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Finite Mathematics : An Applied Approach (Tenth edition)

by Michael Sullivan

This comprehensive book on finite mathematics covers wide range of topics like linear equations, linear systems, linear programming,basic mathematics of finance, set theory and basic combinatorics, probability and statistics, etc.


by John Barnes

Lyle Peripart's world is coming apart. Up until just a few days ago he was a settled professor at the University of Auckland. The descendant of American expatriates, he's proud of his ancestry and privately doesn't care for the Reichs that have dominated the world since the Axis victory over a century ago. But he's the quiet type, not looking for a fight. Then Lyle is recruited for private industry by the mysterious industrialist Geoffrey Iphwin--and that's when everything stops making sense.<P> His fiancee turns out to be a gun-toting weapons expert who saves him from assassination--and who, immediately afterwards, remembers nothing of what she did. But what she does remember is that she grew up in a world with an entirely different history, in which America surrendered to the Soviet Union in the 1970s.<P> Even stranger, several of their friends turn out to have each grown up in worlds with different histories still. Worse, they gradually realize that not one of them has ever talked to anyone inside the continental United States. In fact, just thinking about the United States is hard--as if something is trying to stop them.

Finity's End (Company Wars #7)

by C. J. Cherryh

Finity's End is the oldest Merchanter ship in the universe. In an era of spies, pirate traders, and uneasy alliances, the Company Wears are now over, the hunt for the fleet is winding down, and the ship is coming home to reclaim her trade routes. Having lost an entire generation, the youngest crew members, bred and trained for war, must face their most critical battle of all--survival in a time of lasting peace. One of science fiction's most accomplished authors, C.J. Cherryh returns to the universe of her two best-selling, Hugo Award-winning classics, Downbelow Station and Cyteen with a thrilling, critically acclaimed new Merchanter novel of a starship-dwelling family struggling with legacies of the war that cost them a generation.

Fink's Funk (Boyds Will Be Boyds #4)

by Sarah Weeks

Nat Boyd and Boyd Fink love making up crazy games to play. In their latest, Faboo Facts, the two Boyds go head-to-head, battling to out-faboo each other with the more impressive fact. But this crash of craniums is destined for disaster. It's not long before the competition has gone too far, and Fink starts to change. He's not the same Fink any more... now he's Fink in a funk! Nat had better find a way to break Fink's funk. If he doesn't, he'll lose more than just the game. He'll lose his best friend!

Finland at War 1939-45

by Raffaele Ruggeri Philip Jowett

In the face of Soviet invasion in 1939-40, and once again in 1941-44, the armies raised by Finland - a tiny nation of only 4 million people - astonished the world by their effective resistance. At the end of both these campaigns - the Winter War, and the Continuation War - the fiercely patriotic defiance of vastly stronger Soviet forces by Marshal Mannerheim's soldiers won their country a unique prize: although forced to accept harsh terms, Finland was never occupied by the Red Army, and retained its independence. This book explains and illustrates, for the first time in English, the organization, uniforms, equipment and tactics of Finland's defenders.


by Jon Clinch

In this masterful debut by a major new voice in fiction, Jon Clinch takes us on a journey into the history and heart of one of American literature's most brutal and mysterious figures: Huckleberry Finn's father. The result is a deeply original tour de force that springs from Twain's classic novel but takes on a fully realized life of its own. Finnsets a tragic figure loose in a landscape at once familiar and mythic. It begins and ends with a lifeless body-flayed and stripped of all identifying marks-drifting down the Mississippi. The circumstances of the murder, and the secret of the victim's identity, shape Finn's story as they will shape his life and his death. Along the way Clinch introduces a cast of unforgettable characters: Finn's terrifying father, known only as the Judge; his sickly, sycophantic brother, Will; blind Bliss, a secretive moonshiner; the strong and quick-witted Mary, a stolen slave who becomes Finn's mistress; and of course young Huck himself. In daring to re-create Huck for a new generation, Clinch gives us a living boy in all his human complexity-not an icon, not a myth, but a real child facing vast possibilities in a world alternately dangerous and bright. Finnis a novel about race; about paternity in its many guises; about the shame of a nation recapitulated by the shame of one absolutely unforgettable family. Above all, Finn reaches back into the darkest waters of America's past to fashion something compelling, fearless, and new. Praise forFinn "A brave and ambitious debut novel... It stands on its own while giving new life and meaning to Twain's novel, which has been stirring passions and debates since 1885... triumph of imagination and graceful writing.... Bookstores and libraries shelve novels alphabetically by authors' names. That leaves Clinch a long way from Twain. But on my bookshelves, they'll lean against each other. I'd like to think that the cantankerous Twain would welcome the company. " -USA TODAY "Ravishing...In the saga of this tormented human being, Clinch brings us a radical (and endlessly debatable) new take on Twain's classic, and a stand-alone marvel of a novel. Grade: A. " -ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY "A fascinating, original read. " -people "Haunting...Clinch reimagines Finn in a strikingly original way, replacing Huck's voice with his own magisterial vision-one that's nothing short of revelatory...Spellbinding. " -WASHINGTON POST "Meticulously crafted...Marvelous imagination...The Finn of Clinch's novel is certainly a racist villain but also psychologically disturbed and disconcertingly compelling. " -SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE "From the barest of hints in Mark Twain'sHuckleberry Finn, Clinch has created a fully believable world inhabited by fully realized characters. Clinch treads dangerous ground in making one of America's greatest novels his jumping-off point, but he brings it off magnificently...The language of this book is one of its great beauties...Finnis far from one-dimensional, and that is another beauty of the book. Clinch has a knack for putting us squarely inside the heads of his characters.... Clinch draws as compelling and realistic a picture as any we're likely to find...Finnstands on its own. The richness of its language, the depth of its characters, the emotional and societal tangles through which they struggle to navigate add up to a portrait of life on the Missis

Finn Family Moomintroll

by Tove Jansson Elizabeth Portch

Moomintroll lives in Moominhouse, nestled in Moomin Valley, a place where everyone does what they like and hardly ever worries about tomorrow. Moomintroll has some marvellous adventures with his friends. One day they find a tall black hat on top of a mountain, the Moomins don't realise that it will make some very strange things happen to them. [This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts for K-1 at]

Finn Mac Cool

by Morgan Llywelyn

Somewhere in the shadowy borderland between myth and history lies the territory of Finn Mac Cool, Mightiest of the Irish heroes, leader of the invincible army of Fianna, he was a man of many faces: warrior, poet, lover, creator, destroyer.

Finn Maccoul and His Fearless Wife: A Giant of a Tale from Ireland

by Robert Byrd

VISIT THE EMERALD ISLE FOR SOME LARGER-THAN-LIFE LAUGHS! THE GIANT FINN MacCOUL is a loveable but cowardly fellow who finds himself in a peck of trouble after that nasty Scottish bully, Cucullin, tries to pick a fight. Aided by a wee bit of faery magic, Finn's clever wife, Oonagh, comes up with a hilarious plan: Finn will hop in the cradle and pose as his own baby. Then Cucullin will be in for a great big surprise! Robert Byrd's fresh retelling of this favorite yarn from Irish folklore is dazzling to the eye and lilting to the ear. Shimmering with color and magically stretching perspectives, the paintings will pull readers back in time to the days when giants roamed and faeries danced and nobody was as lucky as those who sat in front of a fire, listening to stories.

Finn Mccool and the Great Fish

by Eve Bunting

Finn McCool was a mythological giant, strong and kind, "but not terrible smart . . . a bit of a turnip head." A wise man tells Finn about a great fish that possesses the wisdom of the world. He instructs Finn to catch and eat the fish and the wisdom will be his. Once caught, Finn can't bring himself to kill the great fish after all. But he is able to gain the salmon's knowledge another way, and ever after earn the respect of the townspeople for not only his strength and kind heart, but also his wisdom. Eve Bunting's writing is rich with the lilt of her Irish heritage, and this tender retelling is perfect for children. Zachary Pullen's fanciful artwork brings this gentle giant to life against the lush backdrop of Ireland's countryside.

Finnegan's Week

by Joseph Wambaugh

Fin Finnegan, a San Diego police detective and wannabe actor heading straight for a midlife meltdown, is assigned a routine truck theft that turns into a toxic chemical spill, setting off a bizarre chain reaction of death and murder on both sides of the Mexican border. Fin is forced to team up with Nell Salter, a sexy female investigator, as well as an equally fetching US Navy investigator who wants to learn all that Fin can teach her--and that's saying a lot. The New York Times Book Review called it "a frolic, a joy, a hoot, a riot of a book." And Entertainment Weekly said, "superbly crafted and paced, deliciously funny, but fundamentally, as always, deadly serious."

Finnish Lapphund

by Toni Jackson

This Comprehensive Owner's Guide dedicated to the Finnish Lapphund is the only publication available on this distinctive spitz breed. Developed as a reindeer herder, the Finnish Lapphund today is a versatile companion, show, and working dog, used in its native Finland for a variety of tasks, including herding, drafting, hunting, and guarding. Written by breeder and owner Toni Jackson, Finnish Lapphund introduces the reader to the icy tundra of the breed's homeland where the Lapphund has been used to hunt and guard reindeer herds. The history chapter details the development of Finland's herding dogs, the Finnish Lapphund and the Lapponian Herder, as well as the growing Lapphund followings in England, Denmark, Holland, Australia, and, of course, the United States. For students of the Finnish Lapphund, this volume is indispensable, as it is for potential owners. The chapter on characteristics offers thorough descriptions of the breed's physical attributes and temperament as well as health concerns, all of vital interest to new and potential owners.New owners will welcome the well-prepared chapter on finding a reputable breeder and selecting a healthy, sound puppy. Chapters on puppy-proofing the home and yard, purchasing the right supplies for the puppy as well as house-training, feeding, and grooming are illustrated with photographs of handsome adults and puppies. In all, there are over 135 full-color photographs in this useful and reliable volume. The author's advice on obedience training will help the reader better mold and train into the most well-mannered dog in the neighborhood. The extensive and lavishly illustrated chapter on healthcare provides up-to-date detailed information on selecting a qualified veterinarian, vaccinations, preventing and dealing with parasites, infectious diseases, and more. Sidebars throughout the text offer helpful hints, covering topics as diverse as historical dogs, breeders, or kennels, toxic plants, first aid, crate training, carsickness, fussy eaters, and parasite control. Fully indexed.

The Finnish Line

by Linda Gerber

When Nordic ski jumper Maureen "Mo" Clark set foot in Finland, she breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, escape from her famous skier father's shadow and a chance to jump in the renowned Lahti Ski Games. But Mo quickly realizes that balancing practice and classes is more challenging than she expected. So when a gorgeous bad boy team-mate offers coaching assistance - for a little publicity in return - how can she refuse? Surely she can work in a few extra practices somewhere between studying for calculus and sightseeing in Finland? Amid snowmobiling and dog-sledding, ice hotels and Northern lights, Mo begins to discover what strength and perseverance - the Finnish sisu - is all about. Now it's up to her to take that final jump and cross the finish line in style.

Finnish Spitz

by Juliette Cunliffe

The national dog of Finland, the Finnish Spitz is a devoted family companion whose claims to fame are his plush solid-red coat, fox-like appearnce, and his expressive voice. Called the "Barking Bird Dog," Finkies use their voices while hunting forest game and are known to howl and yodel to express their moods, desires, and woes. This Comprehensive Owner's Guide dedicated to the Finnish Spitz opens with a chapter on the breed's history in Finland, discussing the dog's unique hunting ability and how the efforts of two foresters rescued the breed from near extinction. The chapter also covers the breed's introduction to Britain and the United States. Author Juliette Cunliffe describes the breed as having "the temperament and character of a much larger dog," adding that it is adaptable, lively, friendly, and affectionate, all most desirable traits in a Nordic dog. Of great utility to potential owners of the breed, the characteristics chapter details the Finnish Spitz's physical attributes, personality, and health concerns.New owners will welcome the well-prepared chapter on finding a reputable breeder and selecting a healthy, sound puppy. Chapters on puppy-proofing the home and yard, purchasing the right supplies for the puppy as well as house-training, feeding, and grooming are illustrated with photographs of handsome adults and puppies. In all, there are over 135 full-color photographs in this useful and reliable volume. The author's advice on obedience training will help the reader better mold and train into the most well-mannered dog in the neighborhood. The extensive and lavishly illustrated chapter on healthcare provides up-to-date detailed information on selecting a qualified veterinarian, vaccinations, preventing and dealing with parasites, infectious diseases, and more. Sidebars throughout the text offer helpful hints, covering topics as diverse as historical dogs, breeders, or kennels, toxic plants, first aid, crate training, carsickness, fussy eaters, and parasite control. Fully indexed.

Finnish Wood

by Kojo Black

A business trip turns deliciously erogenous; and two voyeuristic writers are in for a BIG surprise deep in a Finnish Wood.

Finn's Going

by Tom Kelly

Take Finn. He may be the burping champion of the universe. He may be the demon farter of the planet--capable of mind-boggling impressions (a hissing cat, a creaking door in a haunted house, a boiling egg). Or not. Take Danny. He may be the burping champion of the universe. He may be the demon farter of the planet--capable of mind-boggling impressions (a hissing cat, a creaking door in a haunted house, a boiling egg). Or not. Danny and Finn. Identical twins. Best friends. Big brothers to Angela. Playing with Donut the dog. Sons of Mum and Dad. Living together in a house on Holt Street. Happy. All of that is about to change.

Finn's Pregnant Bride

by Sharon Kendrick

The passion between Catherine and property tycoon Finn Delaney was overwhelming. But their first sensual encounter ended all too abruptly. And when Finn claimed Catherine again with a passionate seduction, it was in revenge for a kiss-and-tell article he thought she'd written about him! When Finn learned of his mistake - and Catherine's pregnancy! - he was determined to put it right, with a convenient marriage for the baby's sake. Catherine couldn't refuse - but could she make her marriage real?

Finny and the Boy from Horse Mountain

by Andrea Young

Against the backdrop of the high-stakes and intensely competitive equestrian sport of show jumping, Finny, a fifteen-year-old girl in California, adopts an emaciated, untrained horse without her parents' knowledge. Soon after adopting Sky, Finny meets Joe, a sixteen-year-old, who has run away from his cruel uncle in Montana. His love for horses and desire to be a trainer matches Finny's dream of competing in the show jumping arena--against rich girls on fancier horses--and together, they train Sky to become a first-rate show jumper.But the path is fraught with danger. Sky is not like other horses and is so destructive and difficult he gets them kicked out of the barn where Finny has been working and training. Helped by a kind woman who owns a horse rescue, Joe is able to prove both his and Sky's incredible talents. When Joe is kidnapped by his violent uncle, Finny and Sky are the only ones who can save him. In a breathtaking finale, Sky and Finny must enter the underworld of the rodeo circuit, an after-hours, illegal race, where they will risk their lives to save the boy they love. Young demonstrates a masterful ability to set a breakneck pace and keep it up until the end of the novel. Finny and Joe are enduring characters who are sure to appear in upcoming sequels.

Finny: A Novel

by Justin Kramon

Justin Kramon's debut novel, Finny, is a sweeping, enchanting voyage, an insightful story about a young woman's complicated path to adulthood. We meet Finny Short as an observant, defiant fourteen-year-old who can't make sense of her family's unusual habits: Her mother offers guidance appropriate for a forty-year-old socialite; her father quotes Nietzsche over pancakes. Finny figures she's stuck with this lonely lot until she meets Earl Henckel, a boy who comes from an even stranger place than she does. Unhappy with Finny's budding romance with Earl, her parents ship her off to Thorndon boarding school. But mischief follows Finny as she befriends New York heiress Judith Turngate, a girl whose charm belies a disquieting reckless streak.Finny's relationships with Earl and Judith open her up to dizzying possibilities of love and loss and propel her into a remarkable adventure spanning twenty years and two continents. Justin Kramon has given us a wickedly funny odyssey with a moving and original love story at its core. Finny introduces us to an unforgettable heroine, a charmingly intricate world, and an uncommonly entertaining and gifted young novelist.

Fins Are Forever

by Tera Lynn Childs

On Lily Sanderson's eighteenth birthday she'll become just a girl-still a mergirl, true, but signing the renunciation will ink Princess Waterlily of Thalassinia out of existence. That leaves plain old Lily living on land, dating the boy she loves, and trying to master this being-human thing once and for all. Now that Lily and Quince are together, mer bond or not, she's almost content to give up her place in the royal succession of Thalassinia. But just when she thinks she has everything figured out, the waves start to get rough. Lily's father sends a certain whirlpool-stirring cousin to stay with her on land. What did Doe do to get herself exiled from Thalassinia and stuck in terraped form when everyone knows how much she hates humans? And why why why is she batting her eyelashes at Lily's former crush, Brody? The seafoam on the raging surf comes when a merboy from Lily's past shows up-Tellin asks Lily for something that clouds her view of the horizon. There's a future with Quince on land, her loyalty to the kingdom in the sea, and Lily tossing on the waves in the middle. Will she find a way to reconcile her love, her duty, and her own dreams? Tera Lynn Childs's sequel to Forgive My Fins offers another tail-flicking romance with plenty of fun, sun, and underwater adventure.

Fins, Wings, and Legs

by Rachel Griffiths Margaret Clyne

Complete Classroom Library includes one each of the following: Math LibraryScience LibrarySocial Studies LibraryContent Area Classroom Libraries include: 1 display box containing 10 6-packs (60 little books)1 Teacher Resource Portfolio1 Assessment Book (where available)Big Book Collection includes: 10 Big Books for Science10 Big Books for Social Studies10 Big Books for MathClassroom Library Add-on Packs include 1 copy of each title from the social studies, science, and math libraries. Add-On Packs include 1 copy of each title.

The Fintech Book

by Susanne Chishti Janos Barberis

A front-line industry insider's look at the financial technology explosion The FINTECH Book is your primary guide to the financial technology revolution, and the disruption, innovation and opportunity therein. Written by prominent thought leaders in the global fintech investment space, this book aggregates diverse industry expertise into a single informative volume to provide entrepreneurs, bankers and investors with the answers they need to capitalize on this lucrative market. Key industry developments are explained in detail, and critical insights from cutting-edge practitioners offer first-hand information and lessons learned. The financial technology sector is booming, and entrepreneurs, bankers, consultants, investors and asset managers are scrambling for more information: Who are the key players? What's driving the explosive growth? What are the risks? This book collates insights, knowledge and guidance from industry experts to provide the answers to these questions and more. Get up to speed on the latest industry developments Grasp the market dynamics of the 'fintech revolution' Realize the sector's potential and impact on related industries Gain expert insight on investment and entrepreneurial opportunities The fintech market captured over US$14 billion in 2014, a three-fold increase from the previous year. New startups are popping up at an increasing pace, and large banks and insurance companies are being pushed toward increasing digital operations in order to survive. The financial technology sector is booming and The FINTECH Book is the first crowd-sourced book on the subject globally, making it an invaluable source of information for anybody working in or interested in this space.

Fiona and the Sexy Stranger

by Marie Ferrarella

At first, Henry Cutler had just wanted to repay Fiona Reilly for doing him a favor -- until he met her face-to-face and realized how gorgeous she was. But he'd never met a woman more oblivious to her own charms or, it seemed, to his. . . . He was going to have to do something to get her attention! When Henry turned up on Fiona's doorstep with a bunch of flowers, she presumed he was the delivery man! The first time he asked her out to dinner, she thought he'd made a mistake. But by the time he faxed her a marriage proposal -- she was ready to say "Yes!"

Fiona Mcgilray's Story: A Voyage from Ireland in 1849 (Journey to America Series)

by Clare Pastore

They left their homeland's during the worst moment's in history - and arrived in America ready to reach for their dreams. These are their stories. . . Dear Ma, Patrick and I are finally in Boston! Would you believe our trip took a whole six weeks? One night there was an awful storm, and the boat was rocking so hard that we fell off our bunks. I was so scared, but I just prayed and thanked God that my brother was with me. We haven't found your cousins yet. We've asked all their neighbors where they might be, but no one knows anything. Don't worry, though - we're getting used to being on our own. I've even made a new friend! Her name is Peggy, and she's from Ireland too. I think of you and Da and the wee ones every day. Just think, Ma, soon we'll all be together again. . . Love, Fiona

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