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Exploring Adobe InDesign CS6

by Terry Rydberg

With many software guides serving as high-tech "recipe books," teaching cookie-cutter habits with little relevance to complex, real-world projects, EXPLORING ADOBE INDESIGN CS6 takes a different approach. Emphasizing on fundamental design principles, critical thinking skills, and practical applications to prepare you for professional success, this unique text features step-by-step tutorials, vibrant illustrations, and realistic exercises to engage your interest while helping you develop essential software skills. Each chapter builds on what you have learned, guiding you from exploring basic operations to creating complex documents with confidence and efficiency. In addition to mastering InDesign CS6--including standard functionality and features new to this release--the text prepares you to analyze new design projects, identify potential challenges, develop effective strategies, and apply industry-standard principles and practices to execute your plans successfully. The Data Files used to complete the projects found in the book are now available online. For access information please refer to the directions available in the preface of the book.

Panda Kindergarten (Elementary Core Reading)

by Joanne Ryder

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Contemporary Living

by Verdene Ryder

Contemporary Living explores the issues facing students and provides the information needed to make wise decisions. The text addresses topics such as personal development, relationships with family and friends, career options, healthful living, relating to peers, dealing with family crises,and managing family living. Students gain critical-thinking skills while they learn about alternatives to different situations so they can make the best choices for themselves.

Parents and Their Children

by Verdene Ryder Celia A. Decker

With a new design and almost 200 new photos, Parents and Their Children has a fresh look that will catch your students' attention! The content has been thoroughly revised to reflect fast-paced changes in today's world. Parenting is one of the most serious responsibilities a person can have. Use this text to help your students learn what this role demands and what it has to offer.-- New end-of-chapter feature called "Thinking Critically".-- New chapter on decisions facing parents-to-be that includes choices about childbirth preparation, delivery, baby supplies, and child care.-- Increased content on conception, pregnancy, prenatal development and care, as well as crises that can affect the family's well-being.-- Updated information on meeting children's special medical and educational needs.-- Added emphasis on how community resources, technology, diversity, and changes in the family affect parents' roles.

Parents and Their Children (8th Edition)

by Verdene Ryder Celia A. Decker

Parents and Their Children helps students learn the demands of parenting as well as its rewards. The text explores various family forms and functions, the cycle of family development, and how the parenting role changes through the lifespan as children grow. Conception, pregnancy, and prenataldevelopment and care are discussed with an emphasis on abstinence to avoid unplanned pregnancies. Features throughout the text engage students in real-life parenting situations. College and career readiness activities are included.

En noviembre (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Trade Book #6)

by Cynthia Rylant Jill Kastner

NIMAC-sourced textbook

In November (Into Reading, Trade Book #6)

by Cynthia Rylant Jill Kastner

<p>NIMAC-sourced textbook. In November, the air grows cold and the earth and all of its creatures prepare for winter. Animals seek food and shelter. And people gather together to celebrate their blessings with family and friends. <p>Cynthia Rylant's lyrical language and Jill Kastner's rich, cozy paintings capture the cherished moments of this autumn month--the moments we spend together and the ones we witness in the world around us.</p>

Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend: The Eleventh Book of Their Adventures

by Cynthia Rylant Suçie Stevenson

NIMAC-sourced textbook

The Great Gracie Chase: Stop That Dog!

by Cynthia Rylant Mark Teague

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Number One: Uncanny Uses of Urine / Number Two: From Waste to Wonder (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading)

by Gemma Rymer

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Risky Business: The Science Behind Risk-Taking (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 6)

by Gemma Rymer

GO AHEAD, TAKE A CHANCE Daredevil, risk-taker, adventure seeker. You probably know someone, or are someone, who fits the bill. Or maybe you're the complete opposite and would rather stand with your feet firmly on the ground while your friends bungee jump off a bridge. Now, scientists offer logical explanations for why some people do incredibly risky things. NIMAC-sourced textbook

Principles of Life

by David Sadava H. Craig Heller David M. Hillis Mary V. Price

For sample chapters, a video interview with David Hillis, and more information, visitwww. whfreeman. com/hillispreview. Sinauer Associates and W. H. Freeman are proud to introducePrinciples of Life. Written in the spirit of the reform movement that is reinvigorating the introductory majors course,Principles of Lifecuts through the thicket of excessive detail and factual minutiae to focus on what matters most in the study of biology today. Students explore the most essential biological ideas and information in the context of the field’s defining experiments, and are actively engaged in analyzing research data. The result is a textbook that is hundreds of pages shorter (and significantly less expensive) than the current majors introductory books.

Cells and Heredity

by David Sadava H. Craig Heller Gordon H. Orians William K. Purves David M. Hillis


We Believe We Are God's People, Grade Six

by Sadlier

NIMAC-sourced textbook

A Perfect Season for Dreaming/Un tiempo perfecto para soñar (Into Reading, Read Aloud Module 3 #3)

by Benjamin Sáenz Esau Valencia

NIMAC-sourced textbook <P><P>Ninety-two-year-old Octavio Rivera is a beautiful dreamer. And lately he has been visited by some very interesting dreams—dreams about piñatas that spill their treasures before him, revealing kissing turtles, winged pigs, hitchhiking armadillos and many more fantastic things! Octavio doesn’t tell anyone about his dreams except his young granddaughter Regina because she alone understands beautiful and fantastic dreams. On the ninth afternoon Octavio prepares for his siesta hoping to be blessed with one last lovely dream. That afternoon he dreams of a sky full of sweet and perfect hummingbirds calling his name over and over again… <P><P>Like Margaret Wild’s marvelous book Old Pig, A Perfect Season for Dreaming unfolds the sweet possibilities in relationships between the very old and the very young.

Forensic Science: An Introduction

by Richard Saferstein

This text is designed to present forensic science in a very straightforward and student-friendly format.

Holt World Geography Today

by Robert J. Sager David M. Helgren

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Auroras: Mysterious Lights (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 5)

by Laura Salas

GHOSTLY LIGHTS IN THE SKY Many stories throughout history have explained the beautiful lights called auroras that dance across the sky. Try to separate fact from fiction as you read about the legends and science of auroras. NIMAC-sourced textbook

Avalanche! The Fierce White Dragon (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 5)

by Laura Salas

Hush—The Dragon Sleeps Don't wake the white dragon. It is big. It is beautiful. And it is deadly. NIMAC-sourced textbook

Buildings That Make You Think (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading)

by Laura Salas

NIMAC-sourced textbook. ONE-OF-A-KIND BUILDINGS. A building might be an office or a museum. It might be a house or a hotel. But can a building make you think about art?

Playful Art (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading)

by Laura Salas

NIMAC-sourced textbook. Through an Artist's Eyes. Put your paints and markers away. There's only one thing you really have to have to be an artist. Find out what it is and see how artists use it.

Wildland Fire! (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 5)

by Laura Salas

NIMAC-sourced textbook

The Whole Sky Full of Stars

by René Saldaña

NIMAC-sourced textbook

A Child's View, Grade 1, 2007 (Harcourt Social Studies)

by Cinthia Salinas Tyrone Howard Michael Berson

NIMAC-sourced textbook

On the Home Front: Life During World War II

by Katherine Talmadge Sallé

NIMAC-sourced textbook

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