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Surrender to Destiny

by Francis Gideon

Detective Inspector Sebastian Gully has been promoted on the London police force when he and his partner, Joseph Atwell discover the body of a mellified man. The victim was turned into a hive for honey and a mechanical queen lodged inside his chest cavity. There is very little evidence and absolutely no leads.When more bodies with different bugs and mechanical creatures show up, the desperate detective team seek the help of a phrenologist, Phineas Hoffsteadr, to understand the true nature of the men killed. As Sebastian's relationship with Phineas develops, Sebastian soon realizes there are some things that history -- and himself -- cannot repress.

Sugaring Ben

by R. W. Clinger

Thirty-four-year-old meteorologist Sandford “Sand” Oliver of Radar, Pennsylvania, is having a problem finding a husband. To warm up Sand’s dreary life, Kat Shaw, his best friend of forever, sets up brunch between Sand and the adorable, sexy, and famous pastry chef, Ben Cutter.Ben is not in Sand’s league, though. Not only has Ben written best-selling pastry cookbooks, but he just happens to have his own television baking show calledSugaring Ben.During their brunch, the two men hit it off rather well and find each other attractive. After a few more dates and a business trip with Ben to Pittsburgh, Sand realizes the pastry chef is perfect, and definitely a possible candidate as husband material.No one is perfect, though, including Ben Cutter. Somehow, in some way, the man is flawed. Sand doesn’t know what the flaw is, but when he finds out, will his happy world with Ben crumble? Or will a teaspoon of sugar be enough to make their relationship work?

The Flower Duet

by Eve Francis

Theodora "Teddie" Anderson is a business woman. She owns a sex shop and frequents a downtown Toronto hotel called The Nightingale looking for special clients to sell to from her bag of tricks and toys. When she stumbles upon a sports car convention, she believes she's hit the jackpot -- especially when she spots a gorgeous woman in a gold dress.Margot Barrington has no interest in the family car business whatsoever. Still, when forced to come to a car convention, she relishes the fact that she gets to pick the flower arrangements. As she nurses her drink by the bar, she longs for someone to show her a good time. When she finds Teddie, she isn’t quite sure if her prayers have been answered, or if this is yet another boring business person in a sea of many.Teddie’s toys interest Margot far more than she thinks possible, and the two women hit it off in more ways than one.

For the Last Time

by A. R. Moler

It's not easy being blue -- a cop -- that is, not a good one anyway. Scott Hedrich and Mark Stenner have had each other's backs a long time. Best friends, they've supported each other through girlfriends, marriages, divorces, promotions, the various ups and downs and dangers of their job, including the terrorist attack on DC.Somewhere along the way, their friendship turned into something more. Twenty-three years later and they've finally come to recognize what's been the truth all along. They belong together. It's time for a wedding!

Paulie and the Wedding Bell Grouch

by J. D. Walker

Paulie Hajek has loved weddings since childhood, so naturally it makes sense that his current job is in the wedding planning business. Unfortunately, that also means he works with Van Tremaine, his boss’s brother and a former bed partner who refused to commit to something permanent, like marriage. Paulie has been heartbroken for a year, but he’s not giving up on happily-ever-after, though the gloss has dimmed somewhat.Van has a lot to prove to Paulie, whose love-tinted view of the world once struck fear in his forty-five-year-old heart and made him act like a fool. It doesn’t help that Paulie catches him with an intern in a compromising position, either.To prove he’s changed, Van resorts to a bit of trickery which, in the end, may or may not give Paulie what he’s always wanted, if he can forgive Van for being an idiot. Will he say yes?

Splendidly Ever After

by W. S. Long

Sequel toAsk and I'll TellSeven years after they meet, and more than four years since RJ initially proposes, RJ and Pad are back. The wedding invitations have been sent again and the date is set. This time, both men are more committed than ever to each other and willing to make their relationship work.But old issues surface that cause conflict before their big day. Will RJ’s recent diagnosis of sexual addiction disorder tear them apart? Can they weather the growing disapproval from their families over same-sex marriage before they walk down the aisle? Will RJ and Pad finally tie the knot?

Challah and Callaloo

by La Toya Hankins

Leah Tubman had no way of knowing the informational interview she had in 2008 with the shapely marketing manager would lead to her planning a same-sex Southern wedding, complete with a rabbi and rum cake, seven years later. She and Patricia Goldman may come from different faiths, but their love knows no bounds.When the two women meet, they don’t need a Supreme Court decision to fall in love, but thanks to the split June 2015 ruling making gay marriage legal in the United States, they plan to make their interracial mixed love affair official with a fall wedding. It takes an allergy scare and a brunch complete with sex and syrup to bring them close to wedding bliss, but Leah wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like I Love You

by J. T. Marie

When Dana Kelly meets Bethany Bartlett for the first time in college, she falls in love ... hard. But her feelings go unrequited. The two become fast friends during a French class, though, and soon Dana requests a room transfer to Bethany’s dorm. Throughout their college years, Dana’s love grows and their friendship deepens.After graduation Dana struggles to put aside her feelings for Bethy. When one drunken kiss threatens to ruin everything they’ve built together, Dana would rather run away than admit how she feels. But is she still the only one who feels this way?

Love Triangles

by David Connor

Juan is ready to fall in love. A psychic tells him he will find it with someone who knows him, but also a stranger. When her crystals form a triangle, she tells him that is a sign.Later Juan finds himself enthralled with two men, Paco and Malcom, who he works with at two different jobs. Though hopeful things will work out with one or the other, he is in for a letdown when he learns neither man is emotionally available. The psychic’s signs continue to haunt him, though. Which man is the one for him?Or does he have to settle for only one? Can a surprise invitation when things seem particularly hopeless lead to her visions and cryptic pronouncements coming true?

The Darkest Hour

by Wayne Mansfield

Daniel Greene is an artist with an exhibition coming up which he should be excited about, except he isn’t. He can’t sleep, he has no enthusiasm for social activities, and his constant tears and dark thoughts alarm him. When he’s finally diagnosed with depression, he starts the slow process of resisting the dark lure.One day Oliver Campbell arrives at Daniel’s gate to deliver art supplies. He’s tall and muscular, and for the first time in a long while, Daniel feels there might be light at the end of the tunnel.Yet Oliver has a secret. He has a son, five-year-old Cameron. When he reveals this to Daniel the morning after their first date, Daniel has the courage to reveal his own secret battle with depression. Will these two men be able to accept each other’s secrets and go forward together?

Heavy Metal Heartfelt Blues

by J. D. Walker

Bridges Barfield is a man of rigid standards and stern demeanor. He finds it hard to relax and accept new things, though he gives it his best. He’s still recovering from the end of a bad relationship, but he’s not letting it stop him from searching for love. Then he meets Trenton LeDoux and they hit it off, despite their differences. Meaning, Trenton’s magenta hair, lip ring, and free spirit.Trenton is forthright, refreshing, and not afraid to go after what he wants. But the fact that he can’t seem to get past his grief and possible guilt over his husband’s death makes it difficult to move forward. It doesn’t help that Bridges suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome, which earns him a slap across the face when he says the wrong thing to Trenton. Which is often.When they finally get beyond the angry words, will their union be truly heartfelt?


by Kim Davis

Patrick Holt is lonely. A bad breakup with his boyfriend has left the forty-year-old ophthalmologist reluctant to get involved with another man. When his neighbor sets him up with her brother-in-law Eric, Patrick prepares himself for disappointment. But Patrick quickly finds himself surprised and charmed by Eric, and Eric, who’s had relationship problems of his own in the past, falls hard and fast for Patrick.On the outside, Eric seems like a great guy: young and attractive with a promising job as an assistant manager at a Chicago hotel. But Eric has a dark side he and his family are hiding from Patrick. When the truth is finally revealed and Eric’s secrets are exposed, will Patrick be willing to go the distance with Eric? Or will he run as fast as he can from the new man in his life?

Destination Elk Pond

by H. D. Nels

No sooner does flight service specialist Sam Hare take up his post in Elk Pond than he’s warned to watch out for handsome pilot brothers Brett and Randy Edmond. As he settles into his new job and gets to know Brett better, his meddlesome landlady is taking bets on which brother he’ll fall for. When Sam finds out about the wager, he’s furious and humiliated and decides to resign. But a serious accident sends him and the brothers on a rescue mission, drawing them closer together.Then Sam’s best friend Mike comes to visit and falls in love with Randy. In the meantime, Brett’s relationship with Sam deepens. Suddenly it isn’t so easy for Sam to leave town. With clear skies ahead, will Sam stay grounded in Elk Pond or will he take flight?


by Wayne Mansfield

Nathan Crosby has a gambling addiction that cost him almost everything he owns. When he tries to run out on newcomer Leroy in a backroom poker game, his troubles escalate. Leroy is not what he appears to be, nor does he have any intention of letting Nathan off the hook. On the contrary, he has an extremely interesting way of obtaining all he is owed.Unfortunately for Nathan, the payment will be far larger than the initial debt. He will be marked by every lie he has ever told, and the punishment won’t end there -- he is forced to join a circus peopled with others who have crossed Leroy.It isn’t all bad, though. He’s introduced to Karl, the circus strongman, whose caravan he shares, and the two develop strong feelings for one another. But is the love of a good man enough to soothe the agony Nathan must endure as part of his punishment? Is there an escape from his bizarre new life? And, if there is an end, will Karl be there with him to enjoy it?

The Collection

by Wayne Mansfield

Carter is a teacher in London. One night he steps out into an autumnal storm and, on the way to his car, the oncoming night engulfs him and transports him to another, more sinister world.Almost immediately he senses he isn’t alone. When he turns and sees a shadowy figure approaching, he launches himself at the stranger. He soon discovers that Paul, the handsome Australian man pinned beneath him, is in a similar state of disorientated bewilderment.Together they begin to explore their surroundings, hoping and praying they can find a way back home. What they are about to encounter will send terror coursing through their veins.Little do they know this is a mere taste of the nightmare to come. Will their growing feelings for each other survive what follows? Can they themselves survive?

There Will Be Cake

by Kim Davis

Nineteen-year-old Nick Wattley is serving as the best man in his father Tim’s wedding to his partner, Craig Pearson. After being closeted for years, Tim is finally out and proud and Nick is happy for his dad.But a weekend that’s supposed to be filled with pre-wedding preparations turns into a nightmare for Nick as he’s forced to deal with one uncomfortable situation after another. A day after witnessing a terrible argument between Tim and Craig, Nick mistakenly walks in on his father and his partner while they’re inflagrante delicto. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, Nick has to deal with Tim’s anxiety over walking down the aisle again and fend off an old friend of Craig’s who tries to make trouble.Can Nick keep his cool long enough to get his dad to the altar?

Wedded to Calamity

by Becky Black

Whose silly idea was it to get married in a remote Scottish castle in the middle of winter? But before they can get married, Londoner Kim and her fiery Brazilian fiancée, Gabi, first have to get there.The trip from their home in London involves rain -- a lot of rain -- hire cars, trains, disapproving B&B landladies, and snow. So much snow that even when the brides reach their castle, not in a limo, but in a Land Rover smelling of sheep, they fear the caterer, their families and friends, and, most importantly, the celebrant to marry them, will never make it.Will the guests arrive? Will the power stay on? Will the cake make it safely? Will the wedding even happen at all? Gaining the right to marry was a long struggle. Now the struggle is to get the brides to the church on time.

Love Will Find a Way

by Rebecca James

Aiden O’Keefe is on top of the world. He owns a thriving catering business, lives in a beautiful New York City apartment, and is about to marry Bryar, the love of his life. They’ve been together for three years, and their wedding is only weeks away. Aiden has always had a feeling that his lover is hiding something from him but chalks it up to his insecurity at not being worthy of the older, gorgeous, accomplished Bryar, who is a commercial pilot.Thatsomethingcomes out when Bryar tells Aiden his parents aren’t dead, as he has led Aiden to believe. Not only that, they’re moving to New York and, worst of all, they believe their son is straight and living with a woman.Once Bryar comes clean, Aiden is understandably angry and hurt. Can their relationship withstand the resulting fallout? Or will love find a way to see them through?


by T. A. Creech

Justin Nesbit, soldier turned prospector, crash lands on a planet in a star system that doesn't exist on any map. He's taken prisoner by the natives, and finds himself thrust into a strange new culture, a strange new language ... and strange new feelings. From the start, Sajah, the alien leading the natives, is intensely interested in him.Sajah is a big and strange alien, unlike anyone Justin has ever encountered in his life. Fumbling through cultural and language barriers, they become friends. But one crucial moment of misunderstanding changes Justin's entire situation and leads him down a path to a choice he never imagined in his wildest dreams.

Perhaps, Someday

by Edward Kendrick

Caiden McNeil is a special being, a metamorph who can become any human necessary to stop the criminals his elven boss Zander sends him after.Caiden is also a loner, unable to trust anyone on an emotional level. He has reason to feel this way: in his over eight-hundred years, he has learned that caring for someone only leads to despair. After all, how could a human accept him for what he really is, an immortal who will never seem to grow older than his apparent age of twenty-eight?Then two men come into Caiden's life -- Leander, a cougar shifter, and Theirn, a half-elf. Either may betray Caiden and his belief that their feelings for him are real. On the other hand, is one of them willing to fight to prove love is possible, if Caiden will only give it a chance?

I Do, I Don't

by Lisa Gray

While celebrating the Supreme Court same-sex ruling, Josh hides his deep aversion to marriage. He lets his lover Adam believe they’ll eventually marry. But when his wedding-planner mother pushes him too hard to take that step, Josh declares in anger he won’t ever marry Adam.Adam overhears and flees. Crushed at having been led on, he takes refuge at his old hangout. There he runs into his ex-boyfriend, who tries to take advantage of Adam’s vulnerability. Things go from bad to miserable, leaving Adam struggling to get through the worst night of his life.Frantically searching for Adam, Josh is forced to accept he could lose him forever -- a prospect he just can’t face. Can he overcome his fears and propose marriage to save their love? That might work, but only if he can somehow convince Adam to trust him again.

Monsters, Science, and Fanatics

by Hayden Thorne

Book 4 of the Cecilian Blue-Collar ChroniclesIt’s been a while since Sheridan’s spent time with Yuli Soulweaver, who, in the last moment before he left Sheridan’s side, appeared to have been drugged or caught in a terrible spell that left the prince ill and barely functional. With wish-granting knight Clonia also out of the picture, Sheridan’s left floundering for answers. Then, after what should have been a nice, relaxing time with his little brother, Sheridan’s world goes into a tailspin when Adley’s kidnapped by Sheridan’s tormentors and held hostage.The demand is for Sheridan to bring Yuli back, which means Yuli has vanished from the land of the dead, and no one -- especially Sheridan -- knows his whereabouts. Now Sheridan, Milo, and Grandma Janet are forced into a race against time while the door between the two worlds opens farther, and Cecilia’s Earthling colony is suddenly attracting the wrong kind of underworld attention.

Handbook of Biophilic City Planning & Design

by Timothy Beatley

What if, even in the heart of a densely developed city, people could have meaningful encounters with nature? While parks, street trees, and green roofs are increasingly appreciated for their technical services like stormwater reduction, from a biophilic viewpoint, they also facilitate experiences that contribute to better physical and mental health: natural elements in play areas can lessen children's symptoms of ADHD, and adults who exercise in natural spaces can experience greater reductions in anxiety and blood pressure.The Handbook of Biophilic City Planning & Design offers practical advice and inspiration for ensuring that nature in the city is more than infrastructure--that it also promotes well-being andcreates an emotional connection to the earth among urban residents. Divided into six parts, the Handbook begins by introducing key ideas, literature, and theory about biophilic urbanism. Chapters highlight urban biophilic innovations in more than a dozen global cities. The final part concludes with lessons on how to advance an agenda for urban biophilia and an extensive list of resources.As the most comprehensive reference on the emerging field of biophilic urbanism, the Handbook is essential reading for students and practitioners looking to place nature at the core of their planning and design ideas and encourage what preeminent biologist E.O. Wilson described as "the innate emotional connection of humans to all living things."

Egypt and the Contradictions of Liberalism: Illiberal Intelligentsia and the Future of Egyptian Democracy

by Dalia Fahmy Daanish Faruqi

Two years after the Arab Spring had transformed Egypt from a dictatorship under Hosni Mubarak to a democracy under the Muslim Brotherhood, there was a military coup that saw the country return being a police state. In a paradoxical turn of events, this move away from liberalism was aided by the same influential coterie of Egyptian intellectuals and activists who had previously been leaders of civic protest under Mubarak.With contributions from experts in Middle East studies, political science, philosophy, Islamic studies, and law, amongst others, this volume represents the first thorough examination of how Egypt's liberal intellectuals emboldened the return of authoritarianism. Together they form a holistic study of liberalism and modern Egypt, addressing the restrictions placed upon liberal opposition by the structural contours of the state itself, the role of Islam and Islamic activism, as well as issues of secularism, feminism and human rights more broadly following the overthrowing of Egypt's first democratically-elected president.

Wittgenstein and Modernism

by Michael Lemahieu Karen Zumhagen-Yekplé

Ludwig Wittgenstein famously declared that philosophy “ought really to be written only as a form of poetry,” and he even described the Tractatus as “philosophical and, at the same time, literary.” But few books have really followed up on these claims, and fewer still have focused on their relation to the special literary and artistic period in which Wittgenstein worked. This book offers the first collection to address the rich, vexed, and often contradictory relationship between modernism—the twentieth century’s predominant cultural and artistic movement—and Wittgenstein, one of its preeminent and most enduring philosophers. In doing so it offers rich new understandings of both. Michael LeMahieu Karen Zumhagen-Yekplé bring together scholars in both twentieth-century philosophy and modern literary studies to put Wittgenstein into dialogue with some of modernism’s most iconic figures, including Samuel Beckett, Saul Bellow, Walter Benjamin, Henry James, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, Adolf Loos, Robert Musil, Wallace Stevens, and Virginia Woolf. The contributors touch on two important aspects of Wittgenstein’s work and modernism itself: form and medium. They discuss issues ranging from Wittgenstein and poetics to his use of numbered propositions in the Tractatus as a virtuoso performance of modernist form; from Wittgenstein’s persistence metaphoric use of religion, music, and photography to an exploration of how he and Henry James both negotiated the relationship between the aesthetic and the ethical. Covering many other fascinating intersections of the philosopher and the arts, this book offers an important bridge across the disciplinary divides that have kept us from a fuller picture of both Wittgenstein and the larger intellectual and cultural movement of which he was a part.

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