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Molecular Cytopathology

by Bin Yang Jianyu Rao

This book reviews the current applications of molecular tools in cytopathology and provides a concise handbook for those who provide care in this era of personalized medicine. Specifically, the text provides a comprehensive and concise review of the emerging molecular tests available clinically in different subspecialities of diagnostic pathology. It reviews the current data of molecular testing already applied in cytopathology, discusses some of the biomarkers with potential utility in cytopathology in the near future and reviews the technical challenges in applying and validating molecular tools in liquid-based cytologic materials. Molecular Cytopathology will serve as a valuable resource for cytopathologists, cytotechnologists, pathology trainees, and clinicians with an interest in molecular applications in cytopathology.

Basic Flight Mechanics

by Ashish Tewari

This book presents flight mechanics of aircraft, spacecraft, and rockets to technical and non-technical readers in simple terms and based purely on physical principles. Adapting an accessible and lucid writing style, the book retains the scientific authority and conceptual substance of an engineering textbook without requiring a background in physics or engineering mathematics. Professor Tewari explains relevant physical principles of flight by straightforward examples and meticulous diagrams and figures. Important aspects of both atmospheric and space flight mechanics are covered, including performance, stability and control, aeroelasticity, orbital mechanics, and altitude control. The book describes airplanes, gliders, rotary wing and flapping wing flight vehicles, rockets, and spacecraft and visualizes the essential principles using detailed illustration. It is an ideal resource for managers and technicians in the aerospace industry without engineering degrees, pilots, and anyone interested in the mechanics of flight.

Ecological Soil-Cement Bricks from Waste Materials

by Wilson Acchar Sheyla K. J. Marques

This book proposes the use of waste from oil drilling andsugar cane bagasse ash in the production of ecologically friendly soil-cementbricks. It offers a viable alternative to the traditional bricks available onthe market, which use wood as fuel: manufacturing bricks from waste is lesscostly and does not require the consumption of trees and forests. It alsoproposes an alternative to the current discharging of the above-mentioned typesof waste in sanitary landfills, avoiding additional environmental problems.

Advances in Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Public Health

by Gianfranco Donelli

The Series will provide microbiologists, hygienists, epidemiologists and infectious diseases specialists with well-chosen contributed volumes containing updated information in the areas of basic and applied microbiology involving relevant issues for public health, including bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, zoonosis and anthropozoonosis, environmental and food microbiology. The increasing threat of the multidrug-resistant microorganisms and the related host immune response, the new strategies for the treatment of biofilm-based, acute and chronic microbial infections, as well as the development of new vaccines and more efficacious antimicrobial drugs to prevent and treat human and animal infections will be also reviewed in this series in the light of the most recent achievements in these fields. Special attention will be devoted to the fast diffusion worldwide of the new findings of the most advanced translational researches carried out in the different fields of microbiological sciences, with the aim to promote a prompt validation and transfer at clinical level of the most promising experimental results.

Social Responsibility Education Across Europe

by Samuel O. Idowu Duygu Turker Ceren Altuntaş Vural

This book provides a comprehensive and multi-facettedanalysis of the current state of social-responsibility education in various Europeancountries. It explores the different approaches toward CSR education acrossEurope by identifying each country's current practices and university courses,and by revealing the effect of these methods on future generations of leaders. Usinga quantitative research methodology, the book presents comparisons of thecurrent nature and implications of CSR education in a sample of 10 businessschools from Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands,Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

Essays in Public Sector Entrepreneurship

by David B. Audretsch Albert N. Link

This book explores public sector entrepreneurship from an international perspective. It features essays from eminent scholars in the field addressing entrepreneurial public policies from different countries. Public sector entrepreneurship is at the cusp of becoming a watchword in international policy circles. This book is a pioneer volume in this emerging field and provides topics and policies that are broadly applicable across different economies. Public sector entrepreneurship refers to innovative public policy initiatives that generate greater economic prosperity by transforming a status-quo economic environment into one that is more conducive to economic units engaging in creative activities in the face of uncertainty. In today's economy, public sector entrepreneurship affects that transformation primarily by increasing the effectiveness of knowledge networks; that is, by increasing the heterogeneity of experiential ties among economic units and the ability of those same economic units to exploit such diversity. Through policy initiatives that are characterized by public sector entrepreneurship, there will be more development of new technology and hence more innovation throughout the economy.

Biology of Orthodontic Tooth Movement

by Bhavna Shroff

This book presents the current knowledge and understanding of the biological processes involved in the orthodontic movement of teeth and discusses recent progress in the field. It links research advances to their immediate clinical applications and offers researchers and clinicians a state of the art reference on topical issues relating to orthodontic tooth movement. Biological events play a central role in the movement of teeth during orthodontic therapy. The basis for understanding the sequence of cellular events that leads to orthodontic movement has been well established in the literature through the use of animal models. In recent years, researchers and clinicians have focused their efforts on developing treatment modalities to increase the speed of orthodontic treatment and provide better anchorage options for noncompliant patients. This book will be an invaluable aid in understanding the biology of tooth movement and the relevance of the latest concepts to clinical practice.

Dictionary of Environmental Engineering and Wastewater Treatment

by Alireza Bahadori Scott T. Smith

This comprehensive dictionary covers wastewater processes, pollution control, and every major area of environmental engineering used in industry. The alphabetically arranged entries cover key terms used in daily communications and documentation in all research and industrial activities. The several thousand key technical terms are written in easy-to-understand, practical language. The volume is an ideal reference for students and practitioners.

Mobility Modeling for Vehicular Communication Networks

by Weihua Zhuang Khadige Abboud

This brief presents a stochastic microscopic mobility model that describes the temporal changes of intervehicle distances. The model is consistent with simulated and empirical vehicle traffic patterns. Using stochastic lumpability methods, the proposed mobility model is mapped into an aggregated mobility model that describes the mobility of a group of vehicles. In addition, the proposed mobility model is used to analyze the spatiotemporal VANET topology. Two metrics are proposed to characterize the impact of vehicle mobility on VANET topology: the time period between successive changes in communication link state (connection and disconnection) and the time period between successive changes in node's one-hop neighborhood. Using the proposed lumped group mobility model, the two VANET topology metrics are probabilistically characterized for different vehicular traffic flow conditions. Furthermore, the limiting behavior of a system of two-hop vehicles and the overlap-state of their coverage ranges is modeled, and the steady-state number of common vehicle neighbors between the two vehicles is approximately derived. The proposed mobility model will facilitate mathematical analysis in VANETs. The spatiotemporal VANET topology analysis provides a useful tool for the development of mobility-aware vehicular network protocols. Mobility Modeling for Vehicular Communication Networks is designed for researchers, developers, and professionals involved with vehicular communications. It is also suitable for advanced-level students interested in communications, transport infrastructure, and infotainment applications.

Reductive Explanation in the Biological Sciences

by Marie I. Kaiser

This book develops aphilosophical account that reveals the major characteristics that make anexplanation in the life sciences reductive and distinguish them fromnon-reductive explanations. Understanding what reductive explanations areenables one to assess the conditions under which reductive explanations are adequateand thus enhances debates about explanatory reductionism. The account of reductiveexplanation presented in this book has three major characteristics. First, itemerges from a critical reconstruction of the explanatory practice of the lifesciences itself. Second, the account is monistic since it specifies one set ofcriteria that apply to explanations in the life sciences in general. Finally,the account is ontic in that it traces the reductivity of anexplanation back to certain relations that exist between objects in theworld (such as part-whole relations and level relations), rather than to thelogical relations between sentences. Beginning with a disclosure of themeta-philosophical assumptions that underlie the author's analysis of reductiveexplanation, the book leads into the debate about reduction(ism) in thephilosophy of biology and continues with a discussion on the twoperspectives on explanatory reduction that have been proposed in thephilosophy of biology so far. The author scrutinizes how the issue of reductionbecomes entangled with explanation and analyzes two concepts, the conceptof a biological part and the concept of a level of organization. The results ofthese five chapters constitute the ground on which the author bases herfinal chapter, developing her ontic account of reductive explanation.

From Majority Rule to Inclusive Politics

by Peter Emerson

This book discusses voting procedures in collective decision-making. Drawing on well-established election processes from all over the world, the author presents a voting procedure that allows for the speedy but fair election of a proportional, all-party coalition. The methodology - a matrix vote - is accurate, robust and ethno-color blind. In the vote, the counting procedure encourages all concerned to cross the gender as well as any party and/or sectarian divides. While in the resulting executive each party will be represented fairly and, at best, with the consensus of parliament, every minister will be the one most suited to his/her new portfolio. By using preferential voting and thus achieving consensus, the matrix vote will be fundamental to the resolution of conflicts. The matrix vote can also be used when: * two or more parliamentary parties elect a coalition government * one parliamentary party elects a government or shadow cabinet, or organizations in civil society elect their governing boards or executive committees * any group chooses a fixed number of individuals to form a team in which each member carries out a different function

The Brazilian Amazon

by Joana Bezerra

The aim of this book is to analyse the current development scenario in the Amazon, using Terra Preta de Índio as a case study. To do so it is necessary to go back in time, both in the national and international sphere, through the second half of the last century to analyse its trajectory. It will be equally important analyse the current issues regarding the Amazon - sustainable development and climate change - and how they still reproduce some of the problems that marked the history of the forest, such as the absence of Amazonian dark earths as a relevant theme to the Amazon. In a world in which the environment gains each time more space in the national and international political agenda, the Amazon stands out. Known around the world for its richness, the South-American forest is the target of different visions, often contradictory ones, and it plays with everyone's imagination. This is where the terra preta de índio - Amazonian Dark Earths - are found, a fertile soil horizon with high concentrations of carbon with anthropic origins, which has generated great interest from the scientific community. Studies on these soils and their so singular characteristics have triggered crucial discussions on the past, present and the future of the entire Amazon region. Despite its singular characteristics, the importance of Amazonian Dark Earths - and a history of a more productive and populated Amazon - was hidden since its discovery around 1880 until 1980, when it is possible to identify the beginning of an increase in the number of research on these soil horizons. These hundred years between the first records and the beginning of the increase in the interest around these soils witnessed structural changes both in the national arena, with the military dictatorship and a change in the place of the Amazon within internal affairs, and in the international arena with changes that reshaped the role of the environment in the political and scientific agendas and the role of Brazil in the global context.

A Decade of Research on School Principals

by Christopher Day Olof Johansson Helene Ärlestig

This book provides a unique map of the focus and directions of contemporary research on school leadership since 2000 in 24 countries. Each of these directions has its own particular cultural, educational and policy history. Taken together, the various chapters in the volume provide a rich and varied mosaic of what is currently known and what is yet to be discovered about the roles and practices of principals, and their contributions to the improvement of teaching and the learning and achievement of students. The particular foci and methodological emphases of the research reported illustrate the different phases in the development of educational policies and provision in each country. This collection is an important addition to existing international research that has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that the influence of school principals is second only to that of teachers in their capacity to impact students' progress and achievement and to promote equity and social justice.

Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology

by Ole H. Petersen Bernd Nilius Reinhard Jahn Roland Lill Thomas Gudermann Pieter P. de Tombe

Leading researchers are specially invited to provide a complete understanding of the key topics in these archetypal multidisciplinary fields. In a form immediately useful to scientists, this periodical aims to filter, highlight and review the latest developments in these rapidly advancing fields.

Biogas Science and Technology

by Georg Gübitz Alexander Bauer Guenther Bochmann Andreas Gronauer Stefan Weiss

Michael Lebuhn, Stefan Weiß, Bernhard Munk, Georg M. Guebitz Microbiology and Molecular Biology Tools for Biogas Process Analysis, Diagnosis and Control Veronika Dollhofer, Sabine Marie Podmirseg, Tony Martin Callaghan, Gareth Wyn Griffith & Katerina Fliegerová Anaerobic Fungi and their Potential for Biogas Production Bianca Fröschle, Monika Heiermann, Michael Lebuhn, Ute Messelhäusser, Matthias Plöchl Hygiene and Sanitation in Biogas Plants Charles-David Dubé and Serge R. Guiot Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer in Anaerobic Digestion: A Review Simon K. -M. R. Rittmann A Critical Assessment of Microbiological Biogas to Biomethane Upgrading Systems Manfred Lübken, Pascal Kosse, Konrad Koch, Tito Gehring, Marc Wichern Influent Fractionation for Modeling Continuous Anaerobic Digestion Processes Fermoso, F. G, van Hullebusch, E. D, Guibaud, G, Collins, G, Svensson, B. H, Carliell-Marquet, C, Vink, J. P. M, Esposito, G, Frunzo, L Fate of Trace Metals in Anaerobic Digestion

e-Mental Health

by Davor Mucic Donald M. Hilty

This book describes the use of telecommunication technologies to provide mental health services to individuals in communities or locations that are underserviced, typically as a result of their geographic isolation or due to cultural and/or linguistic barriers. The potential of the e-Mental Health approach is demonstrated in various mental health settings by describing concrete clinical examples and applications involving novel strategies for employing technology. Further, the book presents an approach to cooperation on a global level based on the exchange of expertise and knowledge across national boundaries. The target audience includes mental health workers (clinicians and staff members), medical and nursing students, academic researchers, technology professionals and health care policy makers.

A Rose for Your Pocket: An Appreciation of Motherhood

by Thich Nhat Hanh

Translated into several languages and having sold over 2 million copies worldwide, A Rose for Your Pocket is a beautiful prose poem on motherhood by Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. He reminds us of the qualities embodied by our mother and will lead the reader to a new and deeper appreciation of his/her mother whether she is still be alive or has passed away. Thich Nhat Hanh presents the various traditions in which motherhood is celebrated in cultures around the world and shares the story of how his wish to become a monk affected his relationship with his own mother.Previously only available as a staple bound 14 page booklet, this completely revised and redesigned edition is a combination of the original A Rose for Your Pocket text, with additional material on the role and importance of motherhood based on more recent teachings by Thich Nhat Hanh, a meditation on the "Interbeing" of mother and child, as well as the practices of mindfulness and finding our true home. It concludes with instructions for the beautiful Rose Ceremony.

Peter L. Bernstein Classics Collection

by Peter L. Bernstein

A classic collection of titles from one of the world's greatest financial writers One of the foremost financial writers of his generation, the late Peter Bernstein had the unique ability to synthesize intellectual history and economics with the theory and practice of investment management. Now, with the Peter L. Bernstein Classics Collection e-bundle, you will be able to enjoy some of the most important and critically acclaimed books by this engaging investment writer-Capital Ideas, Against the Gods, The Power of Gold, and Capital Ideas Evolving. Capital Ideas and Capital Ideas Evolving traces the origins of modern Wall Street, from the pioneering work of early scholars and the development of new theories in risk, valuation, and investment returns, to the actual implementation of these theories in the real world of investment management Against the Gods skillfully explores one of the most profound issues of our time-the role of risk in our society-in a non-technical and accessible style The Power of Gold tells the story of how history's most coveted, celebrated, and inglorious asset has inspired romantic myths, daring explorations, and titanic struggles for money and power Engaging and informative, Peter L. Bernstein Classics Collection puts the insights of one of the greatest financial writers of our time at your fingertips.

Revisiting the Energy-Development Link

by Kostas Bithas Panos Kalimeris

Unravelling the intricate relationship between economic development and energy consumption, this book proposes an innovative framework for the empirical investigation of the link between the economy and natural resources. It proposes a novel set of indicators to shed light on those aspects of the economic process and development that determine their requirements in terms of natural resources. Employing updated databases, this book presents tables and diagrams to compare the conventional and the new estimates of the linkage between energy and economic development (Energy Intensity) throughout the world, over the last 100 years. Whereas estimates based on the established framework for evaluating the link between energy resources and the economy indicate a strong decoupling trend, the new indicators follow substantially different paths which suggest a strong coupling between economic growth and energy use. These differences -which call into question the prevailing opinion of decoupling- are fundamental for the prospects of sustainability. This book provides a valuable resource for economists, energy and environmental analysts, natural resource managers and policy makers. It is also intended for students of ecological economics, sustainability studies, natural resource and energy economics.

General Principles of Law - The Role of the Judiciary

by Laura Pineschi

This book examines the role played by domestic and international judges in the "flexibilization" of legal systems through general principles. It features revised papers that were presented at the Annual Conference of the European-American Consortium for Legal Education, held at the University of Parma, Italy, May 2014. This volume is organized in four sections, where the topic is mainly explored from a comparative perspective, and includes case studies. The first section covers theoretical issues. It offers an analysis of principles in shaping Dworkin's theories about international law, a reflection on the role of procedural principles in defining the role of the judiciary, a view on the role of general principles in transnational judicial communication, a study on the recognition of international law from formal criteria to substantive principles, and an inquiry from the viewpoint of neo-constitutionalism. The second section contains studies on the role of general principles in selected legal systems, including International Law, European Union Law as well as Common Law systems. The third section features an analysis of select legal principles in a comparative perspective, with a particular focus on the comparison between European and American experiences. The fourth and last section explores selected principles in given areas of law, including the misuse of the lex specialis principle in the relationship between international human rights law and international humanitarian law, the role of the judiciary in Poland as regards discrimination for sexual orientation, and the impact of the ECtHR case law on Italian criminal law with regard to the principle of legality. Overall, the book offers readers a thoughtful reflection on how the interpretation, application, and development of general principles of law by the judiciary contribute to the evolution of legal systems at both the domestic and international levels as well as further their reciprocal interactions.

Integrated Primary and Behavioral Care

by William O'Donohue Alexandros Maragakis

This timely analysis spotlights the concepts and possibilities of the Patient-Centered Medical Home for bringing mental health and other specialties into primary care. Overview chapters present the Patient-Centered Medical Home model, emphasizing how such systems are organized to solve widespread problems with accessibility, affordability, efficiency, and safety. Practitioner roles, boundaries, and opportunities plus applications are clarified, as well as staffing, financial, and technological challenges. And the section on applications describe care models for special populations, such as comprehensive services to the seriously mentally ill and behavioral services to patients with chronic health conditions. Included in the coverage: Integrated care and specialty behavioral health care in the patient-centered medical home. Training the behavioral health workforce for the patient-centered medical home. The importance of stepped care protocols for the redesign of behavioral health care in patient-centered medical homes. Depression management in the medical home. Treating obesity in a primary care setting. Integrating behavioral health in the pediatric medical home. For health and clinical psychologists, primary care and family physicians, and public health professionals, Integrated Primary and Behavioral Care represents the potential for an exciting new frontier in primary care reform.

Philosophy and Cognitive Science II

by Ping Li Lorenzo Magnani Woosuk Park

The book shows how eastern and western perspectives and conceptions can be used to addresses recent topics laying at the crossroad between philosophy and cognitive science. It reports on new points of view and conceptions discussed during the International Conference on Philosophy and Cognitive Science (PCS2013), held at the Sun Yat-sen University, in Guangzhou, China, and the 2013 Workshop on Abductive Visual Cognition, which took place at KAIST, in Deajeon, South Korea. The book emphasizes an ever-growing cultural exchange between academics and intellectuals coming from different fields. It juxtaposes research works investigating new facets on key issues between philosophy and cognitive science, such as the role of models and causal representations in science; the status of theoretical concepts and quantum principles; abductive cognition, vision, and visualization in science from an eco-cognitive perspective. Further topics are: ignorance immunization in reasoning; moral cognition, violence, and epistemology; and models and biomorphism. The book, which presents a unique and timely account of the current state-of-the art on various aspects in philosophy and cognitive science, is expected to inspire philosophers, cognitive scientists and social scientists, and to generate fruitful exchanges and collaboration among them.

Nutritional Supplements in Sports and Exercise

by Mike Greenwood Jose Antonio Matthew B. Cooke Tim Ziegenfuss Douglas S. Kalman

This new text presents the most up-to-date research based information regarding popular sport/performance nutrient dense diets and nutritional supplements and their constituents that directly or indirectly utilize them. Previous chapters have been fully revised and new chapters have been added to cover important cutting edge topics. New chapters include: (1) Carbohydrate Utilization and Disposal in Strength/Power Training & Sports, (2) Exercise for Athletes with Diabetes, and (3) Beyond the Obvious: Future Innovations in Sports Nutrition. The volume is divided into four sections: (1) The Industrial Nature of the Supplement Game; (2) Nutritional Basics First; (3) Specialized Nutritional Strategies & Supplements; and (4) Present and Future Directions of Nutritional Supplements. Editors and authors are co-founders, board members or members of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and or current/former doctoral students from the Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory located at Texas A&M University. Nutritional Supplements in Sports and Exercise, Second Edition presents cutting edge information and is valuable to sports nutritionists, exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning/personal trainers, athletic trainers, athletic coaches, registered dietitians, and college/professional sport affiliates.

Drug Abuse in Adolescence

by Denise Micheli André Luiz Monezi Andrade Eroy Aparecida da Silva Maria Lucia Oliveira de Souza-Formigoni

Focusing on two central themes--the psychobiological evolution from youth to adult and the effects of drugs on the developing central nervous system--this important reference elucidates the mechanisms of chemical dependency in adolescents. Its multidisciplinary coverage analyzes addiction across major domains of human functioning against the backdrop of hormonal, cognitive, and other changes that accompany the transition to adulthood. Chapters discuss legal as well as illicit drugs, examine age-related social contexts, and present the latest findings on links between drug use and mental disorders. Throughout, the contributors make clear that education is more valuable to understanding--and preventing--substance abuse than are prohibition and zero-tolerance thinking. Included among the topics: Cognitive development, learning, and drug use. Neurobiology of the action of drugs of abuse. Findings in adolescents with substance dependence based on neuroimaging tests. Alcohol abuse in adolescents: relevance of animal models. Effects of chronic drug abuse on the chronobiology of sleep in adolescents. Neurological and cognitive disorders arising from the chronic use of drugs of abuse. The multiple lenses for understanding its subject and the sensitivity with which causal nuances are treated make Neuroscience of Drug Abuse in Adolescence an invaluable resource for clinical and child psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and addiction counselors.

Long-Term Outcomes of Epilepsy Surgery in Adults and Children

by Kristina Malmgren Sallie Baxendale J. Helen Cross

This book provides a comprehensive, rigorous review of the long-term outcome literature in epilepsy surgery in both adults and children. Each chapter examines the long-term outcome literature in a separate domain; covering seizure control, social, vocational/educational and psychiatric outcomes. Behavior and cognition are also discussed. The clinical predictors of good and bad outcomes in each domain are described and the gaps in current knowledge are highlighted. Separate chapters examine the methodological challenges associated with long-term outcome studies and the special considerations associated with informed consent in this population. Long-Term Outcomes of Epilepsy Surgery in Adults and Children is essential reading for all members of multidisciplinary epilepsy surgery teams, including neurosurgeons, neurologists and neuropsychologists; it will enable these teams to counsel patients and parents who are considering epilepsy surgery as a therapeutic option.

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