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Building a Passive House

by Kristian Fabbri Stefano Piraccini

This book describes step-by-step the entire building process of a passive, energy-efficient house in a Mediterranean climate. It chronicles the creation of the Fiorita Passive House in Cesena, Italy, offering designers valuable tips and practical advice for their own projects. Written as a logbook, it not only provides essential technical information but is also an exciting story of the challenges encountered and the solutions that were found. "How and where do I start when building a passive house? Do I need consultants? Will it cost too much? What precautions should I take in a Mediterranean region? What tools do I need? I want to build in wood, but what technical solutions should I use? What must I do regarding plants and equipment? And then, finally, will it really work?" These and many other questions filled the head of the author and designer when he tried his hand at building a passive house in the Mediterranean. The designer, S. Piraccini, had long sought a book that would answer these answers - in vain. So he decided to brave these dangerous waters alone, and after successfully completing his project, he decided to write a book to help others in the same situation. The book is accompanied by detailed information on building physics and HVAC systems by his fellow architect, K. Fabbri.

EVOLVE - A Bridge between Probability, Set Oriented Numerics, and Evolutionary Computation VI

by Michael Emmerich Pierrick Legrand Henri Luchian Emilia Tantar Alexandru-Adrian Tantar Lenuta Alboaie

This book comprises selected research papers from the 2015 edition of the EVOLVE conference, which was held on June 18-June 24, 2015 in Iași, Romania. It presents the latest research on Probability, Set Oriented Numerics, and Evolutionary Computation. The aim of the EVOLVE conference was to provide a bridge between probability, set oriented numerics and evolutionary computation and to bring together experts from these disciplines. The broad focus of the EVOLVE conference made it possible to discuss the connection between these related fields of study computational science. The selected papers published in the proceedings book were peer reviewed by an international committee of reviewers (at least three reviews per paper) and were revised and enhanced by the authors after the conference. The contributions are categorized into five major parts, which are: Multicriteria and Set-Oriented Optimization; Evolution in ICT Security; Computational Game Theory; Theory on Evolutionary Computation; Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms. The 2015 edition shows a major progress in the aim to bring disciplines together and the research on a number of topics that have been discussed in previous editions of the conference matured over time and methods have found their ways in applications. In this sense the book can be considered an important milestone in bridging and thereby advancing state-of-the-art computational methods.

The Fragility of Tolerant Pluralism

by Andrew Fitz-Gibbon

Sparked by the recent threats to an open and pluralistic society in both Europe and the United States, The Fragility of Tolerant Pluralism is an exploration of social and political philosophy. Using the early sixteenth century as a lens to view our own struggles with multiple visions of a good society, the book looks at tolerant pluralism in the light of the twin challenges of resurgent nationalisms and Islamist terrorism. The book makes a case not only for social toleration, but for a deep pluralism that both values and celebrates difference. It also suggests that the radical sects in Europe in the early sixteenth-century challenged the political and religious monisms of both Catholic and Protestant territories, hence planting the seeds of tolerant pluralism. The struggles faced in the sixteenth-century both reflect and inform our own pressing concerns today and as such, The Fragility of Tolerant Pluralism draws six lessons for our current situation.

Ravished By the Alpha

by Renee George

The Cull. . .humans who have fallen on hard times are invited to become part of the lycanosapien tribes--to become werewolves.USA Today Bestselling author Renee George weaves a passionate tale of romance and suspense that will make your heart race and your ovaries jump for joy. Ravished by the Alpha, Book 3 of The Cull series will not disappoint!Single by choice, werewolf Lizzy Langston has never been a fan of Christmas. But when Coy Vega chooses her tribe's lands to hide from the drug cartel over the holiday, she is drawn to his dark nature. . .and his yummy six-pack abs.It will take a miracle to survive below freezing temperatures, Colombian hit men, an accidental culling, and each other.This BBW paranormal romance contains werewolves, shifters, and super sexy, scorching hot, shifter sex. Ravished by the Alpha is not intended for readers under the age of 18.Previously published: (2016) Renee George

Protected By the Alpha

by Renee George

The Cull continues.Braden knew the moment he saw Eve, he'd do anything to protect her. USA Today Bestselling author Renee George pens an action-packed story, which will keep you turning the pages of Protected By the Alpha, Book 2 of her The Cull series. A fiery hot love story full of intrigue, a gorgeous alpha, a curvy heroine, and a stalker determined to foil their happiness!Braden Jackson wants Eve Taylor from the moment he sees her naked and confident, strolling around the tribe's lands in the Ozark Mountains. The newly culled female is the only woman--human or lycanosapien--who makes him want to howl.There's only one problem. And his name is Tom Ellis. The first generation lycanosapien has more muscles than brains, not to mention some serious control issues when it comes to the human woman he culled.Eve has finally escaped the unrelenting stalker who destroyed her life, and she's grateful to Tom for giving her a new start within the lycan tribe. But it's Braden who inspires her sparks-flying, inhibition-melting, mate-taking lust. Although it's easy to desire him, it's hard to risk her hard-won freedom to have him.But when Eve's life is on the line, Braden will do anything to protect the woman who's captured his heart. Even if it means sacrificing his own.Authors note: The Cull only happens every 80 to 100 years. Humans who have fallen on hard times are invited to become part of the lycanosapien tribes--to become werewolves. It is a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties. The humans are given a chance at a new life, and the lycanos are able to stave off extinction for another century. The last Cull took placed during the Great Depression.This BBW paranormal romance contains werewolves, shifters, and super sexy, scorching hot, shifter sex, there is no cliffhanger. Protected By the Alpha is not intended for readers under the age of 18.Previously published: (2014) Renee George

Crystalizing the EU Digital Policy

by Mirela Mărcuţ

This book explores the intricate connection between the Single Market, characterized by the freedom of movement of goods, services, capital and labor within and across Europe, and the Digital Single Market, the virtual space that promotes freedom of movement of information and data. Both a result and catalyst of the Single Market, the Digital Single Market has become a different space from the Single Market, as the former is based on the application of information and communication technologies (ICTs), while the latter is the result of concerted actions and concessions by Member States in the European Union. The author argues that, similar to the Single Market, the Digital Single Market is an instrument, built by the influence of the Internet, which can provide a new means of socio-economic growth and development in Europe. While sharing many similar characteristics, the Single Market and the Digital Single Market diverge in important aspects, particularly with respect to policy. The research analyzes the interaction between policy actors, their influence in the European decision-making process, and their interests in order to establish a digital policy model, in comparison with market policy. Moreover, this volume considers the implementation process and the success of such initiatives under the current policy model, and puts forward policy recommendations. Ultimately, the author considers the utility of such research on digital policy, considering the current focus on migration, vulnerabilities to internal challenges (e. g. , Brexit) and security threats, maintaining that the discussion of digital policies relates to an innovative vision of the European integration process and prospects for its future.

Academic Promotion for Clinicians

by Anne Walling

This book is a practical guide to the appointment, promotion, and tenure (APT) process for clinical faculty members employed by medical schools. The number of clinical faculty members in US medical schools has increased exponentially in the last two decades. At the same time, faculty career tracks and promotion requirements have changed dramatically and medical schools have introduced multiple non-tenure career tracks. Currently, only about 25% of the approximately 150,000 members of clinical departments. This book provides insights and recommendations on career planning and academic promotion for clinical faculty members. It also addresses much of the "mythology" surrounding the APT process and demonstrates how academic promotion should be used as a career-building process rather than a daunting high-risk event. Topics include concepts and processes within academic promotion; navigating the academic promotion and tenure process; and managing the outcome of the APT application. Academic Promotion for Clinicians is a valuable resource for clinical medicine faculty members as they engage in and successfully handle the challenges in the APT process and thus realize their career goals.

The Going

by Leon Wiener Dow

In a work that casts philosophical and theological reflections against a backdrop of personal experience, Leon Wiener Dow offers a learned discourse that elucidates the telos of Jewish law and the philosophical-theological commitments that animate it. To the reader gazing upon the halakha from the outside, this book offers a glimpse of its central, orienting concepts. To the reader who lives amidst the rigor of halakha, this book bestows an insightful glance at the law's orienting ethos and higher aspirations that often remain opaque.

Computational Materials System Design

by Dongwon Shin James Saal

This book provides state-of-the-art computational approaches for accelerating materials discovery, synthesis, and processing using thermodynamics and kinetics. The authors deliver an overview of current practical computational tools for materials design in the field. They describe ways to integrate thermodynamics and kinetics and how the two can supplement each other.

Introduction to Averaging Dynamics over Networks

by Fabio Fagnani Paolo Frasca

This book deals with averaging dynamics, a paradigmatic example of network based dynamics in multi-agent systems. The book presents all the fundamental results on linear averaging dynamics, proposing a unified and updated viewpoint of many models and convergence results scattered in the literature. Starting from the classical evolution of the powers of a fixed stochastic matrix, the text then considers more general evolutions of products of a sequence of stochastic matrices, either deterministic or randomized. The theory needed for a full understanding of the models is constructed without assuming any knowledge of Markov chains or Perron-Frobenius theory. Jointly with their analysis of the convergence of averaging dynamics, the authors derive the properties of stochastic matrices. These properties are related to the topological structure of the associated graph, which, in the book's perspective, represents the communication between agents. Special attention is paid to how these properties scale as the network grows in size. Finally, the understanding of stochastic matrices is applied to the study of other problems in multi-agent coordination: averaging with stubborn agents and estimation from relative measurements. The dynamics described in the book find application in the study of opinion dynamics in social networks, of information fusion in sensor networks, and of the collective motion of animal groups and teams of unmanned vehicles. Introduction to Averaging Dynamics over Networks will be of material interest to researchers in systems and control studying coordinated or distributed control, networked systems or multiagent systems and to graduate students pursuing courses in these areas.

A Play for Oil

by Tim Daley

You hold in your hands the most original guide to understanding the oil and gas world - from exploration and production to the related economics and geopolitics. Tim Daley has spent years travelling the world and living as an expatriate in a quest to secure resources and meet humanity's energy demands. After several decades in the hydrocarbon business, he was keen to write a book about his experiences in an easily accessible language, enabling everyone to grasp the technicalities involved in evaluating the resources that lie beneath our feet. If you want to learn how hydrocarbons are discovered and produced, Tim's explanations have the added colour of vivid descriptions of the sites discussed and allow you to meet some of the most important characters in the industry, and to gain new insights into this global industry. In addition, the depictions of key events and locations add an element of national politics and travelogue feel. This book is intended for all members of the general public interested in how hydrocarbon resources are discovered, providing a concise account of how oil geologists view the subsurface, and illustrated by the author's personal experiences in countries around the world. The book will also be of interest to ex-oil industry workers, allow geologists to compare the author's experiences to their own, and provide non-geologists essential insights into how the oil is won. Written in an informal style, it makes for a relaxing yet informative reading experience.

Mastering Advanced Rhinoplasty

by Wolfgang Gubisch

For legal reasons, videos have been removed from our database This clearly structured and beautifully illustrated atlas, which includes numerous high-quality pre-, intra-, and postoperative pictures, documents the techniques employed in order to deal with the problems typically encountered following a previous failed rhinoplasty. Each chapter also contains a description of the authors' standard procedure for treating the problem in question and describes the precautions to be taken in order to avoid similar failures. The techniques covered include extracorporeal and total septal reconstruction, reconstruction of the over resected tip, the sliding technique for reduction of the over projected tip, the use of alloplastic fascia or alternatively free diced cartilage for camouflaging or volume augmentation, and saddle nose correction. Mastering Advanced Rhinoplasty will be of value to both novice and experienced practitioners seeking to achieve the best results for patients who frequently present with challenging problems.

Buddhism and Linguistics

by Manel Herat

This edited collection brings linguistics into contact with a millennia of works by Buddhist scholars. Examining the Buddhist contemplative tradition and its extensive writings from an interdisciplinary perspective, the authors bridge the gap between such customs and human language. To do so, they provide chapters on linguistics, history, religious studies, philosophy and semiotics. Uniting scholars from three different continents and from many disciplines and institutions, this innovative and unique book is sure to appeal to anyone interested in Buddhist traditions and linguistics.

Dualities, Helicity Amplitudes, and Little Conformal Symmetry

by Kitran Macey M. Colwell

This book develops two exciting areas of particle physics research. It applies the recent new insights about the usefulness of helicity amplitudes in understanding gauge theory to the long-standing effort to understand theories with both electric and magnetic charges. It is known that for some supersymmetric theories there is an exact duality that relates two descriptions of the physics, one where the electric charges are weakly coupled and another where the electric charges are strongly coupled. The calculations in this thesis suggest that this duality can also hold in the low-energy limit of nonsupersymmetric gauge theories. The idea of addressing the hierarchy problem of the standard model Higgs mechanism using conformal symmetry is also explored. Analogously to "Little Higgs" models, where divergences are cancelled only at one-loop order, models are studied that have infrared conformal fixed points which related gauge and Yukawa couplings, allowing for a cancellation between seemingly unrelated quantum loop diagrams.

South Asian Rivers

by Imtiaz Ahmed

This volume identifies existing statist approaches and political economies of river management in South Asia. These rivers are heavily suffering from millions of people who in contrast consider them as holy and worship them. Edited by Professor Imtiaz Ahmed, the contributors of this book from India, Nepal and Pakistan are leading readers on a journey through the transboundary rivers of South Asia where rivers are vital for the life and living. The book explains why the region needs a framework for cooperation on the wellbeing of these rivers. River management is the key to sustaining healthy river systems. The authors stress that right of the rivers must be codified and guaranteed by the state and the people in South Asia. However, the statist approach to the transboundary rivers in South Asia actually conceives them as national rivers. This volume contributes to the current campaign of overcoming the water dystopias in South Asia.

The Bad Boy In Cuffs

by Lexxie Couper

The eagerly anticipated 3rd book in the Dangerous Desire series by international, award-winning erotic romance author Lexxie Couper is now available for pre-order!Bad boy, Lucas returns in The Bad Boy In Cuffs, a gripping tale of danger and intrigue as a dangerous man and the woman he loves, struggle to overcome a past that keeps finding its way to the future! It’s not the danger that scares me. It’s Lucas thinking he’s not good enough for me.Falling in love with a bad boy, a dangerous bad boy with dangerous skeletons in his closet, was never part of my plan, but I wouldn’t change a thing now it’s happened.All I’ve got to do is convince Lucas I don’t need to be wrapped up in cotton wool.Not an easy task. Especially when a shadow from his past catches up with us.And threatens to consume us both…This erotic contemporary romance contains adult themes and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Multivariate Time Series Analysis in Climate and Environmental Research

by Zhihua Zhang

This book offers comprehensive information on the theory, models and algorithms involved in state-of-the-art multivariate time series analysis and highlights several of the latest research advances in climate and environmental science. The main topics addressed include Multivariate Time-Frequency Analysis, Artificial Neural Networks, Stochastic Modeling and Optimization, Spectral Analysis, Global Climate Change, Regional Climate Change, Ecosystem and Carbon Cycle, Paleoclimate, and Strategies for Climate Change Mitigation. The self-contained guide will be of great value to researchers and advanced students from a wide range of disciplines: those from Meteorology, Climatology, Oceanography, the Earth Sciences and Environmental Science will be introduced to various advanced tools for analyzing multivariate data, greatly facilitating their research, while those from Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, and the Computer Sciences will learn how to use these multivariate time series analysis tools to approach climate and environmental topics.

Diagnostic Competence of Mathematics Teachers

by Juliane Leuders Timo Leuders Kathleen Philipp

This book examines the various areas of mathematics education and neighboring disciplines that have recently contributed to a better understanding of the still vague construct of diagnostic competence. The work addresses the nature, development and effect of diagnostic competence in mathematics instruction, with a focus on the professional development of teachers.

Genre Trouble and Extreme Cinema

by Troy Bordun

This volume re-evaluates theories of genre and spectatorship in light of a critic-defined tendency in recent art cinema, coined 'extreme cinema'. In Genre Trouble and Extreme Cinema, Bordun argues that the films of Mexican director Carlos Reygadas and French director Catherine Breillat expand generic classifications. Bordun contends that their films make it apparent that genre is not established prior to the viewing of a work but is recollected and assembled by spectators in ways that matter for them in both personal and experiential terms. The author deploys contemporary film theories on the senses, both phenomenological and affect theory, and partakes in close readings of the films' forms and narratives. The book thus adds to the present literature on extreme cinema and film theory, yet sets itself apart by fully deploying genre theory alongside the methodological and stylistic approaches of Stanley Cavell, Vivian Sobchack, Laura U. Marks, and Eugenie Brinkema.

Networks, Movements and Technopolitics in Latin America

by Francisco Sierra Caballero Tommaso Gravante

This edited collection presents original and compelling research about contemporary experiences of Latin American movements and politics in several countries. The book proposes a theoretical framework that conceptualises different mediation processes that emerge between cyberdemocracy and the emancipation practices of new social movements. Additionally, this volume presents some Latin American practices and experiences that are - autonomously and by using self-management - creating other identities and social spaces on the margins of and against the neoliberal system through the use of digital technology. This book will be of great interest to scholars of media and social movements studies as well as of contemporary politics.

Timely Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer

by Louise Olsson

This book summarizes current knowledge and outlines directions for the future on how to improve the art of diagnosing colorectal cancer with emphasis on timeliness, one of the most vital issues in cancer management. Using a comprehensive, multi-discliplinary approach, it provides an overview of decisive factors in timely diagnosis of colorectal cancer from symptom scores and symptom awareness to technical aspects. The book starts by discussing early diagnosis from the perspective of patients, including the importance of awareness in the general population as well as psychological aspects. It then goes on to discuss issues of importance to clinicians, such as fast tracking, laboratory testing, improving technical skills and optimizing endoscopy services. In addition, more practical issues such as cost-effectiveness and auditing are also extensively discussed. By focusing on one specific but common form of cancer the content translates well across the scope of other cancer types and can be used by professionals working on different cancer types. This book provides clinicians, clinical researchers and policymakers with a comprehensive overview of the field of timeliness in diagnosing colorectal cancer. By addressing the challenges posed in the management of symptomatic patients it informs and educates the experts and could help improve diagnosis.

EU Internet Law

by Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou Philippe Jougleux Christiana Markou Thalia Prastitou

This book provides an overview of recent and future legal developments concerning the digital era, to examine the extent to which law has or will further evolve in order to adapt to its new digitalized context. More specifically it focuses on some of the most important legal issues found in areas directly connected with the Internet, such as intellectual property, data protection, consumer law, criminal law and cybercrime, media law and, lastly, the enforcement and application of law. By adopting this horizontal approach, it highlights - on the basis of analysis and commentary of recent and future EU legislation as well as of the latest CJEU and ECtHR case law - the numerous challenges faced by law in this new digital era. This book is of great interest to academics, students, researchers, practitioners and policymakers specializing in Internet law, data protection, intellectual property, consumer law, media law and cybercrime as well as to judges dealing with the application and enforcement of Internet law in practice.

Clinical Approaches to Hospital Medicine

by Kevin Conrad

This book provides an update on recent clinical practice and an in-depth view of selected topics relevant to hospital medicine. It is divided into four sections that explore clinical, administrative, systems and ethical issues. Each section places an emphasis on the opportunities, challenges and potential directions of this bourgeoning subspecialty. An important topic covered extensively is how hospitalists are being called to lead on the current opioid epidemic, given that they are well-suited in responding to complicated challenges crossing all specialties. Other chapters explore worldwide practice patterns and practical application of philosophical tools in daily practice. This up-to-date resource provides hospitalists, advanced nurse practitioners, medical students and administrators with the latest research, trends and issues in hospital medicine.

Anticoagulant Rodenticides and Wildlife

by John E. Elliott Nico W. van den Brink Richard F. Shore Barnett A. Rattner

Commensal rodents pose health risks and cause substantial damage to property and food supplies. Rats have also invaded islands and pose a serious threat to native wildlife, particularly raptors and seabirds. Estimates of total damage from introduced rats range into the billions of dollars in developed countries. This book aims to provide a state-of-the-art overview of the scientific advancements in the assessment of exposure, effects and risks that currently used rodenticides may pose to non-target organisms in the environment, along with practical guidance for characterization of hazards. This will be discussed in relation to their efficacy, and the societal needs for rodent control, and discussion of risk mitigation and development of alternatives. The flow in the book is planned as: a. introduction and setting the scene b. problem description (risks and effects on non-targets and secondary poisoning, development of resistance) c. ; alternatives, regulation and risk mitigation d. conclusions and recommendations

Risk in The New York Times (1987–2014)

by Jens O. Zinn Daniel McDonald

This book investigates to what extent claims of common social science risk theories such as risk society, governmentality, risk and culture, risk colonisation and culture of fear are reflected in linguistic changes in print news media. The authors provide a corpus-based investigation of risk words in The New York Times (1987-2014) and a case study of the health domain. The book presents results from an interdisciplinary enterprise which combines sociological risk theories with a systematic functional theory of language to conduct an empirical analysis of linguistic patterns and social change. It will be of interest to students and scholars interested in corpus linguistics and digital humanities, and social scientists looking for new research strategies to examine long term social change.

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