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Italian Assets

by Ted Allbeury

It was just a routine call at Santa Margherita for Max Farne. A Meeting with his agent to see if there were any boats for him to buy or sell. And then came the invitation he couldn't refuse. Abducted by and blackmailed into selling his boat by a smooth Italian gangster, Max is drawn into a wave of crime sweeping Italy, taking him back to the mountains to protect the beautiful daughter of a wartime friend. The stakes are high and Max has everything to lose unless his tough background could help him survive...

Palomino Blonde: Tad Anders Book Two

by Ted Allbeury

What does a man do when he discovers a process like Omega Minus? He wishes he hadn't. Scientist James Hallet has the Intelligence forces of all the world's major powers on his back and they're not too particular about how they get their information. They wouldn't, for instance, baulk at the kidnap and torture of Hallet's beautiful blonde mistress. Not if it would give them Omega Minus.'A classic of espionage fiction with the ingredients to keep you reading all night long' - Len Deighton

The Special Collection

by Ted Allbeury

Germany, 1945. British agent Stephen Felinski is parachuted into Hitler's fast-collapsing empire with orders to reorganize a group of Soviet agents abandoned by Moscow. Thirty years later, a top British politician defects to the Russians and Felinski is called out of retirement to help - because of a friendship formed among the ruins of Nazi Germany. The link is The Special Collection, a daring and meticulously planned Soviet attempt to bring social and industrial chaos to Britain. It has already been set in motion and only Stephen Felinski can stop it.

Modern Algebra

by Seth Warner

This standard text, written for junior and senior undergraduates, is unusual in that its presentation is accessible enough for the beginner, yet its thoroughness and mathematical rigor provide the more advanced student with an exceptionally comprehensive treatment of every aspect of modern algebra. It especially lends itself to use by beginning graduate students unprepared in modern algebra.The presentation opens with a study of algebraic structures in general; the first part then carries the development from natural numbers through rings and fields, vector spaces, and polynomials. The second part (originally published as a separate volume) is made up of five chapters on the real and complex number fields, algebraic extensions of fields, linear operations, inner product spaces, and the axiom of choice.For the benefit of the beginner who can best absorb the principles of algebra by solving problems, the author has provided over 1300 carefully selected exercises. "There is a vast amount of material in these books and a great deal is either new or presented in a new form." -- Mathematical Reviews. Preface. List of Symbols. Exercises. Index. 28 black-and-white line illustrations.

Big Book of Plant and Flower Illustrations

by Maggie Kate

This treasury of more than 600 royalty-free illustrations of nature's handiwork will be an indispensable resource for anyone in need of plant and flower illustrations. Showcasing the work of 11 different artists, this highly useful compilation attractively and accurately displays a profusion of wildflowers, trees, herbs, cacti, tropical blooms, garden flowers, common weeds, house plants, mushrooms, roses, orchids, medicinal plants, and much more. Each illustration is identified, and an index makes it easy to find specific plants.Sure to be welcomed by artists, illustrators, and desktop publishers, these versatile, clearly rendered illustrations will also appeal to students, nature enthusiasts, collagists, and anyone with a need for high-quality images of flowers and other plants.

Mathematician's Delight

by W. W. Sawyer

"Recommended with confidence" by The Times Literary Supplement, this lively survey starts with simple arithmetic and algebra and proceeds by gradual steps through graphs, logarithms, and trigonometry to calculus and the world of numbers. Generations of readers have found it the ideal introduction to mathematics, offering accessible explanations of how theory arises from real-life applications."The main object of this book is to dispel the fear of mathematics," declares author W. W. Sawyer, adding that "Many people regard mathematicians as a race apart, possessed of almost supernatural powers. While this is very flattering for successful mathematicians, it is very bad for those who, for one reason or another, are attempting to learn the subject." Now retired, Sawyer won international renown for his innovative teaching methods, which he used at colleges in England and Scotland as well as Africa, New Zealand, and North America. His insights into the pleasures and practicalities of mathematics will appeal to readers of all backgrounds.

Where All the Girls are Sweeter

by Ted Allbeury

Boat dealer Max Farne spends his days relaxing, lounging around the pier at Santa Margherita and escaping the hot Italian sun in cool Italian bars. But following the sudden arrival of a beautiful woman, the disappearance of a rich man and the appearance of a soft-treading, armed stranger, who Max is forced to kill, it seems that the violence has only just begun...

Snowball: Tad Anders Book One

by Ted Allbeury

A long buried and shocking secret has been uncovered. In 1940, President Roosevelt and Canada's Mackenzie King secretly agreed to abandon the Allies and make peace with Hitler if the Nazis successfully invaded Britain. Decades later, Soviet agents are ready to use this information to shatter the NATO alliance and use the ensuing geopolitical chaos to strengthen their position in Europe. Only one man stands in their way. Tadeusz Anders - half Polish, half English and totally professional - plunges into a series of cruel and violent manoeuvers to combat the cold-blooded operatives of the KGB.

A Choice of Enemies

by Ted Allbeury

Ted Bailey thought his days as an Intelligence Operative were long gone. He certainly wasn't expecting to be blackmailed back into action, especially not by his own side. But then Bailey is the only person left who ever encountered Berger, the KGB's most ruthless master-spy. Berger is running a major operation on US soil and both the CIA and SIS are desperate to track him down. So Bailey returns to the arena of international espionage and finds that little has changed. The spy game is just the same, even after twenty-five years. There's the same brutality. The same cold fear. The same violence and death. And the same choice of enemies.'The best cold war espionage novels never really lose their punch: Allbeury, like le Carré, is a master of the genre.' - Publishers Weekly

Honestly Healthy in a Hurry

by Natasha Corrett

Honestly Healthy in a Hurry is a cookbook for food-lovers who want easy healthy recipes to cook at home. Leave behind the processed and sugar-dense food you turn to because it seems easy when you're busy, and eat gourmet vegetarian chef Natasha Corrett's delicious recipes. There are super speedy suppers that you can make in no time; dishes that are quick to prepare and can be left in the oven while you get on with other things, and cook ahead ingredients that can be prepped ahead and form the basis of healthy meals through the week. With over 90 recipes following alkaline eating principles Honestly Healthy in a Hurry is for anyone looking for cookery ideas and inspiration, with breakfasts, meals, snacks and sweet treats.

The Ship Of Fools

by Gregory Norminton

The characters on Norminton's purgatorial 'Ship of Fools' - a ship that's going nowhere fast - bicker and struggle for attention; telling tales that bounce off one another to form a compendium of interralated stories, running from lyrical romance to scabrous satire, by way of fairy-tale and black comedy. Often wickedly funny, always stunningly written and displaying an astonishing range of voices (the prudish nun, the bawdy old woman, the penitent drunkard, and the glutton whose stomach does all the talking - to name a few) 'The Ship of Fools' is truly a treasure chest of a novel, and an example of story-telling at its very best.

Serious Things

by Gregory Norminton

In the early 1990s, at an old-fashioned boarding school, two boys form an intense friendship that will shape the course of their lives. Bruno Jackson, the shy and lonely son of British expats, is infatuated by the glamorous but troubled Anthony Blunden. Taken under the wing of an idealistic English teacher, the boys are encouraged to explore the 'more serious things' of life beyond college. But in the hothouse of the school, a slight from their mentor seems of earth-shattering importance, with fateful consequences. Years later, with the memories of that time almost buried, Bruno leads a blameless, uneventful life. The sudden reappearance of Anthony forces him to revisit the dark corners of his past and to decide how far he's prepared to go to assuage his conscience. From the acclaimed writer of GHOST PORTRAIT and THE SHIP OF FOOLS, this is a gripping tale of vengeance, morality and the complex paths that can lead to redemption.

Stranger than Fiction

by Denise Robins

The autobiography of Denise Robins, the 100-million-copy bestselling Queen of Romance, first published in 1965, and available now for the first time in eBook. Apart from writing over two hundred novels which have sold over one hundred million copies worldwide, Denise Robins led a remarkable life. Love and romance were always dominant influences and were reflected not only in her work but in her attitude to life. All the warmth, compassion and deep understanding of the frailty if the human heart that shine through her novels, can be seen here in her autobiography. It is a story that will captivate her huge audience of readers.

Sweet Love

by Denise Robins

Enchanting Tanya Massison is the toast of Bohemian Chelsea. An artists' model and exquisite dancer, she is vivacious, alluring - and a breaker of men's hearts. Life is for living, and Tanya lives every minute to the full, without a care in the world. All this changes, however, when Cecil Lemsford, a married man, kills himself for love, and Tanya meets Gordon Hays. For the first time ever she falls deeply, irrevocably in love. But their happiness is short-lived, as a tragic coincidence transforms passion into anger and despair...

Sweet Cassandra

by Denise Robins

Would he ever marry her? Cassandra's happy homelife vanished with her mother's remarriage to a man Cass called the "General." He was an overbearing tyrant, used to his own way, who considered Cass a nuisance. Yet he did not hesitate to pass judgement on her boyfriends--and he absolutely forbid her to marry Kevin Martin. And her timid mother agreed with him. Leaving home would cut her off completely from her mother. But her love was too strong and Cass moved out, expecting to become Mrs. Kevin Martin. But then an accident postponed the marriage and Cass was left in limbo. She couldn't go back home, but neither could she live in sin...

The Strong Heart

by Denise Robins

When Rose Bennett meets Cliff Patterson at a party it's love at first sight for both of them. Within weeks they are engaged and Rose is blissfully happy. Cliff has to return to South Africa, but he promises to send for her as soon as possible. As she waits in London, the future seems crystal-bright to Rose. Little does she know that she still had to learn the difference between true love and infatuation. When she meets Ashley Rivers, a different kind of man who falls madly in love with her, she finds herself in the middle of a struggle that can only be met with a strong heart and unbreakable honour.

Strange Rapture

by Denise Robins

Springtime in Venice, romantic, enchanted city of dreams where anything can happen. Sara is too young, too full of love and life to want the magic to pass her by. She would give anything to be out there by the glittering water, floating in a gondola through golden Venetian afternoons and moonlit evenings with the man of her dreams. But the man she loves has never noticed Sara. Nicholas Pelham is too bust flirting with her employer, the exquisitely beautiful Olive. Until the night that all that changes and Sara's dreams come true. But dreams of love can crumble and turn to dust... A captivating love story from the 100-million-copy bestselling Queen of Romance, first published in 1932, and available now for the first time in eBook.

Strange Meeting

by Denise Robins

When Clare Farramond goes to the historic home of Sir Stephen Finch-Boyes, there to act as a tutor to his young daughter, Isabel, it is with sadness in her heart. For still alive within her is the memory of Michael - the man who had been her whole world - the man who had sworn her his undying love. The man who had betrayed her. A captivating love story from the 100-million-copy bestselling Queen of Romance, first published in 1952, and available now for the first time in eBook.

The Story of Veronica

by Denise Robins

In 1939, war clouds are gathering. Veronica Hallard is happily married and living in Lagos with her husband Charles, until he sends her back to England ahead of him. But he doesn't arrive as expected - his boat is torpedoed. At first Veronica refuses to believe he is dead. Her broken heart causes her to suffer a complete nervous collapse. Her only consolation is the friendship of Boyd Mansell, who she met on the voyage home. In Boyd, she finds new happiness and a new marriage, and the memory of Charles begins to fade. Until one day, fate delivers another cruel blow - Charles returns from the dead! A captivating love story from the 100-million-copy bestselling Queen of Romance, first published in 1946 and now available for the first time in eBook.

The Snow Must Return

by Denise Robins

The Château de Lurmines is a glorious new home for Dana Chesney, a pretty young convalescent who might never leave her wheelchair. For Steve it provides a luxurious background to her taxing job as Dana's companion, while prolonging her own stay in Switzerland. For Greville Chesney the presence of his daughter and her quiet friend in its flower-filled rooms helps fill an aching void. But an heiress, and in such a setting, is an irresistible attraction to any footloose adventurer who could charm her with his good looks and while away the tedious hours with dreams of romance ...

Something to Love

by Denise Robins

Beautiful young nurse Christie Paige knows what it means to long for someone and to have that longing crushed. She goes to the children's clinic in the Austrian Alps to work at the side of Dr. Phillip Vereker, the man she plans to marry. Then her exquisite dream is shattered when Phillip marries one of his patients. After a painful interlude, the immense silent grandeur of the mountains, the brilliant star-jewelled sky - it all begins to work its magic. And inspired by powerful Maxwell Grant, the clinic's founder, her arduous work becomes a wonderful cure for misery. But always there is Phillip - Phillip... how would she forget at such close proximity? After him, can she ever feel the deep, unswerving passion of everlasting love? A captivating love story from the 100-million-copy bestselling Queen of Romance, first published in 1951, and available now for the first time in eBook.

Slave Woman

by Denise Robins

Jan wanted to be more than just another possession to a man whose cruelty and indifference had long since taken over from the first flush of marriage. On a bittersweet holiday in Tangier she found a man who could give her the love and passion she wanted. Dacre Chenniston. But Dacre had to forfeit his profession for his illicit love; he was struck off the medical register. And suddenly it seemed that he would have to forfeit his love too...

The Sin Was Mine

by Denise Robins

His meeting with the neurotic model-girl Candy Day spells danger for the marriage of Christopher Fairfax. His beautiful and devoted wife Rose is already getting too involved in her own interior decorating career. The seeds of tragedy were already lurking behind the loving façade of the marriage. But how much was Candy Day really responsible? Did Christopher ever, at any time, see her as real?

Since We Love

by Denise Robins

Joan Parwood could have been happy working at the Great Friars Hotel. But Sally, the owner of the hotel, is engaged to marry Simon Roxley, the only man Joan has ever loved. Joan thinks that Simon secretly returns her love...and is proved right when Simon decides he cannot go ahead with the planned marriage. But then comes the car crash that leaves Sally blind and both Simon and Joan decide that Sally must learn the truth... A captivating love story from the 100-million-copy bestselling Queen of Romance, first published in 1938, and available now for the first time in eBook.

Shatter the Sky

by Denise Robins

On the eve of her wedding, Karey Marsden's fiance is killed, and her world seems to come to an abrupt end. Bereft with grief, she is comforted by her father's friend, Dr Ralph Chesney. Some months later, she accepts his proposal of marriage, even though she does not love him, believing that for her love will always be just a sad memory. But soon after the wedding, Karey finds herself irresistibly drawn to Dickon Farringham, her dead fiancé's double. And then she has to face up to an agonizing choice between her duty to a husband she can never love, and her passion for a man she loves too well.

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