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Trade Union and Social Studies

by H.E. Musson

There is perhaps no area of British life where attitudes are more strongly influenced by shared traditions and past experiences than the trade union movement; the memory of the working-class movements is a long one. It is therefore all the more important in the light of recent events to examine the origins and development of trade-union organization over the decades if we are to understand the unions of today, which have emerged as one of the most crucial and strongest elements in the economy. This book is the product of twenty years' detailed research and general reflection on the course of trade-union development, and ranges over the whole field of British trade-union history, from the early craft societies to the structure of modern trade unionism. It begins by illuminating the problems associated with researching and writing in this field, and goes on to trace the main trends of trade-union development, linking these with modern trade-union problems.

A History of the Levant Company

by Alfred C. Wood

First Published in 1964. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Broken Government: Bridging the Partisan Divide (Miller Center Studies on the Presidency)

by Alan Taylor Larry J. Sabato Gary W. Gallagher Kyle Kondik Kunal Modi William J. Antholis Carolyn Dewar Tom Dohrmann Andrew Erdmann Ryan Harper Bruce J. Katz

In an increasingly polarized political environment, the first year of the new president’s term will be especially challenging. With a fresh mandate, however, the first year also offers opportunities that may never come again. The First Year Project is a fascinating initiative by the Miller Center of the University of Virginia that brings together top scholars on the American presidency and experienced officials to explore the first twelve months of past administrations, and draw practical lessons from that history, as we inaugurate a new president in January 2017.This project is the basis for a new series of digital shorts published as Miller Center Studies on the Presidency. Presented as specially priced collections published exclusively in an ebook format, these timely examinations recognize the experiences of past presidents as an invaluable resource that can edify and instruct the incoming president.Contributors: Alan Taylor, University of Virginia * Gary Gallagher, University of Virginia * Bruce Katz, Brookings Institution * Kyle Kondik, UVA Center for Politics * Carolyn Dewar, Tom Dohrmann, Andrew Erdmann, Ryan Harper, and Junal Modi, McKinsey & Company

A Warring Nation: Honor, Race, and Humiliation in America and Abroad

by Bertram Wyatt-Brown

In this culminating work of a long and distinguished career, historian Bertram Wyatt-Brown looks at the theme of honor--a subject on which he was the acknowledged expert--and places it in a broader historical and cultural context than ever before. Wyatt-Brown begins with the contention that honor cannot be understood without considering the role of humiliation, which not only sets victor apart from vanquished but drives the search for vindication that is integral to notions of honor. The American conception of honor is further deepened by issues of race. The author turns to the slave South to show how white and black concepts of honor differed from and contradicted each other, illuminating honor's elusive but powerful role in our society.He then goes on to explore these themes within a wide range of military and political contexts, from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm, providing new insights on how honor drove decision making during many defining events in our history that continue to reverberate in the American mind.

The Arabian Peninsula: Society and Politics (Routledge Library Editions: Politics Of The Middle East Ser. #3)

by Derek Hopwood

Although the Arabian Peninsula is the heartland of Islam and of the Arab world, for decades it did not receive the attention it deserves from scholars and writers. The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and the Middle East Centre of St Antony’s College, Oxford, jointly organized a series of seminars, culminating in a conference at which the papers in this volume (first published in 1972) were discussed. Together they constitute an authoritative statement of our present knowledge of several areas of the Peninsula, with particular emphasis on the Gulf States. Three chapters trace the history of Oman from pre-Islamic times to the recent past, and in so doing emphasize the theme of continuing conflict between sultan and imam. Other chapters examine the Gulf and the Peninsula from the standpoint of inter-Arab and of international relations. The third section of the book is devoted to a discussion of the increasing rate of social change in the area, and the final section deals with problems of oil and state and of economic development.

The Circuit of Apollo: Eighteenth-Century Women's Tributes to Women (Early Modern Feminisms)

by Katharine Kittredge Susan S. Lanser Betty A. Schellenberg Christine Gerrard Catherine Ingrassia Shelley King Claudia Thomas Kairoff Natasha Duquette Kathryn R. King Nicolle Jordan Laura Tallon

Written by a combination of established scholars and new critics in the field, the essays collected in Circuit of Apollo attest to the vital practice of commemorating women’s artistic and personal relationships. In doing so, they illuminate the complexity of female friendships and honor as well as the robust creativity and intellectual work contributed by women to culture in the long eighteenth century. Women’s tributes to each other sometimes took the form of critical engagement or competition, but they always exposed the feminocentric networks of artistic, social, and material exchange women created and maintained both in and outside of London. This volume advocates for a new perspective for researching and teaching early modern women that is grounded in admiration.Distributed for the University of Delaware Press

The Making of the Indian Princes (Routledge Library Editions: British in India #16)

by Edward Thompson

This book, first published in 1943, sets forth the history of the rise and development of the states of princely India from the end of the eighteenth century until the beginning of nineteenth. This was also the formative period for the East India Company and thus for India itself. It describes the processes, military and political, whereby modern India was formed.

The Eastern Libyans (1914): An Essay

by Oric Bates

First published in 1914, this is a systematic treatment of the people whose contribution to civilization of the Nile Valley was for so long a source of controversy.

History of the London Discount Market

by W. T. King

First Published in 1972. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Great Virginia Triumvirate: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison in the Eyes of Their Contemporaries

by John P. Kaminski

As the largest, oldest, and wealthiest of the original thirteen colonies, Virginia played a central role in the fight for independence and as a state in the new republic. This importance is reflected in the number of Virginians who filled key national leadership positions. Three remarkable Virginians stand out in their service to the new nation: George Washington as commander in chief during the Revolutionary War, Thomas Jefferson as the philosophic voice of the country, and James Madison as the chief architect of the nation's new constitutional system. In The Great Virginia Triumvirate, John Kaminski presents a series of biographical portraits that bring these three men remarkably to life for the modern reader.The passage of time, coupled with the veneration so often surrounding historical figures, has obscured the subtleties and complexities of the founding fathers' characters. To cut through this fog of myth, Kaminski relies on the words of the three Virginians themselves, sharing with us a trio of eloquent, and often candid, voices. (Jefferson once told John Adams that he had not written a history of his times because that history was to be found in his correspondence, where he could be especially direct and honest.) Kaminski also turns to the people who personally knew the three great Virginians--their friends, family, acquaintances, and enemies. Through their public and private writings, as well as the observations of their contemporaries, the subjects' distinctive qualities as individuals can be glimpsed with depth and immediacy.Taken from letters, speeches, diaries, and memoirs, the quotations and vignettes included here shed light on the actual person behind each public image. George Washington offering a bowl of hot tea at night to a guest at Mount Vernon who has a cold; Thomas Jefferson extending condolences to John Adams on the death of his wife, Abigail; and James Madison bequeathing the silver-hilted walking cane, left him by Jefferson, in turn to the third president's grandson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph--such moments reveal personality and character in a way that no official act ever could."Much is known to one which is not known to the other," Jefferson wrote, "and no one knows everything." The cumulative effect of many voices, however, can create a portrait of invaluable insight.

A History of Private Bill Legislation: [Vol 2 of 2 vols]

by Frederick Clifford

First published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Auditory and Visual Pattern Recognition (Psychology Library Editions: Perception #10)

by James H. Howard David J. Getty

The systematic scientific investigation of human perception began over 130 years ago, yet relatively little is known about how we identify complex patterns. A major reason for this is that historically, most perceptual research focused on the more basic processes involved in the detection and discrimination of simple stimuli. This work progressed in a connectionist fashion, attempting to clarify fundamental mechanisms in depth before addressing the more complex problems of pattern recognition and classification. This extensive and impressive research effort built a firm basis from which to speculate about these issues. What seemed lacking, however, was an overall characterization of the recognition problem – a broad theoretical structure to direct future research in this area. Consequently, our primary objective in this volume, originally published in 1981, was not only to review existing contributions to our understanding of classification and recognition, but to project fruitful areas and directions for future research as well. The book covers four areas: complex visual patterns; complex auditory patterns; multi-dimensional perceptual spaces; theoretical pattern recognition.

Christian Socialism, 1848-1854

by Charles E. Raven

First Published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Ottoman Empire and Its Successors, 1801-1927

by William Miller

First Published in 1966. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Anna Karenina: Roman In 6 Büchern. - Primary Source Edition

by Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina in half the time Anna Karenina is the heart-wrenching tale of a woman who recklessly throws away everything she has for a passionate affair with a young soldier. Beautiful, popular, wife to a wealthy man and mother to an adored son, Anna seems to be in an enviable position. However, it takes only one encounter with Count Vronsky to fill her with the sense that her life has hitherto been empty. As the rest of the world fades into insignificance next to her great love, Anna faces an impossible choice¿

A Guide to Historic Downtown Memphis (History & Guide)

by William Patton

Need a practical, useful guide to downtown Memphis's historic streets, buildings and neighborhoods? Look no further than A Guide to Historic Downtown Memphis. From Beale Street to the Bluffs, this guidebook covers all the essentials that no explorer of the River City should be without. Each chapter provides a map for a different section of downtown Memphis, guiding readers on a journey to the historic reaches of this modern city. The destinations may vary from classic theatres to barbeque joints, from churches to saloons, but the road always leads to another fascinating Memphis discovery. Perfect for out-of-town visitors or Memphians who need a helpful guide to showcase the attractions that make their hometown one of a kind.

The Land of Zinj: Being an Account of British East Africa, its Ancient History and Present Inhabitants

by C.H. Stigland

Published in the year 296, The Land of Zinj is a valuable contribution to the field of History.

A Short Fiscal and Financial History of England, 1815-1918 (Routledge Library Editions: History of Money, Banking and Finance #13)

by J.F. Rees

This book, first published in 1921, is intended to serve as an introduction to the study of the historical background of modern industrial and social questions. It deals with the evolution of English industrial conditions from the close of the Napoleonic War to the outbreak of the First World War. Particular attention is paid to social consequences and growth of opinion.

A Constitutional History of India, 1600-1935: 1600-1935 (Routledge Library Editions: British in India #5)

by Arthur Berriedale Keith

This book, first published in 1936, provides a comprehensive description and analysis of every constitutional aspect of British rule in India from 1600 to 1936. Beginning with a description of the East India Company before Plassey, its constitution, administration of settlements, and relation to the Indian states, the book closes with an account of the reforms of the 1930s, the events leading up to the White Paper and an analysis and elucidation of the Government of India Act 1935.

Elizabethan Rogues and Vagabonds (Barnes And Noble Digital Library)

by Frank Aydelotte

First published in 1967

Mediaeval Hospitals of England

by R.M. Clay

First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Australia and Britain: Studies in a Changing Relationship

by James Homs Wyndraeth Humphreys Morris-Jones

This title available in eBook format. Click here for more information.Visit our eBookstore at:

The Englishwoman's Review of Social and Industrial Questions: 1895-1896 (Routledge Library Editions: The Englishwoman's Review of Social and Industrial Questions #28)

by Janet Horowitz Murray and Myra Stark

The Englishwoman’s Review, which published from 1866 to 1910, participated in and recorded a great change in the range of possibilities open to women. The ideal of the magazine was the idea of the emerging emancipated middle-class woman: economic independence from men, choice of occupation, participation in the male enterprises of commerce and government, access to higher education, admittance to the male professions, particularly medicine, and, of course, the power of suffrage equal to that of men. First published in 1984, this twenty-eighth volume contains issues from 1895 to 1896. With an informative introduction by Janet Horowitz Murray and Myra Stark, and an index compiled by Anna Clark, this set is an invaluable resource to those studying nineteenth and early twentieth-century feminism and the women’s movement in Britain.

The Quality of the Urban Environment: Essays on "New Resources" in an Urban Age (Routledge Revivals)

by Harvey S. Perloff

The quality of the environment in which people live, work, and play influences to no small degree the quality of life itself. The environment can be satisfying and attractive and provide scope for individual development or it can be poisonous, irritating and stunting. The papers in this volume, first published in 1969, are concerned with the urban environment – in which the majority of Americans live – or, more accurately, with the environment of urbanites, for the concern extends to outlying areas where urban dwellers visit and play. The chapters aim to provide a better understanding of the natural resource elements in the urban environment, and will be of interest to students of environmental studies and human geography.

The Historian At Work (Routledge Library Editions: Historiography #10)

by John Cannon

This volume, originally published in 1980 discusses the way in which distinguished historians such as Gibbon, Ranke, Macaulay, De Tocqueville, Marx, Maitland, Bloch, Namier, Wheeler, Butterfield and Braudel have regarded and tackled their discipline. As well as chapters by individual authors who are experts on their chosen historian, there is a substantial introduction by the editor which serves as the basis for a discussion about the problems involved in the writing of history.

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