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From Single Mom to Secret Heiress

by Kristi Gold

Where there's a will, there's a secret... When Hannah Armstrong opens the door to find a cowboy on her porch, her jaw drops-and not just because he's beyond handsome. Apparently she's heir to the Lassiter fortune. If Logan Whittaker, cowboy-turned-attorney, can help her uncover the truth about her biological father, why say no-at least for her daughter Cassie's sake? With Hannah tucked away at his ranch house, Logan longs to turn their business affairs into something more personal. Except Hannah has enough dark family secrets to cope with-and Logan's own past could spell trouble just as things are really heating up....

From Slave Ship to Freedom Road

by Julius Lester

"From Slave Ship to Freedom Road" presents the story of slavery from its beginnings on the infamous ships of the Middle Passage to the enslaved Africans and their descendants.

From Slave to Pharaoh: The Black Experience of Ancient Egypt

by Donald B. Redford

In From Slave to Pharaoh, noted Egyptologist Donald B. Redford examines over two millennia of complex social and cultural interactions between Egypt and the Nubian and Sudanese civilizations that lay to the south of Egypt. These interactions resulted in the expulsion of the black Kushite pharaohs of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty in 671 B. C. by an invading Assyrian army. Redford traces the development of Egyptian perceptions of race as their dominance over the darker-skinned peoples of Nubia and the Sudan grew, exploring the cultural construction of spatial and spiritual boundaries between Egypt and other African peoples. Redford focuses on the role of racial identity in the formulation of imperial power in Egypt and the legitimization of its sphere of influence, and he highlights the dichotomy between the Egyptians' treatment of the black Africans it deemed enemies and of those living within Egyptian society. He also describes the range of responses-from resistance to assimilation-of subjugated Nubians and Sudanese to their loss of self-determination. Indeed, by the time of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty, the culture of the Kushite kings who conquered Egypt in the late eighth century B. C. was thoroughly Egyptian itself. Moving beyond recent debates between Afrocentrists and their critics over the racial characteristics of Egyptian civilization, From Slave to Pharaoh reveals the true complexity of race, identity, and power in Egypt as documented through surviving texts and artifacts, while at the same time providing a compelling account of war, conquest, and culture in the ancient world.

From Slave to Soldier: Based on a True Civil War Story

by Deborah Hopkinson

During the Civil War, African Americans struggled to be accepted as soldiers. From Slave to Soldier is fiction, but it is based on the true story of a boy named John McCline, who was enslaved on a Tennessee plantation until the age of eleven. One day in 1862 he ran away and joined a passing group of Union soldiers in the Thirteenth Michigan Infantry Regiment. Young John became a mule-team driver's helper in the Union army until the end of the Civil War. After the war John went to school and worked in hotels. In 1892 he went to work for the family of Herbert Hagerman and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Around 1930 McCline showed his handwritten memoir of his early years to Hagerman, who typed it and wrote an introduction. Although it did not become a book during McCline's life, the typed copy was kept in his family and published by the University of Tennessee Press in 1998. McCline married at age eighty-six and died in 1948, when he was about ninety-five. This story is based on McCline's memory of driving a wagon alone to bring supplies to the battlefield. Years after his war experiences McCline remembered the names of all his mules, and they have not been changed in this story. Many blacks in the Union army were not treated as kindly as young McCline was. But John McCline's incredible memory for detail helps us better understand what life was like for one boy who went from being "a slave to a soldier."

From Slavery to Poverty

by Gunja Sengupta

The racially charged stereotype of "welfare queen"--an allegedly promiscuous waster who uses her children as meal tickets funded by tax-payers--is a familiar icon in modern America, but as Gunja SenGupta reveals in From Slavery to Poverty, her historical roots run deep. For, SenGupta argues, the language and institutions of poor relief and reform have historically served as forums for inventing and negotiating identity.Mining a broad array of sources on nineteenth-century New York City's interlocking network of private benevolence and municipal relief, SenGupta shows that these institutions promoted a racialized definition of poverty and citizenship. But they also offered a framework within which working poor New Yorkers--recently freed slaves and disfranchised free blacks, Afro-Caribbean sojourners and Irish immigrants, sex workers and unemployed laborers, and mothers and children--could challenge stereotypes and offer alternative visions of community. Thus, SenGupta argues, long before the advent of the twentieth-century welfare state, the discourse of welfare in its nineteenth-century incarnation created a space to talk about community, race, and nation; about what it meant to be "American," who belonged, and who did not. Her work provides historical context for understanding why today the notion of "welfare"--with all its derogatory "un-American" connotations--is associated not with middle-class entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, but rather with programs targeted at the poor, which are wrongly assumed to benefit primarily urban African Americans.

From Slavery to the Cooperative Commonwealth

by Alex Gourevitch

This book reconstructs how a group of nineteenth-century labor reformers appropriated and radicalized the republican tradition. These "labor republicans" derived their definition of freedom from a long tradition of political theory dating back to the classical republics. In this tradition, to be free is to be independent of anyone else's will - to be dependent is to be a slave. Borrowing these ideas, labor republicans argued that wage laborers were unfree because of their abject dependence on their employers. Workers in a cooperative, on the other hand, were considered free because they equally and collectively controlled their work. Although these labor republicans are relatively unknown, this book details their unique, contemporary, and valuable perspective on both American history and the organization of the economy.

From Sleep Unbound

by Andrée Chedid Sharon Spencer

From Sleep Unbound takes its readers directly into the heart of the woman's world. Samya is the product of a contemporary middle-Eastern upbringing with its harsh and brutal customs, particularly concerning women, whose earthly existences serve certain specific purposes: to serve man and to bear children. Her husband, unfeeling, detached, uninterested, does not even notice the beauty which radiates from her face: large brown eyes, smooth olive skin, jet black hair, slim features. Daily, Samya feels her life eroding, slowly crumbling, slipping, dematerializing into oblivion. Sensations of uselessness reduce her to a state of psychological penury, of fragmentation. Then, anger and resentment, even hatred intrude, resulting perhaps out of sheer dismay at her own passivity. Her sister-in-law, Rachida, whom her husband depends upon so implicitly and explicitly to run the cotton farm, arrives. Rancor swells. Jealousy. As Samya pursues her story, defoliating her feelings, exposing her fulgurating pain like a raw nerve, images are marked with burnt umber, gray, black, darkened configurations. The atmosphere is suffused with feelings swelling with rapture and sensuality, also with bouts of rage and outrage.

From Somalia with Love

by Na'Ima B. Robert

"My name is Safia Dirie. My family has always been my mum, Hoyo, and my two older brothers, Ahmed and Abdullahi. I don't really remember Somalia -- I'm an East London girl, through and through. But now Abo, my father, is coming from Somalia to live with us, after 12 long years. How am I going to cope?" Safia knows that there will be changes ahead but nothing has prepared her for the reality of dealing with Abo's cultural expectations, her favorite brother Ahmed's wild ways, and the temptation of her cousin Firdous's party-girl lifestyle. Safia must come to terms with who she is-- as a Muslim, as a teenager, as a poet, as a friend, but most of as a daughter to a father she has never known. Safia must find her own place in the world, so both father and daughter can start to build the relationship they both long for.

From Sorrow's Well: The Poetry Of Hayden Carruth

by Shaun T. Griffin

Hayden Carruth survived isolation, mental health problems, and long struggle with drink and smoke to produce a vision of modern poetry rooted in the New England tradition but entirely his own. Many feel his best poems emerged from the isolation of rural Vermont, and his poems often are concerned with rural images and metaphors reflecting the land and hardscrabble people around him. Together with his second love, jazz, Carruth's rural experiences infuse his poems with engaging and provocative ideas even as they present sometimes stark topics. This volume collects essays and poems from such notable contributors as Donald Hall, Marilyn Hacker, Adrienne Rich, Philip Booth, Matthew Miller, and Sascha Feinstein, among many others. The book's sections concern the kinds of writings, and the values expressed in his writings, for which Carruth was most famous, including what editor Shaun T. Griffin calls "social utility," jazz, his impoverished rural environment, and "innovation" in poetic form.

From Square One

by Dean Olsher

From Square One is Dean Olsher's captivating and in-depth exploration of the cultural history, psychology, and even metaphysics of crosswords -- their promise of a world without chaos and uncertainty. It is often repeated that more than 50 million Americans do crossword puzzles on a regular basis. Skeptical of that claim, Dean Olsher does his own research and finds that the number is nearly dead-on. Filled with lively, original reporting, From Square One disputes the widely held belief that solving crosswords helps prevent Alzheimer's; in fact, the drive to fill in empty spaces is more likely a mental illness than a cure. While "puzzle addiction" is usually meant as a lighthearted metaphor, the term contains more than a nugget of truth. Olsher looks into the origins and traditions of this popular pastime, which made its debut in a New York newspaper in 1913. Or did it? Along the way, he takes readers inside the making of a crossword. He also revives the quest of musical-theater legend and puzzle constructor Stephen Sondheim to find an American audience for a British crossword style that demands a love of verbal playfulness over knowledge of arcane trivia. Informative, engaging, and often surprising, From Square One is a unique and enjoyable read for puzzlers and nonpuzzlers alike.

From Storebought To Homemade

by Emyl Jenkins

Make a delicious dinner in the time it takes to order a meal at a restaurant! In From Storebought to Homemade, Southern hostess extraordinaire, Emyl Jenkins, shares her top secret collection of 200 fast, foolproof recipes-most can be prepared in 30 minutes or less-for doctoring up store-bought food: from Tell Me It's Homemade Clam Chowder and Everybody's Mother's Pork Chop Casserole to No-Fail Potatoes and Old-fashioned Lemon Chess Pie. Your family and friends will think you slaved over a hot stove all day!

From Student to Scholar

by Steven M. Cahn Catharine R. Stimpson

Steven M. Cahn's advice on the professorial life covers an extensive range of critical issues: how to plan, complete, and defend a dissertation; how to navigate a job interview; how to improve teaching performance; how to prepare and publish research; how to develop a professional network; and how to garner support for tenure. He deals with such hurdles as a difficult dissertation advisor, problematic colleagues, and the pressures of the tenure clock. Whether you are beginning graduate study, hoping to secure an academic position, or striving to build a professorial career, Cahn's insights are invaluable to traversing the thickets of academia.

From Stuffed to Sorted

by Maryanne Bennie

"MaryAnne is the only person I would consider consulting to tackle any organising challenge."--Shaynna Blaze, interior designer and TV presenterFollow organisational expert MaryAnne Bennie's in8steps system and organise your entire home without turning it into total chaos in the process. In eight simple steps the system helps you to decide what stays and what goes, and how to store what remains efficiently.Learn how to:reorganise your whole house in a series of eight-minute blitzesbust your excuses and find the motivation to startdevelop techniques to set yourself up for successfocus on one area of your house at a time--from kickstarting your kitchen to boosting your bedroommake the finishing touches to create the home you have always wanted.So, what are you waiting for? Work at a pace your lifestyle allows and use this tried-and-tested system to completely overhaul your relationship with your stuff. Take control of your clutter and enjoy living in your home once again.

From Subsistence to Exchange and Other Essays

by Amartya Sen Lord Peter Tamas Bauer

Peter Bauer, a pioneer of development economics, is an incisive thinker whose work continues to influence fields from political science to history to anthropology. As Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen writes in the introduction to this book, "the originality, force, and extensive bearing of his writings have been quite astonishing." This collection of Bauer's essays reveals the full power and range of his thought as well as the central concern that underlies so much of his diverse work: the impact of people's conduct, their cultural institutions, and the policies of their governments on economic progress.The papers here cover pressing and controversial issues, including the process that transforms a subsistence economy into an exchange economy, the reputed correlation between poverty and population density, the alleged responsibility of the West for Third World poverty, the often counterproductive results of foreign aid, and the effects of egalitarian policies on individual freedoms. Bauer addresses these and other matters with clarity, verve, and wit, combining his deep understanding of economic theory and methodology with keen insights into human nature. The book is a penetrating account of how to develop a prosperous economy alongside a free and fair society and a stimulating introduction to the work of a man who has done so much to shape our modern understanding of developing economies and of the relationship of economics to the other social sciences."This selection of essays will give readers a wonderful opportunity to learn about the rich world of cognizance and analysis erected by one of the great architects of political economy. I feel privileged to be able to offer this letter of invitation."--From the introduction by Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate in economics

From “Superman” to Man

by J. A. Rogers

Joel Augustus Roger's seminal work, this novel first published in 1917 is a polemic against the ignorance that fuels racism. The central plot revolves around a debate between a Pullman porter and a white racist Southern politician.

From Tejano to Tango: Latin American Popular Music

by Walter Clark

Articles on how music influences politics and identity in Argentina and Nicaragua, locality in North America and Cuba, and globalization and mass media in Brazil and Peru.

From the Abode of Islam to the Turkish Vatan

by Behlül Özkan

How does a people move from tribal and religiously based understandings of society to a concept of the modern nation-state? This book examines the complex and pivotal case of Turkey. Tracing the shifting valences of vatan (Arabic for "birthplace" or "homeland") from the Ottoman period--when it signified a certain territorial integrity and imperial ideology--through its acquisition of religious undertones and its evolution alongside the concept of millet (nation), Behlül Özkan engages readers in the fascinating ontology of Turkey's protean imagining of its nationhood and the construction of a modern national-territorial consciousness.

From the Ashes

by Sharon Mignerey

She couldn't hide forever. Animal trainer Angela London had never stopped looking over her shoulder. Her extraordinary skill with guide dogs had won her a handsome celebrity client, ex-football player Brian Ramsey, and helping him cope with the loss of his vision was awakening powerful feelings in her heart. But she feared his reaction if he ever discovered the truth about her dark past. . . As Christmas approached, a vengeful enemy targeted Angela, bent on destroying her newfound happiness. Now she had to thwart a dangerous threat--with Brian's help--or risk losing a love that promised to redeem them both.

From the Ashes: America Reborn

by William W. Johnstone

Ben Raines--soldier, survival expert, and freedom fighter baptized under the fire of a new rebellion--reveals, in his own words, the underlying principles of the Tri-States doctrine that has made him one of the most controversial figures in the country today. He is the hero of the "Ashes" books that have caused an outpouring of allegiance from readers and Tri-States members committed to their explosive principles. And he is a visionary with the toughness, skill, and courage to give America back to the people. Now, for the first time since the inception of his Tri-States network, bestselling author William W. Johnstone outlines the manifesto of the new nation that Ben Raines has created out of the ashes of the old. This is Ben Raines on the IRA, the IRS, racism, the justice system, welfare, the military, politicians, prison reform, capital punishment, and the government. This is Ben Raines on America.

From the Ashes: America Reborn (Guide to the Ashes Series)

by William W. Johnstone

Ben Raines: A fighter baptized under the fire of a new rebellion-reveals, in his own words, the underlying principles of the Tri-States doctrine that has made him one of the most controversial figures in the country today. "IF YOU TOLERATE CRIME, DRUGS, AND PREJUDICE, THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY!" He is the hero of the "Ashes" books that have caused an outpouring of allegiance from readers and Tri-States members committed to their explosive principles. And he is a visionary with the toughness, skill, and courage to give America back to the people. "WHEN THE LIBERTIES OF CITIZENS ARE STRIPPED AWAY REVOLUTION WILL--AND SHOULD--FOLLOW." Now, for the first time since the inception of his Tri-States network, bestselling author William W. Johnstone outlines the manifesto of the new nation that Ben Raines has created out of the ashes of the old. This is Ben Raines on the IRA, the IRS, racism, the justice system, welfare, the military, politicians, prison reform, capital punishment, and the government. This is Ben Raines on America. And he has nothing to hide. Do you have the guts to listen?

From the Borderlands: Stories of Terror and Madness

by Elizabeth E. Monteleone Thomas F. Monteleone

Collection of 25 horror short stories. Both horror/dark fiction mainstays (Whitley Streiber, Bentley Little, Stephen King), and newcomers to the field are represented.

From the Dark

by Michele Hauf

Centuries past, through mists of a dark time where vampires and witches lived side by side, vampires gained power by enthralling a witch, ultimately draining her of her strength and depriving her of immortality. Until the enslaved witches rebelled--and cast a spell making the blood of a witch deadly to a vampire. Now, past and present are about to collide. Michael Lynsay is a man in the spotlight, at the height of his career, with the ability to mesmerize audiences. But he has a secret--he is a vampire, fighting the darkness of his nature. And it looks like it's a losing battle--until he meets Jane Renan, the only woman who can understand his conflicted nature. And the only woman who can destroy him--through love.

From the Dragon Keepers' Vault: Leandra and Obsidian

by Kate Klimo

The Dragon Keeper series bridges the gap between Magic Tree House Merlin Missions and Harry Potter.An original short story (only available electronically!) adds background information to the newest book in this magical middle grade adventure series. It's an exciting adventure featuring Emmy's parents and the origins of the second dragon egg that appears in The Dragon in the Sea (Dragon Keepers #5).Praise for The Dragon in the Sock Drawer:"Funny and wonderfully written--a tall-tale adventure sure to grab young readers."--Mary Pope Osborne"This novel, with its unique and modern twists, is a great addition to the dragon genre for younger readers."--School Library Journal

From the Dust Returned

by Ray Bradbury

perhaps the final look at characters from other books by the author and their final family reunion

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