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Play Ball! (Scrappers #1)

by Dean Hughes

Robbie Marquez: Third Base. All Robbie wants to do is play baseball. When he and his best friend, Trent, miss the deadline for signing up for the summer league, they have to scramble to put a team together. Unfortunately, the group they assemble includes a loudmouthed girl who challenges Robbie for his beloved shortstop position -- but an even bigger problem is the lie on which the Scrappers are based, which could strike out the team before their first game. The Scrappers: nine kids fighting for a shot at the championship. Don't miss any of their stories or the exciting baseball action in this series, which is sure to hit a home run with baseball fans everywhere.

Play-by-Play Track

by Kristin Wolden Nitz

An introduction to the sport of track and field, including an explanation of the required equipment and necessary skills.

Play Dead

by Meryl Sawyer

How do you stop a killer when everyone thinks you're dead?When Newport Beach heiress Hayley Fordham heads to Costa Rica on an art commission, she has no idea she's narrowly escaped an assassin's car bomb. But before the paint's even dry on her mural, her stepsiblings have arranged her funeral and redivided the family trust. The fact that Hayley is still very much alive remains a secret to everyone but FBI investigator Ryan Hollister, who intercepts the "victim" returning home in the flesh.Ryan has zero tolerance for the pampered elite. But there's something about the complex Hayley that sets his blood racing. With evidence pointing to a Fordham family associate, Ryan needs her cooperation--and her closeness--more than he dares admit. Because now, especially now, he's prepared to risk anything to stop Hayley from being killed...again.

The Play Ethic: A Manifesto for a Different Way of Living

by Pat Kane

The Play Ethic explores the real meaning of play and shows how a more playful society would revolutionize and liberate our daily lives. Using wide and varied sources from the Enlightenment to Eminem, Socrates to Chaos theory, Kierkegaard to Karaoke, this book shows how play is fundamental to both society and to the individual, and how the work ethic that has dominated the last three centuries is ill-equipped to deal with the modern world.

Play it Again, SAHM

by Meredith Efken

After years of friendship, the women of the SAHM I Am e-mail loop are finally meeting in person. But with two new moms trying to blend in with Dulcie and the gang, there's bound to be trouble!Earth-mother Iona and young mom Hannah are thrilled to join the weekend getaway sans hubbies and kids. But sparks fly when Hannah's know-it-all attitude clashes with the Queen of Ego, Rosalyn. When things go from bad to worse, one mom must step in to save the weekend from total disaster!

Play it Again, Spam

by Tamar Myers

"MAGDALENA, YOU MUST GO UP THERE." "That's what you think, dear." I turned and headed for the front door. At least that was my intention. And while I do not, for a moment, ascribe any special powers to the demented Diana, I found myself inexplicably turning again and heading for the stairs. "Why me?" I wailed as my feet carried me up two treacherous flights. The Miller stairs, while not as impossibly steep as mine, were an obstacle course of precariously stacked junk and slippery surfaces. "Don't worry, Magdalena," coaxed Diana. "Like I said, in my second dream you survive." "What if your dreams mean nothing?" "Don't be ridiculous. And besides I'm right behind you." Those were the last words I heard before the lights went out in my head.

Play, Louis, Play!: The True Story of a Boy and his Horn

by Muriel Harris Weinstein

The book delivers a rollicking biography of jazz great Louis Armstrong's childhood, told from the perspective of his dearest companion--his horn.

Play Money

by Phillip Allen

tim is twenty-six, ambitious, good-looking, and assured of a job at the best law firm in Virginia. But when the firm's partner urges him to get New York Experience he heads for the Big Apple.

Play Money: Or, How I Quit My Day Job and Made Millions Trading Virtual Loot

by Julian Dibbell

Play Moneyexplores a remarkable new phenomenon that's just beginning to enter public consciousness: MMORPGs, or Massively MultiPlayer Online Role-Playing Games, in which hundreds of thousands of players operate fantasy characters in virtual environments the size of continents. With city-sized populations of nearly full-time players, these games generate their own cultures, governments, and social systems and, inevitably, their own economies, which spill over into the real world. The desire for virtual goods--magic swords, enchanted breastplates, and special, hard-to-get elixirs--has spawned a cottage industry of "virtual loot farmers": People who play the games just to obtain fantasy goods that they can sell in the real world. The best loot farmers can make between six figures a year and six figures amonth. Play Moneyis an extended walk on the weird side: a vivid snapshot of a subculture whose denizens were once the stuff of mere sociological spectacle but now--with computer gaming poised to eclipse all other entertainments in dollar volume, and with the lines between play and work, virtual and real increasingly blurred--look more and more like the future.

A Play of Isaac (Joliffe #1)

by Margaret Frazer

Companion to the Sister Frevisse mystery series. Takes place during the summer after the Servant's Tale, and continues the story of the players.

A Play of Lords (Joliffe #4)

by Margaret Frazer

Joliffe and company play spies amongst the British aristocracy as lords and clergymen vie for the coveted position of regent to the young King Henry VI. But when men who know too much begin to die in violent ways, the players start to fear for their own lives.

Play of Passion (Psy-Changelings #9)

by Nalini Singh

Passion and reason collide with explosive force in the newest installment of Singh's "New York Times"-bestselling Psy/Changelings series. As a conflict with Pure Psy looms on the horizon, two powerful wolves fight a far more intimate war of their own.

The Play of Your Life: Your Program for Finding the Career of Your Dreams--And a Step-by-Step Guide to Making It a Reality

by Colleen A. Sabatino

In today's tough market, it is hard enough to land a job-let alone imagine and launch the career of your dreams. The problem is that while people are scrambling for success, they don't take the time to figure out what job is the right fit or what their true calling is. In The Play of Your Life, Colleen Sabatino provides a unique two-step program to help readers both identify their ideal career and make that career a reality. Framed within the apt and engaging metaphor of the theatre, this book first guides the reader through a series of entertaining and illuminating self- assessment quizzes that help each individual recognize his or her dream and translate that dream into a career path. The second part of the program is a master class on the tactical steps for making the dream come true. Providing instruction in all areas from resume writing to negotiating the deal, Sabatino reveals the secrets gleaned from her years as a career counselor and equips readers with everything they need to know to secure a job and start building a future. From setting the stage to crafting the life-script that will open the necessary career doors, The Play of Your Life provides all you need to become a star of your own life.

Play, Playfulness, Creativity and Innovation

by Paul Martin Patrick Bateson

What role does playful behaviour and playful thought take in animal and human development? How does play relate to creativity and, in turn, to innovation? Unravelling the different meanings of 'play', this book focuses on non-aggressive playful play. The authors emphasise its significance for development and evolution, before examining the importance of playfulness in creativity. This discussion sheds new light on the links between creativity and innovation, distinguishing between the generation of novel behaviour and ideas on the one hand, and the implementation of these novelties on the other. The authors then turn to the role of play in the development of the child and to parallels between play, humour and dreaming, along with the altered states of consciousness generated by some psychoactive drugs. A final chapter looks forward to future research and to what remains to be discovered in this fascinating and important field.

Play (Replica: The Plague Trilogy, Book 2)

by Marilyn Kaye

Amy's encounter with dinosaurs and cave dwellers--and aliens--was pretty wild. Now her quest to stop the spread of the infectious bacteria gets even more bizarre as she agrees to take another perilous voyage. A voyage inside a plague-ridden human body. If Amy survives being injected into this complex landscape where good cells are waging battle against bad cells, she could save millions of lives. But it's a do-or-die world in there. . . .

Play the Piano

by Charles Bukowski

Play the Piano introduces Charles Bukowski's poetry from the 1970s. He leads a life full of gambling and booze but also finds love. These poems are full of lechery and romance as he struggles to mature.

Play Their Hearts Out: A Coach, His Star Recruit, and the Youth Basketball Machine

by George Dohrmann

Eight years of unfettered access, a keen sense of a story's deepest truths, and a genuine compassion for his subject allow Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist George Dohrmann to take readers inside the machine that produces America's basketball stars. Hoop dreams aren't just for players. The fever that grips college basketball prospects hoping to strike big-time NBA gold afflicts coaches, parents, and sneaker executives as well. Every one of them has a stake in keeping America's wildly dysfunctional, incredibly lucrative youth basketball machine up and running--no matter the consequences. In Play Their Hearts Out, George Dohrmann offers an up-close and unforgettable look inside the maw of that machine. He shares what he learned from his years spent embedded with a group of talented young recruits from Southern California as they traveled the country playing in elite Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) events. It's a cutthroat world where boys as young as eight or nine are subjected to a dizzying torrent of scrutiny and exploitation. Coaches vie to have them on their teams. Sneaker companies ply them with free shoes and gear. "All-star camps" are glorified cattle auctions, providing make-or-break opportunities to secure the promise of an elusive college scholarship. At the book's heart are the personal stories of two compelling figures: Joe Keller, an ambitious AAU coach with a master plan to find and promote "the next LeBron"--thereby paving his own path to power and riches; and Demetrius Walker, a fatherless latchkey kid who falls under Keller's sway and struggles to live up to the unrealistic expectations his supposed benefactor has set for him. As their fortunes take shape and the pressure mounts--Demetrius finds himself profiled in Sports Illustrated at age fourteen, while Keller cultivates his business empire--Dohrmann weaves in the stories of numerous other parents, coaches, and players. Some of them see their prospects evaporate as a result of poor decisions and worse luck. Others learn how to thrive in a corrupt system by playing the right angles. Written with incomparable detail and insight, Play Their Hearts Out is a thoroughly unique narrative that reveals the inner workings of an American game, exposing the gritty reality that lies beneath so many dreams of fame and glory.From the Hardcover edition.

Play to the Angel

by Maurine F. Dahlberg

Austria in 1938 is under the shadow of the Nazis, but 12-year-old Greta doesn't notice--she cares only for her piano lessons with their new neighbor. Then the Nazis invade and Greta discovers her teacher's secret. His life is in danger, and she may be the only one who can help him.

Play to the End

by Robert Goddard

Intricate, fascinating and deeply satisfying to the last page -- another classic Robert Goddard mystery. Actor Toby Flood, formerly of big and small screen but now seldom seen on either, arrives in Brighton with the other cast members of the Joe Orton play Lodger in the Throat. They have been on tour since September, but hopes of a West End transfer have been abandoned and they are all looking forward to the end of the run the following Saturday. Flood is visited that night by his estranged wife, Jenny, now living with wealthy entrepreneur Roger Colborn. Jenny runs a shop in the Lanes and is worried about a strange man who is hanging around outside. Roger has dismissed her concerns but Jenny persuades Toby, for old times' sake, to do something. The next day Flood trails the man and confronts him. Derek Oswin is an unemployed loner who blames Roger Colborn for his father's death from cancer on account of dangerous practices at the now-closed plastics factory run by Roger and his late father, Sir Walter Colborn. However, Oswin is a fan of Flood's and eventually he agrees to lay off. Then, Colborn gets wind of Flood's contact with Jenny and tries to buy him off, but Flood sees only a longed-for opportunity to win Jenny back, and presses for answers to a host of questions surrounding the death of Sir Walter seven years earlier. Before he fully understands the risks he is running, Flood finds himself entangled in the mysterious -- and dangerous -- relationship between the Oswins and the Colborns. The prospects of him surviving until the close of the play suddenly start to look far from good. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Play Together, Stay Together: Happy and Healthy Play Between People and Dogs

by Karen B. London Patricia B. Mcconnell

Play is fun, but don't be fooled into thinking it's just goofy or frivolous. Play is powerful stuff, and it has a profound influence on your relationship with your dog. This engagingly written booklet shows how play can enhance your relationship with your dog, improve your dog's responsiveness, and provide your dog with the mental and physical exercise he or she needs. Inside is up-to-date research on how to tell your dog you want to play (most of us aren't very good at it!), some charming tricks and games to wow your friends, and an important section on how not to play with your dog. If you'd like a happier, more responsive dog and a closer relationship with each other, then this booklet is for you.

Play with Fire (Kate Shugak #5)

by Dana Stabenow

5th in the Kate Shugak mystery series set in Alaska

Play with Me

by Leslie Kelly

Pilot Amanda Bauer has always craved a life of adventure. . . sexual adventure, that is. Lucky for her, she's currently getting her thrills by indulging in naughty games with hunky Reese Campbell! After their first explosive encounter, they arrange to get together every couple of months for days filled with fantasy and wild, no-strings sex. And The best part of it? Nobody else knows about it. Nobody!It's the perfect private indulgence. . . until they find themselves on YouTube!


by Raymond Chandler

Marlowe is hired by an influential lawyer he's never herd of to tail a gorgeous redhead, but decides he prefers to help out the redhead. She's been acquitted of her alcoholic husband's murder, but her father-in-law prefers not to take the court's word for it."Chandler wrote like a slumming angel and invested the sun-blinded streets of Los Angeles with a romantic presence:" -- Ross MacdonaldFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

The Playbook

by Barney Stinson Matt Kuhn

Since the dawn of history man has searched for the answer to the most fundamental of questions: "Why am I here . . . not banging chicks?" The search is over. Now, with the help of The Playbook, you'll be able to approach any beautiful woman, discover her innermost passion, and use that to trick her into sleeping with you. You'll master more than 75 seduction techniques, developed by pickup guru and all-around good guy Barney Stinson, guaranteed to turn you into a bona fide ladies' man.

The Playbook

by Barney Stinson

Since the dawn of history man has searched for the answer to the most fundamental of questions: &"Why am I here . . . not banging chicks?&" The search is over. Now, with the help ofThe Playbook,you&'ll be able to approach any beautiful woman, discover her innermost passion, and use that to trick her into sleeping with you. You&'ll master more than 75 seduction techniques, developed by pickup guru and all-around good guy Barney Stinson, guaranteed to turn you into a bona fide ladies&' man.

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