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Performance Management of Integrated Systems and its Applications in Software Engineering (Asset Analytics) 2837691 Millie Pant Tarun K. Sharma Sebastián Basterrech Chitresh Banerjee 9789811382536 2020 Contains images
Proceedings of the 2019 DigitalFUTURES: The 1st International Conference on Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication (CDRF 2019) 2837690 Philip F. Yuan Yi Min Mike Xie Jiawei Yao Chao Yan 9789811381539 2020 Contains images
Economy and Disability: A Game Theoretic Approach (Economy and Social Inclusion) 2837689 Akihiko Matsui 9789811376238 2019 Contains images
The U.S. Current Account Deficit 2837678 Laura Alfaro Matthew Johnson Rafael Di Tella Ingrid Vogel Renee Kim Sarah Jeong 2005 Contains images
Kazakhstan Railways: From the Middle of Nowhere to a Center of Trade? 2837676 Esel Cekin Willy Shih 2019 Contains images
Lemonade: Disrupting Insurance with Instant Everything, Killer Prices, and a Big Heart 2837675 Elie Ofek Danielle Golan 2019 Contains images
Monetizing Insurance at Tr v 2837674 Thales S. Teixeira Leandro Guissoni Samy Dana 2019 Contains images
Super Bowl Storytelling 2837672 Jill Avery Shelle Santana 2018 Contains images
Mellody Hobson at Ariel Investments 2837670 Francesca Gino Lakshmi Ramarajan 2018 Contains images
Note on Hackathons 2837669 Ethan S. Bernstein 2018 Contains images
Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Soil 2837668 Ram Swaroop Meena Rahul Datta Shamina Imran Pathan Maria Teresa Ceccherini 9789811372643 2020 Contains images
Herbal Medicine in India: Indigenous Knowledge, Practice, Innovation and its Value 2837667 Saikat Sen Raja Chakraborty 9789811372483 2020 Contains images
Management Careers Made in Germany: Studying at Private German Universities Pays Off 2837666 Ajit Varma Alexander P. Hansen Annette Doll 9789811371356 2019 Contains images
Shape Memory Alloys for Seismic Resilience 2837665 Wei Wang Cheng Fang 9789811370403 2020 Contains images
Nation-Building, Education and Culture in India and Canada: Advances in Indo-Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences Research 2837664 K. Gayithri B. Hariharan Suchorita Chattopadhyay 9789811367410 2019 Contains images
Chinese Ibsenism: Reinventions of Women, Class and Nation 2837663 Kwok-kan Tam 9789811363030 2019 Contains images
Surgical Retina (Retina Atlas) 2837662 Masahito Ohji 9789811362149 2019 Contains images
Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications: ERCICA 2018, Volume 2 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing #906) 2837661 N. R. Shetty N. Nalini L. M. Patnaik H. C. Nagaraj Prasad Naik Hamsavath 9789811360015 2019 Contains images
Glycoscience: Insights from the Japan Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology (JCGG) 2837660 Naoyuki Taniguchi Jun Hirabayashi Tamao Endo Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita Shoko Nishihara Kenji Kadomatsu Kazunari Akiyoshi 9789811358562 2019 Contains images
Note on Taxation 2837648 William J. Poorvu Arthur I Segel Charles F Wu Michael D. Krummer Glenn S. Miller Joseph M. Gerstel Po Sit 1979 Contains images
GreenLight BioSciences: In Search of Impact Investment 2837646 Annelena Lobb Michael Chu Joni Coughlin 2018 Contains images
DBL Partners: Double Bottom Line Venture Capital 2837644 Mark R. Kramer Shawn Cole Tony He 2016 Contains images
Accounting Fraud at Tesco Stores (C) 2837643 Suraj Srinivasan Jonas Heese Julia Kelley 2019
Accounting Fraud at Tesco Stores (B) 2837642 Suraj Srinivasan Jonas Heese Julia Kelley 2019 Contains images
Accounting Fraud at Tesco Stores (A) 2837641 Suraj Srinivasan Jonas Heese Julia Kelley 2019 Contains images

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