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Fourth Grade Fairy

by Eileen Cook

Willow Doyle comes from a long line of fairy godmothers, but all she wants to be is normal. Why would she want to become a full-fledged fairy godmother (she's currently at sprite status) and be stuck helping humans--known as humdrums in her family--who don't even believe she exists? No, Willow would rather be human. So she's thrilled when she has the chance to attend a humdrum elementary school for two weeks. Normal! At last! But can Willow fit in with the humdrums and make a best friend, even though her parents don't want her hanging out with humans? Find out in this hilarious and enchanting new series from an acclaimed young adult author.

Fourth-Grade Fuss

by Johanna Hurwitz

A yard sale, ice skating, class pictures, and a surprise party are a few of the things that make fourth grade fun for Julio and his friends, but they must get serious about studying as the statewide end-of-year test approaches.

Fourth Grade is a Jinx

by Colleen O'Shaughnessy Mckenna

Collette thought 4th grade was going to be fun, but that was before the teacher had an accident. Now the substitute teacher is her mother!

The Fourth Grade Wizards

by Barthe Declements

From the back of the book: Daydreaming. That's all Marianne does in class. Ever since her mother died she's lost interest in practically everything Even becoming a Fourth Grade Wizard doesn't seem special anymore. Marianne doesn't think she'll ever care the same way about anything again. Then things start looking brighter when she gets a puppy of her own to love. Now she doesn't have time to daydream anymore'

Fourth Graders Don't Believe in Witches

by Terri Fields

Mrs. Mullins told Allan she's a witch. But Allan thinks witches are not real and Mrs. Mullins is definitely real, yet she is a witch. Somehow it did not add up.

The Fourth Hand

by John Irving

The Fourth Hand asks an interesting question: "How can anyone identify a dream of the future?" The answer: "Destiny is not imaginable, except in dreams or to those in love."While reporting a story from India, a New York television journalist has his left hand eaten by a lion; millions of TV viewers witness the accident. In Boston, a renowned hand surgeon awaits the opportunity to perform the nation's first hand transplant; meanwhile, in the distracting aftermath of an acrimonious divorce, the surgeon is seduced by his housekeeper. A married woman in Wisconsin wants to give the one-handed reporter her husband's left hand- that is, after her husband dies. But the husband is alive, relatively young, and healthy.This is how John Irving's tenth novel begins; it seems, at first, to be a comedy, perhaps a satire, almost certainly a sexual farce. Yet, in the end, The Fourth Hand is as realistic and emotionally moving as any of Mr. Irving's previous novels - including The World According to Garp, A Prayer for Owen Meany, and A Widow for One Year - or his Oscar-winning screenplay of The Cider House Rules.The Fourth Hand is characteristic of John Irving's seamless storytelling and further explores some of the author's recurring themes - loss, grief, love as redemption. But this novel also breaks new ground; it offers a penetrating look at the power of second chances and the will toFrom the Hardcover edition.

The Fourth Horseman

by Alan E. Nourse

Wilderness Patrol fficer Pamela Tate, scouting in the mountains of Washington, sees and touches a ground squirrel in the dusty path, blood trickling from its mouth. Forty-eight hours later she lies dead at her campsite, covered in mysterious welts and bruises.Across the lake, a boisterous camping party falls silent as they watch each other sicken and die in agony.A killer is loose. It has a foreign name. Yersinia Pestis. Plague. An unknowing nation harbors the deadly evil in its midst.While a few embattled survivors race to save the country, perhaps the world, the grim invader hides in a mother's sigh, a child's laugh, a lover's whisper. Nothing can stop the death ride of . . .The Fourth Horseman.

The Fourth Horseman

by Robert Koenig

The story of Anton Dilger brings to life a missing chapter in U.S. history and shows, dramatically, that the Great European War was in fact being fought on the home front years before we formally joined it. The doctor who grew anthrax and other bacteria in that rented house was an American-the son of a Medal of Honor winner who fought at Gettysburg-on a secret mission, for the German Army in 1915. The Fourth Horseman tells the startling story of that mission led by a brilliant but conflicted surgeon who became one of Germany's most daring spies and saboteurs during World War I and who not only pioneered biowarfare in his native land but also lead a last-ditch German effort to goad Mexico into invading the United States. It is a story of mysterious missions, divided loyalties, and a new and terrible kind of warfare that emerged as America-in spite of fierce dissention at home-was making the decision to send its Doughboys to the Great War in Europe. This story has never been told before in full. And Dilger is a fascinating analog for our own troubled times. Having thrown off the tethers of obligation to family and country, he became a very dangerous man indeed: A spy, a saboteur, and a zealot to a degree that may have so embarrassed the German High Command that, after the war, they ordered his death rather than admit that he worked for them.

The Fourth Instinct: The Call of the Soul

by Arianna S. Huffington

Our Fourth Instinct, like the legendary lost city of Atlantis, has long lain buried in our common culture and in ourselves. Biologists, psychologists and social scientists have tried to define us exclusively through only three instincts. They have given them different names, but with varying emphasis have agreed that the three basic instincts are that of survival, the drive toward self-assertion and power, and the sexual urge. They are the instincts that tie us to our animal past.

The Fourth K

by Mario Puzo

A PRESIDENTIAL DYNASTY. AN ARAB TERRORIST ATTACK. DEMOCRACY UNDER SIEGE. Mario Puzo envisioned it all in his eerily prescient 1991 novel, The Fourth K. President Francis Xavier Kennedy is elected to office, in large part, thanks to the legacy of his forebears--good looks, privilege, wealth--and is the very embodiment of youthful optimism. Too soon, however, he is beaten down by the political process and, disabused of his ideals, he becomes a leader totally unlike what he has been before. When his daughter becomes a pawn in a brutal terrorist plot, Kennedy, who has obsessively kept alive the memory of his uncles' assassinations, activates all his power to retaliate in a series of violent measures. As the explosive events unfold, the world and those closest to him look on with both awe and horror.

The Fourth King

by Harry Stephen Keeler

"The Thirteen Kings of Crooked Chicago Finance!" That's what the terrorist calling himself THE STAR OF THE NIGHT called the thirteen richest moguls of Chicago when he sent them threatening letters which included decks of cards missing certain kings. Now it's up to technical draftsman Jason Folwell to solve a most perplexing mystery, and only Harry Stephen Keeler could have imagined the webwork machinations behind this most unusual tale involving the machinations of big business and the heartless men who rule the game.

The Fourth Man

by Agatha Christie

Previously published in the print anthology The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories. A cleric, a lawyer, and a psychiatrist find themselves together on a train bound for Newcastle. There is a fourth man in the compartment, who apparently pays no attention to his companions animated conversation. But do they have something to learn from this stranger?

The Fourth Motive

by Sean Lynch

Deputy District Attorney Paige Callen is being stalked, and the man stalking her is motivated, methodical, and relentless. The police aren't merely one step behind Paige's stalker; they're stumped. So Paige's father, retired Judge 'Iron Gene' Callen, instead hires retired San Francisco P.D. Inspector turned private investigator Bob Farrell, to the dismay of the local police. The cops know all-too-well Farrell's reputation as a reckless wild card. Judge Callen, however, knows Farrell as a man who never lets the rules get in the way of getting the job done. Farrell enlists the aid of former Iowa Deputy Kevin Kearns to help him protect Paige, and to stop a madman before she becomes a statistic. But to find her stalker, Farrell and Kearns must first learn why he's launched his crusade; a journey none of them may survive.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Fourth of July

by Barbara M. Joosse

Five-year-old Ross is often told "wait until you are six," but when he carries a banner to the end of a long, hot Fourth of July parade, his parents decide that he is old enough for sparklers after all.

The Fourth of July

by Joyce Livingston

When the house Treva Jordan inherited burns down, she wonders if someone is trying to frighten her away. When Tank LaFrenz sees her at the fire, having previously met her at a wedding, he wonders if God has answered his prayers for "the right woman." Christian romance.

Fourth of July Mice!

by Doug Cushman Bethany Roberts

It's the most patriotic of all holidays-Independence Day! The Holiday Mice take part in all the activities that make the Fourth of July fun: a parade, a picnic, a baseball game and sack race, and a refreshing dip in the stream. Even Mr. Mouse, the littlest mouse's special toy, joins in the festivities. The best part of all comes at the end of the day: a spectacular fireworks show!Packed with plenty of red, white, and blue and featuring the four Holiday Mice at their most adorable, this story about our nation's birthday will delight readers young and old alike.

The Fourth Perimeter

by Tim Green

Wealthy, high-tech entrepreneur Kurt Ford, once a Secret Service agent, doesn't believe that his son, an active agent himself, committed suicide. Using his money and connections, his knowledge of the inner workings of the Secret Service charged with guarding the nation's chief executive, and the computer technology at his command, Ford uncovers a link between a mysterious midnight meeting held by the president and the untimely deaths of the other agents on duty with his son that night. Even worse, he finds evidence pointing to one chilling conclusion: that the president himself had a hand in his son's murder. Vowing to make him pay, Ford uses his thorough knowledge of the Secret Service to undertake an attempt to kill the president and to live to enjoy his revenge, something no other presidential assassin has ever accomplished. And author Tim Green uses his own understanding of how the Secret Service goes about its mission to make the most of a riveting plot, which will give readers who've come to understand and empathize with Ford some extremely tense moments. It's hard not to cast this in one's mind as a movie; it's a juicy, action-packed story with a complex central character that has Harrison Ford written all over it.--Jane Adams

The Fourth Perspective

by Robert Greer

CJ Floyd's antique and Western collectibles store is finally open and he's left bail bonding and bounty hunting far behind--or so he thinks. An old book he buys turns out to contain much more than a dry history of 19th-century Montana: tucked inside is a never-before-seen photograph from the Golden Spike ceremony, a seminal event in American history. It's an item collectors would kill to get. And when the book's former owner turns up dead, police peg CJ as the prime suspect. With help from his former partner, Flora Jean Benson, and his cadre of urban cowboys, CJ sets out to find the killer. The investigation draws him into the bizarre world of cutthroat collectors, museum curators, eccentric power brokers, and small-minded academics, all on a vicious treasure hunt for the ultimate jackpot. This fast-moving mystery blends action and intrigue with one of the most fascinating chapters in the history of the American West.

The Fourth Pig

by Marina Warner Naomi Mitchison

The Fourth Pig, originally published in 1936, is a wide-ranging and fascinating collection of fairy tales, poems, and ballads. Droll and sad, spirited and apprehensive, The Fourth Pig reflects the hopes and forebodings of its era but also resonates with those of today. It is a testament to the talents of Naomi Mitchison (1897-1999), who was an irrepressible phenomenon--a significant Scottish political activist as well as a prolific author. Mitchison's work, exemplified by the tales in this superb new edition, is stamped with her characteristic sharp wit, magical invention, and vivid political and social consciousness.Mitchison rewrites well-known stories such as "Hansel and Gretel" and "The Little Mermaid," and she picks up the tune of a ballad with admiring fidelity to form, as in "Mairi MacLean and the Fairy Man." Her experimental approach is encapsulated in the title story, which is a dark departure from "The Three Little Pigs." And in the play Kate Crackernuts, the author dramatizes in charms and songs a struggle against the subterranean powers of fairies who abduct humans for their pleasure. Marina Warner, the celebrated scholar of fairy tales and fiction author, provides an insightful introduction that reveals why Mitchison's writing remains significant.The Fourth Pig is a literary rediscovery, a pleasure that will reawaken interest in a remarkable writer and personality.

The Fourth Plague

by Edgar Wallace Otto Penzler

When organized crime comes to England, two brothers face off At eighty years old, Professor Tillizini is Italy's foremost authority on the nefarious practices of the underworld. His life's work has been to root out the secret society known as the Red Hand, a blackmailing outfit that has terrorized the country for centuries, and he has finally pinpointed its source. When Tillizini goes to arrest Count Festini, the cagey old criminal sends his two sons into the other room, where they hear the gunshot with which their father ends his own life of crime. One son vows to take up his father's mantle and give himself over to the Red Hand. The other will dedicate his life to stopping him. When the Red Hand surfaces in England, its schemes threaten to tear the country apart. Here two brothers will have their final showdown, and the Festini legacy will be settled, for good or evil. This ebook features a new introduction by Otto Penzler and has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

The Fourth Protocol

by Frederick Forsyth

It is a time of political unrest in Great Britain. And behind the Iron Curtain an insidious plot is being hatched, a plan so incendiary that even the KGB is ignorant of its existence--Aurora, the sinister brainchild of two of the world's most dangerous men: the general secretary of the Soviet Union and master spy Kim Philby.<P> The wheels are in motion, the pawns are in place, and the countdown has begun toward an "accident" that could change the fact of British politics forever and trigger and collapse of the Western alliance.<P> Only British agent John Preston stand any chance of breaching the conspiracy. Through plot and counterplot, from bloody back streets to polished halls of power both East and West, his desperate investigation is relentlessly blocked by deceit, treachery, and the most deadly enemy of all...time.

The Fourth Quarter: A Memoir--An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Drive to Change the World

by J. Lloyd Tomer Caryn Tomer

Searching for his purpose; Searching for an answer; Searching for a way. In the pages of Coach's captivating memoir, you'll find a story filled with heart-wrenching courage, superb tenacity and extreme perseverance. Discover the principles that have guided his life through overwhelming odds and personal tragedy including the death of his mother before his 16th birthday, being the town outcast and the death of his infant daughter. But most importantly, this is a story of hope. Find the inspiration to win in life no matter what the circumstances.

Fourth R

by George Smith

ea young genius tries to solve a murder mystery

The Fourth Rome (ARC Riders #2)

by David Drake Janet Morris

A Soviet scientific team is performing time travel experiments. They are trying to delay the fall of the Roman Empire so that Russia will be Rome's successor. The ARC Riders must battle these scientists in both the past and the present.

The Fourth Sacrifice

by Peter May

Three corpses: drugged, labeled, and brutally beheaded; a trail that Detective Li Yan has to follow. He and forensic pathologist Margaret Campbell have been trying to deny the attraction that nearly destroyed both their careers. But when a fourth victim is found they have no choice but to work together to track down the truth, and to hunt down a ruthless killer.The Fourth Sacrifice is the second in the acclaimed China Thriller series from Peter May, author of The Blackhouse, The Lewis Man and The Chessmen.

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