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Civil Law Reforms in Post-Colonial Asia: Beyond Western Capitalism (Kobe University Monograph Series in Social Science Research)

by Yuka Kaneko

This book focuses on the legal systems of the late-developing countries of ASEAN (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam, often referred to as the CLMV countries). These nations are apt to be placed in an economically disadvantageous situation within the opportunity of communalization of legal systems being advanced by the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) launched in 2015, and the book clarifies the dynamics of the changes within these legal systems. Concurrently, there is an intention to analyze the “legal system development support” that has continued to be provided to these countries since the mid-1990s via international development support from international organizations and developed countries including Japan. In particular, the emphasis has been on the area of civil law, where the main subject of Japan’s support has been centered on the civil code and civil procedure code. The legal system of the recipient country is complicated by the crisscrossing of the remnants of previous eras, from the inherent laws that have existed since before colonization, the laws of the colonial powers that were introduced during the colonial era (French law in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam; English law in Myanmar), the influence of socialist law after independence from colonization, and the path of modern industrialization and development, such that one country's legal system is the combination of all of these influences. For the reader to understand the dynamics of these changing laws, each chapter of the book combines two methodological perspectives. The first is to ascertain the spatial range as to how far the civil law extends across social phenomena. The second is a historical perspective in which the trends in legal changes will be understood on a time axis.

Legal Tech, Smart Contracts and Blockchain (Perspectives in Law, Business and Innovation)

by Helena Haapio Mark Fenwick Marcelo Corrales

There is a broad consensus amongst law firms and in-house legal departments that next generation “Legal Tech” – particularly in the form of Blockchain-based technologies and Smart Contracts – will have a profound impact on the future operations of all legal service providers. Legal Tech startups are already revolutionizing the legal industry by increasing the speed and efficiency of traditional legal services or replacing them altogether with new technologies. This on-going process of disruption within the legal profession offers significant opportunities for all business. However, it also poses a number of challenges for practitioners, trade associations, technology vendors, and regulators who often struggle to keep up with the technologies, resulting in a widening regulatory “gap.” Many uncertainties remain regarding the scope, direction, and effects of these new technologies and their integration with existing practices and legacy systems. Adding to the challenges is the growing need for easy-to-use contracting solutions, on the one hand, and for protecting the users of such solutions, on the other. To respond to the challenges and to provide better legal communications, systems, and services Legal Tech scholars and practitioners have found allies in the emerging field of Legal Design. This collection brings together leading scholars and practitioners working on these issues from diverse jurisdictions. The aim is to introduce Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies, and to examine their on-going impact on the legal profession, business and regulators.

Inclusion, Equity and Access for Individuals with Disabilities: Insights From Educators Across World

by Santoshi Halder Vassilios Argyropoulos

The book provides multiple perspectives and insights on the area of Inclusion, Equity and Access for people with disabilities and brings together various inclusive effective practices from 21 countries across the world most comprehensively in one book. The book documents perspectives from educational researchers and teacher educators through first-hand experience using cutting-edge research and conceptual understandings, thought processes, and reflections. The book brings together various methodologies to expose scientific truths in the area of disability and inclusion. Chapter authors utilize a self-reflective stance, representing state of the art theory and practice for exploring notions of disability. Authors examine cultural relational practices, common values and beliefs, and shared experiences for the purpose of helping cultural members and cultural strangers better understand interdependent factors. Each chapter is an attempt to unravel a thought provoking, comprehensive, and thorough understanding of the challenges and abilities of individuals with disabilities shaped by their own culture, society and country, re-engaging the promise of scientific research as a generative form of inquiry. <P><P> The book is designed to be of use to a wide range of professionals; researchers, practitioners, advocates, special educators and parents providing information and or discussions on educational needs, health care provisions, and social services irrespective of country and culture.

Deep Learning with R

by Abhijit Ghatak

Deep Learning with R introduces deep learning and neural networks using the R programming language. The book builds on the understanding of the theoretical and mathematical constructs and enables the reader to create applications on computer vision, natural language processing and transfer learning. The book starts with an introduction to machine learning and moves on to describe the basic architecture, different activation functions, forward propagation, cross-entropy loss and backward propagation of a simple neural network. It goes on to create different code segments to construct deep neural networks. It discusses in detail the initialization of network parameters, optimization techniques, and some of the common issues surrounding neural networks such as dealing with NaNs and the vanishing/exploding gradient problem. Advanced variants of multilayered perceptrons namely, convolutional neural networks and sequence models are explained, followed by application to different use cases. The book makes extensive use of the Keras and TensorFlow frameworks.

An Insight into Mergers and Acquisitions: A Growth Perspective

by Vinod Kumar Priti Sharma

This book provides an insight in the phenomenon of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), including the various forms of corporate restructuring. It highlights the importance of M&A as a strategy for faster growth in the corporate. The book provides an enriched experience of the art of valuation with detailed description of M&A process, deal structuring and financing. The book also provides the broader perspective of Accounting and Regulatory aspects of M&A. While covering the conceptual underpinnings of M&A, the book supplements it with real life examples on each sub-topic with various numeric examples. Thus the judicious blend of theory and practical aspects, through numerical as well as real life case-studies, make the book a source of vast knowledge in the complicated and dynamic world of M&A.

Taiwan’s Party Politics and Cross-Strait Relations in Evolution (2008–2018)

by Gang Lin

This book explores the dynamics of party politics in Taiwan and cross-Strait relations over the past decade. While power transfer from the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) back to the pro-status quo Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang, KMT) in 2008 ushered a great leap of cross-Strait relations in the following years, the DPP’s coming back to power in 2016 has reversed the trend and brought back a cold peace between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait featuring the period of the Chen Shui-bian administration. Social cleavage and partisan confrontation on the island have justified Beijing’s strategy of selective engagement with the two main parties within Taiwan. The state of cross-Strait relations, therefore, has become a by-product of volatile party politics on the island. As speculation about Taiwan's future mounts, this book will interest scholars, China-watchers, and policymakers.

Non-Representational Theory and the Creative Arts

by Candice P. Boyd Christian Edwardes

This book presents distinct perspectives from both geographically-oriented creative practices and geographers working with arts-based processes. In doing so, it fills a significant gap in the already sizeable body of non-representational discourse by bringing together images and reflections on performances, art practice, theatre, dance, and sound production alongside theoretical contributions and examples of creative writing. It considers how contemporary art making is being shaped by spatial enquiry and how geographical research has been influenced by artistic practice. It provides a clear and concise overview of the principles of non-representational theory for researchers and practitioners in the creative arts and, across its four sections, demonstrates the potential for non-representational theory to bring cultural geography and contemporary art closer than ever before.

Hirschsprung’s Disease and the Allied Disorders: Status Quo and Future Prospects of Treatment

by Tomoaki Taguchi Hiroshi Matsufuji Satoshi Ieiri

This book provides essential information on the status quo and changing profile of Hirschsprung’s disease and allied disorders. Hirschsprung’s disease is a common cause of neonatal intestinal obstruction and one of the most important and most fascinating diseases in pediatric surgery throughout the world. Currently, the diagnosis and treatment of Hirschsprung’s disease and allied disorders are in a state of constant development. Written by expert pediatric surgeons, Hirschsprung’s Disease and the Allied Disorders presents state-of-the-art information, such as new genetic evidence, and historical operative techniques that were less invasive and resulted in fewer follow-up operations. It offers a highly informative guide that will greatly benefit all readers engaged in pediatric medicine, pediatric surgeons, and the medical staff of NICUs around the globe.

Brain-Inspired Intelligence and Visual Perception: The Brain And Machine Eyes (Research on Intelligent Manufacturing)

by Wenfeng Wang Xiangyang Deng Liang Ding Limin Zhang

This book presents the latest findings in the field of brain-inspired intelligence and visual perception (BIVP), and discusses novel research assumptions, including an introduction to brain science and the brain vision hypotheses. <P><P>Moreover, it introduces readers to the theory and algorithms of BIVP – such as pheromone accumulation and iteration, neural cognitive computing mechanisms, the integration and scheduling of core modules, and brain-inspired perception, motion and control – in a step-by-step manner. <P><P>Accordingly, it will appeal to university researchers, R&D engineers, undergraduate and graduate students; to anyone interested in robots, brain cognition or computer vision; and to all those wishing to learn about the core theory, principles, methods, algorithms, and applications of BIVP.

Diabetes Mellitus: A risk factor for Alzheimer's Disease (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology #1128)

by Yusaku Nakabeppu Toshiharu Ninomiya

This book describes the precise mechanisms by which insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus (DM) act as risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). It opens by discussing the de novo synthesis of insulin in the brain and its functional significance with regard to glucose metabolism and maintenance of neuronal function in the brain. The epidemiological evidence that DM is a risk factor for the development of dementia, including AD as well as vascular dementia, is then examined. Subsequent chapters explore in depth the mechanisms involved in this relationship, including abnormal protein processing, dysregulated glucose metabolism, impaired insulin signaling, and mitochondrial dysfunction. The molecular interactions between diabetes and AD are fully discussed, highlighting the pathological molecular mechanisms induced by diabetes that promote and accelerate AD pathology. Finally, diagnostic biomarkers and potential therapeutic approaches for AD are considered on the basis of the presented evidence. In providing answers to the critical questions of whether and why DM is a risk factor for AD, this book will hold appeal for a wide interdisciplinary audience.

Black Masculinity and Hip-Hop Music: Black Gay Men Who Rap

by Xinling Li

This book offers an interdisciplinary study of hip-hop music written and performed by rappers who happen to be out black gay men. It examines the storytelling mechanisms of gay themed lyrics, and how these form protests and become enabling tools for (black) gay men to discuss issues such as living on the down-low and HIV/AIDS. It considers how the biased promotion of feminised gay male artists/characters in mainstream entertainment industry has rendered masculinity an exclusively male heterosexual property, providing a representational framework for men to identify with a form of “homosexual masculinity” – one that is constructed without having to either victimise anything feminine or necessarily convert to femininity. The book makes a strong case that it is possible for individuals (like gay rappers) to perform masculinity against masculinity, and open up a new way of striving for gender equality.

Heinrich Heine and the World Literary Map: Redressing The Canon (Canon And World Literature Ser.)

by Azade Seyhan

This text provides a key reassessment of the German author Heinrich Heine’s literary status, arguing for his inclusion in the Canon of World Literature. It examines a cross section of Heine’s work in light of this debate, highlighting the elusive and ironic tenor of his many faceted prose works, from his philosophical and political satire to his reassessment of Romantic idealism in Germany and the unique self-reflexivity of his work. It notably focuses on the impact of exile, belonging, exclusion, and censorship in Heine’s work and analyzes his legacy in a world literary context, comparing his poetry and prose with those of major modern writers, such as Pablo Neruda, Nazım Hikmet, or Walter Benjamin, who have all been persecuted and exiled yet used their art as resistance against oppression and silencing. At a time when a premium is placed on the value of world literatures and transnational writing, Heine emerges once again as a writer ahead of his time and of timeless appeal.

Immobilized β-Galactosidase-Mediated Conversion of Lactose: Process, Kinetics and Modeling Studies (Springer Theses)

by Fadzil Noor Gonawan

This book describes the reaction rate profiles of the β-galactosidase-catalyzed conversion of lactose on the inner surface of a hollow fiber membrane, which is employed as an enzymatic reactor system. The reaction rate profiles were obtained by solving the mass transfer and kinetics of reaction in a 2-dimensional model of the system. The primary challenge of this research was to develop the kinetic model of the reaction to describe the kinetic behavior as the reaction occurred on the membrane surface. Despite the difficulties, the proposed model can reliably replicate the actual process, as validation procedures have confirmed. The reaction rates obtained analyze the performance of the immobilized enzyme on the membrane surface. Previously, an increase in performance of 'β-galactosidase-catalyzed conversion of lactose assisted by ultrafiltration was suggested due to inhibitor removal. However, as the analysis presented here shows, the concentration profile of the substrate on the membrane surface also affects the reaction performance.

Endourology Progress: Technique, Technology And Training

by Eddie Shu-yin Chan Tadashi Matsuda

This book presents the work and development of endourology and the contribution of East Asian Society of Endourology. This book is intended to familiarize the modern urologists with the common endourology, laparoscopic and robotic urologic procedures and the development of technology, techniques and training. <p><p> The book is the collection of papers and presentations in Congress of East Asia Society of Endourology. Recognized experts in the field of endourology have contributed to share their experiences and opinions. It consists of latest update and advancement of surgical techniques, technology in minimal invasive surgery. The development of endoscopic, laparoscopic and robotic urological operations is reviewed. A whole session is dedicated to training in endourology are included. Detail descriptions of perioperative preparation, step-by-step surgical procedures and tips/tricks will be emphasized in the corresponding chapters, supplemented by photographs and illustrations. <p> In the first session, techniques on kidney, bladder and prostate surgeries are discussed. In the second session, is dedicated to the advances of new technologies in endourology. The third session covers the important areas of endourology training and the development of endourology. <p> This book is most suitable for urology residents and young fellows who are keen to start their endourological training. It also provides up-to-date information on current topics of endourology for practicing urologists and experienced endourologists.

Advances in Communication, Devices and Networking: Proceedings of ICCDN 2018 (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering #537)

by Hemanta Saikia Om Prakash Singh Subir Kumar Sarkar Rabindranath Bera

The book covers recent trends in the field of devices, wireless communication and networking. It presents the outcomes of the International Conference in Communication, Devices and Networking (ICCDN 2018), which was organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim, India on 2–3 June, 2018. Gathering cutting-edge research papers prepared by researchers, engineers and industry professionals, it will help young and experienced scientists and developers alike to explore new perspectives, and offer them inspirations on addressing real-world problems in the field of electronics, communication, devices and networking.

Soft Computing in Data Science: First International Conference, Scds 2015, Putrajaya, Malaysia, September 2-3, 2015, Proceedings (Communications In Computer And Information Science #545)

by Michael W. Berry Bee Wah Yap Azlinah Hj Mohamed

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Soft Computing in Data Science, SCDS 2018, held in Bangkok, Thailand, in August 2018.The 30 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 75 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on machine and deep learning, image processing, financial and fuzzy mathematics, optimization algorithms, data and text analytics, data visualization.

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Anthropocene: A Posthuman Inquiry

by Jamie Mcphie

This book makes the unorthodox claim that there is no such thing as mental health. It also deglamourises nature-based psychotherapies, deconstructs therapeutic landscapes and redefines mental health and wellbeing as an ecological process distributed in the environment – rather than a psychological manifestation trapped within the mind of a human subject. Traditional and contemporary philosophies are merged with new science of the mind as each chapter progressively examples a posthuman account of mental health as physically dispersed amongst things – emoji, photos, tattoos, graffiti, cities, mountains – in this precarious time labelled the Anthropocene. Utilising experimental walks, play scripts and creative research techniques, this book disrupts traditional notions of the subjective self, resulting in an Extended Body Hypothesis – a pathway for alternative narratives of human-environment relations to flourish more ethically. This transdisciplinary inquiry will appeal to anyone interested in non-classificatory accounts of mental health, particularly concerning areas of social and environmental equity – post-nature.

Advances in Solar Energy Research (Energy, Environment, and Sustainability)

by Avinash Kumar Agarwal Himanshu Tyagi Prodyut R. Chakraborty Satvasheel Powar

This book covers major technological advancements in, and evolving applications of, thermal and photovoltaic solar energy systems. Advances in technologies for harnessing solar energy are extensively discussed, with topics including the fabrication, compaction and optimization of energy grids, solar cells and panels. Leading international experts discuss the applications, challenges and future prospects of research in this increasingly vital field, providing a valuable resource for all researchers working in this field.

First Course in Algorithms Through Puzzles

by Ryuhei Uehara

This textbook introduces basic algorithms and explains their analytical methods. All algorithms and methods introduced in this book are well known and frequently used in real programs. Intended to be self-contained, the contents start with the basic models, and no prerequisite knowledge is required. This book is appropriate for undergraduate students in computer science, mathematics, and engineering as a textbook, and is also appropriate for self-study by beginners who are interested in the fascinating field of algorithms. More than 40 exercises are distributed throughout the text, and their difficulty levels are indicated. Solutions and comments for all the exercises are provided in the last chapter. These detailed solutions will enable readers to follow the author’s steps to solve problems and to gain a better understanding of the contents. Although details of the proofs and the analyses of algorithms are also provided, the mathematical descriptions in this book are not beyond the range of high school mathematics. Some famous real puzzles are also used to describe the algorithms. These puzzles are quite suitable for explaining the basic techniques of algorithms, which show how to solve these puzzles.

Chinese Culture of Intelligence

by Keping Wang

​With the rise of China in the 21st century, this book offers a trans-cultural and thematic study of key Chinese concepts which influence modern day Chinese thinking across the spheres of politics, economics and society. It reflects on the major schools of Chinese thought including Confucianism, Daoism and Zen Buddhism, providing a historical perspective on the ideological development of China in terms of the relationship between man and nature, social ethics, political governance, poetry education, aesthetic criticism and art theory. It also explores primary aspects of Chinese poetics and aesthetics with reference to the interaction between the endogenous theories and their western counterparts. Written by a leader in Chinese Aesthetics against the background of both globalization and glocalization at home and abroad, this is a key read for all those interested in the cultural, philosophical and aesthetic underpinnings of contemporary China. ​

Education, Ethnicity and Equity in the Multilingual Asian Context (Multilingual Education #32)

by Jan Gube Fang Gao

The book addresses issues related to the education of ethnic minority individuals in the multilingual Asian region. It features recent research and practices of scholars aiming to rethink educational policy and practice surrounding the education of ethnic minority students with a variety of language scenarios in Hong Kong and other Asian contexts. It documents how ethnicity and inequality are played out at policy, school, and individual levels, and how these affect the education of ethnic minorities in their host societies. Using a range of methods, from surveys to interviews and document analysis, this book describes the links between language, identity and educational inequality related to ethnic minorities in Asian contexts.

Metaphysics of States of Affairs: Truthmaking, Universals, and a Farewell to Bradley’s Regress (Philosophical Studies Series #136)

by Bo R. Meinertsen

This book addresses the metaphysics of Armstrongian states of affairs, i.e. instantiations of naturalist universals by particulars. The author argues that states of affairs are the best candidate for truthmakers and, in the spirit of logical atomism, that we need no molecular truthmakers for positive truths. In the book's context, this has the pleasing result that there are no molecular states of affairs. Following this account of truthmaking, the author first shows that the particulars in (first-order) states of affairs are bare particulars. He then argues that the properties in states of affairs are simple, non-relational and concrete universals. Next, he argues that (material) relations in states of affairs are external relations. Lastly, he argues that a state of affairs is unified by a distinctive formal relation without giving rise to Bradley’s regress. Written in a relatively non-technical style, the book offers a valuable resource for philosophers working on analytic metaphysics and ontology, as well as their graduate students.

Multiview Machine Learning

by Shiliang Sun Liang Mao Ziang Dong Lidan Wu

This book provides a unique, in-depth discussion of multiview learning, one of the fastest developing branches in machine learning. Multiview Learning has been proved to have good theoretical underpinnings and great practical success. This book describes the models and algorithms of multiview learning in real data analysis. Incorporating multiple views to improve the generalization performance, multiview learning is also known as data fusion or data integration from multiple feature sets. This self-contained book is applicable for multi-modal learning research, and requires minimal prior knowledge of the basic concepts in the field. It is also a valuable reference resource for researchers working in the field of machine learning and also those in various application domains.

Reliability Aspect of Cloud Computing Environment

by Vikas Kumar R. Vidhyalakshmi

This book presents both qualitative and quantitative approaches to cloud reliability measurements, together with specific case studies to reflect the real-time reliability applications. Traditional software reliability models cannot be used for cloud reliability evaluation due to the changes in the development architecture and delivery designs. The customer–vendor relationship mostly comes to a close with traditional software installations, whereas a SaaS subscription is just a start of the customer–vendor relationship. Reliability of cloud services is normally presented in terms of percentage, such as 99.9% or 99.99%. However, this type of reliability measurement provides confidence only in the service availability feature and may cover all the quality attributes of the product.The book offers a comprehensive review of the reliability models suitable for different services and deployments to help readers identify the appropriate cloud products for individual business needs. It also helps developers understand customer expectations and, most importantly, helps vendors to improve their service and support. As such it is a valuable resource for cloud customers, developers, vendors and the researchers.

Sustaining Childhood Natures: The Art of Becoming with Water (Children: Global Posthumanist Perspectives and Materialist Theories)

by Sarah Crinall

This book examines sustainability learning with children, art and water in the new material, posthuman turn. A query into how we might sustain (our) childhood natures, the spaces between bodies and places are examined ontologically in daily conversations. Regarding philosophy, art, water and her children, the author asks, how can I sustain waterways if I am not sustaining myself?Theoretically disruptive and playful, the book introduces a new philosophy that combines existing philosophies of the new material and posthuman kind. The ecological sciences, and the arts, are drawn together / apart to help recognize sustainability in its emergent, relational form. All the while this book, as art, engages and flows over the reader – as such, reading it becomes a transformative, meditative experience. Daily rhythms of ‘being-with’ art, water and children take the reader beyond orientations of environmental education that focus on notions of lack and reduction. New possibilities for sustaining childhood natures – for what is becoming, and unbecoming – emerge here in the making processes of an academic, everyday life in early motherhood.

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