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Tres dies d'agost (Inspector Mascarell 7)

by Jordi Sierra i Fabra

El setè cas de l'inspector Mascarell, la sèrie de novel·la policíaca de Jordi Sierra i Fabra. Miquel Mascarell té tres dies per resoldre un misteri que resta en peu des de fa dotze anys, i que està relacionat amb els bombardejos de 1938 a Barcelona. Agost del 1950. En Miquel i la Patro es disposen a passar un dia de platja magnífic. Tanmateix, tot es torça quan la Patro desapareix sense més ni més i en Miquel rep una nota molt explícita: si no resol en tres dies un cas que va deixar inacabat l'any 1938, la Patro morirà. Des d'aquest instant, contra rellotge, en una Barcelona colpejada per la canícula estival, en Miquel haurà d'afrontar, un cop més, els fantasmes del passat. El cas que no va tancar a causa d'una malaltia sobtada, i que va resoldre un altre inspector apressadament i va causar la mort d'un innocent, es remunta als cruels bombardejos del març del 1938 sobre la ciutat. Uns bombardejos que, després dels deGuernica, van ser els més sanguinaris i salvatges de la guerra. La bomba que va fer esclatar la cantonada de la Gran Via amb el carrer de Balmes és el detonant de la història. Allí va aparèixer el cadàver d'un soldat que no va morir per causa de l'explosió, sinó que va ser assassinat. Per qui? Per què? A més a més en plena investigació descobrirà una cosa que li canviarà la vida. Una cosa que afecta la Patro. Una cosa que el farà suar tant o més que la calor. Tres dies d'agost torna a mostrar-nos l'obscuritat de l'Espanya de la postguerra, i també ens fa reviure el dolor d'aquells bombardejos que el març del 1938 van arrasar la població civil i van marcar el camí de la derrota. Com ja és habitual, la recreació de l'època és tan rigorosa com ja ho va ser la de Quatre dies de gener, Set dies de juliol, Cinc dies d'octubre, Dos dies de maig, Sis dies de desembre i Nou dies d'abril.

Monday or Tuesday: Eight Stories

by Virginia Woolf

From one of the most innovative writers of the 20th century -- a splendid collection displaying the author's lively imagination and delicate style. Includes "A Haunted House," "A Society," "An Unwritten Novel," "The String Quartet," "Blue & Green," "Kew Gardens," "The Mark on the Wall," and the title story.

The Gift of the Magi and Other Short Stories

by O. Henry

Here are sixteen of the best stories by one of America's most popular storytellers. For nearly a century, the work of O. Henry has delighted readers with its humor, irony and colorful, real-life settings. The writer's own life had more than a touch of color and irony. Born William Sidney Porter in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1862, he worked on a Texas ranch, then as a bank teller in Austin, then as a reporter for the Houston "Post." Adversity struck, however, when he was indicted for embezzlement of bank funds. Porter fled to New Orleans, then to Honduras before he was tried, convicted and imprisoned for the crime in 1898. In prison he began writing stories of Central America and the American Southwest that soon became popular with magazine readers. After his release Porter moved to New York City, where he continued writing stories under the pen name O. HenryThough his work earned him an avid readership, O. Henry died in poverty and oblivion scarcely eight years after his arrival in New York. But in the treasury of stories he left behind are such classics of the genre as "The Gift of the Magi," "The Last Leaf," "The Ransom of Red Chief," "The Voice of the City" and "The Cop and the Anthem" -- all included in this choice selection. A selection of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Ethan Frome

by Edith Wharton

Perhaps the best-known and most popular of Edith Wharton's novels, Ethan Frome is widely considered her masterpiece. Set against a bleak New England background, the novel tells of Frome, his ailing wife Zeena and her companion Mattie Silver, superbly delineating the characters of each as they are drawn relentlessly into a deep-rooted domestic struggle.Burdened by poverty and spiritually dulled by a loveless marriage to an older woman. Frome is emotionally stirred by the arrival of a youthful cousin who is employed as household help. Mattie's presence not only brightens a gloomy house but stirs long-dormant feelings in Ethan. Their growing love for one another, discovered by an embittered wife, presages an ending to this grim tale that is both shocking and savagely ironic.

African Folk Tales

by Hugh Vernon-Jackson Yuko Green

This exciting collection of traditional African folk tales introduces you to a host of interesting people and unusual animals. Eighteen authentic fables, recorded as they were told by tribal members of Nigerian and other cultures, range from the imaginative "Story of a Farmer and Four Hyenas" to an entertaining account of "The Man with Seven Dogs."In "The Magic Crocodile," you'll meet a reptile with very strange powers, while "The Boy in the Drum" teaches a valuable lesson in the importance of obeying one's parents. In "The Hare and the Crownbird," a fine, feathered friend is rewarded for its acts of kindness. You'll also learn why a ram has a large head and a tortoise a small one in "The Greedy but Cunning Tortoise"; and in "A She-Goat and Her Children," you'll discover how a clever animal managed to provide food for her children.Set in large, easy-to-read type and enhanced with Yuko Green's 19 lively illustrations, this collection of time-honored folk tales will delight readers of all ages.


by David Massey

The trip of a lifetime turns into a fight to the death when six extreme athletes are TAKEN hostage by pirates off the coast of Africa. By the author of TORN. Six crew members are toughing it out, trying to come together as a team to sail around the world on a grueling challenge for charity. Four are teen military veterans disabled in combat: They're used to being pushed to the limit. But nothing could have prepared them for being kidnapped by the Lord's Resistance Army. Suddenly, the trip of a lifetime turns into a dark journey into the African jungle. Taken hostage by a notorious warlord and his band of child soldiers, how will Rio, Ash, Marcus, Jen, Charis, and Izzy survive?

Nelson Mandela: Freedom For All

by Jack Silbert

In South Africa, Nelson Mandela is known as "the father of the nation," and around the world he is revered for his political and humanitarian accomplishments. Nelson Mandela: Freedom For All covers all of the most important parts of this incredible man's life: his 26 years as a political prisoner; his receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for his work against apartheid; his election as the first black president of South Africa in 1994; and more! Until he left office in 1999, Mandela helped to dismantle apartheid and create a new constitution for the country. Mandela remained politically active even after his retirement. He championed humanitarian issues like fighting HIV and AIDS under the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Nelson Mandela: Freedom For All is the most up-to-date account of Mandela's inspiring life story.

I Survived the Eruption of Mount St. Helens, 1980 (I Survived #14)

by Lauren Tarshis

It was one the most beautiful mountains in America, Mount St. Helens, in Washington State. But what many didn't know was that this peaceful mountain had an explosive past. For more than a century, it had been quiet. But below ground, pressure had been building, and soon, Kaboom! Mount St. Helens would erupt with terrifying fury. Eleven-year-old Jessie Marlowe knew the mountain well, and like many, she never imagined that this serene wilderness could turn deadly. But on May 10th, 1980, Jessie finds herself in the middle of the deadliest volcanic eruption in U.S. history. Trapped on the mountain, she must escape clouds of poisonous gas, boiling rivers, and landslides of rock, glacial ice, and white-hot debris. The newest book in the I Survived series will take readers into one of the most environmentally devastating events in recent U.S. history.

Número uno: Secretos para ser el mejor en lo que nos propongamos

by Robert Pool Anders Ericsson

El mayor experto mundial en rendimiento y desarrollo de habilidades, Anders Ericsson, nos enseña los secretos para conseguir ser el mejor en lo que nos propongamos. «Este libro es el guía que nos mostrará el camino hasta la cumbre. Lo lejos que queramos llegar es una decisión personal.»Anders Ericsson ¿Por qué hay algunas personas que son increíblemente buenas en lo que hacen? En el deporte, la música, la ciencia o los negocios siempre ha habido figuras excepcionales. «Tiene un auténtico don», decimos asombrados. Pero ¿existe realmente el talento innato? Anders Ericsson ha descubierto ese don en atletas, músicos, médicos o ajedrecistas entre otros, pero también asegura que en realidad todos nacemos con algún don y que tenemos la capacidad de crear habilidades, mediante el entrenamiento y la práctica, gracias a la increíble adaptabilidad del cerebro y del cuerpo humanos. También nos asegura que los principios de la práctica deliberada que aplican los «números uno» de las más variadas disciplinas ofrecen también excelentes resultados a todas aquellas personas o empresas que desean mejorar. ¿Queremos mejorar en tenis? ¿Nuestra escritura? ¿Las dotes de vendedor? Necesitamos práctica deliberada, y he aquí una buena forma de concebirla: Imaginemos que queremos subir una montaña. Podemos simplemente tomar un camino que parezca prometedor, aunque probablemente no lleguemos muy lejos, o confiar en un guía que conoce el mejor camino y alcanzar la cima de forma mucho más eficiente y efectiva. Esta forma mejor es la práctica deliberada y este libro es el guía que nos mostrará el camino hasta la cumbre. Luego, cada uno decide hasta dónde quiere llegar. El talento innato es un mito y todos podemos ser números uno gracias a nuestro potencial y a la práctica deliberada, un principio revolucionario para mejorar lashabilidades y alcanzar la excelencia. Reseñas:«Quien siga al pie de la letra las lecciones de este libro, podrá cambiar el mundo.»Joshua Foer, autor de Los desafíos de la memoria «La ciencia de la excelencia se divide en dos eras: el antes y el después de Ericsson.»Dan Coyle, autor de Las claves del talento «Un excelente destilado del valioso trabajo de toda una vida.»Stephen J. Dubner, coautor de Freakonomics y SuperFreakonomics

El poder del desorden: Para transformar nuestra vida

by Tim Harford

¿Por qué nos resistimos al desorden en lugar de abandonarnos a él? Descubre los beneficios que el desorden aporta a nuestra vida y cómo permite alcanzar nuevas metas. El poder del desorden celebra los beneficios que el desorden aporta a nuestra vida. A partir de los hallazgos en el terreno de la neurociencia, la psicología y las ciencias sociales, ilustrados con casos protagonizados por personalidades de los negocios, la política y las artes, Tim Harford, autor de El economista camuflado, explora por qué es importante el desorden, por qué nos resistimos a él y por qué deberíamos dejar de hacerlo. Y este provocativo y revelador elogio de la magia del desorden, y de las ventajas que aporta a nuestra vida en el ámbito profesional y personal, nos invita a aceptar los cambios de planes inesperados, la irrupción de personas desconocidas o los sucesos imprevistos que serán clave para generar nuevas ideas. Porque cualidades humanas tan valoradas como la creatividad, la resiliencia o la capacidad de innovación son intrínsecas al desorden, y los éxitos que despiertan nuestra admiración a menudo se alzan sobre la improvisación y la confusión. Con este libro descubriremos que algunas de las personas más creativas del mundo ya han sabido aprovechar el poder del desorden para alcanzar nuevas metas. Reseñas:«Absolutamente fascinante. Tim Harford demuestra que para ser creativos y resilientes debemos introducir el desorden en nuestro mundo.»Adam Grant, autor de Dar y recibir «Magistral.»The Economist «Un nuevo libro de Tim Harford siempre es motivo de alegría.»Malcolm Gladwell, autor de Fueras de serie «Un libro muy, muy bueno, ingenioso y perspicaz.»Brian Eno

Eight Cousins

by Louisa May Alcott

When Rose Campbell, a shy orphan, arrives at "The Aunt Hill" to live with her six aunts and seven boisterous male cousins, she is quite overwhelmed. How could such a delicate young lady, used to the quiet hallways of a girls' boarding school, exist in such a spirited home? It is the arrival of Uncle Alec that changes everything. Much to the horror of her aunts, Rose's forward-thinking uncle insists that the child get out of the parlor and into the sunshine. And with a little courage and lots of adventures with her mischievous but loving cousins, Rose begins to bloom.Written by the beloved author of Little Women, Eight Cousins is a masterpiece of children's literature. This endearing novel offers readers of all ages an inspiring story about growing up, making friends, and facing life with strength and kindness.


by Vergil

Considered the greatest Roman poet, Vergil spent over a decade working on this monumental epic poem, which has been a source of literary inspiration and poetic grandeur for more than 2,000 years. Its twelve books tell the heroic story of Aeneas, a Trojan who escaped the burning ruins of Troy to found a new city in the west. This city, Lavinium, was the parent city of Rome.Drawn by divine destiny after the fall of Troy, Aeneas sailed westward toward the land of the Tiber. After many adventures, he and his men were shipwrecked on the shores of Carthage, where Aeneas and Queen Dido fell in love. Reminded of his duty, however, Aeneas sailed on. After visiting his father in the underworld, Aeneas saw the future of the Roman people and their exploits in peace and war. Eventually he arrived in Italy, where he and his men struggled valiantly to secure a foothold for the founding of Rome.Vast in scope, crowded with exciting adventure and heroic deeds, the Aeneid was Vergil's imagined account of Roman beginnings and a tribute to the history, character and achievements of the Roman people. On the other hand, its depth, vision and empathy with human suffering make the poem relevant to the general human condition. Now this enduring multileveled masterpiece is available in this republication of a standard unabridged translation, the most inexpensive complete version available.

Dr. Faustus

by Christopher Marlowe

One of the most durable myths in Western culture, the story of Faust tells of a learned German doctor who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge and power. Early enactments of Faust's damnation were often the raffish fare of clowns and low comedians. But the young Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) recognized in the story of Faust's temptation and fall the elements of tragedy.In his epic treatment of the Faust legend, Marlowe retains much of the rich phantasmagoria of its origins. There are florid visions of an enraged Lucifer, dueling angels, the Seven Deadly Sins, Faustus tormenting the Pope, and his summoning of the spirit of Alexander the Great. But the playwright created equally powerful scenes that invest the work with tragic dignity, among them the doomed man's calling upon Christ to save him and his ultimate rejection of salvation for the embrace of Helen of Troy.With immense poetic skill, and psychological insight that foreshadowed the later work of Shakespeare and the Jacobean playwrights, Marlowe created in Dr. Faustus one of the first true tragedies in English. Vividly dramatic, rich in poetic grandeur, this classic play remains a robust and lively exemplar of the glories of Elizabethan drama.

I Survived the Joplin Tornado, 2011 (I Survived #12)

by Lauren Tarshis

The next book in the New York Times bestselling I Survived series will place readers right in the middle of the deadly Joplin Tornado of 2011. The 2011 Joplin tornado was a catastrophic tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri in 2011. It was part of a larger tornado outbreak in the spring of that year and reached a maximum width of nearly 1 mile during its path through the southern part of the city, killing 158 people, injuring over 1,000 and caused damages amounting to a total of $2.8 billion, making it the costliest single tornado in U.S. history. Lauren will bring her signature intensity to this distinctly American natural disaster, placing a young boy in the middle of one of the deadliest tornado to strike the United States since 1947.

I Survived #11: I Survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871

by Lauren Tarshis

In a national contest, readers voted and decided that the next I SURVIVED topic will be the Great Chicago Fire, 1871! In the next book of the I SURVIVED series, one boy will struggle to stay alive as the great city of Chicago burns.

We Can Work It Out

by Elizabeth Eulberg

A return to the world of THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB -- in a novel that gets to the heart of how hard relationships can be . . . and why they are sometimes worth all the drama and comedy they create. When Penny Lane started The Lonely Hearts Club, the goal was simple: to show that girls didn't need to define themselves by how guys looked at them, and didn't have to value boyfriends over everything else. Penny thought she'd be an outcast for life . . . but then the club became far more popular than she ever imagined it would be. But what happens when the girl who never thought she'd date a good guy suddenly finds herself dating a great one? She doesn't need a boyfriend . . . but she wants it to work out with this particular boyfriend. And he wants it to work out with her. Only, things keep getting in the way. Feelings keep getting hurt. Words keep getting misunderstood. Penny Lane worked hard to declare her independence. Now she needs to figure out what to do with it -- and how to balance what she wants with what everyone else wants.

¡Aquí no hacemos las cosas así!: Una historia sobre el auge y la caída de las organizaciones, y cómo lograr que se reinventen

by John Kotter Holger Rathgeber

Una fábula empresarial que ayudará a cualquier equipo u organización a hacer frente a los mayores retos y a convertirlos en magníficas oportunidades. Érase una vez un clan de animales más interesantes que los humanos, llamados suricatas. Vivían en el desierto del Kalahari, en una numerosa comunidad disciplinada y bien dirigida que había disfrutado de un crecimiento continuado. Sin embargo, llegó una temporada de sequía que redujo sus recursos y los buitres se lanzaron sobre ellos. Al ver que la supervivencia del clan peligraba, sus dirigentes se enzarzaron en disputas y solo respondían a las propuestas de otros miembros del grupo con un contundente «¡Aquí no hacemos las cosas así!». Un día, Nadia, una brillante y aventurera suricata, decidió salir en busca de nuevas ideas para intentar salvar el clan. Se encontró con un grupo más reducido que operaba de otra manera, pero se dio cuenta de que allí las cosas tampoco eran tan perfectas como parecía y decidió que la mejor solución sería combinar lo mejor de ambos clanes. Esta fantástica fábula aborda cuestiones muy importantes a las que la mayoría de nosotros nos enfrentamos todos los días. En ella se destila la celebrada experiencia de John Kotter en el terreno del cambio organizacional así como los resultados de sus investigaciones sobre el auge y la caída de las organizaciones, y cómo lograr que se reinventen haciendo frente a las vicisitudes y a la adversidad. «El cambio forma parte de la vida. A una época de sequía le sigue otra de lluvias. A veces son los halcones los que intentan cazarnos, luego todo cambia y nos persiguen las serpientes. Pero sabemos lidiar con estos retos. No es fácil, pero disponemos de métodos que nos permiten afrontar con éxito los desafíos.» Reseñas:«Esta excepcional parábola nos enseña que todo va mejor si innovamos en épocas de cambio.»Spencer Johnson, autor de ¿Quién se ha llevado mi queso? «La metáfora de Kotter explica el requisito básico para una organización eficiente: escuchar los sentimientos y las ideas de los miembros del equipo al servicio de un objetivo. Esto posibilita el liderazgo y da pie a una creatividad y un potencial extraordinarios.»Leigh Morgan, directora de operaciones de Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation «Funciona, y no solo con suricatas.»Gaëtan Thomas, presidente y director general de NB Power

Creatividad, S.A.

by Edwin Catmull

Las fórmulas para crear entornos creativos de la mano del fundador y presidente de los estudios Disney-Pixar Studios.Creatividad, S.A. es un libro para profesionales que deseen llevar a sus equipos a cumbres más altas, un manual para cualquier lector que valore la originalidad y el primer viaje al centro neurálgico de Pixar Animation: a sus reuniones, sus evaluaciones ex-post y las sesiones del Braintrust de las que nacieron algunas de las películas más exitosas de la historia del cine. Es, en el fondo, un libro acerca de cómo se construye una cultura creativa, pero también, como afirma su autor, «un reflejo de las ideas que creo que afloran lo mejor que llevamos dentro.»Reseñas:«Muchos autores han intentado formular y categorizar la inspiración y la creatividad. Sin embargo, lo que Ed Catmull muestra con su experiencia es que la creatividad no es simplemente una fuente de ideas, sino más bien una alquimia entre las personas. En Creatividad, S.A., Ed expone con honestidad y sentido común cómo no convertirse en un estorbo y cómo fusionar arte, negocio e innovación.»George Lucas«Una gran novedad... Catmull nos traslada al interior del ecosistema de Pixar y nos muestra cómo la excelencia se desarrolla y se perfecciona con un nivel de detalle que resulta inspirador. Si usted tiene un trabajo creativo, debe leer este libro ya.»Daniel Coyle, autor de El pequeño libro del talento«Este es el mejor libro jamás escrito acerca de lo que implica establecer una organización creativa. Es el mejor porque la sabiduría y la modestia impregnan cada una de sus páginas. Muestra cómo la excelencia de Pixar radica en conectar los pequeños detalles #principio que puede aplicar cualquiera en su propio negocio# con el objetivo final que persiguen todos los miembros de la compañía: crear películas que les hagan sentirse orgullosos.»Robert I. Sutton, profesor en la Universidad de Stanford y autor de Buen jefe, mal jefe


by José Luis de Haro

«Trabaja duro. Diviértete. Haz historia.»Jeff BezosLa historia de Amazon está íntimamente ligada a la visión de su fundador Jeff Bezos y a su obsesión por transformar el comercio electrónico, y desarrollar una nueva forma de comprar sin fronteras a golpe de clic. En este proceso ha logrado trastocar modelos de negocio que llevan décadas funcionando. ¿Cómo ha conseguido una empresa que empieza a operar en 1995 consolidarse como la tienda online más importante del mundo con una expansión imparable?José Luis de Haro ha recurrido a los protagonistas directos que han acompañado a Jeff Bezos en el crecimiento de Amazon. Para desentrañar y explicar las claves de este éxito hay que profundizar en los rasgos y la personalidad de este empresario brillante y su ambicioso proyecto que sigue creciendo exponencialmente, como refleja su último golpe maestro: la compra del diario The Washington Post. En la rapidísima expansión mundial de su negocio, Bezos ha demostrado su capacidad para romper las reglas del juego del comercio, y del mercado del libro, con la creación de su famoso Kindle.Pero Bezos no se detiene nunca en su búsqueda de nuevos mercados y explora permanentemente nuevas aventuras, desde los servicios en la nube hasta las alternativas para el periodismo del siglo XXI. Cualquiera que quiera entender el futuro de los negocios a nivel global necesita conocer a Jeff Bezos y su gran creación: Amazon.

The Merchant of Venice

by William Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice is an intriguing drama of love, greed, and revenge. At its heart, the play contrasts the characters of the maddened and vengeful Shylock, a Venetian moneylender, with the gracious, level-headed Portia, a wealthy young woman besieged by suitors. At the play's climax, Shylock insists on the enforcement of a binding contract that will cost the life of the merchant Antonio -- inciting Portia to mount a memorable defense.In this richly plotted drama, Shylock, whom Shakespeare endowed with all of the depth and vitality of his greatest characters, is not alone in his villainy. In scene after scene, a large cast of ambitious and scheming characters demonstrates that honesty is a quality often strained where matters of love and money are concerned.The gravity and suspense of the play's central plot, together with its romance, have made The Merchant of Venice a favorite of audiences, and one of the most studied and performed of Shakespeare's plays. It is reprinted here from an authoritative text, complete with explanatory footnotes.

100 Favorite English and Irish Poems

by Clarence C. Strowbridge

This compact anthology contains many of the best works of 59 poets writing in English--from the complex rhyme schemes of Elizabethan poet Edmund Spenser and lovely sonnets of the preeminent English poet and playwright William Shakespeare to William Blake's visionary works and John Keats' profound insights into the nature of beauty, art, and mortality.Here also are beloved poems by Christopher Marlowe, John Donne, William Wordsworth, Robert Browning, Christina Rossetti, Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Burns, William Butler Yeats, Rupert Brooke, T. S. Eliot, W. H. Auden, Dylan Thomas, and 43 other great English, Irish, and Scottish writers. In addition to a concise introduction, this volume provides brief commentaries on the poets represented. The result is a carefully selected anthology that will be studied and treasured by students and poetry lovers alike. Includes 5 selections from the Common Core State Standards Initiative: "Loveliest of Trees," "Musee des Beaux Arts," "Ozymandias," "Sonnet 73," and "Ode on a Grecian Urn."


by Sarah Darer Littman

In critically acclaimed author Sarah Darer Littman's gripping new novel what happens online doesn't always stay online . . . Lara just got told off on Facebook. She thought that Christian liked her, that he was finally going to ask her to his school's homecoming dance. It's been a long time since Lara's felt this bad, this depressed. She's worked really hard since starting high school to be happy and make new friends. Bree used to be BBFs with overweight, depressed Lara in middle school, but constantly listening to Lara's problems got to be too much. Bree's secretly glad that Christian's pointed out Lara's flaws to the world. Lara's not nearly as great as everyone thinks. After weeks of talking online, Lara thought she knew Christian, so what's with this sudden change? And where does he get off saying horrible things on her wall? Even worse - are they true? But no one realized just how far Christian's harsh comments would push Lara. Not even Bree. As online life collides with real life, the truth starts to come together and the backlash is even more devastating than than anyone could have imagined.

The Porcupine of Truth

by Bill Konigsberg

The author of OPENLY STRAIGHT returns with an epic road trip involving family history, gay history, the girlfriend our hero can't have, the grandfather he never knew, and the Porcupine of Truth. Carson Smith is resigned to spending his summer in Billings, Montana, helping his mom take care of his father, a dying alcoholic he doesn't really know. Then he meets Aisha Stinson, a beautiful girl who has run away from her difficult family, and Pastor John Logan, who's long held a secret regarding Carson's grandfather, who disappeared without warning or explanation thirty years before. Together, Carson and Aisha embark on an epic road trip to find the answers that might save Carson's dad, restore his fragmented family, and discover the "Porcupine of Truth" in all of their lives.


by Sara B. Larson

Murder, kidnapping, and forbidden romance abound in this thrilling sequel to Sara B. Larson's acclaimed YA debut, DEFY. Alexa continues to harbor a secret love for the newly crowned King Damian, yet she remains by his side as his guard and ever committed to helping him rebuild Antion and reclaim the hope of Antion's people. However, when a new threat to Damian and his kingdom emerges, and blame is cast on the once friendly nation of Blevon, Alexa knows things are not what they seem. Once again the fate of her country hangs in the balance. Will Alexa be able to protect her king and uncover the true enemy -- before it's too late?

Gold Medal Winter

by Donna Freitas

Esperanza Flores is "America's Hope for the Gold!" in this sweet novel about a figure skater who gets the chance to achieve her Olympic dreams. After years of practice and competitions, of sit spins and perfect poses and thrillingly high jumps, Esperanza Flores will be skating for the United States. But with the excitement of an Olympic shot comes new attention -- and BIG distractions. Suddenly Espi can't go out with her friends, or even out her back door, without reporters and autograph-seekers following her every move. The other U.S. figure skaters have a lot more international experience, and they let Espi know they don't think she's ready. And Hunter Wills, the men's figure skating champion, seems to be flirting with her, even as the press matches her up with Danny Morrison, the youngest -- and maybe cutest -- member of the U.S. hockey team. In the midst of all this, Espi is trying to master an impossible secret jump that just might be her key to a medal.

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