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Citizenship as a Human Right

by Gonçalo Matias

This book examines a stringentproblem of current migration societies--whether or not to extend citizenship toresident migrants. Undocumented migration has been an active issue for manydecades in the USA, and became a central concern in Europe following theMediterranean migrant crisis. In this innovative study based onthe basic principles of transnational citizenship law and the naturalizationpattern around the world, Matias purports that it is possible to determine thatno citizen in waiting should be permanently excluded from citizenship. Such aproposition not only imposes a positive duty overriding an important dimensionof sovereignty but it also gives rise to a discussion about undocumentedmigration. With its transnational law focus, and cases from publicinternational law courts, European courts and national courts, Citizenship as a Human Right: TheFundamental Right to a Specific Citizenship may be applied to virtuallyanywhere in the world.

Singapore as an International Financial Centre

by J. J. Woo

This book providesan analysis of Singapore's development and success as an internationalfinancial centre (IFC). Chapters demonstrate how Singapore plays a criticalrole in both Asian and global financial markets, despite its relatively smallgeographic size. The author focuses specifically on the factors that havecontributed to the city-state's success and discusses the policy lessons thatcan be derived from it. The book describes the historical, spatial, politicaland policy factors that contributed to Singapore's development as a leadingAsian financial centre and global city, and will be of interest to both policyscholars and practitioners.

The Chicago Conspiracy Trial and the Press

by Nick Sharman

This book analyzes the newspaper coverage of one of America's most famous and dramatic trials-the trial of the "Chicago 8. " Covering a five month period from September 1969 to February 1970 the book considers the way eight radical activists including Black Panther leader Bobby Seale, antiwar activists Tom Hayden, David Dellinger, and Rennie Davis, and leading Yippies, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin are represented in the press. How did the New York Times represent Judge Hoffman's decision to chain and gag Bobby Seale in the courtroom for demanding his right to represent himself? To what extent did the press adequately describe the injustice visited on the defendants in the trial by the presiding Judge, Julius J Hoffman? The author aims to answer these questions and demonstrate the press's reluctance to criticize Judge Hoffman in the case until the evidence of his misconduct of the trial became overwhelming.

Venture Capital and the Inventive Process

by Tamir Agmon Stefan Sjögren

The inventive process is the most important driver of economic growth. Venture capital (VC) funds have contributed a small, but critical, part to the inventive process. VC funds boost the inventive process by selecting a small number of radical ideas out a large flow of ideas and invest in their testing, development and commercialization. They bring together capital from general savings, management capabilities and business experience. When successful, VC-backed companies can contribute substantially to the welfare of society. In this book, VC funds are discussed in the context of macroeconomics, industrial organization, financial intermediation and financial economics. The authors adopt a comprehensive overview to provide clearer insight into the role of VC funds in the capital market and the way they operate.

Wittgenstein and Interreligious Disagreement

by Gorazd Andrejč

This book critically examines three distinct interpretations of Ludwig Wittgenstein, those of George Lindbeck, David Tracy, and David Burrell, while paying special attention to the topic of interreligious disagreement. In theological and philosophical work on interreligious communication, Ludwig Wittgenstein has been interpreted in very different, sometimes contradicting ways. This is partly due to the nature of Wittgenstein's philosophical investigation, which does not consist of a theory nor does it posit theses about religion, but includes several, varying conceptions of religion. In this volume, Gorazd Andrejč illustrates how assorted uptakes of Wittgenstein's conceptions of religion, and the differing theological perspectives of the authors who formulated them, shape interpretations of interreligious disagreement and dialogue. Inspired by selected perspectives from Tillichian philosophical theology, the book suggests a new way of engaging both descriptive and normative aspects of Wittgenstein's conceptions of religion in the interpretation of interreligious disagreement.

Narrative Psychology

by Julia Vassilieva

This book provides the first comparative analysis of thethree major streams of contemporary narrative psychology as they have beendeveloped in North America, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand. Interrogating the historical and cultural conditions in which this importantmovement in psychology has emerged, the book presents clear, well-structuredcomparisons and critique of the key theories of narrative psychology pioneeredacross the globe. Examples include Dan McAdams in the US and his followers, whohave developed a distinctive approach to self and identity as a life story overthe past two decades; in the Netherlands by Hubert Hermans, whose research onthe 'dialogical self' has made the University of Nijmegen a centre of narrativepsychological research in Europe; and in Australia and New Zealand, where thecollaborative efforts of Michael White and David Epston helped to launch thenarrative movement in psychotherapy in the late 1980s.

Understanding the Nature of Motivation and Motivating Students through Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

by David Kember

This book is based upon three interrelated open naturalistic studies conducted to better characterise the motivational orientation of students in higher education. Open semi-structured individual interviews were conducted with undergraduates, students at community colleges and students in taught postgraduate courses in Hong Kong. The analysis used an exploratory grounded theory approach and resulted in a motivational orientation framework with six continua with positive and negative poles. On enrolment students had positions on the six facets of motivation, which shifted as they progressed through their degree according to their perceptions of the teaching and learning environment. The framework can, therefore, be used to explain both initial decisions to enrol and motivation to continue studying. The interviews included descriptions of teaching approaches and learning activities and their effects on motivation. This made it possible to describe a teaching and learning environment conducive to motivation, with eight supportive conditions. Each facet of the teaching and learning environment is illustrated with quotations from the three groups of students, resulting in a guide to configuring a teaching and learning environment conducive to motivating students. The emerging community-college sector in Hong Kong is used as a case study of the effects on student motivation of the expansion of the higher education sector through private colleges. Cultural issues are discussed, particularly the performance of Asian students relative to those in the West.

Pedagogies and Curriculums to (Re)imagine Public Education

by Encarna Rodríguez

This book discusses current market-based educational discourses and how they have undermined the notion of "the public" in public education by allowing private visions of education to define the public democratic imagination. Against this discouraging background, this text embraces Freire's understanding of hope as an ontological need and calls for finding new public grounds for our public imagination. It further articulates Freire's mandate to unveil historically concrete practices to sustain democratic educational visions, no matter how difficult this task may be, by (1) presenting an indepth description of the pedagogies and curriculums of eleven schools across historical and geographical locations that have worked or are still working with disenfranchised communities and that have publicly hoped for a better future for their students, and by (2) reflecting on how the stories of these schools offer us new opportunities to rethink our own pedagogical commitment to public visions of education. To promote this reflection, this book offers the notion of publicly imagined public education as a conceptual tool to help understand the historical and discursive specificity of schools' hopes and to (re)claim public schools as legitimate sites of public imagination.

Identity and Personhood

by Laurance J. Splitter

This book approaches the concept of identity from both logical-linguistic and socio-cultural perspectives, and explores its implications for our understanding of who or what we persons really are. In the process, it bridges disciplines that often remain disconnected - most notably analytic philosophy and the social sciences - and offers a novel critique of citizenship and moral education, "identity politics", and other contemporary domains of inquiry. Although the book has a multi-disciplinary focus, it is philosophical in its overall orientation (but accessible to readers from outside philosophy) and educational in its mission (but of interest to readers who are not formally educators). Chapters 2-5 discuss the philosophical and (where appropriate) scientific dimensions of identity, chapters 6-7 explore its socio-cultural dimensions and chapter 8 examines its educational dimensions and implications. The book will be of particular interest to those researching or teaching civics, citizenship education and moral education, as well as those involved in cultural, political and religious studies in a broader sense. It will also appeal to anyone who finds him- or herself wondering about the state of the world in the Twenty-First Century, and who suspects that rethinking what it means to be a person in that world might not be a bad idea.

Social Commentary on State and Society in Modern Japan

by Yoneyuki Sugita

This anthology analyzes societal and cultural aspects of modern Japan. It identifies the dynamic trend and undercurrent in Japan by addressing three key areas: modernization, internationalization, and memory and imagination. Using interdisciplinary and multi-language approaches, it discusses topics such as religion, ethnicity, civil society, art, public health, popular culture, war, identity and education. It is a valuable resource for scholars and graduate students with an interest in cutting-edge research analyses of Japanese / Asian studies.

Teaching Living Legends

by Chee-Hoo Lum Siew Ling Ling Chua

This book traces the research on the design, implementation and outcomes of a professional development program for in-service primary and secondary school teachers aimed at enhancing their understanding of living music traditions in Singapore and how these could be taught in the 21st century music classroom. It proposes a professional development framework comprising the areas of Pedagogy, Practice and Perspective to guide professional development design. The book also aims to promote further discussions on adult learning and teaching about teaching, especially with regard to developing self-efficacy to handle different music traditions in a 21st century, multi-ethnic society like Singapore.

Prelinguistic and Minimally Verbal Communicators on the Autism Spectrum

by Deb Keen Hedda Meadan Nancy C. Brady James W. Halle

This book draws on contemporary theory and recent findings to provide researchers, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students with essential resources, allowing them to better understand and support children, youth and adults with autism and significant communication impairments. The book consists of 11 chapters organized into 3 sections detailing typical and atypical prelinguistic development for individuals on the autism spectrum, together with a range of assessment and intervention approaches that clinicians and educators can draw on in practice. The book adopts a lifespan perspective, recognizing that there is an important and particularly challenging sub-group of children on the spectrum who remain minimally verbal beyond the age of 8 years. Each chapter summarizes current research on a selected topic, identifies key challenges faced by researchers, educators and clinicians, and considers the implications for research and practice. The concluding chapter considers issues of research translation and how educators and clinicians can encourage the use of evidence-based practices for prelinguistic and minimally verbal individuals.

Micro-Performance During Postwar Japan's High-Growth Era

by Haruhito Takeda

The aim of this book is to analyze Japan's high-growth economy, in particular to clarify the kinds of changes in people's lives that were generated by high growth. The present volume focuses not on the macro-economic mechanisms that expanded the scale of the economy, but on the micro-economic changes that were effected in everyday life. The emergence of a mass consumption society as a result of economic growth suggests that people's lifestyles and consumer behavior changed in various ways. The first chapter focuses on the apparel industry's expanding market as it corresponded to changes in consumer behavior. Even as consumer life became more comfortable and abundant, consumers were becoming uneasy about the environmental deterioration associated with high growth. The second chapter examines how the Japanese government addressed emissions regulations while drawing on the lessons of America's experience with the same issue. The change in industrial structure brought about by economic growth inevitably resulted in the decline of other industries. Chief among these was the coal-mining industry, which, with the onset of a full-scale energy revolution, lost its role as energy supplier owing to the import of cheap crude oil. The third chapter discusses the government's industrial policies as they addressed the coal industry's adjustment in the high-growth era, concluding that they reduced such problems as stagnation, unemployment, and local industrial decline. The adjustments in employment practices contributed positively to the gradual shift of labor from declining industries to growth industries. The fourth chapter investigates changes in labor management in the steel industry, which was one of the high-growth era's leading industries. This publication will serve as a valuable resource for those who are interested not only in the post-war history in Japan but also in high growth economies in recent East Asia.

Economic Miracle Market South Korea

by Dieter K. Schneidewind

This book explores the historical and economic development of South Korea, its culture, as well as the benefits, opportunities and challenges that German companies have faced in their cooperation with South Korean enterprises. More specifically, it juxtaposes economic-miracle markets such as Japan and West Germany, which rose from the ashes after the Second World War with the help of a century of bustling industrial age, with South Korea, which developed from virtually nothing. The book also addresses why South Korea's history, geography, society, culture and economic capabilities remain widely unknown and unnoticed among westerners, despite South Korean companies being among the global market leaders in a number of industries, particularly in the automobile and hardware segments. Written from the point of view of a seasoned business expert on the country, Economic Miracle Market South Korea is essential reading for business and economics research academics looking to improve their knowledge of this relatively unknown "success story", as well as for practitioners in industry looking to optimize their dealings with South Korean business partners.

National College Entrance Exam in China

by Yu Zhang

This book focuses on the National College Entrance Exam (NCEE), an important measurement of education quality in China, from both education economics and education policy perspectives. It provides a better understanding and stimulates more sophisticated evaluations of NCEE-related policies in China from the perspectives of education equity, the effectiveness of education input, and education quality. This book reports inspiring findings based on high-quality individual level data, innovative measurement design, and various appropriate identification strategies. The most import conclusion is that both education equity and quality can be achieved using well-designed policies based on solid empirical evidence. This is likely the first book published in English to discuss the NCEE so extensively from multiple perspectives using concrete evidence.

'Out of School' Ethnic Minority Young People in Hong Kong

by Miron Kumar Bhowmik Kerry J Kennedy

This book offers a comprehensive overview of 'out of school' ethnic minority young people in Hong Kong. The focus is on the extent of the phenomena, reasons behind it and a description of 'out of school' life. Employing qualitative research methods and adopting a case study approach that involved fieldwork comprising 15 in-depth interviews and 2 observations with 11 'out of school' ethnic minority young people, this book provides detailed insights into the phenomena. Information gained from an additional 22 in-depth interviews with 20 other stakeholders related to ethnic minority education, from time spent at three schools and key document analysis are also incorporated. Drawing on critical race theory, this book presents a critical discussion of the 'out of school' issue for ethnic minority young people in a privileged Chinese context.

The River Cottage Preserves Handbook

by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Pam Corbin

The River Cottage farm, established by British food personality Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to promote high-quality, seasonal, and sustainable food, has inspired a television series, restaurants and classes, and a hit series of books. In this new addition to the award-winning collection, River Cottage master preserver Pam Corbin helps you transform the abundance of your garden (and your friends' and neighbors' gardens) into everything from simple Strawberry Jam to scrumptious new combinations like Honeyed Hazelnuts, Nasturtium "Capers," Onion Marmalade, Spiced Brandy Plums, Elixir of Sage, plus a pantryful of other jams, jellies, butters, curds, pickles, chutneys, cordials, liqueurs, vinegars, and sauces.From the Hardcover edition.

Teaching Chinese Language in Singapore

by Kaycheng Soh

This collection of articles begins with an overview of the Reviews from past decades, then goes on to describe the current practices, and foretells the possible future developments. This is followed by a discussion of the use of ICT and surveys on several professional aspects of teaching, including teachers' training needs and perception of student difficulties, assessment literacy, familiarity and use of language teaching strategies, as well as perceived social status and job satisfaction. The book ends with an extensive discussion of bilingualism and code-switching as well as the teaching of Chinese culture in Singapore schools. The comprehensive coverage provides a milestone in Chinese Language teaching in the multi-lingual context of Singapore.

Industry-Led Growth

by Arup Mitra

The book explores, for India and other developing countries, the potential role the organized manufacturing sector could play as an engine of growth. Alongside growth, can this sector generate adequate employment opportunities to facilitate the transfer of labour from the agriculture sector? The book identifies the major constraints that result in limited demand for labour in the organised manufacturing sector. Beyond technological aspects, skill shortage is an important factor, resulting in sluggish labour absorption. Further, the labour market laws are not necessarily the root cause of sluggish employment growth in the organised manufacturing sector. The development of technologies that are appropriate for labour surplus countries like India is instrumental to employment creation. Though innovation is generally assumed to be capital-intensive in nature, the book argues that innovation nevertheless has a positive effect on employment in absolute terms. Lastly, the main policy issues are highlighted in terms of the priority that should be assigned to industries which can contribute to employment growth and skill formation for improving the employability of the available labour force, and to which innovations should bepursued, with a specific focus on pro-poor growth objectives.

Universal Jurisdiction: The Sierra Leone Profile

by Bankole Thompson

The doctrine of universal jurisdiction has evolved throughout modern times in the context of global criminal justice as a paramount agent of combating impunity emanating from international criminality. Sierra Leone, as a member of the international community and the United Nations, has, in recent times, been a pioneer in the progressive application and development of international criminal law in the African region. Despite this role, the country's profile, both in terms of the incorporation and application of the doctrine of universal jurisdiction, is deficient in several major respects falling far short of its dual international obligation not to provide safe havens from justice for perpetrators of international crimes and to combat impunity from such criminogenic acts. Hence, a compelling reason for the author to write this book was to provide a seminal scholarly work on the subject articulating the existing state of the law in Sierra Leone and highlighting the deficiencies in the law and factors inhibiting the exercise of universal jurisdiction in this UN member state. It was also to propose necessary substantive and procedural law reforms in the state's jurisprudence on the subject. The book is recommended reading for practitioners and scholars in international criminal law and related disciplines. Its accessibility is highly enhanced by relevant tables and summaries of each chapter. Justice Rosolu J. B. Thompson is Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice Studies, Eastern Kentucky University, USA. He was a member of and Presiding Judge in Trial Chamber I of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2013

by Mielle K. Bulterman Willem J.M. Genugten

The combination of the words 'international law' and 'crisis' is intriguing and leads to a number of questions. How does international law react to crises and what are the typical conditions under which the term 'crisis' is invoked? Is international law a vivid field of law due to and thanks to crises? Are parts of international law maybe in crisis themselves? To what extent has the focus on crises taken away attention from important legal questions in the day-to-day application of international law? And does the focus on crisis undermine analytic progress amongst scholars, who might think about crises as being something completely new, asking for new answers while ignoring the relevance of the existing 'international law acquis'? This volume includes eight articles, in the domains of human rights law, migration law, environmental law, international criminal law, WTO law and European law, reflecting upon these pertinent questions, basically asking: do international lawyers do the things right or do they the right things? The Netherlands Yearbook of International Law (NYIL) was first published in 1970. It offers a forum for the publication of scholarly articles of a more general nature in the area of public international law including the law of the European Union.

Leibniz's Metaphysics and Adoption of Substantial Forms

by Adrian Nita

This anthology is about the signal change in Leibniz's metaphysics with his explicit adoption of substantial forms in 1678-79. This change can either be seen as a moment of discontinuity with his metaphysics of maturity or as a moment of continuity, such as a passage to the metaphysics from his last years. Between the end of his sejour at Paris (November 1676) and the first part of the Hanover period, Leibniz reformed his dynamics and began to use the theory of corporeal substance. This book explores a very important part of the philosophical work of the young Leibniz. Expertise from around the globe is collated here, including Daniel Garber's work based on the recent publication of Leibniz's correspondence from the late 1690s, examining how the theory of monads developed during these crucial years. Richard Arthur argues that the introduction of substantial forms, reinterpreted as enduring primitive forces of action in each corporeal substance, allows Leibniz to found the reality of the phenomena of motion in force and thus avoid reducing motion to a mere appearance. Amongst other themes covered in this book, Pauline Phemister's paper investigates Leibniz's views on animals and plants, highlighting changes, modifications and elaborations over time of Leibniz's views and supporting arguments and paying particular attention to his claim that the future is already contained in the seeds of living things. The editor, Adrian Nita, contributes a paper on the continuity or discontinuity of Leibniz's work on the question of the unity and identity of substance from the perspective of the relation with soul (anima) and mind (mens).

Couple Resilience

by Karen Skerrett Karen Fergus

This distinctive volume expands our understanding of couple resilience by identifying and exploring specific mechanisms unique to intimate relationships that facilitate positive adaptation to life challenges. Committed partnerships represent a unique form of relational alliance that offers an opportunity and challenge to go beyond the self - to develop as individuals and as a relationship. The contributors to this volume represent a range of perspectives that integrate conventional relationship science and innovative empirical and theoretical work on the importance of meaning-making, narrative construction, intersubjectivity, forgiveness, and positive emotion in couple life. The volume also offers a unique anchor point - 'We-ness' as it relates to the intersection between shared, personal identity and well-being. Under-examined relational contexts such as resilience among LGBT partners and sexual resilience during illness adds further refinement of thought and application.

Heidegger in the Twenty-First Century

by Tziovanis Georgakis Paul J. Ennis

The current volume is comparative and inter-disciplinary, and it provides a reflection on what thinking might become after Heidegger's philosophy. Its aim is to critically expand the current field of research by presenting unfamiliar and unchartered avenues that will guide and carry the Heidegger scholarship into the twenty-first century. By doing so, it addresses fundamental questions in the Heideggerian scholarship, including its problems, restraints, and future direction. It also engages and broadens the increasingly disparate approaches to Heidegger's work, whether those approaches are traditional in their employment of phenomenology and hermeneutics or whether they apply to Heidegger's thinking in new and surprising ways. The first section of the volume emphasizes the importance of methodology for the future of Heidegger studies while the second section examines the historical, ethical and vocal-poetical in Heidegger's thought and draws conclusions relevant to the Heidegger scholar of today. The final section demonstrates Heidegger's appeal to a variety of other discourses besides philosophy and the way his thinking could be creatively approached, utilized and implemented in our century. Contributions come from cutting-edge scholars such as Babette E. Babich, Dermot Moran, François Raffoul and Trish Glazebrook.

Transitions to Sustainability

by Ignacy Sachs François Mancebo

This book calls for the conditions of transition to sustainability: How to take into consideration new global phenomena such as and of the dimension of climate change, the depletion of natural resources, financial crises, demographic dynamics, global urbanization, migrations and mobility, while bearing in mind short-term or local place-based issues, such as social justice or quality of life? Meeting this challenge requires an inclusive approach of sustainability. It is a matter of designing a new social contract: Sustainability requires more than developing the right markets, institutions and metrics, it requires social momentum. To do so, many issues need a clear and complete answer: How to link social justice with sustainability policies? What governance tools to do so? What linkage between one decision-making level and the other? These are major issues to design sound transitions to sustainability.

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