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A Beginner's Guide to Tibetan Buddhism

by Bruce Newman

"This is a ground-level, practice-oriented presentation of Tibetan Buddhism--personal and very accessible. The book begins with the awakening of students' interest in spirituality and the initial encounter with Tibetan Buddhism, then leads us through all the steps necessary for successful practice in the West. Included is succinct counsel on finding an appropriate teacher, receiving empowerments, becoming active in a center, and launching and sustaining a Vajrayana practice. Special emphasis is placed on the potential pitfalls, and the marvelous benefits, of the guru-disciple relationship. "

Top Stocks 2017: A Sharebuyer's Guide to Leading Australian Companies

by Martin Roth

Invest smarter with Australia's most trusted guide to stock selection Top Stocks 2017 is your expert guide to the Australian sharemarket. Now in its 23rd edition, this book represents the benchmark standard of rigorous analysis and stringent selection to give you the inside scoop on the nation's top companies. From beginner to expert, regardless of your portfolio size, renowned financial journalist Martin Roth guides you toward the stocks that offer the best low-risk, long-term value for your money. You'll see how Australian companies stack up in terms of profits, debt and dividends, with over 100 charts and tables by best-selling author Alan Hull. No hype, no nonsense and not a single bit of spin - just the time-tested methods and expert analysis that have made Roth a household name. Martin Roth isn't swayed by big names or media coverage, and he doesn't listen to the pundits. He applies strict analyses to financial data to paint a real-world picture of each company's outlook. The numbers don't lie, and this book gives you access to their testimony so you know where to put your money in 2017. Learn what the experts have to say about the year's best stocks Compare sales and profits across companies with in-depth analysis Find financial rankings for the top Australian companies Look beyond share prices to see the real measure of a company's worth You work hard for your money, yet the investing world is crowded with people who would have you throw it away on the latest trend. Martin Roth cuts through the fat and the noise to help you make your money work for you for a change. Invest smarter this year with Top Stocks 2017, the definitive guide to Australia's best picks.

Green Growth and Sustainable Development

by Alexander Tarasyev Jesús Crespo Cuaresma Tapio Palokangas

The book examines problems associated with green growth and sustainable development on the basis of recent contributions in economics, natural sciences and applied mathematics, especially optimal control theory. Its main topics include pollution, biodiversity, exhaustible resources and climate change. The integrating framework of the book is dynamic systems theory which offers a common basis for multidisciplinatory research and mathematical tools for solving complicated models, leading to new insights in environmental issues.

Adaptive Digital Filters

by Branko Kovačević Milan Milosavljević Zoran Banjac

"Adaptive Digital Filters" presents an important discipline applied to the domain of speech processing. The book first makes the reader acquainted with the basic terms of filtering and adaptive filtering, before introducing the field of advanced modern algorithms, some of which are contributed by the authors themselves. Working in the field of adaptive signal processing requires the use of complex mathematical tools. The book offers a detailed presentation of the mathematical models that is clear and consistent, an approach that allows everyone with a college level of mathematics knowledge to successfully follow the mathematical derivations and descriptions of algorithms. The algorithms are presented in flow charts, which facilitates their practical implementation. The book presents many experimental results and treats the aspects of practical application of adaptive filtering in real systems, making it a valuable resource for both undergraduate and graduate students, and for all others interested in mastering this important field.

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for the Future: Potentials and Limits of Foresight Studies

by Alexander Sokolov Dirk Meissner Leonid Gokhberg

The book gives practical guidance for policy makers, analysts and researchers on how to make the most of the potential of Foresight studies. Based on the concept of evidence-based policy-making, Foresight studies are common practice in many countries and are commonly understood as a supportive tool in designing future-oriented strategies. The book outlines approaches and experiences of integrating such Foresight studies in the making and implementation of science, technology and innovation (STI) policies at different national levels. It delivers insights into practical approaches of developing STI policy measures oriented towards future societal and technological challenges based on evidence drawn from comparable policy measures worldwide. Authors from leading academic institutions, international organizations and national governments provide a sound theoretical foundation and framework as well as checklists and guidelines for leveraging the potential impact of STI policies.

The Software Industry: Economic Principles, Strategies, Perspectives

by Heiner Diefenbach Peter Buxmann Thomas Hess

Whether ERP software, office applications, open-source products or online games: In terms of its economic characteristics, software differs fundamentally from industrial goods or services. Based on the economic principles and rules of the software industry, the book reveals strategies and business models to software vendors that comprise cooperation, distribution, pricing and production and industrialization strategies, as well as software as a service and platform concepts. Further aspects including the outsourcing behavior of software vendors and users; providing business software as open source software; selecting software; and the value chains in the software industry are also addressed. Based on a number of expert meetings, it contains numerous case studies and new empirical findings. Target audience of the book are professionals and executives from the software, consulting and IT branches as well as students and scholars of business administration, computer science, business and industrial engineering.

Lévy Matters II

by Andreas Kyprianou Serge Cohen Alexey Kuznetsov Victor Rivero

This is the second volume in a subseries of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics called Lévy Matters, which is published at irregular intervals over the years. Each volume examines a number of key topics in the theory or applications of Lévy processes and pays tribute to the state of the art of this rapidly evolving subject with special emphasis on the non-Brownian world. The expository articles in this second volume cover two important topics in the area of Lévy processes. The first article by Serge Cohen reviews the most important findings on fractional Lévy fields to date in a self-contained piece, offering a theoretical introduction as well as possible applications and simulation techniques. The second article, by Alexey Kuznetsov, Andreas E. Kyprianou, and Victor Rivero, presents an up to date account of the theory and application of scale functions for spectrally negative Lévy processes, including an extensive numerical overview.

Self-Organized Arrays of Gold Nanoparticles

by Luca Anghinolfi

This thesis addresses the fabrication and investigation of the optical response of gold nanoparticle arrays supported on insulating LiF(110) nanopatterned substrates. Motivated by the discovery of the intriguing effects that arise when electromagnetic radiation interacts with metallic nanostructures, the thesis focuses on the application of bottom-up approaches to the fabrication of extended-area plasmonic nanostructures, and the optimization of their optical response. By developing a sophisticated effective-medium model and comparing the experimental findings with model calculations, the author explores the role of the interparticle electromagnetic coupling and array dimensionality on the collective plasmonic behavior of the array, giving insights into the physical mechanisms governing the optical response.

Multiscale Fabrication of Functional Materials for Regenerative Medicine

by Michele Bianchi

Regenerative medicine demands new concepts and fabrication tools to improve our common knowledge about cell-cell and cell-environment interactions. In this work, Michele Bianchi shows that different kinds of signals, such as chemical, topographical, and electrical signals, can be arranged in a highly-controlled way. Furthermore, Michele uses scale lengths ranging from several micrometers to a few nanometers, through the employment of unconventional fabrication techniques. For each signal, Michele chose properly designed materials and fabrication methods. The external signals are capable of controlling cell adhesion and growth, opening the way for a systematic investigation of the environmental features affecting cell behaviour.

Biomechanics of the Gravid Human Uterus

by Roustem N. Miftahof Hong Gil Nam

The complexity of human uterine function and regulation is one of the great wonders of nature and represents a daunting challenge to unravel. This book is dedicated to the biomechanical modeling of the gravid human uterus and gives an example of the application of the mechanics of solids and the theory of soft shells to explore medical problems of labor and delivery. After a brief overview of the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the uterus, the authors focus mainly on electromechanical wave processes, their origin, dynamics, and neuroendocrine and pharmacological modulations. In the last chapter applications, pitfalls and problems related to modeling and computer simulations of the pregnant uterus and pelvic floor structures are discussed. A collection of exercises is added at the end of each chapter to help readers with self-evaluation. The book serves as an invaluable source of information for researchers, instructors and advanced undergraduate and graduate students interested in systems biology, applied mathematics and biomedical engineering.

Crisis Management in Acute Care Settings

by Robert Simon Michael St. Pierre Gesine Hofinger Cornelius Buerschaper

Critical situations in acute and emergency care are one of the great clinical challenges because of the uncertainty, high stakes, time pressure, and stress that are involved. This book provides a comprehensive outline of all the human factors issues relevant to patient safety during acute care. Following an initial section discussing the basic principles of human behavior and decision making, the various influences on safe patient care are discussed in depth. These are divided into three interacting groups: individual factors, team factors, and organizational factors. Relevant psychological theories are carefully examined, and case studies and descriptions of proven strategies help to ground these theories in daily practice. This newly revised edition, in which each chapter has been enlarged and updated, will help both physicians and non-physicians to better understand the principles of human behavior and decision making in critical situations and thus to provide safer treatment.

The Transient Radio Sky

by Evan Francis Keane

The high time-resolution radio sky represents unexplored astronomical territory. This thesis presents a study of the transient radio sky, focussing on millisecond scales. As such, the work is concerned primarily with neutron stars. In particular this research concentrates on a recently identified group of neutron stars, known as RRATs, which exhibit radio bursts every few minutes to every few hours. After analysing neutron star birthrates, a re-analysis of the Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey is described which has resulted in the discovery of 19 new transient radio sources. Of these, 12 have been seen to repeat and a follow-up campaign of observations has been undertaken. These studies have greatly increased our knowledge of the rotational properties of RRATs and enable us to conclude that they are pulsars with extreme nulling and/or pulse-to-pulse modulation. Although the evolution of neutron stars post-supernova is not yet understood, it seems that RRATs fit into the emerging picture in which pulsar magnetospheres switch between stable configurations.

Political Economy of Institutions, Democracy and Voting

by Gonzalo Caballero Norman Schofield

This book presents the latest research in the field of Political Economy, dealing with the integration of economics and politics and the way institutions affect social decisions. The authors are eminent scholars from the U.S., Canada, Britain, Spain, Italy, Mexico and the Philippines. Many of them have been influenced by Nobel laureate Douglass North, who pioneered the new institutional social sciences, or by William H. Riker who contributed to the field of positive political theory. The book focuses on topics such as: case studies in institutional analysis; research on war and the formation of states; the analysis of corruption; new techniques for analyzing elections, involving game theory and empirical methods; comparing elections under plurality and proportional rule, and in developed and new democracies.

Leadership or Chaos: The Heart and Soul of Politics

by Norman Schofield Maria Gallego

Combining elements of economic reasoning and political science has proven to be very useful for understanding the broad variation in economic development around the world. In a sense research in this field goes back to the Scottish Enlightenment and Adam Smith's original plan in his Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations. Leadership or Chaos by Norman Schofield and Maria Gallego is intended as an advanced, self-contained text in political economy dealing with social choice. The theory and empirical analysis are used to examine democratic institutions and elections in the developed world, and the success or failure of moves to democratization in the less developed world. The book closes with a consideration of current quandaries with regard to political and economic stability and climate change and a discussion of the moral foundations of our society.

Emotion-Oriented Systems

by Catherine Pelachaud Roddy Cowie Paolo Petta

Emotion pervades human life in general, and human communication in particular, and this sets information technology a challenge. Traditionally, IT has focused on allowing people to accomplish practical tasks efficiently, setting emotion to one side. That was acceptable when technology was a small part of life, but as technology and life become increasingly interwoven we can no longer ask people to suspend their emotional nature and habits when they interact with technology. The European Commission funded a series of related research projects on emotion and computing, culminating in the HUMAINE project which brought together leading academic researchers from the many related disciplines. This book grew out of that project, and its chapters are arranged according to its working areas: theories and models; signals to signs; data and databases; emotion in interaction; emotion in cognition and action; persuasion and communication; usability; and ethics and good practice. The fundamental aim of the book is to offer researchers an overview of the related areas, sufficient for them to do credible work on affective or emotion-oriented computing. The book serves as an academically sound introduction to the range of disciplines involved - technical, empirical and conceptual - and will be of value to researchers in the areas of artificial intelligence, psychology, cognition and user--machine interaction.

Theory of Particle and Cluster Emission

by Doru S. Delion

Nowadays experimental nuclear physics pushes its limits towards highly unstable nuclei. The theoretical description of proton-rich and neutronrich nuclei or superheavy elements has become an important part of the modern nuclear physics. The main tool to investigate such unstable nuclei concerns radioactive decays, from proton emission to fission processes. We review the main theoretical methods describing decay processes induced by the strong interaction, like Coupled channels method for Gamow resonances, R-matrix theory, Distorted wave approach, Semiclassical approach, Multi step and Two center shell model. Thus, most of the book is addressed to a broad audience within the nuclear physics community. Secondly, this book is an attempt to clarify some fundamental aspects connected with the fine structure or anisotropy in alpha decay and ternary cold fission. Finally, the self consistent microscopic theory of the alpha decay is analyzed.

RNA Technologies and Their Applications

by Volker A. Erdmann Jan Barciszewski

RNA technologies are the driving forces of modern medicine and biotechnology. They combine the fields of biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, physics, nanotechnology and bioinformatics. The combination of these topics is set to revolutionize the medicine of tomorrow. After more than 15 years of extensive research in the field of RNA technologies, the first therapeutics are ready to reach the first patients. Thus we are witnessing the birth of a very exciting time in the development of molecular medicine, which will be based on the methods of RNA technologies. This volume is the first of a series. It covers various aspects of RNA interference and microRNAs, although antisense RNA applications, hammerhead ribozyme structure and function as well as non-coding RNAs are also discussed. The authors are internationally highly respected experts in the field of RNA technologies.

Ensembles on Configuration Space

by Marcel Reginatto Michael J. W. Hall

This book describes a promising approach to problems in the foundations of quantum mechanics, including the measurement problem. The dynamics of ensembles on configuration space is shown here to be a valuable tool for unifying the formalisms of classical and quantum mechanics, for deriving and extending the latter in various ways, and for addressing the quantum measurement problem. A description of physical systems by means of ensembles on configuration space can be introduced at a very fundamental level: the basic building blocks are a configuration space, probabilities, and Hamiltonian equations of motion for the probabilities. The formalism can describe both classical and quantum systems, and their thermodynamics, with the main difference being the choice of ensemble Hamiltonian. Furthermore, there is a natural way of introducing ensemble Hamiltonians that describe the evolution of hybrid systems; i. e. , interacting systems that have distinct classical and quantum sectors, allowing for consistent descriptions of quantum systems interacting with classical measurement devices and quantum matter fields interacting gravitationally with a classical spacetime.

Mary Anning: The Girl Who Cracked Open The World

by Debora Pearson

As a young girl, Mary Anning loved to hunt for fossils by the sea. She wondered whether these rock creatures had ever been alive and resolved to learn all she could about what she found. As her discoveries became larger and more unusual, she earned the respect of scientists far and wide and changed the way we study Earth's history forever.

Introduction to the History of Computing

by Gerard O'Regan

Tracing the story of computing from Babyloniancounting boards to smartphones, this inspiring textbook provides a conciseoverview of the key events in the history of computing, together withdiscussion exercises to stimulate deeper investigation into this fascinatingarea. Features: provides chapter introductions, summaries, key topics, and reviewquestions; includes an introduction to analogue and digital computers, and to thefoundations of computing; examines the contributions of ancient civilisationsto the field of computing; covers the first digital computers, and the earliestcommercial computers, mainframes and minicomputers; describes the earlydevelopment of the integrated circuit and the microprocessor; reviews theemergence of home computers; discusses the creation of the Internet, theinvention of the smartphone, and the rise of social media; presents a shorthistory of telecommunications, programming languages, operating systems,software engineering, artificial intelligence, and databases.

Place Names in Africa

by Liora Bigon

This volume examines the discursive relations between indigenous, colonial and post-colonial legacies of place-naming in Africa in terms of the production of urban space and place. It is conducted by tracing and analysing place-naming processes, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa during colonial times (British, French, Belgian, Portuguese), with a considerable attention to both the pre-colonial and post-colonial situations. By combining in-depth area studies research - some of the contributions are of ethnographic quality - with colonial history, planning history and geography, the authors intend to show that culture matters in research on place names. This volume goes beyond the recent understanding obtained in critical studies of nomenclature, normally based on lists of official names, that place naming reflects the power of political regimes, nationalism, and ideology.

Integrative Understanding of Shale Gas Reservoirs

by Tae Hong Kim Kun Sang Lee

This timely book begins with an overview of shale gasreservoir features such as natural fracture systems, multi-fractured horizontalwells, adsorption/desorption of methane, and non-linear flow within thereservoir. Geomechanical modelling, an aspect of importance in ultra-lowpermeability reservoirs, is also presented in detail. Taking these complex features of shale reservoirs intoaccount, the authors develop a numerical model, which is verified with fielddata using the history matching technique. Based on this model, the pressuretransient and production characteristics of a fractured horizontal well in ashale gas reservoir are analysed with respect to reservoir and fractureproperties. Methods for the estimation of shale properties are also detailed. Minifrac tests, rate transient tests (RTA), and type curve matching are used toestimate the initial pressure, permeability, and fracture half-length. Lastly,future technologies such as the technique of injecting CO2 into shalereservoirs are presented. The book will be of interest to industrial practitioners, aswell as to academics and graduate students in the field of reservoirengineering.

Plant, Soil and Microbes

by Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah Mohd Sayeed Akhtar Khalid Rehman Hakeem

The interactions between the plant, soil and microbes are complex in nature. Events may be antagonistic, mutualistic or synergistic, depending upon the types of microorganisms and their association with the plant and soil in question. Multi-trophic tactics can therefore be employed to nourish plants in various habitats and growth conditions. Understanding the mechanisms of these interactions is thus highly desired in order to utilize the knowledge in an ecofriendly and sustainable way. This holistic approach to crop improvement may not only resolve the upcoming food security issues, but also make the environment greener by reducing the chemical inputs. Plant, soil and microbe, Volume 1: Implications in Crop Science, along with the forthcoming Volume 2: Mechanisms and Molecular Interactions, provide detailed accounts of the exquisite and delicate balance between the three critical components of agronomy. Specifically, these two titles focus on the basis of nutrient exchange between the microorganisms and the host plants, the mechanism of disease protection and the recent molecular details emerged from studying this multi-tropic interaction. Together they aim to provide a solid foundation for the students, teachers, and researchers interested in soil microbiology, plant pathology, ecology and agronomy.

The Rare Earth Elements

by J.H.L. Voncken

This book deals with the rare earth elements (REE), which are a series of 17 transition metals: scandium, yttrium and the lanthanide series of elements (lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium and lutetium). They are relatively unknown to the wider public, despite their numerous applications and their critical role in many high-tech applications, such as high-temperature superconductors, phosphors (for energy-saving lamps, flat-screen monitors and flat-screen televisions), rechargeable batteries (household and automotive), very strong permanent magnets (used for instance in wind turbines and hard-disk drives), or even in a medical MRI application. This book describes the history of their discovery, the major REE ore minerals and the major ore deposits that are presently being exploited (or are planned to be exploited in the very near future), the physical and chemical properties of REEs, the mineral processing of REE concentrates and their extractive metallurgy, the applications of these elements, their economic aspects and the influential economical role of China, and finally the recycling of the REE, which is an emerging field.

Bioengineering and Cancer Stem Cell Concept

by Bela Balint Mirjana Pavlovic

This book explores the role of cancer stem cells in the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of cancers. This book also tackles novel methodology for cancer stem cell marker identification, cancer stem cell respiration and metabolism, genetic and epigenetic mechanisms including DNA methylation, and mi-RNA assemble. It also emphasizes the role of Bioinformatics techniques, which provide a novel methodology for modeling cancer outcomes. The authors investigate the difference between cancer stem cells and normal stem cells, along with the concept of targeted cancer stem cell therapy. Although the theoretical explanations of cancer stem cell involvement in leukemia and solid cancers are controversial, there is now little doubt that cancer stem cells exist within otherwise heterogeneous cancer cell population. The brief examines the two leading theories, hierarchical and the stochastic/cancer stem cell model. Researchers, professors and advanced-level students focused on bioengineering and computer science will find this book to be a valuable resource. It is a very good source of critical references for understanding of this problem, and a useful tool for professionals in related fields.

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