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Cases in Strategic Management: A Flexibility Perspective (Flexible Systems Management) 2516156 Sanjay Dhir Sushil 9789811370649 2019 Contains images
Changing Contexts and Shifting Roles of the Indian State: New Perspectives on Development Dynamics (Dynamics of Asian Development) 2595357 Anthony P. D’Costa Achin Chakraborty 9789811368912 2019 Contains images
Teacher Adaptive Practices: Extending Teacher Adaptability into Classroom Practice (SpringerBriefs in Education) 2486763 Tony Loughland 9789811368585 2019 Contains images
Particle Verbs in English: A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective 2593318 Han Luo 9789811368547 2019 Contains images
Advances in Deep Learning (Studies in Big Data #57) 2478021 Asif Iqbal Khan Saduf Afzal Farooq Ahmad Bhat M. Arif Wani 9789811367946 2020 Contains images
Imagining Youth Futures: University Students In Post-truth Times (Perspectives on Children and Young People #9) 2478019 Lucas Walsh Rosalyn Black 9789811367601 2019
Singapore’s Park System Master Planning: A Nation Building Tool To Construct Narratives In Post-colonial Countries (Advances in 21st Century Human Settlements) 2540124 Raffaella Sini 9789811367465 2020 Contains images
Postcolonial Citizenship in Provincial Indonesia 2499742 Gerry van Klinken 9789811367250 2019 Contains images
Geotechnics for Transportation Infrastructure: Recent Developments, Upcoming Technologies and New Concepts, Volume 1 (Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering #28) 2593312 Ravi Sundaram Jagdish Telangrao Shahu Vasant Havanagi 9789811367014 2019 Contains images
Educational Technology: A Primer for the 21st Century (Lecture Notes in Educational Technology) 2460229 J. Michael Spector Ronghuai Huang Junfeng Yang 9789811366437 2019 Contains images
Indigenous Knowledge and Education in Africa (Frontiers in African Business Research) 2576486 Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu 9789811366352 2019
The EU’s Crisis Decade: Reflecting on EU Capitalism and Governance 2572635 Chih-Mei Luo 9789811365652 2020 Contains images
Bayesian Networks for Reliability Engineering 2593308 Lei Jiang Baoping Cai Yonghong Liu Zengkai Liu Yuanjiang Chang 9789811365164 2020 Contains images
Operations Management and Systems Engineering: Select Proceedings of CPIE 2018 (Lecture Notes on Multidisciplinary Industrial Engineering) 2498485 Pradeep Kumar Anish Sachdeva Om Prakash Yadav 9789811364761 2019 Contains images
Educational Researchers and the Regional University: Agents of Regional-Global Transformations 2469979 Nicola F. Johnson Susan Plowright Monica Green 9789811363788 2019 Contains images
Data, Engineering and Applications: Volume 2 2575750 Rajesh Kumar Shukla Jitendra Agrawal Sanjeev Sharma Geetam Singh Tomer 9789811363511 2019 Contains images
Data, Engineering and Applications: Volume 2 2478738 Geetam Singh Tomer Sanjeev Sharma Jitendra Agrawal Rajesh Kumar Shukla 9789811363474 2019 Contains images
Social Democracy and the Crisis of Equality: Australian Social Democracy in a Changing World 2444364 Carol Johnson 9789811362996 2019
International News Coverage and the Korean Conflict: The Challenges Of Reporting Practices 2479403 Miri Moon 9789811362910 2019
Childhood, Science Fiction, and Pedagogy: Children Ex Machina (Children: Global Posthumanist Perspectives and Materialist Theories) 2540082 David W. Kupferman Andrew Gibbons 9789811362101 2019 Contains images
Civil Law Reforms in Post-Colonial Asia: Beyond Western Capitalism (Kobe University Monograph Series in Social Science Research) 2478016 Yuka Kaneko 9789811362033 2019 Contains images
Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Human Learning: Discussion Data Analytics 2490811 Katashi Nagao 9789811361753 2019 Contains images
Innovations in Narrative and Metaphor: Methodologies and Practices 2459601 Esther Fitzpatrick Sandy Farquhar 9789811361142 2019 Contains images
Translating Film Subtitles into Chinese: A Multimodal Study 2407003 Yuping Chen 9789811361081 2019 Contains images
Audio Processing and Speech Recognition: Concepts, Techniques and Research Overviews (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology) 2443276 Nilanjan Dey Anjan Dutta Soumya Sen 9789811360985 2019 Contains images

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