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SpringBoard® Writing Workshop with Grammar Activities (Grade #9)

by Lori O'Dea

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Stargirl (Stargirl Ser.)

by Jerry Spinelli

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Stationen: Ein Kursbuch für die Mittelstufe

by Prisca Augustyn Nikolaus Euba

Take a tour of the German-speaking world, with STATIONEN: EIN KURSBUCH F SR DIE MITTELSTUFE, an innovative intermediate German program. Combining engaging cultural topics with authentic readings, this text gives you the basis to develop insight into German life today and proficiency with the language. Each chapter of STATIONEN revolves around a city or region in the German-speaking world, inviting you to make connections and comparisons between chapters, topics, and cultural issues. In addition, the accompanying video component (available on DVD) contains footage of videoblogs from eleven cities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that complement the text and offer fascinating glimpses of contemporary German culture. These snapshots of everyday life pair interview clips with images of public spaces to move you beyond the realm of ordinary language instruction and into the scenarios and situations that reflect your real-world needs as a developing German speaker.

Statistical Reasoning in Sports

by Christine Franklin Josh Tabor

Offering a unique and powerful way to introduce the principles of statistical reasoning, Statistical Reasoning in Sports features engaging examples and a student-friendly approach. Starting from the very first chapter, students are able to ask questions, collect and analyze data, and draw conclusions using randomization tests. Is it harder to shoot free throws with distractions? We explore this question by designing an experiment, collecting the data, and using a hands-on simulation to analyze results. Completely covering the Common Core Standards for Probability and Statistics, Statistical Reasoning in Sports is an accessible and fun way to learn about statistics!

Statistics and Probability with Applications

by Josh Tabor Daren Starnes

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Statistics Through Applications

by David S. Moore Daniel S. Yates Daren S. Starnes

Watch avideo introduction here. Statistics Through Applications (STA)is the only text written specifically for high school statistics course. Designed to be read, the book takes a data analysis approach that emphasizes conceptual understanding over computation, while recognizing that some computation is necessary. The focus is on the statistical thinking behind data gathering and interpretation. The high school statistics course is often the first applied math course students take. STAengages students in learning how statisticians contribute to our understanding of the world and helps students to become more discerning consumers of the statistics they encounter in ads, economic reports, political campaigns, and elsewhere. New and improved!STA 2efeatures expanded coverage of probability, a reorganized presentation of data analysis, a new color design and much more. Please see theposted sample chapter orrequest a copy today to see for yourself.

Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

by Inc. Lee P. Arbetman Edward L. O'Brien Street Law

Street Law: A Course in Practical Law #65533;2016 provides young people with practical legal knowledge that is relevant to their everyday lives. This knowledge is delivered using Street Law's signature student-centered, interactive, democratic pedagogy, which ensures that students develop and hone the high-level critical thinking, problem solving, engagement, and communication skills that are consistent with emerging state standards. Includes Print Student Edition

Strengthening Family & Self

by Leona Johnson

- New suggested chapter activities--Think Critically, Connect with Your Community, and Use Technology--help students apply their learning. <BR>- Learning objectives, key terms, summary, case studies, and review questions enrich each chapter.

Student Solutions Guide to Accompany Chemistry

by Thomas J. Hummel Steve S. Zumdahl Susan Arena Zumdahl

Provides carefully worked out, complete solutions for all odd-numbered questions and exercises in the text. Uses the same solutions methods as examples in the text.

Student Solutions Manual for Single Variable Calculus

by Daniel Anderson Jeffery A. Cole Daniel Drucker

Provides completely worked-out solutions to all odd-numbered exercises within the text, giving students a way to check their answers and ensure that they took the correct steps to arrive at an answer.

StudySync, Reading & Writing Companion, Grade 9 Units [1-4]: Empathy, Leadership, Dreams and Aspirations, All for Love

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Succeeding in Life and Career, Foundations of Human Studies

by Frances Baynor Parnell

Succeeding in Life and Career is an advanced comprehensive text designed to help teens adjust to change, especially as they become young adults. A lifespan development chapter provides understanding of how people change over time, from newborn to older adult. Career readiness is stressed, and each of the 16 career clusters is explored along with related jobs and their requirements for success. Skills development, financial literacy, healthy lifestyles, housing, and transportation topics are also included. Students gain hands-on experience building a portfolio by completing chapter projects, preparing them to create employment portfolios in the future. Critical thinking features found throughout the book develop student college and career readiness skills. Classroom learning and FCCLA participation are encouraged through chapter ending activities.

Succeeding in the World of Work: Student Activity Workbook

by Glencoe McGraw-Hill Staff

Includes: note-taking activities based on the Cornell note-taking model, real-world applications, personal academic and career portfolio activities, 21st century skills, foundation skills, and workplace competencies correlations, academic applications, study skills activities, test-prep and test-taking practice.

Succeeding in the World of Work

by Grady Kimbrell

The text that explores career options and life choices. . . and how to succeed! Succeeding in the World of Work prepares your students for the complex issues they'll face in the rapidly changing workplace. This updated and comprehensive program now includes 16 Career Pathways outlined by the U. S. Department of Education.


by Jan Hudson

Sweetgrass, a 15-year-old Blackfoot girl, longs to be married like the other girls her age, and she has a young warrior in mind, Eagle-Sun. Her father feels she is too young for marriage, but over a difficult year for their tribe, which include natural disasters, encounters with white settlers, fights with other tribes, and a smallpox epidemic, she proves her courage, intelligence, and maturity. "Vivid characters bring the culture of the Dakota Indians in the 1830s to life through this richly patterned historical novel?An unusually fine first novel. "? Booklist (starred review)"A masterpiece combining elements of an historical novel, a native American, a survival, and a coming-of-age novel?. Will invite re-reading. " ? School Library Journal (starred review)


by Sharleen L. Kato

Teaching, a great text for students considering a career in the field of education, helps the teachers of tomorrow explore the world of education and discover what makes a teacher effective. Students will learn about the history of education in the United States and how schools impact society. They will learn about all types of learners—how they change physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially—and how that impacts the way they are taught. Additionally they will learn how to design an instructional plan, choose teaching strategies, and create an effective learning environment for their future students. Teaching includes four units: • Unit 1, You: The Teacher of Tomorrow, focuses on what a teacher does, the qualities of an effective teacher, and steps to becoming a teacher. • Unit 2, The Learner, explores human development, developmental theories, and the various developmental stages of children through teens. • Unit 3, The School, describes the early history of education in America, modern history of education, and current aspects of schools, including federal, state, and local responsibilities. • Unit 4, The Teacher, covers learning diversity, what makes an effective teacher, lesson planning, instructional strategies, technology, assessment, classroom management, and the student’s future as a teacher.

Teaching (2nd Edition)

by Sharleen L. Kato

Teaching helps students, the teachers of tomorrow, explore the world of education. Besides investigating teaching as a profession, students will develop an understanding of the different types of learners they will encounter in the classroom. This includes how humans develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially as all of these impact the instructional methods used. The educational system, both past and present, is reviewed along with the responsibilities that come with employment. Students receive a full introduction to the role and duties of a teacher, including planning, instructional methods, assessment, and classroom management. Expanded chapter reviews help students develop a variety of skills while new professionalism features emphasize appropriate workplace behavior. This is the only textbook available for high school students planning a teaching career.

Tech Manual to Accompany Collision Repair and Refinishing: A Foundation Course for Technicians

by Alfred M. Thomas

The Tech Manual to accompany Collision Repair & Refinishing, 2e is designed to work hand-in-hand with the textbook to offer additional opportunities for review and application of the material covered in the book's respective chapters. Work Assignments, Work Orders and Review Questions are included in each of the chapters for a fully rounded approach to learning and applying the chapter content.

Technical Drawing and Engineering Communication

by David L. Goetsch John A. Nelson Raymond L. Rickman William S. Chalk

Develop the drawing skills you need for a successful career in CAD, drafting, or design with this comprehensive, widely successful book, now in its 6th edition! Technical Drawing and Engineering Communication, 6E offers readers the "total technical drawing experience," with coverage that spans from basic to advanced aspects of engineering and industrial technology. It provides a fundamental exposure to design and visualization for computer modeling, while still presenting thorough coverage of more traditional methods of technical drawing. With revisions that reflect the very latest information on CAD, GIS, the Internet, ISO 9000, and solid modeling, this book is a valuable resource, with applications to various drafting disciplines.

Technical Writing for Success

by Darlene Smith-Worthington Sue Jefferson

Taking an applied approach to teaching workplace writing, TECHNICAL WRITING FOR SUCCESS 3E is a comprehensive text designed to focus on skills that employers demand in today's workplace--thinking, listening, composing, revising, and editing. Students are encouraged to acquire many workplace skills through integrated and applied instruction so that mastering technical writing is relevant and exciting. Abundant model documents reflect Office 2007 formats and include questions providing critical thinking opportunities. This comprehensive text features an engaging writing style, student and real-world models, write-to-learn activities, expanded oral presentation coverage, and much more. TECHNICAL WRITING FOR SUCCESS 3E provides instruction on the less common documents not covered in general communication texts, e. g. , proposals, news releases, science lab reports, and instructions. Chapter contents include technical research; writing for the Web; brief informative, brief investigative and recommendation reports; as well as technical reading.

Television Production & Broadcast Journalism

by Phillip L. Harris

Television Production and Broadcast Journalism provides students with basic technical skills necessary to enter the television production industry as a production assistant, and introduces broadcast journalism theory. The text provides an overview of the equipment, job responsibilities, andtechniques involved in both traditional studio production and remote location work. The activities and processes involved in each phase of production are presented and reinforced with realistic examples, numerous photos showing students in actual production situations, and engaging studentactivities. Broadcast journalism coverage includes ethics and news judgment, types of stories, news writing, preparing news packages, and conducting interviews. The broadcast journalism topics address skills and qualities required in the industry, but also incorporate classroom-appropriate standards andpractices.

Television Production Handbook

by Herbert Zettl

In Herbert Zettl's field-defining text TELEVISION PRODUCTION HANDBOOK, the author emphasizes how production proceeds in the digital age -- from idea to image -- and how it moves through the three major phases, from preproduction to production to postproduction. In this context, you will learn about the necessary tools, examine what they can and cannot do, and explore how they are used to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This edition also features the latest digital equipment and production techniques, including HDV and HDTV.

Television Production Handbook

by Herbert Zettl

This practical textbook explains the basic workings behind the television camera, studio lighting equipment, microphones, and the video recording system, then outlines the job duties performed by graphic designers, the technical crew, news production personnel, floor managers, producers, and directors. The ninth edition adds a section on high definition video. Annotation ©2005 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Tennessee Biology

by Alton Biggs Whitney Crispen Hagins William G. Holliday

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Tennessee End of Course Coach, English I

by Triumph Learning

NIMAC-sourced textbook

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