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The Lady Grace Mysteries

by Grace Cavendish

Queen Elizabeth is furious at the delays to the production of her new coin uaand so Lady Grace and her fellow Maids of Honour escape her bad temper and set off to skate on the frozen Thames. But their outing turns sour when a body is discovered on the banks uaa man blindfolded with coins on his eyes. Grace is sure something odd is going on and decides that, as the Queen's Lady Pursuivant, she should be the one to investigate. Along with her friends Ellie the laundrymaid and Masou the acrobat, she delves deep into a dangerous world of counterfeiting and corruption.

The Lady in Question (Effington Family #7)

by Victoria Alexander

Identical twins, sensible Delia and mischievous Cassandra Effington were the most delicious debutantes to ever waltz across a London ballroom. They looked alike in every way . . . but no one ever expected Delia to be the one to get into trouble . . . How did this young lady's reputation become so questionable? Once she was lovely, respectable Miss Delia Effington, but an impulsive decision--and subsequent disaster--forces Delia to retire from society. Until one night, desperate for diversion, she attends a ball as her twin sister and finds herself dancing in the strong arms of the dashing Viscount St. Stephens. Delia believes she has never met this man who arouses her passions, yet he seems somehow familiar. For Delia doesn't know that St. Stephens, an agent for the Crown, has been in her home, protecting her under the disguise of her butler. What will happen when this lady discovers the truth about the man she has come to love?

The Lady In Red

by Linda Turner

When it came to covering murders, reporter Blake Nickels was the best-until Sabrina Jones came along. She always seemed to be a step ahead of him. And she had other ways of driving him crazy, too. All it took was one little red dress-and one breathtaking kiss-and suddenly he was having a hard time keeping his mind on crime. Trouble was, the killer they were investigating was hot on her trail, too.

Lady in Red (Talisman Ring #5)

by Karen Hawkins

USA Today bestseller Karen Hawkins brings us another breathtaking and imaginative tale, full of her trademark wit and humour. Wealthy, powerful Marcus St. John has the golden touch. He has never, ever been on the verge of failure . . . until now. The famed St. John talisman ring has fallen into the clutches of Miss Honoria Baker-Sneed, a winsome, annoying woman who will not relinquish the treasure unless Marcus St. John agrees to sponsor her sister into society. He refuses until a heated argument ends in a stolen kiss . . . And more. Marcus and Honoria are caught in a compromising position and must marry. Marcus finds his pristine palatial house invaded by his new wife, her lively family, their pets and servants. Mischief and mayhem ensue . . . especially at night. In bed and out, Marcus finds Honoria his equal in every way, until he discovers that her heart might be too stubborn to let him in. Determined, Marcus sets out to win the one thing he cannot bear to lose: his own wife - the only woman he has ever loved.

The Lady in the Lake

by Raymond Chandler

A woman has been reported missing to detective Marlowe and a corpse is found in the lake. Yet it is not the body of the missing person, but that of one of her neighbours. It takes another three corpses before Marlowe winds up the affairs of a woman who is set on smashing links with her past.

The Lady in the Morgue

by Jonathan Latimer

A vanished corpse leads a hard-drinking PI on a madcap chaseMore than forty corpses fill the cold Chicago basement, but no crime has been committed here. After all, there are supposed to be bodies in the city morgue. Tonight, one is attracting particular attention: a beautiful young woman whose apparent suicide captured the imagination of every newspaper editor in town. Learning how and why she died is too great a task for any cub reporter. Only Detective Bill Crane is up to the job.A few minutes after Crane wakes from a nap in the morgue, the mysterious woman's body has disappeared. With the howls of the mental patients as a soundtrack, Crane leads the police on a wild search through the hospital and across Chicago, stopping for a nap or a cocktail whenever the situation demands. It may be a matter of life and death, but that is no reason to rush.

The Lady in the Tower (The Queens of England, Volume 4)

by Jean Plaidy

One of history's most complex and alluring women comes to life in this classic novel by the legendary Jean Plaidy.Young Anne Boleyn was not beautiful but she was irresistible, capturing the hearts of kings and commoners alike. Daughter of an ambitious country lord, Anne was sent to France to learn sophistication, and then to court to marry well and raise the family's fortunes. She soon surpassed even their greatest expectations. Although his queen was loving and loyal, King Henry VIII swore he would put her aside and make Anne his wife. And so he did, though the divorce would tear apart the English church and inflict religious turmoil and bloodshed on his people for generations to come.Loathed by the English people, who called her "the King's Great Whore," Anne Boleyn was soon caught in the trap of her own ambition. Political rivals surrounded her at court and, when she failed to produce a much-desired male heir, they closed in, preying on the king's well-known insecurity and volatile temper. Wrongfully accused of adultery and incest, Anne found herself imprisoned in the Tower of London, where she was at the mercy of her husband and of her enemies.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Lady in Waiting

by Anne Herries

In the heated summer of Elizabeth I's reignHer hopes of marriage dashed by scandal, the crown under constant threat, Queen Elizabeth I takes a young, spirited woman into her close court circle.On her way to being presented at court, Catherine Moor fights back with spirit when she is attacked in a teeming London street. Tales of Cat's adventure reach the queen, who-impressed with the young woman's lively mind-claims her as a lady of the bedchamber. Alert against plots that threaten to overthrow the crown, Cat realizes everyone is suspect. Even the flatteringly attentive Sir Nicholas Grantly, a seductive rogue, has secrets to hide beneath his charming exterior....The Elizabethan SeasonGlory and tragedy, love and betrayal in the age of Elizabeth

Lady in Waiting

by Kathryn Caskie

She is Lady Genevieve by day. And Lady Eros by night. What will happen when he discovers...she is neither? Meet the matchmaking Feathertons' maid, Jenny Penny, who agrees to pose as highborn lady to snare the affections of a wickedly handsome Scottish viscount. But Jenny is hiding an even bigger secret. She is also the notorious creator of an aphrodisiac cream that suddenly has all of Society abuzz...and tingling. Soon her double life is threatened and Jenny cannot help but wonder if the viscount will still love her when he discovers she is not the true lady she pretends...but rather a lady's maid.

Lady In Waiting: Developing Your Love Relationships

by Debby Jones Jackie Kendall

A Christian book for single women

The Lady Is Tempted

by Cathy Maxwell

USA Today bestselling author Cathy Maxwell delivers another passionate romance wherein marriage is based on convenience not love, and only desire can get in the way.

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage

by Jennifer Ashley

Lady Isabella Scranton scandalized London by leaving her husband, notorious artist Lord Mac Mackenzie, after only three turbulent years of marriage. But Mac has a few tricks to get the Lady back in his life, and more importantly, back into his bed. Read a deleted scene from Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage.

Lady Isobel's Champion

by Carol Townend

His Lady in WaitingIn her long years at the convent, waiting for her betrothed, Lady Isobel de Turenne has built the Comte d'Aveyron into a fantasy-a man who will rescue, protect and love her....But when the comte finally returns to claim his bride, Isobel finds instead a man of contradictions-one who masks dark secrets with desire.Wary of a man's touch but desperate to grasp her new freedom, Isobel must decide if it's solely duty forcing the comte to marry or whether he is truly her longed-for champion.

Lady J (Drama High #5)

by L. Divine

For South Bay High's bold, beautiful Jayd Jackson, drama has reached record-breaking heights as she finds herself on the defensive at home, work, and school.

Lady Jane

by Norma Lee Clark

In Regency England, the Tynedale family is thrown into a delightful muddle over the appearance of a distant cousin and the betrothals of all 3 daughters.

Lady Jane Grey

by Eric Ives

Lady Jane Grey, is one of the most elusive and tragic characters in English history.In July 1553 the death of the childless Edward VI threw the Tudor dynasty into crisis. On Edward's instructions his cousin Jane Grey was proclaimed queen, only to be ousted 13 days later by his illegitimate half sister Mary and later beheaded. In this radical reassessment, Eric Ives rejects traditional portraits of Jane both as hapless victim of political intrigue or Protestant martyr. Instead he presents her as an accomplished young woman with a fierce personal integrity. The result is a compelling dissection by a master historian and storyteller of one of history's most shocking injustices.

Lady Jane Grey and the House of the Suffolks

by Alison Plowden

this is the story of the nine-day queen, Lady Jane Grey. She was controled by unscrupulous men, and paid the ultimate price for her treachery. Meet the Lady Jane Grey, a small player in the Tudor English Scene, and see how her nine-day reign affected the lives of Mary I, and Elizabeth I.

Lady Jasmine

by Victoria Christopher Murray

Juicy Jasmine Larson Bush is at it again -- battling her past in order to save her future.

The Lady Julia Grey Bundle

by Deanna Raybourn

"To say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband's dead body is not entirely accurate. Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching on the floor. "Starting with her husband's sudden death, Lady Julia Grey is swept into a world of mystery and deceit. It is also the world of the enigmatic and maddeningly attractive private investigator Nicholas Brisbane. . . From the extravagant world of Victorian aristocrats to the wild moors of Yorkshire, experience the intrigue and romance of all three Lady Julia Grey mysteries by RITA Award-winning author Deanna Raybourn, now available in one convenient download. Bundle includes: Silent in the Grave, Silent in the Sanctuary and Silent on the Moor.

Lady Justice

by Vicki Hinze

The Consortium, an international group of businessmen, launches a silent war against the United States using biological contaminates to destroy crops and create the need for medical technology it intends to black market. The goal? Financial Gain. The method of attaining it? Manipulate the economy and, through it, the government. The war will be won before the U. S. realizes it has been attacked--and the Consortium will rule the U. S. But the Consortium didn't plan on the Special Detail Unit Senior Special Agent, Gabby Kincaid, discovering there is a war and it's being fought and won by the enemy: a discovery that exposes Gabby's cover and marks her for elimination by her partner, Special Agent Max Grayson. Max attempts to execute his orders, but he and Gabby become the U. S. 's strongest defense. They must work together to expose the enemy--before more innocents die from deliberate contamination; before the economy collapses; and before the country is crippled. Few things surprise Gabby or Max on this mission, but one stuns them. Neither expected to fall in love. From the Paperback edition.

Lady Killer

by Lisa Scottoline

Mary DiNunzio has become a big-time business-getter at Rosato & Associates. But the last person she expects to walk into her office one morning--in mile-high stilettos--is super-sexy Trish Gambone, her high-school rival. Back when Mary was becoming the straight-A president of the Latin Club and Most Likely to Achieve Sainthood, Trish was the head Mean Girl, who flunked religion and excelled at smoking in the bathroom. These days, however, Trish needs help. She is terrified of her live-in boyfriend, an abusive, gun-toting drug dealer for the South Philly mob. Mary remembers the guy from high school, too. She had a major crush on him. Then Trish vanishes, a dead body turns up in an alley, and Mary is plunged into a nightmare that threatens her job, her family, and even her life. She goes on a one-woman crusade to unmask the killer, and on the way finds new love in a very unexpected place.

Lady Knight

by Tamora Pierce

Protector of the Small #4 Keladry of Mindelan has finally achieved her life-long dream of being a knight. But it's not turning out as she imagined at all. With the land of Tortall at war with the Scanrans, she has been assigned to oversee a refugee camp. But Kel has had a vision in the Chamber-a vision of the man behind the horrific battle machines that her fellow knights and friends are now fighting without her. She is torn between a duty she has sworn and a quest that she feels could turn the tide of the war. . . .

Lady Lavender

by Lynna Banning

Widow Jeanne Nicolet's beautiful lavender fields are threatened by the advancing railroad. With her livelihood in danger, Jeanne will fight to protect her, and her little daughter's, future. Constantly on the move, surveying the land, suits Colonel Washington Halliday just fine. He can escape the haunting memories of war that have left his emotions as damaged as his injured body. Under the sultry heat of the Western sun, the scent of the purple fields is heady, but not as intoxicating as the lavender lady herself. . . ;.

Lady Lavinia's Match

by Mary Nichols

From Friends to LoversWhen their parents married, James, Earl of Corringham, and Lady Lavinia Stanmore became as close as brother and sister. Now, years later, James has outgrown his rakish ways and is burning with a love for her that he longs to reveal.However, he faces a rival in the mysterious Lord Wincote. Torn between James and the handsome stranger, Lavinia's feelings are thrown into turmoil. But is this man really what he seems? The more Lord Wincote persists, the more Lavinia wonders if she should be looking for love a little closer to home....

Lady Liberty

by Vicki Hinze

The fate of a country lies in one woman's hands. . . U. S. Vice President Sybil Stone, code-named Lady Liberty, has proven she can hold her own against some of the world's most influential power brokers. But now, negotiating a vital peace agreement in Geneva, Switzerland, Sybil receives an urgent message calling her back to American soil. In seventy-two hours disaster will strike, catapulting the United States into a war that will cost millions of lives. Only Sybil Stone holds the key to stopping it. Yet between Sybil and success lies a minefield of intrigue, betrayal, twisted motives, and three merciless enemies. Her only hope of survival--and the world's--rests with Agent Jonathan Westford, a judiciously ruthless operative with one goal: in the face of overwhelming odds, to keep Lady Liberty alive. Time is running out and trust is running thin. But Lady Liberty and Agent Westford know they must succeed--or the first-strike missile will launch. . .

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