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The Mythic Warrior's Handbook

by E. Carlson H. Day

Back when lightning-throwing gods and multiheaded monsters ruled a world in constant chaos, there was one man who stood on four hooves against it all. He was Chiron the Centaur, the wise(-cracking) teacher to amateur heroes. He turned cowardly boys into powerful warriors, helped them achieve greatness, and overcome their Daddy issues--seriously, how many kids back then were waiting for Zeus to come by and play catch? Now, thousands of years later, Chiron's textbook has been unearthed. And it's your chance to join the ranks of Ancient Greece's finest. Be forewarned: It's no simple task. You have a lot to learn. Inside lies the necessary knowledge to start a quest as epic as one of the great's--from the inner workings of Mt. Olympus to the ins-and-outs of the Underworld to the Achilles' heel of each brutal beast you'll battle along the way. This handbook is as important as the sword in your hand and the shield on your back.


by Roland Barthes Annette Layers

The following essays were written one each month for about two years, from 1954 to 1956, on topics suggested by current events. I was at the time trying to reflect regularly on some myths of French daily life. The media which prompted these reflections may well appear heterogeneous (a newspaper article, a photograph in a weekly, a film, a show, an exhibition), and their subject-matter very arbitrary: I was of course guided by my own current interests. The starting point of these reflections was usually a feeling of impatience at the sight of the 'naturalness' with which newspapers, art and common sense constantly dress up a reality which, even though it is the one we live in, is undoubtedly determined by history. In short, in the account given of our contemporary circumstances, I resented seeing Nature and History confused at every turn, and I wanted to track down, in the decorative display of what-goes-without-saying, the ideological abuse which, in my view, is hidden there.


by William Butler Yeats

This enthralling anthology of Irish legends and tales of the occult is composed of three classic collections--"The Celtic Twilight," "The Secret Rose", and "Stories of Red Hanrahan"--and reflects Ireland's greatest poet's deep and abiding interest in preserving and celebrating Irish history and culture.

The Mythology Bible: The Definitive Guide to Legendary Tales

by Sarah Bartlett

The world's most fascinating gods and goddesses come to life in the pages of this beautifully illustrated book. The Mythology Bible explores the powerful figures that have compelled us for millennia--including Indra, god of thunder in India's Rig Vedas; Thor, the merciless Nordic giant-slayer; and Mawu-Lisa, whom the African Fon people associate with fertility and compassion. Discover, too, the enduring themes that loom large in the myths of almost every culture: creation and the cosmos, beasts and monsters, death and the underworld, love and heroism. Filled with photographs and pictures, this volume is as attractive as it is readable.

Mythology for Dummies

by Christopher W. Blackwell Amy Hackney Blackwell

Every culture and time has its myths. You might say that myths help us to understand people, since just like people they can be inspirational and beautiful, as well as cruel and violent. The main players in mythology are the original drama kings and queens - they hang themselves in shame, poke out their own eyes, rule cities, and marry their relatives - and the fun doesn't stop there! If you want all the scoop on gods and goddesses, fates and furies, monsters and heroes from around the world, Mythology for Dummies is the Who's Who of mythological figures that you can't do without. It's no secret that mythology can be confusing for anyone. From cultural hero Johnny Appleseed, to manly Odysseus, to femme fatale Aphrodite, and those pesky Cyclops running amuck on that faraway island, Mythology for Dummies covers all the bases, including information on: Greek mythology, Homer's Iliad and Odyssey; Roman mythology, Virgil's Aeneid, Beowulf; Non-European mythology. Also, this book will get you up to speed on the heavy stuff-like how mythology intersects with our lives, and explores the meaning of existence. Organized into chapters on specific topics, it breaks down the common types of myths and mythological figures, and offers plain-English explanations of how myths have appeared in cultures throughout the ages. You'll find what you need to know on these topics and many more: What makes myths different from legends and fairy tales. Greek creation myths and those really ancient Greek Gods: The Olympian Gods (taller, younger, and better looking than you). The Greek goddesses (the fairest and the meanest of them all). Heroes - made, born, and re-born. Mythological places from Elysium Fields, to Atlantis, and Xanadu. Roman religion - how it was begged, borrowed, and stolen. You'll also enjoy helpful features like charts comparing major figures, and a tear-out tip-sheet with a timeline of world civilizations. Whether you want to dabble in the wonders of mythology or get serious, Mythology for Dummies will demystify the subject, and show you how important myths can be to a culture. You'll never say, "It's only a myth" again!

The Mythology of Horses

by Gerald Hausman Loretta Hausman

An extraordinary collection of myths and facts about horses, their honored place in human history, and the mystique that has surrounded them in cultures around the globe. Horses have always held a mystical sway over the human imagination; no other creature has inspired the same reverence or cross-cultural fascination. The Mythology of Horses offers a comprehensive look at horse breeds around the world, exploring their heritage, physical attributes, and place in human society, as well as the folklore, popular mythology, and true stories surrounding each breed.In this evocative, one-of-a-kind reference, folklorists Gerald and Loretta Hausman present stories from breeders, Olympic equestrians, and cowboys, along with tales about famous horse owners from Buffalo Bill to Roy Rogers, Genghis Khan to Napoleon. Vividly capturing the aura that has surrounded horses throughout time, this collection will fascinate horse lovers of all kinds.

Myths and Folk-Tales of Ireland

by Jeremiah Curtin

[from the back cover] "Fearsome giants, magic spells, Druidic rods of enchantment; gallant princes and beautiful princesses, brave kings and wicked queens; cloaks of invisibility, swords of light and swords of darkness, horses that go faster than the wind, animals that speak and have strange powers ... these are elements common to all fairy tales, and they appear prominently in this excellent collection of Irish examples, gathered by the renowned folklorist and linguist Jeremiah Curtin (1840-1906) from the West of Ireland in 1887. Taken down from Gaelic story tellers, these 20 tales fall into two parts: 11 are miscellaneous stories offering Irish versions of the general European fairy tales, and 9 are stories from the Fenian cycle--tales of Fin MacCumhail and his warriors, the Fenians of Erin. The same fairy-tale elements apply to all the stories, however, including battles with giants, dead men who come back to life, people imprisoned in the bodies of animals, a wonderful land of perpetual youth, and heroes with incredible strength. The heroes in the miscellaneous tales tend to be sons of the Kings of Erin, with heroines like Yellow Lily, daughter of the Giant of Loch Léin; Trembling, the Irish Cinderella; the queen of Tubber Tintye; and various princesses who are in danger. The Fenian stories relate some of the adventures of Fin MacCumhail, his sons--Fialan, Oisin, Pogán, and Ceolán; his men--Diarmuid Duivne, Conán Maol MacMorna, the famous Cucúlin, and others; and strangers who are out to help or hurt the Fenians in such tales as "Fin MacCumhail and the Fenians of Erin in the Castle of Fear Dubh" and "Gilla na Grakin and Fin MacCumhail." Tales of legend and tales of magic, these stories transport us to a world where everything is alive and anything can happen, a world born in a time before literature, and captured in print just as the oral tradition in Ireland was dying out. Considered an essential work in the history of folk-lore, this book is also a collection of fairy tales that have fascinated young and old for hundreds of years. They will continue to fascinate you and your children." Contains a section of notes explaining many of the Gaelic words used. There is also an extensive list of other Dover Publication books of fairy tales, myths, etc. from all parts of the world and another catalog of Dover books on topics such as poetry, famous speeches, dress, architecture, trains, biographies and more, most from the public domain.

Myths and Folktales Around the World

by Robert R. Potter

This is a book of stories compiled primarily for classroom use in the teaching of reading. Its purpose is to supplement instruction in the various reading skills with the essential experience of reading--the consuming involvement of the individual with the archetypal ideas and emotions by which he relates himself to other people, and to the peoples of the world. Myths, legends, and folk tales have established them¬selves in our culture mainly because of their inherent worth as good stories.

Myths and Legends

by Anthony Horowitz

Tragedies and triumphs are memorable themes in this collection of thirty-five myths and legends from the ancient world. While most are Greek, there are also myths from the Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Norse, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Native American, Incan, Polynesian, and West African worlds. Ages 9-14.

Myths and Legends of Hawaii

by William D. Westervelt

The material in these retellings drawn from the prose and poetry of the ancient Hawaiians -- a literature handed down orally for a multitude of generations-- have been termed "myths" and "legends." Strictly speaking, a myth is a story of the doings of godlike beings, whereas a legend deals with heroes or other human beings. Maui, the pervasive trickster-hero of broad Polynesia, is usually called a demi-god. In this anthology, the terms myth and legend are used interchangeably, principally because the many collectors and translators of the tales often failed to make the strict distinction themselves.

Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions

by H. R. Ellis Davidson

In this book, questions are posed such as: do such parallels go back to early times or are they owing to late Viking contact? This issue gives us knowledge of the early peoples in Europe.

Myths and Their Meaning

by Max J. Herzberg

Classic book on Greek, Latin, Northern and Celtic mythology, which includes many exercises to help fix these stories in the minds of students.

Myths From Mesopotamia: Creation, The Flood, Gilgamesh, and Others

by Stephanie Dalley

The ancient civilization of Mesopotamia thrived between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates over 4,000 years ago. The myths collected here, originally written in cuneiform on clay tablets, include parallels with the biblical stories of the Creation and the Flood, and the famous Epic of Gilgamesh,the tale of a man of great strength, whose heroic quest for immortality is dashed through one moment of weakness. Recent developments in Akkadian grammar and lexicography mean that this new translation, complete with notes, a glossary of deities, place-names, and key terms, and illustrations of the mythical monsters featured in the text, will replace all other versions.

Myths, Legends, Concepts and Literary Antiquities of India

by Manoj Das

In this volume the author has covered philosophy as a part of Indian literature and have explored both the spiritual mystic line in 'Upanishads', 'Mahapuranas' and pragmatic literature in 'Jataka' tales and 'Panchtantra'.

Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel - Why Everything You Know is Wrong

by John Stossel

Stossel explains that much of what we hear, and what the media say, are myths. And he backs it up.

Myths, Models and Paradigms

by Ian G. Barbour

Scientist and philosophers have more in common than might first appear, especially when the language used in the two disciplines receives a closer scrutiny. Ian G. Barbour treats three scientific view-points that can clarify the specific nature of religious language. The first theme is the diverse function of language. Science and religion each has its own task and its own applicable logic and language. Religious symbols and their expression in myths imply a perspective and interpretation of human history and experience, directing attention to particular patterns in events. The second theme is the role of models in both scientific and religious language. What the "billiard ball model" of a gas and the biblical model of personal God both achieve is an interpretation of experience, a restructuring of how one sees the world. The third area in which science and religion have a common stake is the role of paradigms. Paradigms are standard examples of scientific investigation which embody a set of assumptions and becomes a research tradition until replaced by other assumptions. Religions has its paradigms, like the covenant of Sinai, which have issued in traditions. Dr. Barbour concludes that scientific and religious language bother offer knowledge of reality based on experience. In determining the appropriate data and criteria for this experience the philosopher of religion can profit greet from the work of the scientist.

Myths of Guam

by Cat Major

Collection of 20 stories Guam is an island rich in culture. One way to get an inside view of that richness is by listening to the myths and legends of Guam. In this book I have tried to make stories that seem alive without changing the legends as they have been handed down through the years. I hope that you will enjoy these myths as much as I have, and will read them to your children, who will read them to their children. --- Known around the island for her creative works, Cat Major makes the myths and legends of Guam come alive for youngsters, oldsters, and all those in between. Cat will enthrall you with her style and vivid portrayals of such legends as * Tale of two lovers * Sirena * Legend of the flame tree and 17 other stories

The Myths of Security

by John Viega

If you think computer security has improved in recent years, The Myths of Security will shake you out of your complacency. Longtime security professional John Viega, formerly Chief Security Architect at McAfee, reports on the sorry state of the industry, and offers concrete suggestions for professionals and individuals confronting the issue. Why is security so bad? With many more people online than just a few years ago, there are more attackers -- and they're truly motivated. Attacks are sophisticated, subtle, and harder to detect than ever. But, as Viega notes, few people take the time to understand the situation and protect themselves accordingly. This book tells you: Why it's easier for bad guys to "own" your computer than you think Why anti-virus software doesn't work well -- and one simple way to fix it Whether Apple OS X is more secure than Windows What Windows needs to do better How to make strong authentication pervasive Why patch management is so bad Whether there's anything you can do about identity theft Five easy steps for fixing application security, and more Provocative, insightful, and always controversial, The Myths of Security not only addresses IT professionals who deal with security issues, but also speaks to Mac and PC users who spend time online.

Myths of Sexuality: Representations of Women in Victorian Britain

by Lynda Nead

A scholarly examination of Victorian attitudes towards women, as expressed in art, literature, and law.

Myths of the Ancient Greeks

by Richard P. Martin

From one of today's foremost scholars, a lively retelling of the timeless tales... Here are the myths that have influenced so much of our cultural heritage. Such age-old stories as the tragic love of Orpheus and Eurydice or Demeter's loss of her daughter, Persephone, resonate strongly with readers even today. In this book the rousing adventures of the heroes Herakles, Theseus, and Perseus are intertwined with the tragedies of immortal Prometheus and mortal Oedipus, the amorous escapades of Zeus, the trickery of Hermes, and the ecstasy of Dionysus. In-depth introductions to each section deepen your understanding of the myths--and heighten your reading pleasure. Presented in simple yet elegant prose, these tales emerge in brilliant new life. From the creation battle of the gods and Titans to Odysseus' return home from the Trojan War, this indispensable volume contains fifty-six legendary stories--handed down from generations past--that will continue to captivate readers for generations to come.

Myths We Live By

by Colin Grant

Colin Grant challenges the popular use of "myth" as a dismissive designation of the superstitions and falsehoods of "other" cultures. The author maintains that myths occupy a place in our present-day lives that is every bit as important to us as the divinities and heroes of classical antiquity were to the ancients.

N 2 Deep ( #7)

by Terry Brown Laurie Knowlton

Amber needs help from God when she is talked into trying out for the soccer team while being swamped with demands for the Web site she is developing for her school.

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