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Gog and Magog: Yawm al-Qiyamah, Yawm al-Din The Day of Judgment

by Carl Douglass

Gog and Magog, Yawm al-Qiyamah, Yawm al-Din, The Day of Judgment opens with a meeting of highly secretive Islamic jihadists who have a well-organized and ingenious plan to cripple the United States and Europe. The leader cautions his followers--true believers all--to be patient. On the other side of the world, a former federal prosecutor named Elizabeth Rowan is beginning the first of many steps in a meteoric rise up the federal ladder which will culminate in her being appointed president. First, however, highly placed people have to be proved to be corrupt, and some to die, to open her way. Her predecessor is an idealist whose life's ambition is to achieve world peace. He makes unprecedented compromises with Islam's rulers and its jihadists in order to achieve that goal. The leader of the jihadists recognizes an opportunity to lull the American president and his people into a stupor by offering them belief in an end to terrorism and the promise of real peace. While the West sleeps, the terrorists plan and put into place a nuclear holocaust to bring about a permanent crippling to America and Europe.

Drift In Your Pillow's Eyes: William's Great Alaska Adventure

by Dale R. Wilderness

William takes on the great Alaska outdoors in several dreams the night before his big trip. William and his mother will hike Lazy Mountain the next morning. As he goes to sleep his excitement cannot be contained. William's imagination gets the best of him as his dreams take him all over the state of Alaska. He finds himself on the North Slope down to Prince William Sound and just about everywhere in between. Along his adventures William spends time with a few animals found in Alaska. This fun loving heartfelt story of a mother and her son preparing a hike on Lazy Mountain will have you laughing, crying and anticipating Williams next dream. Don't miss this adventure; you'll feel like you're in Alaska's Great Outdoors

ACADEMIA: The Law of the Jungle: Surgeon in training, Garven Wilsonhulme, fang-and-claw competition for glory

by Carl Douglass

Academia: The Law of the Jungle by Author Carl Douglass, neurosurgeon turned author who writes with such gripping realism, is a novel of a driven man who finally gets to be a surgeon in training and then an academic neurosurgeon on his way to the top of his profession. He watched the fall from glory of his mentor, and came face to face with his greatest opponents in the fang-and-claw competition of a merciless competition at the heights of prestige.

Heaven and Hell: Garven Wilsonhulme takes on all comers in the jungle of modern competition

by Carl Douglass

Heaven and Hell is a novel of a man's driven life, one of overarching ambition. Here, Garven Wilsonhulme, would-be neurosurgeon, enters medical school and learns about the grim realities of competing for his place in a class where 50% of the students will be gone by the time of graduation. He makes life-long friends and enemies and faces for the first time what it is to be a student of the human condition and what life as a physician will hold for him. He learned a mnemonic ditty for the bones of the wrist: "Never Lower Tillie's Pants, Grandmother Might Come Home" and how to save a boy dying from meningitis. In Heaven and Hell, Garven is first introduced to the gripping world of neurosurgery by the man who becomes his mentor. That meeting proves to be life changing.

Bringing Your Book to Market: A Writers' Guide to Becoming a Published Author

by Evan Swensen

Publication Consultants specializes in publishing the works of writers worldwide. We've been in the publishing business since 1978. We're not only publishers, we're writers, and know many problems confronting writers. How to solve those problems and bring writer's work to market is our business. We welcome this opportunity to become acquainted with you and your work. Publication Consultants produces books and publications of any size, number of pages, and variety of binding and covers. We think there is more to book publishing than just putting ink on paper. Our services include design, typesetting, printing, binding, conversion, and all necessary steps to publish your book, both as a printed book and an. We take your book from conception to completion and bring your work to market with one of five different programs.

Hidden Voice: A Story of Discovering Strengths

by Heather Johnson

11-year-old Vidia Achsah has an extraordinary talent. Underneath her rebellious attitude, she has the voice of an angel. When her friends hear her singing in the school hallway, they sign her up for the school talent show behind her back hoping to help her gain self-esteem. Now Vidia must prove self worth to her peers and to herself. All with the constant bullying from the queen bees at school, and the fear of failure gnawing at her, can she learn to change keys and find her true voice?

All in Jest: Renowned Neurosurgeon in the Fight of Her Life

by Carl Douglass

"It is really quite simple," the renowned French Canadian expert on pituitary surgery began his answer. Neurosurgeon defendant Sybil Norcroft, M.D., F.A.C.S., PhD steeled herself to hear the description that could possibly spell the end of her rising career. Even a glance at the imperturbable face of her defense attorney failed to convey any calm to the roiling tempest in the surgeon's brain. Plaintiff's Attorney Paul Bel Geddes was the attack dog who declared a jihad against Dr. Norcroft in the Brendan McNeely malpractice case and hounded her then and afterward to the point of distraction. The case seared Sybil's soul because she had her own doubts about how and why the handsome young scion of the wealthiest family in the city had bled to death on her operating table. Bel Geddes could not let the animosity that was engendered by the McNeely case go, and he relentlessly pursued the famous woman neurosurgeon in a personal crusade. After years of harassment, Sybil Norcroft had had enough, and she applied her brilliant mind and her considerable resources to ending the war declared against her. The war was a classic example of uncivil justice both in and out of the courtroom. How the JEST comes about is worth the reading. The book is full of fun, humor, anger, fear, pathos, intense emotional conflict, and tense and riveting courtroom drama. There is a considerable amount of theater outside the courts as well. You will want to read it in one sitting and to pass it along to your family and friends the next day.

The Perfection of the Paper Clip

by James Ward

This wonderfully quirky book will change the way you look at your desk forever with stories of accidental genius, bitter rivalries, and an appreciation for everyday objects, like the humble but perfectly designed paper clip and the utilitarian, irreplaceable pencil.How many of humanity's brightest ideas started out on a scrap of paper, a Post-It, or in the margins of a notebook? In a delightfully witty and fresh voice, James Ward--cofounder of the Boring Conference and collector of the arcane--explores the secret histories of deskbound supplies, from pencils to fluorescent ink, and the gleaming reams of white paper we all take for granted, encouraging a deeper appreciation and fascination for the things that surround us each day. In the spirit of The Evolution of Useful Things and A History of the World in 100 Objects, Ward transforms the mundane into stories of invention, discovery, and even awe. The Perfection of the Paper Clip is a fascinating tour of the objects that touch our daily lives, filled with charming drawings, illuminating stories, and winning humor that will satisfy curious minds and armchair inventors.

The Nazi Hunters

by Andrew Nagorski

More than seven decades after the end of the Second World War, the era of the Nazi Hunters is drawing to a close as they and the hunted die off. Their saga can now be told almost in its entirety.After the Nuremberg trials and the start of the Cold War, most of the victors in World War II lost interest in prosecuting Nazi war criminals. Many of the lower-ranking perpetrators quickly blended in with the millions who were seeking to rebuild their lives in a new Europe, while those who felt most at risk fled the continent. The Nazi Hunters focuses on the small band of men and women who refused to allow their crimes to be forgotten--and who were determined to track them down to the furthest corners of the earth. The Nazi Hunters reveals the experiences of the young American prosecutors in the Nuremberg and Dachau trials, Benjamin Ferencz and William Denson; the Polish investigating judge Jan Sehn, who handled the case of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss; Germany's judge and prosecutor Fritz Bauer, who repeatedly forced his countrymen to confront their country's record of mass murder; the Mossad agent Rafi Eitan, who was in charge of the Israeli team that nabbed Eichmann; and Eli Rosenbaum, who rose to head the US Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations that belatedly sought to expel war criminals who were living quietly in the United States. But some of the Nazi hunters' most controversial actions involved the more ambiguous cases, such as former UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim's attempt to cover up his wartime history. Or the fate of concentration camp guards who have lived into their nineties, long past the time when reliable eyewitnesses could be found to pinpoint their exact roles. The story of the Nazi hunters is coming to a natural end. It was unprecedented in so many ways, especially the degree to which the initial impulse of revenge was transformed into a struggle for justice. The Nazi hunters have transformed our fundamental notions of right and wrong. Andrew Nagorski's book is a richly reconstructed odyssey and an unforgettable tale of gritty determination, at times reckless behavior, and relentless pursuit.

Road to Reckoning

by Robert Lautner

One does not travel the path to vengeance alone Twelve -year -old Thomas Walker has never left New York City. His father, a traveling salesman hoping to earn money by selling Samuel Colt's recent invention, the "Improved Revolving Gun," takes young Thomas with him on the road. But even the world's first true revolver cannot save them from danger, and what starts as an adventure soon turns into a nightmare. Thomas soon finds himself alone, and must rely on his own wits, courage, and determination, as well as a wooden replica of the Colt revolver, to protect himself. Luckily, an encounter with a surly ex-ranger, Henry Stands, leads to an improbable partnership, and the two set out in perilous pursuit of vengeance. That is, if they can escape the thieves who lurk around each trail, river, and road--and who have already stolen so much from Thomas. In the spirit of The Sisters Brothers and True Grit, this spare, elegant, and emotionally resonant story conveys, through a boy's eyes, a beautiful father-son story, as well as the fascinating history of how the birth of the revolver changed the course of violence in America. Road to Reckoning offers a window into the history of the American West and the heart of a boy yearning for love.


by Jeff Somers

Learn the Words. Get the blood. Rule the world. A stand-alone short story in the Ustari Cycle. The heroes of We Are Not Good People learn what "down and out" truly feels like when a massive debt forces one of them into the role of Fixer... in New Jersey. Check out the gritty supernatural series from the "exhilarating, powerful, and entertaining" (Guardian) storyteller of the Avery Cates series.The underground few who practice blood magic--casting with a swipe of the blade and a few secretive Words--are not good people. Lem and Mags live in this world, and they try to be good, try to skate by on Cantrips and charms and scratch out a meager existence without harming anyone...much. But when a con goes bad, it can go really, really bad, and suddenly unsavory types are holding your leash. Lem and Mags hit such a snag, and with his Gasam (teacher-master) unwilling to help, he's stuck fixing jobs for a Jersey boss. He'd like to think that with a fat enough Bleeder (those who bleed to fuel their boss's magic) he's come up with a second, better con to get out of their predicament. But sometimes elbow grease and sweat are worth more than even blood. And luck is worth even more than that. This eBook also contains an excerpt of We Are Not Good People.

We Are Not Good People

by Jeff Somers

From the "exhilarating, powerful, and entertaining" (Guardian) storyteller of the Avery Cates series comes a gritty supernatural thriller featuring a pair of unlikely heroes caught up in the underground world of blood magic.The ethics in a world of blood are gray--and an underground strata of blood magicians has been engineering disasters for centuries in order to acquire enough fuel for their spells. They are not good people. Some practitioners, however, use the Words and a swipe of the blade to cast simpler spells, such as Charms and Cantrips to gas up $1 bills so they appear to be $20s. Lem Vonnegan and his sidekick Mags fall into this level of mage, hustlers and con men all. Lem tries to be ethical by using only his own blood, by not using Bleeders or "volunteers." But it makes life hard. Soon they might have to get honest work. When the pair encounters a girl who's been kidnapped and marked up with magic runes for a ritual spell, it's clear they're in over their heads. Turning to Lem's estranged master for help, they are told that not only is the girl's life all but forfeit, but that the world's preeminent mage, Mika Renar, has earth-shattering plans for her--and Lem just got in the way. With the fate of the world on the line, and Lem both spooked and intrigued by the mysterious girl, the other nominates him to become the huckleberry who'll take down Renar. But even if he, Mags, and the simpletons who follow him prevail, they're dealing with the kind of power that doesn't understand defeat, or mercy. Book One in the Ustari Cycle, the first portion of We Are Not Good People was originally published in an altered form as Trickster (Pocket Books).

Proof of Heaven

by Eben Alexander

A scientist's case for the afterlife...Thousands of people have had near-death experiences, but scientists have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those scientists. A highly trained neurosurgeon, Alexander knew that NDEs feel real, but are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress. Then, Dr. Alexander's own brain was attacked by a rare illness. The part of the brain that controls thought and emotion--and in essence makes us human--shut down completely. For seven days he lay in a coma. Then, as his doctors considered stopping treatment, Alexander's eyes popped open. He had come back. Alexander's recovery is a medical miracle. But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself. Alexander's story is not a fantasy. Before he underwent his journey, he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul. Today Alexander is a doctor who believes that true health can be achieved only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition. This story would be remarkable no matter who it happened to. That it happened to Dr. Alexander makes it revolutionary. No scientist or person of faith will be able to ignore it. Reading it will change your it. Reading it will change your life.

Luther: The Calling

by Neil Cross

A brilliant standalone novel hailed as "some of the best crime fiction to hit bookstores this year" (Hollywood Reporter) and a prequel to the hit BBC America TV show Luther, by the Edgar Award-winning creator and sole writer of the show.Is Luther a force for good or a man hell-bent on self-destruction? Meet Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. He's a homicide detective with an extraordinary case-clearance rate. He's obsessive, instinctive, and intense. Nobody who ever stood at his side has a bad word to say about him. And yet there are rumors that Luther is bad--not corrupt, but tormented. After years of chasing the most depraved criminals in London's gritty underworld, he seethes with a hidden fury he can barely control, making him do things any other detective wouldn't and shouldn't do. Luther: The Calling is the story of the serial killer case that tore Luther's personal and professional relationships apart and propelled him over the precipice--beyond fury, beyond vengeance, all the way to the other side of the law. Luther: The Calling, the first in a new series of novels featuring DCI John Luther, takes us into Luther's past and into his mind. It is the story of the serial killer case that tore his personal and professional relationships apart and propelled him over the precipice--beyond fury, beyond vengeance, all the way to the other side of the law. Is Luther a force for good or a man hell-bent on self-destruction? Edgar Award-winning writer Neil Cross has created one of the most compelling characters in modern crime fiction. Luther: The Calling is a compulsively readable novel by the writer hailed by The Guardian as "Britain's own Stephen King."

Anything Goes: Garven Wilsonhulme takes on all comers in the jungle of modern competition

by Carl Douglass

Anything Goes finds Garven Wilsonhulme, a boyish prankster, champion college wrestler, and sociopathic driven competitor struggling his way to the pinnacle of success in his university life. There is nothing he will not do to get into medical school--nothing. He is willing to use his friends, destroy his enemies, lie, cheat, and steal to get there if that is what it takes. Anything Goes is the story of how that success is achieved and at what cost--to himself, to his family, and even to his friends. That cost includes alienating the most prominent professor at Stanford, which is only the beginning of his willingness to take on all comers.

Bright Eyes, Alaska Baby Seal: The True Story of an Alaska Baby Seal

by Chris Kiana SR

CHRIS KIANA, SR., Inupiaq Eskimo Chris grew up at Fairbanks, Alaska. Upon graduation from Fairbanks High School, he tried college for a couple of years and joined the U.S. Navy, serving two tours of duty in Vietnam. After military service, he went back to college and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. He continued further education and received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and Master of Arts in Rural Development (MA-RD). During the past 25 years, Chris has written and produced videos, DVDs, and numerous writings. He is the world's foremost authority on the invention, operation, and authoring an instructional book of 100 tricks on the Alaska Eskimo Yo-Yo, 100 Alaska Yo-Yo Stratagems. He's also written a thriller, Alaska Crying Baby. Chris's other children's story is Wally the Lost Baby Walrus. Chris and his wife, Sarah, live in Anchorage and have three grown children and three grandchildren.

Colony Kids: Adventures of the First Year in Alaska

by Heather Lehe

It's 1935, during the Great Depression, and Paul's family is out of work and out of money. They have nothing but a little ramshackle farm in Minnesota. Now that's gone, too. Suddenly, an incredible opportunity opens up for 202 families, including Paul's, but it means moving far away, to a land few people know anything about. Will his family go? Will Paul have to leave his friends, family, and beloved dog, Rascal? Then Paul meets tomboyish Maggie and adventurous Erik, also kids of new colonists, and together they face the unique realities of living in the far north. Based on true stories, follow the trials and adventures of Paul, Maggie, and Erik as their families start over in hopes of building a new life in a strange land so far away. Will they make it?

Father Hear My Psalms: For Times Times of Prayer and Praise

by Peggy Mcmahon

The 23rd Psalm is a beloved Scripture that is known and loved universally by millions. Peggy has breathed a vibrancy into the essence of this Psalm that touches every cord in our human experience...and with beauty and great depth.

Abba Hear My Prayers: For Times I Cannot Pray Myself

by Peggy Mcmahon

Peggy McMahon's prayers are heartfelt and capture the raw, authentic emotions many face with a serious or life-threatening illness. Her prayers have touched lives well beyond their origin in Anchorage, Alaska. Written out of her own pain, the prayers of Peggy McMahon have ministered to many in times when they could not find the words to pray. Addressed to Abba, Father, the prayers are personal and heartfelt, written from a place of vulnerable trust. This book will be a comfort and source of power for many.

How To Go Blind and Not Lose Your Mind: Physical and Emotional Challenges of Sight Loss

by Mike Harmer

How To Go Blind And Not Lose Your Mind discusses the process of losing your sight and ways to deal with it. Written through the eyes of a person who has been through the process and survived. How To Go Blind And Not Lose Your Mind begins at the diagnosis, walks you through the stages of sight loss, and explores emotional and physical problems associated with going blind. It describes low vision, legal blindness, loss of independence, and what it may mean to you. You will find what help and visual aids are available. There are physical and emotional problems with loss of sight, however you can still keep your vision about living and enjoy a full, happy life. This book gives more than just hope, it is the vision you need while losing your sight.

Hope Renewed: Picking Up the Pieces After Loss

by Christy Lowry

Hope Renewed: Picking UP the Pieces After Loss leaves the reader knowing how to survive a personal loss and how to better understand others and their struggle with loss. Everyone, at some point in their lives, will go through a loss, be it a parent, sibling, child, friend, hopes or dreams. None will escape! Among other things, this book details the best way to break bad news, explains how shock is really a gift in disguise, what body mapping and an anger allowance are, and what corrodes a marriage after a child dies. It shares why closure is not closure, and finally, how love is constant beyond death. Hope Renewed speaks to you as you seek comfort -- or comfort others. It truly is Hope Renewed.

A Gift for Dusty: Adventures of Dusty Sourdough, Book 1

by Glen Guy

Cautiously, he crawled in the opening, and instantly, he could see nothing. Fumbling in his possible bag he found a lucifer and struck it on the rocky ceiling above his head .... without warning he heard a blood curdling roar, felt a sharp pain start at his head and go all the way down his left side. A pool of blackness started coming over him, he tried to hang on but he felt himself slipping away ... and then nothing.

Adventure Fire: Adventures of Dusty Sourdough, Book 4

by Glen Guy

Out of habit Dusty checked his Winchester to make sure a round was in the chamber, and then eased himself forward, keeping out of view of the front window. It was obvious to Dusty, because of the ruckus Little Bear was causing on the porch, that whoever was inside--if anybody--was forewarned, so the element of surprise was not in Dusty's favor. With these thoughts in mind, Dusty said to no one in particular, "Oh well," and he leaped to the porch, with his rifle at the ready. In an instant he was through the partially open door, ready for whatever consequence awaited him inside.

Adventure Gold: Adventures of Dusty Sourdough, Book 3

by Glen Guy

The current was pulling at Dusty's legs. It was a sucking feeling and he knew that it was about to pull him under. There wasn't a thing he could do to stop it. The cold was numbing and his arms felt like lead. He struggled for one last deep breath as the surging water pulled him down. Down into what he thought would be his watery grave.

Flashman's Lady

by George Macdonald Fraser

Volume VI of THE FLASHMAN PAPERS 1842-45, reissued in B format paperback, in celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of Flashman.

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