxylate ether-based (PCE) superplasticizers. Lastly, it develops a conceptual microstructure model and two rheological equations. These findings lend theoretical support to the development of new chemical admixtures and new, higher-performance, cement-based composites.

Corruption Control in Post-Reform China

by Guoping Jiang

The book examines corruption control in post-reform China. Contrary to the normal perception that corruption is a type of behavior that violates the law, the author seeks to approach the issue from a social censure perspective, where corruption is regarded as a form of social censure intended to maintain the hegemony of the ruling bloc. Such an approach integrates societal structure, political goals, and agency into a single framework to explain dynamics in corruption control. With both qualitative data from officials in power and officials in jail and quantitative data from university students, the book explores how the censure on corruption was created and has been applied from 1978 to the present. Though primarily intended for academics, the book is also accessible for general audiences, especially given its intriguing perspective and use of firsthand data on corruption that cannot be found anywhere else.

Verpleegkundig leiderschap

by Pieterbas Lalleman Erwin Ista Anita Huis Gerda Holleman Hester Vermeulen

Dit boek nodigt de verpleegkundige uit om zelf het thema verpleegkundig leiderschap te verkennen en eigen te maken. Door leiderschap kun jij invloed hebben op de pati#65533;ntgerichtheid, effectiviteit en veiligheid  van zorg. Verpleegkundigen zijn van cruciaal belang voor het leveren van kwalitatief hoogstaande zorg. . Zeker in deze tijd van waarin de zorg steeds complexere wordt. Dit boek is helpt je, door middel van een verscheidenheid aan opdrachten, zelf op zoek te gaan naar antwoorden op vragen als; wat betekent klinisch leiderschap in de praktijk? Wat zijn de verschillende fasen in de ontwikkeling naar klinisch verpleegkundig leider? Welke rol speelt een klinisch leider in haar omgeving? Waarom zijn verpleegkundigen die klinisch leiderschap vertonen zo belangrijk voor hun team, hun afdeling? Hoe geeft de verpleegkundige vorm aan klinisch leiderschap vorm in multidisciplinaire samenwerkingsverbanden ? Hoe geeft de beroepsgroep vorm aan verpleegkundig leiderschap?  Dit boek is bedoeld voor alle ambitieuze verpleegkundigen die zich in uiteenlopende rollen en functies bezighouden met de professionalisering van hun vak en de functie van aanjager vervullen. Meer specifiek gaat het om: verpleegkundigen die een programma volgen tot verpleegkundig leider, verpleegkundige adviesraden, verpleegkundig specialisten in opleiding, studenten in de laatste fase van de bachelor opleiding.

Von Game of Thrones bis The Walking Dead

by Svenja Taubner Timo Storck

TV-Serien sind in den letzten 15-20 Jahren zu einem besonders kreativen Feld f#65533;r Schauspieler, Regisseure und Autoren geworden. Steigende Budgets und die streckenweise euphorische Resonanz beim Publikum und in den Feuilletons f#65533;hren dazu, dass sich die traditionelle Form des Geschichtenerz#65533;hlens vom Kinofilm zu TV-Serien hin verlagert hat - auch deshalb, weil sich das Serienformat hervorragend dazu eignet, l#65533;ngere Entwicklungen von Charakteren, Beziehungen und Handlungsstr#65533;ngen zu verfolgen. Im Zuge dessen haben sich auch unsere Sehgewohnheiten ge#65533;ndert. Immer #65533;fter werden Serien nicht mehr im Fernsehen geschaut, sondern auf DVD oder gleich im Stream - und dann nicht nur eine Folge, sondern gerne auch mal die halbe Staffel am Abend. "Binge-watching" l#65533;sst gr#65533;#65533;en. Gleichzeitig bietet die narrative und #65533;sthetische Struktur der TV-Serie die M#65533;glichkeit einer vielschichtigen Erkundung sozialer und gesellschaftlicher Bedingungen und Prozesse. Die Beitr#65533;ge in diesem Buch nehmen Serien aus vielen verschiedenen Perspektiven in den Blick - von Psychologie, Medienwissenschaften, Amerikanistik, Kulturphilosophie bin hin zu Forensik und Neurobiologie.

Schlafmedizin 1×1

by Peter Young Wolfgang Galetke Tatjana Crönlein

Diagnostische und therapeutische Hilfen f#65533;r den Umgang mit schlafgest#65533;rten Patienten. Praxisnah und #65533;bersichtlich von einem interdisziplin#65533;ren renommierten Autorenteam der Schlafmedizin. Das Wichtigste zum schnellen Nachschlagen f#65533;r die Praxis. Gest#65533;rter Schlaf ist eine der h#65533;ufigsten Beschwerden in der #65533;rztlichen Praxis. Das gezielte Erkennen von Schlafst#65533;rungen wie die Insomnie, das Schlafapnoe-Syndrom, Parasomnien oder Hypersomnien geh#65533;ren mittlerweile zum Alltag der #65533;rztlichen Praxis. Die Schlafmedizin bietet neue wirksame therapeutische Verfahren zum Vorteil der Patienten: Komorbide St#65533;rungen verbessern sich, Folgesch#65533;den wie Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen oder psychische St#65533;rungen k#65533;nnen verhindert oder abgemildert werden. Guter Schlaf ist ein integrativer Bestandteil der Gesundheit. Mit Informationsmaterial f#65533;r Patienten, Frageb#65533;gen, Fallbeispielen.

Manuelle Therapie und komplexe Rehabilitation

by Jesko Streeck Claus Melzer Jürgen Focke Uwe Streeck

Dieses Praxisbuch zeigt Physiotherapeuten, wie sie gezielt umfassende und wirkungsvolle Behandlungskonzepte für ihre Patienten erstellen. Die Autoren beschreiben einen klar strukturierten Therapieleitfaden mit Befund- und Behandlungsmöglichkeiten für jede Körperregion. Lernen Sie, wie Sie klassische und neue Techniken aus der Manuellen Therapie mit physikalischen und trainingstherapeutischen Maßnahmen sinnvoll kombinieren. Dieses Buch bietet wesentliche Hintergrundinformationen zu jeder Körperregion und erklärt die Anatomie, die Biomechanik, die Pathologie und klinische Besonderheiten. Erfahren Sie alles zur genauen Befunderhebung mithilfe der Anamnese, der Inspektion, der Palpation, Funktionstests und Tests zur Differenzialdiagnostik. Ein umfangreiches Spektrum an Behandlungsmöglichkeiten, wie Mobilisations- und Manipulationstechniken, Nervenmobilisation, Aufbautraining, Injektionstechniken, sportartspezifische Rehabilitationsprogramme und Eigenübungen für Patienten bietet viele Ansätze für eine erfolgreiche Behandlung. Neu in der 2. aktualisierten Auflage sind zusätzliche Behandlungsmöglichkeiten bei HWS- und Schulterbeschwerden, ein Rehabilitationsprinzip für Bandscheibenvorfälle und neue Testverfahren.


by Sebastian Polly Sebastian Lach

Dieser Leitfaden setzt neben einer eing#65533;ngigen Darstellung des Produktsicherheitsrechts seinen Schwerpunkt auf die praktische Handhabung dieser Materie in der t#65533;glichen Unternehmenspraxis. Er erl#65533;utert den Aufbau geeigneter unternehmensinterner Produkt-Compliance-Systeme und gibt Hinweise zur Minimierung zivil-, #65533;ffentlich- und strafrechtlicher Haftungsrisiken. Speziell zur Produktkrise werden das unternehmensweite Krisenmanagement, die Risikobewertung, die Unterrichtung von Beh#65533;rden sowie der Umgang mit Kunden und Medien fokussiert behandelt. Das Produktsicherheitsgesetz ist ein komplexes Regelwerk, dessen Erf#65533;llung mitentscheidend f#65533;r die Verkehrsf#65533;higkeit von Produkten ist. Produktsicherheit ist trotz ihrer Vielf#65533;ltigkeit, ihrer zunehmenden Anforderungen und ihres stetigen Wandels beherrschbar. Entscheidend ist die fortlaufende Anpassung bzw. Implementierung von unternehmensinternen Prozessen sowie der richtige und verantwortungsvolle Umgang mit etwaigen Verst#65533;#65533;en.

Software Engineering in Health Care

by Laurie Williams Michaela Huhn

This book constitutes revised selected papers from the jointly held conferences FHIES 2014, 4th International Symposium on Foundations of Health Information Engineering and Systems, and SEHC 2014, 6th International Workshop on Software Engineering in Health Care. The meeting took place in Washington, DC, USA, in July 2014. The 16 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 23 submissions. They deal with security aspects of health information systems; medical devices in cyberphysical systems; the process of providing healthcare and of monitoring patients; and patient safety and the assurance of medical systems.

Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management

by Cédric Grueau Robert Laurini Jorge Gustavo Rocha

This book constitutes extended, revised and selected contributions from the Second International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management, GISTAM 2016, held in Rome, Italy, in April 2016. The 10 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 33 submissions. They contribute to the understanding of relevant trends of current research on the topic, including urban and regional planning; water information systems; geospatial information and technologies; spatio-temporal database management; decision support systems; energy information systems; GPS, and location detection.

Over the Human

by Roberto Marchesini

This book presents a new way to understand human-animal interactions. Offering a profound discussion of topics such as human identity, our relationship with animals and the environment, and our culture, the author channels the vibrant Italian traditions of humanism, materialism, and speculative philosophy. The research presents a dialogue between the humanities and the natural sciences. It challenges the separation and oppression of animals with a post-humanism steeped in the traditions of the Italian Renaissance. Readers discover a vision of the human as a species informed by an intertwining with animals. The human being is not constructed by an onto-poetic process, but rather by close relations with otherness. The human system is increasingly unstable and, therefore, more hybrid. The argument it presents interests scholars, thinkers, and researchers. It also appeals to anyone who wants to delve into the deep animal-human bond and its philosophical, cultural, political instances. The author is a veterinarian, ethologist, and philosopher. He uses cognitive science, zooanthropology, and philosophy to engage in a series of empirical, theoretical, and practice-based engagements with animal life. In the process, he argues that animals are key to human identity and culture at all levels.

Creating a Value Proposition for Geriatric Care

by James S. Powers

This book creates a value proposition in geriatric care - a promise of value to be delivered to improve care and to provide specific benefits to healthcare systems. It describes strategies and understanding of the incentives, barriers encountered in promoting changes in the healthcare systems, and discusses numerous examples and outcomes. Drawn from many fields such as medicine and science, sociology, politics, business and economics, the book helps guide the introduction of geriatric principles into mainstream medical care with the goal of improving the care and quality of life of older persons in all healthcare systems.


by A. W. Gray

Bino. A white-haired, longhorn lawyer with the inside scoop on everything from hookers to Dallas high society. When his seediest client turns up dead, Bino suspects a white-wash of the dirtiest kind and goes on the offensive. His hunt takes him from the halls of Congress, to the arms of a sexy FBI agent, to the sleazy bars of “Big D.” What Bino finds links his client’s demise to a political assassination, and the bodies start piling up. Politics has always been the dirtiest game in town—and it’s about to become the deadliest…

Religion and Humor as Emancipating Provinces of Meaning

by Michael Barber

​This book illustrates how non-pragmatic finite provinces of meaning emancipate one from pragmatic everyday pressures. Barber portrays everyday life originally, as including the interplay between intrinsic and imposed relevances, the unavoidable pursuit of pragmatic mastery, and the resulting tensions non-pragmatic provinces can relieve. But individuals and groups also inevitably resort to meta-level strategies of hyper-mastery to protect set ways of satisfying lower-level relevances--strategies that easily augment individual anxiety and social pathologies. After creatively interpreting the Schutzian dialectic between the world of working and non-pragmatic provinces, Barber describes the experience of reality in the finite provinces of religion and humor. Schutz, who only mentioned these provinces, laid out the six features of the cognitive style that characterize any finite province of meaning. This book is the first to follow up on these suggestions and depict two new finite provinces of meaning beyond those in "On Multiple Realities. " While entrance into these provinces reduces everyday life tensions, it does not suffice since pragmatic relevances infiltrate the provinces, as when one uses humor to belittle competing cultural groups or one deploys religion only as an instrument to ensure crop productivity. Instead, liberation from anxieties and pathologies is brought to completion when the ego agens, the 0-point of all its coordinates, discovers its value in relation to the transcendent, even if it fails to realize its pragmatic purposes, or when one becomes comical to oneself through the eyes of another different from oneself. This book, aimed at advanced undergraduate, graduate, or scholarly audiences, presents stimulating analyses of the religious "appresentative mindset" or of the healing potential of interracial humor. Drawing heavily on interdisciplinary resources, the book also illustrates the relevance of phenomenological methods and concepts for concrete human experience. Barber offers a fresh understanding of pragmatic everyday life, original descriptions of the religious and humorous provinces of meaning, and a picture of how the overarching intentional stances of meaning-provinces, along with exposure to another perspective, can diminish the pressures everyday life engenders.

Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics

by Giuseppe Quaglia Carlo Ferraresi

This volume contains the proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region, RAAD 2017, held at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy, from June 21-23, 2017. The conference brought together academic and industrial researchers in robotics from 26 countries, the majority of them affiliated to the Alpe-Adria-Danube Region, and their worldwide partners. RAAD 2017 covered all major areas of R&D and innovation in robotics, including the latest research trends. The book provides an overview on the advances in service and industrial robotics. The topics are presented in a sequence starting from the classical robotic subjects, such as kinematics, dynamics, structures, control, and ending with the newest topics, like human-robot interaction and biomedical applications. Researchers involved in the robotic field will find this an extraordinary and up-to-date perspective on the state of the art in this area.

Fractional and Multivariable Calculus

by H. J. Haubold A. M. Mathai

This textbook presents a rigorous approach to multivariable calculus in the context of model building and optimization problems. This comprehensive overview is based on lectures given at five SERC Schools from 2008 to 2012 and covers a broad range of topics that will enable readers to understand and create deterministic and nondeterministic models. Researchers, advanced undergraduate, and graduate students in mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, and biological sciences will find this book to be a valuable resource for finding appropriate models to describe real-life situations. The first chapter begins with an introduction to fractional calculus moving on to discuss fractional integrals, fractional derivatives, fractional differential equations and their solutions. Multivariable calculus is covered in the second chapter and introduces the fundamentals of multivariable calculus (multivariable functions, limits and continuity, differentiability, directional derivatives and expansions of multivariable functions). Illustrative examples, input-output process, optimal recovery of functions and approximations are given; each section lists an ample number of exercises to heighten understanding of the material. Chapter three discusses deterministic/mathematical and optimization models evolving from differential equations, difference equations, algebraic models, power function models, input-output models and pathway models. Fractional integral and derivative models are examined. Chapter four covers non-deterministic/stochastic models. The random walk model, branching process model, birth and death process model, time series models, and regression type models are examined. The fifth chapter covers optimal design. General linear models from a statistical point of view are introduced; the Gauss-Markov theorem, quadratic forms, and generalized inverses of matrices are covered. Pathway, symmetric, and asymmetric models are covered in chapter six, the concepts are illustrated with graphs.

The Meaning of Leisure

by Vania L. Sandoval

This book deals with the concept of leisure and the everyday leisure practices of a group of diverse single women in an urban setting--Mannheim, Germany. Vania Sandoval focuses on how social structure and individual choices relate to each other in the local context. Initially, the book considers the women as a relatively homogenous group, analyzing how they conceive, organize and experience their leisure in a similar manner with individual nuances. It then proceeds to highlight some of the processes that lead, in this particular case, to migration-based differences in their leisure practices.

Precarious Professional Work

by Alexander Styhre

This book examines the new conditions under which professional work, often referred to as "knowledge-intensive work," is organised and how professional groups who have traditionally been granted jurisdictional discretion now have their work routines renegotiated. In the new economic regime of what has been called "investor capitalism" and under the influence of shareholder primacy governance, professional work is put under pressure to change. The author explores issues of increased financial and economic volatility, the pressure to outsource and offshore professional work and the increased supply of competitors with tertiary education degrees in the labour market. Examining both macroeconomic conditions and policy that inform and shape the domain of professional work, the book emphasises how the nature of professional work has changed since the 1980s and 1990s and argues that it is no longer a "safe haven" for a favoured group of elite workers. Precarious Professional Work underlines how the study of professions must constantly accommodate new economic conditions and managerial practices to better understand how professional work is dependent on and entangled with external social, economic, and political conditions.

Understanding Information

by Alfons Josef Schuster

The motivation of this edited book is to generate an understanding about information, related concepts and the roles they play in the modern, technology permeated world. In order to achieve our goal, we observe how information is understood in domains, such as cosmology, physics, biology, neuroscience, computer science, artificial intelligence, the Internet, big data, information society, or philosophy. Together, these observations form an integrated view so that readers can better understand this exciting building-block of modern-day society. On the surface, information is a relatively straightforward and intuitive concept. Underneath, however, information is a relatively versatile and mysterious entity. For instance, the way a physicist looks at information is not necessarily the same way as that of a biologist, a neuroscientist, a computer scientist, or a philosopher. Actually, when it comes to information, it is common that each field has its domain specific views, motivations, interpretations, definitions, methods, technologies, and challenges. With contributions by authors from a wide range of backgrounds, Understanding Information: From the Big Bang to Big Data will appeal to readers interested in the impact of 'information' on modern-day life from a variety of perspectives.

Sinophone-Anglophone Cultural Duet

by Sheng-Mei Ma

This book examines the paradox of China and the United States' literary and visual relationships, morphing between a happy duet and a contentious duel in fiction, film, poetry, comics, and opera from both sides of the Pacific. In the 21st century where tension between the two superpowers escalates, a gaping lacuna lies in the cultural sphere of Sino-Anglo comparative cultures. By focusing on a "Sinophone-Anglophone" relationship rather than a "China-US" one, Sheng-mei Ma eschews realpolitik, focusing on the two languages and the cross-cultural spheres where, contrary to Kipling's twain, East and West forever meet, like a repetition compulsion bordering on neurosis over the self and its cultural other. Indeed, the coupling of the two--duet-cum-duel--is so predictable that each seems attracted to and repulsed by its dark half, semblable, (in)compatible for their shared larger-than-life-ness.

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